Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, December 17, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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: 'V v'' ;..r ! P -ft ; y
; You cannot possibly go wrong when you'
"' make selections for "Him" in this Man's
Shop. We know exactly what he wants
and we have it! in every desirable color
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'lod of roars follow what wo max
I'wm ha alluotiil f 01 inula. '
I Army Needs Loyally.
I Statlutf why ti bflleved Colonel
i Mitchell shoald tiS diamiascd Irom
jibe army. Major Gulllon said:
I "Tlifcre are certain lenifcntar
i principles of loyally and cuboidiu-
laiion which every arganuauou
iiitul malutula If It I to remain a
going concern. These elementary
principles are realty lawj of organ-
( lzatlon and are strictly observed by
I corporations and religious bodies,
i Not one of these would tolerate
1 such conduct aa the accused's, Dle-
iniLssal would bo bis portion. How"
' mucb more necessary Is It for mem
j bers of the army to follow those
plot to ussaMlnale Oermanys or-ifrom the Tmy for B1K.h conduct is
, V, . then fore positively indicated.
v i""T,n r"olat med -There are certain fundamental
.Kaltdorff and Lorens are under ar- Ules of human conduct which con-
(Aanellti'd trtm WU.)
BKRUNl l)eo. lT.-That pig
Htrtaeniann muiit be killed," Is a
' paaaage in a letter, the discovery
of which led to revelation o( the
fected their plans lo the poiut of!
, providing lor disguises and a get
away in motor cars and an air
p pinna after Ule assassination.
That this was not the first at-
One of the most important of these
rules requires that serious charges
against one's fellows must not be
mada groundlessly. By his unfound
ed attacks on the honor of his at
tempt against the lowijcn minister 0.latM1 accueU ta violated
i was revealed by his newspaper,
.the Taeglische Kunschau.
I On the anniversary of the assas
sination of i.r. Walter Uathenau
; (who was killed Juno 24. 1922) tiie
paper aays, several persona hid ia
the garden of the foreign minister
that rule and would be expelled
from any such association.
Demotion and Reproof Unfit.
"Would an admonishment fit the
offenses of which the accused has
been clearly proven guilty? For
making statements which his coun
ahd fired a number o .toll at Dr. , , , t record ,lalementg
I tTmaa- l X Ui"r. but not as bad as those of
Police who searched the Barden d ,
; were unable to find the criminals. f':..,u,St. .r7i iittT
days before the departure of the
German delegation tor the recent
Locarno security conference but
the vigilance of the Munich and
Uerlla police' prevented the at
j recommended that he be admonish-
led. .Encouraged by such leniency
ha has now gone to the unforglv-
lable extreme. '.
j "Would a reduction In files be a
suitable punishment? It would
! hardly be punishment at all. The
Christmas tree, at Uraud'a Road , 5, " . " ".T"h"
(Continued from rage 1.)
, The three small children of Mr.
and Mrs. E. L. Klce of Dlllard,
nave been suffering from trlchino
slav have almost completely recov
ered from their serious illness. The
the only logical head of It."
"That." the major said. Is "the
formula he has followed. Every
demagogue has followed a similar
111 lone, protesting unseliishness and
"What punishment would, under
the custom of our service, be meted
out to a soldier with only a sixth
grade education who' had commit
ted the offense of which the ac
used has been proven guilty ? Con
finement at hard labor most cerj
talnly. How then can this unre
pentant accused with all his ad
vantages of education and position
be lot -att with lest than dismiss
al?" ' ; "
Major Gulllon admitted that It
et, 'secretly seeking scif-afc-grandi)-1 wa, Bot kuown jult bow Mnolia-
covered at Iho presont time.
Cook with gaa.
f4T 2L'1;!?.;H. is. FRENCH j
pnona zzu j
small girl was quite seriously
while th nthent hiul lltfhtpr
tacks. All are apparently fully ra-lmc' " ne appealed directly U the Iy ln ccused's conduct has actull-
I peupie over urn uaus i tojiuoi-y prejudiced discipline' and told
ltd authority." i,ne court ..jt aewl nol D known"
Mitchell Is Analyred. I to enable It lo reach a finding.
