The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, May 11, 1949, Page 18, Image 18

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    6 Th Newi-Revlew, Roseburg, Ore. Wed., May 11, 1949
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DALLAS, Texas, May 10 JP
Judge Penn Jackson of Cle
burne Is rough on citizens who
evade Jury duty.
Jackson fined 65 ' men who
failed to answer jury summons
$50 each here yesterday. Jack
son, serving a two-week period
on a special court bench, said,
"It's the duty of every citizen to
answer a jury summons."
AIRLIFT PASSENGE R Billy, mascot of the Welsh
Fusiliers, and priority airlift passenger, Is escorted by Lance
Corporal Albert Douchty as he arrives in Berlin from London.
Pacific Northwest Doesn't
Want Proposed CVA, Head
Of Spokane C. Of C. Says
President W. Otto Warn, of the
Spokane (Wash.) Chamber of
Commerce said today "The Pa
cific Northwest does not want a
Columbia Valley Authority."
He said that when hearings
are held on President Truman's
proposal for a Columbia Valley
Administration the people from
the Northwest "where we
passed the hat and raised money
to promote the Columbia Basin
project and Grand Coulee Dam"
will testify "they do not want
Meanwhile, Rep. Horan (R
Wash.) said that among the bills
pending to develop the Columbia
River Basin only his would pro
vide for participation by local
He contrasted his bill for a
Columbia Interstate Commission
with other pending measures, in
cluding one to carry out Mr. Tru
man's request for an agency In
the Pacific Northwest similar to
the Tennessee Valley authority.
"The publicity for the CVA,"
Warn told a reporter before leav
ing for Spokane, "is emanating
almost entirely from Washing
ton, D. C. It Is being pressed
down upon us by the bureaucrats
in Washington." Warn came here
for last week's meeting of the
U. S. Chamber of Commerce and
Is now enrouts home.
Warn commented:
"We want to be free to plan
and build our own lives and our
own future. We have done a good
job of it so far. I doubt if any
other part of the nation has
shown such remarkable progress
and such remarkable growth as
the Pacific northwest."
He said the huge hydroelectric
projects In his home area re-
Julre big financing, and there
ore the region had gone to the
government, the biggest banker
in the world, for aid. But, that
financing, he said, "Is not In the
way of a gift" and repayments
on power projects are ahead of
"Receivership" Opposed
"Why should the government
now seek to declare a receiver
ship over -the entire Pacific
Northwest, and take' over all of
our assets not merely those on
which we . borrowed but all of
the assets of the entire Pacific
northwest, and with that the
right to regiment our entire
economy?" he asked.
Horan said his measure would
provide that four of five mem
bers of tjie board of directors of
tne proposed uiu De irom tne
Northwest states and De , ap-
pointed by the president after
having had their names submit
ted ny tne governors oi tne ai-
fected states.
Then, he continued, his meas
ure would have tht governors
appoint a Columbia Interstate ad
visory council. This council
would nold public hearings on
proposals concerning federal re
sources and would investigate
operations of the agencies In the
area. It would be empowered to
reporte direct to congress.
Horan said that under the new
Columbia Valley Administration
measure two members of the
board would be residents of the
area but would be appointed by
the president. He contended they
need not be approved by the peo
ple of the Northwest under the
The CVA measure provides for
advisory boards, Horan said, but
"none of them have any real
authority" other than that which
would be given them by the di
rectors. The original CVA proposal, he
said, provided only for the board
of directors to seek advice of lo
cal interesrs.
The joint Army Engineers
Reclamation Bureau plan, he con
tinued, has no provisions for lo
cal participation.
Food On The Wing
Pygmy bats curl up their tails
to make pouches and fill them
with lnsectt, while in flight.
fhuMigij FLAKE 'Sjj
' 'W& WiW
' I
will be the RODEO QUEEN?
The 1W9 Rodeo Queen and her Court will be chosen on Sunday, May 15, at 2 p. m.,
Rosehurg Fair Grounds. All girls wishing to enter the contest are asked to be at
the Fair Grounds on that date. Entrants are asked to furnish their own riding
equipment and mount. Here are the eligibility rules:
Contestants for 1949 Rodeo Queen must be unmarried, between the ages of
I 16 and 21.
I Must ride the tame horse In rodeo as at time of competing for Queen.
Riding equipment and costume must be in good condition.
Contestants will be judged on their ability to ride, on their horse and equipment
and on personal beauty. Decisions will be final. The Queen's court wlil be chosen
at the same time. The Rodeo Queen will be presented with a Western riding outfit
as her prize, she will officially represent the Rodeo as Its Queen. The public Is liv
vited to wit nose th contest. There will be no admission charge.
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