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    2 The News-Review, Roioburg, Ore. Sat., Dot. 17, 1949
Christian Church
iram Includes
"Messiah" Songs
Three "Messiah" numbers will
be featured on (he Christmas con
cert program to be given by the
choir of the First Christian
church Sunday night, & 18.
In addition to the local talent,
two soloists, Betty. Hahn, con
tralto from Eugene, and Ralph
Church, tenor, will assist. The
music is under the direction of
S. Clarence Trued. The program
is as follows:
Prelude Magnificat
Ruth Trued
Silent Night, Holy Night (from
rear of church) Gruber
The Choir
Processional Joy to the World
Choir and Congregation
Rev. Kenneth W. Knox
Praise Ye the Lord (Christmas
Oratorio) Salr.t Saens
The Choir
Gesu Bambino Pielro Yon
Jessie Crenshaw, Soprano
Today There Is Ringing
.., Christiansen
The Choir
Sleep, Child Divine Ackley
Duet Wllmetta Squires
And Valdean Bridges
0' Thou That Tellest Good Tid
ings (Messiah) Handel
Betty Hahn, 'Contralto
And the Choir
Cantique de Noel Adams
Ralph Church, tenor
And The Glory of The Lord
(Messiah) Handel
The Choir
The Christmas Story
Rev. Rca Klelnfeldt
Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)
The Choir
'Friendly Poker Game'
Ends Not So Friendly
SAN PEDRO, Calif., Dec. 17
OF) You never know what a
friendly little poker game may
lead to.
George Waters told police yes
terday that:
He won $1,600 from one Frank
Billings In an Impromptu poker
session. Billing's paid him with
a $2,400 check, for which Wa
ters forked over $400 In cash and
a $400 check. But Billings' check
Waters went looking for Bill
ings, found him on a street and
asked what he was going to do
about the check. Said Billings:
"Why, there's nothing wrong
with that check. Lemme borrow
your car and I'll go to the bank
right now and get your money."
Reported Waters to police:
He'd now like to find hb $400,
the $400 check, his new automo
bileand Billings.
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Republicans Say Democrats
In Stampede For Fair Deal
(Continued From Page One)
a lesslon from the Olda case,
where his own party members
turned him down but It seems
that Pendergast politicians don't
learn from history," lerguson
Boyle announced the pressure
campaign in Key West, Fla., af
ter conferences with Mr. Tru
man. He said the administration
wants party members in Con
gress to support the party plat
form with their votes.
Some southern Democrats did
n't subscribe to all sections of
that platform, particularly the
plank pledging enactment of civil
rights legislation.
These lawmakers form most
of the members of the democra
tic bloc who haven't gone along
with the President's domestic
program In the past. They are
the party members most likely to
oppose other controversial pro
posals of Mr. Truman, including
repeal of the Taft-Hartley act
and his plan for compulsory
health Insurance.
While Boyle was urging that
pressure be put on the balking
Democrats, Senator Murray ID
Mont) held out something of an
olive branch to them.
Murray told reporters he
doubts that Congress could pass
either Taft-Hartley repeal or
compulsory health insurance
measures at the coming session.
He urged that they be given
study, but not be pushed to a
showdown at this time.
Extension Of Draft
To Be Asked In '50
(Continued from Page One)
congressional leaders cited sev
eral points to support his re
quests. The draft Is needed, he said,
to back up President Truman's
declaration that the "United
Slates supports the powerful
forces for freedom, justice and
peace which are represented by
the United Nations and the free
nations of the world."
Johnson added that Acheson
fears the end of selective serv
ice might be regarded abroad
as Inconsistent with our policies
under the Atlantic pact and mili
tary assistance program.
Finally, he said, unsettled
world conditions which caused
passage of the 1948 peacetime
draft still prevail.
Johnson's request to the Sen
ate and House merely asked a
three-year extension of the draft
act as it stands now.
Seems To Be Concession
Since the present act Is con-
sideiably less than the adminis
tration originally asked, this ap
peared to be a concession to a
strong congressional feeling that
the need for the draft no longer
Originally the administration
wanted the right to draft men
for at least two years service In
the 18 through 25 age bracket.
