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iHVrd Daily Kst-rpl ftuuilnr jr the
VUB-Hilri Lu., Inc.
Hrmbrr or The AMuWatrd Prewi
The AaaocDiled Vrvnn ia uxclusive
ly entitled la the UMe fur republica
tion of all newB dliatches credited
to it or not otherwise ereillted in
thla paper and to all local news pub
Itahed herein. All riiilita of repub
lication of special dlapatches herein
are alao reaerved.
Entered aa aecona vlaaa matter
May 17. 1 9 2 L. at ttio pout office at
ItoseburK, Oregon, under Act of
Muicn i. mis.
Subaerliiilon Itatra
Dally, per year, by mail $4.i
I,,. lit, .l.iifl. mnnlh llV milll... .511
ually! by carrier, per month... .to
Drum Corps to Baker
IT is practically all settled the
L'nipqua Tost American Lejilon
drum corps will represent us at
the big state Legion convention In
The boys will have a special car
which will no doubt have room for
other leglonairros, Bhould they
wish to bo. Housing amtilKemenls
in linker can be arranged here
through Ihe post officers. From all
uccounts it Is going to bo one big
fine convention and HnnebuTg will
bo on Ihe Job STllONG.
One of the reasons we are mak
ing such an effort to send the
drum corps to Baker Is that we
want the convention hero lu Ilosu
burg In 1032 and the only way we
can get it is to go aflcr it with
druniB and everything else we cun
We'll "Make 'er to llaker" this
year and start 'em "Holllng toward
Itosoburg in 1932."
They have built an-' nll metal
apartment house lu Chicago. Good
Intelligent building good bead
work safety first!
Oregon Editors?
I'hll MolBchan, who wus finally
nominated, Is too well know In
Uregou to need any extended en
comiums here, lie Is abundantly
qualified for the position. He is
as honest as the word itself. He la
a self made man In every sense ot
the word a man of keen business
ability, good judgment, incorrupt
ible, not easily swept off bis feet.
Itnows human nature tin excellent
trait in making appointments,
kiunLH nil tit-nimn like a hook, well
educated and thoroughly verHed lu
business auniiuistriiiiiHi. im win
iiiuke Oregon a good governor and
his long service to tho republican
party entltlos him to Its united
MEDKOnn N K W S : Natural
enough Is it that the "slund pat"
press of Oregon. lUimloijoim lo Ihe
"yes men" we see every day uiound
us, should rally to Ihe sliindard
and the standard hearer, when hit
ter criticism is being leveled at
tho party for the hra.en anil cow
ardly manner in which Unit no
torlouB "ring" or politicians Hlinnl
ed aside all principle In lis deter
mined nltempl to "nillrond" into
public olliee Phil Mot le ii.ll.
Hut tlio "railroading" ceases lin
mcdintuly. The people or Oregon
indlcutod In the primaries when
un (Inolalunlv Vrlll'Hfl lllflr tlO-
slre for the Joseph principles, that
they are sick ami iireu ui uunm
cudgeled into tieiieving mini uiej
don't wunt lo believe. They arc
-I..I, .i.t.l Hi-ei! nr helnir lllled l)V
"political bimses" and minions who
seek ii 01 11 1 11 k more tiiau - sou jouo
with nothing lo give in return.
ii a i.-fc-n m.'wwn AT.m-'iiAi.n
Mr. Meisclmn would not have been
our choice had we been voting m
the convention. The reason Is thai
l,n ilnna tint deem til rchrcSCIlt 11
fair cross section of republican
opinion 111 uregnn nut ine i-nnsi-i-vatlvo
wing which was dclVnled ill
n.n .iiimrii.a mw I mIiiuiIiI no! have
been given the nomination when
dealh lemoved the buccchsiiii can
.n,i.,t Wo Mhiiulil mil have coll
sldered Ihe Melselmn nnmlimllon
wise ri'lilllillfltn pollllcs ni'canae nt
was one or the few strongly object
ed to by the Joseph following. We
would not have accepted the slate
or the dlctulion of Joseph's follow
ers but we would have met them
half way by nominating a Hinder
ale liberal, who might hope to rep
resent the average leellm; of the
parly. Such a step inlghl have
avoided an Independent candidacy
now likely lo be biiiiichi'd.
We believe the Melsihall immi
..ti.. ..ill ! .'iiim-iiIv lvriii!llii'll
as one Hint the people would noil
have made.
