The news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1948-1994, May 10, 1949, Page 7, Image 7

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MIZE M I C H T Johnny Miza
packs a lot of weight and wal
lop. The first baseman will be
in the National League home-
run Derby as long as he plays
with the Giants and 77 games
at the Polo Crounds, where the
short right field foul line smiles
at a left-hand pull hitter.
Election Of Officers Set
By Retail Trade Assn.
Election of officers will feature
the regular luncheon meeting of
the Rosehurg Retail Trade Asso
ciation Wednesday noon at the
Umpqua Hotel. Candidates for
president include Robert Bellows,
J .hn Hardiman and Roland West.
Other candidates include Dale
Sims, B. C. Elliott, and Jack
Faiiss Jr., for vice president; Ed
Nolte, Freeman Keller and Irvin
Brunn, for treasurer, and Rod
Nevue, Ray Sims, Perry Ashcraft,
Jack West, Noble Goettel and
Lowell Rhoden, for the two three
year directorships.
All retail merchants are urged
to attend the meeting.
20 Persons Crown When
Truck Plunges Into River
. ISTANBUL, Turkey, May-10.
(TP) Twenty persons drowned
yesterday when a truck plunged
Into a river near Bingol in East
ern Turkey, press reports said.
The dispatches said the trucks
brakes failed and the vehicle
smashed through a bridf e railing
into the river.
Wedding. Musio on O'der
In Waterloo, Iowa, the public
library loans recording of wed
ding music to couples for their
marriage ceremonies.
Dr. E. W. Carter
Chiropodist Foot Specialist
129 N. Jackson
Phone 1170
Over Rexall Drug Store .
It f tf V A
Diesel and Stove Oils
Qualify Oils
For Every Purpose
I. A. Pearson, Distribute.
General Petroleum Products
Phon 321-J
Buttarfat (Tentative, subject to
immediate change): Premium
quality maximum to .35 to 1 per
cent acidity delivered in Portland,
61-64c lb.; first quality 59-62c lb.;
second quality 57-60c. Valley
routes and country points 2c less
than first.
Butter Wholesale F. O. B. bulk
cubes to wholesalers: Grade AA,
93 score. 61-62C lb.: A. 92 score,
60-61 ic lb.: B, 90 score, 58c lb.; C,
89 score, 57c lb. Above prices are
strictly nominal.
Cheese (Selling price to Port
land wholesalers): Oregon
singles, 38J-48ic; Oregon Sib.
loaf, 41s-50Je.
Eggs (To wholesalers): A
grade large, 53-53ic; A grade,
medium, 51-521c; B grade, large,
Live Chickens (No. 1 quality
F, O. B. plants): Broilers, under
2j lbs.. 27-28c: fryers. 2j-3 lbs,
29-30c; 3-4 lbs., 30-31C; roasters, 4
lbs. and over, 30-31c; fowl, leg
horns, 4 lbs. ana under, zt-zsc;
leghorns, over 4 lbs.. 26-27e: color
ed fowl, all weights, 31c; old
roosters, all weights, is-2Uc 10.
Rabbits (Average to grow
ers): Live white. 4-5 lbs.. 27-29c;
5-6 lbs., 25-27c; colored, 2 cents
lower; old or heavy does, 13-18c
io.; dressed fryers to butchers,
57-60c lb.; old and heavy ones,
35-38c lb.
Fresh Dressed Meats (Whole
salers to retailers per hundred
Beef: Steers, good, 500-800 lbs.,
$39-42; commercial, $38-41; util
ity. $34-35.
Cows: Commercial, $37-39;
utility, $34-35; canner-cutter, $36
38. Beef Cuts (Good steers): Hind
quarters, $49-53; rounds, $51-52;
full loins, trimmed, $56-59; tri
angles, $37-38; square chucks,
$39-41; ribs, $45-48; forequarters,
Veal and Calf: Good-choice, $47
53; commercial, $47-49; utility,
Limbs: Good-choice, under 60
lbs., $51-53; commercial, $47-48.
Mutton: Good, 70 lbs., down,
Pork Cuts: Loins, No. 1, 812
lbs., $49-53; shoulders, 16 lbs.,
down, $35-36; spareribs, $43-45;
carcasses, $30-30.50.
Wool: Coarse, valley and med
ium grades, 45c lb.
Mohair: Nominally 28c lb. on
12-month growth.
Country-Killed Meats:
Veal: Tog quality, 42-44c lb.;
fancy to 4,tc; other grades ac
cording to weight and quality.
Hogs: Light blockers, 28-30c
lb.; sows, 23-25c.
Lambs: Top quality, 48-50c lb.;
mutton, 18-20c.
Beef: Good cows, 30-34C lb.;
canners-cutters, 25-30c.
Onions: 50 lbs. western Ore.
yellows, No. 1 med., from cold
storage, $2.00-2.40. Large, $2.75
3.00; boilers, li-78 in., $1.00; -10-lhs.
boilers, 20c. Texas new crop
yellow hermudas, $3.40-50; Texas
white, $4.25.
Potatoes: Russets, Deschutes,
No. 1A, $4.25-40; 25-lb. No. 1A,
$1.10-20; 15-lb. No. 1A, 70-75c; No.
