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    16 The Newi Review, Roseburg, Ort. Thur., Oct. 12. 1961
Hawaiian Theme Dinner Set
By Umpqua Valley Grange
The I niiia Valley Grange will
have a potluck dinner at the
(range- Hall at Scottsburs, at 6:3U
p m. Friday. A Hawaiian theme
Mill be featured. r allow inn the din
ner, a film will be shown by the
International I'apcr Co. and a pro
Cram will be presented by the ju
enile Grange memliers. A busi
ness meeting will follow.
Meeting Postponed
The regular meeting nf the F.Ik
ton School Hoard has been post
poned to Oct. 16.
Pvt. James I.e Forney of Ford
Old. Calif., was home on two
weeks leave and spent most of that
tune in Elkton at the Guy Cutlip
Sir. and Mrs. Zeb Amnons and
Bcckey Alode spent several days
recently at Hamilton Air F'orce
Base in California with Airman 3c
Gary Amnions.
Haines In Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Haines arc
spending this week in Mesa, Wash.,
at the home of their son Claude
Haines, and family, Mrs. Maude
McClay is staying at the Haines
ranch in their absence.
Mr. and Mrs. John Levenhagen
spent last week hunting and camp
ing in eastern Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Nichols and
daughter, Wendy, of Springfield
and Leroy Nelson of Portland were
0ut-0f-St ate Visitors Enlivening
Homes In The Sutherlin Vicinity
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Bielman
have had as their house guest his
sister, Mrs. James Koss of Cen
tralia. Wash. On th- weekend they
were joined by .Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Karnes and son, Timniy, of Corval
lis. Recent visitors at (he home of
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Kesner were
Mrs. Charles Coutts of Santa Cruz,
Calif., and Mr. and Mrs. Chester
W. Miller of Bellingham, Wash.
Hospital Stay Ended
Kathy Crenshaw returned to her
home Wednesday following three
weeks hospitalization in Portland.
She will return to school in Suther
lin for the present and return to
Portland for further treatment
Nov. 31).
Recent visitors at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ward Watson were
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jamleson of
Vancouver. B.C.
Visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Richard C'nrr and Mr. and
Mrs. Ken Barney are Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Carr of San Francisco.
California Trip Taken
Mr. and Mrs. William Cowcll
have returned from an extended
trip which took them as M south
as Los Angeles. They attended
the grape festival at I.odi. Calif.,
and were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Hal McVey in San Francisco.
Three days were spent with Mr.
CroweU'i father in Pomona and
some time was spent with Mr. and
Mrs. Bill Miles in Sacramento.
Mrs. Henry Barge is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. Fred Sullivan,
in Langlois. Ore.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Cornel
ia and son Gary, of Portland, were
weekend guests of Mrs. Cornelia's
mother, Mrs. J. W. Culver.
Guests at the home of Mr. and
Dillard PTA Sets
October Carnival
Room molhers of the Dillard
Klementary School met recently to
discuss plans for the annual Hal
loween Carnival Oct. 27 and to
draw assigned booths which they
will manage at the school cafetori
urn. reports Phrbe McGuiie, Win
ston corrrs-poitdcnl.
Duties Outlined
Mrs. Ann Brown, room molhers'
president, outlined the duties of
the participating mothers. PTA
president Mrs. Jack Nelson spoke
hrielly expressing her thanks for
the cooperation and efforts of the
room mothers.
Following the meeting refresh
ments were served to the large
group ot mothers attending.
October 24, 1961 at 10 a.m.
The Oreoon State Highway Commiision will otter for tale at oral
public auction 16,000 to. tt. ot land locate' in th 1S00 block
or North Strphans St., Roloburf, beina juit north of the Turn
Around Inn. Th tale will b hold on th premit! described et
follows on October 24, 1961 ot 10 a.m.:
A parcel of land lyinf in Lots 7, I ft 9, Hock I,
Addition to Rotaburf, alto situated in Sec. II, Twp. 27 S.
