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    a Th Newt-Review, Roteburg, Ore. Sot. July 27, 19571 QfficerS Not
Satisfied With
Story Of Death
' ftb ' :'
TO BE ORDAINED os a minister by the Seventh-day Ad
ventists Saturday at Gladstone Park campgrounds is Duane
Corwin, Roseburg ossistant pastor, right. Also to be
ordained at the ceremony is Merlin Kretschmar, left, of
St. Helens.
Roseburg Will
Host Jehovah's
Witnesses Soon
"Assembling together is one of
the chief Christian principles prac
ticed by Jehovah's Witnesses,"
says Charles V. Stefanich, overseer
of the Roseburg congregation.
So, some 900 members of Oregon
Circuit 2 are expected for a three
day assembly in Roseburg Aug. 13
through 18.
Stefanich aid the Roseburg as
sembly will be highlighted by the
showing of a color film entitled
"Happiness of the New World So
ciety." District Supervisor W. D.
Couch will give the major lecture
entitled "Removing the Barriers
Dividing Mankind.
Thirty members of the Rose
burg congregation have just re
turned from a five-day convention
in Seattle, Wash., which drew 16,
472 people.
Glendale Church Picnic
Scheduled This Sunday
Members and friends of the Oli
vet Presbyterian Church in Glen
dale have scheduled a politick pic
nic at Barton Park after the morn
ing services Sunday.
Informal clothes will be the or
der of the day at the 11 a.m. serv
ice, reports correspondent Mrs. G.
B. Fox.
After the picnic, an afternoon
worship will be held during which
the sacrament of baptism will be
administered to Cheryl Opperman
and Rowena Miller. During the pic
nic period, the Men's Brotherhood
will hold a meeting.
Missionary Candidate
To Speak At Azalea
The Rev. Roy Allen, son of Mr.
and Mrs. I.eo Allen of Azalea, will
he guest speaker at the Azalea
Community Church the first twp
Sundays of August, reports corre
spondent Mrs. (J. B. Fox.
lie is visiting his parents while
on vacation from (raining in Mex
ico as a missionary candidate for
Wycliffe Bible Translators. He re
rently showed colored slides of
Mexico at the final program of the
Bible school at the church.
Church Camp Set
For Glendale Area
Unior young people of the Glen
dale Olivet Presbyterian Church
wilt Hold a church camp at rir
roim, starting Sunday, reports cor
respondent Mrs. G. B. Fox.
The camp will conclude July 31
Boys and girls who will enter
grades four through seven this fall
are eligible to attend.
Members of the staff will in
clude: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Close,
cooks: Mrs. William Wunsch and
Mrs. Lewis Price, instructors; Mrs.
Riley Furlong, craft teacher; and
the Rev. Wayne Wattman, director.
Cuatamala's President
Armas Assassinated
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post equivalent to vice president.
Hut there also was talk that a
junta might take over.
( Reports received by (he United
Fruit Co. in New York said a
state of siege a modified form of
martial law had been imposed.)
Most Guatemalans went to bed
last night without knowing their
president had brcn killed. Calm
prevailed through the night.
The assnssina tion came as a
shock to Guatemalans. The coun
try had been quiet in recent
months after a period marked
wilh some violence.
Grief was mirrored in the faces
of those who left the palace. Weep
ing women stood at the doorway.
Mario Sandoval Alarcon, the
president's private secretary and
head of his don inaul National
parly, left the palace at 11:30
p m. with a submarhinegun under
ins arm. Rut his face was con
torted and he looked as though he
might burst into tears.
Soldiers were posted around the
palace and Us park grounds.
Castillo Armas, in 1955 paid a
stale visit to Washington where he
talked with President Kisenhowcr.
There have been several plots re
ported against his regime alleg
edly masterminded by Guatema
lans living abroad. Arhenr him
self is in exile in Kurope.
But Castillo Annas said last
November that such attempts
were "of no importance" and that
the country's economic and nolill-
'cal foundations were sound.
BURLINGAME, Calif, ii In
vestigators said Saturday they
were dissatisfied with a 19-year-old
secretary's story of the brutal
death of her socialite roommate.
Elaine Soule of Freeport, Long
tsland, N.Y., according to police,
said she killed Catherine Elvins,
19-year-old daughter of Dr. Rich
ard C. Elvins of Seattle, because
she wanted a $160 check made out
to the dead girl.
Miss Elvins, a secretary and stu
dent at San Francisco State Col
lege, was found Thursday with
seven stab wounds in her chest.
She also had been beaten with a
Police said Elaine told them she
killed her freind Wednesday morn
ing. She is to be arraigned on a
murder charge Monday.
