The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, December 21, 1949, Page 10, Image 10

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    10 The Newi-Review, Roteburg, Ore. Wad., Dec. 21, 1949
Traffic Violators Pay
Fines In City Court
Municipal Judge Ira B. Riddle
Tuesday reported the dispolstion
of the following traffic violation
citations: Cecil Davidson, charg
ed with speeding, $10 fine; Louis
Franco, failure to stop at a stop
sign, $2 fine; Robert Harand,
violating the basic speed rule,
$15 fine; L. E. Adams, violating
the basic speed rule, $10 fine;
Richard M. Yundt, defective
muffler, $2 fine; Glenn Carlson,
Illegal use of special operators
license, $5 fine; Robert E.
Sconce, Umpqua, violation of the
basic speed rule, $15 fine; Roy
O. Stogsdlll, Springfield, violat
ing the basic speed rule, $20
.fine; Paul E. Betcher, violating
the basic speed rule, $15 fine.
Better Pups
Real Cockers With
Personality Plus
Well Fed Well Grown
Jacobs Kennels
1815 N. Stephens
Fish Topics Of
loastmasters were offered a
varied assortment of short
speeches by members of their
group at a meeting of the self-
betterment organization last
night In the Umpqua hotel.
First speaker on the agenda,
Dr. S. L. DeLapp, told of "A
fantasy realized," when he re
cited the history of Merton Her-
shey, famed candy maker, and
his desire to help little boys. Dr.
DeLapp said Hershey gave $80,
000,000 to a foundation for a boys'
orphanage In Hershey, Pa.
Jim Turk told of Christmas eve
In 1944, spent in a hospital at
Liege, Belgium, after being
wounded during a tiff with the
Ross Newcomb lamented "How
reluctantly we learn" as con
I cerns the foolishness of killing
I spawncd out steelhead. He point
ed out that If the fish were re
t turned to the water, they would,
In turn, return to the sea.
I "A third (political) party" Is
needed for the lower income
group, Bill Llndseil, self-styled
"middle of the road radical,"
told his listeners. "The two party
system has run its course," Llnd
seil Indicated.
Toastmasters received a letter
Flegel's have the
equipment for
heavy moving and
freighting. We
have the special
hoists and trucks
for moving your
bulky files and
Call us when you move your office, and we will give your
office furniture the best of care.
Don't Make a Move
'Til You See
Transfer and Storage Co.
900 E. Third Street Phone 935
ft t
Vital Statistics
Marriage Lioenset Issued
LYTLE-BOYD Charles Good
son Lytle, Canyonville, and Eliza
beth Jane Boyd, Portland.
Shop Owners, 9tecAanlct
and Operators sptclfy
They Know
by Actual Expcrwic
that Champion
"Can Takt W
NATIVITY SCENE Townspeople are invited by the Veterans
hospital to view the above life-size Christmas nativity scene,
which covers an acre of land. The project, principally the work
of occupational therapy patients, can be seen directly opposite
the administration building. A stable has been built to represent
the birthplace of Christ, with the Star of Bethlehem marking
the place. In the stable are the Three Wise Men of the Orient
and the shepherds who have come to present gifts and to wor
ship at the manger where the Christ Child lay. (Picture by Paul
of thanks from Roseburg Toast-
mistresses, who were feted at a
Christmas party last week by the
It was brought out Toastmas
ters have nearly reached their
quota of members. No new mem
bers will be taken in after the
roster reaches 3d, members were
informed. Persons wanting to
Join the group arc invited to at
tend a meeting, any Tuesday eve
ning. Bob Harvey was table topics
master at the meeting last night.
He chose the subject, "What I
want for Christmas."
Beaver Topples Tree
Onto An Automobile
Chased to cover by man, the sly
beaver still is getting in a few
licks for his kind.
V. O. Spencer, Vancouver, told
state police he was driving peace
fully along the Pacific Highway
2 1-2 miles north of Vancouver,
when he spotted a tall Cottonwood
tree toppling onto the highway.
He slammed on his brakes.
but did not escape a crushed car
hood, bpencer said damage total
ed $246.31. He ran to the base of
the tree, found It had been gnaw
ea mrougn by a oeaver.
The beaver wisely had disappeared.
I .,flaestion From U
Sensational, new,
practical bedcovering
Safe, ootomatk warmth
without weight
Use it with your
favorite top cover
Easily carried on trips . . .
plugs into any a-c outlet
' Comfort beyond word j I
' '':ngly low price
Com l fT
VfeitfnghtMtM AtteMf
l Watchman Cntrl
tuin tains the warmth
you Klec t regardless of
changes in room ten-prrnture.
