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    Few Steelhead
Seen At Count
Station Lately
Other Fish Abundant;
Steelhead Migration
At Virtual Standstill
Migration of winter Bteelhead
has been at a virtual standstl'l
during December, despite the
fact that an abundant supply of
fish is noted in the river, Robs
Newcomb, resident biologist with
the Oregon Game department re
ports. Only 335 steelhead have been
tallied at the Winchester counting
station, as of December 15, as
compared with 1,254 to the same
date last year, 934 In 1947 and
1,005 in 1946. That the low count
does not indicate a lack of fisn
is evidenced by the large num
ber of steelhead observed in low
er water, Newcomb savs.
Migration, he reports, norm
ally stops when water tempera
ture drops to 42 degrees and
water in the river has been right
on the oorderllne since the first
of the month. Indications are, he
said that the migration has been
halted by the drop in water tem
perature. Silverside salmon tallied over
the counting board numbered 13
30 on Dec. 15, as compared with
737 last year, 1010 In 1947 and
1379 in 1946. Silverside jack sal
mon this year number 82 as com
pared with 53, 28 and 58 for the
same period in each of the pre
ceding years.
Canyonville Volleyball
Girls Defeat Camas Valley
Canyonville Tigresses helped
make it a double school victory
against , Camas Valley Friday
night, by trouncing their oppo
nents 28-8 in a vollyball gam?.
The Tigresses Jumped into an
early lead and stayed ahead,
leading 13-9 at the half.
Theloz Ford, with eight points
and Jame Wolfer and Dora .lean
Sprlngstead, each with .five
points, were leading Tigress
6 The News-Review, Roseburg, Ore. Mon., Dee. 19, 1949
BY 54-33 COUNT
Klamath Pelicans Defeat
Indians Again; Next Tilt
Against Grants Pass Here
Difference in height and gen
eral lack of experience again
proved to work against Roseburg
In the second of a two-game se
ries with Klamalh Falls.
The host Pelican club easily
defeated Coach Jack Newby's
shorter Indians, 54-33 Saturday
night at Klamath Falls. Friday
night, the Pelicans beat the In
dians 53-34.
With men like high-scoring
Schubert, at 6'6" on the squad,
Klamath Falls entertained little
difficulty in backboard play.
Each Itoseburg attempt at th?
rebound was more times than not
nabbed by a lanky Pelican play
er and tipped in for a bucket.
Leads Scoring
Schubert, Pelican forward, led
the scorerB with 16 points. Hi
was paced by 6'5" Pelican re
serve guard Carlson, who netted
10 points.
Larry Freeman, Roseburg
starting guard, who recently
moved up from the junior var
sity smmd, led the Indians scor
ers with nine points, including
three field goals and three foul
shots. '
Freeman's team play ' as laud
ed by Newby. Frank Olson, start
ing Indian center, was commend
ed by Newby for his backboard
work. Unfortunately Olson wasn't
connecting with buckets.
Attitude Different
Another handicapping feature
at Klamath Falls, according to
Newby, was the higher altitude,
which apparently tired the Rose
burg players. The Pelican bas
ketball court is 4,105 feet above
sea level, while the Senior high
maples rise only 479 foet above
the level of the ocean's surface.
Quarter scores favored Klam
ath Falls 14-9, 28-18 and 38-26.
Buddy Mathews, one of Rose
burg's high scorers Friday
night, failed to see any action
Saturday, because of a charlie
horse suffered In the earlier
The Indians return to he prac
tice . court tonight. Their next
game, to be played on the senior
high court, will he against Grants
Pass, on Dec. 28.
Tt Ft Pf Tp
Caen, t ..2 0 2 4
.Sconce, f 1 3 S 5
Olson, c 1 14 3
Freeman, g .3 3 3 0
Gurey, g 2 5 4
B. Van Horn, I 0 0 2
n. Van Horn, 0 0 10
Campbell. 1 0 1 2
BriKiiH, i 0 12 1
Johnson, I , 0 0 0 0
Conley, I .. 1 12 3
Klamath FalUt
Schubert, f
tioege, I
PeUoldt, c
Overan, g -
Toole, g
Metier, s
Znrorinskl, i M
Olnon, ...,v. .......
