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    12 Th Nwi-Rvltw, Roteburg, Ort.-Sor. Oct. 1, 194
Arab Jewish Situation At
Jerusalem Not Inviting For
Holy Year Pilgrims In 1950
JERUSALEM, Sept. 30. (l Holy year pilgrims to Rome In
1930 have only .a slim chance of 'jelng able to visit Jerusalem, the
Holy City of Christendom.
In 1933 the last holy year thousands of the faithful flocked
to Jerusalem and other shrines in Palestine either before or after
their trip to Rome.
Todav. however, a stale of war
still exisit round the Holy City,
although an armistice has stopped
actual lighting.
Military and other restrictions
make travel difficult. There is no
passage through the armistice de
marcation lines except to a privil
eged few chiefly United Nations
Even if tourists could get here,
there is no place for them to stay.
Arab refugees have crowded Into
every habitable place on the Arab
side of the line. Limited hotel ac
commodations are stretched to
capacity by U. N. employes. Pil
grim hotels, like the hospice
Notre Dame de France, have been
wrecked by the lighting.
The picture may brighten If the
U. N. general assembly is able to
arrive at a aatisiaciory soiuuon
on the future of Jerusalem.
It has before it a proposal by
Its Palestine conciliation commis
sion to spilt the cliy into Arab and
Jewish zones, with a U. N. com
missioner authorized to protect
the holy places In the vicinity and
an International court to setle
Neither Arabs nor Jews have
Indicated acceptance of such an
Churchmen are not optimistic
about holy year pilgrims being
able to come here on any large
scale, no matter what happens.
Tiiey believe, however, there is a
. possibility of a few special groups
such as church dignitaries be
ing granted entry.
Church sources say Israel so far
has permitled only a handful of
religious pilgrims to enter Jewish
t-rritory to visit or Inspect holy
Israel holds such places as the
Holy Cenaclc site of the last sup
perJust outside the old walled
city; Nazareth to the north, where
Christ spent the first 30 years of
his life, and Cana In Galilee,
where Christ performed his first
On the Arab side, in or near
Jerusalem, are the Church of the
Holy Sepulchre, the Garden of
Gethsemane and the Mount of
Olives.. The Arabs also hold
Bethlehem to the south.
A large Influx of pilgrims un
doubtedly would trlng much
needed currency to both Israel
and Arab Palestine. This factor
may Influence favorable decisions
clearing away present obstacles
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to tourists.
Egypt, for example has planned
a propaganda campaign timed at
attracting pilgrims there during
their stay In the Mediterranean
Flight Contests
Are Started By
Canyonville Club
The South Umpqua Model club
of Canyonville held Its first flight
contest Sunday, Sept. 25. Boys
entering the contest were Jerry
Zumwalt, Bill Hoffee, Andy Wor
rail and Maynard Hoff. Club
members expressed the opinion
the contest was held too soon aft
er organizing as many of the boys
naa moaeis started but were un
able to finish In such a short
time. However another contest is
scheduled the latter part of No
vember, and there will be more
contestants at that time.
First prize, a class A engine,
went to Jerry Zumwalt. Second
prize, a set of flying wires, was
awarded to Andy Worrall.
Several members of the Rose
burg Model club brought their
models down and staged an ex
hibition show, among them wes
Floyd Ward, who put on an ex
hibition acrobatic flight with his
stunt wagon 30.
Judges were Warren Jeffrey,
Roseburg, president of the Rote
hut g Model club; Carl Fair,
Roseburg, a member of the ex
ecutive board of the Roseburg
Model club; Charles Hamlin and
Ladd Womack, both of Canyon
ville. President Tom B. Campbell ex
pressed his appreciation to all
the members of the Roseburg
club for the Interest and to all
the local club members for their
enthusiasm for the first flight
The next regular meeting of
the South Umpqua Model club
will be held Sunday, Oct. 2, at
1 p.m. After a short business
meeting the boys will take their
planes out to fly.
Darrell Vredenburg, club vice
president, la ill.
Rice Valley
O. M. Rradshaw, J. B. Wales,
Howard Wales and Mr. and Mrs.
; jRmes Wales spent the week end
' fishing near Ten-mile Lake. Upon
1 their return Sunday evening,
Mrs. J. B. Wales was hostess
at a dinner serving Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Wales and children, Mr.
and Mrs. O. M. Bradshaw, Mr.
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TRUMAN SIGNS TRADE PACT-President Truman (left) hands
former Secretary of Stale Cordell Hull one of the pens with which
he sinned a bill extending the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act in
Washington, D. O. Hull was the father of the Reciprocal Trade pro
gram early In the New Deal. It was the first White House visit for
Hull since he retired early In the war because of Illness.
and Mrs. James Wales, Charles
Wales. Mrs. Opal Taylor and J.
G. Wales.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Churchill
are doing the chores during th"
absence of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd
Bridges from Drain.
Mr. and Mrs. William Castor
and Mrs. Wanda Schosso took
dinner Sunday with Mrs. Asa
Lawson at Riddle.
Frank Jackman of Long Pine,
Nebr. has been visiting at thf
home of his daughter, Mrs. Har
vey Fast and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Alyn Wilson of
Eugene vlsiteo last week end at
the Wayne Rice home
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Walker
attended the Lane county fair in
Eugene Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Bradshaw.
enroute from Jefferson to their
home at Pcoi?a, Ai-.z., stopped
for a few days at the J. B. Wales
Mr. and Mrs. Ervln Rice and
Mr. and Mrs. William Castor at
tended the Golden wedding an
niversary of Mr. and Mrs. Dexter
Rice in Roseburg.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Peterson,
formerly of the Riggs place at
Green Valley, have bought and
are building on their farm locat
ed back of the Fred Coggswell
home In Rice Valley. Mr. and
Mrs. Peterson plan to make tholr
home here.
