The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, November 24, 1961, Page 22, Image 22

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    10 The Nw-Rvlw, Roiaburg, Or Fri., Nov. 24, 1961
Variety 1? Toys Available Ibis Season.
New Sweater
Easy To Keep
A perfect sift suggestion to meet
the requirements oi even tha hard-to-please
mala on your Christmas
list could be a "sporting look"
jacket or sweater.
Handsome styles, many with
convertible hoods, include hidden
zip cardigans, Scandinavian pat
terns and srulpured knits in solid
colors. You'll find jackets with
lightweight Dacron linings oi
fleecelike linings and jaunty tur
tleneck knits. All are equally adapt
Make News
"Laminated! Its an exciting
word in fashion circles this sea
sun, and no wonder.
This is the term for a new pro
cess that makes it possible to per
manently affix foam (rubber) to
the back side of a fabric. The re
sult is new body for fabrics such
as jersey and "temperature con
trol" for all fabrics.
With lamination, now designers
can create such styles as bell
shaped skirts in jersey (a fabric
which would be too soft and flexi
ble to work in this way other-
! H i
i i
tart top
alight milk trquuu
The aeqnuied bodice part
neb, pretty compliment
to four shoulder, borer
over a rMt cimUting
skirt of silk chiffon.
Other holiday lints by: Jane Andre,
I'Aiglon, end Dauphin
61 SE Jotkson
Open Anondoy end Friday right
(except Sot.) Monday, Dec. II,
Is Handsome,
New Look
able to the campus, city, home
or the ski slope.
On the best seller sweater list,
along with nature's own libers,
comes a vast array of man-made
yarns and fibers many of them
unfamiliar to the average shop
per. It's important to realize that
these new synthetics not only pro
vide warmth without weight but
are completely washable. E v e n
jackets with fluffy fleece-like lin
ings will respond beautifully to
modern automatic-washer laun
dering. Here are some tips for easy care
of sweaters from the Maytag Home
.Service Department: for light to
moderate soil on sweaters, use
cold water wash and rinse, regu
lar agitation and a heavy duty
liquid detergent.
Use warm water wash-cold wa
ter rinse regular agitation and
heavy duty (liquid or powder) de
tergent for heavily soiled sweat
ers. If you have a dryer use the
"wash and wear" setting.
Kemember to use a fabric con
ditioner with the final rinse water.
It will help keep knits and fab
rics, fleece and other pile-types
as bright, soft and comfortable as
the day Santa delivered the sweat
er or jacket.
OR 3-7167
until 9.00 . , . Opm nightly
through Friday, Dee. 5 J.
i -A - fir i toYr tii-nir lintim ft iiri litiiiMitii'iiitf
FATHER AND SON will both enjoy building this quarter
scald model Chrysler Slant six engine. It helps the mechani
cally minded youngster or adult model enthusiast the funde
mentals of internal combuston and automobile engineering.
All phases of model building are rewarding, satisfying fun
gifts for eoger-to-learn youngsters.
Musical Toys Are Fun
And Aid To
The post-Christmas thumping
tooting or twanging of a musical
toy may not mean much to Moth
er, but to a 3-year-old it's more
exciting than Tschaikovsky.
Marion Egbert, educational con
sultant for the American Music
Conference, believes that properly
selected toy musical instruments
.' '
TlatA ?
kA ;: iM1W
9 v . Aattm'"
f.. ,'at ..., V.--.. .:
children will enjoy ploying o
toy musical instrument. Such
a gift may also encourage trie
youngster's desire to leorn to
play a standard musicol in
strument later on.
v " urn w.
General Elec.
Mobile Maid
Rental May Be Applied
To Purchase Price If Bought,
No Regular Payment Ti! Martli
Wirii N Cerryief Isir-Pey
PurcKst Cherfte Pirns
can provide an exciting way for
children to discover rhythm and
tone the basic elements of self
made music.
Musical toys can also exert a;
strong influence on youngster's de
sires to play genuine musical in
struments. Quality toy instruments are usu
ally musically "true" and offer
chance for continued exploration
oi musical sounds and rhythm. Mu
sical toys are so popular with
youngsters that the toy trumpet
was the top seller for many years.
Other "pre-band instruments"
include bell sets, wood resonator
blocks and simple drums. Reson
ator blocks are exceptionally ef
fective in teaching rhythm to chil
Melody instruments comprise an
other group of muscial toys. Ac
tual tunes can be reproduced on
such instruments as the xylophone
and th "c-note" melody flute.
Toy pianos and electric organs
often are used to introduce chil
dren to the keyboard. Toy ukeleles.
guitars, banjos and mandolins
all priced under $10 allow the
child to play simple tunes almost
immediately, and youngsters have
lots of fun with this type of "first
Whatever th child's choice.
parents will be giving a gift of
music that usually outlasts the
toy instrument by decades.
In Sweden and Norway both.
birds are given special remem
brance. A choice sheaf of grain is
placed on a pole or on fence posts
. bits or suet are hung on the
tree for the gala Christmas
treat lor th birds.
