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    2 Th Newi-Review, Roseburg, Ore. Tuei., May 17, 1949
Demo Leaders Of
Oregon Address
Partisans Here
Newly-elected Oregon Stale
Democratic Chairman William L.
Josslln, addressed Democrats in
this vicinity Saturday afternoon
at the City Hall on the subject.
"The Democratic Party . . . Ore
Eon's Hope for the Future." John
Winkler, Portland attorney, spoke
on 'The Veteran's Stake in Demo
cratic Victory," and Robert Davis,
senior student at the University
of Oregon and president of the
Young Democrats of Oregon, dis
cussed "Youth's Stake in Demo
cratic Victory."
The four speakers met with
Democratic precinct committee
men and women in this area and
officers of the Douglas County
Democratic Central Committee.
They reviewed the record of the
Oregon State Democrats in the
recent legislature, ana expressed
their optimism for a state-wide
Democratic victory In the 1950
Josslln pointed out the need for
women in the legislature, said
that women made up half the
population, and added that wo
men were needed and encouraged
by the Democrats as candidates
for public office. Progress made
by the labor movement under
Democratic administrations was
reviewed, and an Invitation for la
bor and friends of labor to Join
with the Democrats was Issued.
All voung Democrats were urg
ed to join the Young Democratic
Club ol uregon. aii democrats
were encouraged to subscribe to
the newspaper the Oregon Demo
crat. Josslln and his party stopped
at Roseburg between a luncheon
meeting at Eugene, and a dinner
meeting at Grants Pass. On Sun
day they met wun Democrats in
Decision On Daylight
Saving It Deferred
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Dance Set To Help Band
Go To Rose Festival
Benefit dance, from which pro
ceeds will be used to finance the
trip of the Roseburg High School
band to the Rose Festival at
Portland, will be sponsored by
the Band Parents Association in
the Armory Friday night.
Bruce Gilley and his orchestra
will play. A home freezer unit
will be given away Jn a contest
sponsored by the Association.
Admission tickets may be obtain
ed from members of the Asso
ciation. The public ii "urged to attend
the dance" as the Band is "still
short of funds" to finance Its
Portland trip In June, members
of the Band Parents Association
Hit-Runster Suspected
In Death Of Woman
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Gap Community Church.
Surviving are Mrs. Nichols' par
ents, Mt and Mrs. J. W. Wadklns,
and two brothers and one sister,
all residing in Texas.
Funeral arrangements are to be
announced later by the Stearns
Mortuary at Oakland.
consideration. Decision on the
matter was put off until the
special committee selected could
make a full report.
Airport Job Reported
Ben Irving, surveyor, reported
that work on the Roseburg muni
cipal airport's approach zones
was "50 percent complete." Field
surveys of the runway In the
shifted location is 971 percent
complete. Field surveys for
topography on Mt. Nebo is 971
percent complete. It was brought
out $712 has been spent on the
airport project to April 30.
The Council voted to reject the
state's offer of funds to conduct
a housing survey here. The city
was obligated to match the state's
contribution with a like amount.
The members of the council de
cided to forego a survey due to
lack of funds from this end.
Dr. Parkinson's request for
Sarklng in front of his new
uilding on South Main was turn
ed down by the street committee,
wnien declared a driveway the
length of his property would
create a traffic hazard.
The street committee's recom
mendation that a portion of S.
Hamilton street be reconstructed
to a 30-foot width and that curbs
and gutters be installed was ap
proved ny tne council.
City Attorney Paul Geddes was
Instructed to query proper auth
orities concerning the availability
of a strip of property on Block
-sH lor utilization as an aiieyway.
The property belongs to the
united states government, wop-
erty owners on that block have
petitioned the city in regards to
the establishment of an improved
alleyway there.
The police committee s recom
mendation that a study be made
to determine whether the city
should take over the job of
garbage disposal or whether a
contract should be granted to the
present operators was approved.
