The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, October 17, 1963, Page 13, Image 13

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    Classic Oriental Tuna
Delicious Main Dish
Take a can of tuna, a skillet, mushroom slices in a harmoni
and a classic Oriental rcciDc.lnus hlenri nf textures, color and
Then take a few moments in the; flavor. Serve Tuna Oriental with;
kitchen, ten or so should do it.ifluffy Chinese rice for maximum
and you'll have a quick and de-1 authenticity. Chopsticks, if you!
ucious main msn, ideal for the have them, but any way it's
family and perfect for a speedy1 eaten; Tuna Oriental is delicious
company meal. The Oriental fare.
sRiuei lecnnique is not only fast;
itre mitfitinnall,, TL.1
it s nutritionally correct. The
quick "crisp-tender" cooking of
the vegetables protects their
vitamin content, and the vege
table oil from the can of tuna,
used for sauteeing, is high in
desirable polyunsaturates.
Tuna has been merging with
cuisines all ariund the world
for many, many centruries. The
early Greeks were expert tuna
fishermen, and an ocean and a
continent away, the lncas and
the civilizations which preceded
them harvested the abundant
Tuna Oriental
I 2 cans (m or 7 ounces eacnj
luna in vegeiaoie on
1 cup diagonally cut celery
1 green pepper, cut in strips
6 scallions, cut m V inch
Vi pound mushrooms or 1 can
(3 or 4 ounces) sliced
1 teaspoon monosodium gluta
mate 1 tablespoon soy sauce
Vs cud sherry
Drain oil from one can of the
tuna into skillet; heat. Add vege-
supply of tuna off the Peruvian tables; sprinkle with monosodi-
shores. But it was not until thejuin glutamate. Cook, stirring
beginning of the twentieth cen-frequently until crisp tender,
tury that tuna began the amaz-lAdd tuna, soy sauce and sherry;
ing saga which has made it 'heat to serving temperature.
number one fish on American jServe with Fluffy Chinese Rice.
ft. :L--Lr".. 4
teL- mm
pear shake
laoies. iirst canned by an
enterprising San Pedro canner,
tuna's mild and delicate flavor
found ready public acceptance.
This event heralded the start of
a new food industry in the Uni
ted States destined to double!
and redouble with each decade.
By 1962 nearly a billion cans
of tuna were consumed in
American households.
. Tuna Oriental is as handsome
to look at as it is good to eat.
Bright green pepper strips, pale
green scallions, and creamy
chunks of tuna combine with
yield: 4 servings.
Fluffy Chinese Rice
1 cup long-grain rice
1 cups cold water
Place rice in 2-quart saucepan
with tightly fitting lid; add 1941
cups cold water. Bring to boll
over high heat (about 5 minute
Turn heat to low; cover tightly
and let simmer for 20 minutss,
until dry. Turn off heat. Allow
rice to stand, covered, another
20 minutes. Fluff and serve im
mediately, or keep warm in
Yield: 3 cups cooked rice.
Canned PearShake Refreshing
Milk shakes and teenagers go
together like crackers and
cheese. Here's a shake that will
appeal not only to teenagers,
but to everyone in the family
from toddlers to their grandpar
ents. It's Pear Shake, a delight-;
ful comoination of three won
derfully nutritious ingredients.
Canned Bartlett pears, vanilla
ice cream and whole milk are
all you need to make this satis
fying treat. Put them together in
a blender of mixer, give it a
' -SM k tr
quick whirl, and the creamy i Mocha Shake. Weight watchers
thick chilled shake is ready to will want to make their Pear
pour into tall glasses. Top withjShakes from low calorie i c e
a shake or two of nutmeg andcream, skim milk and dietetic
serve with straws. jpack. canned pears. You who
Breakfast Time For Family
Fondly remembered in manyi Sift together flour, baking pow-
households are the family break- der, salt, spices and sugar. Com
fasts of old. Everyone gathered bine cereal wilh' applesauce.
at the breakfast table and, over: eggs, oil and raisins; let stand
tuna Oriental
The first time you try Pear keep two or three flavors of ice'
Shake you'll be so pleased with cream on hand will have loads
the intriguing fruit flavor the'of fun discovering exciting new
canned Bartlett pears give that pear and ice cream, comuina
you'll want to make it over amotions.
over again. And, if you're the However you "pain up" pears
type that likes to experiment in milk shakes, keep a good sup-
with recipes, you'll find P e a rply of canned Bartlett pears onj
Shake otters many exciting van-. nana ana you re sure to nave
ations. ' I the making ol an all-time lavor-
Chocolate lovers may like to ite,
Spicy Pork Chops
Fixed In Advance
Even the young football play
ers in your household will find
this a filling dish and yet most
of the preparation can be done
long before the dinner hour rush..
