The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, September 11, 1963, Page 15, Image 15

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I Community News Items
National Meeting En Philadelphia Draws Melrose Doctor And Wife
Mm. H. H. Hobi has spent the
last few days in Shasta, Calif.,
visiting her sister and family.
. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Carter have
returned to their home in Laurel
wood, following a trip to California
to visit their two daughters, Mrs.
William Fredericks and Mrs. Alan
Weir, and son, Harland Carter Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Olson
and daughter spent the weekend
with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.
G. Olson and Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Baumeister in Roseburg. The Mar
tin Olsons, formerly of this city,
now reside in Tacoma, where Mar
tin is stationed at Fort Lewis with
the U. S. Army.
Archis Bogo of Kenya, Africa,
graduate student from University
of Oregon, has returned to Eugene
after a visit in Roseburg as the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. James
Lombard. Bogo talked at the Uni
tarian Church meeting Sunday
night, and junior high school class
es Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fisher
are back at their home on Del
Rio Road, following a five weeks
vacation trip. They went to Jack
son Hole, Wyo., the Grant Tetons,
Yellowstone National Park, Glacier
National Park in Montana, Water
man National Park in Canada and
on to Calgary. They spent a cou
ple of weeks in Edmonton visit
ing relatives and then went to
Jasper National Park, Lake Lou
ise and Banff, Canada, and re
turned Home through Idaho. They
took their trailer with them on
the vacation.
Betty Bowers has returned to
her home in Roseburg, following a
trip to uorvailis to attend the
funeral Saturday of her brother-in-law,
Bert Albegore.
Mrs. George E. West and Mrs.
Ted Crankshaw returned to their
homes in Roseburg Monday, fol
lowing a week in San Francisco
attending a Business and Profess
ional Women's workshop and in
struction program.
Mr. and Mrs. George Castillo are
back at their home in Roseburg,
following a two weeks vacation
spent at Crater Lake, Eugene and
Portland. Castillo, who is assist
ant editor of the News-Review, re
turned to his desk Tuesday.
North Roseburg Home Extension
will hold its first fall meeting
Sept. 19 at the home of Gladys
Jacobson in Cloverdale from 10
a.m. to 2 p.m. A potluck luncheon
will be held at noon. The dessert
will be furnished by the president,
Mrs. Jacobson, and vice president,
Betty Bowers. All members and
those in the area interested in
joining the group, are invited to
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Horton
will be honored on their silver
wedding anniversary Sunday, Sept.
IS. at a reception from 2 to 5
p.m. at the home of their son-in-law
and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
David Argo, 1022 NE Williams. An
other son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. John Stonerod, will be
co-host and co-hostesses with the
Argos for the affair. Relatives and
friends are invited and are re
quested to not give gifts.
Transfer Works
With Bad Hand
(Written For NEA)
The Jacoby Transfer Bid (JTB)
works mighty well with a poor
hand. Your partner opens a no
trump, you transfer to your long
suit, your partner responds and you
pass. Naturally, he is disappointed
when you pass, but when lie sees
the dummy he is content to play
J82 Q7
VQJ10 9743 J
A7 4S63
AQ93Z J108
Both vulnerable
gMth Wert Norm East
1N.T. tass 2 Pass
2 4 Pass 4 4 Pass
Fasa Pass
Opening lead V Q
the part score contract.
With a good hand you transfer,
' then go to game. This keeps the
play in the no-trump hand and the
advantage of having the lead come
up to him will frequently be worth
the game making trick.
North's two heart response was
the Jacoby Transfer Bid for spades.
After South went to two spades
as ordered North jumped to game.
West opened the queen of hearts
and South proceeded to get rid of
one of dummy s clubs ncfore start
ing after the trumps. He had no
trouble making his contract. He
had to lose one trick in each suit
except hearts, but four tricks are
needed to set four spades.
Had North played four spades, as
he surely would have without the
JTB at his disposal, he also might
have made the game. There is no
telling what East would have open
Had East led a club, West would
have picked up two tricks right off
the bat and there would have been
no way for North to avoid the loss
of two more tricks later.
Dr. and Mrs. Harley Shields have
returned to their home in Port
land, following a week's vacation
here at the summer place of the
latter's brother-in-law and sister,
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Pickens, on
the North Umpqua River.
Mr. and Mrs. John William Rob
ertson have returned to their
home in Laurelwood, following a
week's vacation trip. They visited
their son, John Marvin, in Seattle
and were accompanied by him to
Victoria B.C. for the . weekend.
While there they enjoyed visiting
Butchart's Gardens and saw the
Madame Tussarud Wax Museum
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Wim
berly and son, Donald, and daugh
ter, Jane Ann, have returned to
their home in Berkeley, Calif., fol
lowing their vacation here visit
ing the former's father, G. V.
Wimberly, and other relatives and
Albert Manley, fencing master,
together with his assistants, Ruth
Newbury and Forrest Davis, have
returned to their homes in Port
land after presenting a three-day
fencing clinic in Roseburg during
the weekend. They also gave a
fencing demonstration at the Uni
tarian Church picnic Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Barton
Slane at Winchester. While in
Roseburg the Portlanders were
guests of Dr. and Mrs. Nels Lin
dell and Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Mc
Taggart. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Resume
have returned to Roseburg from
a two-week vacation trip which
took them to Villard, Minn., Mil
waukee, Wis., Chicago, 111., and on
to Lake Forest, 111. They spent
most of their time visiting their
youngest son, Paul, at Lake For
est, where he is assistant city
manager. Reaume is secretary
manager of the Roseburg Cham
ber of Commerce, and his wife
is also employed in the chamber
Miss Janet Inman has returned
to Springfield after spending the
past weekend in Roseburg with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B.
