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Coaches Make Training Rules For Athletes
There is more to training than
meets the eye 'or athlete who
v.isn to piay on the team and
earn that coveted letter.
Not only do prospective athletic
candidates train on the lield or
in the gymnasium, I hey also fol
low certain rules while in town or
at home.
A selected group of high school
and grade school coaches have
set up 10 rules that all athletes
must follow, if they wish to be
come members of the team.
If followed, these rules not only
enhance the team's chances for
winning ball games or other ath
letic contests, but tend to make
a better person out of the indi
vidual, according to athletic di
rector Cecil Sherwood.
Apply to all Schools
The same rules apply both to
grade school athletes and to jun
ior high and senior high athletes.
Coaches at both educational lev
els stress the importance of fol
lowing these rules to the letter.
They solicit the cooperation of
friends and relatives In seeing
that prospective athletes follow
these rules at all times.
Close cooperation between par
ents and the coaching staff is
Coach "Cece" Sherwood said
any necessary adjustment of the
rules should be made through
personal contact between parents
and coaches.
The rules:
1 No smoking.
2 No alcoholic beverages.
3 Home by 10 p.m. each school
night; by 12 p.m., Sunday night.
4 Continue .lormal diet. Stop
in - between snacks, candy, soft
drinks and pastries. Diet the
night before the day of competi
tion. This rule must be closely
5 No profanity.
6 Good conduct and appear
ance of the traveling team in
flects upon school and communi
ty as well as showing the ath
lete's personal pride and back
ground. 7 Prompt appearance at all
practices and games unless pre
viously granted permission by
the head coach.
8 Junior and senior high
school athletes must be passing
in at least three full-credit sub
ject, to be eligible for competi
tion. Elementary school boys and
girls must be passing in three
fourths of their school work.
9 Any athlete under disciplin
ary action is ineligible to prac
t:ce or participate in athletic con
tests. 10 Infractions of these rules
constitutes sufficient reason for
immediate dismissal from the
squad. t
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from canned unsweetened pine
apple juice and milk. Use equal
parts of the fruit juice and the
milk, shake well and serve chill
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Pete Bartu vs. Pierre La Belle
Buck Weaver vs. Frankie Stojack
Russian Flier
Expected Death
On Return Home
NEW YORK-.W A Russian
flier, who went back to the So
viet homeland he had deserted,
reportedly returned expecting to
meet death or forced labor.
"No I have to be destroyed
if I shall not be corrected by
labor camps." Anatole Barsov,
the 38-year-old Russian air force
lieutenant, was quoted.
"I am ashamed to look Into
the eyes of the workers of Russia
because I have destroyed myself."
The statements, published In
this week's Life magazine, pur
portedly came from a diary left
behind in a hotel room by Barsov.
me magazine said it turned
the documents over to the U. S.
state department after they were
found by one of its correspond
ents. Barsov was turned over to the
Russians Aug. 31 after he said
he wanted to go home. He and
Piotr Pirogov, 29-year-old filer,
deserted the Russian air force
last year.
Pirogov still is in the U. S.,
writing a book.
Excerpts quoted from the di
ary by Life told of Barsov's es
cape from Russia last October
and 'tow he gave secret data on
the Soviet Union to American
He wrote of his gloomy moods,
his jealousy of Pirogov and his
quarrels with him.
A tnur of Virginia leit Barsov
with impressions of "comfortable
farmhouses," flourishing religions
and large incomes. He was struck
by the efficiency of a Ford Motor
Co. assembly line in Detroit.
But his admiration changed to
contempt later, when he wrote
in the diary:
"What mud there is here. What
a lie is here. What a bureauc
racy. What a craving toward
making money."
Pirogov said threats by Soviet
agents In this country may have
made Barsov decide to return
to Russia.
" (
CIO GillMtttrs May Net
Resume Fishing Saturday
ASTORIA, Sept. 9. (JP) CIO
gillnetters may not go back on to
the Columbia when the salmon
fishing season resumes Saturday.
The fishermen's union secre
tary, Henry Neimela, said "it ap
rars that there is no price offer
from packers, and fishermen will
not fish without a price."
The union spokesman reported
some packers had indicated a will
ingness to discuss the price sit
uation today. But it appeared un
likely that a price agreement
could be reached in time for the
Saturday reopening.
Except for weekend closures,
the fall salmon season continues
until Dec 1.
Discharged Marine Killed
After He Goes Beserk
SUFFERN, N. Y., SepF. 9.
UP) A New York advertising
executive, who was medically dis
charged from the marines, was
shot and killed Thursday when
he went berserk in a restaurant.
Three persons were injured.
Lee Graves, 39, formerly with
J. Walter Thompson Co. and
other firms, was shot and killed
by Police Lt William A. Crouse,
police said.
Crouse was taken to a hospital
with a fractured skull after
Graves had hit him with a metal
chair, police said. Two other per
sons were treated for injuries
suffered in the fracas.
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e m
L -,iA&
"WHISPERINC" JIM AIKEN Coach Jim Aiken 901 into his
third stason at Oregon in much the sama ipot at h was when
he began boxing the Ducks back in 1947. At that time no
one gave the Wabfoots much of a chance in the championihip
scramble. Oregon tied for second in that firit season under
Aiken and then at a co-favorite, became co-champions of the
league last season, Aiken faces a big job in plugging a num
ber ef holes in hit 1949 team. He will utilize hit bullfrog bate
contiderably thit fall in keeping thit year't crop ef csndidatet
on their toes. Hit patt record of 193 wint, 53 lottet and six
tiet indicates Aiken hat the background for producing a "hot"
1949 Duck club.
Submarine Crew
Returns Home
Following Rescue
GROTON, Conn ItP) The men
of the Cochino, only United
States submarine lost since the
war, came home to a heart
warming welcome.
