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    2 Tht Newt-Review, Roseburg,,
Tanganyika Looks To Future Willi
Hope, Prayer And Julius Nyerere
PAR KS SALAAM, Tanganyika new tat. will face (he task be- interest in the old Williamson dia
( AP) Tanuanvika, i colonial out-1 fore him with a ahaky economy, j mond mine and about 112 million
post on the Indian Ocean (or '5 largely agricultural, and a popu-j worth of diamond! are exported
years, will take its future into its lace of some mill.on already i annually. I
own hands at midnight with a demanding the expected improve a United States Teace Corps
hope, a praver and Julms Nyerere. ! menu of independence. To back detachment is working to help ira-
The new nation, coloniied first him up, he has a reputation for proe the road system,
hv the Germans, later by the moderation, democratic idealism : ,
British, will need ali three-and
particularly Nyerere to make lis
way salelv Inroucn me perm
which face newly independent ,
countries in Africa today.
Nyerere, prime minister of the
. ,
Viet Cong Plans
Revealed By U.S.
... . .ni
Communist war plan, calling for "yik. step, into the free world j U.S. District Court by Wash-;
simultaneous attacks in the moun-'with about $11 million in the till, ington attorney Joseph Forer.
tainous areas of South Viet Nam1 Nyerere says his nation faces a Uwyer told the judge the
followed by an invasion of the budget deficit of more than a rty wou)d wllve rclting of all
lowlands this winter and next i million dollars in Its first year ot rf 12coUnt indictment handed j
spring were released today by existence and the only answer te ; down by , District of Columbia!
the State Department. jthe problem is work. ! grand jury last Friday. I
The plans were outlined in a I A former teacher, Nyerere j The judge set a trial date of,
diary taken from a Viet Cong 'heads the Tanganyika African Na-; Feb. 1. allowing attorneys for thej
communist company comman-! tional Union, the only real poll-, plrty ,nd for the government the.
der killed in acUon last Sept. tical organization in the country. I interval for filing pretrial mo
in South Viet Nam. e created it and his hope is tjon,.
The diary was part of a State! that it will be the vehicle fori on hand as a plea was entered
Department White Paper citing bringing real democracy to the , w Qus Hall, general secretary
captured documents and records j nation rather than the all encom-1 0f tne Communist party in this,
as specific evidence of Commu- J passing, dictatorial political body : coun,rT.
nist North Viet Nam's efforts to .which President Kwame Nkrumah . The indictment 'was served on
nv.nhmo the South Viet Nam has made of his Convention Feo Hall, as too officer of the party.
government. ! Ple' P,rtv 10 j ,n ew York last Saturday. How-
The diary said in part: Tanganyika will need foreign , ever t0jay he declined to say just
"Duty situation Prepare a economic assistance to survive. . lcty what is his status in rela
safe base from which we can i Nyerere definitely prefers that Uon , the party.
start operations to harass the this help come from the West al He said with a smile. "You can
enemy Exploit then the situation 1 though he probably will align Tan-1 t t0 ,e jmt al dear old Gus
In the plains. ganyika among the world s aeu'HaU
"Winter-spring 1961 62 opera-IUals. Nevertheless. Hall did release
lions: Start with small operations. The nation will become an mde-f, ,tatement charging that the ln
C.ather all military powers in pendent alate within the British ternal Security Act. which the
Safe Base No. 1 location not I Commonwealth. Sir Richard Turn-1 party -a charged with violating,
disclosed then launch simul-1 bull, governor of the British Trust , ..robi the ppi, . the voters, of
taneous attacks all over the i territory, will become the first (ne ri(,ht of politirail choice in
mountain area. I governor general. ! these United States."
"After this leave the mountain The country s main product ts i Tne jn(jictment is against the
area to local forces and go as far I sisal, a plant wnose norou. siems
as possible toward the midlands. (produce rop and twine. Tangan
Attack enemy rescue groups, yika also eiportr cotton and cot
paralyze their transport, reduce fee. The government has a half
their manpower.
Katangan Strength
Cut In Elizabethville
nwrn t'l-mv- w 1D"' a IT " I
..I'- ' ' '
-A U.N. spokesman said today i
the situation in z-iisaoeuiviue is
"good" and that Katanga forces
now hold only two mam strong-:
ik. ir ... ,r,,t,l
fjk..m. ih,t the Tr.vess appeared on a Roseburg
i T,? 'h.tH rA. P.T City Folic wmpla.nt. Ha was ar
two mam points ncla ir ine ril-i . .
