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ft vC f-Ji
Notre Dame Field Goal
Upends USC, 17-14
UPI Sports Writer " score in the next period then
That engaging ditty, "I Get a; cleaned up during the fourth on
Kick Out of You," only regis-j Rice's three-pointer followed by
tcrcd a dull thud today withjDale Callahan's 45 yard touch
Southern California and Stan- down run after he intercepted a
ford who were wrecked by ficldjpass by Dick Berg,
goals last Saturday as Big Six) California, which didn't seem
football representatives again' to belong on the same field
folded on the interactional! with Duke early in the game,
front. gained a 22-22 tie in the last
A 33-yard field goal by soph-:quartcr when quarterback
omore Ken Ivan gave Notre,Craig Morton fired a 31-yard
Dame a 17-14 win over ninth- pass to batterymate Jack
ranked Southern California andiSchraub then flipped to Jerry
the first win of the season for Mosher for the deadlocking two
the Fighting Irish. Then in Hou-' pointer.
ston, Tex., namesake Larry' With seconds led in the con
Rice booted a three-pointer that te5t the Blue Devils were pen
started the Owls toward a 23-13 allied 15 yards from the Bear
win over Stanford. 13 to the 2S far coaching fixim
r..4 -i:r-..; . a,-H;.h unn't Ik cwtliTw flpr thy -ikinfl
expected to do much against tee was. thrown out with the 3uL.i.
Duke, pulled out a 22-22 tie with clock sauvg.
the Blue Devils who missed- San Jose Sate proxk1 a
three field goal attempts and good Bpsrt, dVfMtins Washtnt
wert penaliied a vital 15 yards tna Sate, 1S-S. on Herb En
when the kicking tee was sj$ tiYK&xwn from vnc yard
thrown out at the wrong tco- vjt thm minutes l ry.
ment 'Tbe came after the swift
Nest Sahxrdiy's Coast sed- CUtwx Williams vf fte Ooa-
ule brings Oh State to Sooth- tir$ hti kV-tflc- mtr a wo-
ira California while IXLA is twain otwif3i) ftvr ! k4.
at Notre Dim. Mxaford at in ail thw f
WashinfWa in lb wind's jrsice it kxicrM time, the
Jooe Big Six coolest. Sn Jos w$Jiin.cTffln Hankies trampled
S;aie at California. Wahisi.ea undefeated On-pcm Sate. 34-J.
State at Onrftw State, Oreoo Tits Ste Snanil'i S2-jard
at Ariiosa. the Vnneruiy of touchdown rea iV-t-nr.c. the
the Pacific at Idaho and Cal root. Charlie Browning AanS
Poly of San Luis Otnspo at two other TD's fnr the Hustor
1'resoo State. from inside the fix rd line.: ATLANTA dTll Arnold
After Syracuse had method)-' Ore son. with Bob Berry hit- Palmer said today that despite
rally worked over I'CLA ' on ting on touchdown passes of 33 the pro and con arcuTnerits Page
unlay mgni, zs-i, turner- and 57 yards. overpowered Ida- ihoat the difference in size in
California ran into a band of ho, 41-21 in another leading the U.S. and British halls, the
fighting Irish at South Bend on Coast tilt. And Fresno Slate, biggest trouble with the Ryder
Saturday led by Frank Budka.lg e 1 1 i n g a lift from Doyle Cup matches is too much polf
one of five Notre Dame quar- Keith's tie-breaking field goal, in too short a time
terbacks waxed the University of the Pa-, -i don-t know- of anv other
Notre Dame took a lone touch- cilic, 29-" golf tournament which plays 36
uunu icau uu iuiii .uiiuiidiu ai oauia i aau riduiiitu h0165 41 day fOT thlgC straight
u- jtiiii unuavh u a pM luici' Oldie O. OdL'i dlliruiu oiic (Jgyj " Pal flier U16 US
cctftiori. Troy tied the score. S Santa Barbara 0, Western .': -omnlainl
li'tl UCIUIC liic II mctl nut 11 dSIIIIlKlUU l, I UgCl 4AIUUU 1,
beaten in the last period onfWhittier 34 Nevada 13, British
m m
In Crucial UVL
s wiae
PORTLAND GOALIE Don Hood mokes o save during Sunday's Western
Hockey Leogu bottle between the Buckoroos ovi rhe invodmg Son Francisco
Seals. Nick Mickoski ntcde the shot for San Froncisco, wliile Roy Cyr of the
Seals end Dalas Smith of Hie Buckoroos watch. The Seals spoiled the Portland
horr opener o-l. (UPI Telcphoro)
' W L Pet. PF PA
2 0 1.000 54 21
0 2 .000 20 31
Myrtle Creek
Saturday rtsult:
Douglas 28, Glide 14
.500 21 28
500 19 7
500 19 33
500 19 33
League battle Saturday. , onds of the half when a pass
The host 'Cats displayed a interception by Long on the one-
stubborn defense which the Tro-.yard line appeared to stop the
jans had trouble cracking until
the closing minutes oi me game.
