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Eugene, Oregon
seburo Mn iies Do Tiryek Crash
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I - 2J XI s 1'- X' lUtablished 1873 14 Pages
GOES FLYING Judirh Gaye Hensley, Miss Roseburg, left
by West Coast Airlines Thursday morning for the Miss
Oregon Pageant at Seaside. She was in the safe hands of
Steward Jim Hughes and Capt. Bill Beatty of WCA. (Photo
Lab) Miss Roseburg Starts Long
Series Of Social Activities
In Miss Oregon Competition
Miss Roseburg started a long se-ied on talent. But it wasn't to be
rics of social activities and public announced until afternoon in re
appearances in Seaside Thursday. hearsals which division each girl
Judith Hensley of Sutherlin and would find herself in.
10 other girls from throughout Ore
Ron are in competition here for the
title of Miss Oregon. Actual judg
ing starts tonight at 8.
Seventeen-year-old Judith and
her chaperone, Mrs. Lowell Rho
den, flew to the north coast city
Thursday morning and, with the
other girls and chaperones. started
a round of social activities. This
morning, the girls posed for photo
graphers on the beach.
Tonight, about half the girls will
he judged in formals and swim
suits, while the others will be judg-
ail Term Given
On Check Charge
Pleading guilty Thursday in cir
cuit court to obtaining money by
false pretenses, Vernon J. Shad
ick. 21. Rt. 4 Box 552, Roseburg,
was sentenced to one year in the
county jail with probation to be
given after 30 days is served.
Judge Charles S. Woodrich im-
posed the sentence and terms of
probation which include making
restitution ot au money ouiaineui
with worthless checks. This must
be done within 60 days after re-:
lease from jai , Woodrich ruled, or
Shadick will be returned to jail,
to complete his year sentence.
Shadick was charged wun casn-i
mg a fraudulent $5 cheek at a serv-
ice siauon nowevei, '" Nancy Weninan. Portland; Doris
nut ed cashing others although he pilaczynskil Springfield; and Pa
could not recall the amount in- u.icjirRaw Hiiehev. Mclslinnuill.
volved. ,
Thursday morning, when Shad -
ick appeared in district court
where he was held to answer in
circuit court, he received a S35
fine on a charge of basic rule
violation. He had been scheduled
to appear July 10 on the charge
and a warrant had been issued for
his arrest.
Hiblelt. 32. snatched her 2-year-old
daughter from the path of an on
coming car yesterday, then col
lapsed and died.
Doctors said she apparently had
a heart attack.
In The Day's News
Speaking the other dav in I-on-lut
don. where the American Bar As-!
soeiation is holding its annual con-
vention this vear, U.S. Attorney ! cided to open their stations Sun
General Brownell (old his fellow day hereafter on an alternate ba
lawvers that as a general principle sis. according to Steve llarryman,
all world arguments should be set-i station proprietor.
tied in court in an INTERNA-
TIONAL court. Specifically, he ;
said, a "total" international court!
system is the best way to end the '
risk of nuclear war.
He added:
. .,, . . . ,
ne musi seme in ernauonai
"'T'" ?; Z "-aM""a" "V1 "'
a uiiuri a II lilunai
Winch wilt command general con-
lie suggesiea inai nrnain ann
(he United States work together
to establish such a court.
Historically-, nf course he
right. There can be no denial of
that. Until courts were established.'
mankind was ruled bv the
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The Weather
Considerable cloudiness tonight.
Mostly cloudy Saturday.
Highest temp, last ?4 hour
Lowest temp, last 24 hours
Highest temp, any July
Lowest temp, any July
Precip. last 24 hours
Precip. from July 1
Preeip. from Sept. 1
Dtfic. from Sept. 1
Sunset tonight, 7:42 p.m.
Sunrise tomorrow, 4:57 a.m.
. 109
.. 40
Reverse Appearances
Saturday night, those judged in
talent on Friday evening will ap
pear in formals and swim suits,
while the rest will be judged on
Judith and the others had break
fast with judges this morning, and tonstall (R-Mass) said Eisenhow
will again Saturday morning. jer sent word he wants the bill's
Also on the agenda for Judith ! right-to-vote section approved
Saturday is a ride through the ' without major change,
city in a convertible as part of the I Sen. Knowland of California,
will come an afternoon lea with
aiiss uregon Pageant parade. Then
Seaside hostesses.
