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    10 The Newi-Review, Roseburg, Ore. Sot., May 28, 1949
: plastic bubble is a mere one million dollars. It s on display at a
I Waukesha, Wis., bank. Carl Taylor, left, bank president, admires
the dough. Needless to say, an extra large stall of guards Is on
- . uuiy iu
x t
BANKER Charles McMurray, of Daylon, O.. shows one of
the novelty banks he has collected In 18 years. Weight of the coin
In its mouth causes the dor to fall forward and deposit it. ,
Censorship Order Of Defense Secretary Rapped
SEATTLE, May 28. UP) A. re
tired Chicago industrialist sharply
criticized here a recent Govern
ment censorship directive which
he termed a step toward dictator
He referred, said Frank A.
Ilecht, president of the Navy
League of the United Slates, to
an order issued by National De
fense Secretary Louis A. Johnson
providing that all armed forces'
news or other releases must be
subject to "review for security,
policy and propriety."
Hecht stressed that the league
Graduation Exercises Held
New Ambassador
David K. E. Bruce, nbove, oE
Virginia, chief o( the KCA mis
sion to France, hns been nppoint
ed by President Truman to suc
ceed Jefferson Cattery as U. S.
ambassador to France. CafTery
is returning to this country to
await a new assignment ut a
later date.
Four Times Up
The Bonn convention which
drafted the new German consti
tution adopted the flag of the old
Weimar Republic, above, as the
new national emblem. The tri
color was thrown out when Hit
ler came to power and raised
the swastika in 1933. It makes
the fourth time the black, red
and gold flag has been used in
German history. It was also the
standard of General Von Lutzow
and his men in 10, aV and again
i during the 1848 revolution.
1 'to
compact stack of Jack under tha
iiiuieut 11,
Is a civilian not a veterans' or
ganization, and that he had never
served in the Navy.
He also asserted former Navy
Secretary John L. Sullivan did not
resign primarily because of can
cellation of construction of a
super-aircraft carrier, but over
Ine basic issue of who is to run
thp Navy.
There is Imminent dancer that
I he Navy and other armed serv
ices win be run by an autocratic
civilian responsible only to live
rresinent nnn not to Conuress
and the people," he said.
For Dog At Lebanon
LEBANON, Ore., May 28. OP)
Graduation exercises were held
at Lebanon High School Thursday
ior treadle, a lime orinuie clog of
uncertain ancestry.
Principal Durllegh Cash, who
presented a diploma to Freddie
before a student assembly, said
probably no regular student had
attended as many classes In the
past five years as Freddie.
When his master, Jody Blount
who will be graduated next
month was unable to attend
school for a dav or two, Freddie
went anvway. There was a seat
for him in each classroom and lie
sat, or sometimes dozed, in it.
No athlete himself at some 15
pounds, Freddie managed to get
on the field at every football game
and the floor at every basketball
contest. Everyone learned to lake
It as part of the game.
For his gradual ion nothing was
missing processional, address by
tile principal, and recessional.
The Weather
U. S. Weather Bureau Offlca
Roseburg, Oregon
Mostly cloudy with rain show
ert today and Sunday.
Highest temp, for any May...,
Lowest temp, for any May-...
Highest temp, yesterday
Lowest temp, last 24 hrs
Precipitation last 24 hrs
Precipitation since May 1
30 !
Precipitation since Sept. 1.... 26.26
Deficiency since May 1 31
ItlCHMONP. Va., May JS I.V)
The lliinl act ot match play in
the thirty-lust annual PtiA drama
being unlolilt'd today over the
Merilage Country club layout was
sprinkled with a pair of revenge
battles in the tournament's lower
Slammln' Sammy Snead, from
White Sulphur Springs, Va
had a score to settle with Dave
Douglas of Wilmington. 1V1. They
clashed In the first IS hole round
of their :ti; hole match. Like all
other thlrdround matches today,
the second IS boles were sched
uled this afternoon.
Michigan State moved today to
ward a clean sweep of all three
championships of the Intercolle
giate Association of Amateur
Athletes of America.
Mreadv holder of the cross
country and Indoor (rack crowns,
the powerful mldwestein team
won IS qualifying places for to
days outdoor nnais.
