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WENDELL SIMPSON is packing a sack of Umpqua brand mash
at the Douglas County Flour mills, where he is employed. This
mash has been mixed at the mixing machine according to the
formula used for the particular
veyor to the packer, A sack is
of any large poultry flock, for
teems to go out about as fast.
Atomic Bomb Danger To
United States Minimized
By Committee Senator
prise atomic bomb attack upon the United States?
It this is worrying you, then Senator Edwin C. Johnson (D.-Colo.)
has some comforting "personal opinions."
In the Pay's News
HERE'S one lor the book:
The Oregon Farm Bureau fed
eration, winding up its 18th an
nual convention in La Grande,
adopts 21 resolutions on widely
varied subjects NOT ONE OF
One of the resolutions called
for an end to wasteful govern
ment spending.
THOMAS Jefferson would have
approved that. You will re
member that he said, among
many other wise things:
"I place economy among the
first and most important virtues,
and public debt as the GREAT
EST of dangers to be feared . . .
TO preserve our independence,
we must not let our rulers load
us with perpetual debt . . . We
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Drunken, Reckless Drivers
Fined In Municipal Court
Judge Ira B. Riddle reported
two Roseburg ipen entered pleas
of guilty in municipal court this
njorning to charges of driving
while under the influence of
intoxicating liquor.
The offenders were listed as Ver
non Melville Lee. 42, and Wjll
iam Quimby, 29, Idlcyld route.
Both received fines of $100
and had their operators licenses
suspended for one year.
A fine of $50 was paid by Cecil
K. Ireland, 19, Roseburg, follow
ing a plea of guilty to a charge
of reckless- driving, Riddle reported.
Traffic Mishaps In Douglas
Over Weekend Attributed To
Heavy Travel And Dense Fog
Dense fog and heavily traveled highways contributed to the
cause of four accidents in Douglas county over the weekend.
State police reported a. two-car collision on Melrose road, Sunday
at 12:20 a. m., sent two persons to Mercy hospital to be treated
for minor injuries when a car driven by Donald DeRamus of Look
Ingglass route and one operated by Milton Walter, Roseburg,
Walter was cited for driving In
the left lane of traffic.
Mrs. Maxine Black, aipasspnger
In the DeRamus car, was treated
at the hospital for bruises. She
was later released. Mrs. Inez Tel
ler, riding In WaKer's car. was
treated for facial lacerations. All
other occupants were uninjured.
No one was Injured, nor were
any citations issued, In a three
car sideswiping incident Sunday
at one a. m., according to Sgt.
Holly Holcomb.
A car driven by Gene Rowe,
Glide, apparently collided with a
feed and then carried by con
filled in a hurry; but the owner
instance, will tell you that it
What are the chances o a sur
"I think the odds are about one
million to one against any enemy
dropping one atomic bomb pn any
part ot tne united states, jonn
son told a reporter. "Of course I
refer to the foreseeable future
say the next 20 years."
Johnson is in a position to give
an estimate. He is a member of
the Senate-House atomic energy
committee and this group prob
ably knows more atomic screts
than any other, except the Atomic
Energy commission and its scien
tists. Johnson's own views of possible
danger from attack apparently
differ widely from other congres
sional atomic committeemen.
Senator MeMahon (D-Conn),
chairman of the joint committee,
already has announced that hear
ings on possible civilian defense
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Bride Of 2 Months Wins
Apple Packing Crown
YAKIMA, Nov. 21. (IP) Mrs.
Irene Cyr, 21-year-old bride of
two months, kept the world's ap
ple packing title in Yakima Sat
urday by nosing our seven other
finalists from Oregon, Washing-,
ton and British Columbia.
Fern Vosberg, 26, of Hood Riv
er, Ore., was second and Mrs.
Laurice Melton, Yakima, last
year's winner, - finished third.
Two thousand spectators
cheered their way through the
two-hour finale.
Mrs. Cyr, whose 7,459 apples
brought her third in the speed
division ,said the $500 first money
would be a "down payment on a
dream home."
SALEM. Nov. 21. UP) Secre
tary of State Newbry will wait
utnil Wednesday before he ap
points a new state auditor.
State Auditor Sephus Starr
died of a heart attack Saturday.