Pork Chops In Pepper '
Cream Sauce
6 loin pork chops, cut 1-inch
Vi teaspoon of whole Muntok
white peppers (10 or 12) i
Vi teaspoon of thyme
1 tablespoon of instant
minced onions
1 (one inch) piece of bay leaf
Vi cup of dry white wine
2 teaspoons of Chinese herb
1 teaspoon of beef stock base
Vi cup of water
2 teaspoons of arrowroot
Vi cup of heavy, cream
Arrange chops in glass bak
ing dish. Crush peppers and
thyme and combine with onions,
bay leaf, and wine. Pour over
chops and refrigerate for sev
eral hours or overnight. About
H Your Paper Has Nor Arrived By 6:15 P.M.
Dial OR 2-3321 Between 6 & 7 P.M.
add chocolate syrup, or even go
a step further and put in a dash
of instant coffee for a Pear
Pear Shake
2 canned Bartlett pears halves
3 tablespoons pear syrup
Vi cup cold milk .
2 to 4 scoops vanilla ice cream
Nutmeg, to sprinkle on top
Combine pear halves and syr
up, milk, and ice cream
(Amount depends on thickness
you like) in blender of mixer.
Blend or mix until smooth and
thick. Pour into tall glass and
sprinkle with nutmeg. Serve with
straws. Make 1 serving.
a hearty repast, exchanged plans
for the day's activity. Lament
ed by some as evidence of the
until most of the moisture is
taken up about 5 min. Beat well
Add sifted dry ingredients, stir-
2 hours before serving, drain
chops and dry well with paper
towel. Rub heavy frying pan
with piece of fat from chops,
brown chops well and pour off
excess fat. Sprinkle chops with
seasonings. Combine beef stock
base and water; pour over, chops
along with marinade. Cover and
cook over low heat until tender
(about IVi hours). When done,
take out chops and keep on
warmed platter. Combine arrow
root with tablespoon of cold wa
ter. stir into sauce in fry pan
Cook, stirring constantly, until
thickened. Stir in cream. Pour
over chops. Serve at once
MILK . . .
The Drink
For Healthy,
Mentally Alert '
Meadow Brook
A locally Produced
Dairy Product
' M dairy . mUI
frit m
passing of yet another element ring only until combined. Spread,
Crape Sauce Companion
For Your Roast Turkey
One Thursday a year is not'or dark meat and stuffing
nearly often enough to serve a
beautifully browned roast turkey
and stuffing. This is especially
true when the turkey is pur
chased frozen and already stuff
ed with a well-seasoned bread
stuffing. The turkey goes from
wrapper to roaster and into the
oven in a matter of minutes.
While the turkey is a-roasting
there is time for a bit of show
off "saucery" to delight family
or friends. What could be more
elegant than a Delicate White
Grape Sauce? The fresh yellow. heat. Stir a little of the hot mix-
color comes from egg yolks, ture into the egg yolks. Beat egg
blended into the smooth sauce. iyolks into hot mixture. Season
Halved white grapes enhance Uith pepper. Add grapes. Serve
this delicacy which is spooned hot with roast turkey and stuff-
lavishly over the slices of light ing
of family stability, and by oth
ers who see the eat-and-run sys
tem leading to nutritionally
scanty breakfasts, there is per
haps reason to attempt a return
to the earlier custom.
When possible, why not set a
pretty and appetizing breakfast
table and rouse all family mem
bers in time to be present for
a nourishing morning meal.
You'll have no trouble' with
breakfast attendance when the
menu Includes Raisin Bran
Muffins. These fruit-filled muf
fins arc best served hot. With
them, serve tomato juice, as
sorted ready-to-eat cereals, cof
fee and milk.
Another hot bread treat your
family will applaud is Apple
sauce Raisin Coffee Cake. Serv-
Delicate White Grape Sauce
2 chicken bouillon cubes
xh cups water
2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour
l'ii teaspoons lemon juice
2 egg yolks
,2 cup halved seedless grapes
Dissolve bouillon cubes
boiling water. Melt butter in a
saucepan. Blend in the flour. A
the bouillon and lemon juice
while stirring. Remove from the
Wahl's r
Roseburg Meat Co.
316 N.E. Wincheitcr, at the Triongle .... Ph. 673-8091
Open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
CDCF7FD niriff Includes: Steaks, Roasts,
rKttlcK rALroft"' . Gund b..,,
Short Ribs, Sausage.