Carr, ...
Van Lue, i .
Carlion, ............
11 11 29
19 16 21 S4
College Basketball
(By The Aiioclated Preu)
Washington 38, Alpine Dairy 30.
Utah 51, Oregon State 42.
Nevada 6a. Portland M.
Pacific Lutheran 43, Pacific Univer
sity 32.
Vanport 97, Menlo Park, Calif. 42.
Linfield 88, Laverne 92.
Eastern Washington 67, Whitman 48.
Southern Oregon 66. Eastern Ore
son 52.
Western Washington 66, Seattle Pa
cific 04.
San Francisco 53. UCLA 40
Colorado A & M 67, St. Marya
(can I.) H.
Colorado 71. Southern Methodist 48.
Wvomlnl M. Idaho 40.
Stanford 69, San Francisco Olympic
Utah State 69. Lawrence Tech. 59
Western Montana 64, Southern Ida
ho 59.
Montana State College 73, Whit
worth 92.
Northern Idaho 04, College of Ida
ho 9U.
College of Pacific 56, Sacramento
State 49.
Southern California 79, St. Joseph
Cornell 60, Yale 57.
West Virginia 67, Ohio Wesleyan 48.
Washington State 96, Buffalo Uni
versity 44.
Rhode Island State 90. Vermont 90.
Holy Cross 49, New York Universi
ty 34.
Army 70, St. Lawrence 93.
Canlsius 55, California 53.
Long Island 96, Denver 43.
Syracuse 72, Rutgers 93.
Colgate 76, Princeton 68,
DuQuesne 64, Kansas 94.
Muhlenberg 75, Pennsylvania 57.
Georgia Tech. 78, Davidson 99.
Duke 81, Wash-Lee 67 (overtime).
Clcmson 79, Richmond 53.
Georgetown (DO 58, Harvard 53.
Georgia 77, South Carolina 02.
Navy 75, Maryland .62.
Louisiana State 73, Florida 49.
Miss. State 47, Alabama 44.
Tulane 70, Mississippi 58.
Purdue 71, Bradley 65.
Wisconsin 66, Notre Dame 58.
Nebraska (10, Baylor 55.
Iowa 97, Western Reserve 57.
Missouri 73, Michigan State 54.
St. Louis 80, Texas Christian 53,
Drake 75, Colorado College 60.
Oklahoma City 93, Hardin Simmons 31,
Arizona 56, Texas Aggies 50.
Texas 84, Trinity (Tex.) 37.
Oakland Bests Drain
Oakland A's grade school team
defeated Drain 16-15 last week it
Oakland. Scevers of Oakland was
high scorer with 10 points.
Lineups included for Drain: Wea
ver 7, Swearenton 4, Davey 2,
Nutt, Gromes 2. Oakland: J An
derson 2, Bullock, Scevers 10,
Beahm 4, Kendall and Loper.
Oakland A's girls volleyball
team beat Drain girls 33-21 last
week at Oakland.
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Browns Employ
To Help Win
ST. LOUIS CP) The owners
of the St. Louis Browns, willing
to try any.ning t- improve the
club's position, have eome up
with a psychologist.
He Is Dr. David F. Tracy of
New York author, lecturer and
specialist in psychological prob
lems. Dr. Tracy convinced President
Bill DeWitt that he can do things
toward building the players' con
fidence and boosting their morale.
He has been hired for four weeks
of the 1950 spring baseball train
ing season.
Will Have Free Hand
The psychologist will have a
free hand at the Burbanl., Calif.,
training base in his efforts to In
still a spirit of confidence in the
players. He also will concentrate
on teaching them how to relax
and overcome tension.