He also was commander of Salem
American Legion post No. 9.
car driven by James Hogan, Port
land, then hit a dirt bank. A third
car, driven by Glen Smelling,
avoided hitting the bank, but col-
ilided with the Hogan car.
Truck Overturns
Eugene Ridenour. Roseburg,
turned a Trowbridge Electric
company truck completely over
late Saturday afternoon, in an at
tempt to miss a speeding motor
cycle. Ridenour gave this account of
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The Weather
Partly cloudy today, tonight
and Tuesday with morning fog.
Sunset today 4:44 p. m.
Sunrise tomorrow 7:15 a. m.
Established 1873
Finest Quality
Birds Will
Go On Display
Entries Already Being
Made By Growers In
California, Manager Says
Some of the finest birds ever
gathered under one roof will be
on display the 18th annual
Northwestern Turkey show, Dec.
Entries are already being re
ceived from California exhibi
tors, said George L. Routledge,
the show's manager. The dead
line for entries is Dec. 3.
The Northwestern Turknv oh nut
is America's oldest turkey ex-
nimu iL was sianea at uaKianu,
Ore,, in 1927, and held there an
nualtv until trip rnnt way tal
lowing the war, the show was re-
viveu in fioseDurg.
RoUtledee said that tho mialit,,
of birds exhibited each year since
revival of the show has steadily
impiovea. L,ast year, the entries
were "the best ever to be exhib
ited." But this year, Routledge
pointed out, the quality is even
The 1949 turkey show will again
be in the Rolletta Skating rink.
Live birds will be caged on the
main floor. A new cold room has
been completed for the dressed
birds display.
Routledge said he recently re
turned from California, where
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CVA Hearings
Face Long Wait
The possibility was expressed to
day that the hearings in thu Pa
cific northwest on the adminis
tration's bill to set up a Columbia
valley administration may be put
off for as long as a year.
At any rate, it appeared doubt
ful that they would get under
way in January or February, as
had been hoped by some of the in
terested parties.
Senator Chavez (D.-N. M.).
chairman of the senate public
worKs committee, now is m r.u
rope. Before he departed he said
he would determine the date of
the hearings to be held In Wash
ington, Oregon, Idaho and Mon
tana alter nis return next
It is understood to be Chavez's
wish not to hold the hearings dur
ing a political campaign so as to
avoid getting politics involved in
tne issue.
In such a contingency the only
thing that could be done would
be to postpone the hearings until
after the elections next Novem
ber. That would delay getting the
proposal betore congress until
the 82nd congress convenes in
Stork Visits Woman
Facing Murder Charge
SCRANTON, Pa., Nov. 21. UP).
Mrs. Mildred Lewis, who is
awaiting trial on a murder charge
in the fatal beating of her two-year-old
son last Oct. 12, gave
birth to a boy at Sranton state
hospital yesterday.
Mrs. Lewis was charged with
murder after her little boy, James
Lee Brown a son by a former
marriage was found beaten to
death in the Lewis home at
Brackney, Pa.
Mrs. Lewis is scheduled to go
on trial in January.
She was taken to the hospital
from the Lackawanni county jail.
Both mother and son were re
ported in "good" condition.
British Folks Plead To
Have Knobs On Their Doors
HUNMANBY. England. Nov.
21 UP) Twenty-two local fam
ilies pleaded with the labor gov
ernment today to let them have
knobs on their doors.
The families live in a housing
development built under the di
rection of the ministry of health.
To cut costs, the doors were fit
ted with hand latches instead of
Unhanny with the knobless
doors, the residents mailed a
formal Detition to Health Minis
ter Bevan for permission to af
fix "handles, knobs or other de
A health mintetrv spokesman
said the request will be referred
to its Leeds regional office for
PORTLAND, Nov. 21 P)
When a young man stopped po
lice and asked "Did you see
which way the stickup man
ran? tne omcera natioea mm.
Detective Lt. Carl Crisp said
James F. Smith. 23, had $.301
from robbing a dry cleaning firm
stuffed in his pockets. He was
seized when police threw a cor
don of officers around the area.
Turkey Sho iv Facing Bright
Chest Within
$10,000 Of Goal
With something less than S10,
uuu sun to- collect lor tne Rose
burg Community Chest, the drive
will continue until the $25,550
goal nas been reached, Communi
ty Chest leaders have decided.
