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News of
f Xews-Rvlpw IlnitaK fViunly Snbl)
"I'KNMILB, Oik., June 2S. Iler
tha Idee of Coquiile was u visitor
lime Sunday.
The broccoli growers of thi3 sec
tion are busy putting out plants.
.Mr. and Mi-h. (Jeorge Ward of
Tacoma are visiting .Mr. and Mrs.
Iian Swift.
K. l. Locktyond, who Is employ
ed at Ilyderwood, Wash., is home
to spend the Fourth of July with
his family. He will return noil h on
July 6.
Lawrence Watson Is driving a
water sprinkler on the Coos Hay
highway to pack the loose gravel
preparatory to putting on oil.
The Tenniile grange held a meet
ing last Thursday evening to ar
range a program for the Fourth of
July celebration to be held at the
Howell camp ground. o
Miss Kuthleen Seagrlst of rorth
Bind Ib visiting her grnndmuther,
Sirs. McDaniel.
Water Coaies, who Is working In
Ilyderwood, Wash., is expected
home for the Fourth.
(XMVB-Jlfvipw Douglas County Sixrlal)
HAYHURST, Ore., June 27. A
very enjoyable picnic was h;ld
Inst Friday, when the teacher and
pupils of Ilayhurst school, accom
panied by the members of the 4-J!
club, assembled at a beautiful spot
near Die headwaters of Hilly creek
for a day's outing.
Owing to the fact that when the
School here was closed, there were
a number of cases of measles and
whooping cough, it was thought ad
visable to postpone the last, day of
school picnic, until all the child
ren could be present.
Among those who helped with
the table, making coffee, and hrin
In? fried and roasted chickens,
cake, salads, pies and other good
things were: the teucher, Mrs.
Kffle Ambrose, Mrs. George Hamil
ton, club leader for the 4-H; Mrs.
Klmer Km Re, Mrs. Harold Phil
lips, Mrs. Kd Morin and Mrs. Km
ma Miller. Every one went home
declaring U a day long to he re
membered. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trltea, for
merly of Sutherlin, were guests of
the latter's aunt, Mrs. (leor-je Ham
ilton. Thny had been on a trip
to visit relatives at Medford.
Miss Juanita Milter, who is vis
iting her grandmother, Mrs. Kmma
Miller, went to Yoncalla last Sun
day, where she attended church
und visited Miss llah Kelso.
Messrs. Sparks and Goodman
were buying lambs hero this week.
Mrs. Jay Huntington Is the
guest of her mother, Mrs. Mary
Hamilton, for a few days with her
two children, Jimmy and Carol.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hartley and
Mr. Fens Kramer of Ashland, ar
rived here this week for a short
visit with Miss Juanita Miller. Mr.
-and Mrs. L. P. Miller also came up
from Euirene to nwH them.
Mrs. Florence Miller went to
Scotts valley on Wednesday to
-visit Mrs. Hay Potter.
Mrs. Violet Harry and habv are
visiting at tbo home of Mrs. Kalph
Kruae and Miller resumed ope
rations at their sawmill on Monday
and expect to continue until war
the 4th or July.
Mrs. Kmma Miller and Mr. and
Mrs. Rimer Kruse and two daugh
ters, Virginia and Iza, visited at
tbo home or Mrs. Laura Applegate
last Sunday, to meet Miss Kmnm
A p illegal o and Mies Susie Apple
gate, v.'hn came up from Portland
on Saturday.
YONCAU,A. Ore.. June 2(1. Mrs.
Laura Applegnte was hostess to a
dinner , Sunday, having as her
Kuestn, Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Kruse
and family, Mrs. Kmma Miller of
Ilayhurst, and Misses Susie and
Kmma Applegate of Portland.
Mrs. Kdlth Thompson enter
tained at a dinner Wednesday vu
uing, having ns her guests Itev
and Mrs. K. K. Clark, Maryjean
Clark and Maryjeanelte Otey, Dr
McKaig and Mrs. Levi Asker.
Dr. MeKalg reports the arrival
nf a 7-pound daughter to Mr. and
Mrs. Geo. Kunz. June 21.
Mr. John Wahm of Marshlirld
spent the week end visiting ut th
1). J. Ilocers home.
Miss Minerva Westenhelser Is
visiting relatives in Keedsport for
a few weeks.
