The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, August 12, 1949, Page 9, Image 9

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    Sacred Concert
Scheduled At
Christian Church
Summer sacred concert will be
presented at 8 o'clock Sunday eve
ning at the First Christian
church. The choir will sing under
direction of Clarence Trued, di
rector, with Ruth Trued at the
The program follows:
Pioceaalonal Holy, Holy, Holy
Choir and Concragatlon
Invocation Kannath W. Knox
Wa Thank The. Lord. Bortniantky
We Wait Thy Lovlni Ktndneaa. ... Enarud
Tha Choir
Ha Smiled on M Gaoffrey O'Hara
Batty Hahn Contralto
In Faith I Calmly Reat Bach
for A World That Haa Loit Ilia Way.
Milton Olatarlch
Tha Choir
Romance (from Concarto In D Minor)
. Wiaruawakl
wendel Johnaon Vloliniit
O Savior of tha World Sir John Ooaa
Tha Choir
Buta (An Aria' r. H. Cowan
Batty Hahn
Tha Sun Ariara Now Stromman
Tha Uttla Caraa Chriat'anaen
Tha Choir
Malodte (from Glucki Arr. Frlta Kratlaar
Danca Capagnola .... A. Waltar Kramer
Wandcl Johiaon
Briar Meaaase and ramarka by tha
. Minlater
Tha Charubie Hymn . Gretchanlaoff
Tha Choir . .
Vtlx Decisions Eddy;
Sonny Elixman Koyoed
SPOKANE, Aug. 12-LV) Little
Joe Velez evened his score with
Irish Bill Eddy Wednesday, win
ning a unanimous 10-round deci
sion in a match billed for the
Northwest Lightweight title.
Eddy, of Flint, Mich., decision
ed the Spokane battler here last
Al Bishop, 161, Spokane, knock
ed out Sonny Elixman, 160, Spo
kane, 1; Ray Harmon, 15, Seat
tle, decisioned Jackie Smith, 138,
Boise, 4: Al Cowan, 141, Spokane,
knocked out Andy Anderson, 135,
Kellogg. 2; Bobby Volk. 161. Port
land, decisioned Rank Ronko
yich, 158, Salt Lake City, 8.
Alt , i
TELLS OF SUMMONS Homing Exp.diter Tight Woods (abova)
talis a senate investigating committee in Washington, that Maj.
Can. Harry H. Vaughan summontd him to tha Whit Houia in
1948 and told him Vaughan's friends war interested in a con
struction project at Tanforan race track near San Francisco,
Vaughan is President Truman's military aide. (AP wirephoto.)
The Charleston, Granddaddy Of The
Jitterbug, Threatens To Come Back
NEW YORK m Junior, get papa the kneecap oil the Charles
ten's coming back.
. What's the Charleston?
Why, son, the Charleston Is the granddaddy of the jitterbug.
Back in the mld-1920s, when everybody had to take shower baths
because the tub was full of hand made prohibition gin, you couldn't
even deposit money in the bank unless you proved you could do
the Charleston. It showed you were alive.
Do I mean it was a dance?
Junior, no dance ever hit the
country as hard as the Charles
ton. It was THE dance. If a man
Built for RoutfkStuffh
'sots AND ISIS
Pre-Teated Pott-Parrots score
a touchdown everytime with
young men who know the
acort when it cornea to pic kin,
tough good 'looking shoes at
a sensible price! Plan now to
are our complete lelecrkml
1X1 'I--
"Better Shoes.For All The Family"
118 W. Cass
Just Around The Corner From Douglas County Bank
wasn't willing to shimmy-shammy
back and forth and then risk
his right tarsal bone by throw
ing it over his left femur, he was
strictly a cad out of tune with his
Every body did It. La Belle Joan
Crawford started her fame as a
dramatic actress as a result of a
fancy prize-winning, hip Charles
ton movement. And Ginger Rog
ers was able to get her independ
ence from Independence, Mo., be
cause of the same swivel swing.
