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    12 Th Newt-Review, Roteburg,
Dixonville College Students
Home For Spring Vacation
Dixonville young people home
from college for spring vacation
are Erroll Maddox. Gary Haas,
Billv Jleloy and Gene Wagner.
They are visiting at their respec
tive' homes during the recess.
Porrlandirs Visit
Visiting in the Waldon and How
ard Hatfield homes the past week
Weekend Specials
Feature Beef, Lamb
By the associated press
Round roast of beef and leg of
lamb will appear on many Ameri
can dinner tables this week, judg
ing by the weekend specials at the
nation's supermarkets and neigh
borhood groceries.
Many of the stores featuring
round roast offer an alternate
choice in round steak.
Specials on lamb in New Eng
land, the East and Midwest re
flect the lowest prices in years.
At the retail level, chains in the
New York metropolitan area cut
lamb prices 14 to 22 cents a pound
below 1960.
Broilers and fryers are lop
Items in areas along the Atlantic
Coast, although the birds are 2 to
10 cents a pound higher in other
areas. Turkeys are tops in pans
of the Midwest and pot roast and
eround beef in the far West.
Best buys among vegetables are
beets, carrots, celery, green on
ions, lettuce, cahbage, medium
ve low onions, parsley, Maine and
Long Island potatoes, radishes,
rhubarb and spinacn.
Good buys are artichokes, beans,
broccoli, cauliflower, miscellane'
ous leafy cooking greens, corn.
endive, escarole, mushrooms.
peas, Western russet, Calitnrnia
long white and Minnesota, North
Dakota and Nebraska round red
Fruit counters offer Macintosh
and Rome aDDles. grapefruit and
Chilean honeydew melons as best.
buys. Next in line are avocados,
red and golden Delicious apples,
limes, lemons, bananas, pine
apples end Peruvian honeydews.
Portland Markets
PORTLAND (AP) - Butterfat,
tentative, subject to immediate
change Premium quality, deliv
ered in Portland, M cents lb;
first quality 61; second quality,
Bullax Prints, per lb to retail
ersGrade AA, 93 score, 70; A
grade, 92 score, 70; B grade, 90
score, 68.
Choei e To retailers Single
daisies 47-48; processed American
Eggs To retailers Grade AA,
extra large, 48-ao; AA Jarge, 4a
47; A large, 43-46; AA mediums,
38-42; AA small, 32-36. Cartons, 1-3
cents additional.
Eggs To producers, at farm
A A extra large, 37-43'i; A A large,
35-41V4; A large, 33-35; AA medi
ums, 29-33Va; AA small, 23-281H.
Live poultry Quoted to growers
at Portland, Salem and Eugene,
f o.b. ranch No. 1 quality fryers,
24-4 lbs, 17V4-20V4; light hens, 9;
heavy hens, no quotations.
Rabbits Average t o growers
Live white, 3:!-4'4 lb. 19-24;
colored pelts, 5 cents less; fresh
killed fryers to retailers, 56-58;
cut up, 60-62.
Wholetale Drtfitd Meats
Beef cuts (choice steers) Hind
quarters, 47.00-52.00; round 49.00
53.00; full loins, trimmed, 60.00
65.00; forequarters, 35.00 38.00;
chucks, 39.00-42.00; ribs, 50.00
53.00. Pork cuts Loins, 12-16 lb, 46.00
52.00; shoulders, 16 lb down, 33.00
36.00; spareribs, 43.00-47.00; fresh
hams, 1216 lb, 47.00-50.00.
Lambs Choice, 45 55 lb, 36.75
39.50; good, 35.00-38 00.
Pork carcasses Shipper style,
30 50-32 00
Veal Choice, 90-150 lbs, 52.00
54.00; good, 51.00-53.00; standard,
Potatoes Oregon locwl Russets,
No. 1A, 100 lb, 3.75-4.00: No. 2s,
50 lb. 1.25-1.35: Central Ore. Rus
sets. No. Is, 100 lb, 4.25-4.50 ; 6-14
oi, 5.00-5.25; bakrs, 4.75-5.00, few
5.25; bales No. Is, 5-len lb, 2.15
2.25; No. 2s, 50 lb, 1.60-1.65. Idaho
Russets, bales No. Is, mesh, 5-len
lb, 2.50-2.60.
Portland Livestock
Cattle salable 250: trade slow;
prices under pressure; scattered
sales represented classes steady
to weak; instances 50 lower; 14
head lot high good with few low
choire 1064 lb steers 24.50; 10 head
standard 1094 lb Ilolslein steers
22.00; utility slaughter cows 15.00
16.50: canner and cutter rows
12 50-14.00; Holstein cutters 14.50
15.50; cutter and utility bulls 17.00
20 00.
Hogs salable 450: market open
ing slow; about steady with Tues
day's 25-50 decline; bulk No. 1-2
J90 220 lb butchers 19.25 19.50: one
e-mail lot 19.75; No. 23 butchers
190 230 lb 18.50-19.00; mixed grade
sows 300-500 lb 14.00-17.00.
Sheep salable 250; small lot good
and choice 85 lb wooled Inmhs
with wet fleeces 16.00; cull to
choire slaughter ewes 3.50-6.00.
Portland Grain
PORTLAND (AP) Coarse grain
wholesale, prompt delivery, hulk
ton, fob. track Portland: Oats.
No. 2, 38 lb white 55.50-56 00. Corn,
No. 2. yellow, eastern 52.25. Bar
ley No. 2. 45-lh western 45.00.
