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New Taxes Merely Offset
Realty Cut, Hoss Says;
State Working on
Borrowed Coin.
SALEM, July 6. As the pres
ent bit-nnium upon its last quar
ter and the next IcKtaluttire iIiuwh
ntiiir. Sum A. Kozur, suite budget
diructor, fliidH Unit Hie Htale's fi
naiiciul condition haw not improved
lnc; January 1, 11)29. Tho RUIft
delk'il Ih more than 82,000,000.
"The financial condition of the
Htdle in practically no dltferent at
thin time than it was at the he
t'lnniiiK of (he biennium January 1,
1(J2J," Kozei-'a Hlatement said. "It
is true the alate is receiving
nioneyn from the operation of (Ik;
intangibles and excise lax laws en
acted at the last sesnlon of the leg
islature, but any moneys received
therefrom apply to offset the prop
erty tax to that extent. Such laws,
do not, therefore, produce addition
al revenue, but operate only to re
duce the property tax.
"It is also true that several hun
dred thousand dollars more than
the amount estimated to be receiv
ed during VJ2'J and 1930 from In
heritance taxes have thus far been
jmid Into the treasury. Any such
payments should operate to a re
duction of the state's deficit, which,
according to the tax levy promul
gated by the state lax commis
sion December 18, l!i29 aggregated
more than f2,3!t7,00u.
"If the state wishes to wipe out
existing deficit und place Itself
more nearly upon a cash basis In
the near future und at the same
time provide for the necessary In
stitutional structures as need for
them shall arise and as well pro
vide for the usual and ordinary op
erations for all lis various activi
ties, It Is Imperative that some
early action be taken looking to n
financial program which shall he
sufficient to cover the usual op
erating expenses and needed out
lays from time to lime. Deferring
action will not In any measure tend
to Improve the situation. Dilator.
ness will only tend to aggravate it
und increase the obligation.
"The slate by reason of the pres
ent deficit In Its funds to meet au
thorized obligations. Is now paying
Interest upon moneys borrowed
from other Tumls or from outside
(Newi-Rfvlow Dmiirliu Coinitv Spwliil)
DRAIN, July 7. Mrs. Tlios.
Krewson Sr. has been quite ser
iously 111 during the past 'week.
L. N. Whipple, who suffered
quite a serious sick spell about
three weeks ago, Is able to attend ,
his fruit and confectionery stand
in South Drain again.
The contractor who Is to put1
crushed rock on the new Umpqua,
highway between here and the red
bridge, ten miles out, has had men
employed for the past three or
four weeks opening up a quarry on
Hilly creek about two miles west
of town. 1 I
Wm. Dedrlck. of Ashlund, has J
been hem on business this week
and is, incidentally, visiting his
son, Kay lledrlck, and family.
V. K. Coons, the plumber, will
leave for Montague, Calif., on Sun
day next, where he will install a
bath outfit and other fixtures In
the home of Mrs. Coons' brother
In-law. Mr. and Mrs. Coons will
accompany their son-in-law and
daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Mnser who,
after a three months' visit here,
are returning to their home at Los
. Itev. Joseph Sams, of Cottage
(rove, occupied the pulpit at the
local Methodist church last Sunday
morning, the pastor, Kev. Flnley,
heiiiK iti attendance at the annual
conference! of his church being
held at Astoria.
Dick Sanders, being In Portland
on a business mission, attended
the annual gathering of the Doug
las County association, which Is
composed of former resident s ot
that county now residing in ihut
city, the meeting being held lasi
Chas. McClure. for many years
an employee of the S. P. Co.. und
now located at Wllhtmiiia. has been
here this week visiting wtth for
mer friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jones, of Sdo,
uro this week visit Inir with the
former's mother, Mrs. Titos. Krcvv
son, being called on account of
the hitler's serious illness.
Floyd Traylor, who bus ben em
ployed near Mremerlon, Wash., tor
the past year, came the first of (be
week for a visit of se ecu I days
with his mother. Mrs. Maude Tray
lor and other relatives.