"After I teach the Dlavers emo
tional stability," Dr. Tracy told
DeWitt, "they will automatically
climb higher In the league race.
With my treatments, the club
should finish fifth and may even
climb to fourth."
The club finished seventh in the
American league last season and
had a narrow escape from the cel
lar. Incidentally, the Browns
drew fewer spectators through
the turnsiles than any other team
in the major leagues.
Goes Back to Yankee Tiff
The hiring of Dr. Tracy goes
back to last summer. Tracy, a
tormer athlete himself, was at
the Yankee stadium one Sunday
when the Browns dropped a
doublcheader to the Yankees. La-
;er he called on DeWitt and his
brother, Charley, the club's vice
-resident id i'X"iPincrt how he
thought he could heln the club.
"Dr. Tracy explained to us,"
President DeWitt said, "that un
der the stress of a hard-fought
game ap layer tenses up. Errors
result. Psychology, aiding a play
er to overcome this mental stum
bling block, gets at the bottom
of this trouble and enables him to
combat these tensions the minute
they develop."
Richards p,
Tops Davidson
In Mat Thriller
Gordon Hesseil, Dave
Detton Win Semi-Final,
Preliminary Matches
It was a colorful, dynamic and
rough main event that wrestling
patrons witnessed at the Rose
burg armory Saturday night.
George Strickland came
through with his second win over
bad man Buck Davidson In an
"anything goes" brawl that turn
ed into a real slug-fest.
After Davidson took Strickland
in the first fall with a sensational
surfboard, exactly 45 seconds aft
er the opening gong, Strickland
was ready to eat nails.
He came back in the next two
falls, beating his antagonistic op
ponent urst witn a series oi arm
stomps, then in the third fall col
lected the winner's purse by dis
posing of Davidson with knee
The clash was a dilly, with only
about four wrestling holds used.
The balance of the match was a
series of free-for-all actions rare
ly seen in these parts. It was a
no - disqualification classic, with
hardly any holds barred.
In the opener, Dave Detton
bested Billy McEuin with a step
over toe hold. In the second pre
liminary action, a scheduled two
out of three fall, 30-minute af
fair, Gordon Hessel, in 16 min
utes, disposed of Lee Grable in
one fall. Time ran out before ei
ther could do anything, after the
first fall. Elton Owen refereed.
YMCA League
Schedule Told
Won Lost Pet.
Christian Church 2 0 1.000
Umpqua Plywood .. 2 0 1.000
Junior Chamber ....0 2 0.000
National Guard 0 2 0.000
There will be no games played
this Tuesday as there is to be an
American Legion Christmas party
in the armory. However, on Dec.
27 the league will again swing
into action. The games that week
should be interesting because the
"Mites' oi the National Guard
will take on the Jaycees and one
of the teams will be pushed into
tne lone cellar position. In the
second game of the evening, a
league leader will be determined
and one team will drop from the
undefeated ranks. All teams are
reminded to have a referee there
for the game that their team is
not playing, reported Nat John
son, YMCA program chairman.
The public is invited to see all
these games. A schedule for the
rest of the season follows:
Date Tlma Time
7:30 0:00
Dec. 6 UP vs. NG JCC vs. CC
Dec. 13 UP vs. JCC NG vs. CC
Dec. 20 No Games
Dec. 27 JCC vs. NG UP vs. CC
Jan. . 3 UK vs. NG JCC vs. CC
Jan. 10 - UP vs. JCC NG vs. CC
Jan. 17 JCC vs. NG UP vs. CC
Jan. 24 UP vs. NG JCC vs. CC
(First Half Ends
Jan. 31 UP vs. JCC NG s. CC
Feb. 7 JCC vs. NG UP vs. CC
Feb. 14 UP vs. NG JCC vs. CC
Feb. 21 UP vs. JCC NG vs. CC
Feb. 28 ICC vs. NG UP vs. CC
Mar. 7 UP vs. NG JCC vs. CC
Mar. 14 UP vs. JCC NG vs. CC
Mar.21 JCC vs. NG UP vs. CC
UP Umpqua Plywood.