2, 50 lbs., $1.60-65. Wash. Russets,
No. 1A, $4.00-25. Idaho No. 1A,
$4.50-75. New potatoes: Calif,
long whites, size A, $4.35-75.
Hay (Following wholesale
prices are strictly nominal): U.
S. No. 1 green alfalfa or better,
baled truck Jots wholesale, Port
land, $36-37; U. S. No. 1 mixed
timothy, $38. Oats and vetch
mixed hay, uncertified clover
hay, nominally $20 ton, baled, on
Willamette valley farms.
PORTLAND, Ore., May 8 UP)
(USDA) Cattle: Good fed
steers steady-strong; spots on
medium-low good 25-50 cents
higher; heifers and cows steady;
bulls and vealers unchanged; two
loads top good around 1080 lb.
fed steers 25.75; three loads good
25 00-50; several loads top me-duim-low
good 24.00-75; average
medium 22.50-23.50; good fed
heifers 23.00-24.00; medium 21.00
22.50; common 18.50-20.00; good
cows 20.-21.00; medium 17.50
19.50; cutter-common 15.00-17.00;
canners 12.50-14.50; good heavv
beef bulls 23.00-50; good sausage
bulls 21.50-22.50; medium 18.50
21.00; cutter-common 16.00 18.00;
choice live vealers up to 33.00;
bulk good-choice 28.00-32.00; me
dium 25.00-27.50; common 15.00
24.50. Hogs: Butchers 50 cents high
er; sows fully steady; feeder pigs
unchanged; bulk and top good
choice 180-235 lbs. 20.75; few
20.50; good-choice 150-170 Ihs.
18.50-19.25; few 300-320 lbs. 18.50
75; good-choice sows 16.00-17.00;
stags 14.00-50; good-choice 90107
lb. feeder pigs 22.00-50.
Sheep: Generally steady; good
choice wool lambs 90-106 lbs.
23.50-24 00; good-choice 85-110 lb.
clipped lambs No. 2 pelts 22.00
23.00; medium mostly 20.00; odd
head clipped yearlings 21.00
22.00; few good-choloe wooled
ewes 11.50; good-choice shorn
ewes 10.00-11.00; common-medium
For better want ad results . . .
name the brand in your ad.
T r Trl f I"
Kentucky lihiskey S
C9 2"
-t IaOI
I J 45 Qt
AGcndemansWiiskcyfrom Kentucky
National Distillers Prod. Corp, N.Y. M Proof 6S$ Graia Neutral Spirits
mini i I i in iii 1 ,rrwuui
i xW'' Awl - J
JAM ON THE DRIVE Loggers prepare to place a charge of dynamite under a tanjlo
durlnr the SDrlne drive to the duId mills In the Gatineau area north of Ottawa, Canada.
Who Said 13 Is Unlucky?
iiniiiiiimnmiifii linl i i in-imni inli mil i ' ir iiriimilmr T'lli ni i
Here's proof that the old "13" superstition Is strictly bugaboo. In
the Great Seal of the United States, emblem of American heritage,
the number 13 appears in six different symbols, as noted on this
sketch. Despite this multiple "jinx," Uncle Sam's nieces and
nephews seem to have done all right since the seal was designed '
for the Continental Congress 1762.
Judge Dismisses Suit After Eating Asparagus
Mrs. Mabel Closson of San
Francisco, Cal., arrived Tuesday
for a visit with her brother-in-law
and sister, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
(Red) Eckhart of the Doerner dis
Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Conn visited
last Monday In Eugene with the
former's niece and also did some
Several girl friends gathered at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Williamson last Sunday to cele
brate the birthday of their daugh
ter, Phyllis. Games were played
and refreshments served. Girls
enjoying the party were Dalene
and Jo Anne Busennark, jeanine
and Louise Conn, Darlene Kruse,
Donna Dillon, Anita Herman and
Gayle Conn.
Mrs. Vera Matthewman of Elga-
rose visited In Sutherlln Monday
evening at the home of Mrs. Flora
Mr. and Mrs. fc.mll Peterson of
North Bend, former residents of
Roschurg, spent the weekend at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
Mrs. Elizabeth Nachter Is able
to be out again after a bad siege
of the flu.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sheldon
and their children went to Port
land Friday to attend the funeral
of the former's father, who died
unexpectedly of a heart attack.
lhe mothers ol the Looking-
glass grade school defeated thoir
daughters in a Softball game Fri
day, 7 to 11.
The Melrose grade scnool boys'
and gills' sof'hall teams were
badly defeated by the Looking
glass teams when they played
here last Thursday.
Mrs. J. E. Young, Mrs. C. E.
PORTLAND, Ore., May 10.
(JP) A federal judge, after
spending three days eating can
ned asparagus, Monday dismiss
ed the government's suit against
the stuff.
The government had contend
ed that the "Ski Slide" brand of
center asparagus cuts were more
"fibrous and woody" than pure
food laws allow.