M r. Wm. Kiel zer a ml son of
Portland are visiting frlend.4 in
Shoestring and transacting bus!
ness for n con pin or weeks.
Miss Glenda Clinton or Coquiile
Is visiting her sister. Mrs. K. V.
Iearli for a couple of weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Dellell en
tertained Mrs. Addington and
daughter of Kuxpiio over the week
Kdward Unison of Port Angeles,
Wash.. Is visiting his brother, Al
bert Unison, for a few days.
Mrs. Geo. K. Me Ado or The
Palles, and her uncle, Mr. Nelson
of Shrevepnrt. La., nre visiting ut
thp C. W. Hychard home.
Mrs. Smart of Oceanside Is vis
King her sister, Mrs. Kurhcl Shrill)
for a few days.
At the annual grade school elec
tion, Mrs. Klmer Daugherlv win
elected clerk, and Avery Lnswell
and Carl Johnson on the board.
At the high school election. Mon
day. Jay Huntington was elerict
on the board.
Visa Audrey Smith left Monduv
for Medford. where she will visit
relatives for a couple of weeks.
Dr. McKai reports the arrival
of a TJ-pound daughter to Mr. and,
Mrs. Marlon Hurge of Hire Hill.
Mrs. Jessie Donomrh and Ron
Carl visited nt the home of Mrs.
Ponougb's sister, Mrs. Huimu. ro
rently. They are enroute to Med
ford for a short vacation.
Misses Susie and Kmma Apple
gate of Portland visited their
Byrd Party's Boy Scout Comes Home a Man
Chosen from Hundreds of Thousands, Paul Siple, Boy Hero
of Polar Expedition, Wins Praise of Veteran Adventurers.
"Vavikg Good bye 7 3 7 " 'Mf grfftfd 7'
To Scout Friends V V LREApAbm 6yri'
ERIE, Pa., June 26. Loaded with
honors and universally praised by
fellow-members of the nyrd Ant
arctic exploration parly, Paul A.
Hiple, most famous boy scout in
the world, is back home once more,
and glad of it.
Twenty-one-year-old Paul was
the scout chosen from hundreds of
thousands to accompany the his
tory-making (wo-year expedition to
the bottom ot the world.
According to Roar Admiral Ilyrd
and his aides, nono worked hurder
or with more good will and Intelli
gence than the modest youth from
the city of Erie.
Though he grew to stalwart man
hood amid the frozen wastes near
the South Pole, Paul proved ho
was the same unassuming lad who
had sailed away on the Harkentine
"City of New York," when asked
mother, Mrs. Laura Applegate, re
cently. Mrs. Smith and daughter. Dona
may, of Cottage Grove, spent a
few days this week visiting at the
Chas. Howes home.
MrB. A. K. Tullcy of Portland nnd
her son, Kenneth Tulley of Salt
Lake Clly Bpeut a couple of days
hero this week visiting at the Ap
plegate home.
Mrs. B'n Hedrlcks, John and
Florence Hedrlcks of Drain visited
at the Sailer home this wo.' k.
Mr. T. II. Klteley spent several
days this week visiting frienda
near Smith river.
Tho members of Iho W. C. T. U.
enjoyed a picnic at the- home of
Mrs. Klmer Dau-herty, Filday af
ternoon. Mrs. Etui Agee, coun'y
president, Mrs. Elizabeth Wills,
president of the: Itcaeburg union
and Mrs. F. A. Chamberlain, also
of Knsehurg, were present.
(NVwd-Rcvlfw Don da dimity SjH'piat)
OAltniNKit. June Mrs. Eliz
abeth Wade returned home Friday
from Portland, where she went to
attend the funeral of her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Will Lyster. While
away, she visited in Corvallis at
the homes of her daughters. Mrs.
Ella Hunt and Mrs. Kdlth Tlche
11 or. 1
Harold Gerhard nnd Qui tin
Ilrown drove to Eugene by IheSlus
;nv route. Sunday, and returned by
Drain and Reedsport. They found
lite worst road between Scotts
burg ami Drain.
Mr. and Mrs. Juiucb Ford Jr. and
daughter, Ruth, motored jo Rose-
burg Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ford
returned the same dav, and Ruth
proceeded to Eugene to visit Miss
Mmid Edmonds.