CC First Christian Church.
NG National Guard.
JCC Junior Chamber of Commerce.
Sutherlin Loses
To Kerby, 28-25
Sutherlin Bulldogs came out
second best in a J-D-J league
game with Kerby Saturday night
at Oakland, losing 28-25.
. It was a close one all the way,
with Sutherlin leading at the half
and three quarter mark, 15-12 and
22-19. Kerby paced tile Bulldops
iu-b at tne end oi the lu st quarter.
With about four minutes to go.
Kerby caught up, overtook
Sutherlin, went on to win.
Sutherlin lost their own game
at the free throw line. With 24
gift opportunities, the Bulldogs
were able to connect only 13
times. Kerby was good on 10 out
of 14 foul shot tries.
Kerby 28 Sutherlin 25
Maurer 4 F 4 Willis
Lewis 2 F 3 Erickson
Manner 5 C 2 West
Rouber 4 G Linden
Holly 8 G 1 Church
Kerby subs Hale 2, Crowl,
Wieler, Radcliffe 3. Sutherlin
subs Buck 13, Holgate 2, Kroush.
Otficials Erickson and i.ddy.
The harpoon gun for catching
whales was invented about 1860.
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Oregon High School
Basketball Scores
(By The Associated Preu)
Pendleton 3tt, Mllton-Kreewater 36.
Klamath Fall 54, Roseburg 33.
La Grande 51. The Dalle 38.
North Bend 39, Albany 30.
Cleveland (Portland) 38. Beaverton 36,
McMinnville 35, Franklin (Portland
St. Mary's (Eugene) 49, Mt. Angel 29,
Benson (Portland 30, Tigard 33.
Hllbboro 49. Si. Helens 23.
Sweet Home 42, Washington (Port.
isnai jo.
Seaside 49, Star of the Sea 39.
Garibaldi 39, Clatskanie 13.
Sllverton 32, Newberg 57.
Milwaukie 44. Oregon City 39.
Central Catholic (Portland 53, As
toria 3d.
Roosevelt (Portland) 62, Mnrshfield 46.
Grant Pass 36, Lebanon .13.
Hood River 44, White Salmon, Wash.
I Ss 44 N. Stephens
Phona 1683
Canyonville Beats
Camas Valley In
B-Leaquer, 26-21
The Canyonville Tigers finally
broke into the win column after
two losses, defeating Camas Val
ley 26-21 Friday night in a 3
leage game at Camas Valley.
It was a close game all the
way, with Canyonville's Arm
strong and Shipper getting off the
first two field goals, out the val
leyites tied it up at 4-all.
The score alternated until near
ly the half, when the Tigers went
ahead 13-9. Camas Valley bounc
ed back, went ahead 17-16 as the
third quarter ended.
The Tiger's Armstrong, who
was high scorer with 17 points,
went on a scoring rampage and
pulled the game out of the fire
for the visiting Canyonville team.
Wheeler was high scorer for
Camas Valley, with eight. Other
high scorers were Shipper of Can
yonville, and Dancer of Camas
each with six.
Hunter Bags Nine-Point
Deer, But He's Unhappy
BOUND BROOK, N. J., Dec. 19.
VP) John Wojnar is a crest
fallen hunter today.
Wojnar has been hunting deer
in season for more than five
years. This year he bagged a nine
point buck, and entered it in the
21st annual buck deer contest run
by Frank Efinger, owner of a
Bound Brook sporting goods store.
Efinger gives two prizes each
year for the first deer killed and
lor tne Heaviest.
Wolnar brought his kill in first.
The buck, along with eight oth
ers, was hung on a rack outside
Efinger s store to await tne judg
ing yesterday.