K. W. Flliott, a former resident
of Canyonville, went there the firm
of the week for a visit of several
days with relatives :".! friends.
Dr. llertha Devore and her moth
er visited a couple of dus the
first of the week with Mrs. Fannie
Hoover and her daughter. Miss Vio
let Hoover, at Salem.
D. M. lletidrlckson. the new con
tractor for carrying the mail on
the star route between here and
Winchester Hay for the four -ye.u
term beginning July 1. arrived here
last week and, with his lamlty. Is
occupying n dwelling In Kasi
Drain. Ku Griibhe, of KIktnn. was
contractor on the route the past
four years, but for that period and
many years before the route cov
ered onlv from Drain to ScotisburR.
F. S. Young, of Stockton. Calif.,
visited former friends here
couple of days this week. Mr.
Youns Is a son-in-law of John Hen
fiel and had just visited the latter
who is now at the home ot another
non-lnlaw, Newton Traylor. ot
J lend, and reports Mr. Henfiel it.
a serious condition.
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Turner and
the latter's brother. Harvey Khine
hart. of Toledo, arrived here the
first of the week and Mr. Turner
making repairs and Improvements
to his properly, the former Oscar
Applegate home, in South Drain.
K. II. Wilson, local agent for
Ford cars and trucks, accompanied
by Mrs. Wilson and Cecil Fa ten en,
went to Portland on Sunday and
returned Monday bringing a new,
truck. Mrs. Jteuna Williams ac
companied them to Portland- and,
remained there to visit a few tluyB
with her sister, Mrs. George Jo
, f.Vi'WK lu-vfrw DiiiiifliiH Comity Kji-Ha.)
GLKN'DALK. July 7. in a hard
fought hall game at Canyonville
Friday afternoon, Glendale lost to
('anyonville by u score of fi to 7.
The game was one of the many
features of Canyonvllle'H big
Fourth of July celebration,
Canyonvllle'H battery was Farm
er and Mnreum. Farmer had good
support und the benefit of several
lucky breaks. He struck out 3
men, walked .1, while Glendale
made 11 hits off of him, one of
them a home run by Miller in the
fourth Inning.
Conatser and Schlelgh were, the
Glendalo battery. Conatser walk
ed 2 men, passed one man by a
hit hull, struck out 11 und was
nicked for 10 hits.
One double play was made In the
first of the ninth by Cunyonville.
Canvonville had 7 men left on
bases while Glendale had 12.
Thirty-eight players participated
in the local handicap tournament
played at the Iloseburg Country
club grounds yesterday. The tour
nament was greatly enjoyed and
some very good scores were re
ported. 'First prize was won by Kd
ward Lewis, second by O. P. Itel
bel, third by Phil Hnrih, fourth by
. K. Falbo and fifth by Dick Ner
has. There were ten visiting play
ers from Los Angeles, Vancouver,
Portland and Marshfleld. There
are to be two more of these tourna
ments preparatory to the play for
the president's cup, which Is
awarded each year following an
elimination handicap match.
Complete remodeling of the Ril
vernook grill, to provide additional
accommodations for the growing
patronage, has been started by Ihe
proprietor, Clyde Wiard. Mr. Wlard
is discontinuing the grocery lines
that he has maintained. He Is ex
tending the lunch counter nnd
hoot lis Into the front part of Hie
building, and Is arranging the
present room to accommodato din
ner parlies as well hh. the ucnernl
trade. The colling has been low
ered, and the entire Interior Is be
ing remodeled to give a much more
attractive appearance.
The Kpworth league enmp on
Little river opens tonight and from
all indications will be exceptionally
welt attended. Approximately u
young . peoplo arrived yesterday,
with loo more expected today.
Tents were arranged to accommo
date the arrivals and the work of
seiiing up the camp was conducted
In a systematic and orderly man
ner. Meals uire being provided in
the dining room under the direc
tion of Mrs. A. C. Marsters.