Gov. Robert D. Holmes will
crown Miss Oregon Sunday after
the final pageantry at 2 p.m. That
show will be among (he five final
ists selected Friday and Saturday
The winner each night will win
a trophy, and a "Miss Congenial
ity" award wUl be voted by the
girls to the most popular among
I hem
i Parents Go Along
Also leaving for Seaside Thurs-
i day were Miss Roseburg's parents,
jir. and Mrs. A. C. Hensley.
other contestants are:
Judith Hansen, Astoria; Char-
,oUe shadiev st Helens;' Shirley
. staiham. Cnn Hav iinrp-n
, Morasch. Kuecne- .1 n 1
Darlcne Sanderson. Ilermkinn-I
D , w . .,,:
Kathleen Schneider. Parkrose-'
Finalists for Siimlav'. inrioina i
Will be chosen from the Friday
and Saturdav nioht nerfnrmaninc
CAIRO if, A fiv.t,,rv hniM
ing collapsed Jast night on 200 per-
sons celebrating a wedding, kill-
ing 63 and injuring 32.
Fatma. the veiled
bride in a !
while wedding dress
was among.
Srnn m Man-
mucu. nrr uriuugroom iuan-
' iioiinu wan bvi iwu.iiy :
Winston-Dillard Gasoline
Dealers Slafia Alternnfe
gur For Sundays
I , , , , , ,
I Based on a number of reasons. gasoline dealers association execu
mainly to take an additional ' tive board a secret meeting ir
day olf. the gasoline dealers of i
the Winston-Dillard area have de
He said that of the eight stations
there, at least three will be open i
each Sunday. Actually, he said, the D , T . .
stations would all like to close each Ktr inquiry
Sundav, but the present plan was1. llarryman was referring to the
ilraun' nn in favor riKinmnrs and inquiry made a couple months ai;o
" r .
dealers notn.
llarryman. who is also president :
nf 111,, llrnuiin Hp 31 aw, inp pa .
rs Assn.. explained that the deal-!'1
r , u-,.,' n.n.iw.rH ... c
. .' .
no reason whv there
hnilld be I
eight of us competing against one
another and nobody making any-
II,, nn ,1 nil -;,,,!,, " II. ,iiH !
.1" L". "Committee on Small Business. I
' ' " 'While little has resulted from the
Feel Gas War Pressure
Regarding the effects of the!
eas pnee war which has entan-1
nln.l manu H,,ln. in
area, but which up to now has bv-
! '"A1"?
iiniNiiy. iiHiryinan aoiuea inai sia-
lions there had "felt it."
He said that he wasn't blaming
al 1,... nr n,-i.. ., - .
at lower-price stations in Rosehur,
mi- ui-uiJic- wi in.-, eii-a mi 11 aiinii; :
ii mev are eoini; there anvwav
But he pointed out that the Win-
ston - Dillard dealers were trying to
compensate "loss with service"
and while "none have lowered"
their prices there, "some of
jut don't enioy a subsidy."
In mid week. llarryman attend i Small Business 'that we would get it. He refused to elaborate on the ; lits Assn. won hnnmable mention ! Nordic Plvwood Inc., 411 W. Cen- Hotel. Breakfast will be served un
eii with other tnen.'bers at (ftn Ml 'Am- MtiieV' bare statement of his resignation, in the national competition. 1 tral Ave. the parades will go down' til U:30.
Trial By Jury
Said Essential
sell (D-Ga) said Friday Southern
senators will use "every weapon
in our arsenal to deleat the civil
rights bill unless a jury trial
amendment is adopted.
His unmistakable notice of a fili
busteralthough he didn't use the
word was sounded after Presi
dent Eisenhower sent word to Re
publican senators he opposes this
or any other major change in the
bill s section on voting rights.
The administration measure al
ready has been stripped by a
52-38 Senate vote of a section to
empower the attorney general to
seek federal court injunctions to
enforce civil rights other than
voting privileges
The big issue now, as the Sen
ate nears the end of a third week
of debate on the House-passed
bill, is whether to require jury
trials in some contempt of court
cases arising from the enforce
ment of voting rights under anoth
er section of the legislation.