Mrs. Carl Washburn of Eugene
visited friends In Gardiner from
Wednesdny to Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. (). Weaver mo
lort'd to Cnnyonvtlle and sneut the
week-end visiting Mr. Weaver's
mother. Their son, David, who
has been with his grandmother
three weeks, has accepted the Invi
tation of the Ronehurg boy scouts
to join them on a camping trip up
(Wwn-Hrvlow iMitrtim ('"Hilly SiMviaH
WILIU'R. Ore.. June 2S. Mrs.
Grace Rlnsser of Vancouver, Wash
ington. Is the house -uiest of Mr.
and Mrs. Vergil Smith.
Miss Lura Piukiitnu of Oakland
was here Tuesday visiting friends
and relatives.
Mrs. Archibald Hume, who hns
been very III. Is Improving.
Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Grae and
Mrs. D. P. McKav attended a Ma
sonic meeting at Oakland Thursday
Mr. nnd Mrs. R. L. Irving have
returned from a trip to Vancouver
and Portland.
Allvn Mobr has returned from
the National Guard encampment at
Camp Clatsop.
Mr. and Mrs. D. P. McKay of this
place and Mr. and Mrs. Harold
McKay and children of Roseburg
motored to Antauf Sunday where
thev were met by Mr. and Mrs
Clifford McKay nnd children nnd
Mr. and Mrs. Keith nnd daughter
of Kusone. Mr. and Mrs. John Mc
Kay of Springfield nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Bayard Reed of Cottage
Grove. A picnic dinner was en
joyed and a pleasant afternoon
spent In visiting.
Miss Jane Irving, one of the 4-H
club leaders at the summer ses
sion at Corvallis, has returned
home. i
what he wanted most In the world.
"Eats be said unhesitatingly,
"I wrote mother about It two
pages describing the pies, milk,
vegetables, corn on the cob and
Ice cream I wanted her to prepare
for me."
Needless to say his mother was
on hand In New York to witness
the mad welcome given the Ilyrd
party when it triumphantly sailed
up New York harbor. With her
was her husband, C. L. Siple and
fl5 boy scouts from Erie. Tears
streamed from Mrs. Si pie's eyes as
she saw her son for the first time
in two years.
Paul was a freshman In Alle
gheny college, Pa., when he was
picked as the most .eligible boy
scout between seventeen and
twenty years of age to go on the
hazardous adventure with Ilyrd.
REEDSPORT, Ore.. June 2(i.
Mrs. Ronald Honeyman and child
ren and Miss Nadlne Caswell mo
tored from Portland Monday, to
spend a few days visiting Mr. nnd
Mrs. It. 13. Caswell, parents of
the ladles.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. A. Lovelace mo
tored to Drain Sunday on road bus
iness. The board of trustees up
proved the graveling contracts
from Drain to the red bridge which
were let by tbo highway commis
sion last month.
There are lour steam shovels be
tween the red bridge and Drain.
The road Is improved. Herman
and Tittle, contractors on the
Scottsbun; end, brought In a grad
er Sunday to keep the "work at top
Hud Weeks, son of Sam Weeks
of Winchester Hay, broke both
wrists Sitturday while playing on
a swing. Dr. Eastman took the
lad to Keysur's hospital in North
Repd, and brought him home after
bis wrists were set.
(Xt'Ws-KVvirw UuiikUs Comity NiMviul)
GLENDALE, June 27. C. K. Os
bo i lie ot Riddle transacted busi
ness here Friday.
Dr. George c. Knott, a former
Glendale resident, now residing ut
Independence, and Clyde Williams
a druggiHt, also from Indepen
dence, returned to their homo city
Monday after spending several
days here attending to business
matters, visiting friends and inci
dentally finding time to do u bit
of rishlng.
Philip M. Bishop, local represen
tative lor the Union Oil company,
is limping about this week because
or a sprained ankle received Sun
day morning. He was engaged in
hunting a rattlesnake that had
been reported seen near Wolf
Creek when he stepped on a small
stick that caused his ankle to turn
over. The injury did not prevent
Phil from playing his usual posi
tion with the Glendale ball team
Sunday afternoon.
Madalyu Hctiuingcr returned to
Riddle last week for a stay with
her grandmother, Mrs. Fred Ritz
tnan, while iter mother, Mrs. C. S.
lleutilnger. Is at Roseburg recov
ering from her recent operation.