During the night thieves made
off with Wojnar's buck;
The hunter still was Indisput
ably eligible for the prize far
bringing in the first buck of the
That's lust the trouble the
prize for the first deer is a free
mounting of the head.
Drain B's Take Close
Win Over Oakland B's
Drain B's defeated Oakland
B's 12-11 in a close basketball
tussle at Oakland last week, that
went into an overtime period.
The Oaks led 7-5 at the end of
the third, but the fourth quart
er ended 11-all. A Drain free
throw was good for the winning
Lineups lor urain: u. Brown,
D. Moore 1, Matten 6, C. Parker,
Dunen 3, Leroy. Oakland: Os
burn, Moss 1, Gibson 4, Loper 5,
Bowmen, C. Anderson, bnyder,
Pryor 1. .
Buckeyes Practice Near
Site Of Rose Bowl Tilt
eyes of Ohio State buckled down
to business today right next door
to the Rose Bowl.
Coach Wes Fesler and 37 of his
Big 10 grid champions flew in
yesterday and the head man said
he will run two workouts a day
at Brook-side park, just a pass
and a punt away from the arena
where the Bucks meet California
Jan. 2.
"I know we're up against one
of the best teams the West has
produced in several years," said
Fesler, "but we're going in to
Volleyball Continues
The regular YMCA Volleyball
hour for men will be held at
5:30 p.m. in the armory on Tues
day and Thursday this week, an
nounced Harold Backen, "Y"
adult committee chairman. All
men of the community are re
minded that they are welcome
to eome, and, Backen added, the
hour is for exercise and enjoy
ment and not for just athletes,
tints every man can enjoy it.
The men should bring their
own gym shoes, trunks and a
towel. A charge of 25 cents is
made to defray expenses.
M I '
Big Week
For Northern
College Fives
OSC Drops Saturday
Tilt To Utah, 51-44,
Plays Indiana Next
By the Associated Press
It's a bie week for northern
division. Coast conference, bas
ketball squads with no less than
15 games -gainst major college
competition on the schedule be
fore Santa Claus makes his week
end journey.
The touring Idaho Vandal
and Washington State college
cougars will be the most ac
tive. Each will play four games.
Washington has three contest,
billed, Oregon and Oregon
State each have two.
Oregon State, winch dropped
a 51-42 tilt to Utah Saturday
night, and Washington State, a
56-44 winner over Buffalo univer
sity, both see action tonight. OSC
takes on Indiana's Big 10 quintet
in the first of two tilts, and the
all-winning Cougars ov into
Madison Square garden against
perennially powerful St. John's.
The rest of the week's schedule
Tuesday Idaho vs. Iowa
State at Ames; Oregon vs.
Stanford at Eugene; Oregon
State vs. Indiana at Corvallis;
Washington vs. Minnesota at
Wednesday Idaho vs. Drake
at Des Moines; Oregon vs. Stan
ford at Eugene; Washington vs.
Minnesota at Seattle; Washing
ton State vs. Bradley at Peoria,
Thursday Idaho vs. Morning
side at Sioux City, Kas.; Washing
ton State vs. Kansas State at
Manhattan, Kas.
Friday Idaho vs. Nebraska
at Lincoln, Neb.; Washington
vs. Stanford at Seattle; Wash
ington State vs. Wyoming at
Laramie, Wyo.
WSC's Cougars kept pace with
the Washington Huskies in the
win column, each with six tri
umphs and no defeats. The Hus
kies marked up No. 6 Saturday
at the expense of the Independ
ent Alpine Dairy five by the low
socre of 38-30.
Pacific Lutheran also marked
up its sixth straight win with a
45-32 decision over Pacific uni
versity. Yoncalia Downs
Oakland, 40-38
Yoncalia defeated the Oakland
high basketball team, 40-38, Fri
day night in an overtime thriller
that was deadlocked 38-38 at the
end of regular play. Oakland had
been in the lead most of the way,
but the Yoncalia hoopers knotted
the score and moved ahead in the
overtime period.