! "'a this man a alos j. Ltted to 0ur solUiris are watching this
,lead the people out of a Udernes j ls lttl(L ..j,.,,u (jijmis, Dira
.whicsj ia his own creation only? Is an(1 J0a weakeI1 ti,8 authority of
;he of the George Washington type i BVry non-commissioned officer In
counsel would have you believe? tn4 ,eryice. Dismiss him as he de-
Is be not rather ot the ail-too-ia. : .
miliar charlatan and demagogue o( erery g)n(?l9 of(icor commanding
iv pei ' '"" a one company post from JIarfa to
i fair rider, a good allot, flamboyant, jjogakss "
1 Belt advertising, wildly imaginative,:. 0
destiuctlve. never construcllve ex-! EYery day evenlng 'till
.cept in wild non-feaslbjo schiimes, ' eVen Barbecue sandwiches and
.and never overly careiul as to the oUuT goal t wt t Drand.,
lelhlcs ot his methods. . r 7 rioad Stand
-.'This court has bad opportunity j UOtta "t'"1' 7
,lo siuuy inogo meinour, nui uuiy as.
revealed In his aUiL-mtuts of the
j fifth, and ninth, but also in his for-1
nun" statements wnicn uis counsel
1 ,
To not rtcml in fear and dread of
of niovlng day. Tell us lu advance
your moving plans and we will
execute them with speed aud satis
faction at lowest rates.
We aim to please'
has road into the record. All of
ithese statements made over a per-
- ' -
Dr. L. M. Lehrbarh, who for
a number of yeurs was a pructic-
Ing physlcia nin Itceeburg, but
who left the city four years ago,
'has returned to this city to mako
' his home permanently. Dr. Lehr
Ibach went from Koseburg to Chi
cago where be took a post gra
Iduate course in surgery before
j opening an office in the city. Af
jter two years spent there he went
?to Twin Kails, Idaho, where he
I specialized In surgery for a clinic
lot Twin Falls physicians. Dr.
! lehrhach has made a specialty of
(gynecology and goiter surgery.
lie expects to specialize In these
branches here, although he will
I do general practice also,
lie has tnken hack his same of
fices and equipment that he had
j before his depnrture. He sold
out before leaving to Dr. Louis
Melvin. who left Itoschurg ecv
eral months ago, and Dr. Lehr
bach ha tttken bark the equip
ment from Dr. Melvin.
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!Twas "the Week Before Christmas"
' . ' This modern electric range will help ;
avoid the predicament most men find
themselves in, the week before Christmas. .
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Settb the family's biggest Christmas
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Horpoint Model RS-67 in all-white
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. i , . ... . . t . , 18x18x14 inches. Wanning com.
1 ' - partmrnt. I Icipht, 57 incite. Occu.
' pies compact floor space of 2&4
51Ji inches.
They're all In the Hotpoint Model RS-67.
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How to Quickly Limber Up ;
Sore, Stiff, Swollen Joints
Holly wrt'itilis, l'-inch ilze, EOc
each, lurjte sizes matio to ordur.
Sold by weight Tlia Fern, ..or
is i.
ncriDtiun fall to hfin litindroilji nt
this cUKtomiTa to get rll of rhoumat-
Jt: awUlnK ftntl at iff, In O anted,
pain-torture Jofnta.
And it waa this name man who
aaserted that ft rcmily could and
would b compounded that would
make creaky, aw ultra. tormenu 4
Joints' work with )unt aa much
smooth! as thry ever did.
Now this prescription, rlsrhtlr
onmd Jolut-Oae, after belna; t-st- .
d sucot'Ksrully. on many obstinate t
on "The Highway To (caaps. Is orrrd through proKrewntve
utidav I)prtinlwr ?u nharniai-lHta ti ntllllona of people;
I. ii ii iwno suffer from lllnV Joints that;
need limberlns; up. 1
Swollen, twingy. Inflamed, stiff, i
paln-toitured Joints are usually
vankvd by rhcumiitlsm. but what- I
evr the can. Joint-Kase soaks
atmlKht In through sin and f leah I
rlwht down to the tendons and llga- f
mnfa of the Joints rittlu viuie
pharmarlat all the trouble starts and.
aiter pre- t u leaned reitpt comes quicKiy.
MXTl ltK Ti Uli CilVKN.
J. C. Watt, ot Brooklyn. New
Yark. rrprontiig th lutornv
tlonat liible rtiuIent association,
will lecture on
l.ilt." on 6
at T:4& p. m.. at the Woone Hull.
The meeting Is free and no coi
lacifon will be taken.
Mn. F.P. Jonea bas purchased the
honiftUH-hing niachlnu at Fishers
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Itemetnber. Joint-Kaae Is for
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kl, knee, hip., elbow, spine or fin
ger, and whn you ruh it on. you
may expect sieedy ard grutifyintf
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Always reinpmber, when Ji.lnt
Ease gets In Joint asrony gets out lb
Biggest Selling Joint
Remedy in the World
by fog of varying density. This baa
Lecn responsible for a bait doien
railroad accidents of a minor char
fKAOWj a 1 KVJUOLX, delay on the system which had on
. 1 1 partially recovered from the ef
fects of Tuesday pllzzard.
KEYSER To Mr. and Mrs. T. 0.
Keyser, at their home, ' 801 Mill
street,- Wednesday, December 16,
1925, a boy.
AmteLlri Prrw Leswd Wirt.)