Madalyu's two rrieuds, Velma and
Gertrude Wardrip, are visiting
with her,
Edwnrd Dixon of Mnrshfleld,
who is visiting with his uncle ami
aunt. Mr, and Mrs. T. R. Pollock,
at their Cow creek ranch home,
received a cut on his forearm that
required four stitches to close. He
cut his arm on the window of bis
Mrs. Alma Archamheau and Miss
Florence Johnson motored to
Grants Pass, where the afternoon
was spent thopplng Wednesday.
Miss Kathtyn Clarke, while
house guest at the Hritt-Winchell
ranch on Windy creek, last week,
with the Mere utd of a bucket
caught a rainbow trout, measuring
14 i Inches In length, from a small
Irrigation ditch near the ranch.
After displaying tiie fish ror sev
eral days In a tub of water Miss
Clarke released it in a nearby
stream as she considered it much
too beautiful In Its colorincs and
markings ror any frying pan.
W. Wink, who has been grading
pine lumber at the Glendale Lum
ber company's plant for some time,
went to Portland Wednesday to
seek relief from a bud case of poi
son oik.
Mrs. Grace Fromatser. who with
her husband conducts the Canyon
Auto camp south of Canyon vllle.
visited with her" brother, Archie
While be was away In the Ant
arctic, Allegheny president, Dr.
James A. Deebe, radioed him the
good news that In view of bis ad
mirable record a four-year schol
arship covering all expenses await
ed him on his return.
Now that Paul Is home basking
In the sun at Erie and been con
gratulated personally by President
Hoover, Dan Beard and other cele
brities, the most precious recollec
tion of his exploit is the pruise
given him by Rear Admiral Byrd,
himself, when he said, "Paul took
up his worjc as a man among men,
stood regular deck watches at sea
and turned himself into an ablo
seainon on a full-rigged sailing
Paul plans to make scouting bis
life work after completing I his
studies at Allegheny.
Mosler, nt the Eldon hotel In this
city this week.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Clarke, who
are camped for the summer on up
per Cow creek were Glendale vis
itors Tuesday.
Mrs. T. R. Brown and children of
Eugene were week-end visitors
Lee Parks, well-known Cow
creek rancher, was a Glendale
visitor Tuesday.
Tbo Glendale chapter O. E. S.
had a social evening, followed by
refreshments, nt the close of the
regular chapter meeting -Tuesday
evening, No chapter meetings will
he held dinjng'Jul Wr'Aughiu... (
. The Cjlendale delegates at Hie
Four-Hf; cthb summer school at the
Oregon' Slate college, Corvallis.
where they have been attending a
special two-week session returned
to their homes in this city Satur
day. GlendMe was represented by
Violet nnd Viola Humphreys. Mary
Mid Mnrgart Stevenson. LoIse
Bole" and Bernice Martin. Miss
Florence Johnson.- eighth grade
teacher In the Glendale schools,
was chaperon. 1
I. A. Tucker and C. E. Illldge mo
tored to npoer Cow creek nnd
then liiV-d across the divide to tbo
"outh--Hmnoua shift and fished In
Struts cmeV one tiny this week.
The California-Oregon Power
romnutiy comnleiod the iob of re
bnildin the street lbrbGner system
nlong Gilbertson P"d Pacific ave
nues 1nt week. This mnrks the
completion of tb rebuilding po
P'ct' begun in Olcubile bv the
Copco rnonio last fall. Mns of
tho distribution system wHhfn
Hio cltv and entire street HeM
Ing svatem bns been either vehtitH
nr rennlred In recent months by
tho power company.
GLENDALE. June 28. Mrs. Eli
zabeth Winchell Is attending sum
mer school at Monmouth where
she expects to remain for several
weeks. Mrs. Winchell has been
engaged to teach one of the grades
In the Glendale schools this ensu
ing school year.
Misses Gertrude and Alice Ne
hel and Mrs. I. H. Smith motored
to Grants Pass Friday where the
day was spent visiting.
Mrs. J. O. Lystul was hostess to
the Lutheran Ladies Aid society nt
her home Thursday afternoon.
This was the last meeting preced
ing the Hummer vacation months,
Mrs. Jessie Warnke and her
mother. Mrs. C. Williams, expect
to move next week to a ranch be
low Grants Pass, where they will
be employed. A portion of their
household goods has already been
Shetton Morey, who has been in
Wyoming for some time arrived
here for a visit with his mother,
Mrs, W. B. Lesh. Thursday.