Suit Asks Judgment
From Insurance Co.
Mable Meeker has filed suit In
circuit court against Standard
Accident Insurance Co. to collect
a Judgment for $1,328.64 awarded
the plaintiff in an original suit
entitled Mable Meeker vs. Ro
bert Russell.
The plaintiff states that the
owner of the truck, with which
her car was Involved in an acci
dent Feb. 19 of this year, was
insured by the company. The
owner Is listed as James L. Rus
sell, and the operator as Robert
Russell. The accident allegedly
occurred on the road between
Canyonville and Riddle.
Monday, October 3rd
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By J. R. Williams
Tri Hi-Y Puts
On Promotion
One of the first organizational
assemblies at Roseburg high was
put on Wednesday by the Tri Hi
y to promote its membership
drive. The drive, which started
Tuesday, will continue two
Zona Wilshire, president, open
ed with a short talk on Tri Hi-Y,
and urged girls to petition for
Program numbers Included a
comic interpretation by Pat
Mears of the opera "Figaro." ar
companied by Charlene Deets;
impersonation of Frank Sinatra,
by Donna Tozer, while other
members swooned, swayed and
fainted. Kitty Aldred, Joanne
Taylor, Peggy Knight, Jackie
Daniels and Pat Mears harmoniz
ed to "Wave to Me, My Lady,''
and "Ain't She Coming Out To
night." The members then divided into
groups of four and six and did
their interpretation of the Russi
an "Can Can." During the pro
gram Beverly Henbest, dressed
as a majorette, announced the
The assembly ended with group
Contract Foreclosurt
Is Sought In Law Suit
Louid A. Belon, George A. Be
Ion and Louis L. Belon have filed
suit in circuit court against Lo
well M. and Jane Doe Anderson,
asking that payment of $6,000 be
made on a contract for purchase
of described property, or that
steps be taken to foreclose on the
contract. The original cost was
listed at $8,000. of which $2,000
was paid down and the balance
was to be paid upon completion
of probate of the estate of Joseph
A. Belon.
The property Is listed as the
east one-half of the northwest i
quarter and the northeast quar
ter of the southwest quarter, sec
tion 30, township 92 shouth, range
7 west of Willamette Meridian.
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Hair Cutting
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Fall Style Show Especially
For 4-H Clothing Members
Set At Junior High Monday
Especially for 4-H clothing members and leaders, a fall style
show, entitled "Footlight Fashions for the 4-H Club Modern Miss,"
will be held at the Roseburg Junior high auditorium, starting at
4:15 p. m. Monday..
In charge will be Miss Ada
Marshall, 4-H club stylist for the
Simplicity Pattern company, and
Mrs. Winnifred Gillen, state 4-H
club agent. Sixteen garments, In
cluding outfits for school, sports
wear, dates and formal parties,
will be modeled.
According to the announcement
from the office of County Club
Agent Frank Von Borstel Jr.,
Mrs. Gillen will speak briefly
about garment construction and
judging style revues, and then
Miss Marshall will present the
style show.
These garments will all b? new
1949 fall styles and such as 'he
4-H members can make them
selves. Since this if at the begin
ning of the i-H year, they can
get some good Ideas, said Von
Borstel. Topics which Miss Mar
shall will include are the selec
tion of suitable style for the Jun
ior Mla nlrlrlncr th rtcht ma.
terial and use of accessories. !
The home economics classes
of the Roseburg schools are also 1
invited to attend the show, which
will last a little more than an
We are fortunate to have the
opportunity to see this show, as
Miss Marshall Is to be in Oregon
only six days," said Von Bor
stel. She flew here from New
York for the Pacific International
exposition In Portland. ;
A former 4-H memoer nersen, i
you want YOUR customers
to keep coming to YOUR store
You'd better keep YOUR store
coming to YOUR customers
by advertising in
Miss Marshall was an alternate
New York state winner In the
annual National Dress revue
from the College of Home Eco
nomics as a major in merchan
dising and fashion design at Sy
racuse university.
The Russian books In the U. S.
Library of Congress outnumber
those In any other library out
side Russia.
Prior to the California gold
rush, more gold was mined I n
North Carolina than in any other
U. S. state.
Illinois has 1,101 schools the
most of any state In the union.
Authorized Dealer For
(Utility basement) (Floor Units 29" deep)
Phone (41
simply phone 100
Deer Tournament 1
Plan Or Eagles
The Roseburg Eagles lodge is
holding a deer tournament for
members of the lodge.
The tournament will include
the largest buck ' deer, either
white tail, mule or black !1.
A prize will be given f .'ie
largest one of each kind. The
only requirement is that the deer
at h Kanltarv Meat
oc V , J 1 " - .
market on West Cass street. The
member must gei.a weigm ""(j
and be present at the lodge meet
in a The lodee meets each Tues
day at 8 p.m.
At last Tuesday's meeting, a
committee was set up to collect
and broken tovs to be dis
tributed to sbutln and needy
children lor cnrtsimas.
These toys can be brought to
the Eagles hall, corner of Cass
and Pine, or the addresses where
thev may be picked up may be
mailed or called to the secre-
. tVamnn. U'hn hat tOVS not
wanted should turn them in even
if broken, because In some cas-
narts off one may be used
to repair another.
850 E. 1st St.
10$ South Jackion