R. S W, W.M., Doualas County, Orcaon, the soid parcel
beinf that portion ot said Lots 7, t, A 9 lyinf northeasterly
ot line which it parallel to end 40 teet northeeiterly et
the center line of the Pecific Hifhwey, which center line is
described et follows:
befinninf ot Enfineer't center line Sretien 251 H 61.70. to.d
Station betnf 1562.9 feet South end 621.1 teet Eait of the
Nl corner of DLC r56, Twp 27 S. R W, W.M.; thence
S 21' 17' I. 279.17 teet; thence en 3729 51 toot rad.ut
cur. left th lnf chord ot which bean S JJ 34 I)
I3J.33 teet to Station 251564.90, the tourhweiterly line et
eeid percel creitinf the northwaiterlr line et toid Lot 7 end
the eeutheetterly line of tetd Let 9 eppravimarely ooponte
center bne Stetiont 2513 30 end 251410 reipecti.elr.
centeininf 16,000 ttj- ft.. mr et leit.
TERMS OP SALE: Coih, check or ten per cent down at tint of
tale with belence due in 30 dayt, Th minimum pne whtch will
be ccepted It 37,500. There wiU be two eccett po-ntt 10' wide,
unreitricted. Purchetor will euume North Roteburf Sanitary Out.
ttettmentt. The rifht it roter-red t accept r reject any or ell
btdt tubiecf to Commiitien approval. Con.erence will b by
barftin end tele deed. (F.I Not. 16331 16339-AI
INFORMATION: Property Mr., 3C6 Stele Hwy. Ildf ., Salem, Orefo.
weekend guests at the Ariel Hub j
bard home.
Dick Willey, recently appointed
assistant Cub scoutmaster, will be
in charge of the Wehelos Cub I
Scouts den. There are 10 cubs in
the den which met Wednesday at
the grade school. Dunny Suloff is
den chief. j
Officer Leaves Service
Capt. V ii tor Smith left this week
for Vandcnbcrg Air Force Base in
California where he will receive
his discharge papers after two
years of service. .Mrs. Smith and,
daughter are staying at the paren
tal Jim Snow home. The Smiths:
plan to live in Portland following
his discharge.
Many persons from Klkton have
purchased concert tickets for six
scheduled concerts to be held in
Eugene. Vern Clemo will drive a I
bus from Klkton for the 29 ticket:
holders. The first concert, Nov.
IS, will be the Branko Krsmanol
vich chorus of 80 Yugoslavians in
native costume.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Madison
and son of Portland were weekend
guests at the parental Frank Mad
ison home.
lo Crisman attended the Sec
ondary Schools Principals Associ
ation meeting in Salem Monilay
and Tuesday of this week. Mrs.
Crisman also made the trip and
visited her mother, Mrs. Ethel Mil
ler in Salem.
Mrs. Jim Ilimrlwright were Sirs.
Ron Timmg and her two children,
Curt and Derek, of Petaluma.
Calif. Mrs. Timms is the daughter
of the Himelwrights. They also
visited Mrs. Timms sister and fam
ily, .Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trozelie.
Church Youth Take Trip
A carload of young people from
the Neighborhood Church of Christ
enjoyed at interesting day in Port
land recently. They visited the zoo,
University of Oregon Medical
School, Museum of Natural Sci
ence and the Lloyd Center. On
the return trip they (topped in
Salem for dinner.
Those attending were: Diana
Laswell, Dorothy Bennett, Bar
bara Stienkc, Ruth Pulley, Bill
G.l... L'aI.U -.-.....I...... ..J HI
oaicvru, ni-iiii -i viisua w minx mis. I
Dick Smith, sponsor.
While in Portland Mrs. Smith
and Keith Crenshaw visited Keith's
sister, Kathy, who was hospitaliz
ed there.
Racial Sore Spot
Seems Developing
A new racial sore spot with con
fusing overtones appeared to be
developing Wednesday at the
thriving southwest Mississippi town
of McComb.
The focal point is a Negro girl,
Brcnda Travis, 16, who was sus
pended from high school and com
mitted to a reform school after
her arrest during i sit-in attempt
at the bus station.