New Parking Limits
it was recommended Mat one-
side parking only be permitted
along the North side of Vista to
Overlook street. Also, that no
parking would be permitted on
either side of Cass to Overlook
In the affected area and only
one-side parking on Overlook to
tne end or tne pavement would
be permitted.
it was further decided there
would be no need for pedestrian
cross-walks In that area. How
ever, two more stop signs would
be located at the Chadwlck and
Cass Street intersection. The
city manager was requested to
carry out the recommendations
of the committee in charge of
the investigation.
Petitions from other communi
ties In Douglas County to install
a public restroom In the city
were read. Signatures from Elk
ton, Drain, and Looklngglass
were included in the petitions.
The city manager was urged to
Investigate a report that some
parking meters In the fclty are
operating in a faulty manner.
Llty Manager Matt biankara
submitted a request for Street
Department equipment needed to
maintain tne city s streets. .quip
f 'v
DIRECTS Chariot A. Ricketts
Is director of the Roseburg
Choral Society, which makes
its first public appearance in
concert tonight. The presents
tion it scheduled for 8:15 ir
the Junior High School Audi
torium. A complete evening of
popular choral selections i:
scheduled. (Master Studio pic
Spending Cut, Savings
Upped By Americans
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the postwar period, but those
occasions were relatively mild.
Taking just the expenditure
side of things, and using annual
rate Jjgures for comparison of
first quarter 1949 with the
record-setting final quarter of
1948, here is the way things
worked out:
Individual Incomes after taxes
declined only $1,600,000,000 to a
$197,800,000,000 rate, yet individ
ual expenditures for consumption
dropped $4,400,000,000 to a $176,
600,000,000 rate.
The upshot was that savings In
creased $2,400,000,000 to a $21,
200,000,000 rate.
Business outlay, as reflected
in "private domestic investment,"
dropped $5,100,000,000 to a $37,
700,000,000 rate.
But government expenditures
on goods and services rose $500,
000,000 to a $41,600,000,000 an
nual rate, including foreign aid
as well as domestic purchases.
Wallgren Nomination
Withdrawn By Truman
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ment includes a truck not to ex
ceed $2,600 in cost, a tar kettle
and a burner. These items are
covered by the new city budget.
The council approved Monarcn
Cigar Stores application for a
Class B license, permitting dis
pensation of beer by draft or
bottle, and approved Greyhound
Bus restaurants request lor a
Class C license permitting the
sale of bottled beer. The decision
to grant a license to these estab
lishments now lies with the state
licensing agency.
A certificate of approval for
construction on Corey and Harv
ard Avenues was submitted by
the city engineer. Total cost of
construction amounted to $12,
628.70. The Council voted to ac
cept the certificate and to pay
the balance due, amounting to
ttiM-. . .-. i .i"fc",H
bMuf LI - o,
ships via quench a thirst!"
Claims Mr. George Cyr, shipping cWrk of the ;
Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co., Yakima, "Pepsi-Cola ship,
menu literally 'follow the weather,' and Wttl Coast's
dependable deliveries to Yakima help ut keep full
supplies at local stores."
West Coast's all-out cooperation, in getting your prod
uct to market at the strategic moment cast mesa the
difference between sale or shelf for you, too. Remem
ber, there's much more to shipping than just hauling
the load, at many concerns have already learned.
Next time, route West Coast and see for yourself!
Hat Bods ftofriyorof ori Vans Stake Racks
Direct Seivice:
Seattle, Spokane, San
Francisco, Los Angeles
For Information and Socvlc
SV I. 3rd SI. Fhont M
Oregon Delinquency Case
Sent To Highest Court
SALEM, Ore., May 17 UP)
The Slate Supreme Court said it is
sending to tne United States Su
preme Court today the transcript
of the case of William H. Nagel,
who was convicted in Klamath
Falls of contributing to the delin
quency of a minor.