Congress cut this down to 21
months, and gave 18 year olds
the chance to resign.
Senator Edwin C. Johnson (D.
Colo) and other draft critics said
inese moves Indicated to them
there was no need for the peace
time selective service and thai H
should be abandoned.
bven Chairman Tydings (D
Md) of the Senate armed serv
ices committee said it mav he
difficult to get Congress to ap-
l'ive an extension.
Johnson apparently anlicpated
Although men are not actually
heing drafted now, he said, hav
ing the law on the hooks stimu
lates voluntary enlistments.
Pendleton roundup will Include
a Sunday show next year for the
first time in history.
The dates of the annual round
up were set for Aug. 24-27. The
purses will again total $16,000.
Salvation Army
Christmas Plans
Not Chest Deal
The Salvation Army's Christ
mas program la not a part of the
Community Chest campaign.
Capt. Claude Bowden today ex
plained that throughout the na
tion and other countries recog
nizing Christmas, the Salvation
Army carries out a Christmas
program of distributing food and
clothing to needy families. '
The extent to which Christmas
giving is made possible depends
upon local contributions toward
this specific cause, said Bowden.
He said that 600 letters have
been mailed out to residents of
the area, and the Salvation Army
ketlle Is out on the city streets.
However, he emphasized that
this is not a drive to collect any
specific amount. He said the pur
pose is to raise only the funds
that may be contributed volun
tarily. No pressure will be exert
ed from any source, and persons
receiving letters who do not wish
to contribute are advised to dis
regard the letter, he said.
By no means should the con
tribution be considered a chest
donation, he stated.
He differentiated by stating
that the Salvation Army's budEet
share from the chest goes for the
year round administration and
operation of the local program.
The Christmas program is for
a specific purpose. Grocery or
ders and in many cases elothine
and some toys are purchased for
neeay lamines. Also a Christmas
party Is sponsored. An estimated
150 children are expected for the
party scheduled next 'Wednesday
at 7:30 p.m. at the Army head
quarters, 1005 Winchester street.
Candy, fruit and nuts will be dis
tributed to give the children an
enjoyable Christmas, said Bow
den. A limited number of toys
win aiso oe provmea.
Hungarian Police Arrest
American Relief Director
(Continued From Page One)
The legation was informed by the
nunganan ioreign oince yester
day that Jacobson had been ar
rested. Trohe said Jacobson "nrobablv
was acquainted with "Robert A.
Vogelec, American businessman
arrcslcd by the Hungarians Nov.
in. lie sain, However, the two
were probably not very close
trlcnds and he did not think there
Is any connection between their
There Since 1947
Jacobson. who Is 37. was as
signed to the Budapest office of
the AJDC In September, 1947, and
slayed there until he left for the
united states.
He left Budapest to visit
Vienna only twice during that
Trobe said as far as he knew
Jacobson was never molested bv
Hungarian police during his long
stay In Pudapest,
Trobe said the European head
quarters of the AJDC in Parte
has been notified of Jacobson'.?
arrest and he assumed the case
would be taken up with the state
American legation officials
here said they knew of the ar
rest ohut no action has yet been
initiated from Vienna.
Annual Eagles Christmas
Party Set For Sunday
The annual Plprrlnn r-hricim-.o
tree parly for children will be
held KnnHav rtnn 1H at 1 m
at the Eacles' hall on S. Pine
Included nn tho Phi-let mac
gram is the first appearance of
the Eaeles parnlUnfr omnn 1
youngsters who have received
Kiining in past monins uncier
Eagles sponsorship.
Paul Travis. K;illp tnrlco nra.
sldenl, said all children are in-
vnen 10 anenn, "as manv as room
a Christmas package from San
la Claus. refreshments, and
games will be played.
The annual nartv Is staged by
ladies of the Eagles Auxiliary.
Boy Scouts In Business
Selling Christmas Trees
Boy Scouts of Troop 7 have
gone Into the business of selling
Christmas trees.
The ambitious youngsters got
out last weekend and again this
morning at 6 o'clock to rut their
trees, which are on sale at the
Safeway parking lot on Main
sireei ana at Mcculloch C hain Saw
building on So. Stephens.