To date, the chest has received
Art Lamka, secretary of the
Gift Thermometer
Roseburg Community Chest, said
a luncheon has been scheduled
Wednesday at the Hotel Umpqua,
when the board of directors and
representatives of participating
agencies will discuss problems of
raising tne Daiance ot tne quota.
East Roseburg Petition
For Annexation Slated '
Petitions for the annexation
of East Roseburg will be sub-
mitiea tonignt at tne regular
meeting of the city council.
William Bollman, city record
er, said the petitions have been
cnecKea ana will be turned over
to the council for possible ac
tion. Also slated on tonieht's agen
da is a report and discussion of
ward and precinct boundaries and
a report from the police commit-
mittee on citizens complaints ot
fumes of a cleaning establish
ment operating within the city
SALEM, Nov. 21. UP) Fog
was blamed by state police today
for the death of Wallace Taylor,
Salem, earlv today.
laylor s car ran oil tne racinc
highway four miles north of Sa
lem, lt struck a tree and was com
pletely demolished.
Lost Hunter Russell Hall, Wes
ton, Ore., was found late Satur
day by a search party. Hall had
failed to return to camp Friday
night In the Tollgate area of tl
Blue mountains. He was worried
and exhausted but unharmed.
cniiTucDu nncmu UATEI
.j w w , , ikn i, wnhwwi- - -
guests, who met at the Umpqua
(. J $20,000
'! I $15000
I' j $5,000
TO .
lh'Jl:-' v 'sirs. iu; s
th business agenda. Distinguished guests wera congressman ana Mrs. narris cmwonn mu
man Ellsworth told of a recent trip to Europt, taken in the company of saveral congressmen,
association members were guests of local hotel operators, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Harding,
Frank Bowden. (Staff photo..
Tilltiiffii"'"irti'"itlVil'ifc ilrt lifnti rTit
Sheriff, Trio
Of Aides Face
Mob Charges
Flogging Of 7 Negroes
By Klansmen Alleged As
Trial Opens In Atlanta
ROME, Ga., Nov. 21 UP)
Twelve men were called today to
answer federal .charges of con
spiring to put the law of the lash
above the law of the land.
Seven Negroes were flogged by
a band of 50 to 75 men in Ku
Klux Klan1 robes April 2. The
12 men called to trial, the gov
ernment said, helped in the flog
gings. A grand jury held on Aug. 3
that the conspirators were Dade
county Sheriff John W. Lynch,
three of his deputies and eight
They conspired, the jury found,
to have the Negroes arrested and
then, while in lawful custody,
seized by the mob and whipped.
Meanwhile, the grand jury
which returned the original in
dictments is to reconvene Tues
day to dig deeper into the case
which, the government has indi
cated, is far from closed.
Since Sheriff Lynch first re
ported the floggings, federal Bu
reau of Investigation agents un
der John C. Bills have swarmed
into the county just across the
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Montgomery Here
To Talk Defense
By The Associated Press
Britain's Field Marshal Vis
count Montgomery arrives in the
United States toda.?-for-a round
of unofficial talks with America's
top military men.
During his 12-day stay, he will
confer with General Eisenhower,
his World War II boss; Gen.
Omar N. Bradley, chairman of
the joint chiefs of staXf; Gen.
Joseph L. Collins, Army chief of
staff, and other military and dip
lomatic leaders.
Montoeomery, now chairman
of the Western union defense al
liance, has been working for
months on plans, for the defense
of Europe. These plans for Eng
land, Belgium, France, Holland
and Luxembourg will form the
basis or the defense plans for
the Noiih Atlantic defense for
which Congress has voted $1,000
000,000. It is on these plans the Western
Allies will gamble In thler fight
to hold Europe against any at
tack from Russia and her satel
Reduced Brazilian cultivation
and higher U. S. consumption
aren't the only reasons for re-chord-high
coffee prices in thi3
Fact is, the commerce depart
ment . reports, South Americans
themselves are drinking more
coffee than they- used to.
