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Eugene, Oregon . 1-3-
m Mi
IRIDGI IURNS Flames illuminate tht Snak river bridge
near Pasco, Wethington at tht tar and creosated roadway
burnad from unexplained caut. Explosives war used at both
ends to halt tha bleie. Streaks balow bridga wara apparently
eautad by wind-whipped emberi. (A" Wiraphoto).
Speaker Lashes Out Against
Submitting To Change In
Present Government Style
Should we give up our present system of public government
for a welfare state system, the system which failed in Germany
and Italy?"
That was the question asked Roseburg Chamber of Commerce
members during an address on the Columbia Valley authority.
Petition Would
Recall Portland's
Mayor Dorothy
PORTLAND, Sept. 13 (7P
A preliminary petition to recall
Dorothy McCullough Lee as
mayor of Portland was filed here
The petition charged that Mrs.
Lee, who was elected over
whelmingly to the mayorship
last year after "clean govern
ment" campaign, had been "auto
cratic." It also charged that Mrs. Lee's
administration has placed "an
onerous and inequitable financial
burden ... upon the workers
and business people of Portland."
The petition did not elaborate
on that point, but the city re
cently put into effect a system
of license fees and taxes which
are still being fought in the
The petition also asserted that
the woman mayor "has persist
ently pre-occupied herself with
endeavoring to enhance her repu
tation as a reformer." That ap
parently had reference to Mayor
Lee's abolition of slot machines
and punch boards in Portland.
VANCOUVER. Wash.,.Sept. 13.
(.1 Fire destroyed a large dairy
barn filled with hay and nine
head of cattle west of here yes
terday. Damage was estimated by El
mer Ruffner, owner, at $75,000
to $100,000. The barn contained
175 tons of hay. Firemen said
a spark in a hay drier was be
lieved to have started the blaze.
Bill Tipton Of Roseburg
Is Elected Vice-President
Of Jaycee's District Three
Bill Tipton, Roseburg Junior Chamber of Commerce member
and local insurance agent, was appointed Jaycee vice-president
of District 3 at 1 Jaycee state board meeting at John Day, last
weekend. District 3 includes Southern Oregon units.
The announcement was made
Monday night at the regular din
ner meeting of the Roseburg Jav.
cees at the Umpqua hotel. Presi
dent Glen Scott said the appoint
ment came after the resignation
of Jim McGuire, elected to the
post earlier this year. The state
executive board made the ap
pointment. Special consideration was giv
en a Roseburg appointee in rec
ognition of "outstanding work"
done by the local civic group
during the past year. Scott said
Tipton was selected in recogni
tion of a "fine job" done by him
at the recent national Javcee con
vention held at Denver.
Describe Activities
Irv Pugh and President Scott
described the activities that took
place at the state board meet.
This included a plan to extend
the Jaycee system over a wider
area in Oregon during the com
ing year. The motto, according
to Pugh. is "50 Jaycee clubs in
1950." He indicated there are
over 30 clubs in Oregon at the 1 ing to Chairman Gordon Carlson,
present time. ballots will be distributed to
The loczl Jaycees. headed by j townspeople. ho will be asked
Tipton, will organize a speakers' J to "vote for their favorite eye
bureau, made up of members I sore." such as untidy yards or
within the organization, who will j a home suffering from dis repair,
tell the story of the so-called Hon- j A committee of Jaycees wili in
ver commission to other organi-j form the negligent citizen of the
zations in Roseburg. It was sug- voting results and it will be sug
gested at the state meeting that I gested that he rectify the situa
the story of ex-President Herbert , tion.
Hoover's work in finding means I Jack Heater. Hardware Mutual
to reduce the cost of operating , Insurance company salesman,
the government be told to towns-1 wis introduced as a dinner guest.
H. Clay Myers Jr., Portland
real estate man and ardent op
ponent of the CVA, was the speak
er in the first of the fall series of
weekly forum luncheons sponsor
ed by the chamber.
Myers recounted the history of
CVA, stressing the danger to in
dividual state government if such
a proposal were to be put into
He said the proposal was "sev
eral times larger in centralized
scope" than the Tennessee Val
ley authority, so heavily censur
ed by proponents of states' rights.
