The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, November 23, 1949, Page 9, Image 9

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RUN ON COFFEE While waves of panicky buying have cut
deep into coffee stocks, U. S. roasters are hustling to keep supply
channels filled. Here, William Redman and John -Nee, coffee,
blenders at a Boston, Mass., plant, load bags of green coffee beans
on a carrier to so to the roasters. Industry spokesmen say there
would be plenty of coffee if customer! would only buy normally.
'Gerhart Eisler's Conviction
Stands If He Returns To U. S
Effect Of High Court's Ruling
WASHINGTON, Nov. 22.-0) The Supreme court Monday tossed
out an 'appeal by Gerhart Eisler, the Communist leader who jumped
ball and fled the country while the justices were considering his
case. . ' v
Eisler appealed to the Supreme court from a contempt of Con
gress conviction. He sat in the court chamber while lawyers debated
his case earlier this year. But he stowed away on a Polish ship
last May and fled to England, and then to Germany, before a
decision was reached. , '
The court puzzled for a month
over what to do in such a unique
circumstance. Finally the jus
tices voted 5 to 4 to put the case
in a sort of suspended status. It
was taken off the docket, but
technically remained before the
Recently, solicitor general
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Philip B. Perlman suggested that
the whole business be thrown out
of court. Perlman noted that Eis
ler has taken public office in the
Soviet zone , ot Germany and
shows no signs of ever return
ing here. He urged that the arc
fieal which had been granted Eis
er should now be finally dis
missed. -V '
The court today took this' ad-
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Committed To
State Hospital
Craig Rice, author of many hard
boiled whodunits, has been com
mitted to a state hospital as an
. Her daughter, Mrs. Nancy. At-
Vv'-'.S"', lilli 1 WCiiuiiStilli' COlirt
yesterday that 41-year-old Mibs
Rice has used liquor to excess
for four or five years and needs
institutional care.
The court ordered the writer
of 'iThe Lucky Stiff" and "Trial
by Fury!' to Camarilln State
mental hospital tor an indefinite
period, Several of her books have
been made into movies.
The detective story novelist re
cently filed a divorce suit against
her fourth husband, Henry W.
Demott, Jr., 29, but later said
she loved him and wanted a re
conciliation. She divorced her
third husband, Novelist Law
rence Lipton, in 1947.
Miss Rice was released from a
hospital Sept. 2 after police said
they found two bottles of sleep
ing pills in her hotel room. She
told a judge she wasn't intend
ing to take her own life but
wanted her husband to hear
about it and return to her. On
Sept. 6 the writer was found un
conscious at her mother's home
and police said there, was evi
dence she was under the Influ
ence of sleeping medicine. She
was unconscious 40 hours.
Only One In 35
Survives Crash
OSLO, Norway, Nov. 23 OT)
A 12-year-old Jewish Refugee
boy. woke this morning from a
good night's sleep his first since
he survived the nightmarisli
plane crash Sunday in which 34
persons died.
Little Isaac Allal, one of 28
North African Jewish children
flying to a Norwegian rest camp.
was the only survivor.
Isaac's whimpers led twa
searchers yesterday to the forest-hidden
wreckage .where he
had lain trapped . among debris
and bodies for two cold nights
and a day. Two brothers and a
sister died in the crash.
Isaac doesn't know yet that
another brother is dead at home
in far-off Tunis. That brother, a
17-year-old, fell dead when he
learned of the tragedy in Nor
way. The Dutch chartered plane
crashed in the forest 30 miles
southwest of Oslo Sunday night
as it neared the end of a flight
from Tunis, in North Africa. Be
sides the 28 refugee children,
the plane carried a crew of four
and three nurses. . , .
About 330,000 British and
French troops were evacuated to
England in the epic Allied re
treat from Dunkerque -in May,
1940. .. ' .,- :- : ..
vice and dismissed Eisler's case
with a brief order. It noted that 1
Justices Douglas and Clark took
no part In the action.
Action on other cases
' In other matters, the court:
1. Agreed to say whether the
U.S. District court here properly
dismissed government anti-trust
charges against the National As
sociation of Real Estate Boards
and the local real estate board.
