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4. The Newi-Revieve.Rfgu3$p
First Lady far fiite Spirits
Following Birth Of Patrick
OTIS AFB, Mass. (UPI) First , black. Mrs. Auchincloss flow to
Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was in j Mrs. Kennedy's bedside with her
"remarkably" good condition to- lovely daughter, Janet. 18, Mrs.
day following the premature birth Kennedy's half sister, who
of her third child, Patrick Bou- will make her debut this month
vicr Kennedy. iat Newport, R. I.
President Kennedy's beautiful;
34-ycar-old wife was described
in "good spirits while waiting
word at the quiet hospital on this
base about the health of her son,
born Wednesday.
Kennedy was to bring the newslose Kennedy, is vacationing
to her himself today following
visit to Children's Medical Cen
ter in Boston where their 4-pound
lOVi-ounce baby is being treated
for a lung complication
The President was reported to
have telephoned his wife twice
during the night from Boston aft
er seeing their new child in its
special incubator at the Chil
dren's hospital. The second call
was understood to have occurred
at 12:30 a.m. EDT today.
The President assured Mrs.
Kennedy that everything was all
right, and, according to sources
here, the First Lady "was very
comfortable, very happy and
sleeping very well."
Found Daughter Happy
Jlrs. Kennedy's last caller late
Wednesday night was her moth
er, Jlrs. Hugh D. Auchincloss,
who said she found her daughter
"awfully happy that everything
was going well" and in "remark
ably good condition."
Told that the world was pray
ing for the baby, who is having
breathing difficulties, the attrac
tive Mrs. Auchincloss indicated
that both she and her daughter
had confidence the baby would
pull through. Partly attired in
Discussion Of Local
Flying Club Due
At Airport Meeting
Surfacing improvements, flight
schedules, air show results and a
ruling on the airport operator's
contention that Dulo Flying Club
provides unfair competition are
the subjects of reports scheduled
to come up at Monday's meeting
of the Roseburg Airport Commis
sion. The meeting is scheduled at 4
p.m. in the office of the city man
ager. In the matter of airport im
provements, the commission is ex
ncctcd to make recommendation
to the City Council in regard to
an upcoming airport sealcoat proj
ect. Roseburg Paving Co. sub
mitted tho only proposal on the
work nt a recent city bid opening,
Another improvement topic will
be tho proposed now airport ramp
lo be developed at a silo wesl
of the present hangur building.
Bids will be opened on this proj
ect next Monday.
A ruling by the city attorney.,
will be made in connection with j
the pending disagreement between
Dalo Flying Club and the airport ,
operator. City officials said the j
disagreement basically involves an ;
opinion held by the base operator
that unfair . competition is being
provided by the flying club in
connection with rental of aircraft
during training.
At the close of the commission's
previous meeting, Chairman Orval
Peterson had nsked the flying club
to submit by-laws or other records
lo the city for an opinion by the
city attorney us to whether or not
their activity could be considered
"commercial" under lerms of the
New flight scheduling by Wesl
Const Airlines will also be dis
cussed. Hal Wallace. West Coast
Airlines vice president, is expect
ill to attend.
Roseburg Churchmen
Make Retreat Stay
Twelve men from the Roseburg
Reorganized Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints at
tended a church retreat Aug. 2 4
at the church's retreat grounds at
lledja, Ore., near Collage (irove.
- Mr. and Mrs. Harrv Rucbarber
and family of Fisher Road accom
panied by Mr. anil Mrs .WI
Junes and family of Winston at
tended the Lewis River reunion
held by Ihe church al the reunion
grounds on the Lewis River near
Battle Ground. Wash The event
was held the last week in Julv
i turn)
Off. Thurs., Aug. 8, 1963
The first Lady was awake,
though a bit groggy, and chatted
with her mother about the baby
when they visited her.
The new Presidential baby's
oincr grandmother.
Lurope. Earlier in the dav t h e
White House cabled the news to I
Mrs. Kennedy s sister, Princess
Lee Radziwell, who is vacation
ing in (ireeec.
"Resting Nicely"
The President's world-re-knowned
wife has been "resting
nicely since she underwent
Caesarian section in a race with
me siorK at noon Wednesday.
Her Washington obstetrician,
Dr. John W. Walsh, remained on
call throughout the night at the
hospital. He has been on Cape
rvH ih ii., t, :
rjrS .TJto her children.
on Mrs. Kennedy for just the
kind of emergency that occurred
when her baby arrived 5'i weeks
ahead of schedule.
Attending Mrs. Kennedy in the
newly refurbished VIP wing of
the hospital was the beloved fam
ily nurse, Louclla Hennessey, of
Walpole, Mass. The red-haired
nurse has been around for the
births of 21 of the 22 grandchil
dren of former Ambassador Jo
seph P. Kennedy, and she ranks
as a member of the family with
all of the clan. ,
Mrs. ' Kennedy's off-white hos
pital room was simply furnished.