LaBelle Duo Takes On Tonys
In Tag-Team
A tag-teem match, pitting Pierre and Rene La Belle against
Tony Ross and Tony Falletti tops the wrestling card tonight at
the local Armory.
The La Belle's both French-Canadian but no relation, wrestle
in similar style. Both are fast, clean, and plenty tricky. The same
applies to the Tonys. Both are villians, use any means possible
to gain a win, and both are despised by tans Koss a little more
than Falletti.
Meeting in the semi-final are Salvadore Flores, game Mexican,
and Young Ceorge Drake, an 18-year-old Californian just break
ing into the professional ranks.
The main eventers will be in action early in the card when all
participate in special 20-minute
with Pierre and halletti meets
Balancing Act
Highlight Of
Beatty Circus
Among the many new acts to
be disclosed upon this year's pro
gram of the huge Clyde Beatty
Circus, coming to Roseuurg Sat
urday, June 4, at the Circus
grounds west on Garden Valley
oad will be the Great lhommens
n breath-taking feats atop a 40-
foot pole balanced upon Hie shoul
ders of one of the men. It is con
ceded the most daring display of
me Kind in the world.
They startled all Europe with
their dangerous feats now they
are bringing the Clyde Hcatty
Circus audiences to their feet at
each performance. Never before
In circus history have their spec
tacular and "nerve-racking" ex
ploits atop a swaying pole even
been attempted. Their display is
nothing short of suicidal-daring.
Performances, starling at 2:30
and 8 p. m. open with a new and
magnificent produced super-spec
tacle, "The Circus on Parade," in
which the great masses of people
and animals participate. A big
ballet of beautiful dancing gills
highlights the spectacular pro
cessional pageant.
House Counsel
-newt '..v:& VY
Frank S. Tavenncr, Jr., 53, of
Woodstock, Va., was elected
general counsel and chief in
vvstigator of the House Un
Amcrican Activities Committee
by a unanimous vote of mem
bers. A former U. S. attorney,
he helped prosecute Premier
Toio and other Jap war crimirmls.
Admits Red Tie
(SK.1 Tttrplioioi
Auslrlan-born 11 a n t Frelstadt
(alHive), 23. who recently won a
11.600 fellowship from the Atomic
Knrnre Commission, admitted he
Is a Communist Party member but
said "I consider myself a loyal
cuiwn of this country." He Is ta
ln jiost grndtinte work at the Unt
Yciilly of North Carolina to
Chanel H11L
mt . jnwm " wmn i - -. v
lie 11 ft
t "V""'-,c " "i EiV ' " Oarl Mycr (above), 12. who was
irJ i revived 20 minutes after his heart
; " Tiitqr ,( x , r stopped during an operation, is
,wr,' V l hi t" battling for his life in Children's
i ,"SVf, x- . i Hospital at Columbus, O. His
I ""f fry'V heart stopped during an operation
' ,t i t to correct a "blue baby" condition.
-j I W1 t r 1 If he survives, he still must under.
Ir' " ' ' 2 IK"'" '-.r'vJ go the "blue baby" operation again.
It i Wf'Jt&r a i$
, -v i
Battle Tonight
matches. In those Ross tangles
Qualifying Rounds Set
For Invitational Meet
Today at the Roseburg
Country Club, qualifying
rounds of golf will mark the
day's activity in preparation
for match play Sunday and
finals on Monday.
Eddie Simmons of Msdford
will be on hand to defend his
title for the third straight year.
A large field of entrants are
expected to be here from over
the state.
28 (1) Willie Turnesa of
Elmsford, N. Y., was four-down
to Sam McCready of Ireland to
day after 18-holes of their match
for the British Amateur golf
championship. Ihe Little Amerl'
can champion ran into an opp
nent who was hot, and was three
down after only nine holes.
Bowling Scores
mif:d leaoi'E
Team Standint,'fi
No. 1 .
No. 4
No. 3
. 3
Gamil May 24, Tuesdny Night
l won j, wo. a won u.
3 won 3, No. 4 won 0.
Ulxh individual game scort, T.
Dnnuld and B. Ilool, 212.
High Individual series score, Bob
Jones, 9S0.