After a separate conference of
all Republican senators. Sen. Sal-
Senate GUI' leader, Drougni mis
I word to the conference after a
White House breakfast with Ei
senhower. Saltonslall. chairman of the Re
publican conference, said he ex
pected the Senate to reach a vote
on the jury trial issue by Tues
day. , ...
Part Of Blasted
Airplane Found
Searchers Friday found a blood-
'spattered wash basin which was
j blown out of an airliner along with I
la heavilv insured passenger
The basin and fuselage frag-
ments will be studied by Civil
Aeronautics Board and Western
1 Airlines experts in an effort to
solve the mystery of the blast
I which opened a big hole in the
twin-engine plane as it cruised at
10 000 feet early Thursday.
The basin and pieces of the
plane's skin were recovered from
the desert about 50 miles north
I West of George Air Force Base,
iwhere the airliner made a safe
emergency landing with its 12 pas
sengers and crew of three.
The bodv of S. F. Binslock. 62-
........ ..1.1 mt;..A KlnwlU iinli...nn.i
.": . , u ..J'
van'e he ico iters were to be
n" fow ov?r Ihe desert in a
search L- the bodv a
! search for the body.
W. S. McNamara. assistant
the chief of the CAB', inveUg-
linn r ivimn mnnl fiPM nn
uon division, inemiiiru iiccks on j
inc imam itnu uu a iduid
Isembly as blood.
Roseburg. As president of the
group llarryman said that he had
no comment to make on the gas
war situation in general at present,
nor would he elaborate on the
meeting other than to say that
;we are trying to get an lnvestiga-
'ion up here
u,, ,l ,, 4 t-tit
u' ""J1-"" i
. '"7'ed on 11 acres about 41 mile
. BlMl' " " " 'su'i
effrtrby major who, ale
e c?.np!L
ce-selling by the retail deal-
, el
Ilia nrii-a.
h . . . ;,.., :
. " i
IiriUeilUJT Willi UT
which is a working part of the FBI
efforts lo outward appearances, the
state association member hivi
.j ... I
r" ' t - "'"""
Uieir III VCSllgU II Vt' rCUlieSl. .
One of the most recent official
governor Mng
. . ... , .. , , , . ,
to a suit which has been pending I
iii iah miKcies juMice ioun
againsi seven major on companies j
-jOUM ,.J BUIIT llic IHIII Blrtll- W
;,, ln (hrowmg their ranks be-
anH in n.i,. inA..i -
hand such a move
lop officials of the local Lmp-l
qua Retail Gasoline Dealers Assn., yesterday. His first four-year term 1 get its trophy at the National Flv-lintn five sections. They are pets,
who were among the originators of expired in February. The Adminu-; ing Club convention in Denver bikes, floats, groups and individ
the effort for ao FBI investigation. -tratmn failed to reannomt him. al next week lnal Soft drinks and hallnnns will
have remained optimistic and point
tO "avMirance hV the Committee nn
hts Filibuster Threatened
Harry Holt Attacks
Murder Indictment
Against Mrs. Ott
The second-degree murder indict
ment against EdUh Ott for the
death of a Korean orphan was at
tacked Thursday by Harry Holt,
Creswell, who operates the "baby
lift" that placed the child in her
In a letter from Korea to the
Portland Oregonian, Holt said the
action against Mrs. Ott was an
"unjust and malicious attack" aim
ed at him and his work in bring
ing more than 200 Korean waifs to
Mrs. Ott was indicted for the
murder of Wendy Kay Ott, 22
months, Tuesday, one day after
Circuit Judge Charles S. Woodrich
cleared her of charges of "cruelty"
to other children in a dependency
hearing in Roseburg. The depend
ency hearing was brought by a pe
tition from Dist. Atty. Avery W.
Thompson, who sought to have
three children removed from the
Ott home.
Welfare agencies "have always
bitterly opposed our work with Ko
rean orphans, and we have known
that they would attack us at the
first opportunity," the Creswell
farmer wrote to the Oregonian.