HtuU'Sinall opposed Ihe niiinlnnlliin
of MelHchan, and slill llilnks the
committee erred In Judgment. Hut
wrlllng objectively In Ihe eiloil to
give HII honest report of what hap
pened, we must repeat Hull the
committee meeting was tree fnilli
machine domination of miy nomi
nating convention we have oliserv
.:.i-il,.itn!eil In. We Itinv ex
pect tin' ileinocrallc press Joined
by the extreme pre-Joscpn elenieni
to start a coyote churns about the
secret ballot mid "mai bine con
trol." hut the howling will lie sole
ly for political I'ffcct. biM-ause the
voting by the M cnnimltteeinen
was ihe most Independent and
Individualistic which we haver ever
seen. It would nut have strum:
through fourteen IuiIIiHh with nil
tho shifts anil turns II did ii I In
butiliiess of nohiiuiitiiig had lui n
cut and dried.
IAN: It looks like we are to have a
busy time politically in Oregon Ihls
year with a fhreo cornered race
for governor In the lifting. The
Metscliall nominal ion does nut
please Ihe Joseph lolloueis ami1
they are formidable. They regard I
patter and they do not seem to
warm up to Senator Ualley, the
deuiocratlc nominee. Reports from
Portland are that an independent
candidate will be in the field.
The nomination of Phil Metschan
as republican candidate for gover
nor by the republican state central
commlltt-e on the fourteenth bal
lot can be construed as represent
ing a reward for party loyalty and
as the decision of men who refused
to recognize factionalism within
the party. iMctschaii, although long
recognized as a successful business
man, and as a public-spirited son
of Oregon, as well as a party lead
er who has been a consistent work
er for party success, is on the
blacklist of the Joseph adherents
and fhis nomination presages a
speclfcular three-cornered race
this fall.
The republicans have chosen a
nominee for the governorship of
Oregon who Is fully qualified to
lead the party to victory In No
vember. Phil Metschan, named by
the slate committee in Portland
late Saturday, has the fortunate
combination of business ublllty, po
litical leadership, high character
and personal popularity that will
serve In good stead, If he is elected
governor. Given the united sup
port of his parly, Utile difficulty
should be experienced along this
'rnt Cliiirrh of ChrlHi, MHrntUI.
3IL' 10. r"UKliin FtrtM'i. JCi-KUlnr mr-v.ti-
.Sunday J 1 :' a. in.- Suhji-rt of
.(upon: I.ovl'." Sunday mnnol 011-VfiH-H
at 9: lit h. in.' The Wfdiiemluy
event nit moot. tiffs uro lifld at
o'chii-K nix. t-tttiii)"uli-n nf hfjtliriK
thniitKh ciirlKtian SiMenrft am Kivtjn.
Th.r rt'iidiiiK I'l'un In the fruiit ol
litf church edifice h open dully, -except
Huii'layM and holidnvH. from 2
tit 4 i). in. where, tin; Itihlu and .all
iiiitiiitiix.-l, tirintlun Science lltcr--luri
nuiv he rend borrowed or pur
rhined. The puhllo is ettrdiullv In
vlted to nttend thft church serviced
and uho tliu readluK room.
Nt. ieiiriri'N I0tlMattil Churi'li.
Holy eoiiiiiiunlon. 7:;tu a. in. fciith-
eiliti II. , !:),) a. m. Church
Ri hooi, D : r u. in. Ii. c. uuu Herman,
11:00 a. ni.
Ttir 1etlindit rinireh D'llrird r-
ii It. I in I'', i rati kin niiftt or. The
paHtor will preueh at IHllard Hun-
lay innrninK at iimmi dcmm k una at
.tinklliKKlasH Hunduy evenlnix at o'clock. Smnlay ncho'tl at each
it the four riiiin-hert Sunday intrn-
ittK at lU:'ir) o'clock. Mid-week pray
er KervlrrH In the nevcral couimuiil-
tles ut the liMllul time.
:i.ttilnl lriiihvarlni. chureh. .1
K. Hovi'itKl. puNtor. A hiv picnic
chnreh KiiHn'rltiK. hoine-cominit dav
next Hiindny. Tliln In our mi
nu'il outdoor nieiiiK. It harks
hnvk to olih-r dayH and old time
IhintCR are In fashion. The Sundav
schoid lM-Ktns at !:' a. in., preach-
rnFlnwH wtth coffee. A bin popular
inecltiiK nt 'A-''i !' i". A ItuptlsiuiLl
Hrvlt' umy follow the Jit'lernimn
iiicaiiiKi In, case anyone has no
way of k"Iiim If they will he at tin
church at 9 a. m. u way will be pro
vlil.fl. I O' I n u ii I dm u- von ii bukuL
Ilet he I MInnIoii, l el roue. Sunday
services: Sunday sclmol at in a. in.