Glide took the opening kickoff
and marched 61 yards with1
sophomore Steve Anderson guid-1
ing the attack and Tim Ron
deau doina the majority of the
srnund work. Craig Long's spec-.came in the fourth quarter s
', . -. . -L. f C(nn Vnnnn'cttlio Ti-ninno iniul .
Dnuslas' Trojans turnca on tacuiar caitu ui .u viciory to
the steam in the final quarter pass in the end zone was good I remain undefeated in league
n ninrl he Glide Wildcats, 28-for the final seven yards. Bob; play. Withers climaxed a 58-
u in a rrucial Umpqua Valley, Paulson kicked the I'Af. ,yara orive Dy sweeping his own
- ' , e i.u:.i pn pnn tnr a thnn ...
Douglas, Dailling iruill uchuiu,
came back with a 56-yard drive
Rugged Texas
Stops Sooners
drive. However, Long steoDeri
back into the end zone to avoid
a tackier and was dropped by
Pat Patterson for a safety
which gave the invaders a 15-14
lead at the intermission.
The remainder of the scoring
left end for a three-yard TD
run and Brown kicked the PAT
f - . . : -Iparlv in tho final
on the ensuing kichou iu i i r iik ioug
the score. A freak catch of a las final TD came when Heard
31-yard pass provided the Tro
jaris with the tally. Dan With-
!ers tossed tne aenai io a y
Ishenherd. but the ball was off
..,.!,! target and a Glide defender bat
International in the air. and
U.S. Golf Team
Blasts British
For Ryder Cup
United Press International- .,; in ir an(i
The topsy-turvy world of poi-j rt performance ofyas-per-carry. Brown carried
powered his way over left 0lli-rl .
and rambled 17-yards to pay- '
Heard was the big-gun for the
Trojans, carrying 19 times for i
144 yards an average of 7.6
4 The
as nnsettinu a week as the col
legians have ever experienced
by knocking off Oklahoma, the
top-ranked team in the country,
28-7. But the football very pos
sibly can bounce the other way
when the second-ranked Long-
inorns lace aiwaja-iugoui m-
T. : T: 4 ',. kansas Saturday night.
News-Review Mon., Oct. 14, 196JI 0ny three members of the
top 10 escaped unscathed from
the weekend blitz, and this in
cludes fourth-ranked Pittsburgh,
Iwhich did not play. In addition
to Texas, the only other winner
lege football plays no favorites , ..,,!) shepherd grabbed the ; seven times for 55 yards and
and its "darling" of last week-j ' u aU. an(, racetl Withers completed six of 14 pass
end may prove the prize paisy , hed t0 the end zone. I attempts lor 112 yards.
(next Saturday. . . ,., booieci the extra! The Trojans held a 19-8 first
Texas played a prime role im" ' down advantage, and total net
, nncnttinir n week as the col-iP01 . varrlflPp fnvnrpH ihn U'innpc
In the second quarter - ? " ,
Jimmy Brown Stars, Cleveland
Wins 5th Straight NFL Outing
team By jnted Press Inteernational on to its come-from-behind win.
' MiL-A nittn riirl thp inh withi Grafifvina Gams
e "sk.i mt i njui-r his handSi Charley Johnson withi Brown, who called this the
I. nrinn With
tne irojanb.uu yards on the ground and u2
Jim Heard leading the charge, nsin0 ,.,, -,lchrt f
the ymton jnlhXy1SSnd T 133 'ards an3 completed four of
out the yardage on the RiounoV attempts for 46 yards.
Heard earned over from the on intercepted three
for the TD. The tiy fo. the.
eThrw, cI snaanedJback to! - to the invaders three
im. nuuiaia times on fumbles.