Ellen Jones - 133 137 144 434
Bob Jones lliS 178 207 3.10
Cora Chnoln 14 103 103 333
John Wilson - 1!2 202 133 349
Ilndrp (io (K) l - 1HI)
Totals 719 680 6119 20B
NO. 1
M. Rait l!8 134 17B- 530
E. Halt 104 - 138 1IB 37H
D. Hoot , 139 94 K'(l 3.VI
R Root ; 212 183 133 3l'8
Hndrp 119 119 111 357
Totals 772 6fM 6942132
Ml. S
II Rvan 104 114 128 348
P. Kviin 144 119 142 403
F. Mi-Donald 1:13 lull 212 523
G Marsters 132 134 127 4.13
739 2079
A. Vault 132 177 192 501
H. lliiushinan 133 139 128- 488
V. llle!.lng 134 133 152 430
J Quant 128 143 171 442
Ihuli'P - 35 55 55 185
696 2006
POrm.F.S l.KAOl'K
Team Standings
No 4 7 5
No. 7 J. 6
No. S S 6
No. 2 5 7
No 1 4 S
No. 5 2 10
Game May 26. Thursday Night
No. 1 won 2. No. 3 won 1.
No. 4 won 2. No. S won 1.
No. fl won 2. No. 3 won 1.
No. 2 won 3. No. 7 won 0
High Individual game score, Mark
Ball. 214.
High individual series score, Mark
Ball. 603.
r. Baughman .
L Bltner
. 183
183 32R
138 471
27 81
R, Young ....
G Wrllman
Hndrp -
137 4:17
l.Irt - 438
35 105
T Chapln .
B Jones ...
173 - 3.10
49- 147
393 1087
T. Buettner .
J Johnson ..
130 130 130 390
883 897
TMy 175 IV 141 - 515 mmmm
Hoot ItW 159 141- 4H i itti
llndcp W 2-- H7 inv Thf Aviivlntrd Prft
VM KUAN I i: Mil E
Totals 3U0 37 311 10HR t Ratting .omul. Chicago, .35; Siev-
I er. .St Lout. ,;15'J
Tenny . IM tS 1HO - 5:'7 Runs hitrd In - Williams. Boston. M:
KltM 1 l'l 11 - -5"' Wrti, Detroit and Stephens. Boston.
llndcp 4a 42 4.' - IM it
Home run Stephens. Bosl.'m, 11;
Totals 33 39 37.1 1156 W.Hmms. Boston and Henrtch. New
j York. M
7-t Pitching -I.opat. New York. 3-0. 1 000.
Schmidt. C l-tt 105 in - 353 B rne. .r-w A,.m. ;t o. 1 ivyi
Schmidt. J- - . . ll 1-ta l.'H - 377 , NVTIDNVl. ir(.t
llndcp 79 79 7 - 237 I Rtttn -i-h-vndiemt. St. Louts. .373. St I .mil. 3f S I
Totals 3.13 31 313 - !W7 Runs hjfr.t in Hobtnson, It rook hn.
34 Kiner. PntlMirh. 27 I
Itstl . - 214 t.tT - ft'.l run. Kiner, Pittsburgh, . i
Freadman . . . 177 I'li t - y M:-e Vrw V,rk. 9
Kndcp. . 17 W IT 31 Pitching Bun.-a. Brooklyn, 7-; 1 000.
- - 1 - Livel), Cincinnati. 4-1.
Totals M 411 3931312 !
The Smallest,
Farm Equipment
FOR SALE Steel wheel wagon with
hay rack and home mad wagon nox.
Hay rope for good lize barn. Arthur
wecKi, KUCKiei nouie. mnei muin
of Dillard across Mary Moore bridge.
lllfl or Phone 15U9-L.
Butterfat (Tenative subject to
immediate change) : 1-Yemium
quality maximum to .35 to 1 per
cent aciui y delivered in r-oruana,
61-64c lb.; first quality, 59-62c lb.;
second quality. 57-60e. Valley
routes and country points 2c less
than first.
Butter Wholesale f.o.b. bulk
cubes to wholesalers: Grade AA,
93 score. 61-62c lb.: A, 92 score,
60-61ic lb.; B, 90 score, 58c lb.; C,
89 score, 57c lb. Above prices are
strictly nominal.
Cheese (Selling price to Port
land wholesalers): Oregon sin
gles, 38i-48ic; Oregon 5-lb. loaf,
Eggc (To wholesalers): A
grade large, 53-53ic; A grade,
medium, 51-51ic; B grade, large,
(Wholesalers to .retailers per
nunurea lbs.):
Beef Steers, good, 500-800
lbs., S39-43; commercial, $39-41;
utility, $34-30.