Morn Iiik service at II h. in. Kvan-
Keliwllc Her Vice Ml 8 p. 111. WcdlleM
il.i v n I tit service at K it. m. All
welcouut. . Killer Sinestml puslol'.-
HellMNllNt i:pHeopal C dure Ii.
('tlllll'll r-. liH, II. I, 'i. 1,. H. (lnolH I ll,
sllpelitltelideiil. .MorllillU Hervtcc 11.
Subject me Tb I ii k I K now." Allss
Vera Mct'ltntoik will stnic n solo
.T.-lel l.'tl, MlhH l-'lilllt'eH IllltlKT Will
preside lit the iilano. ;;pwoith lea
KUe 7 p. III. Subject. "Chci-eh I'llity
UlO V'uture." Kvenltltf seivien K
p. iii, City park. Ituv. John It. I'en
hull will deliver the sermon. A
week from next Sunday, 1 r. Clar
ence True Wllnun will speak at I In
City park on "Han ri-ohlhitlon rail
ed. " You should ticiir him. Charles
A. Kdwurds, midister.
lln III In t Church, Sunday school
at U:4i1 n. m. H. K. Crawford sup
urlntendeiit. PrenchltiH at II a, m,
The pastor will speak on tho sull
ied. "J'IiuhIiik Cod." The choir will
sliitf. The It. V. V. I'. at :!:. all
the youiiK people urcd to attend
If moil siTvlri-H lu the park at K
P. in. Mtil -week piuycr service
Wednesday at 7. -it p. in. choir prac
tice Thursduv at 7::t" p. m. Sunday
AuilUHt la. i barley 1 locrncr will
Hpcak at Ihe II o'elnck and AiiKU-tt
1 i the vouim lteOilti oT the church
Will conduct tln II o'clock service
hii theie should be a rallyiliic to
both of these services. The pastor
Mill lie n way from the cltv for mhiii'
two weeks on a vacation at West
Tort Itcuch. Aberdeen W aphlllK
toiu It. Ii. Hliouu, pastor.
nielliotllMl I'lilKtipnt Clnireli South,
corner of Soul h Main a lul lUint
Lane. Sundav S'-ln'ol at !M'i a. in.
W. I. Colib and C. K. Thomas, sup
'lintciKleiitH. Morulim w oi xhlp ut
It a. in. Subject. ' Ki nd I ii ir Mini,"
l.eaune nl 7:00 p. m. Lender. Clar
ence ItlctuinlM. I' II toil sci'Mce In tile
Lttoaiy park at S;IU) p. in, Uev.
I'cir- Sim M 1 1 will ibdlver the niews
iiKe. Mrs. l-'raiice.s Liiitolt at the or-
Kllll, iMIr-H ltoitflH Will sillH II OlHl
sol. i. Hi'lecic.l, I'raver servl.-e hi
7 ;to p. in, on Wednes.-av eVenlniT lit
the church 1'iirlor. You are cordial-
IV IllViteil to attend nil lllCMC Ser
vices. If You are a Hirantier In
town we extend to yon a spei-tal In
vttiMion The boinc church, we Wei
ll Master. Id me walk with Thee
In btwlv paths of service free:
Ti ll Hie Tin si- iel. help, ine beat
The strain of toil, the tict of cite.
Tench me Tbv patience, still with
In ctosi r. iIi-m rer
111 VM-'K keens lailii sweel llllil
In t r ti-it that 1 1 1 uiiiphx over WroiiK
.Lditi It. I'cnhail. nnlor.
I'lrxl l ItrlHilan Inireli. W, I:.
I'.ahd. p-istoi. Illble seined at 11:1".
'. "i. IV Carr. supeitnlelidenl.
Mot ii In tr worshhi he c, inn at lo i ,
and I:,!,!h hour. The Heriioit
will !" another of a series on Ihe
Sciitio n on he Mount," In the
"V miru tlie iM U 'n
the CbtlMian church (llnlc. The
tiMi-i. ..) i'ini;r;iiii r,,f Stiinl iv iiim n
will a-t fidlos V"1iilil.U v,
'-('Ho Hi imi lull," llilt'l ls(c; off I rtot V.