Mrs. "Monte A. Bates .returned
from Grants Pass Thursday with
a new Chevrolet sedan just pur
chased. John Clam, postmaster nt Gnz
ley. visited with his uncle, Wil
liam Butler, In this city Wednes
day. Lucius Hurd Jr.. son of Post
master nnd Mrs. !. L. Hurd, re
turned to his home In this city
Wednesday from a two-week vaca
tion tip to Portland. Tacoma and
Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Fawcett spent
Sundav fishing In the Rogue river
near Gold Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. William W unsch
and daughter. Gloria, motored to
M m1 ford Saturday nnd were over
night guests of Mr. and Mrs.
George Qulm, former Glendale resi
dents. Miss Ernestine Flurrv nnd
hrother. Andrew, of Chiloouln,
visited with their sister, Mrs. W. L.
IVhyns and family here Saturday
and Sunday. Miss Dorothy Combs
(Xws-R-viH- (loiijflua County Sjh'HuI)
GLENDALE, June 28. The Glen
dale Telephone company Is rebuild
ing Us lines on Gilbertson avenue
rhls week, I H. Smith and Kenneth
Raess doing the work.
Through an arrangement with
the Pacific Telephone and Tele
graph company the local company
Ib restringing its wires on cross
arms placed on the pole line be
longing to the Ion? distance com
pany. As some of the old wire
has seen nearly 20 years of use.
It Is being replaced.
Three additional circuits are be
ing added at this time, one for cus
tomers along Gilbertson avenue,
one for Clara addition and one for
lower Cow creek.
The Cow creek line has just
been rebuilt from Glendale junc
tion to this city and one additional
circuit added. The new line will
serve phone patrons along the low
er part of Cow creek valley who
are now connected with the old
Cow creek line. The present Cow
creek line Is a party line, in the
right sense of the word, as It
serves 29 customers.
fw-n'iw Doujrlas ffyintr Spwlal)
Henninger has remodeled his store
with a stucco front. He also has
remodeled and repainted the in
side and has a crew of men at
work laying a cement walk In front
of his place of business.
George A Hash and daushters,
Opal, Sadie and Betty, arrived here
from Montebello, Cal., last Friday.
While here they are the guests at
the H. J. Hash home. They were
formerly residents of Roseburg
and visited friends and relatives
there Sunday.
The Umpqua Auto camp, located
about four miles north of here held
its annual picnic last Sunday.
About two hundred people attend
ed. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrlck are
proprietors of the camp.
Mrs. Frank Sullivan and Mrs. R.
L. Couglar are home again from
of Medford was also a week-end
guest at the Dobyns home.
Bernard A. Chaney, signal main
tainor for the Southern Pacific
company at Grants Pass, upon his
arrival for a visit here Thursday
evening found a message calling
him back to duty. Telegraph and
block signal wires, also the rail
road tracks themselves, were dam
aged when the new box factory at
Grants Pass burned early Thurs
day evening. Destruction of this
plant will mean the loss of em
ployment to 50 men.
The dance given here Thursday
evening by the Glendale baseball
team was a success in every way,
according to Manager Belott. The
proceeds of (he dance go to help
pay the cost of new ,uuii'orms for
(the bnlj team. .' ' '
Miss Eva Pete, who is employed
at Portland, arrived here Sunday
for a two-week visit with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew. Pete,
at their home about, a-mile south
east of this -city. iMiss-Pete is a
sister of George Wildcat" Pete,
the wrestler.
Mrs. Charles B. Austin and Miss
Kathryn Clarke motored to yier
Cow creek Monday. They visited
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Clarke at their
summer camp.
C. L. Normoyle. office manager
for the Glendale Lumber company
returned from a business trip to
Snn Francisco Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. George Favelle re
turned to this city the first of the
week. Shortly after the destruc
tion by fire, last September, of the
Lystul-Lawson Lumber company s
sawmill where he had been em
ployed as ratchet setter, Favelle re
turned to his former home In Iowa
and secured employment with a
large farm implement manufactur
ing company. Favelle found him
self out of a job again when this
company recently laid off 2000 of
Its employees.
Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Zwlght nnd
Mr. and Mrs. C. Nebel made a busi
ness trip to Grants Pass Tues
Charles B. Austin, of the City
Meat market, motored to Grants
Pass Thursday evening.