The camp will be In session nil
week, closing next Sunday evening.
and local friends are Invited to In
spect the camp at any time.
PI.'VIU VPMM lira lulv 7
The Hound Dp, Pendleton's big
community show, is kept in the
minus or people ot ine eastern wre
l'iiii fiiv nil tlit vour Inn ir. but the
months of July and August find
them particularly Diisy hi prepara
tion for the western exhibition
August 1!S, 21) and 110.
Mail orders for Hound-Dp tickets
are coming In to the Pendleton of
fice and the twenty first annual
show gives promise of a record
breaking attendance. The local
ticket office will open August 16.
Hestdes the Hound-l'p daytime
hours, the evenings are filled with
ctitcrtuinmciM for there is offered
to the visitors the ruined Happy
Canyon show. This Is the most un
usual of western pageants and be
sides its show features which de
pict a typical town of early fron
tier days, there are the Happy
Canyon dances with which the
evenings' programs close. Music
for the dames this year will be by
Cole McKhoy's orchestra.
TliAIL. It. C. July fl.An J1S.000
brick school building at Glade was
tb-si roved by d namite yesterda
and another school at Hrllllan, also
in Hout beast Hritish Columbia, was
burned during the night.
Police, who have been investigat
ln. bad made no arrests late to
day. The school at Glade was
erect etl by Hie community Douk ho
nors, Hnstdun religious sect.
(NHi-iN P,mh;1.h County Sw-Ul
YONCALLA, July 7.-Sunday
was a banner dav for the Yoiicalla
W. C. T. I'. Mrs. McWhirter of
Indiana, a national speaker In the
temperance cause delivered a
splendid address at the Methodist
church. She gae some (Ine ac
complishments of the union, but
said It needed to be more alert
than ever to meet the enemies of
the prohibition In their efforts to
destroy the law. A nood audience
was present, among whom were
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Msrsters and
their grandson. Craig Mamtera of
Hoseburg and a niece of Mr. Mr
Whlrter nnd Mr. and Mrs. Woodcock.
New Players Add Batting
Strength to Senators;
Boone Makes Great
Brooklyn Debut.
AKtiociaied 1'ri'nn Sports Writer
A lurge part of tht first halt of
the major league baKf'bull season
hax been spent In strenuous ef
forts on tbe parts of various man
agers to strengthen their clubs for
the latter part of the year and the
success of their efforts is quite, evi
dent In the current standings of
the clubs.
Washington's big deals with the
St. I.ouis ilrowns and Chicago
Wlilte Sox turned out to be an im
portant factor in making the Amer
ican league campaign a duel be
tween the Senators and the Phila
delphia Athletics. The acquisition
of Heine .Manush gave them some
batting punch where It was needed
while Al Crowder haB turned out
to be an effective pitcher in Wash
ington. Art Shires and Dave Har
ris, formerly of Chicago and Port
land, Ore., also have helped im
prove the Senators' batting aver
Leaders in Tie
The result is that the Senators
and the Athletics toduy are tied
for the league lead. It was Shires
who brought about the tie, coming
through with a pinch single with
the bases lull in the tenth Inning
to beat the New York Yankees,
3 to 2.
Washington now has won 15 out
of 16 games, shoving ttie Yanks 5
games into third place by sweep
ing tlte series. And by pitching all
of yesterday's game Dump Hudley
made it 14 out of 1G pitchers who
have finished the games they
The Athletics kept their place in
(he sun by winning their third
close decision In a row from the
lloston lied Sox, 4 to 3. George
Karnshaw scored his eleventh vic
tory of the year, gaining a slight
edge over Dan MacKayden.
Cleveland Indians, with Clint
Tirown on the mound, shut out the
St. Louis Browns. 7 to 0. Waitc
Moyt also pitched well and led De
troit to a fi to 2 victory over the
Chicago White Sox.
