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v CELEBRATING their silver wedding anniversary Sunday
were Mr. and Mrs. Emil Anttonen, who were honored at a
reception open house from 2 to 4 p.m. given by their
children. The anniversary was celebrated at the Anttonen
home in Green. (Picture by Barbra E. Wackerbarth)
Silver Wedding
Is Celebrated
The children of Mr. and Mrs.
Emil Anttonen honored them at
an open house from the hours ot
two to four o'clock Sunday after
noon on the occasion of their
25th wedding anniversary. The af
fair was held at the Anttonen home
at 1848 Linnell Ave. in Green.
The two sons, Gary and John,
and the latter's new bride, Donna,
were alU attending college, Gary
at Stanford University in Califor
nia, and the newlyweds at Uni
versity of Oregon in Eugene, so
after making preliminary plans,
they arranged for friends to at
tend to the carrying out of ar
rangements. Those assisting with
, this, and also helping to serve the
guests, were Mrs. Kenneth Luder
man, Mrs. Robert Ereen, Mrs.
Jack Brookshaw, Mrs. William
Welch, Mrs. John Miller and Mrs.
Don Bourassa.
The rooms were charmingly dec
orated with large arrangements of
begonia and chrysanthemums. The
refreshment table was covered
with a beautiful lace cloth, a hand
made gift from Mrs. Dora Haigh
of Longview, Wash., a longtime
friend of the family. Centering the
table was the lovely white tiered
cake trimmed with pink roses and
silver leaves, and topped with a
large silver bell in a wreath of
silver and tulle. Another feature
of the decor was the money tree
laden with its gifts' of silver for
the anniversary. Many beautiful
and useful gifts were received by
the couple.
For her anniversary Mrs. Ant
tonen chose a white brocade satin
afternoon dress with cranberry ac
cessories. Her pink carnation cor
sage was a gift from her husband.
Guests coming from out of town
were son, Gary Anttonen from
Palo Alto, Cam.; son and daughter-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. John Ant
tonen from Eugene; Cory Fratcs
of Fullerton, Calif., and Dennis
Kukkola, a nephew from Longview
Other guests were Mr. and Mrs.
William Welt, Mr. and Mrs. Don
Bourassa and daughters, Martha
and Doris; Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Brookshaw, Mr. and Mrs. John
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wade,
Mrs. Eva Wade, Mr. and M r s.
Kenneth Luderman and family;
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Baker, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Johnson, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Anttonen, Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
! Henry Flury, Susan Flury, Mr.
and Mrs. Bill Lange, Mrs. Harley
counts, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hobi,
! Mr. and MVs. R. G. Stroup, Mr.
i and Mrs. Floyd Hamilton, Mr. and
i Mrs. R. J. Katterschied, Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Green and Mr. and
Mrs. Dale Bowman.
The Anttonens were married
Oct.. 1, 1933, in the Presbyterian
Church parsonage at Longview,
Wash. She was the former Kath
leen Mofford, and was born at
. Whidby Island in Washington, but
grew up in Calgary, Alta., Canada.
The couple lived in Longview for
the first half of their married life,
! and both of their sons were born
there. He was engaged in the log
i ging business. In 1950 they moved
to Roseburg, where they have liv
ed since, and where he is a self
employed logger. Mrs. Anttonen
works in the cafeteria of the Green
School. Both are active in com-
'munity affairs.
Lunch eon Lovely
Affair Thursday
The beautiful home of Mrs. R. C.
Grant in Charter Oaks was the
scene for the second luncheon of
the Parade of Parties sponsored by
Mercy Hospital Auxiliary Thurs
day from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The
spacious home and beautiful gar
den was enjoyed by a large num-
oer aitenaing. The Buffet luncheon
was served at prettily appointed
tables around the swimming pool.
Mrs. Lee Lacey and Mrs. Wil
liam Cooke were co-chairmen of
the lovely affair and were assist
ed by Mrs. Eldon Caley, Mrs. Jo
seph Lanspa, Mrs. William Heup,
Mrs. Donald Jeppesen, Mrs. J. A.
Colbrunn, Mrs. Ronald Frashour,
Mrs. Gene Grosso, Mrs. Robert
Ganz, Mrs. Henry Bailey, Mrs. Ira
J. Seitz, Mrs. Roy Amann, Miss
Anna Link, Mrs. John Kennedy,
Mrs. Bruce Carter, Mrs. John Bog
nar, Mrs. Robert Trued, Mrs. Vince
Shuetz, Mrs. Oliver Durand, Mrs.
S. M. Moore, Mrs. Edward M. Mur
phy, Mrs. William Phillips, Mrs.
Bernard Rogers, Mrs. Robert Sand
man, Mrs. Hall Seely, Mrs. Robert
Wandling, Mrs. Glen Scott, Mrs.
George Sherwood, Mrs. Charles
Wilson, Mrs. L. 0. Thomas, Mrs.
Paul Logan, Mrs. William Lange.
