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Local News
From Riddle "Bud" Crow, bar
ber in Riddle, was here yesterday
Irunnacting buaineKS.
Business Visitor in Tins roe
Green, of Winston, was a business
visitor here Monday.
From Cottage Grove C. R. Dear,
of Cottaue drove, spent .Monday
in Roseliur? on business.
Here on Business Charles OHiik, of Anchor, was hero '.Mon
day transacting business.
In From Umpqua Creed Conn,
of Umpqua, transacted business
in Roseburi; yesterday. .
Wilbur Man In J. A. Cole was
In from Wilbur yesterday attend
ing to business interests.
Is Business Visitor A. W. May
er, of Canins Valley, was in town
yesterday ns a business visitor.
On Business Here O. H. Camp
bell, of EuBene. spent Monday
hera attending to business mat
ters. Visitor From Umpqua Mrs. E.
R. Short, of Umpaun, was visiting
friends and shopping in tills city
Mr. Swift In Town Alfred
Swift, of Lookincglass, was in
town Monday looking after busi
ness affairs.
From Myrtle Creek TJ. F. Eng
lish, Myrtle Creek resident, spent
Monday afternoon here on busi
ness. '
Visitor From Kelloqq Mrs.
I.ydla Palmer, of Kellogg, was a
business visitor in Roseburg yes
terday. Mrs. Madison Visits Mrs. Edith
Madison, of Kellope. was visiting
and shopping in this city yester
day. Here From Elkhead .Toe
Pvingle. of Ell:lieid. wan in this
cltv yesterdny looking after busi
ness matters.
Rice Is Business Visitor Rov
Tilne. of Dlllard. spent several
hours in Fnsebui'g yesterday as a
business visitor.
Transacts Business Here Leslie
Mcnnniel. of Po'""rs. spent sev
eral hours here Monday transact
ing business.
Here From RlHdle Ernest P.
Tllddle . from RMdle. snmit -evernl
hours In town Monday looking aft
er business matters.
From Melrose .Times Conn and
FVunk Morean. of Metros'", were In
Oils city vesterday looking after
business interests.
Hnme From Viilts Mm. .T. E.
rinrk has returned tn ber home in
Jiils cltv after vi"lti"r for ten
(ays with friends In Eugene.
' Yoncalla Man Here J C.
PrinE'e was a visitor here fmm
vonrnlla yesterilnv. snomllnsr the
dny in the interests of business.
Mr. Bmenhirk In T. N. Tiu'en
hnrk. of Melrose. init f"v
hours in Fnsebi'rir Monday attend
ing to affairs of business.
S-ur4 Bountw for Cou"ars T.
TV Ollnehnnie, of Anchor, Ifonelit
In two smnll eougars for hnnn
-terday to the county clerk's of
fice. R.turr, tn rottan! firov Mrs.
W Mad''ux Wi vesterdsv for her
home in Wtre (!"" i""'
fne""ng a week here visiting with
Bck From Vacation Mr" Wnl
ter T,e-ke has returned to her no
stMon In t"" count" rie-V o'ce
pfter i week's vnoiMnn. three rli-"
of TvMrli "ro pnent en l Mn "
Trnneent C'tv. retU'",," w'
of Orinls Pioq. on whie- '-e
-"COmnorlel hv 1'er mot''"r. TVtrq.
XT Cnmnho'i. and . her daHBliteT.
Helen Patricia.
Every one of the 26 men on
the U. S. Olympic swimming
team wears a Jantien! You,
too, can have the tame suit
that champions wear. These
trim-fitting, freedom-giving
suits are on display here.
Reedsport Man Here O. H. Hins
dale, of Reedsport, is spending a
few days here on business.
Shops in Town Mrs. J. W. Bass
came in from Jielrose this morning
to anon and visit with friends.
Is Business Visitor E. Fosdick,
of Myrtle Creek, was a business
visitor in this city yesterday.
Ships Cherries A. W. Bashford
shipped 25 ' boxes of Royal Anne
cherries to market in San Fran
cisco. From Myrtle Creek Henry Ad
ams, or Myrtle Creek, spent Mon
day in Roseburg as a business visi
tor. Mr. Godfrey Here W. TV . God
frey came in from Lookingglnss
yesterday to attend to business af
fairs in this city.