LK'n ; nHn e.M" Prh recommended
Tshomh. and the IJdo Hotel defendant's driver's li-
In response to querns he add- . lulpend for ,80 days,
ed that he knew of no plans by. io r ..
.- ir v i i,nrh im. Gen Kmer Bishop 1. of Star
j. ' V . .i. V
mediate attack on those two,
points. He said also that there
were other positions of lesser im
pnrtanre slill under Katanga,
but he did not elaborate.
He aaid the U.N, forces are
"cleaning lip the outskirts" of
Klisahethville and that there are
nn Katanga-manned roadblocks
outside the city.
The spokesman said his infor
mation was based on reports to
IN. headquarters from Brian
Urquhart, L'.N. official on the
Gcorga Knowles
Saturday, 7:15 p.m.
"Why So Many
. . . You hov
wondered. Com
and hear Bible
N. W. Crdea Veller Is.
r 'n m enMUsi
11:00 A M. 7 00 AM.
"The Greatness In A , , ,
Mustard Seed" T,k'
Church School, 9:45 U.m.
Adults 4 Youth Fellowship, 5:4J p.m.
Dr. Eugene f. Gerlitt, Faster
Rose and Lane Streets
Ore. Fri., Dec. 8, 1961
and hard worn.
Ai the Duke of Edinburgh and
official guests trom nations cei-
(brate independence in a special-,
y built, 1500,000 stadium nobody:
will be more aware than Nyerere J
Ihave been used for more pressing!
needs. i
inn ins iiiii nm ntuurr iwuiu ,
China, a much smaller country
nth little more than half the pop-1
lulation of Tanganyika, had some
: 1750 million in reserves when it
became indenendent in 1957. Tan-1
Reckless Driver
Sentenced To Jail
r.rorea Terrence Travess. 21. of i
l,i 1 ir 1 a T -. 4. Dn.ak.ipa I
was fined $100 and sentenced to
. . cu-di-,. I
. r uniri,i r,n
' ,,. , ,h,rB. of reck-1
less driving.
"I . Winston, pleaded guilty to
rfri:.h.- i,.
" ,.., ,
ed in the municipal court earlier
in the reek.
Bishop was fined $70 and costs.
Arrested on Dec. 2, he was
charged in a complaint made by
Roseburg City Police.
Special Saturday Hours
Set For PO At Glide
The Clide Post Office will be
open afternoons for the next two
Saturdays with special hours set1
from 15 p m. The morning hours ' Mrs. W. C. Holmes, chairman of
remain the aame, $30 a.m. to i volunteers, are activating workers
noon. j for the next campaign.
Mrs. Agnes Moore, postmaster. Officers said five Bloodmobile
said the atfernoon hours will be j visit! are scheduled at commu
for selling stamps, accepting pack-1 nities of Douglas County during
ages and delivering any packages December. Drive leaders will work
addressed to residents. No money , to achieve a county quota of Ml
orders will be sold. ' p,nt, of blood.
Mrs Thoda Usee, postmaster of Th, bloodmobile will be in Mvr
the Idclyld Park Post Office stat-; Ue Cmk w ,rom 3 , , m
m i1i"r1.001,JUri'" V P.? l,t E" C1"b nd in Sutherlin
would be observed also for i .h- c.h.,i.. .
n"1 !l!;U"Tlyf''.0ll-,"th:
tirnsl trtlfin ii raw nff I risss I.lsiA lif
tame procedure of the Glide Post
Office. Both postmasters are work
in K th?e extra hours for the ac
comodation of residents.
Fay W.Walker
Fay William Walker. 69. died at
a Roseburg hospital Thursday aft
er a short illness.
He was born March 20. lf.92. in
I'tah. His usual residence was in
Sutherlin where he had lived the
past three years.
Me is survived by two daughters.
Mrs. Dorothy Sampson of Suther
lin and Mrs. Dora Walker of Wash
ington 1) C : four sisters. Mrs
Isobell llurd. Salmon Idaho. Mrs.
Charlotte Henry, forest Grove.
Ore., Mrs. Vivian Cotton. Salt l-ake
City, I'tah. and Mrs. fern Woth
nrk. of Sutherlin; one brother,
l D. Walker of Yreka, Calif ;
and four irandrhildren.
Kunrral services will he an
nounced later by Sutherlin Oakland
I r Ql J
, c A1C r 6flQ
munist party of the I'nited States ,
, pleaded innocent today to a
charge of failing to register as an
agent ol tne oiei imon.
