The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, November 04, 1949, Page 11, Image 11

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(7VE Telophoto)
LOST CITY' FOUND These sun-baked ruins In the Afghanistan "Desert of Death" are believed to be
those of the once great city of Peshawarum, which has stood untouched since Its 100,000 inhabitants
abandoned It eight centuries ago. The city, once an outpost of Alexander the Great, covers a 30-mlle-square
area. It may be one of the greatest archaeological finds of recent years since the residents left
most of their possessions behind.
Cigar Box Swapped For Violin Puts
Genius On Road To Fame And Riches
NEW YORK UP) If you want your boy to be a great violinist,
don't make him study the violin.1 . , r ...
A lady named Mrs, Prima made this mistake down In New
Orleans about 30 years ago.
She had a little bov. Louie, who
made a violin, out of a cigar box
and borrowed mandolin strings.
Mrs. Prima, sure her son was a
genius, rushed him off to a violin
teacher. For eight miserable
years, unwilling Louie sawed
through endless Hungarian rhap
"All the time Ah wished Ah had
made a cigar box out of a violin
instead of a fiddle out of a cigar
box," he recalled.
One day he picked up a cornet
belonging to his older brother,
Leon. He blew a few intoxicat
ing notes and hung up his fiddle
and bow for life. He went from
the cornet to the trumpet, and
has dwelt ever since In the king
dom of jazz.
"For years mah mother still
wanted me to be a violin virtuo
so had her heart set on It," said
the band leader. "But she's hap
py now-r-very happy."
For today Prima has a 16-piece
band, a recording firm, two sheet
music publishing companies and
a racing stable of 11 horses. He
and his brother also own a New
Orleans night club. His various
enterprises have grossed as high
as $500,000 a year.
"If you want a kid to go into
music, said Louie, "the best
thing is to let him learn a little
piano first so he'll get a basic
knowledge of chorus and har
mony. "Then, as he grows older, let
him take up whatever special in
strument he decides himself he
likes best."
Formula: Please The Publlo
Prima's own formula for suc
cess is to "play pretty for the
"The reason the band business
is bad now is because too many
leaders have lost touch with what
the public wants. They play to
please themselves.
"But the one-type dance band
that plays a single style is a
thing of the past. People expect
more for their money they want
the band to give them a novelty
show; as well as good dance mu
sic. In keeping with his theory
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Louie has revived a 1923 epidem
ic "Yes, We Have No Bananas"
hoping it will infect the coun
try again.
I "I called up the United Fruit
company, thinking they'd be glad
to know this," said Prima's press
agent. "But they asked us,
please, not to do It. Said that
song hurt the sale of bananas. I
asked them why, and the man
" T don't know. I had a clip
ping that explained why, but I
lost the clipping.' "
"Ah can't understand It ei
ther," said Louie. "That was
about the biggest song hit of the
century. And Ah think the time
is ripe for it again people need
something like those gang things
everybody can sing."
Meets F.O.R.
Louie's proudest memory Is of
the way he played in the White
House for President Roosevelt's
last birthday luncheon. Mrs.
Roosevelt invited him.
"Waiting In line to meet him
Ah got nervous for the first time
was one of mah heroes. Ah didn't
was one of mah heroes. Ad didn't
know whether to sav, 'Pleased
to meet you, 'Hody do,' or 'The
pleasure Is mutual.'
Finally, Louie got to FDR and
blurted out:
"Hello, Daddy' "
The president laughed out loud.
"Ah think," said Louie, "he
understood hepcat talk."
Induction Slated
By Two Y Clubs
The Hl-Y and Trl Hi-Y clubs
of Roseburg high school are hav
ing a joint induction ceremony
to be held at the Methodist
church at 3 p.m., Sunday, Nov.
6. It is estimated that 34 induc
tees and 50 members will parti
cipate in the ceremony.
umcers oi tne two clubs will
have the major role In the induc
tion ceremony. A snort talk will
be given by Marlen Yoder, gen
eral secretary of the Roseburg
YMCA, on the history of the Hi-Y
and Tri Hi-Y clubs. The main
speaker will be Paul Elliott su
perintendent of schools. Rev. W.
A. MacArthur will give the in
vocation, and Rev. Morris Roach
will give the benediction.
This is the first time such a
ceremony has been held In Rose
burg. It will be formal dress for
members and inductees. The
ceremony is open to the public
and special Invitations to attend
have been sent to parents of the
participating young people, YM
CA board mem tiers, ana tne
sponsoring committee.
PRESTON, England, Nov. 3
W) J. Robertson advertised a
cottage for rent at 14 shillings
($1.96) a week.
He was swamped by more than
1,000 replies and now is Inter
viewing prospective renters
twelve at a time.
U. S. Bureau of Mines engin
eers are making a mineral In
ventory of Kansas.
The .highest temperature re
corded on earth was 136 degrees
Fat Azizia, Libya, North At il
ea, on Sept. 13, 1922, according
to the U.S. Weather. Bureau.
Japan Drawing
Nearer To Status
Of Independence
MANILA, Nov. 4. WP) Japan
has moved closer toward inde
pendence in the last few weeks
than'at any time since the end of
the war.
This trend gives added Impor
tance to the recent series of re
ports a formal peace treaty may
be near.
Occupation headquarters In To
kyo now is in the process of turn
ing over a wide range of local
authority to the Japanese. The
latest move was the announce
ment that private trade would
be re-established on Dec. 1.
Equally important, perhaps, is
the new eagerness 31 Japanese
officials to' take over control and
assume responsibility. A year
ago they refused several chances
to gain more autonomy.
At the same time the Japanese
are conspicuously anxious to
please the United States. No one
has explained completely why
the coal production quota is be
ing met when for more than
three years the output of this
vital commodity has lagged bad-
Frl Nov. A, 1949 The News-Review, Roseburg, Or. 1 1
This suggests the Japanese
have been told, or have decided,
now is the time to put forward
their best efforts for the big push
to regain domestic power.
There . is new emphasis on
speed In this overall trend which
cannot be explained in terms of
local development.
Most key government officials
have reiterated, however, that a
peace treaty is necessary to re
store Japan to Its full capacity.
The cold war delayed It for
months, if not years.
Now that the situation Is at
least clarified in China, a 1ey '
remaining question is whether
the Chinese Communists reach a
position to demaB participation
In the peace treaty. American
authorities In Tokyo oppose this.-
That might also suggest a rea
son for speed.
In any case, both American .
and Japanese leaders seem
agreed that a treaty will not
jeopardize the American milltaiv ,
position in Japan. The Japanese
still look to the United States
for protection. ,
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