March 22 close, Portland Grain
Barley (bid) to- arrive market,
20-dav shipment, delivered coast:
No. 2. 45 lb western 44 00. No. 2,
2 rowed or 2-rowed western 44.50.
Wheal (hid) to arrive market,
No. 1 bulk, 20-dav shipment, deliv
ered coast: Sod While 2.10; Sod
While (hard appl.) 2.10; White
Club 2.10.
Car rereipts: Wheal 43; barley
, Hour 12; null feed 2. ,
Ore. Thur., Mar. 23, 1961
were Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Strach-
an and sons of Portland. Mrs.
Slrachian is a sister to the two
Hatfield women.
Mr. and Mrs. George James
spent several days last week va
cationing at coastal points. Her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Nye.
stayed with the five children while
they were gone.
Hubert McGinnis and Norman
Jones of Dixonville took a trip to
Dacola, Idaho, recently. The boys
visited in the home of former's
mother, Mrs. Grace McGinnis. Mc
Ginnis returned to Roseburg after
a few days visit, but Jones re
ceived employment on a nearby
ranch in the Dacola area.
Linda McCormack, who has been
attending Fresno City College in
Fresno, Calif., is spending a few
weeks at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCormack.
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley McCraw and
sons spent a recent weekend at
Keedsport. McGraw is now em
ployed in that vicinity, doing con
struction work. '
Parents Visited
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hills and
daughter spent the past weekend
at Springfield visiting Mill's par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mills.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hart and
sons of Eagle Point spent a recent
weekend with his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Ion Hart. .
Visitors of the Gerald Rust fam
ily last week were Mrs. John Clark
and daughter or Medlord. Mrs,
Roy Graves returned home with
them to spend a few days.
Mrs. Richard Kinney and girls
of Coos Bay visited the Ernest
Webcrs last week.
David and Dan Hatfield . visited
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Henniger in
Coos Bay several days last week.
Mrs. Henniger is Ihe former Car
olyn Hatfield.
Portland Carpenter
Sets Appeal On Verdict
PORTLAND (AP) A Portland
carpenter, held liable for $600 un
der a libel verdict returned lues
day night in circuit court, says lie
will appeal. He is E. E. Davis,
who admitted circulating a Jeai'lel
attacking handling of the Oregon
Washington Carpenters-Employers
Health and Welfare Trust fund.
Eight trustees of the fund sued
for libel, asking $25,000 general
and $25,000 punitive damage.
Judge Wesley F. Brownton told
the jury the leaflet was libelous
and the only question was the
amount of the award. The liny set
it at $100 general, and $500 puni
tive. News Meet Postponed
dent Kennedy has postponed his
news conference from today until
4 p.m. EST Thursday.
While House Press Secretary
Pierre Salinger said Tuesday Ken
nedy'! schedule "is such that we
have had to make some changes,"
He did not explain.
Notlct It hereby given that Ihe undersigned,
admin I it ml or of Ihe E stall of Lester F.
Dobson, deceased, has tiled hd Final Ac
count In in Circuit Court of Oouglaa Coun
ty, Oregon, and tha tald Court has fixed tht
14th day of April, 1941, at 10:00 AM,
In Courtroom B of (he Circuit Court In the
Courthouse at Roseburg, Oregon, as the
time and place lor hearing objections. If
any there be, to laid Final Account and
for the settlement thereof.
ELTON J. ZUVER, Administrator
of the Estate of Lester F. Dobson.
Dale of first publication: March ?, 141
Notice Is hereby given that an election
will be held In School District No. 1 of
Douglas County, Stale of Oregon, Irom 3 00
PM. to 1:00 P.M. on April 17, 1941 at Wash
ington Gymnasium In said school district, for
the purpose of submitting to the legal voters
of said district Ihe question of increasing
the lax levy for Ihe fiscal year 1 96) -196 J
over the amount limited by section 11 ar
ticle XI, of Ihe Constitution of Oregon.
The reasons for increasing such levy are:
Oakland has no lax base and ail funds
for the general operation are outside Ihe
6 Limitation.
The amount of tax. In excess of the 4
limitation, proposed to be levies' for Mid
fiscal year is 162.I?4 54.
Dated thtt 31st day of March, 191,
Violet Hubbell, District Clerk
L. C. Perrln, Chairman Board of
" ' NO. 34353
STATE OF OREGON, represented and
acting by ELMO M, MILLS, Director
ot Veteran's Affairs,
By virtue of execution, decree and order
of sale issued out ot Ihe above entitled court
In the atwve suit to me directed on the
14th day of March, 11 upon a decree duly
entered in the above Court on the Wth day ol
March, 161 in lavor of plainlilt above
named against defendants James M. f-'vans
and Barbara Evans lor the sum of IVDVIt
with interest thereon at he rate of 4
per annum from November ISth, 1940 until i
paid and for accrued interest in the amount 1
of tM.?9, together with accruing mortgage !
life Insurance premiums at the rale ol si ej I
per month commencing March 1st, 191,'
and accrued premiums In the amount ot I
17 40, together with the sum of 1)3 cost
Of title search for foreclosure, together with
the fvther wm of $40000 attorney's fees, j
and for plaintiffs costs and disbursements
herein teied in the sum of JW JS and tor ;
accruing costs ol sale upon the writ of ee- j
cut ion commanding me to mahe sale of !