Oakland's Hill was high scorer
with 14. Two Oakland . starters
fouled out of the game.
Oakland 38 Yoncalia 40
Hill 14 F 4 Wise
Brownson 9 .... F 11 Gordon
Robertson 9 .... C 10 Rust
Rice 4 G .. 3 Lloyd
Seeley 2 G 6 Metz
U 4 Waters
Officials: Ladd and Harris,
both of Roseburg.
Louis Fights Tonight
OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 19.
(P) Joe Louis, retired heavy
weight champion who keeps in
sisting he will remain in that
category, dons the gloves for a
scheduled 10-round match here
His opDOjient will be Al Hoos
man, a Los Angeles Negro who
stands 6 feet 5 inches and weighs
some 200 pounds. Hoosman once
was a sparring partner of Louis.
Whether the fight will go the
distance is problematical. Louis
is expected to level with the best
punches from the start. Hoosman
is last and a good boxer, flight
ounce gloves will be used.
Glendale townies beat Riddle
townies 45-35 Friday night at
Lonnie Bates, guard, was high
scorer with 15 points.
Bowling Scores
Team SUiidlnfi
Team Wen
The Spot Tavern . 1
v f. w sa
MobU Gal
Mobil G a. V. T. W. 3, The Spot
Tavern 1, Bonebendera 1,
High Individual game acore: A. Ment-
ter, 223; D. Youndt. 223; hlri individual
aeriea acore: D. Yundt, 623.
The Spot Tavern
E Sarent 151 164 HI 469
C Shoft IK 166 201 MS
A. Jacklln 167 181 172 520
T. Freadman 201 157 202 360
Total 605 660 7262031
Pearson MobU Gas
E. Flngerloa 168 172 136 478
B Teaney 1S7 180 165 4U2
M. Bait 170 188 212 570
A. MonUer 163 108 225 606
C. Hopkins .
H. Winston
D. Yundt
S. Short
.658 738 7382134
F. W.
...215 205
728 786
154 152
T. Mix
F. Wllev
T. Buettner ..143
F. Baughman 186
205 303
130 460
219 623
156 576
103 469
213 547
156 477
213 559
...632 671 745 204S
Glendale Downs
Riddle In South
Glendale chalked up its first
south half B-league basketball
victory with a 42-26 win over the
Riddle Irish at Glendale Friday
Glendale's John Harbour, for
ward, paced the scorers with 19
points, while Riddle's Buckley,
guard, scored 10 points.
Bill Chandler, Glendale, and
Nifka, Riddle guard; were second
highest scorers on their respec
tive teams, with seven points a
piece. In a preliminary game, Glen
dale's second string defeated Rid
dle's second string 17-12.
Officials were Spencer of Can
yonville and Bates of Glendale.
OSC Defeated
By Utah, 51-42
CORVALLIS, (m Oregon
State's basketball Beavers turn
ed today to their two-game ser
ies with the touring Indiana Cag
ers after splitting the weekend
games with Utah. The midwest
em team plays tonight and to
morrow. Coach Slats Gill's team lost
Saturday to Utah, 51 to 42, after
winning the night previous, 53 to
41, in the game that Initiated the
new Gill coliseum floor.
The University of Utah players
opened the scoring with free
throws and quickly boomed a
head 9-3 with sophomore Glenn
Smith setting the pace. The stat
ers cut this down, with Jack Do
tour, Len Rinearson and BUI
Harper scoring, to 1412, but Utah
rallied and put the halftime at
23-18. A tight defense allowed O
SC to score only seven of 15 at
tempted field goals.
Oregon State caine up midway
in the second half with their only
serious threat and tied 33-all. In
the drive, after Bob Payne and
Ray Snyder put Utah's margin at
33-31, a technical foul on Utah
brought two free throws and Ri
nearson and Dick Ballantyne got
both of the throws.
But another Utah rally broke
up that try and OSC was falling
steadily behind toward the finajs.
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