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    Tk Newi-Review, Roseburg, Or. Friday, June 3, 194t
1 1 SAW " . . . By PoJenkini
I aw a crew spraying an eight-acre pear orchard belonging to Paul Holweg at Sutherlin recently.
Ray Jarvii if driving the tractor shown In the picture above and Henry Lander is directing the spray.
Thii orchard ie southwest ol Sutherlin; in addition Mr. Helweg owns 37 acres in pears east o
town and 89 acres more at Winston, south of Roseburg. '
Democracies' Offensive Against
Reds Lessens Peril Of 3rd World War
(AP Foreign Affairs Analyst)
President Truman says he believes "we are closer to world peace
now than at any time in the past three years.
Former British prime minister Winston Churchill declares he
has tht growing hope "That we may avert forever the horrible
"vision of a third world war."
What Justification is there for
such optimism In view of the con
tinued clashes between the Rus
sians and the Western Democra
cies in Europe, and the sweeping
victories of tht Moscow-Inspired
Communists in China? Has the
, Ml the happy
I ...
iy hopes ot the luture are someiiow symnmizca
IsJ l'ie precious value and beauty of a Diamond.
" A Princess Diamond is Registtred so you
can be sure of its quality; Insured so you
will be protected against loss.
It Pays to Buy From
Whert Your Dollars Have Cents
Ladies in White
Finest footwear
for the ever-moving
feet of Young Women in
specially designed and "engineered"
to fit perfectly and give extra
support 'to eliminate fa
tigue. In whit
only . . . 7.95
11 lit I LI.) 1 1 Ml OK J
ir4 .
.-."V '
gift of prophesy deserted these
two distinguished statesmen?
T rlnn'f hallmra nllhor nf tlinm
has lost his cunning. There are
plenty ot signs mat me dangers
of world war have receded greatly
I it .J v -A ' ,
memories of the past and brilliant
..fil:'-- I A
"Better Shoes For All The Family"
118 W. Cass
Just around the corner from Douglas County Bank
in recent weeks. The chief reason
Is that the Communist drive west
ward across Europe has been
stopped by the power of the De
mocracies counter-ofenslve. Not
only has It been stopped but it
has very largely spent Its force
and is without the sinews for
So much for Europe, which has
represented the greatest immedi
ate threat to the Western World.
But what of China, which houses
close to a quarter of the world's
population and is possessed of
vast natural resources? Is there
no danger In that situation?
China certainly does present
grave dangers, but at this stage
thpy are more ideological tnan
military. It Is quite in the cards
that Russia, even though domi
nating that vast counlry political
ly, would find it a white elephant.
This Is so because China, while
potentially a great power, is
backward and undeveloped. From
the military aspect she not only
wouldn't be any great asset to
Russia, but on the contrary would
involve heavy expenditures for
development. Progress calls for
mountainous efforts and great
sums of money.
Putting China on her feet Isn't
a matter of years. It involves
So at this Juncture neither
Europe nor the Orient hold
threats of another world war in
anything like the near future.
Perhaps as, Churchill says, it
may be averted forever.
But this doesn't mean the
struggle between Communism
and Democracy is drawing to a
close. It will continue, hut along
Ideological lines rather than as a
"shooting war" at least so long
the Allies keep tnemseives
militarily strong as a preventive.
It therefore remains to be seen
whether the Democracies are as
good with Ideas as they are with
guns. For the conflict will be won
or lost with Ideas.
ASTORIA, .lime 3. (.T) Tent
caterpillars were plaguing Clat
sop County today.
County Agenl 'Gordon Hood re
ported a b;d infestation of the
caterpillars In the Astoria, Knap
pa, and Svenson areas, and some
trouble in the rest of the county.
SEASIDE, June 3. (A') Sea
side Is going to get new water
mains and a new tire truck.
Two bond Issurs-SlOO.OOO for
the additional mains and $15,000
for thetire truck were approved
In a special election here.
Don't say "Hosiery". . ,
TZutde Weak
Htr't lh onjf stocking
ogalntt contact infection.