An analysis by the department
said that "no immediate short
age" of coffee is foreseen In this
AM MEETS Akn ! nirturad a oortlon of 52 hotel operators of southern Oregon and their
wi -. - -
hotel Sunday night. Fira safety
21, 1949
Plane Carrying 28 Jewish
Refugee Children, 7 Other
Persons Crashes In Norway
OSLO, Norway, Nov. 21. (API A plana carrying 28 under
nourished Jewish refugee children from North Africa was miss
ing today, believed crashed somewhere in tangled forest country
near Oslo.
The plane with 35 aboard 28 children, three nurses and four
crewmen sent its last radio message about 6 o'clock last night
as it neared Oslo's Fornebj airport. Soon afterwards a sharp flash
of light, followed by an explosion was seen near Gjersjoen lake
a mile southeast of Oslo.
Hundreds of searchers struggled through the trees and swamps
in the lake region during the night and this morning searching
for a trace of the missing craft.
The 28 children were in a group of 55 North African Jews from
Tunis being flown to Norway for six months of rest and rehabili
tation before traveling on to Israel. Most were between six and
12 years of age.
Aero Holland, owners of the plane, announced at The Hague,
Netherlands, that the plane was "considered lost.
High School Girl
Shot To Death In
Lovers' Quarrel
PORTLAND, Me., Nov. 21 fl
A hich school lovers' auarrel
ended last night, police said, in
the fatal shooting of a pretty 16-year-old
Katherine B. Furbish was shot
In the chest apparently while
slruggling with her boy friend,
also lb, lor possession oi a re
volver he had pointed at his own
Detective Cant. Edward M. Ko-
chian, saying that "it looks like
an accident, let tne Doy go nome
with orders to return with his
parents today for further ques
tioning. Kochian would not iden
tify the youth.
The,- attractive brnnette Port
land high school sophomore, clad
in a nigntgown anu Dea jacKer,
was found dying on a bed in her
Waterville street home.
The boy told this story:
He and Katherine had been ar
guing "about her going out with
other fellows."
The boy got a revolver belong
ing to Katherine'i father and
pointed it at his head with the
filing pin half-cocked "to fright
en her in a sort of Russian rou
lette game."
Screaming "Give me that
gun," Katherine crabbed at the
weapon as the boy lowered it.
The revolver went off sending a
bullet into her chest.
Katherine and the boy were
alone in the house. Her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Fur
bish, were In Boston visiting an
other daughter.
Salem School Burglars
Stage Fourth Prowl
SALEM. Nov. 21. (if) Sa
lem's school burglars struck for
the fourth time over the week
end. Thcv broke into McKinley
school after burglarizing Salem
heights, Bush and Richmond
schools earlier in the week.
All are erade schools. The total
loot was small, but the" djd con
siderable damage in breaking
desks open.
-):: 'it t
i -
measures and check cashing
W ijty" tuuf
Man Dies As
Copco Truck
Leaves Road
6n man was killed and an
other Injured when a Cali
fornia Oregon Power com
pany truck went oft the North
Umpqua road at Alder creek,
near Steamboat, at 11:30 last
H. C. Wells, Copco manager
here, identified the dead man
only as "Tex." That was the nick
name given by the driver of the
truck, Carl Smith, who Is in
Mercy hospital, Wells said.
The Copco radio station at
Dlxonville. however, contacted
the construction camo at Toketee
falls this morning. ,Jt .wasvjra-
ported "that the man s name was
H. K. uullatt, who was employed
as a cook.
No details of the accident were
available late this morning. A
party representing the sheriffs
office and coroner went to the
accident scene to Investigate and
bring Gullatl's body here.
Smith's condition at Mercy hos
pital was reported to be "good"
following a preliminary examina
tion bv his doctor. He Is to under
go a more thorough X-ray ex
amination later in the day. .
Rescues Two In Plane,
Returns To His Angling
WILNE. Eng.. Nov. 21.-UP)
Samuel William Rose, 25, saw an
airplane crash on the opposite
side of the river Dcrwent while
he was fishing. This is what he
Str oncd and swam 100 yards
across the flooded river;
Ripped off a wing of the
wrecked plane to release the pilot
and a passenger.
Made first-aid splints from
pieces of a fence;
Trotted one-and-a-half miles in
his underwear to get an ambu
lance; Helped the ambulance men get
the two injured men Geoffrey
Smith and Gerald Barnctt off to
a hospital.
Then he went back to his fish
ing and caught three perch.