She slept in a hospital bed with
bed stands on both sides and j
wore a hospital gown. i
Rocking Chair Delivered
The unpretentious green - shin
gled wing of the hospital, howev
er, had an elegantly furnished sit
ting room with green wall-to-wall
carpeting where the First Lady
and the President can relax when
she begins to feel better.
A rocking chair was delivered
by truck to the back enhance of
the hospital Wednesday for the
President's use during the next
several days when he will visit
his wife.
Mrs. Kennedy saw the little
baby for the first lime while her
husband was in the hospital room
with her. After a hectic trip lo
Otis from the White House, Ken
nedy missed the baby's birth by
45 minutes.
For both parents it was a repe
tition of history. John Jr. was
born three weeks early on Nov.
25, 10, while Kennedy, then the
President - elect, was flying back
to Washington from Boston after
learning that his wife bad been
rushed lo Georgetown Hospital.
1 bough drama and world
citemenl accompanied Ihe hirlhlsnn, the proposed wild area con
Ihis lime, Mrs. ' Kennedy proved I tains 200 miles of trails, nearly
again lliat she is an ideal palienl, j 100 lakes, and an abundance of
calm and cool, in time of crisis. I game, Slone said.
"Fryin's For The
Presto Air Cooler
At Last. . .Cool Air
Sweet As . . .
Springtime Flowers
Cool, Filter, Purify,
Circulate Clean,
Fresh Air . . .
Priced $
With the cxclutivc Air Both
Purifier that climinotei the
mutry odjf problems.
Woter Level Indicator
to 41
1175 W. Harvard Aw?.
DEAR ABBY: I have been work-
ins for Mr. and Mrs. Smith for
two weeks. I take care of their
two children. I am almost 17. My
problem is Mr. Smith, lie is al-
ways trying to get me alone to
kiss me. He told me he has no
romantic interest in me he just
oldTnough to be m fa.her7 His " ,u' various loan programs available
wife knows nothing of this and I DEAR ZM: In "romance" to'r. ! .t!,rou,gh ,he HFA but indicated
am sure it would hurt her to find jM the girl always says yes, the tne plan most adaptable to commu
out. 1 can't tell my parents be- ring always fits and they liv hap-1 nltles seeKing housing assistance
cause they would make me quit, ; pjy v.r atr. In modern times, I for elderly persons with low income
and 1 need me money ior scuuui
in uic laii. i am ivauy onuiu
don't know what to do.
DEAR NO: Quit your ob and
go home. Tell your parents heject mt ring together,
reason for quitting, and let THEM
fell Mrs. Smith. She may be "hurt
to learn that her husband is either
sick or lecherous, but covering it
. ; , i uuvh , wnjr wn i you mp wnai
a disaster for tne,vou je jn hjm s you do
irl she hires to care j , h0ok? Your life's story will
up could be
nexr yo
next young g
DEAR ABBY: A few weeks ago
I invited some friends over for a
Sunday slipper. They accepted a
week prior lo the day. So on Sun
day morning I proceeded lo pre
pare for the dinner. At exactly the
moment they were lo arrive we
received a telephone call from
them saying "company had
dropped in" and they were unable
to come. Having thawed out
nine T-bone steaks, made two ap
ple pies, besides French fries and
onion rings and salads, I was a
bit miffed to say (lie least. Do
you think they had a legitimate
reason for disappointing us that
way? Or were they wrong?
wrong. They should have told their
unexpected company that they
were expected for supper. And
promptly left for your home.
DEAR ABBY: Injrowance glur-
I m I
RefJIOIial FOreSter ASKS
. ,
Wild Area ror Lascaaes
Forester J. Herbert Stone of the
U.S. Forest Service here has pro
posed establishment of a ,!M-I
acre Ml. Jefferson Wild Area in
the Cascades.
He said the proposed site has
been under intensive Forest Serv
ice study for the past few years.
It would take Ihe place of the ex
isting 86,700 acre Ml. Jefferson
Primitive Area which has been so
classified since the early 1930s.
The proposed wild area is domi
nated by the namesake peak, Ore
gon's second highest, and is lo
cated some 60 miles southeast of
Besides 10,497 foot Ml. .leffcr-
STAND $7.95
Absolutely rust proof on all
metal parti In the tank, grill,
ond cabinet.
Variable Speed Fans
Ph. 672-1961
$ ill 88
JM1i I
Major And Minor!
ics 1 notice that when a man pro -
poses to his lady he takes the en -
gagement ring along with him. Aft -
cr the girl says yes he slips the
rjng on her finger and they are
engaged. What I can't figure out
js how the man finds out the
lady's finger size without her get -
the man aiks the girl for , her
nana rirsr. ir sne wants to give
it. to him, she starts with her
finaer, whicn ... jeweler ms.
ures for tne ring size, and thev
you can read your husband "like
book", why don't you skip what
then have a
happier ending.
Everyoody has a problem.