the following described real property situate
in Douglas County, Oregon, to-wil:
BEGINNING at a point occupied by
corner lence post aim from which Ihe
Section corner between Sections 19
and 30 In Township 7ft South, .Range I
West of the Willamette Meridian In Doug
las County, Oreooo, bears S. 0 Deg. 70'
1340 0 leet, thence N. 33 Oeg. W W,
Ut St leet to a 5 " x 34" rod on the
southerly boundary of Gr end view Street,
thence N M Deg 33' F 179 J leet along I
said street boundary to a 5 8" W rod, j
thence leaving said road boundary S. ,
31 Oeg. E. 4it.4j leet to i" 14"
pipe, thence N. 89 Deg. II W. 17 ' feel I
to the place at beginning, DOUGLAS I
NOW THEREFORE, bv virtue of sad
writ of e ecu hon, decree and order of sale j
and in compliance with the command of .
said writ ol execution, I will on the 30th!
day ol April, IH1, at 10 oc'ock A. M ol
said dav, al Ihe South door of the County i
Court House In Roteburg. Douglas County, j
Oregon, tell at public auction, suhiect to
redemption to the highest bidder tor cash i
in hend, all the right, title end interest
of the above named o,n3anti and each of
them in Ihe above entitled suit, had on the
7th day of December, 11. the gate of the'
mortgage herein lorec toted, or since that
date, and in and lo the above described real!
properly or any part thereof, to talitly the
said wrlf of execution, Judgment and de-J
cree again! said defendants with interest. '
costs, attorney s tees and accruing costs of:
DAT CO tfiie JJ-d day V March, 11
IRA C. BVRD, SheMt i
Douglas County, Oregon.
By; Ard I. Garrett, Of PUT V 1
jr reakfast
'll ' A I af II;
uassmea section
IAftirtitiflf Fir Bunmi Witflil
liiflt Ari
Card of Thanks .....
1-Day rate 2 linct
3-Day rate 2 lintf. .
6-Day rat 2 line, .
30-Day rat 2 lines .
1-Day rat 3 lin 1.50j
3-Day rate 3 line. 2.50
6-Day rata 3 linei 3.50
30-Day rat, 3 lines .... ...... 7.50
Abltt am lubuct to ceett 1
Hrvic, ctiirgt for credit.
PtiTlto f,rt IKlfliMf I CM. Hi, CtiH To
Pulitir.TiMi. Tti, licu-R.vl r,terv th,
ht lo tllllilj, toit or iijict mi CHlliim
9t Jf DJnrliMtT.ent ippem Ifitorftrtly, not fy
e immiantfiy. We will not be mpoimble tor
Mr thin one tncorrect inrtion. Such is
potftibility is limited ti cornet ' iflitrtiM tf
Hi (nil WiH Net I NiM Met Tim N Dm
It OritM 17 Miil Pr
Year, I15.0t months, ft-H
(brae months, 14.00. Oultlde Ore
gon - By Mttl Par Year,
SIIIMtt U me nth i, ,00, three
men the, Is. SI ,
By Ntwt-Reelew Carrier Tar
Year, S 14. (M (la aa'vanre), 'Less
laeti ene yea ptt an e nth, I.M.
Caenter and Roieberr F.O- Boxes
1 Month tl.SW Mot. Iff. lift I
Toar U.H Per Simla Copy Ht
MaM Kales Apply Oeielde
Ctif Limits.
Hall SaheortpUeat Meet M
file ht ATae
Paper Delivery
If your paper it not
Coll OR 2-3321
Man. thru Fri. Between (
6 and 7 P.M.
Sot. Only 3 to 5 PM
I WILL not be responsible lor debts other
than my own. Charles E. Hod ion.
ELKTON 'We wish to thanh'all our'lrlendi
lor dowers, cards and acta of kindness
during our recent sorrow,
Mrs. Blanche Wade
Mrs. Leo Andrews
Ernest Wade
DRINKING PROBLEM? Call Alcoholics An
onymous. OR i-6629.
OREGON MOTOR CLUB members wanted.
Phone OR 2 24.
as liiMeinalUT desiunnled will be
rerrivrd by Hip Histiict MannRpr,
llini'iiu of Land Management.
Rl.M Warehouse Area, Armory
Drive, Medfnrd, Oregon, (Mailing
Address P.O. Box IHW, Medfnrd.
Oregon) al 10 : a.m., PACIFIC
STANDARD TIME, on Thursday,
April i:i. IWil for all timber mark
ed or designated for culling. Be
fore bids are submitted, full infor
mation eonrernmg the limber, the
conditions of sale and submission
of bids should be obtained from
the above District Manager. The
right is hereby reserved to waive
technical delects in tins advertise
enl and to meet any or all bids.
The Tinted States reserves the
right to waive any informality in
bids received whenever such waiv
er is in Ihrt interest of Ihe V'nited
OREGON: OAC: All limber desig
nated for culling on lots 3 and 4.
.S'jNW',. SW'4, SWiSK' Sac. J
and NW'.NK',. N'vNW. S. 10,
T. Jl S R. W., W.M., estimated
for the purpose-of Ibis sale to he
3.040 M hd. ft. Douglas fir. M
lid. ft. sugar pine and 4 M hd. tt.
incense-cedar. No hid for less
than $11175 per M bd. fl. for Ihe
Douglas fir. $?8 HO per M hd. ft.
for Ihe sugar pine. $7 20 per M
hd. ft. for the incense-cedar or a
total purchase price of $57.4:16 20
will he considered. Minimum de
posit with bid, tj.louoo.
. 1.00
YOUNG WCTMEN of any faith needing con
lidentiat advice may contact Calnoltc Char
ities. 271 W. Broadway. Eugene, Oregon,
Dl 5-3643.
LEARN what the Bible Is REALLY about.
The Gospel message Is FREE. Write
CHRISTADELPHIANS, Box 506, Sutherlin
Hear "This Is Your Bible" Sundays, 7:15
p.m., koo, bid on your dial.