Cowe Commercial, $36-38;
utility, $35-36; canned-cutter, $34-
Beef Cuts (Good steers):
Hind quarters, $51-53; rounds,
$51-54; full loins, trimmed, $56
61; triangles, $37-38; square
chucks, $39-41; ribs, $44-48; lore
quarters, $37-38.
Veal: Top quality, 37-40c; fancy
to 41c.'
Lambs: Top quality, 48-50C lb.;
mutton, 1618c lb.
Mutton Good, 70 lbs., down,
Pork Cuts Loins, No. 1, 8-12
lbs., $52-54; shoulders, 16 lbs.,
down, $36-38; spareribs, $43-45;
carcasses, $30-30.50.
Live Chickens (No. 1 qual
ity f.o.b. plants): Broilers, un
der 2t lbs., 27-29c; fryers, 21-3
lbs., 2y-3lc; 3-4 lbs.. 30-31c; roast
ers, 4 lbs. and over, 31-32c; fowl,
leghorns, 4 lbs. and under, 24-25c;
leghorns, over 4 lbs., 27-2c; col
ored fowl, all weights, 30-31c; old
roosters, all weights, 18-20c lb.
Rabbits (average to growers):
Live white, 4-5 lbs. 26-27c; 5-6
lbs., 23-25c; old or heavy does,
1317c lb.
Beef: Good cows, 32-35c lb.;
canners-cutters, 26-30c.
Veal Top quality, 41-42c lb.;
fancy to 43c; other grades accord
ing to weight and quality.
Hogs - Light blockers, 27-29c
Ik; sows, 22-26c.
Lambs Top quality, 4043c
lb.; mutton, 1517c.
Onions Western Ore. yel
lows, 50 lbs., No. 1 med., from
cold storage, S2.25-2.50; dry pack
storage, $2.00-2.25; new crop
Calif, while wax, S4.00-4.25;
Stockton red globes, S2.50-2.75;
yellow globe jumbos, $2.85; mcd.,
Potatoes Russets, Deschutes
No. 1-4, $1.25-4.40; No. 2, 50 lbs.,
$1,601.65. New potatoes: Califor
nia long whites, size A, $3.75
4.00; size B, 100 lbs., $2.65-2.85;
No. 2-A, $3.50-3.75.
Wool Coarse, valley and
medium grades, 45c lb.
Mohair Nominally 28c lb. on
12-monlh growth.
Hay I Following wholesale
prices are strictly nominal): U.
S. No. 1 green aifalfa or better,
baled truck lots wholesale, Port
land, S36-.1X; U. S. No. 1 mixed
timothy, $36. Oats and vetch
mixed hay, uncertified clover hay,
nominally S15-20, depending on
quality, haled, on Willamette val
ley farms.
Medford Scores High
In Invitational Meet
MEDFORD, May 28. (.T)
Four record-breaking perform
ances were turned in here last
night as Portland defeated South
ern Oregon High Schools in their
annual track meet, 68 1 6 to
61 5 6.
The times in all four were bet
ter than the state records, al
though not eligible for considera
tion. Mervin Brock, Washington High
of Portland, had a hand in two.
He won the 100-yard dash in 98
seconds. The stale mark is 9.9.
He also was anchor man on the
Washington relay team that won
in 1:31.2 minutes the state mark
is 1:31.3.
Jack Morris, Medford, tied the
state mark of 11.9 in the high
hurdles, then raced the lows in
22.6 seconds. The state mark is
Rich RiRgs. Medford, did the
220-yard dash in 21.7 seconds. The
state mark is 21.8.
Washington of Portland follow
ed Medford in individual points
with 20. Third was Grants Pass
with 14 1 2. Klamath Falls. 13,
was fourth: Jefferson, 11. fifth.
Miller of Roseburg placed third
In the 100-yard dash behind Brock
of Washington and Uiggs of Mod
Cheapest Workers in Town ..Went Ads
Logging Equipment
HD 14 Cat
A-l CONDITION. Complete with blade
and drum. Heady to go.
Lee Mortensen, Inc.
Tel. dayi 1486-J Nights. 18-R-3
1947 BIT 123 SKAG 150 Cummins, linea,
fair leads, fuel tank, ited and house.