Andrew F. Juras, assistant ad
ministrator of Oregon state wel
fare said, "Mr. Holt is assuming
the responsibility in placing these
cnuctren. Juras continued, "He
j feels that he is doing good work
and we have no questions about
nis intentions
Mrs. Ott is charged with causing
the death of the tot. Wendv. bv a
blow on the head on June 14. The
child's death was attributed in an
autopsy report to suffocation
brought about by vomiting.
Mrs. Ott is free on $5,000 bail.
Her attorney, Robert G. Davis, se
cured a delay until next Tues
day to file a motion.
Thompson commented that "ap
parently Mr. Holt doesn't know
what's going on down here in Doug
las County.
Dr. Adams Fined
After Guilty
Pleas To Charges
t HITS V,,.jr,,l in n,. lhn
Bodkin Adams was fined' 2,400
i .....j, utrai t..-
atjng ,aws ,, arcenVt cre.
mation, forgery and dangerous
drugs. He pleaded guilty to
of 16 charges against him.
The 58-year-old society physi
cian, acquitted last April in Lon
don's Old Bailev Court of a
charge that he drugged a wealthy
pi,elU ,a P. . V,cr
T'' Pleaded , innocent to the
other two counts against him here,
ami me luun uisiiiisseu ineiii.
y-, "Vo.ecu-
T- " r
Dr. Adams also was ordered to
In Friday's proceedings Adams
pleaded innocent to two charges
of forging a prescription under
Britain's National Health Service
and of fraudulently causing medi
cine and pills to be delivered to
a patient who was not authorized
to receive them under the nation
al scheme.
Prosecutor Melford Stevenson
told the court he accepted the in
nocent pleas and withdrew the
charges, with the judge's ap
proval. Among charges to which Adams
pleaded guilty were three alleging
he falsely stated he had no "pe
cuniary interest" in the wills of
three patients for whom he signed
cremation paptfrj on their death.
Tinker Bros. Bid High
For Salvaga Timber
Tinker Bros, of Roseburg Thurs
"" ciHi-n-u iiiu IllKII IHU oil ,
day entered the high hid on 165.000
board feet of salvage limber loeat
s east
"J'" " ,'i,Ue Hn"
0f ,he ",'",'a
.,. , ,
The Tinkers n.iid 11 3K! fur the
limber, which had been appraised
at Sums Thev h(mvi..ri iii i.i.
, . ..,. .... .
"' .'". on iw.wi leei
nf ln,,Uc f... .wi a
he' mt ed 'nr ' $Z
sand for Ifl.OOO feet of western
nra " omor species.
Tl, ..,1 u:.i.i
...f. . , ' ,. . ,
11 " ,"mi-l LU-, VlllUC.
Announces Kesignation
HON'f II I I t ' V Muwuti t Pp.
mull ran pnvprniir Numuid wi in,
- n
King, has resigned "effective at
the pleasure ul the President.'
lung announced his resiL'nalion
though the 70-year-old veteran o'
Hawaiian nntltll-S fnil"M hat-rl fnr
Defeat Of Bill
To Aid Schools
Disappoints Ike
House said Friday President Ei
senhower is greatly disappointed
that the House failed to pass a
school aid bill.
The President's views were
given to newsmen by associate
press secretary Anne Wheaton less
than 24 hours after the House
killed a I'm billion dollar school
aid bill about which Eisenhower
himself had expressed some mis
givings. When i reporter told Mrs.
Wheaton Eisenhower has been
sharply criticized on the ground
he failed to give strong support
to the legislation, she said:
"The President has expressed
great disappointment that the
House did not see its way clear
to pass a measure to meet this
critical shortage of schools."
Mrs. Wheaton did not say wheth
er Eisenhower had expressed his
displeasure to Republican leaders
of Congress, but she said "1 as
sume that perhaps there was dis
cussion along that line" in the
President's breakfast conversation
with Sen. Knowland, Senate Re
publican leader.
Eisenhower had said before
Thursday's vote that he was not
fully satisfied with the compro
mise school aid bill, but would
accent it. The measure, defeated
b' a five-vote margin, differed in
several major respects from an ad
ministration bill which would have
provided $1,200,000,000 in school
construction aid to the states.