Pouring at the beautifully ap
pointed buffet table were Mrs. John
Longfellow, auxiliary president;
Mrs. Robert Wolter and Mrs. Hen
ry Hirschman.
Monday-Thursday Winners
For Timebr Town Reported
North-South winners for the Tim
ber Town Duplicate Bridge Club
Monday evening play were: W. C.
Callison and 0. R. Petersen, first;
J. O. McGregor and Fred Harder,
second; Mrs. Walter Fisher and
Mrs. 0. R. Petersen, third, and
Dr. Albert Morene and Raymond
P. Borden, fourth. East-West win
ners were Miss Gertrude Rast and
Mrs. Ira J. Seitz, first; Mrs. Hen
ry Sherlock and Walter Ulrich,
second; Stewart Curry and Don
Borglum, third, and Mr., and Mrs.
H. L. Bruffy, fourth.
Winners for the Master Point
play for Thursday evening Tim
ber Town Club for North-South
players were Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Fillmore, first; Don Borglum and
Bill Gauer, second; Mrs. Fred
Glceson and Mrs. George Foster,
third, and Mrs. 0. J. Feldkamp
and Mrs. J. 0. Hughes, fourth.
East - West winners were John
Markham and C. S. Kurzet, first;
Mrs. E. J. Peel and Mrs. L. L.
Linaman, second, Mrs. Alf Han
son and Mrs. Walter Ulrich, third,
and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davis,
fourth. All persons interested in
more information regarding the
two clubs or desiring assistance in
securing partnership are asked to
call Mrs. Walter Ulrich.
Mother Is A Referee!
Yoncalla Woman's Club Has
Luncheon At Merk Home
Mrs. Fred Merk and co-hostess,
Mrs. Willis Everly, entertained
members and guests of the Yon
calla Woman's Study Club, at a
luncheon Thursday at one o'clock
at the home of Mrs. Fred Merk,
Roll call was answered by each
member telling of an interesting
experience during the summer.
Mrs. Merk told of her recent trip
to Canada and Alaska. The Merks
traveled 1,300 miles and were gone
almost six weeks. They drove over
the Alcan Highway, camping out
or staying in motels.
It was announced that the club
has received an award from the
state president, Mrs. Melford Nel
son, for an increase in member
ship during the past year. Mrs.
Nelson will visit the Yoncalla Club
on Nov. 7. It was emphasized that
members could bring extra guests
as it would be an open meeting
and would be held at the City Hall.
Other plans will be announced later.
The) club has been asked to be
'coffee hostesses' at the District
meeting to be held at th Commu
nity Hall in Sulhrlin on November
A very interesting program was
presented by Mrs. Kenneth Mul
key, Mrs. Raphael Wise and Mrs.
Dan Russel. They gave a panel
discussion on "Multiple Uses and
Management of our Forests." Mrs.
Eugene Nuckols was accepted as
a new member.
Those present were: Mrs. Guy
Day, former member, Eugene;
Mrs. Jim Bush, Drain; Mrs. R. R.
Proebstel, Mrs. Harvey Cockeram,
Mrs Lloyd Pinkston, Mrs Kenneth
Mulkey, Mrs Robert Campbell,
Mrs Dan Russel, Mrs. Irene
Sparks, Mrs. Raphael Wise, Mrs.
Dare Kingry, Mrs. Karl Hummel,
Mrs. Otto Feucht and the host
esses. Mrs. Fred Merk and Mrs.
Willis Everly.
The next meeting will be held
at the home of Mrs. Harvey Cockeram.
DEAR ABBY: What do you think
of a mother who won't let her 12-year-old
boy fight his own battles?
This mother runs outside every
time she hears a disagreement in
which her son is involved. My son
is part of the neighborhood group
of about 12 boys who play together.
We have taught our son to be re
spectful to adults, so when this
mother runs out and tells the other
boys to quit picking on her son, no
kid is going to talk back to her
and tell her it s usually her kid
wno starts it. I am only one of the
mothers who doesn't know how to
handle this. Can you help us?
DEAR MOTHER: One of you
mothers who is friendly with this
woman should tell her that she is
hurting her son while trying to
help him. Boys must learn to re
solve differences among them
selves. It is part of growing up.
Psychiatrists' couches are bathed
with the sweat of men whose moth
ers ran interference for them.
DEAR ABBY: Our son is marry
ing a girl we all liked very much
until she started planning the wed
ding. She said she didn't want any
of those old-fashioned songs, like
1 Love You truly or "Because
played at HER wedding. She wants
songs that "mean something" to
her and our son. It seems they met
and fell in love to a jazz song
AM I?" And that, Dear Abby, is
v hat she wants the church organist
to play at our son's wedding. I told
my son if they play "WHAT KIND
OF FOOL AM I" in church they
will have to get married without
The Plastic of Many Uses
Air-Dust-Water Vapor Barrier
Covers For:
Machinery Furniture Wood
Drop Cloths Car Seats Tables
Hay Stacks Building Materials
And Many Other Uses
4 and 6 Mit-to 20 foot wide
Gerretsen Building Supply Co.