"CI. intt.iM ' loth. os vocal solo
Ufa t.ostlo le "Salono-. "
Sih.T'.o fian.ev Lintott. i Kan
's t ThiH . hm, h in tlie un
ion seivitci. in , park al S
P. in.
Nfilire Ik Ihti'Iiv riven licit after
AuyiiKl 1, i:i:tn. Hie County Court of
tloimlHR eoillilv will iiporove the
payment of bntintis lor killing
predatory animals only u hen surli
claims have been sworn to anil tlie
pelt marked before the t'titllll)'
Clerk, ''lalnis aw tu n to liefm e no
taries and mailed to tlie Couuty
CTerli i'l liol be antnoveil.
DOI'ta.AS Cltl'NTY ("ill KT.
JSv VV. S Hamilton. Jiulse.
liv Huron W. dough. Column.
Ity H. A. Il.iaeubatk, Cuiuiuia-
Fiisis.' Come im the
foo- t-1R-
kl parlor.
Ml I -I IRT -
v , .J
JKW. IMI F..lurr 8.rvlr. Int. Or..l
Maybe I m Wrong
AN efficiency export litis lnvont
etl a new. kind of brcml. It
mukcB the brentl ho light that a
pound only welKlia .ten ounces.
Take It or Leave It A kiss la
that school-girl confection.
American Tragedies The travel
ing salesman's 'wife who got a di
vorce and couldn't tell the differ
ence. ,
Aco of Cads The father who
puts counterfeit ditnes in hit
bahy'B bunk. -
Wonder of Nature No man will:
a IiIk likes you to call it 0
beak. He'd rather you refer to 11
as horn of plenty.
Financial News The modern
business man doesn't want to look
at the ImnduriiiiiK on tlie wall uu
le-is It's In dollar marks. ,
Soft Jobs Mistletoe salesman It.
llio marrltiKe license bureau.
You're Ri(jht It's easy for tin
women to keep house nowadays:
all the delicatessens have tele
Our CVn Vaudeville I mil )
Owner: Did ynu skim tho mill'
on the lop? Helper: Yes, air
Dairy Owner: flood. Now turn It
over and skim It on tho bottom
Copyright, 19:10, King Feature!
Syndicate, Inc.
Talks on Health
WK ARK always afraid of tin
word "hydrophobia." It has a
HinlstiT sound, and used to be tlu
cause or a great ninny deaths.
This was hoforo Pasteur gave tt
tho world the benefit of his treat
ment for the disease. By tin
timely use of bis treatmotit by Ino
dilution nobody need die of tlu
disease nt the present time.
Of those who are bitten by dogt
only about lii per cent devolon tbr
disease. The Iuiro majority ol
biles are Inflicted by healthy dugs
and surh biles mean nothing be
yond tlie onlimiiy dangers that'itc
company any wound.
Hydrophobia is an iiifecllout
disease caused by a partirulai
genu which has been communicat
ed by an animal to the bin en lis
sue. Must diimesllc animals arc
subject to tallies. Tills is truo ol
cais, dogs, horses, cattle, uwine, as
well as skunk and wolves. Wolvep
seem to be I be most dangerous of
all animals In tills respect, but few
of us are likely to meet them.
In view of Ihe danger of rabies
It Is Important to find out whelh
er or not the Idling dog Is renll
tabid. This is done by cxamllliug
tlie brain of Ihe animal after II
lias been killed. As soon as a per
son Is bitten the wound should lit
allow eil In bleed as much as pes
slhlo. Then II should be caulerlz
ed wlih carbolic or nitric acid, ap
plying It carelullv mi as to keep
I tniin burning a large suifnce of tlu
I When a person Is bliten by an
animal one should notify tlie health
depniinient nr heallli officer at
once tor ailvlre on what W. tie
land fur liealiuent. It II Is found
that the doc had rabies It will hi
necessary to iske the Pasteur
treatment, which continues over a
; period of alunil twenty diiys. Anv
't local nr :;tate hoard of health will
give ynu sdvlce on what to do.
! If a dog Is suspected of being
I mad It should be kept under oh
jservaiiiin lu a suitable place, with
t in five or six days It will give
, every evidence ot Ihe disease and
iipiii kly die. Then its brain is ex
I untitled in verify the diagnosis.
I iNig lovers do not like to miixzlc
j their pets. Hut the ouly sure way
I to stamp out hydrophobia ami
make the public safe tioui tlie din
ia;-e is tu insl-t on dogs wearing
, muzzles In public tdaces.
"Too miCht
- CV WlJ
Britain rlhl. mrrvt
weeks, or even longer, for the dis
ease to develop. Toward the end
of the incubalion period the bitten
person becomes iriilahlo wakeful
und and depressed. He has head
aches and fever, mid soon his
muscles become rigid. Swallow
ing becomes very difficult and he
has great fear in drinking because
of the pain it causes, hence the
name "hydrophobia," the wotd
meaning fear of water.