Later some movie critic men
tioned that both girls had spark
ling eyes. This was a sad dis
covery. ' . . . ;
It changed them from hoofers
into actresses. And after that a
gal covers up her legs, exposes
her bosoms like a half-shucked
corncob, and begins emoting
about socially significant themes
she doesn't know from dime store
Originated Among Negroes
But to get back to the Charles
ton . . . Charleston ... a simple,
primitive, agile movement based
some distance below the bust:
"So many young people have
come In wanting to dance the
Charleston that I have had to
teach It to all our Instructors,"
said Charles Columbus, dance di
rector of the Fred Astalre studios
Columbus says the dance origi
nated among South Carolina Ne
groes. He can trace the sequence
from the Charleston down
through "the varsity drag, the
shag, truckln', the llndy hop, and
Jitterbugging." But it leaves him
a little leg weary when he
He is a veteran dancing star
himself who twinkle-footed some
25 years on Broadway.
"There was nothing like the
Charleston for popularity,'
Columbus said. "They danced It
in the living rooms, the kitchens.
the back porch, and standing up
in rumoie seat.
Columbus thinks the American
public is more dance crazv now
I than It has ever been. The RMpils,
" iTal J J.
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cook with the) ex
citing new Kalamasoa)
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nave- 7 speeds instead of
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7 ' gr 0M 1 "
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90 South Stephens
asannugias .
Phone 964-J
OSC Group
Now Working To
Apply Donations
The recently organized Oregon
State college foundation Is now
on a working basis, receiving
gifts for use or Investment and
disbursing funds for approved
betterment projects, according to
reports made at a meeting of
trustees and counselors just held
on the campus.
Twenty-five thousand dollars
was formally turned over to the
foundation at that meeting by the
Oregon Home Economics exten
sion council to be Invested until
the women of that statewide or
ganization have raised $45,000 to
build a new cooperative- living
group house at O. S. C Allocation
of $2000 by the foundation to help
construct a small building to
house the new O. S. C. cyclotron
was also announced.
Heading the foundation as
president Is . B. Aldrich, Pendle
ton publisher and former mem
ber of the old college board of
regents. Other trustees present
at the meeting were Albert
Bauer, head of Oregon- Kaiser
interests and president of the
Portland Chamber of Commerce,
vice president; Robert M. Kerr,
Portland attorney, treasurer;
President A. L. Strand, secretary;
G. E. Spain, vice president of the
Caterpiller Tractor Co., Peoria,
111., and Claude Palmer, Portland
commercial photographer.
A new illustrated booklet ex
plaining the organization and
purposes of the foundation has
just been printed. Arrangements
were made lor it to be distributed
to attorneys, banks and trust
companies for the information of
persons Interested in making
gifts or bequests. Alumni groups
throughout the state will assist
in spreading information on the
opportunities for adding to the
facilities and services of Oregon
state beyond the scope of tax
funds, said Lloyd Carter, state
alumni president.
H """" "
Y t
Renato Renil, J9t pounds, wea
a Rome spaghetti-eating contest
br finishing a pound In 47 see-onds.-
Then he alt two pounds
mora because ht was hungry.
Upper Umpqua Angling
Prospects Very Bright
PORTLAND. Aug. 12.
Good fishing In widely scattered
spots of Oregon was reported to
day by the State Game commis
si . In Its weekly fishing bulletin.
The outlook bv districts In.
Douglas county Roseburg.up
per Umpqua area water conditions
generally perfect. For those fish.
ing carefully and thoroughly,
trout angling should continue ex
cellent. More summer steelhead
being taken. Cutthroat take in
creasing below the Forks.
Reds In Three
Chinese Provinces
Facing Uprising
CANTON, Aug. 12. (iP) A na
tionalist armv srjokesman uiiri
Thursday an uprising Involving
muunu iu,uuu men r.aa develop
ed in the Red -controlled prov
inces of Honan, Hopeh and An
whei. ,
Gen. Teng Wen yl. the spokes
man, said communist misrule in
the recently conquered provinces
caused the revolt. Other reasons
for the uprisings were ruthless
conscription of men and exces-1
sive requisitioning of food, he !
