The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, October 10, 1961, Page 7, Image 7

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    FOUR MEMBERS of the Roseburg Women's Club hove just completed pointing the
new bleachers ot the Roseburg Swimming Pool. They collected the money to build the
bleachers, too. From top to bottom, members wielding paintbrushes ore Mrs. T. H.
Cody Jr., Mrs. C. L. Thomas, Mrs. J. W. Pratt and Mrs. George Stroop.
Junior Women's Club Responsible
For City Swim Pool Improvements
A group of industrious young
women is responsible for making
the Roseburg Municipal Swimming
Pool one of the most attractive and
well-kept in the state.
The Roseburg Junior Woman's
Club is engaged in many civic and
social activities, but decided re
cently to make the pool in pet
project. The painting of the bleach
ers is the latest contribution and
is only a follow-up of supplying the
material for the bleachers in the
first place.
Members pointed out that most
of the money used comes from the
community itself, a large part de
rived from a telephone campaign
conducted by the club and the Jun
ior Chamber of Commerce.
Elk Hunters' Report Spurs
Search For Missing Plane
AVERY, Idaho (AP)-A report
that elk hunters had found bits of
wreckage spurred a search along
the Idaho-Montana border Monday
for a light plane with four mid
westerners aboard, lost lor two
Shoshone County Sheriff Lou
Gardner went into the rugged St.
Joe River drainage to Never Sweet
Peak, where the hunting party
from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, report
edly found pieces of a red and
while plane and even recovered a
seat cushion.
This is the general area where
the Cessna piloted by the Rev.
Carl Froese, 45, Mattoon, III., is
believed to have crashed Sept. 24,
Aboard the plane were b 1 s
mother, Mrs. Rosine Froese, 78,
Mattoon; and two sisters, Mrs. Hil
da Simkins, 45. Cobden, III., and
Mrs. Mane Tekniete, 52, Chicaco.
The party was returning to Illi
nois after attending a wedding in
Vancouver, B. C.
The flight ran into bad weather
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" I S m r
I In the past year, the club has
bought two new diving boards, a
i fence around the spool and a sprin
kler system for the wading pool.
i Members have furnished the mus-
Icles and energy for repairing the
bathhouse and weeding the banks
surrounding the pool, the latter in
'preparation for future planting of
: juniepr. The Jaycees lent their as
I sistance in cleaning the banks and
! will probably help when the juni
per shrubs are planted in the
; spring.
I As new things are needed, the
club expects to carry on its proj
ect, devoting both time and mon
jey to maintaining and beautifying
the pool which is used by such a
great number during the summer
' months.
in the form of snow and a low
' cloud overcast.
Several residents reported hear
j ing a plane circling low over the
St. Joe River valley on the day
the plane disappeared.
A Spokane insurance man, Ed
ward J. Kcilty, 34, disappeared
last May while flying a light
plane with similar coloring. His
red and cream plane went down
while on a flight from Spokane
to Missoula, Mont.
Froese's plane was red and
silver. The hunters' report of
red and white wreckage would
fit either craft, deputies said.
Kcilty's plane was believed to
have gone down near the Idaho
Montana line farther north than
the larger Cessna, but both planes
were following the same general
route when they disappeared.
ATLANTA (AP) Sign in a car
wash: "Foreign cars washed with
imported water."
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East Oregon
Seminar Set
SALEM (AP) The stale Em
ployment Department and Kast-
lern Oregon College will sponsor
I jointly an economic seminar Oct.
1 20 in La Grande.
I Employment Commissioner Da
jvid H. Cameron said the seminar
twill stress economic development
of eastern Oregon.
: Clinton A. Johnson. Seattle, re-
; gional director of the Bureau of
Employment Security, will discuss
changing trends in the labor force.
"Industrial Potentials of East
ern Oregon" will be the suhject of
a speech by Howard D. Bessire,
executive vice president of the
Idaho-Eastern Oregon Industrial
Development Council.
Lewis B. Prichard. assistant
vice president for marketing and
economic research, First National
Bank of Oregon. Portland, will
discuss market problems of East
ern Oregon.
There also will be speeches on
mining, mechanization and auto
mation. new productions in food
manufacture, utilization of water
resources and the future of the
meat industry in Eastern Oregon.
Members of the chambers of
commerce from Pendleton. Mil-ton-Freewater.
Enterprise, Baker,
La Grande, Ontario, Nyssa, Vale
and Burns are expected to parti
cipate. Hatfield, Flemming Due
At Oregon Cities Meet
Hatfield and University of Oregon
President Arthur S. Flemming
will be main speakers at the
League of Oregon Cities conven
tion in Portland Oct. 15-m.