Wflfh.s laiity, all
electric pan scale
against moisture . . ,
imply audi gently
rinse thomua,hiy arid
dry ora fcw.
Hora'i the lotos In EUctric Bed
covering! . . : at a price so low you'll want
one for every bed in the house. This new
Electric Sheet has everyone talking. It's so
practical, so comfort-giving, so completely
different and new I Simply spread the Elec
tric Sheet over the regular top sheet. Then
any blanket, quilt or comforter you now
have can be used as a top cover. You get
automatically controlled warmth with
out weight' Just set the dial, and the Auto
matic Watchman Control maintains the
warmth you select the whole night through.
Talrt an Electric Sheet with you when
traveling : ! ; it packs easily into an over
night bag. Fits double or twin beds, plugs
into any a-e outlet. Approved by Under
writers Laboratories, Inc.
Af at ftW drmm frit f
PORTLAND, Dec. 21.-OT)
A postmistress under indictment
for misusing federal funds was
free today on $1,000 bond.
U.S. Commissioner Robert A.
Leedy said Mrs. Gwendolyn H.
Stammerman, 44, postmistress at
Powers, Ore., the past ilx years
had appeared here yesterday vol
untarily. She was indicted secret
ly earlier.
The commissioner said the
woman was accused of personal
use of $717.20 of postal funds. He
said the woman explained her
adding machine was faulty and
that she had held up C.O.D.s to
cover the shortages.
11 a.m. (2 a.m. PST) Friday,
tha newspaper Osservatore Ro
mano announced.
Vatican radio will broadcast
translations of the speech in 16
Christmas Message Of
Pope Set For Friday
The Pppe's Christmas message
In response to greetings by the
College of Cardinals will be
broadcast over Vatican radio at
Our expert service men will help you with any
of your plumbing or heating problems. That
leaky faucet or toilet is a big expense. Let us
repair it for you and you will save on those
utility bills.
Kier-Crooch Plumbing Co.
316 Mill Street Phone 1242-R
To The General Public
At a meeting of the membership of Umpqua
Volley Milk Producers Association in conjunc
tion with members of the Grants Pass Grade A
Dairy Association producing milk for distribu
tion in Roseburg area: Attempts were made to
negotiate with the Roseburg distributors con
cerning the price paid to producers for their
The distributors were invited to attend but
failed to do so. A motion was made, seconded,
and passed to deliver milk to the distributor at
the usual time. The milk to be unloaded, pro
viding the distributor signed contracts meet
ing the price agreed upon by the membership.
Milk will continue to be available at all times
subject to the prices requested by the associa
tion. The price which is $2.00 per hundred
weight and $1.00 per pound butter fat. This
price should not raise the price of milk to the
public. ,
for Ywr
TIME'S coming when the air is full
of good spirits, and we all feel
pretty chipper but what about that
faithful Buick of yours?
Wet winter driving is roughest on
cars and even though it still handles
like a sweetheart, your Buick may
have slipped a notch or so in perform
ance, or gradually acquired a squeak
you haven't been aware of.
So do this
Bring it to us for one of our winter
tune-ups, plus a special winter
LUBRICARE treatment. (This Lub
ricare is something you and your
Buick should know about it's an
over-all trouble-check, plus a wonder
fully thorough lubrication routine!)
i n 'n f 5r M J . silt W - j SFW'.7W
Between these two refreshing treat- I ' I
ments, you'll have all your Buick's r, -Jt, jf Sa, f( 3
glad and breezy power back plenty " ZL'T
of Fireball xoomph to pull you out of ' f ? ' " Tl
any fraffic fuss. You'll have a quiet- :, , j,1-
riding body and chassis that make : A . V- V ' x"
every mile a glad glide. And you'll f u
have top mileage efficiency, with a ! ' ' g;"1'1 " ,'s
ing as quick as a scared alarm clock! I ' t J I
Why put it off? Our service is quick ,( ? V" fL J..
and expert, our prices lower than I - - -11
you'd think.The driving pleasure you 1 i' . . iTfl." I
get is immense. Phone us now and i N , t , -
make a holi-date for bringing your I 5&iif"?
Buick's spirits up to those of the V' i 1 f'r'"'" A
IRosebyirg Motor
Rose and Washington
Phone 1551