A-l. ready to go. Priced to sell. Cash.
1947 TD Id TRACTOH. Carco drum,
Isaacson cable dozer. 1200 hrs. Looks
and runs like new. Priced to sell.
P.O. Box 29i or Phone 1141
Sweet Home, Oregon
SKAGIT LOADER powered with new
Mercury engine complete with good
sled and some lines. Price $1. 500.
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Lompany, is. myriie ireeit noaa, myr
tie LrceK, uregun.
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Hyster drum and La Plant Choat, hy-
araunc aozer. see ai ryee Lumoer -o.
Sutherlin, Ore., or phone 1202 Suther-
FOR SALE Six wheel Thornton Drive
assembly equipped with 13,000 pound
2 speed Eaton rear ends. Earl Her
rigos. Rt. 1, Box 118-D-5, Rifle Range
FOR SALE HD 10 16 months old, excel
lent condition. Equipped with Carco
blade and logging winch. $10,000.
Harold Martin. See at Farm & Indus
trial Equip Co., Hlway 99 N.
1945 TD 14 INTERNATIONAL, drum
and dozer. Excellent enndition. S8.000.
Phone 558-R-2 or 558-R-3, Cottage
drums; 1200' "" main line mounted
on good sled complete with rigging.
Box 747. Yoncalla. phone 343:
FOR SALE New TD 6 International.
Priced right. $:iarx). Can be seen at
Ted Tczier.3 mUegE. of Sutherlin.
WANTED TO BUY One used Mall
power saw In good condition. Phone
FOR SALE D4 Cat equipped for log
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Small Sums
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1 NEW Yates American 6x15" A-62
Belt Driven Matcher, complete with
feed table and profile. Extra side
heads, knives, etc. Complete new
set belts, most of prefab blow pipe
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Redding. Calif . S16.H41.00. Machine
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Calif. Terms can be arranged.
seen Gilkey Guiberson single 150 250
b h p.
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G. M. C- Gray marine diesels. Ifi5 h. p.,
3 HYSTER straddle buggies, large.
filote stock of parts. Oregon's only re
iable Guiberson dealer.
Gilkey Diesel Sales
523 N. Jackson
Boiler Repair
Sales and Installation.
Steel Construction Co.
Eugene (i.'U2-W or MtW-W
FOR SALE LeTourneau Angle dozer,
complete with front end P C.U for
D8 cat. Lee Mortensen. 200 S Pine
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FOR SALE One well drill mounted on
truck. Lloyd Powell, 714 Kiageview
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NEW HAMP . Austra White. Ancona and
other popular breeds Thriftv chick i
from pullorum passed flocks. Also
started chicks. Our motto ts to serve
you best.
Custom Hatching a Soecialty
Ponton Hatchery
W10 Harvard Ave.
West Roseburg
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Baby Chicks
Every week in the year.
Hatching Eggs Wanted
City attent Douglas Co. Flour Mill
Carr's Hatchery
Lookingglass Rt. Phone 18 -f-.l
FOR SALE 3.000 B B. Bronze poults
from one of the nest flocks in the
countv. 6 weeks old June 1st and June
Hth. Call 27-F-3 or write W. A. Davis.
Ojkland. Oregon. Star Rt.
FOR SALE One modern Buckee incu
bator capable of handling turkey or
chicken eggs. 12.000 capacity Ponton
ilittcnerv fnone inn,
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Russell, Wilbur. Oregon. Phone 30-F-23.
Timber Saivmills
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double action set works 1 friction
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liit.iiess Opportunities
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Twenty vears experience.
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Piano Tuning
Cleaning, demothlng, readjusting.
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Carpenter Work
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Write H. C. Harty. C V Star Rt
Septic Tank Service
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tract yarding, and hauling logs with
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Roseburg P.OBox 183 or Phoa-R.
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C P A. office. P.O. Box 10OJ, Klamath
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NO SALE on Decoration Day. Next sale
Jun 6th.
Fat and feeder Iambs, yearlings and ewes.
For market quotations, call or write:
James E. Lewis, Ph. 84. Myrtle Creek,
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Elkhe.-.dRoad. L, C. Perrln. Oakland.
WANTED Sheep and cattlcTof all
kinds. W A. Biackert, Myrtle Creek.
