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    6 Tk Nw-Reviw, Roteburg, Ore. -Thuri., Oct. 13, 1949
Equaling Of Women's Wages To Those
Of Men Promised By Governments
WASHlNrrmV Women the world over ar XIII beinc nald
les. than the men who work next to .hem on the .ame Job. The j .n'Z" ?
injUSUCff nai Dtrn IH.T;iii-U, nun iiainsimiiy, wurii i nr
Business Reflects Effects Of Weather; Bumper Crops Of Corn And Prunes Listed
NEW YORK. VP Freakish weather playi hob with mer
chant, farmers and government planner! alike. Immediate effect! j
dot the businesi picture acrou the nation. Long-term effect! are
taking ihape, ome good, nrnt bad. I
International Labor office (ILO) first called attention to It. Now
the ILO la going to try to get a hard-and-fast promise from govern
ment! that they will take stops at home to wipe out the difference.
There is precious llllle gallan-
try in the way In which women .. . ,LO s.vpr-. ov.
workers are being ireaiea. jne '
ILO say! that the first squawk ernment! are trying to draw,
from men, who approved the idea more women out of the home and :
of equal pay lor equal worn, nlo industry. Here are some of da mam to unharvested rice,
came for a sellish reason: they : ,h1 things that are happening tollable and cotton cropi In Tex
didnt seem to be worried whcth-ivi-nridn,, womrn around the : as. Government Dlanneri are trv-
er women got thegomg rates lriworM a, tnp ilo report! them: lnr in assess the effect on their
France has been hiring women subsidy and control plans. Mep
lion drives all thoughts of win
Iter clolhlng and furnishings out
of the mindj of shoppers. Sale!
i in department store! In New
I York and Philadelphia are 14
I per cent lower than at the Mine
time last year. Hardest hit are
the apparel and fur depart
Tropical storms did tremendoui
a Job; what they feared wai that
employer! who found women
could do a Job for less pay would
cut the pay of men on such Jobs.
Apparently women are proving
Just as able as men on a wide va
riety of new occupations. Reports
flowing In from the world to the
ILO office show that women
workers are slowly taking ov.-r a
good many Industrie! .vhere they
in such great numbers for so long
that there has been little change
since lSWi. Since that year French
women have remained almost
constantly one-third of the
French working force. In those
years there has been a drop In
ihe number of French women do
in factories. But the number In in the size of the pig crop in
ment crop estimate! higher and
higher. More and more bales
will go Into government ware
houses. The effect of bad weather,
as well as good, li showing up
In the price scales now. Last
winter'! blizzard! in the sheep
country are part of the reason
that United Slates wool produc
tion is at a new low this year,
and that American mills are
bidding high In the Australian
wool auction!. And that lamb
pricei aren't dropping along with
Graps Fruit Prica (sari
La!t winter's freeze In Texas
and this fall'! hurricane in
Florida have cut the grapefruit
light engineering. At Ihe s;ime
time, in some lands their -lumber!
are dropping In the clothing
thortaga Of Goods Aid!
Today'! ihortagei of goodi are
working to the advantage of wo-leal machinery, knllled goods,
men who have to earn their own : light engineering.
chants In the area are wonder
ing how they'll move their slocks.
High winds flatten the ripened
corn crop in Iowa and Nebraska.
If the loss to the farmers is as
great as first believed, It will crop so that a box of grapefruit
show up this winter in the sales 'which cost $.1 wholesale last year
denies of storekeepers in the li bringing $4.50 now.
ing domestic service and working areas hit, and perhaps next fall ! But usually good wealher, with
pieniy oi rain, in tn winter
wheat areas of the southwest
this fall has put planting far
ahead of schedule. Reports to
day are that we are off to a
good start for another big wheat
crop next year. And that could
mean more aluminum and steel
for storage bins, more lubsidy
headaches, more pressure to get
crop surpluses moved abroad
but also more prosperity in the
wheat country and plenty of
bread on the nation i tables.
The government can plan all
these things, but the wealher
usually decides them.
were not used back In World War , huine and the nrofessioni has ih. .,.iin.
I ua.vs.
Oddly enough, the pla.-e where
they seem to be making the most
marked inroads, in several na
tions, is In the metal trades and arp usng cw techniques: metal
gone up.