Nagel is appealing his convic
tion lo the highest court on
grounds that his lower court trial
should have been held In some
counly oilier than Klamath Coun
ty. Ho claims that public opinion
was so inflamed In Klamath Coun
ty that a fair trial was Impossible.
Arabs Demonstrate For
Libyan Independence
TRIPOLI, Libya, May 17. UP)
Ten thounsnnd Arabs marched
around Tripoli Mondav shouting
"Kussia-Llbya," In protest against
United Nations' plans lor taly's
prewar colonies.
The crowd was orderly but 13
persons have been Injured In a
week of violence and some $2,500
In damage caused, as Arabs made
known their demands for immedi
ate independence for Libya.
British and American families
In the town have been ordered to
remain Indoors until the tension
abates. Officers at Wheelus Field,
U. S. Air Base near Tripoli, have
been armed.
cal lines that have been drawn
over my appointment."
He closed with this paragraph
which might Indicate the possi
bility of another government as
signment, or a campaign for
"While I am asking to be re
leased in this Instance, I shall con
tinue to maintain my active in
terest in the welfare of our nation
and stand ready at all times to
assist in every way possible."
The President replied that he
was acting with the "deepest re
gret" and said it Is "unfortunate
in tne public interest that the
committee charged with consider
ing your nomination saw fit to
lay It aside." ,
Committee opposition to the
nomination was sparkplugged by
Senator Cain (R.-Wash.). He
argued that Wallgren was not
competent for the post, and that
the nominee had been "soft" to
ward Communists.
Wallgren denied the allegations,
argued that his e perlence as
senator and governor qualified
him for the work, and charged
the opposition to politics. He con
tended political experience was a
main essential.
The Armed Services Commit
tee, in "tabling" the nomination.
adopted a resolution saying Wall
gren lacked sufficient economic
and industrial experience but
stating that it had found no evi
dence reflecting on Wallgren's
Ine Resources Board was cre
ated by the law unifying the arm
ed services, to take over the
Indutrial planning and coordin
ating Jobs handled by half a
dozen agencies in World War II.
The chairman draws $14,000
The Weather
U. S. Weather Bureau Office
Roseburg, Oregon
Mostly cloudy today with few
ngnt showers, partly cloudy to
night and Wednesday.
Highest temp, for any May.. 102
Lowest temp, for any May..- 30
Highest temp. yesterday... 87
Lowest temp, last 24 hrs..- 49
Precipitation last 24 hr.... T
Precipitation since May 1..- 1.39
Precipitation since Sept. 1....26.20
Excess since May 1 .. .24
Roseburg Gas Rates Not
Too High, Council Advised
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The so-called Elephant Mound
In Wisconsin Is actually believed
to be an effigy of a bear.
Diesel and Stove Oils
Quality Oils
For Every Purpose
E. A. Pearson, Distributor
General Petroleum Products
Phone 321-J
MiMlfNf ct.
i rs
Tool DW Kit
with platlic wr(M ...
Tor. I Refill
Without curlert ....
(MM prVt hud
Wt tfc woritft watt popvlor pno
rwntl Ikm Hm fomow Ton! Way
tut Lotto tat hank lfc Kwrrjr-vfi
alon type) toMont. H'l a crtHM eotd
wove mad antra gH for hom
mo. That't why H Ikiv yowr haV
In wefc wonaVM condirioA to iMny
toft and MhiralooMng I Ton)
h auarontd I gtw tfca motr
natvrat leohlflg wave yov'v ever
bad ... or your monoy backl
Col Mm Ton! Doksao KH ro
MMbla ploiric corioft Of Hie Tenl
Dohoe DoM wttkoot cvrUn tor Wie
tovofott wave yew'vo ever had I
TOM CMMI SHAMfOO xaaoi your kotow
Itont toko borlor, look lovoHor olvol yo
Soft-Wator Shampooing ovon In hordoir
woror . , . Uavoi your heir iMiy-tor), gltiton-
expenses needed to cover the cost
of butane, the application of the
fuel adjustment clause was neces
sary in order that the company
could meet its operating expenses
and provide service.
