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    Community News Briefs WS'ftCHMW
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Mrs. H. C. Church has been Mrs. Donald Matson of this P. T. Bubar of this city spent ( THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1963 ir ir 245-63
isntu iw ntci,. iiusJuai lu ic-jtuy lias utrcu iuimiiicti uy imiu-i iiiuiiuaj, uugcut: waiting uiai
ceive medical treatment. enza to her home this week, daughter, Mrs. D. R. McKillop,
, I ., . , . 'and her son, Ross.
Mrs. Frank Fitipatrick is re-j Harris Ellsworth of tins city:
nnrtprl tn hp imni-nl'inp in hpalth rh-nvp tn Mpnfftrrl Wprinperlnv In' S. J. Csour. R A. Vnnnff
at Mercy Hospital, where she is be speaker at the Kiwanis meet- and Leland K. Wimberly are,AIfrl Dlay artf ClMA Rl llxt 'C A . f
ittiiii wi ii iw wmvivj jiuic meci vruw
Oaklanders Return Home Council For Blind
South Didn't Like
Heart Jump
(Written For NEA)
a medical patient.
'ing in observance of National back at their homes here, fol-
AWirEnana Wpnlr 'Ilmi'inlT a Haul lllintinO tlSn eiunt
Mrs. John Throne is reported, ' !in tne Enterprise, Ore. area,
to be steadily improving in Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W.i .
health at Mercy Hospital, where; Ford of this city were in Port- Mr. and Mrs. F. L, Brewer
she is receiving medical treat- land last week to attend the have returned to their home in
mcnt for a fractured hip. 'Oregon Historical Society meet- Laguna Beach, Calif., follow
ling honoring Stewart Holbrook.three day visit in Roseburg as
r"" ul nvKua-Oregon author. ; houseguests of Mr. and Mrs.
port came to Roseburg Sunday !Glenn Gibbons on SE Terrace
to visit her parents, Mr. and! Mr. and Mrs. John Zerbach Drjve
Mrs. A. J. Ellison, and attend to are back at their home in Rose-, !
business. Monday Mrs. Ellison burg, following a trip up the
and Mrs. Brady spent the day coast to Raymond, Wash., down ASfetftri ToflfllOr
in Eugene on business. , jto Chehalis and then a stopl IllllSIUll I CUkliCI
... .,,,. 'ovcr n Portland, where they, . .
.Zat'Sr the play' "clcopat'a " in New Position ,
the Grange hall. Serving Willi Mr. and Mrs. Vance Cox, for-! 1-
be from noon to 3 p.m. The mer Roseburg residents, have
tamales made by Nellie Siples.'returned to their home in Port
Thorn will ha cnaAial npin.c fno'lnnrl aftoi GPirpial Hnuc1 ricit
children. An added attraction here. They were the guests of now employed as assistant su-l
this year will be a bazaar table, their son-in-law and daughter.'perintendent at the high school
Bill McLarty of Winston is
Mr. and Mrs. Walt Manning,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schulzc,
Lyle, Bruce and Boyd Stuwe
and David Gnau spent several
days hunting in Eastern Ore-
Friends of Mrs. Grace Car
stenson, who now lives in Lin
coln, Neb,, learned that she was,
in Oregon recently to attend the
funeral of her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Koy uarstenson. She re
Local Delegates
West's opening of the single-, with the king. He still had a lot
of chances to go wrong, but East
had everything framed out. He
gon. Bruce Stuwe got a five. ceived a call that her son, Bert,
point buck, and Gnau came
of San Fernando. Calif., was draw from Roseburg its statel
'. :il - . nrncinnl Mpc Cnnt fin.. U.. !
hnmp with a fnnr.nnint hnplr Lr,ulau-V Bu 5"e "ew 10 i" '-'"-"'i "
The unlucky t ! California to bTth'lil"- fc Ztt "
try again was accompanied by her daugh-burg delegates.