Bvcauto It'i Grma-)
r.fA 7:
$iid..a tctttd Vf
germicidal fioith! From
to ttrvic wtighhf
Black and Cunmstal. You
no moro for fht bit in full
fathiontd hotitry plui tntl
ftdwiiv flwrl
. ,
1.2.1 u-T . r
Society and Glubi
Social items submitted by tele-
&none lor tne society page must
e turned in before 12 o'clock
Monday through Thursday and
by 10 a. m. Fridays, at which
time the social calendar and Sat
urday's society page are closed
A notluek dinner was held at
the Sutherlin Grange hall Wednes
day evening by the members of
Sutherlin Grange, after which
Grange was called to order by the
master, tnon banders. Koll call
found the steward, assistant stew
ard, lady assistant steward and
gate keeper absent,
Two applications for member
ship were read and the investigat
ing committees were appointed.
ine dra and 4tn degree obliga
tions were civen Icel and Dorolhv
Clark, Ralph and Mary Mansuel-
ti, Faye and Louie Smith and
Clarence Moore.
Committees reoortine were: Ae-
riculture chairman, who gave a
lengthy report on the advance
ment and improvement of agri
culture in Oregon. The Home Eco
nomics chairman reported the pie
social as a success. Friday was
spent at the hall sewing for the
Brownie bcouts. The meeting
siarieo ac 10 o ciock wltn a pot
luck lunch at noon.
Hoslesses appointed for the Juno
Sth Grange meeting are Mrs. Ber
tha Sanders, Mrs. Edna Nicollzzi
and Mrs. Kav Simmons.
I he next Home Economics club
meeting will be held on June 6th
with Mrs. Vivian Nicoson and
Mrs. Eunice Beck as hostesses.
The lilcrarv oroeram was In
honor of National Music Week
and included: song, "America,"
by the group; reading "History of
I he Song America," by Mrs. Nel
lie Peterson: reading History of
Grange Songs." by Mrs. Dorothy
Clark; poem "Doing Pretty Good,
by George Cornish; poem "Like
A Winner," by Mrs. Bertha San
ders; song, Is It Good To Be a
Granger, by the group; reading,
"Hislory of 'he Sixth Degree,"
by Mrs. Marjorie Sheets and a
contest called "What Will Grow."
Mrs. Dorothy Clark won the wo
men's side and Clyde Anderson
the men's side.
Members present were: Mrs.
Hallle Martin, Clyde Henderson,
Mr. and Mrs. Orville French, Mr.
and Mrs. Eldon Sanders, Mr. and
Mrs. Claude Schrack, Mr. and
Mrs. James Simmons. Mrs. Ellen
Liesinger, Mrs. Nellie Peterson,
Mr. and Mrs. Art Sheets, George
Cornish. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Moore. Charles Swindler, Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Nicoson, Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie Gleason, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Wahl. Mrs. Irma Cornish,
Mrs. Velma Brauninger, Mr. and
Mrs. tcel Clark, Mr. and MrB. Louie
Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Members and Associate mem
bers of Inter-Se Study Club will
entertain their husbands and
families at a picnic dinner on
Saturday night, June 4, at the
summer home of Mr. and Mrs.
E. S. Hall at Winchester. Those
attending are asked to meet at
the Del Rey Inn at 6 p.m.
Members of the Roseburg Busi
ness and Professional Women's
Club are invited to attend the
Instituting ot the Glendale Club
Saturday evening, June 4, at a
7 o'clock dinner at Glendale.
If You
Wear Half
Sizes . , .
. . . you can find the dress
to fit at the Excel Dress
Shoppe. Half siz dresses
from I6I2 to 24'2 in bem
berg sheers. crepe and shan
tung. Prints and solid colors
of grey, pink, blue and rose
for the in-between lady. To
make sure that you have the
right fit be sure to drop in
today. Priced from 10.95 to
Mrs. Bob Crawford of Ric Val-
le reports a very enjoyable week
end attending the state conven
tion of Business and Professional
Women's Clubs at Salem, May
13-14-15, as president and dele
gate from the Yoncalla B.P.W.C.
The meeting opened -Friday
noon in the Cave room of the
Senator Hotel with the state ex
ecutive board luncheon and with
various activities pleasantly com
bining both business and pleasure,
continued through Saturday and
Fridav night was designated as
fun night in the good old gypsy
style and a formal banquet on
Saturday evening as the highlight
of the convention with Judge Sar
ah T. Hughs of the 14th District
Court, Dallas, Tex., as guest speak
er. Judge Hughs is the first
vice-president of the National Fed
atlon of Business and Professional
Mrs. Crawford, who has been
employed by the United States
National Bank now located in
Drain, and for four years pre
viously by that concern in opera
tion as the Farmers Security
Bank of Yoncalla, announced this
week she will assume her proper
duties as housewife and farmer
ette. She reports the present press
of the ranch and summer pros
pects In real estate, she feels she
may well keep busy in Rice Valley.
