The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, September 08, 1949, Page 14, Image 14

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    2 Tht Newi-Rtvlew, Roseburg, Or. Thun., Sept. t, 1949 1
European Trip Is Planned
By Ellsworth With Group
Making Special Studies
Everything Is very quiet on the, with people doctors, working
,ES thcipitol now. ! people ,o Hie Ul. ...n 'everyone
YU Will lMIC ..; Ull' "
versation. I also want to dig
rather deeply Into the question of
practically all of the represents,
lives have Ml Wash ngton. The
House recess ends officially Sept.
21 but since mat Is the middle of
the week notning except routine
business will be transacted until
Monday the 26th.
In a few days I will leave for
riimn. uiin memneri i
finance. This subject is so ex
tremely Important that I feel
a great need for every scrap of
rename iniormation 1 can gei.
The committee will come home
bv air and will arrive back In
Committee on Interstate and I For- j Washington the morning of the
eien Commerce, moitc nrim th
islalion Is assigned to that com
mittee. Hearings nave aiic..
been held by the committee on
The Senate committee investi
gating into the activities of the.
the Truman socialised medicine (o-called "5 percenters" has this
bills. We discovered, however, capital city agog these days. It Is
that first hand information re-; a sordid revelation of the sort of
fjarding the operation of social- thing that .can and does go on
.ed medicine in England would when appointments to high places
be vital to a really careful con-;n this Ihe greatest government
sideration of such legislation. in Ihe world are made almost
It is my Intention lo do consld- solely upon the basis of friend
erable of what might be called jhip and pollllcs.
private Investigating when I am I think in fairness, and Just to
In England with the committee. I keep the record straight about
know the group will- be given (this "5 percenter" mess, I should
plenty of official Information and point out that the center of the
that a competent report will be ' disturbance, a former army of
written on the facts and figures i ficer by the name of James Hunt,
obtained by the committee. What japparently did nothing either dis
I want most 1o know, however, i honest or Illegal. All I know about
can best be obtained by talking lit is what I read In Ihe news-
y tsJ -r r-r m
!Jiwf i wish My supptiR ) HlHWHiyli
mm if 'daformmm
:a if . ' 1 1 . 1 'i i'i .v i in is-sTid i i :
I . I 1 I i 1 I ,1 T' n "TBK. T, Sa-v.,:X.P(L I ' .-7TTT : T , . 7T . 1 TT
Reject, Flush Type
West Coast Building Supply Co.
Mill - one! Mother
Bill Neighbor
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Joy Clark
By J. R. William,
papers and the Washington,
D. C, papers are full of It but it
is pretty clear to me that Hunt
has been doing nothing more or
less than ordinary attorneys and
lobbyists here do, and have been
doing for many years. They repre
sent clients who want to do bust
ness with the government on the
most favorable basis possible.
Hunt knows his way around
Washington and in government
circles and charged his clients a
fee for using that knowledge for
them. He seemed to be able to
deliver fairly well because of Ihe
cupidity and low calibre of cer
tain men holding high positions
of public trust. Hunt has been
smeared somewhat. I don't think
much of his "profession" and it
may be Just as well lo turn the
heat on such people. However,
let's not forget that Ihe real guilt
lies with those people Hunt was
able to "influence."
It seems likely now that this
session of Congress will adjourn
for Ihe remainder of Ihe year
along about the fifteenth of Octo
ber. I plan lo get home Just as
soon as 1 can after the business
of the session is completed. 1 still
expect to be able to visit all seven
counties of the Fourth Congres
sional district before the end of
the year. Meanwhile, this is the
last "Letter from Washington"
for several weeks and possibly
for this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hedden and
daughter, Donna, left for a trip
I to Seattle. Wash. Wednesday,
j Heddens drove to Eugene and
Itook a plane from there. They
j will visit Mr. and Mrs. George
j Welling while in Seattle.
Miss Evelvn Hudrnn returned
from a business trip lo Albion, 1
Idaho, Thursday.
The Carl Moore family have
returned from a two weeks' vaca
tion trip lo Hermlston, Ore.,
where Ihey .visited with Mrs.
Moore's mother Mrs. Bault. The
Moores also enjoyed seeing the
Pendleton Round-Op.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bishop were
visited last week by Mr. and Mrs.
Dan Metheny of Divide. Colo.
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Moore,
formerly of Los 'Angeles. Calif.,
are going to make their home in
Mrs. John Price of Philomath,
Ore., is visiting with her son's
family, Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Price.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hudson and
grandson, Donnie Suloff, went on
a trip over the weekend. They
visited Mr. and Mrs, I.eonard
HudKQn at Silverton and Mr, and
Mrs. Lloyd Hudson and family
at Portland. They also attended
the State fair at Salem Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warnack
and daughters. Colleen and Jean,
of Medford are visiting with their
many friends at Elkton.
Visitors at the Bennie Knyps
tra home Include a niece, Miss
Betty Slpkens of Grants Pass.
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Tikker and
daughters, and Mrs. Grace Ev
ans of Venice, Calif.
Word has been received at Elk
ton of the death of Mr. Ralph
The county road crew Is doing
a good Job of widening and
straightening the Mehl Canyon
Gale Merrill had the misfor
tune to turn his car over in Ihe
middle of the highway, In front
of Ihe Charles Ross residence.
Rlvtt Tower Is Champ
With 125 Foot Throw
HARRISBURG. Pa.. Sent. 8
UP) Get out the record books, I
boys, here'i a new one and with !
rivets yet. j
Eddie Derr of Middletown, Pa., j
and Clarence Price, Pittsburgh, '
teamed up Monday to win the :
"national rivet-throwing champ-!
lonship" with heaves of 125 feet.
Derr acted as the pitcher, toss
ing rea-noi riveis to frice, wno
caLght them in a funnel while
standing on a four-inch wide
steel girder atop a metal tower,
The event was sponsored by
the Structural Iron Workers
(AFX., local 104.)
when he applied the brakes to
avoid a cow that was being led
across the highway, Friday, Sept.
2. Neither Merrill or his car were
badly damaged.
Miss Joan Listrude who works
in Portland, spent the weekend
in. Elkton.
Mr. and Mrs. John MacNeil
and family went to Albany Satur
day to visit Mr. MacNeil Sr.
Funeral Director
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meets every need. Any
distance, any time
Licensed Lady Assistant.
Oakland, Oregon
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GRESHAM. Sept. 8. UP)
Rachel Ann Kitson, 102, a pioneer
Oreijon resident of the wagon
trail days, died heie Monday.
She was six years old when
the family crossed the plains by
ox-drawn wagon. Her parent!.
Jacob and Elizabeth Wood
Henkle. settled gn the South fork
of Mary's river, in Benton coun
ty, Dec. 25. 1853.
Her first husband, John L.
Shipley, died in 1877.
Pool Inaugurated With
Splash; Lobby Flooded
GUSHING, Okla., Sept. 8 UP
The dedication of Cushing's new
memorial swimming pool certain
ly was a big splash.
After a 30 -minute dedication
cernony. 3G7 parched teenagers
jumped into the pool.
The water rose- so swiftly it
sent waves two leet high flooding
the lobby and underground dres
sing rooms.
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