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    Elkton Elks Lose 25-19
League Decision To Crow
Palmer, Nicklaus Irritated By Noise,
Fail Behind In International Matclis:
i ;
r,miuu aiu, minus the fourth quarter rally the Elks
serv ices of. quarterback Don took to the air, throwing the
auiou ana pass tmanng end Da- long TD bombs
Fridav at the hVnrfr fh Ceiving end ' 55 aerial
Kin Crow Cnl f V'S" for the "t Elkton TD of the
U Zl 4k , fourth 1uaie'-. Adams
Both (&uloff and Abraham puUed in a 30-yarder for the
sus afned ?D d,UV 'inal 'a-v- Levenhagen threw
garne8" Oatland. ",,"
The loss was the second in' last downs favored lhe Vlsit
league play for the Elks, giv- ors: ' 6; 0n the round ?ow
ing them a 3-2 conference rec- rushfor 159 yards while hold
ord. "is Elkton to 71. Passing the
cuts completed tour of 13 at-
ClYlW filnirlf first in thn 7iiet
quarter of action when Tom tcmpts for 115 ,ards and Crow
Higgens pushed the niiskin ?onnected ?n ?ve of 12 tries
across the goal line from two or 6 :as- Tne wlnne !? I
yards out. Ken Burch kicked etcePle three Passes and Elk-j
the PAT eiauueu uit one ui ine op'
The Cougars increased their Position's tosses.
lead to 13 points by halftime,' Elkton punted twice for a 22.5
with Higgens breaking through 'alds average, while Crow was.
ior uie iinui live yaras to ell- l h" iuuco, av-
max another Crow drive in the eraging 29.5 per kick. Crow lost
second quarter. two fumbles and Elkton turned
Early in the third period the the ball over to the invaders
Elks fought from behind to three times on bobbles. The
within striking distance. The Elks were penalized once for
Dav-off nlav for the F.Iks was five yards , and Crow was set
i '4; V
i rsi. .... uv' - i .-t S
TARIS (UP1) Arnold Pal
mer and Jack Nicklaus, irritat
ed by . clicking cameras and
noisy galleries, were trailing by
a stroke in both the individual
and team competition today go
ing into the third round of the
But then he ran into two fco- nold, I don't want to complain.
geys as he carded nines of 33, but. let s just say that we arc
three under par, and 37, one not used to crowd noises and
over, on Uie 6,834-yard St. Nom-i camera clicking back heme."
Ia-Breteche course with its 36-! Balding had a second 71, one
3672 par. under par, which gave him a
rilcklaus. too. started out total of 138. He bad a first
Canada Cup and International we, getting his second straight f0"1"1 6'
Trophy golf matches. 'eagle on the first hole, but then' Player had a second round 70
Both said something would ran into trouble and wound ud to 8 with his opening 68.
have to be done to silence the with a scrambling 37-3572. Tled with Palmer and Nick-
photographers and spectators if Nicklaus Criticises Play
they hoped to retain the team; .tVn.n
-i ; . . t. : -1. . l t t t- mien
vi(aui luiiMiip wiuuii lilt) v. is. jrs
laus one stroke behind those
two leaders were Relief Walt-
a 22-yard jaunt by Ken Adamas.:ba 35 yards on five penalties.' jeeph0to)
duuu jttveuuagen proviaea ine score oy wuarrars:
JOEY ARCHER of New York, right, pounds a left to the face of Rubin (Hurri
cane) Carter of Paterson, N.J. in the first round of their 10-rounder at Madi
son Square Garden Friday night. Archer became the foremost middleweight
challenger by winning an upset split decision over., Carter, previously the top
contender. Archer in now looking for a crack ot champion Dick Tiger of Nigeria.
On a round basis Friday night, the referee gove Archer a 5-4-1 decision while
one judge had it 6-4, Archer. The other judge gave Carter the nod, 5-4-1 (UPI
power for the PAT. iCrow 7 66 625
However, Crow came inarch- Elkton ' 0 0 7 1219'
ing back as Mike Tracy pulled I Scoring: Crow; Higgens 2 run
in a 10-yard TD pass from (Burch kick). Crow; Higgens 5
Higgens, then early in the final run (kick failed). Elkton; Ad
stanza the invaders iced the ams 22 run (Levenhagen run),
victory as Carl Denker dove Crow; Tracy 10 pass from Hig
into the end zono from the one-! gens (kick blocked). Crow;
yard stripe. , Denker 1 run (kick failed). Elk-
Fightwg valiantly, the Elks. ton; Brooks 55 pass from Lev
Canyonville Nips Prospect Cougars
27-25 To Keep 8-Man Mark Clean
has won the past three years , second round 69 and the two
and to stay in contention for the on X.P?' ?ou are P1,vln8 lousy Spaniards, Sebastian Miguel
individual title. gm' 'ian$ said. "Uke Ar- and Ramon Sota.