Mrs. Alice Redfietd. who hnd a
sudden attack or illness Wednes
day night, is now said to be get
ting along nicely.
Country Store Benefit
Everybody come help send the Drum Corps to Baker.
This will be a fine advertisement for the Umpqua valley.
A real time is promised to all who go. Good music, a
good floor, and a good dance. Don't miss this dance I
I Saturday,
Music by
Umpqua Park Band
their trip to the grand lodge meet-'
lug in Portland.
Mrs. C. C. Conkle of Roseburg
visited friends here and at Kiddle
Tex Crowson who is with the As
bury Transportation company of
Portland spent Sunday In Canyon
vllle visiting at the home of Bob
Mrs. F. Hash and Roy Hash of
Roseburg visited friends and rela
tives here Sunday afternoon. Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Hash and two
children of Roseburg spent Sunday
evening visiting at the H. J. Hash
home here.
Mrs. and Mrs. Kenneth Hopkius
left here Friday afternoon for San
Francisco, driving a Pierce Arrow
sedan there for T. H. Palache o!
that city who left the car at the
Pacific Highway garage a short
time ago to be repaired after he
had run It Into the bank a short
distance south of here.
Mrs. Gerald Fitzpatrlck of this
City attended the commencement
exercises in Myrtle Creek Wednes
day evening.
Mrs. John Hamlin Is reported
quite ill at her home this week.
The Masonic and Eastern Star pic
nic, held at the Canyon Auto camp
just south of the city Sunday was
attended by a large number of peo
(Ww.-Rm-Ipw Dounlai County Spprlal)
RIDDLE, Ore., June 28. Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Morgan were shopping
and visiting in Roseburg Tuesday
Mrs. Milton Acker of the Wolf
Creek ranger station is spending
the week here visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Acker.
Mrs. Eunice Rhodes left Sunday
for Sitkum, where she will visit
at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Belle Sheppard.
Mrs. Ernestine Henslee of Marsh
field is visiting at the home of her
uncle, Charles Henslee.
Glen O. Willis, who has been vis
iting in Portland several weeks,
returned to his home here Friday.
Miss Betty Howard is visiting
relatives at Dillard this week.
Miss Rosamund Logsdon of Rose
burg, accompanied by Harold, Viv
ien and Lois Logsdon of Granger,
Ore., spent last Sunday at the home
of 0. V. Logsdon here.
Mrs. Dona Conner left Thursday,
by auto, for Portland, where she
will visit for several weeks at the
home of her t : filter, Mrs. Er
nest Morlm nnd oilier relatives.
Bud Uuell, acting postmaster of
Myrtle Crrek. was looking after
business affairs here Monday.
Mrs. Mayme Riddle and son.
Harold, of Medford were guests
Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. O. L. Grant and other rela
tives. Mrs. H. E. Schmidt and Mrs
Charles McCoy of Sacramento, who
are .spending several weeks with
their father, Ed Hervey at Ruckles
have been visiting friends here al
so. They will be remembered as
Lois and Audrey Hervey who for
merly resided here.
Dr. George Houck Jr., of Cal
ifornia spent Frlduy here visiting
with hiB friend, Tom Culfiforth.
Mrs. Ernest Riddle left Sunday
for Eugene . to attend summer
Miss nernice Jurgens,, Jie'ena
Riddle, Lilian Logsdon and Faun
nie Poole were shopping in Rose
burg Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. George McClane returned
from Diamond Lake the first of
the week, alter visiting there with
her daughter. Miss Matie McClane.
Mrs. William Moore and three
children nnd Mrs. Everett Meaalur
and daughter, Phyllis, all ot P.ak
ersfield, arrived here Thursday
morning for a two weeks visit at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
George Frater, who has been vis
iting here the past week, left for
his home at Longvlew,. Wash-
Thursday. He was accompanied
home by Mrs. Mary Riddle, who
will spend the summer with her
daughter, Mrs. Frater at Longview.
Prof, and Mrs. Tom Cutsforth,
who came from Kansas by motor,
arrived here Wednesday evening
and are euests at (lie home of Mr.
Cutsforth's parentR. Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Cutsforth. They have been
in the east several years attending
school. This year both received
doctors degrees from the Univer
slty of Kansas. They expect to re
turn to Kaunas this fall where they
have teaching positions.