Teng said the revolters pos-;
sessed about 100,000 rifles. In one i
Hupeh mountain area alone the ,
rebels control 15 districts, the;
general said. 1
They ai'e aiding the nationalist':
cause by disrupting Red trans
port and communication lines,
Teng said. ,
Teng scoffed at estimates the
Reds would take Canton in be-:
tween three to six weeks.
(Today's Chinese edition of the
Hong Kong Standard was banned
from Canton for publishing an 1
Associated Press story quoting
this estimate.)
"The communists could be
here in less than three weeks If
they take airplanes," Teng said.
He said floods, epidemics and
nationalist resistance had slowed
down the communist advance In
Central China. Teng said in each ;
Red company of 200 men as a
result of illness only about 80,
able bodied were left.
House, Commercial
Industrial Wiring
Electrical Trouble Shooting
Motor and Appliance) Re
pair Free Pick-Up and Delivery
IT Years Experience
Licensed Electrician a
318 E. 2nd Ave. N. Ph. 1095-L
German Bride
Seeks Baby Which
Gl Took To U.S.
FRANKFURT. Germany, Aug.
12 The German brlrle of an
American soldier appealed today
for return of their baby, which
the soldier took to the United
The soldier Is Sgt. Charlton B.
Chapline, 32, of 3104 Southwest
Nebraska Street, Portland. Ore.
Army records show he flew to
the United States July 30 with the
couple's five-month old son,
Charlton Bryan Chapline.
An army chaplain. Capt. J. K.
Jung, said Mrs. Chapline had re
fused to accompany Chapline to
the United States.
Now the mother. 25 has appeal
ed to the American Red Cross
and employed a German lawyer
In an attempt to recover the
Her task Is complicated, how
ever, bv the fact the baby has
been registered with the U. S.
Consulate here as an American
"I don't know what she can
do now except Join her husband
and baby in America," the chap
lain said.
Red Cross officials said they
could not handle such a case.
Mrs. Chapline, the former Ruth
Margot Baibarh. lives in Wies
baden, where the sergeant was
assigned to an army hospital
Veterans Administration In
June opened a new 399-bed gen
eral medical and surgical hosp
ital In Providence, Rhode Island,
bringing the total number of VA
hospitals to 129.
Frl.( Aug. 12, 1949 Thi News-Review, koseburg, Ore. t
Western Pine Tree Farmi Past 3 Million Acres
PORTLAND, Aug. 1?. (.?
Industrial tree farms In the west
ern pine region have passed the
3.000,000-acre mark today th
the certification of farms In five
Opening its semi-annual meet
ing, the Western Pine association
added another 477,116 acres of
private timberland to Its tree
farm system. This brought the to
tal to 3,186,871 acres on 234
Ernest L. Colby, the associa
tion's chief forester, said this rep
resents about 20 per cent of the
private industrial timberland In
the pine region and "Indicates
growing awareness of operators
to the importance of intensified
timber management."
Two new farms with 90,064
acres are f - Oregon and two with
225,567 acres In Washington. Ore
gon's total now Is 842.717 acres
and Washington's 340,611.
Farms also were certified in
California, Idaho and Montana.
Pine op ors also heard re
ports on new research projects
developed at the association's
laboratory here to provide better
utilization of forest products.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 12.-4P)
President Truman laughingly
observed Thursday that he does
not believe this nation Is driving
down the rotd on "the last mile '
to collectivism.
Mr. Truman gave this view
when a reoorter brought up the
fears expressed by former Presi
dent Herbert Hoover Wednesday
about government spending and
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(ffl!IiQ!IiljlByi j
he said, range from Eleanor
Tmii0lr a InncrHm natron of
the dance, down to gangsters.
Airs, riooseveii, iiiuiut-iiuy,
strictly a conservative ballroom
dancer. She hasn't come in to
freshen un her Charleston if she
ever danced it.
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