Real Estate
RIVER LOTS, North Umpqua. OR 3-6036.
10 ACRES rlvi'r boltom mar Winston; Call
UN 3-U2S.
MUSTSELL Income properly, westslde.
Owner leaving town. Call CR 2-3446.
LOT "In-Loellen-Addition westslde. OR
MOD. 2 BR house, elect. andwood heal.
G. I. Loon. OR3-m.
TWO adrm house with acreage $7,000, S800
dn. Oouo Hart, Gen. Del.. Wilbur. Ore.
LA RGER westslde home 'or sale or trade
for smaller home. OR 3-SI6S. ,
THREE7 BR house on 2 lots, south on old
hwv.J7950. $1500dwn!OR 3-44.
THREE Bdrm house on large lot So. of
town. Small dn pymt, $60 mo. OR 3-4129.
THREE BDRM Ha acres clor.e in, lovely
view. Near school. OR3-7477.
TWO" BEOROOAA" house. Falrhaven Oist.
TWO BDU home, downtown. Easy terms.
FOR SALE. Large lot. close lo store and
school. OS 9-8427.
TWO B DM HOUSE, In Winchester, I500 lor
equity. Bal 52,800, like rent. OR 3-8(74.
i WO, modern 2 bdm homes, ea. on 1 A.
ground at Days Creek. Chas. Nlmilc Days
Creek. JE 2-4314. Canyonville.
for siooo equity in modern 1 room house.
UN 3-3358, Myrtle Creek.
WILL TAKE car or car and "cash lor equity
in beaulltul 3 bdrm home, 1310 NE Klam
ath. See alter 2 p.m.
NEW i BR home In NW VVInstonAuto7"oil
heat, lge garage, city waler and sewer.
SII.5O0, $1000 dwn.OS9-8473.
THREE BDM house, hwd floors, plastered,
frpls, gar. Lg. lot. Good area for children:
Priced lo sell.1939 SW Linnell Ave.
FOR SALE'OR TRAOE4 Unit furnished
apt. house. In Roseburg. Consider acre
age. PO Box 308. Eagle Point, Ore.
NICE 3 bdrm. house on extra iq. lot. S
miles so. town, 9.SO0. OR 3-8198 alter
5 p m.
THREE BEDROOM homeon sewer. Full
price $3,000, small down payment. OR
3 8898. 1517 Booth St.
OWNER ot" 6 So. Calif properties' wants
trade lor ranch this area, 9741 Juniper,
Fontane, Calif. .
$1000 down, $75rnonthwlll buy modern "2
brim home near Mark's Shopping Center.
Ph. OR 2-3670. ' .
IN SUTHERLIN, For Sale 3 bedroom home,
large rooms, separate garege. landscaped
hillside location on sewer, near schools and
shopping. One ot Sutherlln's nicer homes.
Phone 3971, 5-7 p.m.
FIVE rm. "modern house,' V7w" A.' All "till
able, under Irrigation, now In permanent
pasture, $15,000. Take trailer house as part
down pymt. Phone UN 3-3075, Myrtle
Creek, Ore. '
TWO BDRM. Ig. living room carpeted Din
ing area, kitchen with dishwasher. Hdw.
floors throughout. Alt. gar with utll. Dbl.
drive nnd cemented patio. Fruit trees, gar
den area and lawn. $9,750. Terms. Ph. OR
NEW 3 BR home on N. Umpqua river,
approx. 2O00 sq. ft., 3600 including patios
and carport. Family rm ISxIf has urt
uual fireplace. Barbecue on back patio.
2 balh, Roomy vardrobs plus ettra stor
aoe space. Large kitchen with bum-in
range and oven. Exterior construction fire
prool. Fully insulated. Sprinkler and Irri
gation system. Lot 100 x 450'. Price s?4,.
500, which Is tlO per tt. If you are short
on down payment, but long on Income, we
can still deal. OR 3-466.
Two bedroom noma near Mark's Market.
Oil floor furnace. Fenced in back yard
with pallo, Assume FHA payments ot Ml
month Near school Irrrmedlalt posses
sion. $1,000 with $2,000 down.
Roy O. Young & Son
OR 3 6471 or OR 21St
NEW 3 bedroom home lut completed Wt't
side. All electric kitchen, birch cabinets.
1 bat hi Attached narage Sewer m and
paid. Street will be paved and curbed.
Lawn in Fireplace in kitchen and living
room. Beautifully finished.
Coll OR 3-4101
Sold My House
List With
Multiple First
Helen Glenn
Real Estate
Cor. Kane 4 WashinRton OR 2 3692
Big - Bright - And - Beautiful
DFSCRiBFS this feaHire-o.: $ barroom
home with spare galore' 3 bM, ( f. ,
pttf, full 6 $ti vears old. 4
biOvM trom down town. UJ 000,
Wentsirte S bWoom, taroe living room
tiAQMooe fireplace, amo n At:
techd 3ar garage, tweed air furnace,
separate illtv Rooted pal and fencd
yard. Jewor paid for. A buy at IU.900 I
tf M
v t
By J. R. Willijmi
Real Estate
TWO BEDROOM, w-w carpet, oil furnace.
! Lge. rumpus room, fireplace In basement.
I Hardwood floors. On city sewer, FHA. OR
J-J4J or OR 2-1577.
COMPLETELY furnished I bdrm home In
west Roseburg dist. Has large garage,
workshop and store room. Move right in,
so.yjv - saw aown. or 3-243.
$500 DOWN with buy this neat and clean
2 bdrm home on oaved street and sewer.
close to store and city bus line. Quick
possession, S7,S50. OR 3-7243.