The loys slaff the locations
after school until 9:30 p. m. Ray
I.orance Is scoutmaster and Irvin
Best is assistant leader.
Starting at
Roseburg Rod & Gun Club
Trial Testimony
Doesn't Coincide
NEW YORK, Dec. 17-UP) Al
ger Hiss' brother-in-law says he
was visiting with the Hisses in
Maryland on the day that ex
communist spy courier Whlttaker
Chambers says he accompanied
the couple to New Hampshire.
This was on Aug. 9, 1937.
Thomas Fansler, brother of
Hiss' wife, Priscilla. testified
yesterday as a defense witness
that he stayed with the Hisses in
Chestertown, Md., from Aug. 6
through Aug. 9 of that year.
Previously, Chambers, chief
accuser of .Hiss in the former
State department official's sec
ond perjury trial, had said he,
Hiss and Mrs. Hiss left Washing
ton on the latter date and travel
ed together to Peterborough, N.
H. '
The conflicting testimony from
Fansler, of Chicago, a director
of the home safety division of the
National Safety Council, came
shortly before the trial adjourned
lor the weekend.
Chinese-Soviet Pact
Now Appears Certain
(Continued from Page One)
V. M. Molotov, Marshal Nikolai
A. Bulganln of the polltburo,
foreign Trade Minister Michael
A. Menshikov and Deputy For
eign Minister Andrei A. Gromyko.
Vithinsky At Meet
At his first meeting with Stalin
thos present Included Molotov,
Bulganln, Deputy Prime Minister
Georgi M. Malenkov and Foreign
Minister Andrei Y. Vishinsky.
In his speech at the station,
Mao said:
"For 30 years the Soviet people
and the Soviet government have
repeatedly given aid to the cause
of the liberation of the Chinese
people. These acts of friendship
on the part of the Soviet people
and the Soviet government which
the Chinese people received dur
ing the days of their severe trials
will never be forgotten."
He concluded his speech with:
"Long live the friendship and co
operation between China and the
Soviet Union."
Mao had been met at the Soviet
Chinese frontier as he crossed
over by Deputy Foreign Minister
A. Lavrentyev, a representative
from the ministry of foreign af
fairs, and officers of the trans
Baikal military district.
Flags Displayed
In Moscow the station and
streels leading to It were be
decked with flags of the Soviet
Union and the Chinese (Commu
nist) people's republic.
In addition to the Soviet offi
cials, Mao was met by envoys
from Bulgaria, Poland, Czechoslo
vakia, Romania, Albania, Hun
gary and represenlatives from the
(east) German democratic re
public and his own government of
Mao obviously had timed his
visit for the huge Moscow cele
bration of Stalin's 70th birthday
next Wednesday.
New York To Have
Texan First Lady
STUART. Fla., Dec. 17 UP)
The nation's largest city will
have a Texas born first lady
when Mayor William O'Dwyer of
New York is married Tuesday
morning to dark-haired Elizabeth
Sloan Simpson.
Details of the approaching
marriage remained a secret as
the Irish-born chief executive of
New York city and his bride to
be remained in hiding, reportedly
aboard a friend's yacht.
O'Dwyer, 59, who rose from a
penniless immigrant boy to may
or of Gotham, and the 33-year-old
former model appeared at
the court house of this pictur
esque litlle resort and fishing
town yesterday to ohlain an ap
plication for a wedding license.
Under Florida's three day wait
law, the actual license will not
he issued until 8 a.m. (EST)
Tuesday, Immediately before the
The wedding Is to he perform
ed by the Rev. Timothy J. Geary
in St. Joseph's Roman Catholic
church about 8:30 a.m. (EST)
When they appeared at the
court house O'Dwyer wore a blue
slip-over sport shirt with short
sleeves, a blue-gray jacket and
tan slacks. Miss Simpson, who
recently has been a fashion styl
ist, wore a gray Jersey traveling
LINDSAY, Ont., Dec. 17 UT1
Lawrence C. Sprung, 65, escaped
injury yesterday when his auto
mobile crashed Into a ditch. He
stood alongside the car.waiting
for wreckers to pull it out. A
pas-sing truck struck him. Sprung
was killed.
