The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, September 08, 1949, Page 16, Image 16

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    4 The' Newt-Review, Roteburg, Ort. Thuri., Sapl. 8, 1949
Cartoonist Hallo's Fan
Mail Reads Like That Of
Lonely Hearts Columnist
CARTOONIST and Mrs. Jimmy Hatlo display Bo Bo and family
Hatlo it creator of the famed cartoon, "They'll Do It Every Time.'
There are times when, in draw
ing "They'll Do It Kvcry Time,"
I Iccl as If I'm running a lonely,
hearts club.
Kor example I get a letter
from Joe Doakes wanting me to
do a cartoon needling the guy in
my ollice who's always borrow
ing dough. I do It, and the next
week I get a Hood ol letters be
ginning, "Dear Mr. Hatlo: Will
you please forward the enclosed
note to Joe Doakes?" The noli
hit the nail on Ihe head. Why,
there's a lug in MY office who. ."
The next tiling you know, there
is a hard and fast friendship and
Im the little master ol cer
emonies who brought them t o
gel her.
Shows Promise
, The Hallo siorv began in Pro
vidence, R. I. In 1S98. My family
moved to California a year later,
however, so I feel pretly free to
call myself a Californian. I went
to school in Los Angeles and they
tell me I had some promise as
an artist, but somehow I didn't
get into the business at first. I
drifted into advertising and I got
mixed up with doing publicity for
automobile firms and later be
came auto editor of the old San
Francisco Bulletin.
But I guess the urge to draw
was prelty strong. I found my
self giving a sales talk to Ihe
Call's sports editor about one of
my cartoons, and the next thing,
there I was doing editorial ani
political cartoons. My big breuk
came when the Call Bulletin ask
ed me to do a sports page panel
to replace that drawn by the
late, great T. A. "Tad" Dorgan.
which King Features Syndicate
picked up to syndicate nation
Marriaae Told
I married Eleanor Dollard in
1937 after we met when one of
my drawings was auctioned off
at an Ad Club football illnnr-r in
San Francisco and she bought it.
We live in Carmel by-thebea in
California. Eight months ago we
were blessed with a son who I
hope will grow up to be some
thing else than a cartoonist.
I get a lot bigger kick out of
drawing comics than I did doing
times I feel that they expound my
philosophies more effectively and
reach a lot more people. I d soon
er draw than walk, anyway, and
I hope I always can continue to
draw funny pictures.
Canada Border Crossings
Reach Record Figures
VANCOUVER, B. C, Sept. 7
tA The Department of Immi
gration said todav border cross
ings at Douglas. B. C, and
Blaine, Wash., on the United
Stales side reached an all-time
high over the Labor day week
From Friday evening until
midnight Sunday 30,988 persons
crossed the border. This figure
is "about 5,000 over the previ
ous mark, the department said.
Another i .1.000 persons crossed
from Huntington, B. C, to Su
mas, Wash,
Camas Valley
Miss Minnie Leigh of Fall
Creek, Ore., spent a week visiting
her nephew, Guy Moore.
Mil. Louis Papst was substi
tute rural mail carrier, while
Guy Moore took part of his an
nual leave.
Major and Mrs. Paul Dane and
three children of Patterson field,
Dayton, O., called at the Moore
home while touring the West
Joyce and Kay Lee Merchem
spent the weekend at the home
of their grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Noble Standley.
Mrs. Virginia Housner and
Kay Drlscoll of San Francisco
have been visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wheeler
Mrs. Housner Is Mr. Wheeler's
Mrs. Ernest Hamaker ol
Giants Pass visited at the Ernest
Wheeler home. Mrs. Hamaker is
Will Brown's daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jollefle ol
Seattle, Wash., visited the
week with Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Among those visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Mnnflle were Mr. find Mrs. .Ink,
Negley and children, Bobby and
Earlene of Adams, Ore.; Mr.
and Mrs. V. G. Brundage of
Issaquah, Wash., and Mrs. Mc
Ginnis of Richmond, Calif, Mrs,
Brundage is Mrs. Moodie'i sis
ter. Mrs. W. S. Martlndale has
been spending the week in
Springfield visiting her son and
daughter-in-law, Air. and Mrs.
Jim Martindale.
Those visiting at the home of
Robert Martindale this week
were Mrs. Alice Mitchell, Mrs.
Beddie Mlddleton and daughters
Rose Mary and Lorlne all of
Metollus, Ore., and Mrs. Daisy
Doyle ind Norman Doyle of
Arago, Ore.; Mr. and Mrs.
Esmerald Goodman of Bridge,
'Kennle' Dunham has sold his
place on the rwest side of the
valley. The new owner is bring
ing cattle irom cauiornia to
start a dairy.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lawson of
Tlgard, Ore., and their daughter,
Mrs. Udell Stafford of Yuma,
Ariz., are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Donald Lawson and their many
friends in the valley. They plan
to spend a few days In Eugene
with Mrs. Lawson's sister, Alice
Scranlon. Mr. and Mrs. Staf
ford have adopted a baby girl.