Evergreen Grange met at the
hall for a potluck supper Fri
day evening. Charles McCord,
master, announced the regular
business meeting would be late
because of the Dillard gradua
tion exercises, which took place
at the hall.
The business meeting opened
at 9:30 o'clock. Roll call found
14 officers present with three
absent. There were 41 members
in attendance.
District deputy Paul Krueger
gave a most interesting report
on the coming state grange ses
sion to he held In Coos Bay.
Third and fourth degrees were
conferred by the Master to Marie
and George Buttler, Louis Swee
ley and Myrtle Mae Glenn.
The cnairman ot me nome
Economics Club was appointed
to be in charge of the candy i
and soft drinks. The next meet-
ine will be June 10 and those
having birthdays In April, May
and June will be honored.
Chairman of social night, an
nounced the first Saturday eve
ning of every month will be
social night and urged all mem
bers and their inenos to at
tend the monthly affairs.
Lilac Circle No. 49, Neighbors
of Woodcraft will meet Monday
night, June 6, at 8 o'clock at I
the I.O.O.F. hall. Refreshments i
will be served. All members are
urged to be present.
of $10.00 will be paid to the
positive Identity of the person
or persons who broke Into the
Melrose Sunday School build
ing. C. I. Hofmann
Lox 142, MelrOM Rt.
Phone 50-F-21
124 N.
Two very charming piano re
citals have been planned by Mrs.
C. S. Heinline for Sunday after
noon at the attractive O. S.
Chambers home in Laurelwood.
The home was formerly owned
by Mrs. Heinline, prior to her
moving to Cheyenne, Wyo.
The first recital will be given
at 2 o'clock and will be followed
by a tea. The second recital will
be presented at 4 o'clock and
will also be followed by a tea.
All parents, friends and persons
Interested are most cordially In
vited to attend both recitals.
The recitals will feature both
iano solos and ensemble nunv
Those In the 2 o'clock recital
include: Judy Bellows, Evange
line Chapman, Greg Cooper,
Deby, Jody tnd KathI Corkrum,
Connie Edwards, Sharon Jefferis,
Terry Jones, Carol Manning,
Jocelyn Maddox, Mary Lou Rad
ford, Gordon and Gary Safley,
Sandra Lynn Williamson and
Terry Jones.
At 4 o'clock Mrs. Heinline will
present: Claudette Manning, Mar
ilyn Myers, Jeanne Maddox, Lu
clnda Randall, Shary Perrault,
Mary Alma Smith, Jean Thomp
son and Bruce Voeller.
Mrs. JamPI fnnn afielatAH ku
Patricia Doerner entertained at
a pipK and blue shower at her
home Wednesday evening for
Mrc Ralnh Ifrnhn CiltakU ....
were enjoyed and the gifts were
presented 10 tne guest of honor
in a decorated bassinet. Others
attending were: Mrs. Adolph
Doerner. Mahla onrl Allla nien.
hark, Becky and Anne Chitwood,
uuena wooarun, liranoma
Woodruff, Mrs. John Krohn, Tro
zie Neilsen, Amy and Ruby Mat
thews, Katie Conn, Ruth Sim
mons, Amy Kruie, Katherine
Young, Grace Fenn, Mrs. Henry
Krohn, Marie Brown and Mar
caret Reece. Daintv rr0ctiMoMt
were served.
The Gray Ladies of the Amer
ican Red f!ro UIU moot novt
Tuesday night, June 7, at 8
o'clock at the home of Mrs. V.
V. Harpham on the Deer Creek
road. All members are urged to
oe present.
Well, you probably guested it AI Davenport
won the salmon derby with hit ' big 4914 -lb.
Chinook. Second prize went to 6tewart Taylor,
who caught a 35. pounder, and third prize to
Mountlt Roundlree for one weighing 30 lbs.