What's yours? For a personal re- ' clear away bad housing and to im
ply, write to Abby. Box 3363 Bev- prove living conditions.
erly Hills, Calii. Enclose a stamp-; Spaulding explained that feder-, Wayne Prince. 26. Yakima, Wash
ed, self-addressed envelope. i ally assisted public housing is own-! was killed on Tygh Ridge 30
i cd and managed by local housing j miles southeast of here late
For Abby's booklet, "How To ; authority established by state law. I Wednesday when his car went out
Havt A Lovely Weddi g," send 5(ic l Under the PHA program, the of control on a curve and struck
to Abby, Box 3365. Beverly Hills, j homes are built, owned and oner-1 an embankment. He was alone
Calif. aled by the local housing authority. I in the car.
SINCE 1872
whan y hmrm It
twist-proof ! g -co ki
Greater strength, lower price from Wards! KrjJ$n 'Sf
40 stronger than usual aluminum or magne- C..- ' I
sium alloy ladders won't twist out of shape. f Mjjy IAiMi v J
16 rep. 19.95 $16 24 reg. 30.95 $24 , VflSBffiSSBKT
20' reg. 25.95 $20 28". reg. 35.95 $28 XgN-
I Pkoitx and copt Kungf woit't p. Non-il-p rwbb.r Automolk ekmti- V. III!) 1 f I 1 ) I
p...t marnae. i Iooi.k. iolr mtt kxki. "Vi NLMtf I JWyt I
Rop ond Pully on oil but 16' model J )
j Golden Age Club Hears Talk On
! How a community can obtain . He sjid a proper procedure. for ac- protection) and agreeing that an
' t..., ii.. :-.-.J , I .. . ... ' n..n,Kn f clulnfluwl
federally assisted low-rent housing
for elderly persons was describ
ed here Wednesday night by a
representative of the Housing and
Home and Home Finance Agency
Roger Spaulding, San Francisco,
! """ed programs which Congress
nas established to help elderly peo-
1 P'e obtain suitable housing within
i their means. Spaulding addressed
i a group of about 30 persons at a
meeting arranged by the Roseburg
Golden Age Club.
! The housing official discussed the
is me low rem puonc nousin
program conducted by the Public
Housing Administration (l'HA), a
part of IIHFA.
Started In 1937
He explained that this program
was established in 1137 to aid local
communities in providing safe, de
cent and sanitary housing for fam
ilies unable to afford standard pri
vate housing.
He said since the inceplion of
the program 1,500 American com
munities have used the program to
i . .. .... .
V WLA I rj
I nri ma
4 .
lion in mis community wouiu oc
for advocates of the housing pro-!
posal to petition the City Council. :
The council, if it favored the i
petition, could then urge the Doug- j
las County Housing Authority to ;
make application for the federal '
housing. Funds to build a project
....... i. n.i (-..... mi
inaj in: uuimwi-u Hum iiiir t iirt.
The local housing authority would
repay the advances from proceeds
of bonds sold to private investors.
Bonds Guaranteed
These bonds, Spaulding explain
ed, are guaranteed by a contract in
which the federal government
agrees to make up the difference
each year between rent revenues
and operating costs and bond re
tirement. This "annual contribu
tion" makes it possible to provide
the homes for modest rentals based
on a reasonable proportion of the
families' incomes. Rents in i g ii t
range from S'!7 to S47 monthly for
individual units.
The local government would par
ticipate by exempting the project
from taxation, providing normal
services (such as police and lire
Yakima Man Killed
i,. -ii i ,.i
: t-i-" uu...uv.
homes will he eliminated in the j Someone in the audience pointed
community within five years. ! out that "two or three homes were
Mayor Tom Garrison asked for j burned up just for practice in Rose
clarification on the slum clearance burg" during the past year,
aspect, and what constitutes a sub-; A substandard home was de
standard home. scribed as one which is in a di
"This has never turned out to be lapidated condition and which is
a problem in any community," ! being maintained witout proper san
i c ... - ,
i !",au'ul": saia
Clearance Normal
"Slum clearance usually takes no cost to the community in de
place as a normal course of ewnrs. veloping the project. He referred
For instance, houses frequently ! to the project as a way for the
are removed in connection with community taxpayers to get back
freeway development. Some homes some of the housing dollar that
are condemned and others brought ; goes to Washington.
1 for a
Adults, 75c
Kids, 25c
irnnynrii n
Why use. 2 coats when 1 does the job
better? Extra titanium (best hiding pig
ment known) is added to the Style House
formula to assure 1-coat coverage on any
color even black! Sprayed or brushed
on, it dries to a uniform, durable finish
. . . on wood or metal ! Special additives
help prevent mildew discoloration, fad-
news its brilliance rain' after rain, stays
brilliant year after year.
Wards Style House paints are made in
our own plants under rigid quality con
trols; lab and field tested for years to
bring you more value for your money.
TIL 9 PM Until Christmas
up to standard. All sue
ho Pnimtnrl"
standard. All such homes
itary or other facilities.
Spaulding stressed that there is
real swingin' rime
Teen Date Dances
will, Dick Booth
Wed. & Thur. Eve. at 8:30
i f.i ipym b.iiTi
non-toxic white re
Phone 672-4811
o o
GT3 5Si