The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, December 07, 1949, Page 16, Image 16

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    16 The News-Review, Roseburg, Ore. Wed., Dee. 7, 1949
Lobbying Groups Spend Huge
Sums At National Capital;
House Inquiry May Result
, WASHINGTON 6F Six big groups may be the Initial targets
W U MVCIH' nUUK' UJIIllllllltW KCLIMIK IMUV IU 1 1 1 Vtrnl 1 1. .i " U tiijjr il..
While the committee, headed by Rep. Buchanan (D-Pa.), has
charted no fixed course and probably won't for several more weeks,
Buchanan told newsmen It may be guided largely by a Library
of. Congress report on lobbying.
This report, prepared by W.
Brooke Graves of the legislative
referense service, says: '
"Some of the fields in which
lobbies have been or are now esp
ecially active" include"the tariff
lobby; the natural resources lob
by In its various forms; the
real estate group, battling again
st any kind of public housing
program: the air lines lobby
the agriculture lobby, and the
dramatic struggle between the
representatives of the dairy int
erests and the oloemargarine
Inhere active lobbies, the re
port continued, Include those in
terested in business, education,
health, labor, military and vet
erana legislation.
During the first six months of
1H4M, tne report said, more tnan
$3,500,000 was spent on lobbying
activities. The heavier outlays
were said to have been made
by groups interested in displaced
persons legislation and In bills
to repeal the tax on oleomargar
ine, and to provide a government
medical service program.
During that period, the report
said, nine groups or organizat
ions had lobby expenditures ex
ceeding $100,000 each, while
eight others spent between $50,
ooo and $100,000 and 20 between
$25,000 and $50,000.
"According to their own pro
fessed beliefs, as set forth in the
statements made on the regist
ration forms," the report con-
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Electrical Trouble Shooting
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Third Flrt Chief In Ytar
Named At Klamath Falls
UP) Roy Rowe today was r.p
point Klamath Falls fire chief,
succeeding Henry Akin who re
signed October 1. The appoint
ment was maae Dy tne city coun
cil upon civil service recommen
dation. Rowe has been fire marshal.
He is the third man to head the
Klamath Falls fire department In
little more than a year and, inci
dentally, the third in a quarter
of a century. Keith Ambrose, who
resigned a year ago, had been
chief of the department since its
formation after World War I.
Akin succeeded Ambrose.
Wartime Work Draws
Sharing In Profits
Checks totaling $1,092,240 were in
the mall today for the people who
worked for Jack & Heintz during
the lush war years.
That wound up payments from
the Jahco employes' profit shar
ing trust, administering - trustee
G. H. Hoffman announced.
Jack & Heintz made parts of
airplanes and gained world fame
for its generosity to employes dur
ing the war. Its former president,
Fill Jack, now heads the Scien
tific Instrument Co. at Solana
Beach, Calif. ' .
tlnued, "practically none of these
corporations are engaged in lob
bying work.
"It would appear that all of
them sit In their offices or in
their hotel rooms and meditate,
thinking pure thoughts, but ne
ver for a moment descending to
anything so common and ordin
ary as lobbying. . . part of these
protestations are a pose; many
of them are obviously exagger
ated, if not actual deliberate dis
tortions of the truth."
The congressional library re
port did not mention the so-called
"postal pay lobby." Buchanan
declined to say whether his com
mittee would give esurly atten
tion tn this eroun. Its member.?
literally swarmed through the
halls of capitol hill during the
days the pay raise bin was un
der consideration and it was gen
erally credited by house mem
bers as- having been the most
effective "pressure" group of
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Youthful Slayer ;
Watched To Ban
Suicide Attempt
UP) Franklin Thomas Slay, 22,
confessed killer of his 16-year-old
high school sweetheart, was
placed under close observation
today for .fear he would try to
carrv out his Dart tn he
termed a double suicide pact.
His shirt, tie, 'belt and glasses
were taken from him at Chris
tian county Jail, where he is held
on a murder charge. Officers who
brought him to Kentucky from
Evansville, Ind., suggested that
he be watched closely.
Slay, a Florida State college
student accused of the hammer
slaying of Mary Ellen Harmon,
Evansville, was scheduled to
have an examining trial today
but he said he would waive. He
plans to plead guilty.
' In an Interview in his cell, Slay
said he is ready to take "what
ever the law demands" in pun
ishment. He is mainly concerned, he
said, In passing along this ad
vice to mothers:
"Be more particular about let
ting your boys and girls be to
gether at night."
The troubles that beset him
and Mary Ellen, he said, started
when the girl was baby-sitting.
He said he visited her 20 or 30
times and often stayed with her
Non-Union Labor Causes
Strik At Atom Plant
OAK RIDGE, Tenn., Dec. 7
UP) A walkoi t of about 250 AFL
steam-fitters, truck drivers and
operational engineers continued
today at the new $66,000,000
gaseous diffusion plant project.
The big plant is being built to
increase production of uranium
235 for atomic bombs.
It was understock ths -v.rkers,
n'iiices or Maxon Construction
Co., protested the use of non-union
labor on a short natural gas pipe
line being run into the K-29 area
by the Oman Construction Co., of
A superintendent for Oman
said he knew of no previous diffi
culties from use of non-union
as late at 2 o'clock In the morn
ing. .
The girl became pregnant, he
said, and . "our. . trouble multi
plied." The body of the girl was found
Sunday night In a deep sinkhole
near here. Her head had been
crushed with a mechanic's ham
loswell Mineral Baths
. Chiropractic Physiotherapy
Lady Attendants
I Mile S. of Drain. Oregon
Fire damaged a drug store here
Sunday night and caused traffic
through the downtown section to
be re-routed for a two-hour per
iod. Owners of the West Side phar
macy said damage was consider
able, but gave no estimate. Flam
es ate through shelves and ceil
ing of the store, and generated
heat enough to evaporate , per
fume from the store's stock.
It Is estimated there are 100.
000,000 people in South America.
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