GOODS for big red, white and blue water balls
with welded seams the only kind worth own
ing. Swim faster with fins from J. V. Sporting
Goods, too. Goggles, masks, nose and ear plugs,
caps, and children's water wings are available
to add comfort and safety to your fun. For the
very little tots, you'll want a plastic wading pool
for your own back yard. In 48"x48" or 72"x"2"
sizes, they can be filled to a depth of 16", and
the sidewalls are inflated for the youngsters to
sit on the edge. The kiddies will love the bright
green and yellow colors, too.
June It tht month of brides, and bridet al
ways love to get nice dinnerwart. Hero it a
brand new one, at the Housewares Department
bu Modern, by Capittrano pottery, and comes
In the rich colore especially appropriate for
modern homes grey, maroon, emerald and
chartreuse. Get your darling a 20-piece ttarter
set to tervt four, and tht can add to It from
open ttook. The dlnntr platet art c generous
10 'j Inchet In diameter, and tht sugar and
creamer tet it worked out in a clear squatty de
lign. Salt and pepper tett, chowder bowlt, but
ter dishes, vegetable dilhti, wattr pitcher, tea
pot, and tumbltrt art Included In tht optn ttock
have a Parade ot
Silver on display,
a parade of stun
ning and practi
cal gifts for the
bride and groom.
We are partial to
1847 Rogers sil
ver, ourself, and
we yearned over
a carving set and
60 - piece service
for 8 in' the
u n I q u e pierced
design, tternai-
lv Yours." The
60 -piece service
includes 8 butter
sDreaders or iced
teaspoons, and is packed In a beautiful Double
Wedding Ring chest. Other 60-pieee sets are
available in "Adoration." "Flit Love." and "Re
membrance." Children's two and three-piece
sets offer a choice between "First Love" and
"Reemmbrance." Budget sets, for serving 6 per
sons, come in "Gardenia" and "Exquisite." Hoi
lowar in "Remembrance" and "Moonbeam" de
signs will help you to complete the bride's stiver
Another dandy gift for tht bride Perma Hue
glaitet for ttrvlng tall drinks from LESTER'S
GIFT SHOP. Theee glttitt art made of colored
aluminum tht color is in tht metal, and won't
chip off or fade and your drinkt will ttay ict
cold to tht last drop. They art unbrtakable,
light weight, and won't dent eaiily. Packed In
boxet of tlx attorted colors in tht tamt rich ma
roont and tubtlt greent that art designed to
coordinate with othtr modtrn furnithingt.
Thtat art tht Perma Hut glatatt advtrtited in
Houm Beautiful and tthtr Itading home maga
zines. Colorado mining towns In the years from
1878 to li09 are the background for "rhe Golden
Fury," by Mation Castle. Against the aettlng of
Evergreen Home Economics
Club met at a noon potluck lunch
eon at the hall Thursday with
Garnet Folmsbee, Renie Jenkins
and Margaret Burt ai hostesses.
Amusing games were played and
Erizes were awarded to Bess
ounsbury, Margaret Bur); and
Marie Buttler.
Those present were Mabel
Lange, Frances Wesner, Myrtle
Glenn, Louise Bilger, Mabel Burr,
Garnet Folmsbee, Mabel Garrlck,
Ruble Bloom, Ruble Bake-,
Blanche Tipton, Marie Buttler,
Renle Jenkins, Ruby Belle Kober
nlk, Bess Lounsbury, Gladys Staf
ford, Sarah Cyrus, Ethel Forrest,
Marion Harryman, Jessie Thom
as, Margaret McCord, Cora Jack
son, Margaret Burt and Pauline
The next meeting will be June
9 at a noon potluck luncheon at
the hall with Gladys Stafford,
Bess Lounsbury and Mabel Gar
rlck, hostesses.
A meeting of committee of
ffVards of Camp Fire Girls will
be held Saturday, June 4, at 10
a.m., In the Camp Fire office
in the basement at Miller's.
The democracy booklets for
1949, birthday project honor, are
to be turned In at this time.
This is the latest date the book
lets will be acceptable. All girls
planning to receive a rank at
the city-wide Council Fire, June
13, are requested to have their
notebooks checked.
Serve berries to your family
oftei, as they come Into season
striwberries, blackberries, blue
berries, raspberries; all delicious
and vitamin rich.
ySCS3?A Just phone 1261-R today for someone
vJ to do repairs on your typewriter or
IgJmfy odding machines.