Boone Makes Fine Debut
Tile Brooklyn Jtohlns, who chose
to adil strength to their team by
obtaining Ike rtoone from the Pa
cific Coast league, found good rea
son to be pleased with their new
ucqulBlliou. Boone made bis debut
yostordtiy and played the principal
role as the Hoblns regained first
place, in the National league by
heating the Boston Druvus, 1 to 4.
lie hit a home run and a single
and made a great catch of it. fly,
diving into the bleachers to grab
the ball.
Cincinnati took both games of a
double header from Chicago by
scores of 5 to 4 and 8 to 7, breaking
a losing streak of five games.
The third place struggle between
the New York Clanfs and St. l.ouls
Cardinals remained unchaneed as
both tcuniH won double headers.
The Giants trounced Philadelphia.
1(1 lo 8 and 0 to !. as the Cards
made it 12 victories in their last
ltl gunics by w!::::!r!r; .-. 3 I decision
over Pittsburgh In the first game.
although they mado only two hits
off Spenceti and following it up
with a 12 to 4 victory in a slugging
match. Douthit's nlntli-iimliiK home
run won the first game after Spen
cer s wild pitch hud provided the
other Cardinal run.
(AuoclatfHl Vrrn Loamm) Wire)
SAMCM, Ore., July 7. The reck
less shooting of firecrackers and
torpedoed ou July 4, particularly
ny grown men in the central bust-
liens district, has caused talk of a
city ordinance to prohibit them en
The most serious offenses appear
to have been on State street, where
groups of men uro accustomed to
gather every Fourth of July and
shoot fireworks unrestricted. Not
satisfied with tossing them Into the
street, the merrymakers exploded
torpedoes against plate glass win
dim-n. tile fronts, and nutomobllefl
and threw flreeruckers at pedes
trians. tine observer saw n torpedo,
thrown from the sidewalk, explode
against the windshield Inside of an
automobile, almost cnusing a wreck
in the street. Ureal damage was
ilone to several store fronts on the
HKRUN July 7. Max Schmel
Ing, German heavyweight who won
the world's championship from
Jack Sharkey on a foul last month,
today was ordered by physicians to
rest two or three months , before
resuming training.
The report of the physician, sub
mitted lo the Herman boxing com
mission, stated that Schmellng was
suffering from varicocele of the
Established 192
Perfect Funeral Service
Fair and Reamonabte Prices
Pin and Lint 8ta.
right side as a result of the foul.
According to the physician
Sfhtnellng's Injury is of such a na
ture that sporting authorities who
read the report interpreted it to
mean there would be no participa
tion by the German lighter in a
championship contest possibly un
til lasi, if then.
MAKMSO.V. lie., July 7. Al
I.asHinun, former star tackle on the
New York university football team,
was drowned In Long lake yester
day. The body was recovered
early this morning after several
hours of grappling.
J.assman, who was 24 years old,
was a guest at a boys' camp, where
he had served as counsellor two
years ago. Yesterday afternoon he
went out on the lake In a canoe
A lew hours later the canoe was
brought to camp by persons who
hud found It unoccupied.
Dy the Associated Press.
Nine lives were lost in the nn.
lion's Sunday airplane accidents.
rix persons, were killed in the two in New York nmi
one in California. Of these, three
uieu wnen planes plunged into wa
ter and another drooped to denth
attempting to rescue a society
avlatrix from a dangling, tangled
At Kuthven. Iowa, a nlane bank
ed preparatory to landing and
crasneu irom a 5t, toot altitude.
Kenneth Wilson, 20, the pilot,
Sioux City, Iowa, was killed in
stantly. Vera Hughes, 17, Kuthven,
a passenger and Ernest South
worth, 24, mechanic, Sioux City,
were fatally Injured.
One Sacrifice Useless
Making her first leap, Mary
Fuhruey, 18-yeur-olU society girl in
Oak l'ark, a Chicago suburb.
caught her parachute in tho plane
anu uangieu J.uuo teet in the air
lor nearly two hours.