"We're less and less interested
in the check as a motive, and
more and more interested in the
quarrels," Chief Deputy Dist. Atty.
W. Howard Hartley said. He added
Elaine had money in the bank,
and did not have the debts she
said she had.
A neighbor, Mrs. Ruth Gray,
said she heard the girls "arguing
all the time." She said she did
not know any reason for the spats.
Dr. Elvins and his wife arrived
Friday to make funeral arrange
ments. "It's unbelievable." the doctor
said. "We'd met the girl; she
stayed with us once in Seattle,
but we didn't know much about
her. We just can't believe it."
Ike To Sign UN
Atomic Energy
Agency Pact
Eisenhower will sign a pact Mon
day afternoon taking the United
States into an 80-nation inter
national atomic energy agency. It
is an outgrowth of the Eisen
hower 1953 atoms for peace pro
posal. American officials hope that by
that time either Great Britain or
Canada also will have ratified the
agreement, thus allowing the
United States t o become the
power to put the atoms for peace
pool into effect.
Twenty nations so far have
ratified, but Russia is the only
one of the five major powers to
have done so. The treaty becomes
operative only when 18 nations
ratify, including three of the five
major powers. The five are the
United States, Britain, France,
Russia end Canada.
h. .kma,mim l L II I. II 4! a,, i Sli,ttt,-i. ifri? rr I
WINS APPLIANCE Winner of a contest sponsored jointly by Horn's Appliance and
Nielsen's Market was Elnor L. Sherk, 1443 SE Main St., Roseburg. The electric dryer
was presented by representatives of the two companies, 0. A. Kennedy, left, Robert
Horn center, and Lester Nielsen. (Photo Lab)
Attorney Says
Brewster Not
Dodging Jury
SEATTLE W Teamsters
ion attorney Samuel B
Constable Wins
Bout With Leopard
says frank W. Brewster has not
attempted to evade a federal
grand jury subpoena and arrange
ments are being made for the un
ion leader to accept service of
The attorney's comment fol
lowed a statement Friday by U.S.
Marshal W. Budd Parsons that his
deputies had been trying since
July 11 to serve a subpoena on
Brewster, president of the West
ern Conference of Temsters, di
recting him to appear before a
grand jury convening at Tacoma
next Monday.
Bassett said he told Parsons
Brewster was in Seattle last week
end and later left twon on union
GRANBY, Que. W A 125
pound leopard tangled with a
Bassett I hefty police constable at the Gran-
by Municipal Zoo Friday night
The constable came out on top
after unloading his .38-calibre re
volver into the beast.
The zoo was crowded with vis
itors shortly after 8 p.m. when
the leopard leaped suddenly and
somehow managed to squeeze
through a seven-inch opening be
tween the bars covering his enclosure.
Veterans Loans
Policy Changes
Told Realtors
Oregon Game Commission
Sets General Buck Deer
Season Sept. 28 To Oct. 18
PORTLAND i - The Oregon son to run concurrent with the
Gan Commission Saturday set. pheasant season dates Bag limn,
the general buck hunting deer were set at five a day and not
easof fo he state to run 'romj over ten in possesion
- . . no linnh I Iff IH ailll all i lilt luiliiiini"." a... ,. "it Ul.'
r.T.V.v prnn from Oct. 19 ing of Jackson County sportsmen
These dates were tentatively
cnt inn weeks aco and were dis-
and ooencd an area to dove slutt
ing which had been closed under
the tentative proposals.
An additional closure on either
put into effect 'a
...... hu intprcstwi Darues u
: .... T,,rinDS the last of! sex deer was
:..ui.iT ..... h.M in Portland Fri-la small portion of Lake County
T'y " Another controlled deer shoot
There were these changes in . was set up for Nov. 16-17 on tree
ihe tentative regulations an-1 farms in Central Lane County and
nounced earner.
a inset, one e x season, uucu-
iug Oct. 26 on both east and west
side areas was decided upon.
Closing dates will remain the
same as announced earlier Nov.
11 on the Coast Range and Nov.
24 in the Cascades. In addition,
Josephine County was included m
the spike bull area.
The pheasant, quail and par
tridge season was moved ahead
one week, opening on Oct. 19 and
extending through Nov. 4. The
commission said that because of
excellent brood counts, Jackson
and Josephine counties will b
opened for valley quail, the sea-
Martin Mol New
Eagles President
Recently adopted policies of the j
Veterans Administration lowaru
shortening the delays in process
ing direct loans to veterans for
home and farm home building
were explained to members of the
Douglas Realty Board at its meet
ing late this week.