25 1349 5(Ks $2598
DCCC F0R Y0UR COCKER . . .K. Falls j r
DCCr Grain Fed . . . Half or Wh. lb. 43C
Smoked Pork
l"l Trimmed
Sirloin Tip
Van Dine's Chunk
Blade Cut
Leon Slab
ed warm in hearty squares, this
spicy bread features whole bran
cereal. It teams nicely with
grapefruit halves, Corn Flakes,
coffee and hot chocolate.
For a weekend breakfast or
brunch, consider Corn-Crisped
Ham and Potato Patties. This
hearty entree needs only
fruit juice, buttered whole wheat!
toast, milk and coffee as accom
paniments, and is notably quick
to prepare.
Raisin Bran Muffins
1 cup whole bran cereal with
wheat germ
' cup milk
1 egg
Vi cup soft shortening
1 cup sifted flour
2Vi teaspoons baking powder
Vt teaspoon salt -
V cup sugar
1 cup seedless raisins
Combine cereal and milk; let
stand until most of moisture is
taken up. Add egg and shorten
ing; beat well. Sift together
flour, baking powder, salt and
sugar; mix in raisins. Add to
first mixture, stirring only until
combined. Fill greased muffin
pans 23 full. Bake in moderate
ly hot oven (400 degrees F.)
about 25 minutes. Serve immediately.
Yield: 12 muffins, 2Vfe inches parrip
in diameter.
Applesauce Raisin Coffee Cake
1 cup sifted flour
3 teaspoon baking powder
Vi teaspoon salt
Vi teaspoon cinnamon
Vt teaspoon ground cloves
Vi teaspoon nutmeg
Vt cup sugar
1 cup whole bran cereal
1 cup sweetened applesauce
1 egg
Vi cup vegetable oil
Vi cup seedless raisins
in greased 8 x 8-inch baking pan.
Combine sugar and cinnamon;
sprinkle evenly over coffee cake
batter. Bake in moderately hot
oven (400 degrees F.) about 25
minutes or until done. Serve
warm, cut in bars or squares.
Yield: 8 - 9 servings.
Corn-Crisped Ham And
Potato Patties
3 cups ground cooked ham
1 cup seasoned mashed
1 tablespoon finely cut parsley
4 cups corn flakes or
1 cup packaged corn flake
Vi teaspoon seasoned salt
Vi cup evaporated milk
Combine ham, potatoes and
parsley. Shape mixture into 10
patties. If using Corn Flakes,
cru3h into fine crumbs. Com
bine corn flake crumbs and
salt. Dip patties in evaporated
milk, then roll in seasoned corn
flake crumbs. Place patties in
shallow baking pan lined with
aluminum foil. Bake in moder
ate oven (375 deg. F.) about 15
Yield: 5 servings, 2 patties
Well-trimmed Rib
Flavorful ROUND
J J T I '
Vi cup sugar
Vi teaspoon cinnamon
GV Church Hosts
Fellowship Meet
The Garden Valley Commu
nity Church hosted a fellowship
meeting Monday. Principal
speakers were the Rev. Gutgee
of The Dalles, who spoke in the
afternoon, and the Rev. Carver
of Salem who gave the evening
The Carvers were formerly
ministers to the California Evan
gelistic Church of Winston. They
are now doing evangelistic work
at Salem, reports Addle Schnei
der, correspondent.
Other church dignitaries who
attended with their wives were
the Rev. Mr. Murray of Brush
Wash.; the Rev. Mr.
DcCarlo of Myrtle Point; the
Rev. Mr. Whitlier of Grants
Pass; the Rev. Mr. Hilligoss
of Salem; the Rev. Mr. Moll of
Portland, who is district super-
intendant of California Evan-!
gelistic churches, the Rev. Mr.
Shore and the Rev. Mr. Solomn
both of Eastside; the Rev. Mr.
Dishong of Mill City; the Rev
Carl A. Schmidt of Sutherlin
and the Rev. Mr. Hunter of
An outdoor picnic was held at
the tree grove at the Carl
Schmidt gardens.
. . . even less calories per slice
than half a grapefruit
Praise be! Diet-Sliced Hollywood Bread, tender-textured
and satisfying, tastes so good!
Good things go into it, that's why. Sesame seed and
golden wheat. And nine fresh, vitamin-packed vegetable
flours lettuce, carrot, celery, parsley, to name a few.
And still, even less calories than half an average grapefruit!
Good idea? ... Good bread!
...46 " ok calories per Diet-Slice
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