. ' . m .. . Iter-in-law, Mrs. Jim Carsten- According to Mrs. Skenzick,
- m. i m wsh,n9t6n. , 'son of Drain. I this is the first state conven-
' Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Andcr-, . ... .. !.; , ., tu ,.,. D .
ton diamond was a classic ex
ample of when to open a single
ton. He held the ace of trumps
as a sure quick entry.
His next play was an equally
nlaccif avomnl. nt ..... ,n
ti. rw., rv n r u ' O-The biddimt has been:
Blind will hold its ninth annual; dummy's ace of diamonds andf"" rS,0
State Convention Saturday and led a spade. West took his ace Redble Pass IV Fass
Sunday in Eugene and will! without a moment's hesitation Pass 14 2 V 2 4
son spent a two-week vacation
recently, visiting their son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
dren at Everett, Wash., and
making the acquaintance of a
new granddaughter.
resident of Oakland and a for-;
mer postmaster, is reported to
be seriously ill in Sacred Heart
Hospital in Eugene.
Jim Archer, Dennis Vasche
land area. More than 100 mem
bers are expected at the con
vention, Mrs. Skenzick said.
The council is an organization
of blind persons working for
Mr. 'and Mrs.
;Mr. and Mrs. William Drakeijn F
Mr. and Mrs Ravmnnrl Mp. 'Richard Helmboldt and Paul! economic and social betterment,
cnaoung ine ouna to ootam
'ossil He is a graduate of Mullin of Coos 3ay were recent! Hansen, all students at Oregon
.n ... ip iTivp,.ii wh-o visitors with Mr. and M r s J State University, visited recent-
c... rt-.
wcih' ami Phi i run a enn I .-t itv 'nv t ......
chuk of Winnepeg, Man., Cana-!came up from Chico, Calif., to . . , ,. umve'5uy ,lcle Charles James and Mr. andi'y Oakland with their par
(U, are nere with their children.'g0 hunting here with his fatheivne lecelvea nls '""siers aegree Mrs Dave Goodman McMuiiin cnts
"u icvc tfi., iu afitriiu, tin euucauuu. ne jjruviuu&iy; is a tormer uaKland policeman,
several weeKs visiting Mrs.! mr. ana mrs. nimer Hitch-taught in Hammond and Riddle', Mrs. Betty Rav and children! Rapids, Mich., visited recently
Demchuks parents,- Mr. a n d man were in Oregon City Satur-i. .. . visiiprl t Pnr nrfnr,! nniu, ,iih ihp cn rhpr fnmilv
t i p.uu-.L : Deiore acceounu a oosiiiou uu .- - .v..,.,., - .-
chuk is the former Beverly My
ers of this city.
Mrs. James (Helen)
formerly of Roseburg, is teach
ing grades one to four in the:
Oregon City Seventh-day Adven
list elementary school. Mr. and
Airs. Ogren and their daughter
in the Seventh-day Adventist Fossil.
Church, which the former had
helDed to build when hp was a
Ogren.jyoung man. Mrs. Hitchman
taught the church's elementary i
school (at that time held in a '
separate room of the church I
building) both before and after ,
their marriage. They were priv-L
Convention Attended
Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Van Der-
mark returned to their home in
Winston after a trip to Port
land where the former attended
a medical convention on Thurs-
ys: Xt? Td W i'T
len served as Hirpelnr nf thp Ull-!sent Tuesday and Wednesday
Adventist Church choir. i ' . iin Eugene on business and vis-
I Mr. and Mrs. Harris Ells- itmg friends in the area
mrs. Kooerr uoan ot Kose-,worth are back at their home
burg, accompanied by herjn Laurclwood, following a trip!
daughter, Mrs. Bruce Dalros,to Portland, where the former
and daughter, Michelle, bf Eu- was speaker at the Oregon His
gene, have returned from sever- torieal Socielv mpptinu hnnm-J
al days in California. They visit- ing Oregon author Stewart Hol
ed in Sacramento with Mrs. brook. Ellsworth talked on the
Doan's daughter, Mrs. Gloriaipart of Holbrook's life as editor
Lincoln, and children, then wentiof the F L Lumber News dur-
to North Highlands to visit a
son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Dale Ahlers, and chil
dren. They also spent some
time in Roseville with Mrs.