The board heard a request from
H. E. Wilson. VA assistant chief
loan officer from Portland, for the I Leahv of Wenatchee. Wash
realtors cooperation and assist-1 in ', snecch to the convention,
lance in the processing of the di- j Sen. Richard L. Neuberger (D
childrcn reel loan applications in order to Ore) urged a change in the so
cial security law to include a sys
tem of medical care and protec-
of Detroit is the new grand worthy
president of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles.
Mol was elected Friday at the
organization's 59th international
convention. He succeeds Lawrence
As men, women
stared in horror, the animal j aid in the over-all process of the
jumped to the roof of a nearby bans.
building when it roamed about j Speed-up in obtaining the loans tion in addition to existing com.
and snarled menacingly. Them has been secured in the new VA I nonsaiinns
there was a rush for the exits. I policy toward direct loans which j Neuberger proposed financing
Constable Marcel Naud was , eliminates some of the prercqui-; such care through an additional 2 1 young trees
nmnntf nnlioa cnmmnnnH Vthnn ha ...L.:..U I...... V. ,1 ..... .....l.,.! ..... i, , , i
...umo i'""v ,u.iiii.uii,u, .it sues wiiiiu nave uci.ii uciiiaiiuuu npr cent Davrou level snareu
portions of Linn County A total
of 2,000 tags will be issued for
this controlled shoot.
The commission also granted a
proposal by Clatsop County hunt
ers and extended the buck season
there for three days. In this area
the general buck season was jet
from Sept. 28 through Oct. 21.
The commission said a complete
synopsis of the regulations will on
available to the public in three or
four weeks.
At Friday hearings, these
changes were suggested:
The Oregon Wildlife Federation
called for a ban on doe hunting j
in all of Central Oregon.
Mcdford's Oregon Sportsmen's
Club urged a one-year closure on
hunting of does and fawns.
State Sen. Harry Boivin of
Klamath Falls protested the pro
posed eithcr-sex season in Klam
ath County and Francis Sell of
Rivprlnn asked th.lL nnlv hllrlr
Martin Mol deer be hunted in the Coquille
A buck season from Sept. 28
through Oct. 21 and a doe season
from Oct. 19 through 21 was wc
ommended by the Oregon Wildlife
Federation. The group also urged
an elk season from Oct. 26 through
Nov. 17.
W. L. Bach, Lakeview, asked
that Southern Lake County b
closed to all deer hunting.
The Booth Kelly Lumber Co.
asked for a longer season in
Eastern Lane County tree farms,
claiming excessive damage to
business but arranged to keep in sauntered too close, the leopard t in the past before the loan was
1 U.. .l 1 Innnnn n him n.nnlj-l., .Ion... i -.1 f..u . u : .1.-
Argentine Vote
Slated Sunday
BUENOS AIRES Itf Argentinas
liveliest political campaign in
more than a decade ended today
with a final flurry of denunciations
and victory predictions.
Tomorrow the nation's voters
will elect a constituent assembly
to take up the job of rewriting tho
constitution of 1853. The provision
al government of President Pedro
Aramburu which threw out the
Peron - written constitution of 1919
says the assembly's main task
will be to limit the executive's
powers and specifically to prevent
the president from running for re
election. The would do away with
a provision that ousted President
Juan Peron put in so he could
surceed himself.
Aramburu has called for the con
stituent assembly to meet Sept. 1
and for general elections to be
held next February to choose a
constitutional government.
Peron, now living In exile in
Venezuela, has called for his fol
lowers to "vole in blank" to dem
onstrate the power he claims he
still wields in Argentina.
contact by telephone. ' leaped on him. Quickly Naud drew
I promised Parsons, that I nis revolver ana tired six snots
would tell Brewster about the
subpoena and arrange for Brew
ster to he served," Bassett said.
It makes it appear we are trv-
approved. Such things as the title
report and the engineer's survey
may now be submitted at a later
equally bv employer and employe.
The senator suggested that the
social security eligibility age for
women be lowered from 62 to 60.
lie recommended income tax re-
ing to hide him out, which is ri
diculous." The Tacoma jury is expected to
resume an inquiry into affairs of
Dave Beck, international Team
sters Union president. Brewster
is one of some 40 persons the
government plana to subpoena.
to the animal, which drew away
cowering, then collapsed. Naud
received superficial face, chest 1 He explained that the VA needed lief for persons over 45 bv permit-
and leg wounds. to streamline its processing be-! ting a deduction of 1 per cent of
Two sharpshooters then fired cause of the steady backlog of ap-1 total income for each year beyond
rifle bullets into the animal to nlications which r eraced ud to thai i
make sure it was dead.