Adding scope to the McComb
racial strife was the arrest of
more than 100 demonstrators
against Brenda a suspension from
high school.
Protests have been lodged with
President Kennedy and his broth
er. U.S. Atty. Gen. Robert F. Ken
ned v.
The Negro population of the
town of some 12r000 appeared to
be divided. Police reported that
they had heard that some of the
Negroes themselves had ordered a
New Yorker, who was included in
the mass arrests, to leave. The
outsider was identified as Ruber!
Moses, 26, who was helping to con
duct a voter registration school.
At otiier places in the South,
racial developments were calmer.
At Knoxville, Term., where a
stink bomb had been tossed
at Negro demonstrators against
segregaied movies, the manager
of two theaters considered legal
steps against such demonstra
tions. The manager, William Cou
ry, said he might seek a court
New York
NKW YOUK (API The tuoiti-m, fund-raisinK practicei ind
inajur parly candidates fur mayor olhr issuri as they dcDted od
clashed over political ethics, bos-1 television this week.
Mrs. Beardsley Is Enjoying Life
As Mother Of Eighteen Children
CARMKI., Calif. (AP) When
Helen North was married a month
auo, more than om veteran house
wife gasped at the 31 year-old
widow's prospects for domestic
.Mrs. North, the mother of eight,
married Navy Chief Warrant Of
ficer Francis Louis Beardsley, the
father of to. Th children range
from a diapered 18-month-old to
17 years.
Before the couple went on a
short honeymoon, the Beardsley
home was being doubled in eiic
with the kitchen geared to res
taurant style operations.
"Well." a reporter asked Tues
day, "how are things working
"I'm enjoying myself," she
As she explained it. her day
works out something like this:
I p a bit earlier than the aver
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mt NyyM M ow AT L0WEST PR!CES EVEa! i
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Kr r, ' mm- , ' i ...... M. mm t Wa Wa IMAM laAUail BE HI Wmt m la, m " jT '.T I t J1 I -VI ' I, I VI I m r VII I ir II
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ahw"c.L LIGHTS V.3.9S
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YOUR CHOICE .... 00 2 sett only! While They lost!
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L I .. .... . . : ,T t.c
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OomBol, bMkht (th pmrfei rv-wp r4i f
Mayor Candidates Clash
age family about 6 a.m. The chil
dren take care of the main break
fast chores "They all have their
I During school days. 12 attend
'classes, leaving six at home "who
'gel along fine." On other days,
the older children again take over
much of the burden.
I The children also take care nf
the housekeeping and help with
I the shopping.
I And what doei Mrs. Beards
ley do?
I "There's the laundry. And I like
to make deserts during the day.
I It is nothing like 1 expected. I'm
enjoying myself."
"1 defy anyone to tell which
ones are Norths and which ones
are Beard-sleya now."
"I would love to have another
child. It would be pitiful if we
didn't have any children of our
own, the Diue-eyea orunette said
'Rim- quaMy Si
. raay mm mmm A' m- lw Vr-s --"smeaeaw
fenwfwl Htm tw-itiw4 0 Autcetuitle Yohara
Oue.'tr Stt-o rere.-ei Conlrol
. umt, t tiM-m lees A Lrp, Oeluie Tlnun
p.rit. 'fl mMUMt. A 1 rontr-vl
j IiJ "uPerhtetTxtra Ciroutry
Democratic Mayor Robert F.
Wagner and State Atty. Gen.
Louis J. Lefkowilz, his Republi
can opponent, appeared for an 1
hour on a prograr similar to the
Kennedy-Nixon debates in last
year's presidential campaign.
The public service prneram was
carried by station WPIX. owned
by the New York Daily News. The
candidates replied to questions
asked by three newspapermen, 1
Deadly Toy Found
By Three Children
Death waited in the next rattle
of a deadly toy found by three
The toy was a metal can con-:
taimng a half pound block of TNT
and two blasting caps enough to
destroy an automobile. j
Kim Poucher, 5, and her broth
ers, David, 3, and Dana. 2, found
the explosive in an uncle's garage
Tuesday. !