"You just can't play your
best when you wait for a cam
era to click and someone in the
!duI1i-v tn fnllr up mm.A " Mm.
plained Palmer, adding that he
"hesitated to say anything be- j
cause I don't want to make a
big out of this."
Nois Bugs Amtrlcans
"But Jack and I are used to
quiet and if we don't get it our
games are bound to suffer." 8
Palmer, with a two under
par 70, and Nicklaus with an
even par 72 both had halfway
totals of 139 a stroke behind
little Gary Player of South Af
rica and Al Baldlug of Canada
in the individual ace
The U. S
North Catholic 13 Hood River '
Amity 47 Salem Academy 12!
Willamina 14 Sheridan 12
Nestucca 50 Sherwood 0
Yamhill-Carlton 26 Philomath
MacLaren 20 Dayton 7
Reed sport 27 Taft 10
Mapleton 25 Toledo 14
Newport 25 Waldport 0 :
Siuslaw 39 Powers 7
Woodburn 27 Santiam 0
Serra Catholic 65 North
team total nf 57ft fion 0
same as Spain and Canada
was one stroke back of South
- Starting in, a dense fog and
finishing under cloudy skies bo-
Central 56 Scio 0 '
Cascade 32 Gervais 6
Stnytqn 7 Mt. Angel 6 , !
Oakridge 13 Crcswell 0
Junction City 20 Central Linn
Sutherlln 39 Myrtle Creek
Glendale 19 Glide 6
Douglas 19 Riddle 6
Burns 19 Heppner 6
Wasco 58 Sherman 0
Enterprise 14 Joseph 1.3
Oakland 27 Lowell 7
Alsea 20 Triangle Lake 13
Knappa 32 Corbett 6
St. Paul 21 Westfir 2
Dufur 32 Cascade Locks 6
lono 20 Riverside 7
Dayton (Wash.) 61 Wallowa
Umatilla 35 Condon 13
McEwcn 18 Stanfield 7
Weston 49 Umapine 0
Echo 28 Helix 7
Halfway 23 Richland 19
Burnt River 21 Imblcr 13
St. Francis 25 Huntington 13
fnrn annthpr iinrulv cnllHrv nf 0
I ani'nm.i Ia'c Tiara auanifai facrl nmirn. n av flnrrlnni- 1-an tir nlnnntntf in frnm thtt turn, r aah
managed to move to within one'enhagen -(run failed). Elkton; : .h"":" w 7. "". . CT.. 1 .7 T C t "ISot.. Oct. 26. 1963- The Newt-Review. Paaa 7
r T I ...w. .". .uuu MII.MIIIHIIIHIIi KALI Jl - O- ' lt.AUIIIl HI1I1I1 V If I1LTUM. UKlllie I " - V
and at the same time kept their int 27-19 lead in the closing min-four under par after 12 holes.' " ' ', !
Southern Oregon Eight-Man ' . . . ' , utes. However; the . Cougars
TD of the Cougars by the timelAdams 30 pass from Levenhag
the final buzzer sounded. In the en (run failed).
Yoncallo's Defense Keys
2-0 Win Over Monroe 11
League record unscarred Fri- ununuing ine p a 1 1 e r n oi were not rcady
day. - trading TDs, Jerry Wilson hit out, with Wilson
I The Tigers invaded Prospect oavdirt for the Cougars on a combining for a
to nip the host Cougars 27-25 six.vnrd run and Maurer
to be
-yard pass-'
Maurer F
ran luli luuimuuLiun lui aiiuiiii:! OlA
points. b.
The Tigers will ilicd tho Cam-
in a tfoma ivhinh entu thn tiif
teams trade touchdowns, but the for the PAT-
..... ii.. .H.l 1 .....1.. i-,,.lL
winners capitalized on e x t r a ' 'e wuu .uu-wuu.jr imuiu ag valley Hornets, lhe other un-
nninttf miarlAt Ilia Tiftorc tnnlr tha An. j . vi , f, ,
ueieuieu league teuin, next i.