Doan's brother and sister-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bell,
and family.
ing the time Ellsworth was ad
vertising manager. En route
home the Ellsworths' stopped
over in Eugene to attend the
Republican Western Conference,
Recent guests of Mrs. Maryl An Oakland resident for a num-
Minich were a sister-in-law, Iber of years, Mrs. Young is a
Mrs. Abiams of Areata, Calif., I house guest of Mis. Clcve Mil
and Mrs. Francis Siegwcin of ler.
Fresno, Calif. j .
Mrs. C. B. Hall and her moth-1
SSVTS' Hanrn; C"lif -re church At Yoncalla
visiting Mrs. Halls mother,'
Mrs. Mary Minich. Unnnre Airl Ctiirlontc
more jobs and to work as mem
bers of their home communi
ties throughout "the state, ac-
Mrs. Mildred Young of Grand cording to the council president.
Walter R. Dry, former super
intendent of the Oregon State
School for the Blind, will be the
Mrs. Clarence Earls of Win-,
Chester Bay visited Friday and
Saturday with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. E. M. Dunn.
4 A63
V 108532
, KJ103
Both vulnerable
Sonth Weat North
14 2 34
4 4 Pass Pass
1 4 V
Opening lead 4 9
Learn the Jacoby system with
'your copy of "Win at Bridge
With Oswald Jacoby." Just send
'your name, address, and 50 cent
featured speaker at the conven- ,, ,H w. hnrf 0: 0wld Jacoby Reader Serv
tion's Saturdav niirht hnnouet ?n? Jcd " heart. His partner nad:iee e0 thi, newspaper, P.O.
lions Siaturoay mgi t oanquet. b d nearts. He jst lad t0 hodlBoi 489 DeDt A Radii Clw
All sessions will be held at the1,!,. . ai ioni n.ic ,c ,ui,t ?. '.. p 7'.. v"'
Eiiupnp Hntpl. I ji.'-..!,.i " """" aranon, new iorK i, h.t.
You, South, hold:
4K7 6 VA4 J5AlS
What do you do? .
A Pass. Yonr band ia aot
gcUioe any better.
Instead ot bidding one heart
over your redouble your partner
jumps to two hearts. What do
you do in tais case?
. Answer Tomorrow
led back his deuce of clubs.
South won with the jack, but
had no way to get to dummy
to discard his last low diamond.
Other featured speakers will
be Allen Jenkins, administrator
of the Oakland, Calif., Orienta
tion Center for the Blind, and
West thought.
Had West bothered to duck! iAYiALif ins rnwe.
one spade he would have given JAYWALKING cows
his partner a chance to signal NATIONAL- CITY, Calif.