Odell St. Ph. 672-2636 Flegel Bldg.
1 Block off Diamond Lake Blvd. At Stop Light
Bar Fire From Home
Smoking in bed is perilous Inspectors spot hazards '
Plan emergency escape
.Banish "ocropus" outlets
K-J'PW.l W. .v'...-.....i ...... ,U
Blowtorch con start blaze Confine sparks to firepl,
.Clothing: Fire-vulnerable Clean heating equipment
SSMF ?P F1RE-Man's most precious material pos
f2Th s 5om.6Ti? als0 among the most dangerous
from the standpoint of deaths and Injuries by fire. About
S-? octroyed or damaged by fire each day,
pointing up the need for the utmostvigllance against this
common enemy Sketches above illustrate precautions to
Snk?im wv Are's toll. Why not check you?
house for potential hazards now-durwg Fire Prevention
me. Am I wrong?
DEAR MOTHER: I think you
are probably assuming that the
bride plans to walk down the aisle
I?" She probably has In mind a
medley of their favorite songs as
a prelude to such ceremonial mu
sic as the traditional Lohengrin.
P.S. If this is not the plan, see if
you can't negotiate it as a compromise.
DEAR ABBY: In the apartment
building where I live is a couple
with a little boy. The husband is a
professional man and his wife is a
nice appearing woman, but she is
letting that little boy slowly starvo
to death. He is so thin I could cry.
Isn t there some way a nurse could
be sent to that home to tell that
mother to feed her child? I saw
the husband in the hall one day
and I tried to tell him that his son
looked like he needed vitamins, but
he didn't seem interested. There
should be a law against letting a
child grow so thin. He is a very
active child, and I've never seen a
doctor go into that apartment so
I don't think the boy is sickly.
Please don't think me a busybody.
I just had to tell somebody. Is
there anything I can do?
DEAR NEIGHBOR: I think it's
safe to assume that the parents are
as concerned about their son's
health as you are. A child who ap
pears "thin" is not necessarily
slowly starving to death. Your in
tentions are good, but any sugges
tions would be considered meddling.
Mercy Hospital
Mrs. Richard F. Patterson, 696
Pheasant Blvd., Eugene, Sept. 28,
a son, Kenneth Edward; weight 7
pounds 4 Mi ounces.
BROWN To Mr. and Mrs.
Marvin E. Brown, 650 Haggerty,
Roseburg, Sept. 28, a daughter,
Katherine Jean; weight 6 pounds.
LINCECUM To Mr. and Mrs.
Bobby Lincecum, North Myrtle Rt.
Myrtle Creek, Sept. 29, a son, Ray
mond Wayne; weight 3 pounds 15
CARLILE To Mr. and Mrs. C.
J. Carlile, PO Box 314, Oakland,
Oct. 1, a son, David James;
weight 7 pounds 11 ounces.
HARD To Mr. and Mrs. Mil
ton E. Hard, PO Box 814, Rose
burg, Oct. 1, a son, Bryant Eric:
weight 7 pounds 5 ounces.
LEDBETTER To Mr. and Mrs.
Fri., Oct. 11, 1963 The News-Review, Roseburg, Ore. 7.
Agriculture Department is inves
tigating cugar prices. -
The department called on the
New York Coffee and Sugar Ex
change Thursday to "furnish in
formation regarding postings in
sugar futures carried by its
clearing members since the lat
ter part of August."
lne inquiry follows a rn.
cent sharp rise in sugar prices.
TOKYO (UPI) Japan, the'
only nation ever attacked by nu
clear weapons, today wel
corned the formal commencement
of the East-Weet partial nuclear
test ban treaty.
A Foreign Office statement ex
pressed hope the treaty will be
the "first step toward the reali
zation of a total nuclear test ban
Dillard L. Ledbetter, Box 646, Win
ston, Oct. 2, a son, Dillard Logan
Jr.; weight 6 pounds 15V4 ounces.
bers of the. Senate Judiciary
Committee have urged Secretary
of State Dean Rusk to take no ac
tion against Passport Director
Frances Knight until a subcom
mittee investigates 'passport matters.
Informed sources said Thurs
day the request was made in a
letter delivered to Rusk Oct. 2
by Sen. Thomas J. Dodd, D-Conn.,
Miss Knight has been involved in
a feud with. Abba P. Schwartz,
administrator of security and
consular afalrs, over passport
i ;i
These kids need a YES vote
On Measure 1 October 15th.
A no vote means: Higher tuition, borrowing mora money, possibly not
. finishing school.
A no vote means: A closed College door. Schools will cut their enroll
ments and increase students costs.
A no vote means: Higher property foxes. Financiol chaos in tha State,
More costly elections.
M. Mi. V ii om stodf.u Commuter, nil sberbira, Trtu. 1M Alter It, Emeu, one.
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