Tn nn 4i. ...... . . . . ... . &
BK-VTBI-A D I Ell-.IIE ,Tl, !, .,J .!, T " , j , " u'"5 I-1 . .- " " S
iv-ii.iw.. yj. i . ;WUWn naa scoiea a . non- other TD. Gardner broke loose Valley outing will decide the
w l i rer. ri- r nan to insme ine one-yara line league win over the Tigers. on a 5o-yard Ballon and Heath conference championship.
89 19 of the fcagles when time ran Canyonville, the defending dis- again dove across the goal line Scort By Quarters:
83 26 out. trict champs, now boast a 3-0 fnr thn PAT Oanvonville 0 7 7 1327
of the
Monroe's final surge was only league mark, and are 3-1 for
one of three times the Blue the season. .
Dragons were inside the Yon-' Canyonville grabbed the lead
calla 20. while the Eaeles had 'n the second quarter when
a pair of threats of their dwn Steve Gardner broke loose and ,ead At Ms jnt John K, bIe
halted bv the rueeod defenders.. rambled 5 yards to paydirt. KlnavA rvnio rtrivo Wil
Defense Droved the key for The Ea"les marched to inside mKe iieain aaaed tne extra
the Yoncalla Eagles as they tuP Mnnrnp 20 on two senarate Point on a run.. The tally ?nve
Occasions Licia atanili f-u iiuuiiiiii:
':, . ..... 1. edge.
in me iinai lany me r,dSieS F-rlv in ,h thirrt -...,.
1 1.000
0 .750
40 43
83 77
64 135
35 36
18 76
battled the Monroe Blue Devils
in an important Bico-Trico B
League encounter Friday night nad
The Eagles racked up two
points, on a- second quarter . Bmr,,toH ' .ittl,, n
Wilson snared an 18-vard nass Prospect 0 0 6 1925
from Maurer. but the Tigers - Scoring: Cany; Gardner 55
halted the PAT attempt short run (Heath run). Pros; Maurer
of the end zone to retain their 3 run (run failed). Cany; Kim-
6 run (Gardner run), rros;
drive Wilson 6 run (Maurer run).
: Cany; Gardner 50 run (Heath
M i jij run). Pros; Wilson 18 pass from
CC Meet Rescheduled Maurer (run failed). Cany; Rin-
safety, then held on to post a
thrilling 2-0 victory. The win
keeps the Eagles firmly en
trenched infirst place in con.
ference standings with -a 4-0-'
Yoncalla's winnina s' '
came 17 seconds prior to the
end of the first half when' Mon
roe's quarterback Wilbur Starr
tl,a 17;iulac . , ..... . gen run v run iuuuu;. rrus;
tne tagies r.ri in tho ihinl nimriur il The- District 5-A-l cross coun- ?. , ,t .
nine first downs and the r,ltrr. m .m.i.ino in trv chamnionshins. oriEinallv
Blue Dragons had seven. Yon-,move within one Doint o the announced for Friday, will be .. ' :
calla gained 113 yards rushing victnrs Andv Maurer. soDho- run today on the North Eugene
mnrp nunrlnrhack snnRatinn. course.
attemnts for 25 yards. Monroe racked up the six points when Mike Crunicnn will lead the
rushed for 95 yards and com- ,lc powered his way into the Indians into action, while South
leted one of our oasses for end ZOne from three jards out. Eugene and North Eugene are
10 yards.. Monroe had two rass canyonville added to its mar- expected to emerge as the top
the Eagles gjn later in the same period as teams in district competition.
Koger Kimble scored on a six- Starting time is set for 1 p.m.
iitarceitions and
registered one.
Punting the Eagles kicked
twice for an average of 2;i
yards, while the losers punted
Fei The Flneit In
You can live the
'Happy Days Ahead at
Woodburn Senior
on a modest
retirement income
aoH wiM nan from renter three times for a 23.5 average.
hir ii th n,i ,nn. nnil Yoncalla recovered one Monroe
fell nn the hall. Star was back '"'nble and had five penalties
inside his own 10-yard line to
punt when the fatal play oc
curred. '
i The Blue Dragons threatened
several times during the game,
and were knocking on the door
when the final buzzer sounded. Starr
palled for 55 yards. Monroe had
three penalties for 15 yards
Score By Quarters: -
Yoncalla 0 2 0
Monroe 0 0 0 00
Scoring: Yoncalla; Safety, W.
The following radio" and television programs are printed ot a fro public service for
' Newt-Review readers. All program listings ore published oi received from the respec
tive stations. The News-Review does not accept responsibility for variation from original
schedules furnished this newspaper.. '
. downed in end zone.