December 18
If you en't
shoot come
end watch
and Soft Drinks
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f. :
(NF.A Telepholo)
Robert Gordon Menzies (above),
Australian Liberal leader, is slated
to be restored to the Prime Minis
try he held from 1939 to 1941. Aus
tralia's Labor Government, after
en eight-year rule, has been ousted
In the national election. Now that
both Australia and New Zealand
have ousted their Labor Govern
ments, Britain is the only country
within the Commonwealth with a
Socialistic Laborite Government.
Nine Soloists Featured
In 'Messiah' Presentation
(Continued from Page One)
lists as choral experience, sing
ing with Eureka nigh scnooi
choruses and the student choir
at Humboldt State college. She
is at Dresent. solo st with the
First Methodist church. She will
sing the soprano recitatives and
air, "Rejoice Greatly."
A U. S. National bank book
keeper, Marian Jones, will sing
the soprano solo "Come Unlo
Him All Ye That Labor." sue
performed some solo work with
tlie Klamatn f ans nign scnooi a
cappella choir before coming
here two years ago and is sing
ing in the choral society for the
first time this year.
Comnletine the list ol four
women soloists is Marian Ross,
housewife. She will sing the con
tralto solo, "O Thou That Tellest
Good Tidings to Zion.
While living In Los Angeles,
Mrs. Ross studied voice there un
der John Claire Monteilh, and
has sung with the Hollywood
Community chorus, the Pasade
na chorus and was a member of
a Hollywood church choir.
Bass Hershel Scott, county
salesman for Pioneer
well known to local concert-goers
who remember his solo work
last spring with the choral so
ciety. Vocal study in Seattle and
Eugene, chorus and solo work
choirs and soloist with the Eu
gene Gleemen Is a brief account
of some of his vocal and choral
experience. Scott came to Rose
burg six years ago and is now a
soloist for the Methodist church
choir'. He will sing the recital
five and air, "People That Walk
ed In Darkness."
Versatility as both a singer and
violinist marks tenor Wendell
Johnson, choral and string mu
sic director for Roseburg schools.
While studying music at Willam
ette university, Johnson toured
the slate for four vears with the
college choir as featured instru
mentalist and later sang In the
Ann Arbor choral union presen
tation of the "Messiah" while
studying at the University of
Michigan. He is at present di
rector of music at the First Bap
tist church and has appeared as
guest soloist with other local
churches. His is the first solo to
appear in Tuesday's program,
Ihe tenor recitative "Comfort
Ye." and air "Every Valley Shall
oe txaited.
Don Castel, assistant manager
for Fred Meyer's, is another in
strumentalist turned vocal solo
ist. Most of his musical training
at San Francisco State college
was instrumental, although he
received some voice training and
sang In the college presenlallon
of the "Messiah." A resident of
Roseburg for eight months, Cas
tel is a member of the First
Methodist church choir. He will
sing the bass recitative and air
But Who May Abide."
Tenor Warren Mack, reporter
for the News-Review, lists his
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Girl Refuses
Pledge, Killed
NEW YORK, Dec. 17 (JPt At
midnight, a bullet struck down
26-year-old Carmen Seda, be
cause she refused to pledge her
love to the man who police say
killed her.
The man, handsome, 21-year-old
Israel Justiniano, was quot
ed by detectives last night as
saying he had given the pretty
Carmen 20 minutes to make up
her mind, while he sat beside her
with a gun in his hand.
It was either promise herself
to him, or die, according to po
ice. They said Justiniano gave
this account:
As the minutes ticked awav,
Carmen knelt before him in his
urnished room Monday night in
the Bronx, and begged:
"Please let me go."
The clock said 20 minutes until
"You have until midnight to
come to a decision as to whether
you're going to stay with me or
not," Justiniano told her. "If not,
I'm going to kill you."
Carmen shook her head. She
kissed his sleeve, and began to
cry. Then she prayed. At mid
night, he shot her through the
Police said the girl who worked
with Justiniano at a downtown
warehouse.had told her mother
several months ago that the
handsome Puerto Rican had been
annoying her. She had agreed to
see him to "talk things over."
When police arrested Justinia
no last night after seeking him
since Tuesday they asked him
about a lipstick smear on his
shirt sleeve.
"That?" he said. "That was
Carmen's kiss."