,, , , .
policies were important iiems on
to study conditions there. The
Ernest Butler and Mr. and Mrs.
. - '-'4 f
Escapees Steal
Guns. Sever
Phone Wires
Aged Jailer, Felled With
Mop Stick, In Critical
Condition In Hospital
COQUILLE, Ore., Nov. 21. UPt
Three heavily armed Coos coun
ty jail escapees were hunted to
day. The trio of young men battered
an elderly jailer last night, looted
the jail office of shotguns and
pistols and fled into the night.
Sheriff William Howell identi
fied the escapees as James Lyle
Vinlng, 23; Doyle Gault, 22; and
David Clinton Maynard, 20.
Jailer G. H. Atherton, 70, waa
beaten about the head and is in
the Myrtle Point hospital. The
jail matron, Mrs. F. Staten, escap.
ed possible harm by locking her
self in a room when the three
men broke out of the cell block.
They had lured Atherton into
the cell block on the pretext ot
wanting a towel, the sheriff said.
One of the men tackled him in
the corridor and all three then
ran for the main door. They stop
pen long enough to obtain the
guns and ammunition, cut the
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Abducted Child
Raped, Murdered
FRESNO, Calif., Nov. 21.
UP) The raped body of an 18-month-old
girl was found in a
muddy field near Huron last
night, her head jammed into the
Deputy Coroner L. R. Webb
said the girl, Josephine Yanez,
was raped and then smothered in
the mud. There were teeth marks
on the body.
The child was the daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Yanez, of Huron.
She was kidnaped from her par
ents' car In front of a dance hall
at Huron, 40 miles southwest oi
here, early Sunday.
J. Ed Martin, head ot ths
Fresno county sheriff's office
criminal identification bureau.
said the killing was "the most vi
cious murder ever commuted in
Fresno county."
Constable Jeanne Peterson ana
Deputy Sheriff Gene Predmore
saia tne gin was aoouciea wniie
her parents were aDsent irom me
car lor a few minutes.
A 21 -year-old laborer was
booked in the county jail -here
for questioning. Sheriff's depu
ties, however, declined to say
whether he was a suspect.
Night Prowler Killed
By Owner Of Home
A night prowler was killed late
Saturday while prying open a
window through which the owner
fired two bullets.
Police later identified the slam
man as Charles O. Cottom, 31,
formerly of Oakland, Calif., who
served a term for forgery. A .45
caliber automatic pistol and a
cup ox bullets were iouno oesiae
the body.
Dr. Rowland H. Kreutzer, own
er of the Canine clinic and hospi
tal where tne snooting occurred.
was quoted by police as report
ing he had first veiled a warn
ing and then fired two .32 caliber
bullets. Police said there may
have been an accomplice. A car
sped away from near the scene
after the shooting. -
Franchot Tone's Divorced
Wife Stabs Herself :
Only hours after she dined with
her divorced husband. Franchot
Tone, and their two children.
beautiful blonde actress Jean
Wallace stabbed herselt in the
abdomen with a butcher knife.
I he one time fcarl Carroll show.
f;lrl commented yesterday to po
Ice while being treated at re
ceiving hospital:
' did it just for laughs."
But police called it an attempt
ed suicide and said that only the
Intervention of her mother pre
vented more serious injury or
death. Police listed the motive as
despondency over the final
breaKup of her marriage with
Tone, which ended in a final di
vorce decree Oct. 1.
Her wound, while painful, was
not serious.
Scottsburg Mart" Killed
In Auto Wreck; 3 Hurt
REEDSPORT. Nov. 21 UP) .
One man was killed and three
companions injured Saturday
night when a car they were rid
ing plunged off highway 30 be
tween Elkton and Scottsburg.
State police said William de-
Witt Crisp, 27, formerly of Mon.
mouth and a logger near here,
was dead when taken from the
demolished vehicle.
Injured were Robert Wright,
22, Floyd Mathews, 28, and Harry
Carroll. 39. all of Scottsburg.
They are in a North Bend hos
Livfty Fact Rant
By L. f. IWlaMiaUhl
In years past, when turkeys
were merely drawn, they re
tailed for around 40 cents a
pound. Now that they are "tvli
eerated" (five syllables count
'em), John D. Consumer must
pungle up from 55 to 65 cents
a pound.