and East would either have play-l(UPI) When an excited motor-
Mrs. Oral Hull of Sandy, who cd the ten of clubs to show
Mrs. Sylvia Manning was a Johnston were awarded red
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley DickilucKV neer nunter. on a recent leather Bibles at the Yoncalla
and young daughter, Darlena,itr'P to Eastern Oregon. i Methodist Church Sunday morn
of Dillard have sold theirl Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bonner ing in observance of their pro-
home to Mr. and Mrs. J. D.!ana JIr- ana Mrs- Bu" Schwes-! motion from the primary sec-
Owens and family from the Los
donated 21 acres of land to a strength in that suit or the king
foundation to be used as a rcc- of hearts. In this snot the kinir
Charlotte Wise and Lynettclreati0n center for the blind. ! of hearts would have been a sin-
1st telephoned that "a bunch of
Angeles area. The Dicks left'
Saturday to make their home
in Cave Junction. Mrs. Dick
was a former physical educa
tion and health teacher at Doug
las High School. They have re
sided in Dillard the past year
having lived in Riscburg two
years previously. They stated
cows walked through a red
light," police embarked on an
imDromntu cattle rounduD re-
Delegates from Roseburg in-! ,to s'10w Sod hearts. One cently. -
elude besides the state presi-!" we basic principles of ai It took eight policemen two
dent, Mr. and Mrs. Murrayistren?tn showing discard is thatlhom.s to corral 40 animals which
Welch, Harold Baxter, Mr. and you slKnal WI,h tne hlShest caid!had strolled away from a meat
n c-i t I,... t t you can spare. .... i,,.u. .. c r:
LT 'W""?? i"1.;0" -0f-the..5""day SC"001 t0!WaIiacTMrs Frank velch' and Normally, Wesl's bad play; ego suburb
Eastern Oregon near the Idaho the junior group.
!! Several members of the local,
Roy Business and Professional Wom-1
Sam Skenzick.
Jesse Lee, Harry Smith,
Medley. Gary Roberson a n d'en's Club attended the Yoncalla LEI BLOSSOMS
Virgil Chcnowelh spent several! Methodist Church in a group
ays uuck nuiuing at sjiunmeriSunday in observance of Na
Most popular blossoms used
wnulrl have Given Smith his pnn.'
tract but East managed to find
a way to beat the hand in spite
!of his partner's error.
South won the ace of hearts
where they enjoyed visiting a ! they have enjoyed living in this
number of friends there from ,..n.i ti,ir
;the East. many friends and associates.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stack
. I have sold their home in Win
ston and are now residing in
j Grants Pass where the former,
has been transferred with Bax
I ter Pole Yards.
Mr. and Mrs. Don DuQuette
and family were recent visitors
at the home of the latter s par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Pru-
Itt.iThe DuQuettes recently mov
ed to Rainier, Wash., where he
is now employed. .
and nlnvflri two mnre rounds nt
Lake. They all got their limits, tional Business Woman's Week, in lois by the Hawaiians are trumns on which East dronned
Recent guests of Mrs. Ma-lThose attending were Mrs. Felix the vanda orchid, plumeria, car-!two hearts. Then he led a club
ter, Mrs. Leonard Olson, and Latham, Mrs. Louise Snider, nnlinn uinepr nik-akp lnliPinsp trom dummy. East hopped up
daughter, Shirley Graham, and Mrs. Ralph Bucll, Mrs. Don . 8 ? .' ,, ' luuelose( to use its last trump in order to
her brother and sister-in-law, Thompson, Mrs. Karl Hummel, jalld D0Sainvillca. One type of ruf a neal.t
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Fox, all Mrs Tom Wallace, Mrs. Lloyd vanda orchid has more than 300 A diamond was led next and
of Ilwaco, Wash. 'Mathis, and Mrs. Phoebe Pew. I blossoms. lagain East was ready to hop up
Danmoore Hotel
1217 S.W. Morrison St.
Portland, Oregon
Free Garage, New Loca
tion Vi block from hotel,
Open to 10:00 P.M.
Douglas County Produce
Items Rapidly Diminish ,
By LEROY B. INMAN I appearing-now, the price strong.
Businaas Nawi Dept. Editor Black-shelled varieties are ahnnt
Aside from considerable home through. ni
grown and consumed products.l cabbage is stronger, mostly KlVerSlOe T I A
Douglas County is just about jout of PortlanU ana some from1 - . .
out of the picture from t h ejCalifornia. Cauliflower eased on AflflfAyaC Rllnnfit
standpoint of feeding its own the CaUtornia market and re HFI,IUVC BUUIJCI
popuiace al mis ume oi year. maine(1 steady out of Portland.