Inkc the lead on the next se- 4 j a,
iaKe uu. 1 u paicn Douglas punted three times
nes of plays when Paulson,
broke loose from t he m.m.em, Witote punted lour Umei
f "P?:!'10! ?3 !for a 22.8 yard average. The
. . - , vp "I"'-"" auvuiM us arm nnrl llPrH AtlflPr OV 4.f..: l, mmf
Stanford, which now has lost Southern Oregon 48 Eastern! rhn' ' wlth ,g hS 5lth bls,.cJle?t' bu, J'n'raV played against the Giants, W Ti "tanked Alabama lost to CH fhtimPr RfllTin
three in a row, held a seven- Oregon 18. Whitworth 19 Pacif-I"!' rTh,r.i, 1 J n omii them all with ms gained m ,.ushinB yar()s in 23'.'"""
1 ..knn n u..ujji c,..i increuiuie ciiuiuiiiK icki. parnpc nnn spnrpn imp Krnwns 1- ' r '
Wisconsin, which routed Purdue,
Ohio State Held To Tit
Ohio State, the No. 7 team, got
away with only its pride injured
after being held to a 20-20 tie
among the elite was fifth-ranked ,diock on ''l'" "' " , ' on nine penalties and the Tro
Wildcats were assessed 65 yards
Paulson kicked the PAT to put
the Wildcats ahead.
jans lost 35 yards on five pen
alties. '
The victory gives Douglas un-
lecd at
But the
the half overlie Lutheran 0,
Owls tied the 7 liedlands 0.
Humboldt State
and then .36 on Saturday and
carries and scored the Browns 1
(H ) Hi
Brown was simply superb opening touchdown on a short; n atf ,'r thJaL.
Sunday when he broke loose for plunge. He now has gained a to- , , . ntM nnr
was uuv cibiii ,: . , , . - A
threatening in the closing sec-1 J' . .
- - ,
Trojans now sport a 4-1 sea
I son record. Glide is now 1-1 in
league play. .
Score By Quarters:
Douolas 7 8 0 1328
i Glide 7 7 0 014
Scoring: Glide; Long 7 pass
from Young (Paulson kick).
Douglas; Shepherd 31 pass from
Withers (Brown kick). Douglas;
J. Heard 1 run (kick failed).
Glide; Paulson 50 run (Paul
enn U-inkV Douelas: Patterson
:t.i l,o 1 loaffiin . .. . . - .. ,. ..
r-ift.min,,,!' fifth .uin witimiit a i .ir... : t-jist on r riciay nigiu. . .f"" ,. 4,. tacktett uing in cna zone, ior
around the greens. But Palmer - . Zn" rwiaZl. m Alkansas "?elf " W ,the I ?" "TTJZ?-"- Douglas-Withers 3 run
saiu it gave the British an ad-, . . , . ...... , -i- upset Jinx, losing to myior, asc ' T1 "iBram kick). Douglas; J.
It was hard to get agreement '." ".'I , ", 1 ,,,i,,i Li r 'm an,, in p1,. fending national champion and
about the type of ball used by bursts , cleveland downs in tnc bcsl start ot his I rated ninth tto week, was
each team. Team member Gene B on , 33.24 victory carreer. t0TL 1 I m nti
Litt er, whose 6 and 5 final day ,h Vo, vn mu iii1 ,4,1 . 11 and lOth-ranked Nebraska lost
.in ptpra ftt4-m t, over the.New York Giants in, Ditka caught three touchdown . Ai, Pnr 17-13.
..... 4.. . uvuuitmi, 4 .. hfittla ffti. firct nlQpp in tup r n:n.. 1 nn "' " ' - - i .. t-,:..:
Ilolihnrlnn ,uc ll.p mncl 1p. ""- 1 r-" M,... tho n R tpnm W3S X tO Win lliem U1C WCSlUril 1J1VI-
sided match of 32. insisted the flSTT. 1 11 "er fr.m,R", Bu'ji.C!,..aS4,.t.1l! 32-28 victim to Southern Melhod-'sion title of the American Foot-
small ball hurt the British rimrninn,rc fifth wtn withmii a t .!r. : .u : ist on I
To 24-20 Win
Bv United Press International
The San Diego Chargers have
mixed age with youth to brew
a team that looks potent enough
vantage Sunday because of the u'" bh "10, but the Razorbacks were
. . J ii.ikkps as tile Chicasn Bears nasses bv Zeke Bratkowski and .'. . .