1 1 1 ' 1 1 ,mn
7:00 Todav
1:00 Two Early
9:00 Yoi) lor Health
915-TB (Mon oolvl
:15 Educational TV .(Tues-Frll
9:30-Word tor Word . .
10:00 Concentration
1 10:30 Willing Link color
.11:00 Your First Impression Color
, 11 :30 Truth or LOnseouences 1
ill: ss Naws
,12:0O-Peoole Will Talk-Color News
13:30 The Doctors
1 :0O Lorett" Youno '
1:10 You Dor't Say
2:00 Match Came 1
2:35 Artornoon Report
3:30 Make Boon, fur oaidy (Mon-Wrd.)
3:30-Bev's Kitchen (Frll
fit- d 3:3l-Bo My Giml llufl 1 Tl.urs)
" 3:00 Social Security (Mon. only) .
3:00 Fashion Flashes (Tues. only)
3:00 Spectator Matinee (Wed thru Frll
3:15 TBA (Mon. only)
3:15 Spectator Matinee (Tues. only)
V30-Vire Se-lr (Mon only)
4-30 Lone Panger
5:00 Capl. Shipwreck
1-30 Rutl an3 Redy Color
I 9:00 Hector, Heathcote Color
1 9:30-Flreball XL-5
. 10:00 Dennis the Menace
.10:30 Fury
11:00 Sergeant Preston
11:30 Bullwlnkte-Color
13:00 Exploring '
l:00-Mr. Wiiord
' 1:30 Saturday Matinee
5:00 NFL Pro Hllltes
5:30 Captain Gallant
4:00 Zane Grey
6:30 Hollywood and the Stars . .
7:00 Danny Kavt Show
8:00 Perry Mason
9:00 Mov'3
1 :00 Seiurday Clneme
1:30 Bnb Poole's Gospel Favorites
9:30-Thls Is the Lite
10:00 It Is Written
10:30-Catttollc Hour
13:00 Championship Bowling
1:00 Dan Smoot
1:15 Manlcrt Forum
1:30-NFL Pro Football
4:00 Sunday NBC .
5:00 Wild Kingdom
5:30 GE College Bowl
'5:00 To Be Announced '
7:30 Disney World ot Color Color
9:00 Bonanza Color
10:00 Show of the Week Color
11:00 Checkmate ,
Mr!te iMSd I
111 AiYiTrr. W rl I
KBES-TV - Ch 5 1 ' 30-Edge ol Nlghl
1 3:00-Secrel Storm
MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY ' 3:30-who Do You Trust
9:0n Ceota'n Kangaroo
9:00 Morning New
9:301 Love Lucy
iO:00 ine McCoys
IO:30Pete and Gladys
I1:oo-Love ot Lilt
11:74-CBS News .
11:30 Search For Tomorrow
ll:45 Guiding Light
13:00 Tennessee fcrnle '
13:30 As The World Turns
1 :0C Password
1:30 House Party
3.00 To Tell The Truth '
3:35-Newi , ,
4:00 Trailmaster
1:00 Pre Gema
1:15 Football
4:00 Pre Olympic Games
5:00 Oulck Draw McGraw
5:30 Dan Smool-Manion Forum
6:00 jimmy Dean
7:00 Password
7:30 Jackie Oleason
:30-Phll Silvers
9:00 Defenders '
10:00 Gunlnv':e
ll:W-News Final
11:45 Social Security
11:00 f aith For Today
13:30 City Police
13:45 Higher Education
; 1:15 Pre Game
4:30 Oral Roberts
t 5:00 Hootenanny
I 6:00-30lh Century
I 6:30 .nr. Ed
i 7:00 Jamie McPheeters .
: S:00-Ea Sulllvar
9.00 Judy Garland
10:00-Ouler Limit
I II.'IO News
THEIR SKILL in dancing on roller skates won first
place trophies for this pair of youthful skaters at tfie
state inter-club championship contest held in Rose
burg Sunday at Rolletta Rink. Diovina Reece, 10, is
the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reece of
Green John Nordling, also 10, is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Chester Nordling of Roseburg. (News-Review
Roseburg Skaters Snare
First Place Trophies Here
Two 10-year-cld roller skaters Other local skaters winning
teamed up to enter the Ore- the con.test '" 'a"
' , , , Book, jeconc place in the Novice
gon State Inter-Club champion- A men.s sjnElcs. Ka,hy squires,
ship competition held in Rose- juvenile A figures, third place;
hiirti rprpntlv and skated off and Sue Bollenbaugh, Novice A
with tirst place awards in the tadle.' figures, second place; JJ;," "M
7:00 Sunrise Semester
7:30 Weather Forecast
7-35 Cartoon lime
1:00 Captain Kengarao
t 9:301 Love Lucy
t0:0O The McCoys
0:3o Pete and Gladys
11:00 Love Of Llt
11:30 Search For Tomorrow
11:45 Guiding Light
13:00-Newr .