Earlier. Rep. Kellcy (D-Pa)
author of the school aid bill, had
blamed the President tor Us do
Air Force Requests
Funds ForVanport
Rocket Storing
PORTLAND im The Air Force
has asked Congress for $370,000
to construct rocket-storing facili
ties at Vanport.
The rockets will be used by the
fighter-interceptor squadron sta
tioned at Portland International
Airport. Jet fighters from 11c-
Churd Air Force Base near Ta
conia and planes from a National
Guard squadron also may use the
The International Airport-based
squadron now uses rockets stored
in earlh-protected bunkers at the
The Air Force plan is opposed
by four members of the Oregon
congressional delegation and the
Portland City Council.
Three Democrats Senators
Morse and Neuberger and Rep.
Green have announced their
opposition to the move, as has
Republican Kep. Norblad.
Morse said it was "inconceiv
able that such an installation
would de placed in an area that
is directly adjacent to the heart
of a great city."
The Portland-based Air Force
squadron and the National Guard
group use 2.75-inch rockets which
are 4 feet long and weigh about
7 pounds.
Planning Croup
OKs Subdivision
A subdivision of 29 lots west of
Elkton, known as Anglers Acres
was approved Thursday night by
the County Planning Commission
The owner, Roy. II. Lewis, had
dedicated one largo lot on the plat
to the county parks.
Action on two plats is pending
before the commission. A 90 - dav
i extension was uiven to Rose
He.ghls Pla7 nortl of BosH,,, i
north of Newton Cn.ek and Parker
Kads. The extension was made to
allow the North Kiwhur Kanitarv
; Authority to decide on whether to
serve th .r,.i.
ncuon was noi lanen on cnggs
TMni f - . v. . -
' III? , I, ' 1
i Umpqua Flying Club
Wins Safety Trophy
SALEM, The I'liiixnia Fly
ing Club of Roseburg has won the
19."i7 Governor's trophy for safety.
The Slate Board ol Aeronautics,
which sponsors the safety program
among flying clubs, also announc-
, p(, mH, u)p (,,, pag piaCeO iniTO
nationally in the .af.-tv orourami
, ., , , ,
for such clubs.
The Knsehiiri? oi i'.ini;alion will
The Salem Pilots' Assn. and Lane
flUintV ('hand,!- of KlUH-Umnn Pi.
26, 1957
Future Crippled Children's
Hospital To Be Dedicated
Saturday At Boswell Springs
Dedication of the future home of
the Southern Oregon Hospital for
Crippled Children will take place
Saturday at the site on Boswell
springs between Drain and Yoncal
la. The ceremonies will get under
way at 1 p.m. with many state
and Douglas County dignitaries on
hand to take part. Making the prin
cipal address will be State Sen
Dan Dimick of Roseburg who will
be a representative of Gov. Robert
The dedication is the culmination
of over six months' efforts origi
nated by a group of Drain and
Roseburg businessmen and philan
thropists who undertook the pro
ject late last year. They directed
their efforts at revitalizing the na
tural resources and the extensive
building development already sit
uated at the site.
Work Toward Purchase
An option on the purchase of the
site was obtained, and since that
time effort has been directed at
outright purchase since the official
sanction of the board of directors
was obtained. Approval for the
hospital was given by a Portland
architectural tirm recently.
Location of the proposed hospital
is some two miles south of Drain on
a 22-acre site on both sides of old
Highway 99. The main building
which could be used to house some
50 patients, is located on the west
side of the highway. Mineral wa
ter runs from the springs on the
Future plans call for expansion
of the present facilities and audi
tions to house as many as 200 pa
tients as funds become available.
Efforts of raising money are being
made through sale of life memner
shio cards for $100 apiece and ac
tive yearly membership cards for
$5 apiece. Already si.uuu nas neen
added to the treasury with no runa
raising campaign since the an
nouncement of the hospital project
was made.
Dedication Committee
The dedication committee Satur
day will he headed by Ernest Sea
ton of Drain, trustee of the hos
pital group. President of the hos
pital group is Kev. urvii pratner
of Oakland. Officers nn the hospital
Dr. Munroe Is Elected
To Board Of Advenristt
Seventh-day Adventist Confer
ence closed Thursday night with
the re-election of Lloyd E. Biggs,
Portland, to his fifth two-year
term as conference president.