The olea was entered before
Chief Judiie Matthew K. McGuirel
party itself. It was returned one
deadline for registration by party
officers. Any action against the
officers themselves is yet to be
taken. i
There is still another deadline-
Dec. 20 for registration by indi
vidua! party members in case of
the failure of the party, and of
the officers, to register as re
TK tMBvimnm T n 1 1 unricr
the charges against the party is
a $10,000 fine for each day of fail-
ure to reeister. identify its officers
and give the government details
UI IIS IU1.L11141 uri aiiuiis.
The same penalty, plus Ave
years in prison, is provided for
each day of violation by an indi
Plans Made For Next
Visit Of Bloodmobife
Mrs. Bertha Morton, assistant
administrator of the Pacific North
west Red Cross Blood Center.
Portland, met with the Douglas
County blood committee this week
at the Red Cross Chapter House.
Plans were made for the next
Bloodmobile visit which is sched
uled for Dec. IS and 19 at the
Elks Lodge.
It was reported that Dr. B. R.
Showmaker, local blood program
chairman; Mrs. Robert Franks.
blood recruitment chairman
,'"'y' Building from 2 to p m. A
visit will also be made Dec. 21 in
Reedsport Man Jailed
Delbert Mace. 31, Reedsport, has
been sentenced to serve .10 days
in the Douglas Counfy jail fur car
rying a concealed weapon. Sen
tence was imposed bv Justice of
the Peace Orin B. Collier.
Cerwer Lm end Jeckwe,
Tke Rev. J.ha t. Ai.m,, .
9 30AM Churrh School
30 and 1 1 00 A M.
' Bun O A Vifg.rt '
10 30 Jr. Hi Pa'tnts' Veelirj
5 00-Sr. Mi. W. F. Pofy
4 00 Jr. W F.
Nursery-Ca-e 9 30, 11.00
So-vrtuorv open rii'V flr p'rrver
I merMotion trrvn S unr.l 5
77-V ;
Salvation Army's Kettles
Familiar Yulctide Custom
The Salvation Army kettle has
been a part of the Christmas sea
son scene m Roseburg for 6i years. I
Capt. Leonard Blix. w-ho heads
the Kosebuig mission, said the ket
tles which were set up to gather
funds for the needy at Christmas
time 65 vears ago have now be
come a tradition.
He was the featured speaker
Thursday at the weekly meeting
of the Koseburg Rotary Club in
the Umpqua Hotel.
Funds raised last year from the
kettles paid for 94 Christmas bal
kets. This year, the Salvation Army
is working on a plan with a Kose
burg restaurant to offer free Christ
mas dinners to needy people. The
Salvation Army would pick up the
tab on every dinner served to per
sons it sent to the restaurant.
Capt. Blix reported the use of
Christmas kettles with the hell
ringing SA man or woman behind
it started as a yearly tradition in
San Francisco in the Eighties.
The speech tied into a decision
by the Roseburg Rotary Club to
accept a challenge from the Rose
burg Lions in which the members
of the two clubs would man the
Riverside PTA
Hears Program
Wayne Wagner presented a spe
cial holiday program at the De
cember meeting of the Riverside
School PTA.
Christmas songs were played by
accordionists Shirley Wells and
Jimmy Bradshaw. A dance was
done by Ronnie Linna. Fat Phil
lips played Viennese waltzes on
his clarinet. Neal Werner did a
recitation. At the conclusion of the
program. Wagner sang. Mrs. Wag
ner furnished the piano accomani
ment for all the musical numbers.
Announcement was made of the
proposed forming of a choral
group of mothers, to be directed
by Wagner. The first meeting will
be the second Thursday in Janu
ary. All mothers are encouraged
to come and sing.
During the meeting it was noted
that a special census of pre school
children will be taken in the River
side area.
Refreshments Here served by
the fifth grade.
Never before such a team of totally new can! Sedans, hardtop, station
wagons, even a convertible . . . yon name it. Chevy K has it. Nine models
in all now in production. What are they like? Well, imagine ail the solid
Tirtnes you're always counted on from Chevrolet ... the steadfast
dependability, the dyed-in-the-wool comfort ... all dressed np in a new
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Tacks a whopping 76.2 cu. it- of cargo.
A NEW WORLD OF WORTII-ninROLETe OIEVT n . CORVAIB t CORMnTE at your local anthorired ChiTrolet dcalcr'a
kettles to see bow much each club
could collect.