Transacts Business Here Perry
Edwards, of Myrtle Creek, trans
acted business In Roseburg yester
Mr. Shirtcliff In Henry Shirt
cliff was in from Myrtle Creek this
morning attending to business In
terests. Here on Business Wayne Breit
enhusher, of Tenniile, was in town
this, morning looking alter busi
ness matters.
Mrs. Dysert Visits Mrs. Inan
Dysert was a visitor from Reston
yesterday, shopping and calling on
friends. .
Mrs. Beckley Visits Mrs. Charles
Beckley, of Dixonville, was a visit
or in this city Monday, shopping
and calling on friends.
At New Location V.. A. French
has moved from hl former loca
tion at 2',G North Rose street to
133 North Parrott street.
Discharged From Hospital-
George Norman, of Canyonville,
was discharged yesterday from
Roseburg General hospital.
Visitor From Dixonville Mrs. J.
C. Royco, of Dl.vonvllle, snent sev
eral hours in this cily today shop
ping and visiting with friends.
Returns to Eugene Miss Wanda
Keith returned yesterday to iter
home in Eueene after spending two
weeks visiting friends in Roseburg.
Rcsiqns Position A. H. Wilson,
elevntor man in the Perkins build
ing, has resigned his position
there, and plans to work in a ma
chine shop.
Former Resident Here W. J.
Davis, former Rosehurir resident,
now living in Klamath Falls, snent
loiulav here visiting and ., traps
acting business.
Admitted to Hospital Miss Jes
sie Anderson, of I.os Angeles, was
admitted to Roseburg General hos
pital yesterday for medical treat
ment. Weitherfords on Vacation Mr.
nd Mrs. J. W. Weatherrord left
Raturdav evening for Seattle, Van
couver, B. C, and other points
north. They will be gone two
weeks. .
Takes Position Here Mls Porl
Ravlmrn, of Euecno, has taken the
nosition of stenographer tn Cnnn
tv Agricultural Afrent J. C. T.oedv's
office, succeeding Mrs. E. W. End!
cott. resigned.
From Diamond Lake Frei!
Perry, game warden at Diamond
lake, and his brother. Vance Perrv,
are spending a few days here Ve
iling and attending to busi
ness. From Medford Sam Veit of
Medford, auditor for the Southern
Pacific comnany, snent Monday
here transacting business at the
local office.
Portland Woman Here Mrs.
John Ryder of Portland, daughter
of A. O. Rose. Bit E. Lnne street,
and granddaughter of Mrs. J. C.
Mikel, drove here from Portland to
spend the past week-end.
( visitors i-rom Honywooa nir.
and Mrs. A. E. Smith and Miss
Alice Smith, of Hollywood, Calif
are spending a few days here visit
ing friends and enjoying the fish
ing on the North Umpqua.
At Diamond Lake Dr. and Mrs.
R R. Shoemaker and children.
Hetty, Doris and Bertram, Jr., and
Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Metzser re
turned Sunday evening from Dia
mond lake, where they spent the
week-end fishing.
Underpo Minor Operations Les
lie and Norval Ferguson, children
of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Ferguson
of Days Creek, underwent opera
tions for the removal of their ton
sils yesterday in the office of Dr.
A. C. Seely.
Takes Position in Portland
17in ii lr V T nn tr enn nf A 1 1 nrn pv
Tnhn T I niif rf Pnsphiirp linn nr.
rented a nosition as salesman for
the Dodge Brothers automobile
agency in Portland. He left yes
terday to take over his new work
Summer at Winchester Mrs. K
P. Hamilton and daughter of Eu
gene, who resided here formerly,
are spending the summer at Win
chester. Mr. Hamilton is in the
employ of the Southern Pacific
rommny.mrl has been transferred
to Port Costa.
Former Residents Visit Jo
Shocklv. former proprietor of the
local Highway service station, nd
Mrs. Shockley. who have been liv
ing in Portland since leaving this
citv. are here for a few days greet-
fng old friends. They plan to make
their home in San Diego, Calif., in
the future.
r '- '-'V .rv v iv
t ' :-J m
Three Major Driving Mistakes
Cause Most Auto Accidents, Is
Finding of State Highway Unit
If motorists generally would cor-i
rect two or three major driving
faults, the toll of traffic accidents
the country over could be material
ly reduced.