Hoover Report
Backer Quits
Signs of dissension appeared to
day in the citizens committee or
ganized to plug for the Hoover
commission's government reor
ganization plans.
Dewey Anderson, head of the
public affairs institute, a private
ly financed research group, an
nounced yesterday that he has
quit the citizens committe for
the Hoover report because for
mer President Hoover's thinking
is "out of date."
"No American liberal worth his
salt has a place on this commit
tee," Anderson said.
He said that the former presi
dent "tried to commit us to a set
of principles that is anathema to
every new dealer and fair deal
er." He based his criticism on a
speech Hoover made Monday
night before the committee.
In his speech, Hoover said ris
ing lederal costs may loose "two
Frankensteins on the land high
er taxes and inflation." He added
that economists report taxation
beyond 25 percent of national in
come brings disaster, yet federal
and state taxation now exceeds
30 percent.
experience as a member of Eu
gene high school and University
of Oregon singing groups, Eu
gene church choirs and was a
former member of the Eugene
Gleemen. He will sing the reci
tative and air "Behold, And
Completing the list of "Mes
siah" soloists Is Rev. Willis
Erickson, pastor of Faith Luth
eran church of Roseburg and
Eden church of Elgarose. Rev.
Erickson, a charter member of
the choral society, is a graduate
of Gustavus Adolphus college of
St. Peter, Minn., and appeared
with various college sing
groups while studying there.
While continuing his study at Au
gustana seminary of Rock Is
land, 111., Rev. Erickson sang
with the college male chorus and
did some church and radio solo
work. He will sing the recitative
and air "Thou Didst Not Leave
His Soul in Hell." .
Dr. E. W. Carter
Chiropodist Foot Specialist
129 N. Jackson
Phont 1170
Over Rexall Drug Store '
Sportsmen In Accord
On Fishing Changes
(Continued from Page One)
The Roseburg Rod and Gun
club hi proposing that the general
trout season be closed above
Steamboat creek after Sept. 15.
This is designed to protect sal
mon on spawning beds in the
upper waters. At the same time,
the club proposes that the spec
ial season for fish of 12 inches
or more in length, be extended
to Steamboat creek during Oct
ober instead of using Rock creek
as the upper deadline. Some op
position to this extension of dead
line is anticipated, however, be
cause of increased pressure on
the summer steelhead popula
tion. Other clubs in the council
did not have an opportunity to
vote approval or disapproval of
the suggestion from the Roseburg
club, and it will go to the game
commission without other recom
mendation. The South Umpqua Rod and
Gun club is asking that the Cof
fee Pot Camp deadline for spring
Chinook fishing also be made the
upper deadline for steelhead fish
ing in the early spring. At pre
sent, fishermen may invade the
upper waters for steelhead, mak
ing the poaching of salmon
above Coffee Pot Camp possible
and thus adding to the enforce
ment problem. This recommen
dation also will go to the game
commission without other recom
mendation. The game commission will be
notified of action taken by clubs
composing the council as advis
ory in formation of angling re
gulations for the coming season.
The commission will meet Jan
uary 13 and 14 to set rules for
the year.
L. D. Bloom of Roseburg was
appointed to represent the coun
cil at the game commission hear
ing. Instructor Who Worked
On A-Bomb Fired At UC
After admitting he was "a Com
munist to all intents and pur
poses" while working in 1943 in
the University of California ra
diation laboratory which helped
make the atom bomb, Irving Da
vid Fox was fired yesterday by
the school's board of regents.
After today's hearing, the re
gents issued a statement saying
Fox "does not meet the minimum
requiremenls for membership on
the faculty."
Wf nclnrn of n f no nnni hniin nlimit
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in ieaerai ana private projects.
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The Weather )
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Roseburg, Oregon
Showers, mostly cloudy today
and Sunday; continued cool.
Highest temp, for any bee. " 70
Lowest temp, for any Dec. .. -S
Highest temp, yesterday .... 48
Lowest temp, last 24 hrs 42
Precipitation last 24 hrs. ' ,2S
Precipitation from Dec. 1 .1.9Q
Preciptation from Sept. 1 ..9.54
Decificiency from Dec. 1 (8
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