winu. , . ",....,! . consinercd strong conicnaeis iui-
Although Palmer complained , 1,u " lu..?.u w.r ".Ute Southwest Conference title
had no complaint about how his 2;1JK0Uat1 ' nSOr cn!'"ee r m?st, they still are capable of creating
in the pre-season analysis and
lU.S. team fared in the three-
Angeles Rams.
spectacular rally of the !, upset of their own
f.'....' ... : '" : Johnson helped the St. Louis when he comnleted a 55-yard
u..j BI..H1 .Hill uiiuc-u 4-.uiiUp.vrj,oIa ,.,, . pnnlnntinn . I l-i c ,,1.1,
behind the Browns when he
evening at Bobby Jones
i ,, j .completed two last-
123 to 9 after turning the final
afternoon's matches into a 7'-j
Should Bounce
Oklahoma should
the youth. And more than a;Heard run' (kick failcd);
SllUri SIIU.L Ul U111I4.-1 .B tl.UUijU:
to kayo most any rival. ! ... . , .
Rote's heroics were mainly re-Omill Cna NQHiea
sponsible for carrying the1 . fni li
uiargcrs to uiree viciunes ... LIHCIIlUn VI WICCIV
their first four games. The vet-
reuperate aran had his troubles Sundayl
to !-i rout.
the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Jack Schraub, California end,
has been named AAWU Line-
:..-4 r ! ifoncte pan,p nit tup iipnpti in.msn n tup woitr na K tnnr s
, - . , - itKail.3l itUllbilb 4.1 I.U...U. iiaiiana 4,,,,tb w.- uw.mb.. .u.uiuii 4,4 i4 4..w u .vw
to seconds remaining. In all, John-: n ... . .,,.. in -ioi,t!lead the Chareers to their 24-20iiunior from CamDbell. Calif..
for Alabama, Navy and Nebras-j victory over the New York JetsJwas named for his fine play in
np, i S V, l"n , , to play and then next ,veek when it opens defense: and so the sophomore quarter-1
tin, in tl , V n i3 of Us Big Eight championship! back, from the University of
winning 28-yard scoring pass with six 8 , Kansas came otf thc bench to;
touchdown passes, the
oiu with six seconds left
play, in a 24-23 squeaker over son's passes gained 372 yards
In fact, the U.S. never lost an ei.u r.i 1 Jl,e vikings, trailing mc ka. all of whom meet comnara- Jackie Kemp ran for one the 22-22 tie against Duke Sat-
afternoon mutch in the three ,, A,i,iripv ,Mndv rackels -14 ln tllc Ilnal PcnMivcIy weak foes next Saturday, touchdown and passed for two.urday.
dayj as they stormed to this t ,vi?h . od.' narrawcd tlla.t 8aP t0 tw0 Alabama takes on Tennessee; others to lead the Buffalo Bills! Schraub tipped a 31 yard pass
country's 12lh victory, in tho f i,iMi , i,pa,ilinp po"us' . ran larJ,,em,on P-sseu (1.3) Navy p,ays Virginia IMili-lto a 35-26 upset of the Kansas.into the air away from three
15th biennial Ryder Cup .,.." lT, ni . .;,,, .;.? 29 5'ards t0 Flatley for one ,a Institute (1-2-1) and Nc- City Chiefs and George BlandalDuke defenders and pulled it in
matches. ": ., ,, . ,., min ,0"cn(1Bwn ana set UP.B1" braska is at Kansas State (1-3). threw three touchdown passes for six points to put Cal back
The British played the U.S. vil-inn- nnrmliiine , wn s .,,ie 'aia toucnaown, Pittsburgh, which has feasted as the Houston Oilers defeated. in the game. He also snared a
yen in 16 morning rounds, win-teammate HaXcremmingw to p,u?e min"lCS rC'i" far n three West Coast! the Denver Broncos, 33-24, in, 13 yard aerial for California's
CLOSING IN on Oregon Stote's Gordon Queen is the
tough Washington Huskies' defensive unit. Queen
managed to make one-yard on the play before being
hit by Jim Norton, Ralph Winters and Bill Diehl.
The) Huskies dropped the Beavers from the ranks of
the unbeaten, 34t7. (UPI Telephoto)
ning six ana naiving tour otners ...pi. . in,.p i,nii ml n.n
for eight points. , 8u yards fol. a cliiicbiiis touch-
mi as rainier ap y put it, do,-,n as the defending champi- ,cr'c' tion set up an 11-yard
the U.S. warmed up with the sun Gl.ecn Bav Packers won. ..TiS P . , "
and made a runaway of the 16 37.28 rV. . V T A i gamos this season but usually
AlprpMitn In Frnnl.-p Clni-lip nnrl .