A few of the "sweeping" powers
which the present CVA bill en
dows an appointed three-man
board were listed by Myers as
complete control over employ,
ment, wage scales, right to fix
consumers rates, condemnation
of property, and the right to en
ter into competitive business with
private concerns.
Socialists Object
"Even the Socialist party re
fuses to sanction the Columbia
Valley authority," he declared,
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YMCA Directors Board
Will Meet On Thursday
The regular meeting of the
YMCA board of directors will be
held Thursday. Sept. 15. at 7:30
p. m. in the "Y" offices in the
Roseburg armory, according to
Fred Bernau, publicity committee
Scheduled for discussion at this
time is the program for the com
ing year, with primary emphasis
placed on fall planning. Appoint
ments to the district boy's work
committee and the Diamond lake
camp committee will also be
made at this time.
people by local Jaycee units.
Evans Expresses Thanks
Bill Evans, Colorado A A M
swimming star and Roseburg
swimming coach, expressed his
appreciation to Jaycees for spon
soring local swimmers at the Or
egon open AAU swimming meet
held at The Dalies recently. He
expressed the hope he could come
back next summer to help local
swimming talent win more AAU
Duane Baker, concert chair
man, announced tickets to the
Gale Page-Solito de Solis concert,
scheduled for Saturday night at
the junior high school, are enjoy
ing a brisk sale at Lawson's.
Roy'i and the Junior and senior
high schools. He pointed out re
served seats are $2.40, while gen
eral admission seats are $1.80.
Students mav see the concert for
$.75, Baker added.
Announcement was made of a
Jaycee-sponsored cleanup cam
paign to start shortly. Accord-
The Weatfcer
Four sad cottMd warm te
toy; cloudy emd ceeler
iVedaeseay. .
Sunset today 4:27 nt.
Satirise tomorrow S:51 a. m.
Established 1873
Dollar Short Nations Must
Advice Given
As Boost To
Export Return
English Pound Indicated
With British Crisis
In Mind Of Fund Board
."P The international mone
tary fund today advised dollar-
short countries to devalue their
currencies, if need be, to boost
their dollar-earning exports.
Without sineline out the Brit
ish pound but with Britain's dol
lar crisis obviously in mind, the
report was laid before the open
ing session today of the fourth
annual meetine of the board of
(governors of the multi-billion doi-
ilar fund and World bank.
Shortly thereafter, (noon PDT
the financial leaders of the 48
member nations were to hear an
olf-the-cuff address by President
The report was prepared by the
fund's executive directors. Its ad
vice on devaluation was under
scored in addresses by Secretary
of the Treasury Snyder and
Eugene R. Black, president of the
World bank, at the opening
Reserve Respect
Snyder said: 'The views ex
pressed by the fund, as a consul-
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Treasure Hunt
Tickets Being
Roseburg merchants, members
of the Retail Merchants associa
tion, today began handing out
tickets for the popular "Treasure
Kurt t b.- lujj ax.m rhVsr
in conjunction with the annual
Fall Opening, Sept. 21.
Association spokesmen stressed
the fact that no purchase is re
quired in order to get the tick
ets. They will be given free to
all who ask for them, with valu
able prizes awarded winners by
each store participating.
To be eligible for a Fail Open
ing prize, citizens must fill in
the ticket stub and deposit it in
a box provided in the store. Ail
tickets must be signed with name
and address. Any unsigned tick
ets wili be disposed of.
No tickets will he Issued after
noon, Sept. 21. Merchants will
turn in all stubs to the stand
in front of the U. S. National
bank that afternoon, with win-
before 5 p. m.
Winning tickets will be dis
played in each store window at
the time of the Fall Opening win
dow unveiling, at 7:30 that eve
ning. Residents are urged to look
in all store windows to discover
if they have a winning ticket as
tickets may not be displayed by
the same store from which they
were received.
Roseburg Youths Ashed
To Bring Bikes To School
All Roseburg youngsters who
own bicycles are urged to take
them to school Wednesday and
Thursday so that the police de
partment may apply the reflect
ing scotch light. Chief Calvin H.
Baird said today.
Students are requested to leave
their bicycles in the parking
racks provided on each school
grounds. Members of tha police
department and city police reserve
win mane tne rounds during
those two days and apply the
scotch light to all bikes which
have not already been marked.