318 NW Garden Valley Blvd.
OR 3-8001
I CLOAKS FERRY HOME this attr ac
tive 3 bdrm. home, beautifully landscaped.
Fireplace, elec. heat, covered patio, en
closed back yard, lots or storage. $13,900,
2 Vi acres. 1 mile lo Post Offfc. 7 bdrm.
home, large garage, oil heat. (7,500 rea
sonable down.
3 11 acres Garden VaHev. All in alfalfa,
well lor irrigation. $13,200, t9U dn.
Jim Bauer or moss
Barnharl OR 2-3931
' OR 2-37
3 BR. HOME near West side schools and
shopping center. Living-dining rm, fire,
place, handy kitchen, lice utility, bath,
attached garage, fenced yd- Immediate
possession, rental, pending loan. Own your
own home, lust $9,950.
Approx. 17 Ac.
AC WATER RIGHT. Alt tillable S br.
mod. home and 1 br. home. Good oulbldgs.,
family orchard and pasture. Takt i br,
home In trade, $22,000, terms.
Fullerton Realty
723 N. E. Stephens
Dial OR 2-3172
CHOICE WESTSIDE Locati.". Three bed
room, 2 baths, birch kitchen, double car
port, covered patio. Let us show you
this one! The low price Will SURPRISE
ONLY 3 of these large lots south of town
left. Hurry! Low down payment. Low
monthly paymenlsl
market. Always occupied and listed way
below reproduction cost.
Coll Bob Dishman
S. . E. Rose Street
Office OR 3-44H
Home OR 2-3794
AT THIS Diamond Lake cabin you can relax and forget your caras this summer. To
help you "rough it" is included 110-320 electricity, refrigerator, electr c-wood range,
lurnlture, and boat dock. Ground rent is $15 per veer, taxes $8. $5,500 Is the price on
this happiness tag. (PS. don't dream only of the 7 oound trout caught here, be
cause this It alio destined lo become a winter playground. )
ONLY 3 left. For that futuro home overlooking the beautiful North Umpqua River,
the Whistler's Park Estates are tops. Todays best buys at $1,750 each, on terms.
1530 SQUARE feet on ground floor, plus over site garage and huge attic you can usa
for playroom or hobbies, tpells a good buy on this king sire home. No small
rooms here. Located In newer area near Garden Valley Blvd. Shopping center.
Paved street and sewer. Already FHA financed. $14,300.
MELROSE ROAD, 3 acres with 3 bedroom ranch style home an river frontage
on boating waler. Owner will redecorate to your colors at the $11,750 price.
SOUTH Side big 2 bedroom well built homo with oil furnace, doublv garage, tire
place and piclur windows, WW on easy terms.
WE CAN offer you a choice of several nice 3 and 3 bedroom home on sewer and
paved street al il0 lo S450 down. These have fine perimeter duct oil furnaces,
with choice of fireplace, carports, shop space, view lots or level tots.
Bring Us Your Listings
Roseburg Realty Cr Ins.
Umpquo Hot, I Lobby
Roteburg, Oiijon
OR 2-3344
1 NORTH ROSFBURG new 3 bedroom home, mahogany built-ins. tiled bath, elec
trie baseboard heal, attached garage, hardwood floors, etc This new home nearly
completed it listed at only $13,000. Excellent G.I. opportunity, ;
1N6WTON CREFK HOME 3 bedrooms, attached garage, hardwood floor, fire
piece, fully plastered and attractive. Priced at $10,750 with $J,J50 down to assume
present loan or very low down payment to qualified G. I.
3 NORTH ROSEBURG ) bedroom home on approx imalety W acre. Priced at
$e?50 with down payment at $1350.
ROSEBURG 4 bedroom home situated sn It. Mother Ave. Priced at $1000.
Owner wishes lo traoe for Reno, Nevada property.
5 ROSFBURG 4 furnished apartments elate' In to City center. Priced at $11,500.
Owner wishes to trade for Reno, hev progeny.
ROSEBURG OWr houte converted Into a dun'e Good rental oroperty situated
on S E. Pint St, Total price $T00 with necessary down payment of $1500.
Stevenson Realty Needs Your Listing
(especially J bedrooms on G.I.)
Stevenson Realty
A Complete Realty Service I
967 S. E. Pine Phone OR 2-1614
Kvcnms . '
Fisher OR 3-7100 Raskin OK 34272 Stevenson OR S-J7M
Winston Dillarrl area sales Jeannett Biickleair. OS 9 5040 I
farm and Ranch sale OrviJlt Sconce, Sutherlin 266$ ,
Real Estate
OWNER going to sell new three
room home under cost.
Can oe financed 3 ways.
See dav or night
im Linnell Street.
Interested In A New Home?
Over 400 plans to choose from.
The low cost will surprise you.
Call OR 3-8148
Home Builders Inc.
Lackey Real Estate
An Exchange For Buyers
& Sellers
Over 1300 sq. ft. to roam In. Oeep wall
to wall carper covers large llv. and dm
rm., 3 generous-size bdrms. roomy bath
and utility. Huge pano witn fenced back
yrd.. walnut tree, new outside paint.
Sewer connected. Owner will sell for
si 5,000. Terms.
INSIDE RANCH DESIGN as well ai outside.
Natural wood thru-out. Stunningly different.
Massive flreplece, hdwd firs, colored bath
fixtures, sep t Irge din rm. J car enclosed
garage and workshop. May we show you
it's other fine features Incl. 2 acres free
soil and trees. Near Country Club,
bdrns, trplace, panel elect, htrs, carport
wirn irge par area, i walnuts. 11X24 cov
patio, woodshed, fenced backyard. A pleas
ant home. We are glad lo show.