"It can be noted from the tabu
lation in the report that the rates
of the company for 20 therms of
gas were the lowest in the state
for the period ending March 1,
1946, even including the Portland
Gas & Coke Company on an
equivalent basis for their Portland
division. The advance of 5.1 cents
per therm of gas furnished the
user would Increase the price at
Roseburg to the point comparable
to, or lower than, service pro
vided by the other gas utilities
operating in Oregon.
"The California-Pacific Utilities
Company's rate is $5.82 for 20
therms of gas, while the state ave
rage for the equivalent use is
.bl as of Marcn l, 1949. The per
centage increase, however, is
high, and is considerably higher
than the average of the state due
to the company's very favorable
conditions existing between the
supplier or butane and the utility
prior to July 1, 1948;
"The only other alternative to
the fuel adjustment clause would
be to make a general increase of
tariffs of the company to meet
the additional costs placed upon It,
which we feel would not be Justi
fied in view of the present market
conditions. We feel that sometime
In the future the price of butane
will decrease, and the application
of the fuel oil adjustment clause
will automatically reduce the
price per th.erm in the same pro
portions as it was increased."
DeCicco Backed
By Celia Gavin
THE DALLES, Ore., May 17.
UP) Wasco County Democratic
leader Celia L. Gavin, a former
state vice chairman, has come
to the defense of Democratic
party treasurer Mike De Cicco.
In a letter to Executive Com
mittee Secretary Volney Martin
in Portland, she said she was
astonished by the attempt of par-
ty leaders to oust De Cicco. She j
said the officers Involved in the
ouster did not have authority to ,
change the results of the State
Centra Committee election. !
Her letter was in response to
a mail ballot sent out by Martin
asking for a vote to declare the ,
treasurer's office vacant. She 1
noted ft said five of six officers
had asked that the ballot be I
made. In this connection, Miss !
Gavin said four of the five were
without voting status on the Ex- j
ecutive Committee. !
Named on the ballot ouster
move were National Committee
man Monroe Sweetland and Com
mitteewoman Nancy Honeyman
Robinson and State Chairman
William L. Josslin.
Miss Gavin said she hoped De
Cicco had a successful term and
that he should be encouraged to
continue placing the party's fi
nances on a sound basis. She said
previous treasurers had failed.
The ouster move got under
way last week after De Cicco
and his ex-secretary gave dif
fering versions of a fight at
Dr. E. W. Carter
Chiropodist Foot Specialist
129 N. Jackson
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Over Rexall Drug Store
Jeanne De Lestonnac of France
became a saint Sunday in solemn
canonization ceremonies at St.
Peter's Basilica. Some 60,000 per
sons saw Pope Pius XII make the
proclamation of sainthood.
Jeanne De Lestonnac founded
the order of the Daughters of the
messed virgin Mary three cen
turies ago. She died In 1640 at
the age of 84.
For Sale: A Friend
He's a cute little guy with a lovable disposition and he's
really very well mannered. He is developing quite a per
sonality but needs more attention and care than I have
time to give. His parents come from good stock and
I am sure that he will develop and grow to be as smart
and good looking as his father but still possess all the
desirable qualities of his mother. The price Is $350.00.
The father is "Doughboy" the famous Tennessee
Walking Horse and the mother is H Thoroughbred
and H Tennessee."
Phone 914 or 518-J-l
or See Charlie Briggs at
112 West Cass St.
Right and Wrong
White and light-colored cottons
should be ironed on the right
side of the fabric. To avoid shine,
iron silks, dark cottons and ray
ons on the wrong side.
The Liberty Bell was cracked
while tolling a knell for Chief
Justice John Marshall in 1835.
River Loam Top Soil
Immediate Deliveries
Shale Rock & Fill Dirt
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.... 9ii
i . 1