The scotch lighting is a part
of the safety program sponsored
and financed by the Roseburg
Active club in cooperation with
the city police department.
Second Set Of Twins
Born To Local Couple
The second set of twins in less
than two years was born at Mer
cy hospital Monday. Sept. 12, to
Mr. and Mrs, James B. Eaton,
1X53 Myrtle avenue, Roseburg.
The twin girls, brought by Dr.
James Campbell, have been
named Susan Ann, who weighed
five pounds 14 ounces, and Sher
ry Lee, weighing seven pounds
four ounces. The Batons have
twins, a boy and a girl, not two
years ol age.
Polio Outbreak Reported
in Southeast Portland
PORTLAND, Sept. 13 P A
localized polio outbreak In a
southeast Portland neighborhood
had the attention today of city
health authorities.
Dr. Thomas L. Meador said
five children in three families
who live "within a stone's throw
of each other" were stricken.
He declined to release names of
the families but said the ease
did not represent an epidemic
1 situation.
Not Quite, But
Broken Bottle
Results In Fire
Became a tittle girl spilled
her bottle of pop, a efty fir
truck was called Monday aft
rnoon to local service sta
tion to extinguish a bluing gas.
alina pump,
EM Stevens, Portland mas
traveling with the Imperial Ex
position shows, related how ha
stopped at Jim Myers Han
cock station at in Garden Val
ley intersection to buy a soft
drink, replacing the bottle his
small daughter had dropped.
Observers said his intentions
may have been good, but His
approach to the servic sta
tion "gas Island was bad,
. The car bounced off tha curb,
bending one gas pump and
shearing off a second. A the
pump fell, sparks from ths bro
ken wiring ignited the gaso
line. Myers put out ths flam
with powder from a small hand
extinguisher befors firemen ar
rived. Then after ail the excitement
was over, the little girt wasn't
Guilty Plea Entered
By Alleged Kidnaper
TRENTON, N. J., Sept. 13-tm
Gerald A. Hutf. 35, of Bridge
port, Conn., pleaded guilty to a
Mercer county indictment for kid
a p p i n g five-year-old Jame
Hutt faces 30 yean to life Im
prisonment when he to sentenced
Friday, Sept. 23. Judge Charles
P. Hutchinson said his back
ground would be studied before
sentence is pronounced.
Hunt said he was a former In
mate of New York mental hospi
tals. Hutt did not seek ransom for
the child, but told nolic iw forc
ed ser to sexual perversion aft
er he kidnaped her near her
Trenton home rlday.
The maximum penalty of death
for kidnapping in New Jersey ap
plies only to cases where ransom
is sought.
Blonde, blue-eyed Janie testi
fied for two minutes before the
grand jury. Her father, truck
driver John Franz, also appeared
briefly in court.
Hutt is being held In county
jail. He pleaded guilty Saturday
to kidnaping when he was ar
raigned. Janie, who was found un
harmed In Philadelphia Saturday
alter spending Friday tilght with
Hutt, appeared cheerful as she
j story to the Jury
awaited her chance to ten the
Presbyterian Men Meet
For Potluck Wednesday
Vern Harpham, president of the
Presbyterian Men s organization,
announced plans for the third
quarterly meeting of the group
to be held at the church Wednes
day. Sept, M, at 8:,m
Plans for the evening, in addi
tion to the potluck dinner and
business meeting for the men's
organization, include showing at
8 p.m., of a film entitled "And
Now I see. Alt church mem
bers are invited to attend the
The local mens organization,
formed about a year ago, is now
one of two in Southwest Oregon
affiliated with the National Coun-
of Presbyterian Men. Ail
members are urged to attend.
,,. it ' 11 " n ' ' "' "L J
ABDUCTION CASI MiNC(AI.S Mr, and Mrs. John Fran fright pan.ll kit. !