Violation of other motorists'
right-of-way at intersections is one
of the most pronounced causes of
crashes. Another frequent cause of
such accidents ib driving on the
.wrong side of the JiighwttKJss,il,y.v,l;
The claim that commons-ronm
he greatly diminished through
greater caution on the part of mo
torists in these two respects nlone
is made by the safety department
of the Oregon State Motor asso
ciation. The conclusions are based
on national as well as sectional
records over long periods of time.
That a large percentage of ac
cidents Involving occupants of mo
tor vehicles are attributable to
two or three major causes and cir
cumstances was definitely estab
lished in the studies of the recent
third notional conference on street
nnrt highway safety in Washington,
1). C.
Collision nf two vehicles at in
tersections frequently results in
deaths and serious injuries, and 1n-
variablv damage to the cars oc
curs. "Disputes ' over the right-of-
way often mean absolute inatten
tion to the right-of-way or possible
approach of other cars, and inves
tigation of accidents in such cases
generally indicates that one or
both of the machines were trav
eling at too great sneed without
du regard for the intersection.
Surveys made by the national as
sembly of traffic and safety au
thorities demonstrate the groat
need for stricter observance of the
right-of-way rule. This right-of-way
law is the same in Oregon an
that set forth in the national uni
form vehicle code sponsored by th
conference. A principal point of
this right-of-way rule is that a
driver a car apnroaching an inter
section shall yield the right-of-
A New and Remarkable Preparation
Which Does Wonders for the
Scalp and the Hair
. "The condition of mv hair was
terrible it was full of dandruff
and falling out in handsful. On
top of that streaks of gray made
me look years too old for I'm a
young woman yet," declared Miss
Klizabeth Sonne, 47 1'arkis Ave.
rrovidence, K.l.
Fortunately for me I learned
fibout Lea's Hair Tonic and it has
proven a wonderful investmont for
me. It hag improved my appear
ance made me look younger and
put my hair and scalp in nice con
dition, free of gray hairs and the
thin Knots are growing- out thick
er," continued Miss Sonne, who1
:t. .1 -l - r . 1 MAn
line iiiijusniius vi .u
I I A f Aaa tn ka tuofl
the thing. Between the stimulat
ing effect of the tonic and the mas
saging of it into the scalp, the
blood comes to the surface, nature
seems to get back on the job vigor
ously and healthfully growing a
full head of even colored, youthful
looking beautiful hair. Certainly
with auch a wonderful treatment,
San Mateo County "Well-Murder."
way to a vehicle which has enter
ed the Intersection and, that
when two vehicles enter a 11 Inter
section at the same time, the, driv
er of the vehicle on the left shall
yield to the driver on the right.
At first thought, most motorist
may deny ever driving on the
wrong side of streets or highways,
af cording to the automobile asso
ciation. Hut drivers are reminded
of the hundreds of cases where
they themselves or other drivers
swerve out upon the wrong side of
the road after making a wide turn,
or when trying to pass other cars.
"Hogging the road" is included In
the errors of driving on the wrong
side, and this , carelessness qn the
part or autoistsris a causo.- or
great proportion of accidents in
Oregon and all other parts of the
Standard recording and classifi
cation of accidents under various
causes now being generally utilized
throughout the country for the pur-
iposo of advancing salety also
shows that In a large number of
traffic accidents the operator
drove off the highway and over
turned. This Illustrates the need
for enforcement of the standard
rules of the road requiring safe
practices, the concerence conclud
ed, and particularly the need for
education of motorists as to the
hazards incident to operation at
excessive speed on curves or nar
row highways or embankments, or
sneed excessive for conditions as
they exist.
Thus, one more prominent fault
which the average motorist should
seek to correct Is that of driving
too fast around curves.
Strict attention to these major
errors of motoring will go far to
ward insuring the snfetv of the In
dividual motorist, points out the
nioto association. The driver
should exercise wlde-awa:e cau
tion at all times, of course, bear-
for the hair and scalp now avail
able in most drug stores at small
cost, it is foolish to use ugly old
time dyes, or pay a large sum for
such tinting or dyeing. If reader
desires to give Lea's Hair Tonic
a Trial, they may purchase same
from druggist or the famous Lea
Tonic Co. Breentwood, Md on
positive guarantee that it use for
six weeks will delight you or mon
ey refunded without argument or
question. (Sent by mail postage
paid l per bottle) or if preferred
pay postman when it cornea, if
druggist hasn't it.