Desert Town Innundated
By Heavy Flash Flood
GRANTS, N.M. Lfi - A bright
sun shone on the desert country
of western New Mexico Saturday
where last night all was flood
waters, stalled cars and the
downpour of rain
California Man
Dies At Motel
Of Heart Attack
A guest at a Roseburg motel
died from a heart attack Friday
night alter an attempt to revive
nun wun a resuscitator failed.
Roseburg Rural firemen were
called at 11:30 to apply the re
'suscitator to Lanny Guest, 15963
Valley Woods Road, Sherman Oaks.
new Neuberger also called for rein-
the statement of the GI bill of rights
for those now entering the armed
j services.
200 regularly. Through the
policy, it is hoped to trim
backlog down to about 50.
Wilson said that he was contact
ing the board and explaining the
new policy in order that interested
veterans could come directly to
the realtors for processing their applications.
The direct loan was adopted sev-i David Ralph Schnurstein, 22,
cral years ago bv the VA as a who gave his address as Seattle,
supplement to the guarantee loan. ' was sentenced to serve five days
David R. Schnurstein
Draws Five-Day Sentence
A petition with 526 names, sup
ported by the Jackson County
Izaak Walton League, protested
the proposed closure in dove hunt
ing in the county.
The Wildlife Federation also
asked that the Red Hat Day pro
gram be changed to the Yellow
Hat Day program. They said that
yellow is the safest color to wear
while hunting and that red is one
of the poorest.
Youth Must Pay
Cost Of Sign
The city of Giants awoke to Calif. With him at the time of his
mud-choked streets where the wat-1 death was his wife, Virginia, and
er of creeks usually but a daughter, Linda, 13. The family
trickle in the dry sand had j was traveling north on a vacation,
spilled over banks in the wake of Guest was an auctioneer of
violent desert thunderstorms late heavy machinery in Los Angeles.
Friday. The 40-year-old Southern Califor-
Traffic was moving east and
west on U.S. Highway 66 Satur
day morning after 1.8U0 cars had
been trapped by waters rushing
over the road.
Beck Pleads Innocent
To Larceny Of Funds
ma resident was born at
Mass., Oct. 25. 1916. The bodv
being returned by plane to Los
Angeles for funeral services and
interment. Chapel of the Roses.
Roseburg Funeral Home, is in
charge of local arrangements.
A 17-year-old Winston boy was
ordered to pay the cost of a new
"no parking" sign on Mosher Av-
The former applies to homes and! in the city jail this morning when'?"", this morning when he plead
farms upon which there will be a he pleaded guilty to disorderly j cd guilty to destruction of city
residence. When the direct loan conduct. property. .
was adopted it was intended fori Schnurstein was delivered to the The destruction came Friday
use in smaller communities where Roseburg police station Friday night when Stanley Jlilo Sherman,
there was a lack of available bor-1 night by a man who signed the the accused, lost control of the
rowing moncv, and it is much Complaint against him. Donald car he was driving and hit the
more often used here than the Schoultz. Schoultz. police said, had sign, which was driven through the
guarantee loan by veterans.
Masked Bandit
Robs Family,
Rapes Woman
Javelin Pierces Chest
Of Former Olympic Star
- A
INCHON, Korea i Men from
11 British Commonwealth units
left aboard a troopship today, end
ing seven years' service under the
U.N. flag in Korea.
Some 12.000 Rrilkh and Kaw
Zealand troops walked their posts
lor ine last time and then boarded
lilt IJIUI3M WUUISI1II Asuuias ior
the homeward voyage. Thcv leave
behind 1.112 dead. i
husky bandit, his face hidden by
a mask and dark glasses, broke
inln a Sarramentn mnlel r n n m
SEATTLE l.fl A plea of inno-! ' V earlv Saturday and raned vnnnu
cent to a charge of grand larceny LONDON A hurtling jave-!Los Angeles housewife in front of
in the use of funds derived from lin pierced the chest of a former her husband and three young
the Sale Of a Ullion-OWIled auto- lil itkh nktnmi- runner KatnrH.iv I sons.
momie, was entered in Mng Coun-, as he judged competition in the
tv Superior Court yesterday by event at a track and field meet
Dave Heck, president of the Team- at llurlingham Park,
sters I num. Hushed to London Hospital.