Winning: Linebacker Chuck Ilowlev r" "j ." IT -.T. 7." 4.ii : show their best against l'llts-
Wisconsin, favored to lake the
mauling. nnnnnpnts tpsls ils nnwerful nf-'Sundav's other AFL games. Bos- first touchdown and for the aft-
Interception Set UP TD fense against traditional andbit-lton beat Oakland, 20-14, Friday. ernoon had four receptions for
At Dallas, Howley s first in- . ; , w t virginia Tilc night. ,78 yards and two touchdowns,
rception set up an ll-yardi ... , " ... ,
I . . Tlnnl l.ave api.4 iU.U
afternoon matches
1.1 nnrl l,nlt.,rf fl, ntlin,. . ti-n I .
- "'""""" "--"- was a neio in me Lianas low- ...,:. t- :, rtni-p,.'.- 13.
I lie U.S. went into Sunday , Uovs' first win of the season. T....J .., t-...i .
afternoon's final eight singles, intercepting two passes that set .",,,, nasses ot Big Ten crown, faces a severe
male IPS npplinp insl nnp mnrn . . . 1.J .J r;l.l l Lul"l"tl-U pdsses Ul . ui- ,t nl,-i i,r,
, UJ a luuv,i4iu aim lieu Kuai r1 nnrl 71, vnrrlc tn Clil fnprlill 0 ,.,,4.4. 4unu,
victory to capture the solid gold jn a 17-14 upset victory over tho 7,, ,n,V w ; ' IPenn State will have its hands
etrolt Lions twccn lttes A'mos Marsh full at Syracuse i and Southern
In the two other games, Son- rinted 41 ,ds for tne Cowj California and Ohio State will
1 ii.iifnni-nn tlti.Attt iaiih fm.fil. . imlJirlA fit 1 Ac AttrfAlne
Ryder Cup never won by the Detroit Lions.
British in this country.
Late Surge Nets League
in For C. Washington 11 r,on f iie s r.t 37-24-.?ml ",o before X Z
wi IT agiMIIIWII II 7 up atcr nine holes as he Baltimore Colts sent the San Tommv McDon.Id calht ...
Littler, 33, had Uie honor ofinv JuiEenscn threw four touch-f 'collide at Los Angeles.
..-innlnr. II,. rfpr.icl.. nlnl c l.p Z nLII.J.I I ll....llB IUU4 IU.U .1. ,
i.i r.r.rrp . Vl" The Eagles trailed Washing
Los Angeles Hoopsters
Tnmm. Mpnn,M nQcl,t l,.rJR..I 11 F 1 AO llf!
tniira.1 H.P frnnt ninp in . 3.n. M VI-,., .I. t;"" '. ""4.-.4. 4.b,u u...- l-nv, . II Vn
.By United Pres. Int.rn.tlon.l Idrivc with an 18-yard run for der ar 32 took a boeev 5 on their fifth straieht defeat 20-3 lsnscn s ,last , !w0 touchdown.
Central Washington, the cm-the first Wildcat touchdown.?,? ft & .only iS? the" A crowd of 6 M6 in Yankco paS ant' rookle Goodwin SEATTLE (UPI) - The Los
rent Goliath of the Evergreen Then with only a minute and a eu he match on No. 13 eriieren'.Jle. An.gcl"s .Lakcrs. .d a "
Conference, almost took it on half remaining in the game, he earlicst cnd for anv ot this.racc 72 vard.s with a short ' f'..'!8 S P SCS Point deficit and went on to top
;the San Francisco Warriors 115
102 in a professional basketball
exhibition game here Sunday
before 4,182 fans.
I Jerry West, high for the game
with 31 points, and Dick Bar-
nctt. who contributed 1G points
the chin from the league's Dn-lpasscd 25 yards to Jav Lane for! ','".,: '," ' .1,' ' ".... 6amed 303 'ards-
v.d Eastern Washington, tins the touchdown and Joe Bamell Tw0 vcars ag0 in England, pay in the third quarter and a . '. .