? V' W; vi
San Mateo'H "well-murder" which
revealed a startling background of
cattle rustling and a love triangle
n the uplands of a primitive range
country, today was fast drawing to
a close. The scene of the murder,
barely an hour's ride from metro
politan San Francisco, is one or
the few remaining strongholds of
the code of the old west. I ho
body of Frank Roderick, wealthy
rancher, was found buried under 30
feet of earth in a deserted well.
His wife, pretty Minnie Roderick,
;ilong with William Woodring, a
neighboring rancher, and asserted
admirer of the young widow, are
hold in San Mateo county jail for
questioning by officers. Roderick
and Woodring are alleged to have
been guilty of cattle rustling, ac
cording to sheriff's deputies, who
unearthed the body. Upper photo
shows where body of slain rancher
was found and lower snows Frame
Roderick and his wife.
Ing in mind that a poison driving
a car weighing one and one-halt
tons at a speed of forty miles an
hour is riding on a projectile which
travels fifty-eight and two-thirds
feet a second.
(Asmciatcd Prow Leiued Wire)
SALEM, Ore., July 1. H. V.
Gates, operator of the water utility
at Dallas, must comply, with a con-
tract entered Into with that cily in
lilO.I by appointing nn arbitrator
to cooperate with one named by
the city to fix a value on the
plant so that it may be purchased
by the city. This opinion went
down from the supreme court today
in the city's suit, against dates for
periornianco ol the fcontnict. . The
opinion, written by Justice Hand
reverses ail order by Judge James
Brand sustaining a general tle-
niurrer by Gates.
Visitors From Pasadena Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Blair and daughter, Vir
ginia, of Pasiident, C'aTIf., arrived
here Monday evening to visit with
Mrs. illatr s parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
L. A. French, at their new homo on
Parrott street.
Has Not Felt So
Fine in 20 Years
'For years I was badly rundown,
my legs would get numb and swol
len from poor circulation and I
couldn't find anything to get my
liver and bo wo Is to acting right.
U'adacht'8 and dizzy attacks would
come on and I had to live almost
entirely on liquid food on account
of Indication. Harmon built tip my
whole Byslem and I feel finer than
I have In 20 yearn. I eat anything
I want, my weight has increasied,
my circulation Ih normal and all
my old time atrength and pep are
back again.
"SaiKon pills rid me of constipa
tion and the headaches, bilious
dizzy attacks and pains in my aide
that I used to suffer wllh nearly
all the time are completely gone."
John Hiesk, R. 1ms Wanhlngton
St., Spokane, connected with Clear
water Timber Co., of Clearwater,
Nathan Fuller! on, The Rexah
Drug Store, Roseburg; Burton's
Pharmacy, Reedsport; Highway
Pharmacy, Oakland, agents. Adv.
tested ow vetoed
(Amoriiitrtl l'ri3 Ia'abM Wire)
WASHlJMliTON, July 1U. Notice
was (jiven tiie . senate today by
Senutor Cutting, republican. New
Mexico, that lie .would seek to sub
stitute the vetoed veterans relief
measure for the new disability
tension bill.
CalliiiK attention to the fact that
the senute Dasseu. bit to t, tne vet
erans' bill which was later vetoed.
bv President Hoover, Lullini; salu:
"I will ask for a roll call on, my
substitute to see how many sena
tors will stand by their action and
how many will asree with the
president that what we did was
lust bad lcKlslaJion'."
Cutting said the president had
taken the word of "men who oppos
ed veterans' legislation."
Resnonsibility for embarking the
nation on a policy of pensions for
World war veterans was ascribed
to President Hoover today by Sena
tor LaKollette, republican, Wiscon
ANTLERS. today and Wednes
day, "The Case of Sergeant Grls
cha," with Betty Compson, Chester
Morris. Jean Hersholt: Thursday.
Friday. Saturday, "The Texan,"
with Gary Cooper and ay wray.
I?On pome weeks the press do-
r pai tment of Radio Pictures has
been flooding the film editors'
desks with information regarding
The Case of Sorceant Grlscha.
At last the widely publicized
photoplay Is ready for release and
Roseburg will be ono ot the Iirst
cities to see It. It conies to the
Antlers tonight and Wednesday.
Roseburg will find it a great pic
ture, well deserving of the praises
in its advance publicity. It mea
sures tin to the finest achieve
ments of the tnlkies.