,. , ,, , , , , L. j . t . u if t t. i j.iw f
old daughter Jn( attar she wa brought t hmr Trenton, N, J. homa by bar father Iram
hiladeiphia after tt M had baan mimg tor mors the a day. Under arrest is tosrald Crommelin contended the of -
. Hutt, 35 fright shown in Philadelphia jaiii, former brush salesman horn Iridgaport, Coon, , fenstve power of the navy i "be -
horn polic. ,.id pM up the girl a, ,h. played la front of her horn, and than Pf'lgJ erarmous' office
r L- 1 . L- l .
out or nis r aiong a nirjsway
Hut has piss as d guilty and is
State's Case
Is Rested In
Vicky Trial
Former Deputy Williams
Testifies Hicks Said
He Thought Girl Guilty
As the first witness for the
defense, former Deputy Sheriff
J. H. Williams, county jailer two
years ago, took the stand in
Victoria "sanders murder trial
this morning. The state rested
it case, with the testimony of
Dr. Howard L. Richard son. Port
land, director of the State Police
Crime Detection laboratory.
une 01 the tirst questions which
Defense Attorney Paul E. Geddes
put to Williams concerned a
previous statement in which he
said that a Santa Monica police
sergeant "put the heat on" Vicky,
to make her confess the murder
of Rafph Mojonnier.
1 don t remember exactly say
ing that he put on the heat,"
Williams replied. "I remember
hint saying that he thought she
was guilty. She said she wasn't
guilty. I heard her say she didn't
do it."
Refers Ts Visit
Williams referred to the visit
to Victoria, In her cell at the
county Jail in November of 194?.
of Sgt, Edward L. Hicks, of the
banta Monica, Calif,, police de
tained bi
"menl. "k;k !d hfn f-i pretty good shape, he said. A
ned by Mojonnier's sister to.f, ' from Bruce Ferguson at
Investigate the cane,
Williams testified that Sgt.
Hicks asked Victoria to plead
guilty to a manslaughter charge.
"Was Jt his suggestion?" Geddes
asked. "Yes, sir, replied the wit
ness. In previous testimony, olfl
cers said Victoria voluntarily sug-
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Henry Wallace Decides
Net Ts Seek Office
NEW YORK, Sept. 13. (,
Henry A, Wallace has aecraea
not to run for any office this
His course has left the choice
wide open for an American Labor
party candidate for U, S. senator
In New York at tha November
Wallace decision was an
nounced late yesterday by Rep.
Vit Marcantonio, state chair
man of tha ALP,
The left-wing congressman, his
party's candidate for mayor, had
been hoping Wallace would run
for the Senate under the ALP
Small Bey Die After
Being Struck By Bex
Ralph Lswis Shirty, i, did
Sept. 12 as ths results sf an In
jury received when a baas Ml
and struck him en ths head.
Otaih was almost instantanssus.
Hf was ssrn in PsrtUnd Dec. 11,
194, and is survived by his psr
ents Mr, and Mrs. tEari L, Shirty
sf Yensalla,
Ssrviess will b Hals' in ths
Methsdist church of Ysncalls,
Wsdnnilay at t p.m., Rsv. Wil
liam Syars affieiatfna, interment
will bt in ths Vsnulla Mmettry.
Arrangements ar In ears ef ths
Stearns mortuary, Oakland.
m'L. f i .. . ai.U.J.l -
sven vsmy , , m
fc sdrriday y the
13, 14
Revise Currency
2 Small Man
Reported; Careless Smoker
Said Responsible For One
Two small fires on Umpqua - National forest lands, both man
caused, kept forest service personnel on the alert yesterday, fol
lowing four days of concentrated activity caused by the recent
electric storm. Forest Supervisor M. M. "Red" Kelson said today.
A quarter -acre blaze at Drew j
threatened construction workeis
and loggers cabins when fite
broke out there, purported to be
caused by a careless smoker.
Nelson said equipment and a
fire crew was on the sceite
quickly, traveling over the new
road to the area. No damage
was reported.
A second blaze, caused when
debris burning got out of hand
at Copco's Toketee camp, was
quickly suppressed by workers
after covering a three-acre area.
Nelson said.
Dispatcher U. F. McLaughlin
of the Douglas Forest Protective
association, said today that only
one crew is still working on an
active fire, located on Bear
Although no reports were re
ceived this morning from the
five-man crew, they notified
McLaughlin Monday afternoon
they were at the site of the fire
and it was under control. More
supplies were sent the crew by
mule train, McLaughlin said.
the South Douglas station in
dicated ail fires were wiped up
in that area, with only tome
checking being done now.
Favorahla weather reports for
showers in the area north of the
Rogue river will lessen the fife
danger, ha acid.