BIRDS REMEMBERED I rjmi ioufAlasH f-init nrrpcc. I . it I I X l" I II I h mm I Tadmm i Lm T nM I !L
I Cmm rMd t i veeks. i: x; LI ISJ S O
MLHLI.llllllll.MLflMi.IIHL. ' Sllg
f?wi siay
Tr ; ) J
S . . Tfc 1
P' JL&Vut!-ij tii . p
AMERICAN HERITAGE game of the Civil War provides a
lesson in history as well os competition based on famous
battles between the Union and Confederate armies. His
torically outhentic gome includes 32-page booklet by
American Heritage editors, presenting outline of Civil Wor.
Books Perfect
When it comes to selecting chil
dren's gifts books at Christmas,
most grown-ups are confused as
to what types of books to choose.
Modern children have been con
ditioned, mainly through television,
to enjoy stories about Wyatt Earp,
tales of outer space, and hair
raising accounts of crime and hor
ror while adults recall their
childhood reading of such tales as
those about Dorothy from the Land
of Oz, Rumpelstiltskin and Aladdin.
ISow the publishers of the Look
ing Glass Library offer the answer
by reviving the children s fa
vorites from long ago, as well as
introducing modern stories of ad-
'?3fft Christmas Is A Shopper's ;
Mm Holiday , I
MM I Here H t i , ,f f
ories will be ot her fingertips fc: II SwtV ' $
rtStfstf-ss I layaway f
box, o cotton duet for dis- t it 7'vSiSf5SL Wk '
pensing cotton pads and balls ST: II jSiX Vlk 'I
and osb tray. v II f c""i Sm PS Vi. A . "'
riy .TTy ;J h eL L,a,d, Wyt' Sl rXV f
S $ ffi w1"" f lull"', Vvi jj
As Child's Gift
venture, imagination and enter
tainment in easily available, in
aware that along with technologi
expensive editions.
Lookingglass Library was
cal developments and changes in
reading habits the desire to enjoy
good books does not change no
matter when written or what the
In the final analysis, a good book
is an important, wanted mainstay
of living which starts in childhood
and never really ends.
It is a gift that will not break,
be outgrown or discarded. The
world of literature, at its finest.
is the gift that is appreciatively
Over l1 2 Billions In Toys
To Be Distributed By Santa
This Christmas, the world of toys .and care of stock even book-
encompasses the widest variety of
play activites ever.
More than a billion and a half
dollars' worth of toys, games and
accessories will come from Santa's
pack to delight the boys and girls
of the nation.
From the latest in scientific de
velopments to Wild West-inspired
toys and accessories, atomic-type
submarines and the latest missiles
will take their place side by side
with home furnishings, sport cars,
industrial equipment, et cetera. . .
all reproduced in miniature, re
ports Jlelvin Freud, president of
Toy Guidance Council.
Science kits which reproduce fa
mous inventions of the past, such
as Alexander Graham Bell's first
telephone and Edison's electric
light are included in exciting
educational kits.
Dozens of playroom projects
based on electronics can help serve
as stepping-stones for scientific ca
reers later. Other kits reproduce
the manufacture of plastics, and
a new zoom microscope that can
be adapted to viewing large or
small objects will thrill junior bio
logists and other young folk.
Realism brings a new purpose
into play with live action replicas
of building equipment, made of
heavy gauge steel. New thrills
await the operators of a sturdy
new mobile crane complete with
two hand-operated levers that con
trol the operation of the bucket
and that position the boom.
Other new and exciting novel
ties include a hydraulic sanitation
truck; an airlines lift truck, and a
ramp side truck, the latest in light
delivery trucks. New in the indus
trial equipment field is an oil re
fining plant for junior engineers.
The Toy Guidance Council also
points to new "toys" which help
youngsters prepare themselves for
in business learning
keeping wnue ai piay
Little homemakers can enjoy tha
sizzle of bacon in a frying pan or
the gay perk of a percolator in
their own pint-sized kitchens.
The new thrills that await elec
tric train operators are too nu
merous to mention but there's
something exciting and different
for every railroader.
- There are new musical pianos:
a megaphone ehich can b
heard 300 feet away; midget auto
racers for indoor speedways, and
a host of others.
New showings of Wild West re
galia include stage-coach strong
boxes with maps and simulates sil
ver dollars; play guns and holster
sets for the "fast draw" crowd
and an exact replica of the Win
chester 94 which was standard
equipment in the "Winning of the
Portable Tables
Do Extra Duty
"Portable" dining and snack
time areas are provided for to
day's living, thanks to some talent
ed innovations in table design.
Sucking and nesting tables stay
out of the way until you need them.
Then you pull them out quickly to
give firm footing for a platter full
of turkey or a bowl of popcorn.
You can do the same trick with cof
fee tables, formed of square or
wedge shaped units, that "go to
pieces" on demand.
Tables that "flip" are another
good investment. They include the
game tables that open to double
their size and coffee tables that
flip up to dining level, then open.
A sofa table in an open area make
a good buffet.
The topmost ornament
Christmas tree is called a
on a