631 S. Stephens Phone 1261-R
Now that the
salmon season is
over and the mu
nicipal swim
ming pool is
open, you'll be
thinking more
and more of
swimming togs
and accessories.
Go to J. V.
match the bra tops,
shorts, and pedal pushers. New batiste blouses
by Patty Woodard have arrived styled with
short sleeves and high round neckline, with V
shaped or straight lace insertion down the
front. Choose from frosty pastel pink, blue, yel
low or white, one of these pretty blouses of cool,
cool batiste to go with your summer suit.
What's tht matter with chintz? Maybe you
got stung, once, on cheap chintz that wasn't
permanently-finished, but if you buy Everglaze
chintz from JOSSE'S you won't be making a
mistake like that again. It't washablt no
foolln' and color fast. It doesn't soil quickly,
and makes up prettily at a houtecoat, dirndl
skirt, an apron for Mama, or In slip covers, dra.
perles, shower and bathroom curtains, bed
spreads, or valances for any room In the house.
Just look at the large floral bouquets, dainty
nosegays, bold stripes that art on display at
Jotte'a or you may fall In love with "Coquette,"
a tiny medallion design with a rose In the center
of each medallion. The prices are unbelievable
only (So to $1.75 per yard.
c h o o l's out
s week, so the
i more room
for y i
who would like
to lunch earlier.
There is ample
SDaee. now. fo
you from 11:30
on so come in
ana oraer your
sandwiches, sal.
ads. and cold
drinks before the
late -lunch rush
starts. And don't forget that your favorite lunch
counter is open on Sundays, too, from noon un
til 11 p. m. come in for a light snack after
church that won't spoil your appetite for that
Sunday dinner late In the afternoon. Pick up a
quart of their deliciou homemade Ice cream for
Sunday dessert, too.
Vets' Insurance
Claims Quickly .
Settled By VA
Approximately one-half of the
claims for G.I. insurance death
benefits are now being settled
In less than 10 days after re
ceipt of records in the Veterans
Administration district office in
Seattle, the VA reports.
Many of the balance are paid
In less than 30 days from re
ceipt of claim, with only the
more complicated cases running
for a longer period.
The VA pointed out that quick
payment of National Service Life
insurance benefits is materially
hastened when insured veterans
have designated beneficiaries and
instructed the VA on the mode
of settlement desired.
All veterans, the VA said,
should make certain that the
VA has complete up-to-date in
formation on beneficiaries and
choice of settlement In their In
surance files, which for veterans
in the Pacific Northwest are in
the VA district office, in Seat
tle. In event of death of a vet
eran carrying G.I. insurance, the
family should notify the VA im
mediately by calling at the near
est VA office or writing the VA
District Office, Exchange Build
ing, Seattle.
Cltansrand Air Purlflsr
ales. Service, Rtpilrs
and Supplies
Wayne Overbeek
Phons 373-R-2
the Leadvllle silver mines and the Cripple
Creek gold mines, copper-headed Carolina Law
ler and her friend Floss Kittredge play their
parts as the rebellious daughter of a street-corner
preacher and the refugee from a gaudy par
lor house. We felt we had a ringside seat at a
costume movie starring Paulette Goddard, but if
Hollywood ever got hold of it we wouldn't be
surprised to see it emerge as a vehicle for
Jeannette MacDonald, in which she earns her
way as a singer Instead of as a baker of meat
pasties! It's a well-written story, full of the
color and action of the old West, strongly
reminiscent of a book we once read bv Conrad
Rlchter. While you're in MILLER'S RENTAL
LIBRARY to pick up "The Golden Fury" or any
of the other interesting hooks, take a look at the
new edition of Ideals dedicated to Father, the
dear. We'll tell you more about Father's Ideals
next week. ,
You may bring to your office and put In a frame
A motto at fine at Its paint,
But If you're a crook when you're playing the
That motto won't make you a saint.
You can stick up the placards all over the hall,
But here it the word I announce:
It Isn't tht motto that hangs on the wall,
But the motto you live that counts.
J Do your hiking or
B. A. biking in sport togs
Made by "petti" of
bright, fast color
Indian Head, san
forized to minimize
shrinkage, they are
perfectly designed
for sunning. The
shortie jacket and.
sundress may be
worn shopping, too,
and you can mix or
- yN
P 'A7
-1E"'JI . ).