The lower court held that It is
no more of a law violation for
real estate men to agree on com
mission rates than it is for union
members to agree on the mini
mum wages they will work for.
2. Upheld, 6-2, the United
States patent office in its 1945
disbarment of Vernon M. Dor
sey, 80-year-old Washington, D.C.
patent lawyer for submitting a
"ghost written" article in a pat
ent application. The tribunal
overturned the U.S. Court of Ap-i
peals here, which had branded
the disbarment proceeding as an
example of "bureaucratic lynch
3. Held, 6-2, that Georgia
courts should give Richard J.
Brown a trial of his $5,000 dam
age suit against a railroad.
Brown, a brakeman, sued as the
result of injuries suffered when
he fell after stepping on a large
clinker. Georgia courts threw out
the case on the grounds that the
presence of the clinker in a rail
road yard could not be consider
ed negligence on the railroad's
part. ,
Eisler was sentenced to a year
in jail and fined $1,000 for re
fusing to be sworn as a witness
before the House un - American
activities committee. He was at
liberty on bail at the time he
filed appeal to the Supreme court
rne eiiect ot today s action was
to leave the conviction and sen
tence hanging over Eisler's head
should he ever return to the Unit
ed States.
Munich rmw. owned by
Lowtst Diabttic Rat Credited To Richland, Wash.
less than one of every hundred
persons affected by diabetes,
Richland, Wash., was disclosed to
have the nation's lowest diabetic
rate. i v . . - -,-' '
The disclosure was made by the
American Diabetes association
after a nation-wide survey. Five
per cent of all Americans are pos
sible diabetics, the association
Richland's tendency was but .54
per cent.
, " A fir
: 1 : .)(. "
Franciscan nuns serve at refreshment bar of the Buerter Theater.
their order. Proceeds help rebuild war-danuged Franciscan center
Greatest concentration was In
the . southeastern United States
where the survey turned up a po
tential of 6.3 per cent. .
The survey, made last month,
covered only about 34,000 persons.
They were picked by sampling to
represent all areas of the United
States. .- -. '.'.., -
was almost like the Fourth of
July as several hundred persons
gathered to celebrate the 50th an
niversary of the cornerstone lay
ing of Frostburg State Teachers
The outdoor celebration was
featured by a colorful, hour-long
- Zoe Newman
925 Cobb St. Phone 387-R
, , . this Island of Liberty, this sanctuary for all who believe that man's right
to personal freedom is a divine right. Let us give thanks for the insight of
those first Americans who conceived o pattern for government which is both
stable and dynamic, geared for individual achievement within a framework
of security. ' ' i . ;
Let us, today, and every day put aside our petty grievances, our pointless
hostilities, our doubts and fears and thank God for this climate of freedom
where the pattern of our lives is shaped by our own will and disciplined by
our own conscience.
Wed., Nov. 23, 1949 The Ntwi-Rtvitw, Roieburg, On. f
First Parachute Invented
MOSCOW m A Russian
Invented the world's first para
chute, the Soviet armed forces
newspaper Red Star claims.
The inventor, G. Kotenlkov, de
signed the ehute in 1911, said the
newspaper, and all present-day
parachutes are patterned accord
ing to his principles. Kotelnikov
died five yor boo.
(The Encyclopedia Brittanlca
records successful parachute
jumps from balloons as early as
1797 in Paris. That parachute, of
course, wasn't too good and wob
bled quite a bit. But men kept on
designing new parachutes and
jumping out of balloons until
1912, when, according to the en
cyclopedia, a Captain Berry made
display of fireworks.
But there were a few ou-of-place
1-The thermometer read 28 de
grees. 2-A stiff wind was blow
ing. 3-It was snowing hard.
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A few drops of Vicka
Va-tro-nol In each
nostril work fast to
rtliiv head cold dis
tress, make breath
ing easier. And If
used at first sniffle or
sneeze. Va-tro-nol
helps to vwtnt many colds
developing! Try It. Follow
directions in the package.
I Nost Drapt :
V Worit fast! i
By Russian, Red Star Claims
the first successful Jump from an
airplane in St. Louis, Mo. That,
of course, was a year after Red
Star 'said Kotelnikov designed the
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