The Lawsons lived for many
years on the place now owned
by Mrs. William Bush.
lne Garden club will meet on
Tuesday, Sept. 6 at the home of
Marlon Banks.
An analysis of the water from
the river where children were
swimming was made by Ihe
State Board of Health and it was
found that it does not conform
with accepted standards of
purity for swimming pools and
bathing places.
L 5.;.I ,5
CANDIDATE Mrs. Patricia
Marx, a honey-blonde native of
Sydney, Australia, will repre
sent San Francisco in the Mrs.
America contest at the Pali
sades Amusement Park, N, J, All
she has to do is pay her own
way. She hopes to raise the
money in time to make the trip.
Mrs. Marx, whose husband is
partner in an electrical firm in
San Francisco, says she won a
"personality girl" and "pretty
legs" contest in Australia.
(AP wirephoto.l
Accused Vet Kidnapper
Must Secure Attorney
MONTESANO, Wash., Sept. 8.
t't Superior Judee Arthur E.
Graham gave 53-year-old Frank
Chase until Friday In which to
obtain an attorney to defend him
against charges that he kidnaped
rnd beat his 29-year-old stepson,
I :nry cnum, an amputee
v ieran.
Chose pleaded Innocent to a
charge ol kidnaping and three
counts of second degree assault.
Judge Graham said the court
would appoint an attorney if
chase has not obtained one by
next Friday.
. T j m s sr v . I M
e -.." ::,- .; - tiL r it i n r -
fift-'-P 5-PIECE AND
Wmm set ..lions!
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Within Reason
Rg. 259.50
Private Robert E. Hamilton of
Ft. Lewis, Wash., spent the week
end with his mother, Mrs. mine
Mrs. Tessle Thompson ol Chi
cago is now visiting with Mis.
Fran Haltien for an Indefinite
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Layton sold
their home in Suksdorl's first ad
dition to Mr. and Mis. Lee Coch
rane, of Roseburg. A trailer was
involved in the exchange and 'he
Laytons are contemplating leav
ing for Washington sometime in
the future.
The Community club of Win
ston held tneir regular meeting
on the first Thursday of the
month. The meeting was well at
tended and the members made
plans for an entertainment pro
gram to be given at the next
meeting on the third Thursday ol
the month. The details of the pro
gram are not completely worked
Mrs. James Butler and small
daughter, Shirley Ann, returnea
the early part of the week from
Malibu Beach. Calif., where they
spent two weeks visiting relatives
and friends.
Word has been received from
Rochester, Minn., that Otto John
son s young son is getting along
nicely. The son underwent major
surgery at tne Mayo Droineis
dime last week lor a gland con
dition. W. B. Glen Jr., and son,
Charles, left Sunday for various
points in southern California.
They plait to spend a week there
betore returning nome.
Mrs. Archie Wilson left Friday
for Portland where she will re
ceive medical treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Loyal Hoyz, who
formerly operated the Iish mar
ket on Highway 99, recently mov
ed to Grants Pass where they will
rntke their future home.
Mr. 'and Mrs. Wendell Beane
left Winston recently lor Dierks,
Ark. From there they plan to con
tinue to Illinois, where he will at
tend the university in that state.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Boyer are
new homeowners in Winston.
They moved this week Into their
new home in Suksdorf't addition.
Bob Gerock underwent surgery
tor the amputation of two toes
Friday morning at St. Vincent's
hospital in Portland. Mr. Gerock
received a badly mashed loot at
Ford's Mill at Dillard several
weeks ago.
: ' ' '""Mr. ", ' 1 " ,
MEXICO CITY, Sent. 8.-4W
Jose Clemente Orozco, Mexico's
great mural painter, died at home
Wednesday at the height of his
tame. He was M. a heart attack
came and he died quickly. He is
survived by his widow, Margarita
Valladares de Orozco. and three
children, Lucrecia, 21, Alfredo,
24, and Ulemente, 23.
At 24, Andrew Carnegie was
superintendent of the Pennsylva
nia Rallroacfi western division.
BRITAIN'S BRABAZON IS AIRBORNE Britain's Brabaion, world's largest civil land plane, is
airborne over Bristol, England on its successful 27-minute first flight. The 130-ton, eight-engined
silver plane is capable of carrying 120- passengers nonstop between London and New York. The
Brabazon has a wing span of 230 feet, its fuselage is 177 feet long and the rudder juts 50 feet
from the ground. The maximum speed of its 2,500 horse power piston engines, driving four sets
of counter-rotating propellers, is 300 miles an hour. (AP wirephoto by radio from London.)
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