It Is an exceptionally fine bit of
work on the part ot the players,
the director and the camera men,
and n drama that will leave a pro
found Impression with all who Bee
The performance of Chester Mor
ris as the humble Russian soldier,
who by one during act Involves the
lives and destinies of scores of
characters, is the finerst of his
career, one that cannot fail to
grip any audience through its sim
pllclly and sincerity a thing thnt
cannot be said of this player in
some of his recent efforts. The
cast throughout Is one of superior
(AMnr-latoil Prou Leaiwfl Wire)
Hudson hill so establish a unified
border patrol, was passed today by
the house I.St to 56, nnd sent to
the sennte.
The measure Is designed to enrry
AX Af . f c'
Jean Hersholt Alec B. Francis
(Famous director "BEAU GESTE" and
"8orrell & 8on")
"The Case of Sergeant
Also All Talking Comedy
Latest News Events
Matinee 10-35 Evening 10-50
Matinee Dailjr
Fiancee Happy as
Smith Spans Ocean
The first photograph to be re
ceived in this country of Miss Mary
Powell, of Melbourne. Australia,
fiancee of Capt. Charles Kingsford-
Smith, the aviator, who, with turee
companions, spanned the Atlantic
ocean nom ireiana to nuruor
Grace, Newfoundland. ..
out one of President Hoover's rec
ommendations to strengtnen law
enforcement. It wouiu consouuaie
the immigration and customs ser
vice patrols under the treasury de
TRENTON, N. J.. July 1. The
republican state convention rati
fied today by a 96 to 13 vote, a
platform one plank of which declar
ed for repeal of the 18th amend
ment and return of liquor control
to the state. This plank Is in har
mony with the views expressed by
Dwlght W. Morrow, successful can
didate at the recent republican pri
mary for the nomination for Unit
ed States senator.
Former Residents Visit Mr. and
Mrs. A. H. Stafford and family of
Dunsmulr, Calif., former residents
of this city, are here visiting
friends and relatives.
Aliens Return Home Dr. ami
Mrs. Clair K. Allen and children
have returned to their home here
after visiting .with the former's
brother in Great Falls, Montana.
The return trip wns made by way
of the Yellowstone park and Idnho
Falls, Idaho. Miss Marian Allen,
sinter of Dr. Allen, and Miss Anna
belle White, a niece, accompanied
them hero for a visit.
11 . v
r '
Greatest Drama Since
the Dawn of Talkies
Nation's Verdict.
A man who lived
loved A man who was foiled.
. "Ml
(Anoclatcd Prm Lraol Wire)
EUGENE. Ore.. Julv l.-The
body of Frank Marchio, buried1 un
der a thirty foot rock and travel
slide on the Roosevelt highway be-
uiw jamais, nad cot been recov
ered late yesterday. More than
fnrtv AmiilnvA. n, i.
contracting crew have been labor-
ing Since Rlinrlnv nflamn. . n
cate the body. It is possible the
Douy may nave shifted down 'the
I ...uui.m..i4u wuo uirt which cov
W. I,. Pel.
-.45 25 64H
4 2 25 .02?
....42 25 ,627
....35 34 .501
....29 41 .414
29 41 ";414
26 42;'.3S2
Washington ..
New York .
St. Louis
Boston .
Chicago ..
...24 40 .375
W. L. Pet.
43 26 ",;623
-....39 -25 .609
34 32 .515
. 33 32 " .508
30 33 ;.47fi
30 34 '..469
. 27 40 .403
24 38 .387
Brooklyn .. ..
New York ....
St. Louis ....
Pittsburgh ..
Cincinnati ..
Evergreen Grange Hall
South of Kelly's Korner "
Wednesday Night '"'
. JULY 2
Music by the
Whirlwind Orchestra
Public Welcome Tickets 50c
At Canyonville;
Start the 4th off right
with a good dance
Thursday even ing.
Everybody welcome.
A man who
1 1
From the world-read novel by
Arnold Zweig.
The most powerful drama that ever.
wrenched a heart!
. . . Sceneg that draw the nerves as taut as
bowstrings! . . . Alive with elemental pas
sion and warm human tenderness . . . Saturn
ated with reality! drawfing into Insignifi
cance all the playc and pictures of the pastl
"Grischa" is a blazing challenge hurled
in the face of the world t
Nw York and Chlcano are now oavinq
imuu a seat for this mammotn production.
However, our usual low prices will posi
tively prevail.