U:0S Hi. Neighbor
3:0 A:-trM World Tim
t:0C KOIN Kitchen
1:30 House Party
3:00 To Tell Tne Truth
3:30 Edge of Night
Secret storm
3:30 Password
4:W Cartoon C.rcus
4:15 Early Show
. 6:00 Newscene
' e:30 Cronklte News
i 7:00 Sunrise Semester
7: JO RFD .
! 1:00 Capt. Kangaroo
9:00 The Alvli, Show
I 9:30 Tennessee Tuxedo
10:00 Oulck Drew McGraw
10:30 Miohty Mouse Playhouse
ll:00-Rln Tin Tin
11:30 Roy Rogers
l3:(io Sky King
, 13:30 Frank Leahy Show
: 1:00 Pre-Football Show
1:15 Oregon al Arliona
I 4: 15 Football Scoreboard
I 4 30-Qlobal Zobel
. 5:00-Flve Fingers
' 4:00 Man From ( ochist
4:30 Highway Patrol
7:00Battle Line
. 7:30 Jeckle Oleason Show
1:30 Phil Silvers Show
' 9:00 The Defenders
10:00 Gunsmoke
i 11:00 Saturday Reporter
i s:00-Lamo Unto My Feet
1:30 Look Up And Live
I 9:00 Camera Three
9:30-Face The Nation
10:0O-Thls IS The Lite
10:30-Felfh For Today
'll:00-Congo The Way A
11:30 Armchair Theater
. 1:15 Bobby Grayson .
I l:30-Footbatl
4:15 Time Our For Sports
4:30 Let's Fece it
5:00 sports Spectacular
' 5:30 Ameleur Hour
, 4:00 30th Century
I 4:0-Mlster Ed
7:30 My Favorite Martian
1:00 Ed Sullivan Show
9:00 Judy Garland Show
10:00 Cendld Camera
10:30 What's My Line
11:00 news
11:15 Reitieta Ovn
. Here at Woodburn Senior Estates you have
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home on your own lot for as little as $325
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i,,v.n;t. rt rlunn rtivi.lnn in anniiion ui ner him
sr..,.. nr r.rn onrl John trophy award, Dianni
Nordling ol Rosebure, the danc crime in third in the Juvenile
ing pair, received individual B sirls1 figure skatin? compct
imnhv. fnr their skill. 1 he it:on. The contest was open to
vnl held at Rolletta Rink skaters holding
with the Rolletta Dawe and cards.
Figure Club as the host group. According, ti contest officials.
All contest events were held a epecial visitor attending as
according to rules of the Roller William Hejer. Seattle journal-,
Skating Rink Association of 1st whose column it widely i
America. read in roller skating circlet.!
3:00 Oueen Fo e Day
i 9 00 Film Fare
'10:30 The Jetsons
1 1 JO1" Beany a tflcil
.jtt-Certoons i:co Bugs Bunny
9:00 Jack LaLanne I'rJO Alakaram
9:30 Morning Vov.l 1:00 My Friend Fllcke
1:30 American Bandstand
3:30 Death Valley Days
3:00 Film Fare
4:30 AFL Highlights
5:00 Wild Works ot Sports
530 Pre-Olymple Show
.1-00 Outdoor Sportsmen
7:30 Hooteneny
l:3k-Lerence Welt
UlaLe i;oo Tf.neiw Ernla Ford
Reece I3.30 Father Krmn Sest
l:fg .fjenere1 Hosrnai
I JO Educetionel IV
3:00 TV BLigo
3:30 Oay m Court
1 i5 Lisa Howard With the
. 9:30 Jerry Lewis Show
11:30 News
11:45 Leta Show ,
11:W-Felfh For Today .
13:00 Discovery
13:30 AFL Football
I 1:30 Directions '44
: 4:00 Issues And Answers
I 4:30-Pestor's Study
, 5: 00 Rescue
. 5:10 Theater 500
i 7 10 Travels ol Jemie McPheeters
. 1:30 Arrest A Trial
10:00 To Be Announced
10:30 Smoot -Menien
11:00 News 9 woekeiNl
11:15 The Late Shew
Garden rOs.
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