Copyright, 1931), Newspaper Fea
ture Service, Inc.
Editorials on News
(Continued from page 1)
praise for what ho lias done, he
cause ho Is going to ."eel that he did
only his DUTY. But the knowl
edge that lie wasn't afraid when
the test came Is going to help him
i... . . . .
TTHErtE Is much wild talk, most
of It uninformed, about business
conditions In the United Stales.
Here are some FACTS, to set over
against this wild talk:
Business ns a whole, throughout
tho entire country, Is about 111 ppivitHnnkiiv Astoria,
.out normal. i l'
Kmploynient, all over the United
States, Is about 95 per cent of nor
mal, r '
Volume of retail sales, for tJie en
tire country. Is about 97 per cent
of litBt year.
fVN JUNE 30, 19,'!(), bank deposits
In Oregon excoetlPd by $83,83"
the total of bank doposits la Ore
gon on June 30, 1929.
Not a large Increase, lo be sure
but an INCREASE.
fJEIIE Is nnolher little slraw in
tlie wind:
For the first six months of 1929,
tolal Inembershlp receipts of the
Oregon State ftlotor association
were $46,026.03. For the first six
months of 1930, tolal membership
receipts were J,'i6. 180.32.
That Is to say, during Ihe flrsl
half of this year Ihe people of
Oregon VOLUNTARILY spent $10,-
Iis 'cm Head
m wm uu mmnwp'iLM 9wm
By Geo. McManus
,HE t.A.lD HE'D BE
uuO more for motor association
dues than they spent last year. '
rON'T draw wrong conclusions
from these lucis. ' Tho country
as a whole Isn't BOOMING. Ore
gon isn't booming.
Business, unfortunately, doesn't
run along at a smooth, even gait.
It runs at top speed for a while,
and then it has to stop and pant;
recovering its breath for another
Business is pausing now to pant
.after its last burst of speed.
tUT business isn't ALL GONE.
The country hasn't gone to the
dogs. Tho future isn't all black
I'and gloomy. -'-
Business all over the country g
"moving forward much as usual, but
i After a 'while, business will begin
,to speed up again. '
i SAI.EAI Ore.
Aug. 1. John S
was today ap
pointed by Governor Norblad as a
member of the slate livestock
sanitary board. He succeeds Er
nest ('base of Portland whose
term expired.
llavo taken over repair shop1 at
Roseburg Durant Co, Would like
to have my old friends and custom
ers drop In iil see mo.
(Adv.) E. L. HALL.
Arundel, plnno iinr Phon 189-L
Plcnl'-klng at Idieyhl Pari! Ad.
When you have a
Think of
do first class fender, body
and radiator repairs at reason
able prices.
Jno. R. Kelly
General Sheet Metal Works
4-4 Jpckson St. Phone 466
i. ,a r
I LSiflitflid-ii ' 11 v
T BV ooll.v-'t'ou havJE I
0 l QE AJBLE TO 'b'WINl'i 1
Specials for Saturday and Monday,
August 2nd. and 4th.
PPLICS Good Eating and Cooking Apples,
CARROTS 3 Bunches
ONIONS ' Bermuda, 4 lbs.
CABBAGE Good Solid Heads, lb.
Sardines s
Specials for the Laundry
LAUNDRY SOAP Wonder, 10 bars 33C
gJJJjJyTQ Mrs- Stewart's Concentrated Liquid Bluing.
CLOTHES PINS ped white burcV2 doz. , 06c
Peanut Butter FQBuik ib 17c
Mayonnaise p-eBuik Mayonnaise,. 28c
Shredded Wheat 10c
B nit P'gg'y Wiggly Special, a blend of the finest coffees.
VAJlltC Fresh Roasted, lb.
Orders of $5.00 and Over Delivered Free, Sugar Excepted.
AH Gold Fancy Pineapple, flat
sliced or crushed, 2 for
Silver Nut, 2 lbs.
Mustard or Tomato Sauce.
Large 15 oz. oval can, 3 for
To their many patrons that starting
this morning, Friday, August 1st, the
Dodge agency will be under the com
plete control of
to whom they have sold
Mr Ferrier invites all Dodge own
ers and other customers of J. O. New
iand & Son to come in and get acquainted.-
Hepromises the same effi
cient and courteous service as always
has been prevalent at the Dodge
The personnel of the shop remains
J 5c
8 lbs.