Judge Claude McColloch, who
decided to taste his way to a deci
sion, came into court Monday to
rule the asparagus "an excellent
product, considering Its low
"Not everybody in the country
can keep up with the Joneses and
eat only asparagus tips,' said the
judge. ."I ate all my can, and
felt that I was helped by it." The
government witnesses had con
tended they found a quarter of
their cans Inedible.
"I took three days to eat the
can," McColloch pointed out. "I
suspect the government witnesses
tried to eat their cans all at one
time, and that may explain the
severity of their judgment. . . .
"I can see where, after 50 or 60
cuts eaten without spelling one
self, one might become very
The aspartgus was manufac
tured by Top-Side Canning Co.,
orandview, wash.
Sexton Mountain Cabin
Dweller Dies Of Bullet
Tilden George Nelson, 73, was
found dead in his cabin near Sex
ton Mountain by his son, Laur
ence, Early Monday morning.
Death was due to a self-inflicted
hullet wound in the head, Coroner
Virgil Hull stated. He had been
In bad health for a long period.
in 1 2-1 6 and 24 In. lengths
Phone 658
pmam a a kj b1 e-etw
Building Materials
When needed. Large stocks of a complete line of
materials for home construction insure immediate
Phtns 121
Flosd A Mill Sts.
There is far more than fine
cabinet kitchen looks In
Kitchen Cabinet Units we plan
and build to meet Individual
needs. Why fret along with In
adequate, stock-style cabinets
when our To-Order Cabinets
art so moderatly priced?
jGffifiaB ' jfiiiipl
Boy Aids Rescue
Of 11 Persons In
Boat Accident
BREMERTON, Wash., May 10.
(.P)-A 15-year-old high school
freshman was credited with aid
ing in saving the lives of 11 per
sons after they were thrown into
the waters of Dyes Inlet, near
Chlco, Monday afternoon when
a Navy craft sank.
He Is Kim Reeve, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Wesley R. Reeve of
The ship, a landing craft per
sonnal, was attached to the
U. S. S. Union, an- attack cargo
ship now here for repairs.
A Navy spokesman said a crew
of eight seamen were conducting
a post-repair trial run at the time
the ramp of the craft unexpect
edly came open.
Observers from the shore said
the craft sank within a matter of
seconds. On board were:
Ellen Howe, 16, a freshman at
Central Kltsay High School, her
olde:- sister, Lue Howe, 19, and a
brother, Jack, 15, freshman at
Central Kitsap High School, all
children of Mr. and Mrs. W. B.
Howe, Chlco. There were eight
Navy sailors aboard the craft. .
Young Reeve cruising nearby
In a 16-foot cabin boat had been
alongside the Navy craft a few
minutes before the accident, and
had taken off one of the passen
gers, Sally McCrackln, 15-vear-old
Central Kitsap High School
"I got my boat there as quickly
as possible," Reeve said. "They ail
started swimming toward me ex
cept one fellow. He weighed about
250 pounds and sank out of sight
twice before one of the sailors
got a hold of him and managed
to get him to my boat. ,
"The boat wasn't large enough
to hold them all but we got some
inside and the others clung to
the sides."
A smaller boat arrived and
then helped In the rescue.
Wlda-Rango Lens
OrHlnarlN. nhntnnpnnkl- t
es cover a 50-degree angle. A new-
ij-urvnuptfu jureign iens, now
ever, covers a range of 210 de
Reece and Mrs. Mode were among
those attending the mothers' sen
ior tea at the Roseburg High
School last Wednesday evening.
Tuts., May 10, 1949 The Nws-Rvlew, Roseburg, Ore. 7
We've Felt Them On Street Cars
i, I -'':
l..v..-v.s,vr "s5s?i -
t il " -liiini l ist - " " :
Inventor John Kopczynski, left, and Robert King, of North Tona
wanda, N. Y demonstrate the egg-shaped wheels which, Kopczyn
ski says, will give vehicles greuler traction. He also says his new
set-up includes device to insure smooth motion.
About 20 members of Gardiner
Lodge No. 132, I. O. O. F. of Gar
diner, Including members from
both Reedsport and Gardiner,
drove to North Bend Wednesday
night to confer the first degree
in the North Bend lodge. It is
planned to have the degree team
from Gardiner lodge confer a de
gree at the Grand Lodge meeting
to be held in North Bend this
of fishing for and catching trout
In tidewater. He was arrested by
State Police Sgt. Richard Miles.
The season for fishing for trout
in tidewater does not open until
June 15.
Robert Barns of Eugene was
fined $25 and costs In Reedsport
Justice Court Friday, on a charge
J. N. Boor
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z7 wrr
iggerj ways...
rM 1 gives you extra value
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WIDER on the inside... NARROWER outside! There's extra
Talue in the sprrfld-nut ellow room of the wide, wirle seats. Yet ths
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emr to thread through crowiieil tralTio.
LONGER on ths inside . . . SHORTER outsidal The new leg
room In Dodge givrs extra ralue in stretch-out comfort. Doors
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a erampi'd position, Dodjjn Inee-level seats ara
actually higlx for relaiing comfort, better rision.
with gyml 'fluid 'Pi'i
Prlcn atari Just a few Hollars more
than the on rat priced earn