Flemming will deliver the key-
inote address Oct. Ifi. Hatfield is
scheduled to speak at a luncheon
the same day.
James T. Brand, former Oregon
chief Supreme Court justice, is to
speak at a banquet Oct, 17.
Delegates will discuss city plan
ning, personnel, budgeting and
street and highway programs.
PHONE OR 2-481 1
REG. $159.95
$35 00 Volut
Lfw pPtrJ Mt.
Many Nutty Things Happen
When Man, Squirrel Tangle
TAMPA. Ha. (AP)-What hap
pens wher determined man
tangles with a determined squir
rel? Why. the nuttiest things yuu
ever heard.
Cling Peterson has I pecan tree
in his backyard and a female
squirrel lias picked it out as her
personal supermarket.
"I col a couple handsful of
nuts off the tree so far this year."
says reterson, "but this squirrel's
cleared a couple pounds already.
"I'm willing tn share the nuts
with her. I'm willing to split on
a 30-50 basis, but she wants to
take all the pecans."
To thwart the determined squir
rel, tne determined J'eterson:
Put a metal mesh wire barrier
on the pecan tree's trunk.
Cut down an orange tree she
was using for a launching pad.
Trimmed back the plum tree
The Gold Star Mothers will ho!d
an election of officers at a meet
ing at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the
Veteran's Memorial Building.
AH members are urged to at
sh lnnvtl In aft.-r ti n
the orange tree.
Kitted an old wah tub around
the pecan tree s trunk.
Wired up the branches so the
squirrel can't leap up to them
from the ground.
"I ain't cinng tn snv I cot her
licked yet." he says. "She'll think
about snmethins new. But fnr the
moment 1 got her checked."
Murder Trial Started
For Portland Teen-Ager
arguments were heard Monday in
the first degree murder trial of a
Portland teenager, charged with
shooting his mother.
David H. English, 18. has been
held without bail since his mother,
Mrs. Catherine C. English, was
shot April 18.
Deputy Dit. Ally. Oscar llow
lett said he would prove the shoot
ing was premeditated. Defense
counsel said it would show young
English fired the fatal shot acci
dentally after searching the fam
ily property for prowlers.
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Washington Starts Program To Bring
Orphans And Foster Parents Together
OI.Y.MP1A (AP) - In the word,
of the social worker, "Peter is a
bright, friendly, likable little fel
low who gels along well with chil
dren. He is unafraid, easy going
and good natured "
Peter would like to have a
mommy and a daddy.
Meantime, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
are a "stable, mature attractive
couple, who car offer lots of
warmth, affection, financial secu
rity. They enjoy outdoors, have
many hobbies."
They would like i adopt a child.
Vntil a short lime ago. the young
couple didn't know about Peter
and Peter didn't know about them.
Their cases were being handled
by sep.ii ate adoption agencies in
different parts of the state.
This is no longer the situation.
Washington state has started a
program to bring tocether children
who need homes and couples who
want children, regardless of which
a"enrv is invnlverf
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Tuet., Oct. 10, 1961 Tht News-Review, Roieburg, Ore.
Adopiion Resource Exchange, un
der the direction of Miss Grace
Semcnia in the State Department
of Public Assistance.
Its purpose is primarily lo find
homes for children, who, because
of their age, colo- physical handi
caps or emotional problems, have
been difficult to place in adoption.
Each month, the department
semis a bulletin to the 39 county
welfare offices and six private
adoption agencies, listing t h e
names and descriptions of avail
able youngsters and parents.
The bulletins are also mailed to
the 12 states and two Canadian
provinces which have similar ex
change programs
Thus, if one agency doesn't
have a child fitting the needs of a
certain couple, another agency
might, and the exchange can bring
them together.
To keep the exchange list up lo
date, the private agencies are
urged to inform tne exchange o.t-
tice in Olympia of all newly-
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aailahle children and parents.
! Miss Semenra said the exchange
now has ,i list of 110 children, but
only 12 prospective parents.
, The new program, which just
j recently cot under w ay, hasn't yet
: led tn my adoptive plaeemenls,
.but Miss Semenza snys it holds
great promise of accomplishment.
She said inquiries have already
been received from an Indiana
couple who wanted an Indian boy,
and a California family looking for
an Oriental youngster.
Among the 110 children current
ly on the exchange are 3fi Negros,
27 Indians, and 3 part-Orientals.
Half of the youngsters are more
than six years old.
The program was originated by
the State Adoption Procedures
Committee, made up of represent
atives of the various agencies.
Miss Scmenza looks forward to
the day when all the states have
such procrams. making possible a
nationwide pool of children and
adoptive parents.
f i?.