NO-DOWN PAY on several nice 2-3 bdrms
on Federal G.I. Call today for showings.
413 SE Jackson OR 21659
Eve's call OR 1-430, OR 2-U41 or OR 3-4241
Wiley's For
Real Estate
Suburban 2 Acres
LARGE 3 B R. Willi den. oil forced draft
furnace, lots of storage, oak floors, fire
place, garage and car-port. Over 1900
square feet. Price 824.000.
Do You Work North
. Of Town?
LARGE 3 B R. 1'j baths, ell furnace. ? car
garage, fireplace. Wall to wall carpeting.
Beautiful view. $16,000.
10 Acres Mature Walnuts
WITH RIVER frontage. Best of Garden Val
ley son. Good income, no buildings. Pint
site for home. SK.000.
West Side Spacious Home
3 BEDROOMS, dining room, living room Is
20x15 tt. with fireplace. Picture windows.
Family room in full view of kitchen also
has a fireplace and glass doors to a patio.
Perimeter oil heat. 2 baths. Back yard
cyclone fenced. River frontage best of
soil. No traffic. 2 car garage, sprinkler
Real Estate
OR 2-2629
R. B. Springer. Eves. OR 3-3903
Real Estate
RUSTIC 4 bedroom home in good condition,
approx. 60 acres tillable, balance good
grass land, large orchard. 5 good springs
and priced to sell $14,000.
THIS It an older home In good condition
with modern conveniences on sewer and a
beautiful lot with large garage and extra
bedroom. Full price $8,500 with- very good
WELL LOCATED for sale or trade. All goes
tor tl ,soo.
TWO BEDROOMS, delightful kitchen with
built-in range and oven, nice living room,
hardwood floors, plastered interior. You
will like this one. Just $5,400 with S1.20C
or less down.
1073 ACRES with 3 bedroom older home,
good barn and large machine shed. Over
one mile river frontage, 2 live creeks.
SO head white face cattle. 3 bulls registered.
Long and complete list of farm equipment.
$15,000 with 29 par cent down. .
806 S.E. Cass OR 2-1413
Lou 8 a wet t
E. H. "Doc" Pocodc
Elton Zuver
OR 2-3831
OR 3-825
OS -5339
Real Estate
FIRST TIME offered. Nice view Home. Two
bedm, full b,semenl, 2 fireplaces, large
I carport. In city limits. Full price, SI1.N0.
THREE BEDROOM hso witn 4 acres. Level
land. About a ml out. Full price. S.500,
82500 down; owner will carry balance.
Williamson Real Estate
1157 NE Stephens
OR 3-.3M
Salesman: Oakley Bibby OR 21503
NEAR JOS LANE SCHOOL. . . 3-Bedrooms,
l' baths, birch kitchen, dinette, targe
living room with view, oak floors, full plas
tered, insulated, inside utility, large at
tached garage and storage, nice patio and
yard. Only 3 years old nd only $12,750.
Pay $7650 down and State G.I. Mfg. for
$10,100. MM may ba assumed r-y qualified
buyer. (Won tag oil perimeter teat)
ROSE SCHOOL two blocks. 3-bedroom, very
attractive and IMMACULATE, inside and
out. Attached garage. Corner lot. You
will appreciate tha QUALITY construction
and practical arrangement. . .close to
DOWNTOWN. Only $9,750, $100 down and
$75 monthly will buy tt. (Fir. Furn. or
tieci. neaii.
Lee Jones Realty
433 W. Military Ave.
(West of Oak St. Bridge)
OR: 2-2511
CHARLES MUMBY, Salesman. Ok J-730S
LESLIE BLACK, Salesman. OS 9-8612
Real Estate
Attractive ? BR weslside home, one-third
acre, well landscaped, hdwd floors, cir,
fireplace, compact kitchen and dinette,
covered breezeway to Ig. garage with '.i
bath. Patio and fenced back yard. A rea
sonable price at $io,wo. Call for appoint
ment. Fisher Rd., access to N. Umpqua River, Vt
free son acres, with la roe i BR. redecor
ated home, breezeway and garage, hdwd.
floors, fireplace, cool top furnace, well
lighted kitchen with dining area, inside
utility, double wardrobe closets in both
bedrooms, extra storage cabinets. Low ta:
as of $105 attractively priced at $11,500
witn $3500 dn, balance $74.50 per month
inc. Taxes, Ins. with only 4t",m Interest.
10 acres lower garden Valley, ranch style,
2 BR home, -fireplace, 2 baths, lo. alt.
garage, barn and storeqe bldg., Ig. family
orchard, patio with fireplace. Ideal for
norses. vtifi trade for Ig. home In town.
Full price $19,000. V
Multiple Listing Member
725 SE Chadwick St.
Phone OR 2-3444
$7950 NICE 9 BDRM rn Westside, close
to shopping center.
$10,500 LOVELY 3 BDRM on oaved street
ago sewer r-or ceo air Tur.nace, ndwo floors
and fireplace, be quick like a bunny to
Duy inn one.
$15,400 SEE THIS brand new 3 bdrm,
bath and a half on paved street and
sewer. It's a beauty.
$13,900 FOR QUICK SALE the owner
otters this 3 bdrm, bath and a Half.
Swedish fireplace, natural paneling in kitch
en and dining rm. on paved street and
sewer for $900 down and assume hit FHA
loan payable al $104 a month.