129 Crashes And lurtis:
Crew Parachutes Safely
UPSA B29 crashed and burned
shortly after taking off from
Fairfietd-Suisuit alrbase Monday,
but the air forces said reports
from survivors indicated ail 12
aboard had parachuted safely.
The crash occurred shortly aft
er noon near the little town of
Milpita In a farming section
about 35 miles southeast of San
Fairfield Suisun aiibase said
calls had come In from five
crewmen whs said they had seen
all the others bail out.
The plane took off from the
air base at 11:29 yesterday on a
rountine training flight. At 12:03,
it radioed the Fairfield-Sulsun
tower that one engine was on fire
and the crew was abandoning
Twe Persons Arretted
Oh Drunk Driving Counts
Police Chief Calvin H. Baird
today reported the arrest of two
Roseburg men, twin rnargea witn
driving under the influence of In
toxicating liquor.
Axei Harry Johnson Jr., 28,
was fined $100 and given a 30
day suaoended sentence when he
entered a plea of guilty In Mu
nicipal court before Judge Ira is.
Arthur Harold Lavasseur, 35,
posted ball of $150 and was re
leased to appear in Municipal
court Wednesday.
1.:. I-J:.,.J l si. I !...
y." m . vj yvt it
dg. (r Wirephotel,
it 21S-4
- Caused Fires
Oregon May Be
Forced To Tax
On Properties
PORTLAND, Sept. 13 tJ5
The possibility that Oregon may
oe forced to levy a property tax
that will not be offset by other
revenues was hinted by the In
terim Legislative tax committee
Such a levy could be required
in the biennium beginning in
1952, members said, because of
an anticipated $22,000,000 deficit
by 1951.
State Tax Commission Analvsf
William Collier said the deficit
estimate was a minimum figure,
fie said if government costs con
tinue to rise, and he believes they
are more likely to go up than
down, the anticipated deficit will
be much higher. Only the use o
what he termed the "cushion
fund" of $15,000,000 would hold
the deficit below the minimum
figure, he said. This fund is main
tained to keep property taxes
from actually being levied in a
year of low tax collections.
Collier noted that the current
biennium budget Is 5139,262,607
compared with the previous bi
ennium budget of $78,149,627.
Senator Howard C Helton,
Clackamas county, committee
, Chairman, said it had ar "vrry
strong feeling w may go back to
tha slate property tax, inn
came as Ren, Eugene Marsh,
Yamhill county, noted that the
property tax prooiems tne
counties may one oay nm snares
by tha State government.
$200,000 Fir Damages
MiUion Dollar Pier
M.onA $200,000 fire ripped
through 300 feet of the Fames
million dollar pier early todav.
The well - known landmark.
which juts 1,900 feet into the
ocean on the downtown section
of the Boardwalk, caught fire
about 4:30 a. m. A northeast
wind blew roaring flames down
the beach away lrom Boardwalk
The pier's huge ballroom, near
the shore end, was destroyed.
Twisted roof girders fell Into
the blaae. Fire Chief Rex Farley
set the damage estimate at
Richardson is Named
To State Parole Board
SALEM. Sept. 13. '.ft James
J. Richardson, manager of Port
land's Multnomah Civic stadium,
was sworn in todav as a mem
ber of the State Parole board,
for the term ending Dec 31,
The other two members of the
board are Rov S. Keene, Corvai
lis, athletic director at Oregon
State college; and Gerald W. Ma
son, Portland, a service superin
tendent for the Portland General
Electric Co.
First FaB FootbaB
RaJly Set For Thursday
The first fall football rally of
the current season will oe stages
bv senior high school student
Thursday night, to usher in Rose
burg' Initial football game here
with Medford Knday.
Students will form a serpen
tine at the junior high school
at ? p. m, winding through the
downtown business section, and
hack to the bonfire grounds at
the site of the new community
hospital In West Roseburg.
Russell Says Senate Hearing
May Be Called If Johnson
Hits Navy Aviation Hard
WASHINGTON, Sept. 13. tipsSenator Russell D-G'( aM t
day there may be some senate hearing If Secretary of Defense
Johnson lays a heavy hand on naval aviation. Me added that hm
doesn't expect the defense chief to do such a. thing, however.