Beck s brief appearance was re- Stan Cox, 39, was listed in critical
stneted to a formal entrv of the rnmliimn
tried to break up a scuffle on a
Roseburg street Thursday night
plea, lie had been scheduled (or
arraignment next Tuesday but the
date was moved tip because he
leaves for Florida today on union
Dave Beck Jr., indicted on two
similar charges, will enter his plea
Police said the rapist escaped
after robbing the husband, Don
ald Beckett, of $70.
The attack occurred at about
3 a.m. approximately five hours
after the family checked into the
Cox. a marathon runner, repre-! motel, their first stop on a vaca
sented Britain in the 1918 Olym- j tion trip to Seattle,
pir Games in London and the I Beckett said the bandit ordered
1952 games in Helsinki. He was : him to throw his wallet, contain
the British six-mile champion in I ing S70, on the bed. The man
To accomodate passengers going to end
from work we find it neceuary to let our
schedules ohcad IS minutes. This will allow
busses to arrive at the Hotel Umpqua IS
minutes before the hour and half-hour.
We will continue our half-hour service to
all points except Newton Creek and Gar
den Volley where service will be hourly.
Set Monday's News-Review for a complote
lime schedule.
i Hungarian Exile Joins
I Wife In Portland
PORTLAND i.fl A rally In
support of a civil rights bill pend
ing before the U.S. Senate will he dorov, 27, a sandy-haired
held in Portland Sunday by the 1 from Hungary. Friday was
National Assn. for the Advance-1 united here w ith bis w ife, Kve
ment of Colored People. I The couple had been separated
Judge Carl Johnson of Kansas ' since last November, when Fcodo
City. Mo., will be the main rov fled Hungary after taking part
speaker. He will be introduced by ; in that nation's brief revolt
Secretary of State Mark Hatfield. 1 against Communism.
scooped out the monev and then
ordered Beckett and his three
sons, aged 7, 6 and 4, to lie face
down on the floor.
He then raped Becketl's wife,
Marjorie. 28. and escaped.
The family resumed their trip
to Seattle after reporting to police.
Four Thousand Mexican
Couples To Be Married
MEXICO CITY I - Four thou
sand couples are slated to get
married here Sunday in a mass
wedding ceremony.
The Social Security Ministry
will hold its ninth and orobablv
largest wedding service at the : c ,
National Auditorium. The civil!
ceremony will legally bind poor
couples who have been living to
gether on a common law basis but
who have been unable to afford
civil or religious rites.
windshield of the car.
Judge Randolph Slocum told the
youngster that a $25 fine wouid
be suspended on payment for the
replacement of the sign. A S5 fine
for driving without an operator's
license also was suspended.
The owner of the car. Lenzy D.
Young. 48. of 2120 SW Landers
Ave., was fined $15 on his plea of
guilty to disorderly conduct. How
ever, Young pleaded innocent to
furnishing liquor to a minor. Slo
cum set bail at $50 and the trial
Local News
The Mtrcy Hospital Auxiliary
will meet Monday, July 29. at 8
p.m. at the hospital cafeteria-
1'itnimitiiue i.rill Ha annmtnr-pH for
SEATTLE - Trowbridge i the coming parade of parties.
Electric Co. of Roseburg, Ore., I
was low bidder at S45.7O0 on a ! Mr. and Mrs. H. Jot Utnt and
project to improve electric now- their three nieces, Raina, Sherril
er facilities at the Burns. Ore
Air Force Station, Army Engi
neers reported Friday.
Second low was Slecck Electric
and Kay Chapman, have returned
to their homes in Roseburg, follow
ing a vacation trip through North
ern California and to Carson City,
Co. of Medford, Ore., at $48,000. i Virginia City and Reno
The population of the Federation
of Malava is estimated at 6.250.000
people. It is one of the world's most
productive centers of tin.
There's Only ONE-Place to Buy! It's The
Ranges Refrigerators Washers and Dryers
Floed Ave.
iu -i
T -J Ui
lu uj
A in
19J7 REFRIGERATOR Factory inn Qp
. IU7.7J
Fatrory Ell. Prict, 629.95 ....
Established Price, 279.93
Coen Supply Factory lit. Price, 449.93 3U.UU
Used appliances at give-away prices!
Hours: Ckily 5 to 9 P.M.
SUNDAY 1 to 5 P.M.
Pork on Mill St., walk in to tale.
Budget terms arranged. No exchange,
no refunds, all talcs final.
of the
Before constructing new buildings or
making additions to old buildings approv
al of the Zoning-Planning Commission in
this zoned area is necessary.
For building permits and information
contact Mrs. Chas. M. Stark, Box 660,
Route 2, Fisher Road, Roseburg, Oregon
or Telephone OR 3-5901 or OR 3-3996.
Thomas. C. Hartfiel, Secretary