$17,500 A REAL FAMILY home 3 bdrms
2 baths, daylight basement. This home
has ail the conveniences of true family
living. Birch cabinets, dining rm, entrance
hall, both baths have ceramic tile. Play
room with fireolace and bur-be-que, large
work room tor tether, mother's utility
fs perfect for Ironing, sewing and has
complete cabinet unit with sink. On large
lot with a nice view. Ask us about fi
nancing. We have many good listings on
homes, acreages and income
property, let us know what you
"We can always use another good
listing" .
916 S. E.
Washington Ave.
'. OR 3-5594
Eveninqs call
Iris Reinarf
Roy Keller
OR 3-1?A
OR 3-7173
2 BEDROOM modern home on 50 X 100 lot.
Vinyl plastic linoleums. Lots of kitchen
built-ins. Carport and storage room. Only
$7,500, substantial down payment.
ONE OF THE best and most aitractive
homes in Newton Creek area. 3 bedrooms
with large closets. Hardwood floors
throughout. Carport and patio, plus garage
ued for utiliti and storage. Large lot
with beautiful lawn and shrubbery. Only
? BEDROOM. EXTRA nice home on M X 110
level lot. 15 X 21 living room with fire
place. Good slied bedrooms. Double gar
age. gas floor furnace. Sewer in and paid.
Use your G.I. or F H A. A home you can
be proud of. $14,500.
265 A FARM. ust off highway 4? Large
nouse, large earn, gramery, permanent
pasture and a good dam and pond where
you can catch your own trout. Owner
has large Cat. and will c'ar some more'
ground tof you. Price $37,500, one-third
Roy O. Young
& Son
r i.
S. E. Cast A it. t-'-citk ftidg.
Phone office OR 3-il
Evening call LeNor Kruie. OR J-?5
(except Friday evening ar4 SituMa)
5 Bus'ess Opportunities
FOR LEASE OR SALE Commercial building.
1771 No Steohens. 5000 jq. ft, clear soan 1
bldg. Lot 100 x 18A' Phe-ie OR 3 644 !
WANTED party to manage and ooxate
fully equipped restaurant. Season starts
Ester. Must be financially able fo stock.
Good deal Phoni GY
!6 Loans & Financial
WANT real estate contract. Will pay with,
j ceh and income proo?riy. OR " 651? j
WNTEO discounted contract, alto equities.
Phone Oft Or OR 3-4C91. j
REAL ESTATE LOANS V $3,500. Automobile'. i
furniture and sionturt loo"S. Commercial i
lnrtuf'ial Finance Corpcrat'On. Ilj SF Oak.'
Of 3-it.
Home e na and Co-ratd
Loans ur I v( I
On moer ven e'es and fvrf tue
7? Sf Aetrt'rtOton OR J-S581 (
9 Sleep, Board, Rooms
OfltC'OUJ HOVt COOK nee rtws.
Jo A n s Houm. OR 3-77 i
10 Apartments
Unfurn. J bedroom duplex. West side. Adults
only. $75. OR 7-Vi after 4 p.m.
ONE BR Ium7 apt. r Westhilf Apts., 2617" W.
Harvard.All uitipd
SPACIOUS TWO bedroom aDartmef.t, pic
ture windows. OJl 3-3092.
I Unt OK, upstairs apt. rum. tw ie my
r.ntr DO 1.7051
TWO BDRMS, unfurn. Radii-, heat, water,
range, frig. Garage. 1541 SE Stephens.
FURN iSHEDand unfurnished 2-bdrm apis.
OR 2-2448.
PLEASANT 1 Bdrm furnished apt. Clo:e to
city center. Adults, no pets. OR 3-8244.
C L E ATTVrm .""turnTllairAdu It s. OR 23270.
1243 SE Stephens
FURNISHED 5-rm apt. Heatfd. Carpor?,
Couple, only. )332 SE Douglas
THREE rm. Turn, apt. Adults. No pets.
647 SE Flint.
CLEAN 1 bdrm, apt. furn., adults7new
home, walking distance. OP 3-892 eves.
TWO attractive" apts."t blk7rornost "Office.
Laundry facilities. OR J-7.
UNFURN. 1 br duplex apt. Elect, heat'.
Neat and clean. Adults only no pets. Call
. at 1019 SE Roberts Ave.
2 BEDRM unfurn. apt. Carport, basement.
Nash and Freemont. Formerly Lock wood
Apts.PhMrsLloyd, OR 2-1090.
BACHELOR apt. furnished, 2' "rooms, bath
and utility room. 230 NE Ivan St.. OR
2- 2329 eves and weekends.
TWO BEDROOM fu"rn."aptLarge weTl ventf
la led rooms. 462 Winchester St., Adults.
FURN. like new large 1 Br, 4 rm, duplex"
type apt. Nice quiet SE side loca. OR
3- 3&5B, OS 9-6874.
MOTEL UNITS all ;.ectnc with kitchens.
Linens, utilities furifshed. Wfncnester Mo
tel. (Old Hwy. v No.) at Winchester
FURNISHEDapir Light, clean 3 rrns-and
bath. 4 blks from town. Off-street parklnp.
Lights, water, garbage serv. turn. Adult4.
320 SE Pine:OR2-3409.
COMPLETELY furnished", attractive apt. for
2 school teachers or couple. Adults only.
Wall to wall caroeting, plenty of do-els
and cabinets. Close lo town. Rent reason
able. Phone 2-1955.
Kohlhagen Apts.
' Jackson St. at Lane Ave.
Modern, reasons &io rent
"A Good Placa Live"
Ground floor, private entrance and bath.
Lg. closet and t'orage. Tile dra inboard
. and shower. Modern, attractive. Eaty up
keep. Adults. One Westside, one east. $50
mo. OR 2-1577.