Sa,t".'day: addd the conversion. when cigll, ,ess foursonlcs werc fcw minlltos ,a,er run 32 vards DUCKS TODDied
The Wildcats, currently ou In the other league games . piaved, hc U-S. won 14-i from scrimmage for a pair of T r.-fj I VtK
front in the Evergreen football: Western Washington defeated: f0 j,v. : touchdowns that sent Cleveland In WHL Contest
chase, went lo Cheney SaUirdiiy,tlic University of Puget Sound iiii-wwiumi
to play thc weak sister of the 12-7 and Whitworth clobbered' w..t.r- u.,l. i ,,,
league nndvas heavily favored Pacific Lutheran 39-0. D!llUl.Hl I LhaI f A It AMM M " P" International JJ Los Angeles surge in
o win. ! This coming Saturday wil 1 Klnff nfim I I IICuT I flllTAfnlft T,.. ,,,.... , tic fourth Quarter. The Lakers
When It was over Central had find all six teams in the league ISI 1IU I IUI II VU.GI VUIII VI IIIU torliTnrt K1 a"'atl 83-81 earlv in the
won 14-13, but only after a fran-playing intcrsectional foes. Cen-I . . of aeti h and
tic last quarter surge netted the tral takes on Pacific University,!! I T 'still skaiinralon" in a dd D N'son and were never
Wildcats all their points. (Western plays l.iniield, Whit-f hfllHI1 111 KlIlflMI I fllirMOU heat headed.
Eastern was leading 130 going worth plays Whitman, P u g c t!IIUIIIl III WIIIUI U lUUIIICf E'h tam ha, n,.,.d ..... W i 1 1 Chamberlain led thc
into thc last 10 minutes of the Sound faces Willamette, the Col-i '"ames-and each team has one Iosers wi,h 25 Points and Ton
a'"e- Central quarterback lege of Idaho plays Eastern and! Jolln Bingham's victory over Roseburg was handicapped in victory and one defeat. Meschery contributed 24.
Gary Luft capped a bS-yard PLU takes on Lewis and Llark. (0p rated Roger Brock, Fresno, thp tp.,,,, rnmnmiiinn,-' The defending chamnion San ''"'n Baylor, former Seattle
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Street r"""m
I ' "i J
highlighted an otherwise nnK. ,. -,...,., .,: xh. Francisco Seals, who had their """sity star, had 23 for the
Lakers and Rudy LaR u s s o
dismal appearance of thc Rose- Uo;buI.B eiul) cilamnil,n 'ni-khomc debut spoiled by the Los Jr0""" an.c! "ud'
burg Elks three-cushion billi.rdstn o attend" Blades Friday, handed "" M
team in the weekend's South-:.. ..,,..,,,,....,.' Portland the same treatment aan hrancisco led
en1 of the
led 33-21 at the
first quarter and
era Oretton Tournament held at . .... .. . Ktimlnv nipht in thp nnK' pn.
"the MeHforri and Ashland Loda- !l 10 J,e.n or1 u".,c . 10rJfte tPt php,lnlpH ' early in the second quarter was
Ies. uam mT' . """" The Buckaroos scored first out in front 43 23 but " Lakers
' Bingham, the defensive ffi? i'XTlW M ""t "..
I of the Timber Toppers, upset s . Cisco goalie Bob Pcrrault dur- went out in front on Nelson's
the singles favorite in thc sin- ' ' , ing thc rest of the game as the flcJd E,al-
gles competition by a 30-26 nc singles play Verdun Scas wenl nn (0 win 3., San Francisco held a 55-44
score, playing a sparkling de-Bo Boucock, Craig Short and; Nick Mi-koski
tied the score balftime edge.
fensive game. Brock, the Cali- .rl"-' V,U,V J""' diukuumi late
in the first period. Pete js
torma state champion, went into " , .l",V .7 j Panagabko put the Seals ahead 1 fICUI ...:L niCUl
P.kin, Illinois
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Nam. .- '
t I the singles action as Uie favor- lost ,he tirst round ot ,l,e sin' late in the second period and
iitc. lc elimination tourney to Her- his brother- EcIdle ,vrapped it
Iln'his second match Bingham a..n r rancisco 4.0- ,lp wjth just four mimi.5 t0
lost to Jerrv Vernatza of San B"eock won a 30-12 dec.- p)av
Francisco in a hard-fought 30-sll,n mc lu'Kn Williams., Portland's Pat Hannigan and
123 Rame. Medford. then lost to Dr. Enck-San Francisco's Paul Jackson
Al Norslad of San Jose. Calif.. si- 30-li.; while Short lost to tangie() in a fiurrv o( fjsts and
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Prompt, Keep Filled
Service. Metered Delivery
PH. 673-6653
1578 N. E. Airport Rd.
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