"All it needed was one tiny j
spark and the whole thing would '
have blown, ' said detective Sgt.
G. M. Brown.
r adjustable)
- 9 lUCTKlC SMAVit. !
Nt Mentv Do
yp t 24 mot. to
mny roml
Over Issues
commented on each other's re
plies and delivered summaries at
the end.
Wagner, seeking a third four
year term, said LefkouiU is a
"boss-picked candidate."
Lefkowilz. who has the active
support of Gov. Nelson A. Rocke
feller and other GOP leaders, de
clared he has acted without in
terference during five years as
the slate's top law officer and
would continue to do so if elected
Waiiner said bossisin has been
eliminated in the Democratic
party here since the Sept. 7 pri
mary election in which he and
his running mates won nomina
tion over a ticket backed by the
city s Democratic leaders.
Lefkowitz blasted the recent
Democratic luncheon at which
$25,000 was pledaed to Wagner's
campaign fund. Two score men
at the luncheon including a num
ber of real estate nun and build
ers doing business with the city
answered a roll call and made
their pledges. Wagner, who at
tended the luncheon, said later he
had had no knowledge that any
ot those present was dealing with
the city. After the luncheon be
came a hot political issue, he re
jected the pledges.
Lelkowitz, discussing a Kepuo
- j m i wm l Hta. : ixv.y.'v.e;.-.v:..:..:-T i , j
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IKHailUI'JU'l'T.if.ll1.t WVeJJ ft Vr.JfZf-
1 mj mm self-winding -iy
- . 1 f W m' i m 4 mil u
11 n J ' 1 ANTI-MACNETIC liZ T
only 7.oo month '''.'.rv: '.r ZZT4 t' I
I m T r af Am r? e . - - ij
650 S. E. ACKSCN
Open 'til 9 pm
In Television Debate
liean breakfast meeting on the
TV program, made an obvious
reference to the Democratic
luncheon by saying of the GOP
gathering: "There was no extor
tion, no hitting on the head, no
effort to get per-ons doing busi
ness with the state to give or
else. I
I Wagner said it would be inter-,
esting to see if Lelkowitz would
make public a list of those who
attended the GOP breakfast "to
I see if the bankers who are re-,
sponsible for financing the Kcpuh-1
lican party and therefore own the j
Republican party" made cam- i
paign contributions,
j Among those at the breakfast
were former President Dwiglit D.
Eisenhower, Lefkowitz and Rock
efeller. I Lefkowitz said in the debate
that the breakfast was for 2."0
campaign workers, and no funds
were raised.
Lefkowitz denounced crime con
ditions in the city. Wagner re
plied that every large city in the
world has similar law enforce
ment problems. Hr claimed New
York City's recon'. is good in
comparison with other major
American cities.
Lefkowitz said Wagner is ask
ing for four moi" years at city
hall in the Nov. 7 election "to
Mon. Eve. OR 2-1606
..oft "r'iaTMO
clean up the mess he nu!l in
eight years."
Wagner said he and his aides
have taken thj lead in uncovering
wrongdoing in the city adminis
tration and the administration
would never "irfi anything un
der the rug."
Shortly before the debate, city
Republican leaders announced
that Eisenhower will throw his in
fluent" into the campaign by
speaking at a GOP dinner at the
Coliseum Oct. 21.
Symptoms of Distress Arising from
Ovrr fivr irv!!mn TmckaRfli ot if
WILLARD TRtATMtMT havr frn .d
1m rt nf .-.nii-i-Hii-oi af-int troro
Stomach and Ouodtnal UIcm due i t
um Acid Poor DigMlioM. fcourtx Upt
lUmKh, GautnoM. Hrttwii. Whi.
(tin. rx..)iK- to Cxcm Acid. me
"Willard't MHg" tmri hilly ciduu
Ut laumc Ueaiinriil rTO 1
DIAL I hi- EVi i '