Mrs. Cabot Shops Mrs. Nettie
Cabot, of Tenmile, was shopping
and visiting friends here yester
day. June 28
(NVw.-Rpvlcw UougiiM Coumy Spcal)
GLENDALE, Ore., June 28. Ed
Kafer is re opening a shoe repair
uliop in the Clarke building adpoin
iiiK the one Just vacated by O. L.
1'eikins who moved his shoe re
pair business to Drain the first of
the week.
Kafer was formerly in the shoe
repair business in this city with
his father. "Dad" Rater's place of
business was burned at the lime
of the big fire here July, 1928, at
which time most of his tools were
(NVw.-R.'vlw Doucla. County Special)
GLENDALE, June 28. Glendale
Lodge No. 172 I. O. O. F., held Its
first meeting in the new Odd r el-
lows building Tuesday "evening. The
lod.e rooms are not completed.
Neurly all tne requirea material
is on hand and the lodge members
hope lo be able to have the entire
upstairs finished by fall. Most of
the work is being done by the
members themselves at odd times.
The Oild Fellows lost their
building and all equipment two
years ago in July, at the time of
the big Glendale fire.
(Nw-RfIiw Douglas County Special)
GLENDALE, Ore., June 29.
The Glendale cemetery association
will hold a meeting next Tuesday
evening, July 1, at the city hall at
8 o clock to discuss various mat
ters of interest regarding the ceme
tery work.
' The association has just receiv
ed a supply of grave markers.
There are 142 unmarked graves,
You nre cordially invited to come and enjoy a "Colonial
Dames Beauty Treatment" with our compliments. By special
arrangement with the Colonial Dames Laboratories in Holly,
wood, their specialist will give these wonderful beauty treat
ments to show the exquisite effect the proper use of cosmetics
Will produce.
We desire to reserve an appointment for you, hut It is abso
lutely necessary that you phone or call tor a reservation early.
This is a unique opportunity and we urge you to come early to
avoid disappointment.
Free Facials will be
given by the Colonial
Dames Specialist
' Miss Ann Ginther
June 23rd to July 5th,
Pioneer Picnic and Celebration
Idleyld Park
Registration of all visitors and get-acquainted session.
Outdoor checkers, lawn tennis, and horseshoe contests.
Basket lunch by North Umpqua Social Club. Free coffee
in charge of Mrs. Nellie Vleck. Special noon contests.
Address of Welcome
Seati ng of speakers and pioneers.
Chorus, "America"
Flag Raising.
Invocation Mra- Effie Shrum
Chorus, America the Beautiful" Audience
Reading, "Lincoln's Gettysburg Address" Oscar Shockley
Musical Number.
Patriotic Address J. V. Long
Closing Chorus, America" Audience
Fiddling Contest Silver Cup
Hog Calling Contest Silver
Ladies' Tape Cutting Contest
Cash Prize.
Men's Log Chopping Contest
Cash Prize.
Ladies' Nail Driving Contest
Cash Prize.
I nine "in dc untieing in
the evening under the direction of Oscar and Mrs. Shock- S
ley good music is promised
gj Everybody Welcome Everybody Come
I Pioneers Especially Invited J
many of them unknown, In the lo
cul cemetery. Considerable more
work will be done if authorized by
the general menilruiiln
inn to Mrs. J. A. Dewey, president.
To George O. Gatlin, marketing
specialist at Oregon Slate college,
goes the credit for formulating the
plans which resulted In the recent
organization of the Unipquu Valley
Fresh Fruit Growers, Iuc.
Mr. Gatlin, a recognized market
ing authority, met with growers
here, drew up the articles of asso
ciation and by-laws and otherwise
assisted in getting the movement
Yoncalla, Tuesday, July first.
Carload of well broken work
horses, ranging . from 12 to liiiio
lbs.; one good cow horse; few
lighter stock. Vsual terms given.
COBB BROS., Owners.
CAL EATON, Auctioneer.
We Overhaul
Your Car In
24 HoursSj
Watch This Space
W. F. Chapman
103 N. Jackson Street
Roseburg Oregon
Telephone 269
M. L. Kimmell
Pie Eating Contest Cash
Ladies' Crock Breaking Con
test Cash Prize.
Men's Wheelbarrow Race
Cash Prize.
Ladies' Snowshoe Race Cash
Resaddle Horse Race Silver
Cup Engraved.