Cantaloupes and watermelons Bl.occoli from Portland is very
are au uuc uirougn. lomaioes
in general are of questionable
quality. Local squash, including
hubbards, banana, butternut,
marblehcad and table queens
are very good, but not enough
to supply local demand. There
are a few cucumbers, some corn
and a small amount of cabbage
produced for local consumption.
In the fruit line local apples
and pears are very good, but
insufficient to supply demand.
The prune harvest is about!
through and most of the crop
has gone to the dryers. The
nut harvest locally is fair.
good but the supply is short.
Both Portland and California
have some excellent, thick,
heavy celery, the market being
North Dakota red potatoes
are making their appearance.
The Riverside PTA held its
first meeting of the season re
cently at the school gymnasium.
Mrs. Delton Walker, presi
dent, conducted the meeting at
which time the proposed budget
fnr thp mrtf.lM srhnnl vear was
Corn is becoming a scarce approved.
item, a small quantity coming At the close of the business
in from the Willamette Valley meeting Mrs. Joan Foxx, pro-
and Lalilorma. ArticlioKes areiEram chairman, presented
very good but on the high side I program which was highlighted
at present. The price shouldjby an address given by Mrs.
drop shortly. California and willard Pease, regional vice
Portland both have very good, president of PTA. Mrs. Pease
squash and cucumbers. Brus-lSp0ke on the topic "The 'Pur-II.
sels sprouts from both Portlandjpose of PTA." She also urged V
and the San Francisco Bay; the assembled group to study ir
area are a good buy. Peppers thoroughly the issues involvcdij
are in a strong position, all in the Oct. 15 tax election
out of California, which also
Forest Glen Hospital
Roy Crain, principal, intro-
They are very good and' rea-illas lBmaioes. me quamy anujaueea me teacmng siau.
.nnnUI. f..;.l. nnlnfnnp f .. n . BlU'l'l Ul IUIIIOIUC5 .lU.UO.Va, IU1I C&IIIIICill& WC1 C UJ
wasiiinoinn irinim Prinpuiiip! w''h the weather. Some mature-the executive committee in the i
and Klamath Falls are coming !reens now are snowing- school cafeteria following the
on in excellent supply, the cropi program, according to Mrs C.
being top quality. Yams and! Yakima has a bumper crop!W. Patterson, publicity chair
sweet potatoes, both availableiof apples this year. Pears, on man.
nnw arp little chanepri on the; the other hand, are on the-
market. scarce side. Grapes are very I
The carrot market strengthen-1 good, including Tokays and!
ed some this week. The quality some Emperors. :
from both Portland and Cali-i Navel oranges are two to
fornia is very good. Trunins, three weeks away, the Valencia!
rutabagas and parsnips out of crop remaining good. Florida; POSEY To Mr. and Mrs.
Portland all are very good, and grapefruit is coming in now, Billy Posey, Myrtle Creek, Oct.
dry onions from Washington,! the quality being good and the 7, a son, John Matthew; weight
Idaho and Labish near Salem price reasonable. Lemons are .1 pounds 8V4 ounces.
are of top quality. stronger, especially on large j PETermAN To Mr and
sizes. Bananas remain in a,,. cnirn M,,iio
... . ... . . .. Mrs. James Peterman, Myrtle
Lettuce continues strong, with strong and scarce situation. !Creek 0c. n a SOn Kevin
a wide range of prices and qual-! Cranberries, very reasonable ' wc'ight' 7 pounds 13Vi
lty. Leaf lettuces, romaine and from both Oregon and Massa-! ounces
endive are unchanged. Radishes chuttes. are on the market and1
are reported in stronger posi-; reasonable. Nuts and dates! COLLINS To Mr. and Mrs.
tion, while green onions remain make top buys. Persimmons and Delmar Collins, Idleyld Park,
steady. The quality is average, pomegranates also are available Oct. 12, a son, David Wayne;
A few green avocados a r e for the fall season. weight S pounds.
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