They were aboard the subma
rine Tusk, which snatched them
from arctic waters in a stirring
rescue off Norway on August
25 after a series of unexplained
explosions had sunk their own
Approximately 100 wives, chil
dren, sweethearts and other rel
atives were on the submarine
base dock to greet the survivors.
The joy of reunion was tem
pered with grief at the loss- of
six Tusk crewmen and a civilian
technician, who was aboard the
Cochino. i
As theTusk nosed Into the
dock, crewmen from the two
submarines stood at attention on
her deck and her flag was at
half-mast. The waiting families
thronged on tne pier.
When the Tusk and Cochino
crewmen were permitted to leave
the vessel, some of the em
braces would have outdone Hol
lywood. Before that, Rear Admiral
James Fife, commander of sub
marines, Atlantic fleet, made a
brief speech of welcome, prais
ing the crews of the two sub
marines and mourning the loss
of the dead.
"Our main hope now," said
Admiral Fife, speaking in a driz
zle of rain, "is that we can find
the real cause of the explosion
and prevent a recurrence.
Me said it naa oeen aetcrmineu
that the sparks touched off a
hydrogen gas explosion, but fur
ther investigation was in order.
To the men of the Cochino,
Admiral Fife said:
"You can rest assured that we
will take care of you, and you
will get another ship."
After the formalities of check-
or1 m
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ing in, the men were given a
month's pay and Immediate lib
erty. Commander Robert J. Worth
ington of Philadelphia, skipper
of the Tusk, told newsmen:
"It Is a miracle we got every,
body off the Cochino without
some men falling between the
ships and being crushed to death.
1 aidn t think it was possible."
U. S. History through the 19th
Century can be traced by the
American glassware created hv
skilled craftsmen who depicted
outstanding events on bottles,
plates and other pieces.
Pete Bartu Makes
Debut Against
LaBelle Saturday
Pete Bartu, highly-touted wres
tling newcomer from Albuquer
que, N. M.. will be given a sterling
test at the Roscburv armory arena
Saturday night when he makes
his local debut against Pierre
LaBelle, the talented French
Canadian who is weli known to
Douglas county mat followers.
Bartu. a headliner in the South
west and Midwest, Is a fast-stepping
rough-and-tumble grappler
who depends on speed and a
bruising attack for his many tri
umphs. He will tip the beam at
about 178 pounds and specializes
In a hammerlock.
LaBelle, who impressively de
feated Tony Falletti here last
week after being upset In the
earlier stages of the "battle
royal," will be the popular favor
ite. He holds a recent victory over
Te Hager, a light-heavy tourney
finalist, and his drop-kicks and
Hungarian leg-clutch holds have
been extremely effective of late.
The attention of fans, however,
will be focused on the olher one
hour battle the headliner be
tween two former collegiate foot
ball and wrestling stars. Buck
Weaver, who holds the Pacific
coast light-heavyweight title, was
an ace end and mat champ for
the University of Indiana. Sto
jack, erstwhile coast Junior-heavyweight
champion, received his
athltic background as a football
guard and intercollegiate wres
tling champion at Washington
State college.
Stojack, who dropped his coast
title on a fluke to Jack McLaugh
lin in Vancouver, B. C, hopes to
gain the coast light-heavyweight
title and announced that he can
shade the ISO-pound limit. Weaver
has refused, out was willing to
meet the airplane spin expert in
a non-title tilt.
While Stojack, a cabinet-maker
by trade, hoped for a champion
ship bout, he was happy to nave
the chance to meet Weaver, fig
uring a victory would force the
champ into a title defense. To
match Stojack's spins, Weaver
will employ his usual well-found-
Frl Sept. 9, 1949 The NewtReview, Reteburf, Ore. 7
ed and well-rounded grappling
The match la certain to be
packed with fireworks and prom
ises to attract one of the largest
crowds of the season. The opener
?ets under way at 8:30 p.m., and
;ilon Owen will referee both
Pro-Fabricated Plywood
Plant Art Announctd
NEW ALBANY. Ind., Sept. 9
(P) Gunnison Homes, Inc., a
subsidiary of the United Slates
Steel Corp., has plans for a pre
fabricated plywood house Intend
ed to cost less than $6,300, Includ
ing land.
An announcement last night
said the basementless four-room
house Is designed to take advant
age of 95 percent FHA mortgage
insurance, limited to houses ap
praised at $6,300 or less. It said
the house might be sold for $350
down and about $37 a month, in
cluding taxes and insurance.
The house plans include kitch
en cabinets, double sink, auto
matic water heater and forced
air heating with oil or gas.
Thev're often very nourishing, E.
O. Essig. University of Califor
nia entomologist, said today.
Men have eaten Insects for food
for thousands of years. Essig said
examples are locusts, water bugs
In tropical Asia and white cater
pillars in Mexico City.
Insects add carbohydrates,
fats, protein and nitrogen to your
diet but aren't reliable as a
source of vitamins.
Bugs In Ltttuct Mertly
Add To Protein Foods
BERKKLEY. Calif.. Sept. 9
UP) Don't worry about bugs you
may eat in fruit or salads.
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