After one ship unsuccessfully
tried to lower a rope ludder. liruuo
Schustek, professional parachute
jumper, shinned down a 7o ioot
knotted rope from another plane.
Just as h o reached Miss Fahruey,
tier parachute became dlseulangled
and she lioateu to a perfect land
ng. Hundreds below watched Schus
tek try to climb up the knotted
rope. They saw him slip slowly,
then drop to his death. Friends said
lie had apparently exhausted his
strength and collapsed.
tllajng an air route from Chi
cago to ivlackiuuc Island, Mich., for
the Continental Airways, Inc., Uert
K. Kogle, US, and Duane L. Heller,
2(i, bom of Chicago, were drowned
in Juke Michigan when their
cabin au,uupiaue n'tunged into the
water south of South Haven, Mich.
Stunter Loses Life
Dick Dudds, of Santa Anna, Ciil.,
manager of the aviation depart
ment of the Union Oil Co., was
stunting above the Sunday crowds
at Luguna Ueach, Cal.f when his
plane lost altitude In a sideslip,
lulled to right itself and div?d iuio
Crescent bay.
Fishing boats and pleasure craft
dragged the twisted wreckage
ashore. Dodd's body was in the
Martin Wllskn, 30, a student
pilot, und John W. Gorman, JO, bis
'instructor, were killed at rloyd
Bennett field, on itarreu Island,
New York.
Witnesses said the two men,
Ijoth of New York, were flying at a
low altitude when their monoplane
went into a flat spin and crashed.
Wilska was at the controls.
Two brothers, Guy, and Harry
Coffin, of Kslhervllle, Iowa, were
injured, the latter seriously, wheu
their plane hit a telephone wire on
lauding at Clarion, Iowa.
A very successful picnic was
held at Tenmlle July 4. There was
a large attendance for the pro
gram, which wit held at Howell's
grove, numerous races, boxing
matches, pie eating contests, etc.,
being held. A baseball game in the
afternoon was an enjoyable fea
ture. There was a dance In the eve
Tho Hansen Chevrolet baseball
team won by a score of 23 to 20 in
n game with Klgarose played at Kl
garoso yesterday. This was the
third and deciding game, as each
team had one game to Its credit as
a result of the two former con
WASHINGTON, July 7. Mrs.
Hoover presided again today over
Ihe social and domestic affairs of
the White House.
After more than a month's ab
sence from the executive mansion
and three months of virtual seclu
sion as a result of an injured hack
suffered In a fall, she returned late
yesterday with the pn-sldent from
their Kapldan river lodge.
Lady Attendant
f AwmcUtw Treat Uurd Wirt)
Loa Angeles went into the final
week of the first hair season in
the Pacific Coast league today
with a four-game lead, in spite of
having dropped two yesterday to
Portland, 5 to 0 and 3 to 4.
Walter Malls Bhut the Angels out
in the first, while the Ducks got
to Ballou in the first four fnniugs.
Carl Mays kept An eel hits scat
tered In the second and the Ducks
hammered Peters frequently.
Sacramento gained a game on
the leuders by splitting with the
Missions, winning 7 to 5 in the
morning, and losing 3 to 2 in the
afternoon. Hacker's two homers
featured . the first game. Bryan
hit Mums with a pitched ball to
force in the tying run and allowed
Kelly a hit as the Missions won In
the ninth of the second.
Hollywood made it 14 out of 15
by trimming Oakland twice, 5 to 4
and 7 to 6. Shellenback won his
own same by knocking a homer
with two on in the fourth, and hold
fng the Oaks to nine scattered hits.
The second was scheduled for
seven Innings, but went into eight
and the Acorns won after Oakland
took a one-run lead in the extra
period. Seven pitchers worked In
the game.
Seattle took the series with San
Francisco, winning twice yester
day, 4 to 3 and 3 to 0. Zahnlser
profited by some good batting sup
port In the first. "Dutch" Ituether
blanked the Seals In the second.