PARIS, pec. 17. France is suf
fering from the most Intense cold
; spell in 90 years. The thermome
ter in Paris last night dropped to
five degrees above ifro fahrenhelt
( Even the favored Klveria ij feel
, InR the bite of winter. The best
tthat Its propagandists can say for
It k that "It Is warm in the sun
here. In many parts of France
the cold wearhor Is arrompanled
JOHNSON t- To Mr. and Mrs.
O. E. Johnson, at their home In
Winchester, Wednesday, Decern
ber It. 1985, a t?lrl.
tr- fiH Li
1 f
sUJi-dlir Theatre.
Madge Kennedy, who co-stars
I with Conasy Tearlo In "lind Com
j puny" now playing at the Maje.tile
Theatre. I Lady Hsfrles, Hr.
' Jeckel and Hyde, all in one. Al
i the opening Vf the picture we ftmt
; net flourishing an ualy looking
i gun and stealing valuable prtpera
from the hafe of two wealthy
Rentlemvn and a few movents
I Icier we find her, the hmiortd
i guet &t an autocratic uptown
lumheon p.irty. Artcr we niuka
this diseovery, wn leirn the a-
i' (ul truth that the ttK.y lookln
';' Automatic revolver was nothing
j hut a fii)e little cigarette race and
I then the w ondering begins.
Thus you have at a cittnee some
of the mysteries of the picture
now playing the Maje'tlc Theatre.
In "Mad t'ompany", which Is an
I adaptation from the mngaiine
story, ilia i mutate ttoon, i.ou
way Tearle and Madge Kennedy
do some of the beat work of their
screen career.
lit fHMIM&S
Camille, oue ot the dance hall
girls, togged in her abbreviated
skirt and with tinted cheeks and
painted lips, meets the hero of
the drama, a bankers son who,
having paid the cost of crime
through a prison sentence, Is un
able to find work and drifts again
iuto this spot of iniquity.
Large cupboard, just the thing
for canned fruit; a bargain at
perhaps never In ber cafeer has
Miss navies been so admirably
cast as in the role ot "Mamie",
the demure, whimsical yet bum
erous heroine of "Zander the
A different angle and a new
twist has been given the plsy by
the Introduction of several com
edy characters, who divide the
picture equally Into two portions
one devoted exclusively to the
comedy element and the other to
an epic drinia of the far west.
The quick moving plot Is punc
tuated with the swifter moving
action of cowboys, bandits and
rum-runners, who engage In a
tremendous battle in the sweep
ing spaces of the Mojave desert.
IJlM-rty Theatre.
' Where are the llarbary Coasts
of yesterday? Where are the red
light districts that flourished In
.very American cltyf
These restricted lanns nave adjudicated banl.,Ui.t; and that
passed on with the corner saloon j the llt,t meeting of hla credltora
and the cheap dance hall. wll b4 pW tne off,c, of ,hp un.
One of th last of these dives d l ud ln Koseburir.
IO mil" l mniiu - inv ii-
fumed Harbary Coast of San Fran
cisco. In that district the devil
m.n7 time. over, but the march i tor. may attend prov. their claims.
An civilization finally ended, the
In the District Court of the United
State, for the District of Oregon.
' In the matter of Wesley H. Bone-
brake, Dankrupt.
To the creditors of Wesley H.
Bonebrake, of Rnaeburg, in tho
county of Douglas, and district
aforesiiid, a bankrupt:
Notice hi hereby given that on
the 15th day of iK-cember, 125, the
said We.k;y H. bonebrake was duly
I Oregon, on the 30th day of Decern'
I ber, 1925, at 10 o'clock In the fore
noon, t which time th said crcdl
. .. , ' - , K. hllhnla
-anaer me virem, iiiw miui'iit icsivti u ,
stage play, adapted lor (he K-reeu In "Camilla of the Harbary
by France Marlon and t.irr,n Coast," coming Friday to th U
Murlon Davles, will be -iumn at.berty Theatre, there are a lew
fhe Aull. rs Tboattv. braiumag ;glliapsea lulo tkla once wldely
i rlday toil coatinu or to rt. Ikaawa bad-UBd. It 1 ir that
trustee, examine the
I bankrupt and transact sucb other
busuies as may properly come be
fore said meeting.
Dated December 17. 19rj
- Bafera to Baakrajiicy.
m rr ma - . w
Also for
New Years
Aik agent for sal
dates, limits.
Reduced Fares
Forcxamplc: ' ,
Round Trip Fares
8an Francisco I24.4S Eugen 14.00
Ashland 6 95 .': Albany ' 15.70
Medford . M 30 " 8alem $7.00
Oranta Pas 4.t0 ; Portland , 9.M
Sale dam December 19-2S limit January 4.
Proportionate reductions to man ether points.
Ailc Agent
Sent hem Pacific Lines
l B. MOORE, Csnsral Agent, JPhon 11