Inman. She will be entering the
University of Oregon for her senior
year and began practice teaching
in the Kugene scnooi system mon
day. Miss Inman spent seven
weeks last summer working in the
David and Margaret School for
Children at LaVerne, Calif., east
of Los Angeles. The home is spon
sored by the Methodist Church
She returned Labor Day to Spring
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ellsworth
have returned to Melrose from a
week's trip to Philadelphia where
they read papers at the American
Psychological Association meeting
based on their work with Veterans
Administration Hospitals. They
made the trip by plane and also
went to New York City where they
visited China Town, The Village
and attended some plays.
Allen Busenbark of Port Angeles,
Wash., spent the holiday weekend
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D. N. Busenbark.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wright were
recently in Portland to visit his
father, E. S.. Wright, who is re
ceiving medical attention in the
Veterans Administration Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Kraftmey-
er and family of Mcdford spent the
holiday weekend here with his
brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Lander.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McBee and
small son have moved from Spring
Improve, your bridge garnet
order your copy of "Win at
Bridge With Oswald Jacoby."
Just send your name, address,
and 50 cents to: Jacoby Bridge,
News-Review, P. 0. Box 1248,
Roseburg, Oregon and a copy
will be mailed to you. Or If you
prefer, copies may be purchased
at the News-Review office.
Q The been:
North East Booth West'
IN.T. Pass 2 14
3 4 Pass T
You, South, hold:
Q874S VK65 412 854
What do you do?
A Pass. Your partner rarely
has rood spades and better than '
at minimum no-trump, .but your
hand does not warrant a came
You' are playing the 'Jacoby
transfer. Your partner opens
one no-trump. You bid two
hearts and your partner goes to
two spades. You hold:
4AQ7654 V84I 4IS1Z M
What do you do now?
Answer Tomorrow
'Harvest' Fair
Set At Hucrest
The Hucrest PTA is sponsoring
a "Hucrest Harvest" country fair
Saturday, from 5 to 8:30 p.m. at
the Hucrest School. The event will
feature food, fun and games.
Hot dogs, hamburgers, soda pop,
coffee and homemade cakes and
pics will be served, as well as pop
corn and cotton candy. The public
is invited to come and have din
ner, visit with friends and neigh
bors and stroll along the "Board
walk" where they will find plants
for sale, a sponge throw, a fish
pond, a fortune teller and many
other booths.
Mrs. Robert Ktschel and Mrs.
Gene Parr are co-chairmen of the
event with the assistance of Mrs.
Bert Griffin; ways and means, and Mrs. Cal Wilkison,
PTA president.
and daughters to Portland one day
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Conn and
family have moved to Dixonville
and are residing on the Evanhoff
place, which they have purchased.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sjogren
and Dennis spent the weekend at
Winchester Bay and North Bend
where they joined the J. R. Mc
Allister family and went deep sea
fishing on the latter's boat.
Mr.' and Mrs. Roger Reece and
sons and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Schrad-
cr spent the holiday weekend at
Tenmile Lake where they camped
and enjoyed water skiing,
Recent overnight guests of Mr.
and Mrs. L.' L. Chitwood were his
niece and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Don Grueke and children of Port
land, who were eh route to San
Diego where Grueke will take clin
ical work in connection with his
Lutheran ministerial studies.
Becky Ellis, 12-year-old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Ellis, broke
field to the Roy Nelson home in i her arm last week when she fell
the Cleveland area. The Nelson 'against a car door.
family has left for Lewiston, Mont., Harold Dcnsmore is on a month's
to reside. vacation from bis job as Southern
Mr. and Mrs. George uruuu and i Pacitic acent.
children spent the holiday weekend Mr. and Mrs. Sibley Nielsen
camping at Diamond Lake. were in Portland and Vancouver
Mrs. Dale lMlis and girls ac- recently to visit his sisters, Mrs,
and families, and in Springfield
with the Ted Tjomsland family.
Andy Chitwood, Patrick Long and
judging team at the North Douglas
Josephine and Lane County fairs.
Andy and Ed also visited the Ore
gon State Fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Edwards and
children, Iva, Ivan Jr. and Sue,
spent the holiday weekend at Soda
Spring Camp near Medford. This
was a special camping session.
Mrs. Ollie Krueger and her
daughter, Mrs. Lloyd White, drove
to Salem on Monday to attend
the state fair.
Nearly $2,000 Taken
From Loan Association
wearing blue and white bib over
alls held up the Menlo Park
branch office of the Oregon Pi
oneer Savings and Loan Associa
tion in northeast Portland Monday
They escaped with $1,828.75 after
tying up a woman employe who
was alone in the office.
The men walked in the front
door of the building, taped Mrs.
Margaret Jcffers' hands and
mouth and left by a back door.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pruit and Dr.
and Mrs. Ray Bentzen spent the
weekend at Odell Lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reinart and
son, Bobby, spent the weekend at
Salem where Bob entered his horse,
Goldie, in the state fair 4-H events.
If Your Poper Hal Not
Arrived By 6:15 P.M.
Dial 672-3321 Between
6 & 7 P.M.
Wed., Sept. 11, 1963 The Newt-Review, Roseburg, Ore. 3
1481 NE Stephens 672-4811
companied Mrs. Dale Busenbark ' Bud Ralston and Mrs. Eugene Alt, They did not show any weapons,
THURS. & m
fflTS 'til 9
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furry In-tt win b SeHovfl
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