Britain reports that women
workers are multiplying the most
rapidly in the Industrie! which
trades, electrical equipment, ex
plosives, chemicals and engineer
ing. It. R. reports show that there
are now grealer proportions of
women In men's apparel, electrl-
II TTTT77) M sXl
V- asai. v vis am-
Distributed In Roieburg by Bates Candy Co.
Pork Prices Will Drop
Just now the housewife li
finally reaping the benefit of
Ihe bumper corn cropi of last
year. Hogs are rolling into mar
ket. In Ihe week ahead, your
butcher should have plenty of
pork chops and loin roasts. Trul
fine corn growing wealher the
nation has enjoyed for two year!
mean lower pork bills for you.
And slill later, thanks to the
wealher man. last year'! corn
crop should mean plentiful and
lower priced neer. unless ine
government ran hold pricei up.
Because (hat good corn grow
ing weather is now Just a head
ache for the government. Wash
ington is scurrying around right
now to find aluminum to build
bins In which to store farmer!'
surplus corn, because steel is
itrike casualty. Subsidy officials
are trying to figure nut how to
hold up the prices the farmer
gets for his hogs. The govern
ment will support both the price
of hogs and of Ihe dressed pork
Pruna Surplus Noted
There was good prune-growing
weather, loo, and now there is
a surplus in the growing area
on the west coast. Subsidy pay
ments are reported planned to
induce exporters to ship prunes
to the Marshall plan countries.
That will help keep prune pricei
There's another big surplus
cotton crop coming up. Favor
able wealher sends the govern-
Anderson Farm
Plan Will Pass,
Lucas Predicts
Democratic leader Lucas (111.)
predicted the Senate will pass
the "compromise" Anderson
farm plan today. Lucas told re
porter!, however, he aeei no
chance for adjournment of Con
gress by Saturday. That had
been the target dale.
Lucas was questioned after a
brief conference with President
In view of the legislation pend
ing, Lucas said he doesn't lee
how Congress can adjourn by
"We are going to pass a farm
bill." he said.
"It will be the Anderson bill."
Asked If the Anderson bill
was acceptable to the President,
Lucas replied "I don't know."
Mr. Truman has been reported
by some callers as favoring 90
percent of parity price support
for basic crops Instead of the
sliding scale of 75 to 90 percent
proposed by Senator Anderson
(D-N.M), former lecretary of ag Ithe support on these crops could
ricnlture. be dropped to as low as 75 per-
The President called Lucas and cent. Controls are expected in
other senators to the White House . 1930 on cotton, wheat and corn,
yesterday and urged them to get j Tobacco Is due to be supported
together on some kind of farm at 90 percent Indefinitely, there
bill he can sign.
Hli reported differences with
his two top senatorial Helen
ami on the farm measure may
cloud the Issue for the Demo
crat! In the 1950 campaign
By all accounts today, the
President was standing for farm
price supports at 90 percent of
parity on six so-called basic crops
cotton, corn, wheat .tobacco,
rice and peanuts.
Parity is a level aimed at giv
ing farmer! the lame return on
cropi, in termi of things they
buy. that they had in a past
period favorable to them.
Unhudged by this reported shift
In the President's position. Sen
ator Lucas iD-1111 and Ander
son D-N.M.) stuck by their for
mula of flexible price props for
the basic-crops, ranging between
75 and 90 percent of parity.
For 1950, the support level
under the Anderson bill would
be 90 percent of parity on those
basic crops under production or
marketing controls. After 1950
being no prospect of removing
controls from this group.
The House already has voted
to continue a flat 90 percent sup
port for basic crops in 1950. t
! During the allied occupation of
! Japan, an average of 150.000.000
textbooks have been printed
'every year.
i Norsemen made a soup full of
Vitamin C it was later found with
a base of rose haws.
The date palm Is
ree ot tne Aians.
the sacred
ROMAN MEAL Bread Helps Me
Stick to My Reducing Diet
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ing to your diet. You see mmt reducing
diets are dull, flavorless and uninterest
ing. But Roman Meal Bread, being
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grain rye and pure golden honey is just
crammed with luscious nutlikc flavor.
In a reducing menu, Roman Meal Bread
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makes it easier for yost to stick to your
reducing plan. Take home a loaf of
genuine Roman Meal Bread tomorrow
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G-douhle-O D, GOOD!
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Sixty-eight per cent of Japans
eligible women voters cast bal
lon in their country! general elec
tion, January, 1949.
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