Oregon. Phone 2i;2.
FOR SALE 1 man sheep shearing out
fit. Llovd Alterbury, Miller's Addn.
Phone 5-F-31.
FOR SALE Gentle Jersey milk cow.
Will freshen in 2weeks. Call34-F;15.
WANTED All kinds of livestock. 'fl. NL
Cox. CallJ0-J-4
FOR SALE Purebred Duroc feeder
Digs. Ben Irving, w iiour.
WANT TO BUY gentle horse, l'a years.
825 Miller. Phone 860-R.
Building Materials
Grade A 8" grooved
Redwood siding,
$145.00 per M.
PHONE S30-R-4 or see at Vernon Crane
r c . I dcnce.Garden Va lley Road.
Cement SI 3fl per sack
W lbs. rolled roofing 3 75 per roll
45 lbs. rolled roofing 2 35 per roll
tirade 1 shingles 8 50 sq.
Also Sherwin Williams paints at adver
tised prices.
Your Hardware Store
Howard's Hardware
Winston. Oregon
FOR SALE Young Scotch Shepherd
dogs. Good working stock. Harry Nor
ton. 6 miles E Sutherlin, Ph. 4J-F-;i3.
or 452-Y Keg and ped. pupDies.aU
colors. Stud service.
Jacob's Kennel's Ph. 73-6-J
BOSTON 5CREWTAIL pups, male and
female. $25 each. Phone 12.1S-L.
Burwell. Canvonville.
WE NEED several mechanically inclined
and reliable men to train for posi
tion in the Tractor and Equipment
industry. If you are not making bet
ter than $70 per wck .ou owe it to
yourself to write for free fact. with
out obim.ition. about thu tr.vning and
our Advisory Placement Service, trac
tor Training Service, Box. 85(, News-
For Trade
SALE OR TRADE 1934 Chev tniok.
flatbed, good haoe. Trade for milk
cows, calve. Phone 14.1-J-3
WILL TRADE fryers for salmon.-Phone
m r n
'49 LINCOLN MAROON club coupe, all
extra. $is)3 Phone 95S-L, 1350 Imp
qua Ave
T4t MFRCln Y FORrHRiedanTin good
condition $W5 Phone KTn
W'J OLPSMOBll E tud-r edarTOTile
Make m an offer, phone 4A3-R-4.
Better Buys
At Barcus
Guaranteed Used Cars
1939 Oldsmobile 2 -dr. Sedan, radio
and heater 7"
1938 Packard coupe, clean, 475
19.17 Ford tudor. clean 395
1PS7 Dodge fordor. A real buy 315
1931 Chrysler 4 dr. sedan 295
1936 Hud -.on, clean, good transpor
tation 225
1933 Chev. fordor sedan - IM
f rucks
GMC 2-ton truck, new motor, 160"
whcelbase, 2-speed axle. Ready
to go to work 9 795
Chev. t'a T, flatbed, air brakes 495
1942 Ford dump, box hoist, good
tires 995
Your Packard Dealer
Hwy. 99 N. at Garden Valley Road
BUICK. 1947 Roadmaster Convertible,
tiadio. Heater, Defroster, Windshield
washer. Fog Lights, Sport light,
plastic seat covers. A beautiful light
gray with black top and automatic
window lifts. Excellent condition. In
itial payment $835. Balance terms.
Full price S2I95.
Bufck-Pontiac Dealer
Rose & Washington Sts. Phone 1551
Ply For Sale
1948 4-DR SEDAN with radio, heater,
backup Rights, fog lights, windshf!d
washer, seat covers, electric gas eUp,
chrome wheel rings, and all the rest
of accessories made for Plymouths,
Approximately 5.000 miles on this car.
Can be seen at
Rose Motor Co.
Chrysler Plymouth
Rose Sc Lane Sts. Phone M
PONTIAC, 1941 Streamliner 8 Super
4 door sedan. Radio, Heater, Foam
rubber cushions. New motor recent
ly. This is one of the better models.
Initial payment of $315. Balance)
terms. Full price $1105.
Buick-Pontiac Dealer
Rose 8e Washington Sts. Phone 1551
Used Car
Oak and Rose
Reasonably priced. G.M.A.C. terms.