No games today. Teams travel
BALTIMORE, July 7. John
Hutz's prize homing pigeon, Mr.
llulz said today, had to walk back
part of the way from St. Paul,
Minn. He exhibited a denuded
bird and pointed to what he said
were callouses as evidence.
Somewhere between St. Paul and
Daltimore, said Mr. I3utz, a storm
overtook the pigeon, an Imported
filer from HeUium, nnie'i Ant
werp, und stripped it of Its featli
ers. There was nothing for Ant
werp to do imt walk, and Antwerp
did, arriving afier four days at
the Butz home at breakfast time,
said Mr. Butz.
Mr. Butz, a flying field police
man, Is hoping the feathers will
grow buck, for he plans to put
Antwerp to work with 14 other
birds carrying mesHuges for the
New York-tO'Atlanlu air mall
(Annoc-lntcd Print leaned Wire)
niRiMlNfiMAiM, Ala., July 6.
Senator Thomas J. Heflin's inde
pendent campaign for re-election
took dolinlte form yesterday with
nis alignment with candidates for
governor and lieutenant governor.
who like him were barred from
running in the democratic primary
because of their opposition to the
mxxiMTar ASK.
onscDimr nDrf ri
Tear out this advt. and send with your name and address, at
once. Let ut tell you how R. M. B. Prescription checks
ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS quickly and easily. R. M. B. LABORA.
1031 Alaska Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
My name It
My addrett'it
City and State
party presidential nominee In 1928.
A statewide Independence day
mass meeting endorsed Heflin,
Hugh A. Locke for governor and
Dempsey Powell of Greenville for
lieutenant governor.
Senator Heflin attacked former
Governor Smith of New York, dem
ocratic presidential nominee in
lyK; John J. Kaskoh, chairman oi ;
the national democratic executive:
committee, and members of thej
state executive committee who
voted for a resolution prohibiting j
him from becoming a candidate in ,
the primary. i
He charged that "they are mak-',
Ing boasts that they will steal the:
election," and urged his supporters
to remain away from the polls in :
the primary on August 12.
(Assoc la tel Piym Leased Wire)
WASHINGTON, July 7. It was
only a few months ago that the
sports dopesters were saying the
baseball career of Walter Johnson,
Jr., had ended before it was fairly
Last winter, the youngster, 15
years old, was run clown by an au
tomobile. Both legs were broken
and it was feared for a time that
one might have to be amputated.
Yesterday, almost entirely re
covered, he pitched two hltless in
nings for the Bethesda Juniors and
proudest of all the spectators was
Walter Johnson, senior.
The youthful pitcher with the
great name opened the game for
Bethesda sand-lotters and retired
after two innings because his fath
er felt he should take no chances
with his legs by going to bat and
running bases.
The funeral services of Rev
erend Emanuel Edman were held at
the Elgarose church Sunday morn
ing at 11 o'clock. Rev. Anderson
of Gresham officiated. The church
was filled with friends and the
floral pieces were many nnd beau
tiful. M. E. Rltter had charge of
arraneements. , .
In two weeks there will be a
memorial service.
Infant and Preschool
Douglas Cocnty Health Unit
July 9, 9-12 a. m.
Court House, Roseburg
old Time
' at
New Evergreen Grange
Hall .
South of Kelley's Korner
Wednesday Nite
Music bv
Whirlwind Orchestra
Public Welcome Tickets 50c
J,he growth of this Sank
It is no mere accident that the
growth of many Roseburg
"ommerial ' institutions runs
parallel to the growth of the
Umpqua Valley Bank. There is
an essential relation between
the two, based on the bank's
varied capacity for rendering
financial counsel and guidance
and summed up in the word
You the
229-231 W. Cass St., Roseburg
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j Same High Quality
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'quantities ' of merchandise, we have either
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Prices Raw material prices are lower manu
tatiirnrc' rnVoc a lrwfr our nrices are lower
Down go prices
bought more goods
manufactured more
money in circulation
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-V T
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Myrtle Creek
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