Sharing the program with Blix
was Tom iloobs, who took over as
new student Rotarian, succeeding
Bruce Long.
It was announced no meeting
would be held next Thursday noon.
The club's Christmas party is
scheduled Thursday niht at 7 in
the Umpqua Hotel Gold Room.
Congo Students
Hit Embassies I
! LEOPOLD VILLE. the Congo
jfAP) An angry mob of Congo-1
lese students assaulted the Brit
ish. French and Portuguese em-
bassies here today with bricks
and eers, but saluted tht Areer
1 American embassy with shouts
of "vive Kennedy!"
! Nearly 200 university students,'
shouting and waving banner! say
ing "Down with the imperialists,'
marched to the official residence !
of Premier Cyrille Adoula after
shattering windows and battering
diplomats' automobiles.
Adoula appeared on his door
step and told the students to go
back to their university, saying'
"This is a democratic country."
The swirliig mob hurled bricks
at windows and diplomats cars
parked in front 0 the three em
bassy buildings, punctured tires
and tore off embassy insignia.
But when they marched past the
U.S. Embassy, just down a tree-
line road from the Portuguese
Embassy, their shouts changed
trom taunts to cheers.
Elderly Portland Man
Killed By Automobile
PORTLAND (AP) An elderly
Portland man was struck - and
killed by an automobile as be
apparently stepped into the street
to look for a bus Thursday night.
The victim was Carl Virnis, 66.
Police said the driver of tne
car, James D. Hansen of Port
land, told investigators he didn't
see the man. but stopped when be
heard the impact.
Virnis was the 462nd person to
die in Oregon traffic this year and
the seventh in December, in the
Associated Press tabulation.
I'oiCjrjzlook'-cm over and try'one out!
Winston Woman Hurt In Crash
On Highway 42 Thursday Night
A Winston woman was hospital '
izrd Thursday night with injuries
received in a traffic collision a
mile north of Winston on Highway
42. Two other persons received
slight injuries in another Douglas
County highway accident occur
ring Thursday.
Condition of Ruby Odell Hoig.
52. of Winston, was reporud
"good" at Douglas Community
Hospital this morning. She was a
passenger in a 19.S8 sedan driven
by her husband, Francis Jackson
Car, Pickup Involved
Roseburg state police said the
accident involved Hogg's car and
a pickup truck operated by Henry
Joseph Lau. Winton. Officers said
Hogg was traveling north behind
the pickup.
Lau pulled his vehicle off the
highway onto the shoulder and
stopped, according to state police.
As the sedan started to pass, the
pickup pulled left across the high
way and into the side of the sedan,
officers said.
Mrs. Hogg was taken to the hos
pital by Billy Mohr ambulance.
Both cars were damaged. The
Hogg vehicle was towed from the
scene by a wrecker service. The
Boy, Girl Roam
Chicago Streets
CHICAGO fAP) An 11 year
old boy and his younger sister
wandered around Chicago un
noticed for three days and nights
earlier this week while police
hunted them and newspapers cir
culated their pictures.
Lance Michael Geary and his
sister, Shirley. 10. said they rode
buses and elevated trains and sal
in movie theaters, financing their
venture by selling empty pop
bottles found in alleys. They said
they slept in basements. The
youngsters were found Wednes
day. "It's amazing to think they
could ride around like that and
no one aked why they were out
past curfew, a family court of
ficer said. "These days, every
body seems to look the other
The children, who disappeared
from their Chicago home Sunday,
remained in court custody today
pending an investigation.
to offering all these fine features at a sen.
sible low price. Fact is, luxury and low price
have never been
your Chevrolet
It's Chevrolet's lowest priced convertible.
with top-of-the-line
accident occurred about 11 . 30
p m.
Pel Hit
State police said a 19.VI sedan
driven hy Wane Arnold Woods.
21, Sutherlin. was involved in a
one car accident at 10 W p m. on
Oakland Shady Rt. three miles
south of Oakland
Two passengers in the car. Don
Wavne Findlav. 15. and Robert
$5.00 A
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ORchard 3-4446
Sherman Lovell, 17, both Sutherlin,
received slight injuries but were
not hospitalized. -
Officers said the vehicle wai
traveling north on Oakland Shady
Kt. when the driver failed to nego
tiate a curve. The car went over
the west bank of the highway and
smashed into a power pole. Po.
lire said the vehicle was damajej
Over 500 Pairs
Values to $895
Main Floor
family model.
a -. a