Also re- elected was Secretary
treasurer E. R. Sanders of Port
la nil.
New members of the executive
committee include Dr. A. D. Mun
roe, Roseburg; J. C. Hanse
Springfield, and J. D. Trudc, Med-
Fire Strikes Japan's
Antarctic Base Camp
TOKYO Fire struck Ja
pan's Antarctic base camp at the
South Pole Thursday, burning
down one hut and destroying files
of observation data, radio reports
from Ongul Island said.
The hut, ignited by a heating
stove, was mounted on a sled for
mobility. There were no casual
ties and the functioning of the
camp was not effected, the radio
message said.
15 Floats Are
In Parade For
More Entries
Fifteen floats have been entered Central Avenue in Sutherlin. Chil
in the annual Sutherlin Timber dren wishing to enter the parade
Days parade scheduled for 9:30 1 should contact Vera Holm by phon
a in. Aug. 10. it was revealed at
a meeting of the Timber Days
planning committee.
i . eei ngs oi wie cuiiiiinuce are
P.'" -ery Wednesday until
the weekend of the parade. The
group meets at 8 p.m. in the Suth
erlin City Hall.
Only one of the floats entered in
the parade is a commercial en
try, Mrs. Olga Biclman, parade
I chairman, said. An appeal has been
issued for more entnei in the
' parade, especially commerical
floats. Riding groups and indivi-
duals have been invited to parti-
A rhildrens narade will orecede
the mam parade. This year, thr
children's narade will he divided
be uiven to the children, who will
' fr.l-nt fi.l llw,ir nurailn in front tt
board represent most of the north
ern Douglas County communities.
AU of the 22-acre facilities will
be open to public inspection all day
Saturday starting at 10 a.m. One
of the highlights of the dedication
will be presentation of an original
poem, written especially for the
event by Mabel Madison Rader of
Li W
old Harlie Judy, who has been
judged o champion drum ma
jorette of the United States,
will appear in Roseburg next
Tuesday evening at o per
formance- of the 86-piece In
dependent Order of Foresters
Robin Hood Band. The organ
ization, composed of musi
cians from 11 to 20 years of
age will perform at the County
Fairgrounds as part of an un
precedented 27-day tour of
Pacific Coast cities from Los
Angeles to Voncouver, B. C,
originating from their home
base in the San Fernando
Valley of California. Only a
year old, the group has ap
peared on telavision and at
such events as the Pasadena
Rose Bowl Parade and ot
Hollywood Bowl.
Ore. ijfi Gov. Robert Holmes
unveiled a plaque and dedicated
this new, 835-arre park to the
people of Oregon Thursday.
The park, located 23 miles east
nf Portland on the Columbia River
highway, cost $250,000.
Holmes, in dedicating the park
to Oregon's residenls, said they
"will enjoy richer lives as a result
of this development."
Now Entered
Timber Days;
ing :iliio.
the celebration will get under
way Aug. 3 with a Junior Chamber
i oi commerce rvangaroo i.ouri. lies-
! ident, have been asked . to dre.
in jeans, plaid shirts and western
Queen's of past Timber Days
celebrations have been asked to
contact Lola Rchwalt hv phoning
2779. An invitation will be extend
ed to participate in the Queen's
Ball scheduled for Aug. 9.
A trophy will be awarded to the
merchant with the best decorated
window depicting the celebration.
Last year the traveling trophy was
won bv the Golden Itule Depart
imcnt Store. If the trophy is won
by the same establishment three
ears in a row, the winner will
ave permanent possession.
Starling early Sunday morning.
Aug. 11, a loggers' breakfast will
I lin nnl.l in l,a..l rtt II, n Viltltnrlin
r yf IS
H. S. Cheek, 57,
Dies Instantly;
Rider Injured
Crushed in the cab of his truck
after he had lost control and rolled
down a steep hillside off a private
logging road, Hill Solomon Cheek,
57. RoSehllrg WHS IrillaH inetnll,,
Thursday evening.
oiaie police who investigated
said the timber loaded truck plung
ed OVPr the hnnl, anrl
through small oak trees for 186
ieei oeiore it was stopped by a
large stump. This caused the load
to slide forward and amneh tha
cab of the truck.