Chevrolet Buick Pontiac Cadillao
CADILLAC, 1946 series 62, 4 door
sedan. Low mileage. Radio. Heater
and Hy dramatic drive, Windshield
washers. Backup light and Signal
turn indicator. Beautiful grey finish
and plastic seat covers. Very fine
condition throughout. Initial payment
$795. Balance terms. Full Price $2395.
Buick -Pontiac Dealer
Rose & Washington Sts. Phone 1551
Used Cars
1947 Frazer Manhattan, R i H, all
extras 1850
1947 Frazer Manhattan 1795
1946 Chrysler New Yorker, low
mileage 1895
1947 Mercury, RAH 15
1940 Ford Coudc RAH 65
19 Hudson Coupe 195
1937 Ford Tudor 295
191(4 Ford Fordor 150
Umpqua Auto & Imp. Co.
UICK. 1947 Roadmaster 4 Door Se
dan. Radio, Heater. Windshield
washer. Sport light. Fog lights, un-
dersealed. and new Dorcelainize.
Looks like a new car. Initial payment
S795. Balance terms. Full orice 20'J5.
Bulck-Pontiae Dealer
Rose & Washington Sts. Phone 1551
193a CHEVROLET 2 Dr. sedan. Clean
car, good all-around condition. $395.
1940 CHEVROLET Master deluxe coupa
as is $375.
Inquire 20(! Douglai Co. State Bank
Bldg. or Phone 4iifi.
Cor. Melrose & Lookingglass Road
Phone 1:;16-J
For Sale
1937 OLDSMOBILE 4 door Sedan (1949
moton $25U cash. Contact Al Williams,
UICK. 1940 Special 2 door sedan,
rtadio and Heater. Good tires, mo
or O K. well worth the monev.
Full price $5rf5. Down Pavment 2U.
Buick-Pontiac Dealer
Rose A Washington Sts. Phone 1551
YOUR MOTOR completely rebuilt. All
makes and models. Instalted with new
clutch, pressure plate, oil. radiator
hoses, fan belt and tune up.
Mercury $195
V-8 51S5
Plymouth $t!t)
Dodge SIU5
Chevrolet $195 including head. l
Call for estimates on motors not quoted. V j
United Engines, 25U Garden Valley Road
Phone 131 -L
MORE MONEY for your car. Cash on
the spot. Cork rum Motors, Inc. De
Soto. Plymouth. Phone 408. 114 N..;
Kose St
1939 LA SALLE. 4 door sedan, excellent
condition, good rubber. R. Uiry 2
miles E of DixonyiUe.
FOR SALE TtiChevroiet Aero sedan.
One ounerxhip, see before 2 P. M.,
12.(7 WincheslerSt.
1917 DeSOTO. "42 motor, fair tires, good
paint. S2t5 cash. Merle Taylor, 4th St.,
FOR SALE 1 937 oldsmobile. '41 mot or.
1842 Hicks.
'35 CHEV . radio and heater. Good con
dition. $145 Pinecourt Apartment 33.
Mechanics Special
PONTIAC. 1940 Convertible. This cir
needs some motor work. Top and
hodv Is in fair condition. Not a
wrecked car Full price 250.
Buick-Pontiac Dealer
Rose A Washington Sts. Ph one 1551
FOR SALE 1941 Pontiac 8 4 door se
dan Good condition. Excellent bu ,
terms or cah Call 1 56 1 - J after 7.00
P..M Fridav or all dav Saturday.
'41 Oldsmobile
COACH, radio and heater. A buy at
$?15 Phone 5-K-12,
1941 CHFVROLET5pVisenercpupe
Exrellent condition. Heater, radio,
tailer made seat cover W5 Shown
bv appointment only. Private party.
Phone !U;7-R-5
See the New Buick Convertibles
Now on Display at the
Buick-Pontmc Dealer
Roe A Whmainn St Phone HM
I9:t PLYMOUTH 4 doorsedan, grwj
tire- and mm or Rt 2. Box 1H3 a((r
6 on p m R.v Hall t 444 N. Stephens.
days. Price S4Vi cah
19T9 PLYMOUTH "DFLVXE 'iudnr." ex-
relent tire Heit-r. A loi of good
miles for $4i5 Call 1118-L.
FOR SALE -'41 V coupe A tc)at
H75 Call after 5 P M. Harold Cole,
Colet Rnad. Oakland.