Russell, a member of the sen j
ale's armed services committee, j officer said he hope hi atale-
(took the position that the Senate) ment will blow the whoie thiiig
; is not justified In starting art (open and bring on another coiy
inquiry on ne oasts of tne gen
"s !m'" m;,J5i?",J
iby Capt. John G. Crommelm, a
nJIVI,j offjwr.
which houses ihe de -
'part ment of defense. The naval
Leaders Bed.
Fact Finding
Board Report
1 l-D ay Trvce Asuradi
Hapes Are Expressed
Settlement Possible
PITTSBURGH, Sept. U. tfi
America's steet-pradoetas; joik
aths began lining up today be.
hind a presidential board's form
la for peace In the nation' most
important basic industry.
But there was no word from
Industry Bellweafher Unit
States Steel corporation. Spoke
men commented only that ,Bsth
Ing doing yet."
There won't be any steel strlto
for the next H daysand myb
none at all. The wage dispute
that threatened ts tie the nation
in economic knots apparently Is
headed for a happy solution.
President Truman to "highly
gratified" about the whole thing.
CIO Agrees
CIO United Stertwerkers m4
six major steel producers axmed
in extension 01 use striae trees
at request of U eh iff executive
The truce expires at midnight
tonight. It will continue ts Sept.
The steelwwkers also accented
recommendations of the Presi
dent's steel fact fir.dine hoard
even though it meant giving up
a lounn ream wage increase.
The President Is naturally
gratified," said the White House,
"He is very much pleased with
the way things have developed
up to now,
RspuMia ijns Mrs
Republic Steel corporation si
Cleveland, the nation' No. 3 pro
ducer, was the first to announcs;
willingness to bargain pennons
aa recommended hv the preti
dermal board In a 10-cent hourly
package not Including wgei
Then No. 4 producer Jones
and Laughiin Steel corporation
of Pittsburgh followed suit, s
cepting the peace pian "bi a bu.i
for collective bargaining."
3, and L said it is prepared
to undertake at onee a Wat iud
sf pensions with the steelworkera
in antiapatton or Bargaining oh
this subject beginning March
"With respect ts social intur
ore benefits," the statement
added, "we will negotiate with
the union lor the purpose 01
reaching a mutually sceepttble
agreement. - ,
iiaht Labsr Coi
T.m Wail Street Journal - a
the same lime said only " A slight
increase" In lanor easts will r
suit if the recommended social
Insurance program is put Into
effect. The newspaper added that
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Scout Roundtable
Is Announced For
Thursday Night
The yearly prozram planning
session for ail Scout unit will
be discussed and demonstrated
at the fail roundtable to he held!
at Riverside school Sect. 15 at
7:30 p,m, according to Scout Exee
utiv Koine yuam.
Leaders sf all units, committee-
men, den jnotijers, "any sesui
adult are requested to attend,
he said.
Included on the evening or
gram will be a discussion of tha
national roil exit and unit in-
spection, slated for Oct. 5.-15. Ex
plorer leaders, under the direc
tion of Harold Cribble, will lead
a discussion of the proposed rifle
shoot and Explorer leaders con
vent inn at Coo Bay Oct, S-A
Charley Friday, in charge mi
the cub section, will explain Uw
promotion sum! development or
the monthly theme through tha
medium of handicraft. The Boy
Scout section will be led by tcw
ell Bass.
Jerry Willis, new Doug 1st dis
trict commiMioner, Is to eftsres
of the program. Riverside Prin
cipal fcart una 1 Baisoiinff ar
rangements for an anticipated
large crowd.
Secretory Of YMCA
On 'Ciliitn' Program
Marian Voder, genersl seere
tarv for the Roseburg YMCA,
will be featured on the "Citizen
of the Week program broadcast
Tuesdav t 8:30 p, m. over f
tion KRNR, aswrding to Frei
Bernau, '"" publicity head.
Expanding on the theme "W
work with Rosebjrg future,"
Yoder will explain the working
of the local chapter, as well a
( relate some of the future plans
of the organttatten.
jgrr-ssiensj inwsugasiOT,
I S"Slf 7. .SSS
(said today that as far as the ty
concerned "n actton ta (on-
; template aga
! lor airing hi v
1 muJmwhethi
inrt Cromnselat
view publicly,
I to leave onen 1h
her Swretarv of
1 Defense Johnson' offiM migat
j take action."