A passenger in the truck cab,
Carl Alton Walker, Roseburg, was
injured although his life apparent
ly Was Saved bv n nil can in tha
truck cab. This kept the cab from
ucuiK smasnen in completely and
left room for his head.
Face Cuts Received
Walker suffered deep facial cuts
and was taken to Community Hos
pital bv amhulnnno HnCnit.i At
tendants said he was released this
morning to return home.
The fatal accident the fifth
industrial death this year oc
curred about 6:30 p.m. on a private
road on Roberts Mountain about
.2 of a mile east of Highway 99
and 12 miles south of Roseburg.
Cheek was hauling lumber from
his mill In thn Clrttan llA 1 ...
' j num
ber Co.
The injured passenger said,
Cheek missed a gear in shifting,
failed to negotiate a left turn and
went over the bank. State police re
ported that Troy Etscl Cheek was
riding on top of the lumber load
and jumped when the truck started
over the bank. He escaped injury.
His relationship to the accident vic
tin wasn't made clear.
Men Trapped In Cab
A tractor had to be used to pull
the smashed cab away from the
men tranned inside nnlira ciat.,
The lumber load had to be re-
movea also.
Cheek was born Aug. 31, 1899, in
Baird. Texas, and enma in Rncn.
burg 17 years ago. He was a co-
owner ot tne Cheek Lumber Co.,
located on Roberts Creek. He was
a member of the First Southern
Baptist Church of Roseburg and a
inciiiucL ui we irioeons.
Surviving are two sons. Roland,
Rasehurff nnrt nu Dnnninii
Idaho; a brother, Charles, Abeline,
lexas; five sisters, Mrs. H. A.
versyp and Mrs. J. O. Connell
uuui oi Aoeune, Mrs. vclma Plant,
Walla Walla, Wash., Mrs. Ida War
ren Lubbock, Texas, and Mrs. Ed
Wilkins, Searcy, Ark., and three
Funeral services will be held in
the Chapel of the Roses Tuesdav
at 11 a.m. The Rev. J. T. Howard
of the First Southern Baptist
Church will officiate. Burial will
follow in the Roseburg Memorial
One Driver Hurt
In Headon Crash
Minor injuries were suffered by
one driver in a two-vehicle colli
sion Thursday on Highway 42 at
the Brockway Store.
Eugene Mayburn, Rt. 4 Box 522
Roseburg, was taken by ambulance
to Community hospital where he
was treated for cuts and bruises
on his face and head. He was not
kept at the hospital.
The driver of the other vehicle,
Harold Russell Smith, 620 W. Fair
haven St., and his passenger, Ed
Pittsley, address unknown, es
caped injury.
According to stale police who in
vestigated, Smith was headed
north on the highway at a slated
speed of about SO miles per hour
when Mayburn started to cross tin
highway. Mayburn said he had
stopped and looked both directions
before pulling onto the highway
into the path of the oncoming car
which skidded 49 feet before the
Smith's car received heavy front
end damage, while the panel truck-
driven by Mayburn received a
damaged left rear fender. Both
were towed away.
Police cilcd Smith for failure lo
transfer the title to his car ami
Mayhurn fur failing to yield the
Indicted Man Requests
Time To Hire Attorney
Brought into circuit court Thurs
day for arraignment on a chargo
of receiving stolen properly, Don
ald R. Cox, 50, Canyonville. was
granted a continuance in order lo
hire an attorney.
Cox is under indictment by the
grand .jury an d previously had
been represented by a court - ap
pointed attorney, A. C. Roll, who
asked to be relieved when he
learned that the owner of th
; properly allegedly received by Cox
was a client.
j Judge Charles S. Woodrich, when
he noted that Cox was not repre
sented by a lawyer, learned that
!Cox had sufficient properly to en-
able him lo hire an attorney. Cox
was given a week to obtain a law
yer anil re appear in court.
Levity Fact .Rant
By L. F. Reizenstein
j President Eisenhower again
i warns labor and business that
j controls or probable if wages
'and prices continue to rise.
Is Comrade Khrutchev correct
jin predicting that the United
I State is headed tor socialism?