1-2-3 bdrm. apts., furnished or unfurn. Wa
ter and garb. serv. provided also heat in
some. All have ust of swimming pool.
Rents from $63 up.
Terrace Apts. gas equipped OR 3-5487
Winchester CI. Hot water heat OR 2-1445
Vista Homes Hot water heat OR 2-43S8
Westvue Ct. Washer-dryer OR 2-1503-2-254?
Oakhfll Apts. Radiant Heat OR 3-4340
And Then There Were 2!
TWO nicely turn. 1 Bdrm. apts. Private en
trance, lovely surroundings, auto. Indry,
fac, quiet. Adults only. References.
Shady Point Trailer Sales
I mi. So. Hwy 99 BR
OR 2-1438
Two bedroom unfurnished house. OR 22350,
Chester, $35. OR 3-4368.
SMALL furnished lower duplex, utlL pafdU
$60. Phone OR3-644l.
ONE BEDROOM turn, house $50. 1183 W.
LookingglassRd.OR3-7920. (
NICE 2 bdrm unfurnished duplex, westsidi
REFINISHED, like new, 3 room house.
Close In. Adults. OR 3-7183.
UNFURNISHED 2 bdrm housed 240 NE Ivan,
OR 2-2329 eves and weekends.
TWO Bedroom house, utility, (S rooms). OS
v-bww for particulars.
TWO BDRM hwse7"wa Iking distance. Atfulti
only. No dogs. 326 SE Cass.
FURNISH"EDhbu3ekeeingTcablns. 205uN6
Stephens. Roseland Auto Court.
WINSTON Furnished 1 bedroom duplex.
lower 5T., 05 9-57OT.
CLEAN CABIN 2 rooms, bath,, furn. $45 ma.
pius uiii. OS V-513Z Winston.
TWO Bdrm, unfurn. house In Littla Valley
SJS. OK 3-466.
ONE TO FOUR Bdrm homes for familtet
or single elderly 65. OR 3-6548.
ADULTS ONLY. Modern, clean, 4 room
house. Call OR 3-8119 after 3 p.m.
FURNISHED 1 BR house; adults, no dogs.
4831 N. Stephens.
THREE rooms, bath. Unfurn. 5 blocks town.
AQUI13, no OOgS. $48. OR 3-5431.
RiDOLE, 3 bdrm. homt in town. Hdw. '
floors, fireplace. Call TR 4-2364.
NEWLY redecorated 2 bdm home. Roomy
living area. .aii uk i b.
CLEAN 2 BEDRM partially furn. hst In Win.
SlOni $60. O5Y-5510.
SMALL furnished house in Grten district.
warturnisnea, inquire i?34 Sw Castle,
fwo BEDROOM unfurnished" liouseTPhone
OR 3-5183 after 4 p.m. No objection l
children or pett.
FURN. DUPLEX, suitable for man of young
coupie; uk j-azo.
MODERN 2 bedroom duplex. Plumbed for
wasner, dryer, can furn. refrig., range.
Near Vets. OR 2-T497.
TWO room furn. hse with garage, for "singln
pursun or wonting couple. UOSO in. 171
SE Houck.
FURNISHED 1 and 2 bdm. cabins. Water,
garbage disposal furnished. Hartz Cabins.
285 Diamond Lake Blvd. OR 3-3368.
FIVE BEDROOM-HOUSE, big lot, in-city.
Might take partial rent for improvements,
OR 3-6091 or OR 3-6193
ONE BR mod. cottage with carport, unfurn.
near josepn Lane school. Water pd. $4
mo. Williamson Real Estate, OR 3-4502
TWO Bedroom, 1945 NE Oswego, nearschoo1
$75 mo. available after March 20, OR
3-3449. OR 3-4825.
TWO BR unfurn. house ' on paVedstree'
in Winston. Ret. req. Call at Union Oil
Station in Winston.
FURNISHED one bedroom cottage. Garbage
arm wmTr rurmsnea. waiKing distance to
town. OR 3-7116.
ONE BEDROOM, unfurnished, nice hout
wnh carport, on South Hamilton St. $55
per month. Williamson Real Estate, OR
ATTENTION LriggVrrndimber work
ers houses for rent, partly furn. and
redecorated. At old Assoc. Plywood camo,
13 miles up Little River. chool bus and
mail at door. GY -3Jl9
1 2 Trlr. Parks & Rentals
MODERN 35' I bedroom. Couple preferred.
OR 3-7665.
2010 NE Stations
Bst eccommmodstijn tor ii .irt trail,
er. Incl. ail electric. Paver $ts., land
scaped, big lawns, meters gas. I block
from Safeway.
Most RMtonabi Rates
OR 3-8506
13 Misc. Rentals
USFD CAR LOT - Excellent local iondown
town. OR 2-359J
14 Help Wanted
Eo. women for steady hou twork on ranch.
Ref. OS 9-1817.
OLDER woman to do fight" homework and
c-re for i g.ris n.ghti. OR J-39J5 during
RFGISTFREO NURSE "for" art time general
aduly 3-tl shift. Pari time notary ii? W
per shut, Anply Director of Nurses. Doug
las Community HoOitai.
ACT NOW RawU'Oh Business "avaiiao'e
in Unw Courfy, Faff scryire prov.d'd
from Portta.'vd warenoue No prv.ous
pav.onc or Cfn iovi".frt.nt n-r'vJ f
Mormet-on pSo Vr o. 6-ww i,
94? 7, or wr,tt Ra)flflhs, Aalin.
Oeuand. Calif.