Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, December 04, 1925, Page 2, Image 2

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-' ' l-iQ44 Omy lort Sunday fcy Th Nw-Wev.w Co., Inc. -
TT Tk Aaaocltd Vrm la xclMalTalv nuUd L thm uaa to rtDUbll
Mtloa of u bwi Uiicbtic cr4nd to it o sot iharwt r41ii
a w. utis-
Jtetered m second elm matter
ftoseburg, Oregon, under
Oally, per rear, by mall i
iu. sis seen una, ev saau
ly, three months, by null.
JMUJi slagle mouia, by auOL.
ajally, "by carrier, per monib.
yfaeVm News-Review, by mail, per
. We don't know who is responsible for the faulty con
fctnt$4n of the decking on the Oak street bridge. This mat
ters little. But the fact that it is going to be a public nui
sance during the wet season of the year is of much concern to
3ie public. It is also of much importance to the taxpayers
generally that the life of the structure will be greatly short
fcneeiSy water left standing on the deck of the bridge to rot
JJnd destroy the heavy timbers, not to mention the Blush
hrownjon pedestrians and the many cars operating thereon,
jjtoseiiurg has outgrown that small town stuff of "passing the
iuck when it comes to important improvements of any
JioA"Jfecting the general public ; This city is building for
Jhe future and no makeshift improvements should be toler
ated." As the Oak street bridge stands today it will be noth
ig more or less than a duck pond during the entire winter
eas0h-a disgusting and disagreeable thoroughfare for the
Lundreds of people who use it daily and a mighty poor adver
Itisemcpt to a progressive city. The public should demand
JimnnxHate reconstruction of the surface that proper drain
i lige may be had, thereby prolonging the life of the structure
jind adding to itp general service and usefulness. The cost
JM such improvements at this time would be a legitimate sav
ing to the taxpayers in the long run, ; - , ! -;;.
, f I.
fy erything from "soup to nuts" went wrong in the me
chiajtcjl department of the News-Review yesterday. The
big press that handles the daily
by hangs a tale entirely too
; jnowever, a nine taray, we enure ecu lion was run on me
j press and mailed, during the late hours of the night., .There
was only pn.e pleasant feature of the day's happenings the
tact that every employee of this plant willingly put his shoul
jpler to the wKeel to overcome-the 'various difficulties en-
countered, many of them' rounding out -an 18-hour shift,
fl'hjsspirit alone fully relays the management for all the ex
!!pense and inconvenience encountered. i It is this service that
JJielps k fellow to to over the1 top with a smile and assures
.Jam that loyal and trusty, workmen are paramount to all
;;otherthinga. . .We are running on "all fours" today and as
;; smooth as a Swiss watch. - ' ' '
IhS Christmas
Ajry man will ap
pjjyiate one of
trwee shirts we
hove them in plain
a2d fancy colors
ifXtuede cloth.
jTto one can
make a mistake
Iii buying shirts,
Jir here are the
identical . . shirts
it buys for hint-
-Fresldent and Manager
Max 17, 120, at the post office al
the Aot of Mares 2, l1t.
. It
. l.UU
. v
. I.Ov
0 r
edition "balked" and there- I
long to 'publicly disseminate.
No gift gets hearer
to a man's heart
. ' than something he
can actually use
o and Tjttl
The best looking best fitting
and best - wearing socks
Evtrything in men's wear
A feller had turkey lor dinner
Thanksgiving, hot mince pie for.
aupper and a nightmare at mid
night all without coat. 1 '
Yea, 'Juaber, you can' truthfully
aay tnat tne buy wno lives in Ine
garret fiaa the foeroj atucs., I j
f J
"Look at that woman with that
terrible yeilow hair and thoee cow
"Yep, ahe'a an ox-ide blonde,
icn't anet" . , ...
: ,
Mary had a little lamb;
her dad knocked it acid.
Now Mary takte her lamb
Betweun twe hurlke of brc jii
The way It read In tne morning
paporl"i,ineteen More Daya Un-j
til Chrlitmaa." , i .
The way it looked to Dave, at
college rMintaen Mora .Daya UnJ
til I go back to the eweet mma."
Trie way it looked' to eaid eweot i
mama "Nineteen More Uaya Un-1
til Dave givea me the big diamond
I've been waiting for." I - .
The way it looked to Dave'e
dad "Nineteen More Daya: Until
that boy of mine cornea back and
ruine my credit a'jain." . :
'. , , ,
Ministers Do you take tine man
for better or for'woreef
Bride: No, tan. Jce' at he la If
he pita any better he'll die, ao' if
he pita any wuaa I'll kill myself.
Small' Qirf: Give ma a bite of
your candy, Jlmmie.
Small boy: Can't do it, but yea
can kiaa me while my mouth t
atlCky. ,
-A,d thentheeort.. cm. to
life in the undertaking parlore.
"What n the world did the un
dertaker dor, 1 1 1 ' i
''Merly eafd, 'C'mon, be a good
ecout, and awallow this embalming
fluid.' 1
1 '
-"Perhapa Henry' FdYei villi be able
, . . j
fr .....
to abolish cows In the same way'""" . U(eanu to-
tha he eliminated war and - dant -
a.-' .1.
Whether his tastes tend
toward outdoor life or not
he'll always find use for a
good Sweater or Sport
The I? nvrVwenr "'l'
he buys fir hhnx'ir.
I'lte old Chrl.ilnmn n"i-k-wear
Joke will b out
of dale if )o il select
Lowest Pnces
Highest" Quality
1 - -
, City Engineer tpiulein Is busily
"ft. i"""? ,he ! ai. faucy articles will be tor
isdiit sheen ao ma large aaiouat I J
of paving work doue by the city 1 ' '
during tuo suniuitr mouths, "f'ho Aje,j,4,4eaaeee
city uns yeur grouped ;an ot n,"'"""T"
paiiug, o that the .larga aniduot ,ng Dut during the rempuellng
or. wora 10 ue aum. aui-ac.eo qui-
d biddurs, bMUttiAg 4n ccmpeil -
iou aud uUilliM ia 6;iow price
tbe wdrki 'jhe isi..a Bva nu cuur, rQom , tou-
1 , V i . . T , , ' .Z
l-cw v;-
, buutM,ud uy Hie aeverul improve -
mailt..' As so'ou as be completes
mis work, the shto.s will be turn -
pd mer to the cliy recorder who
unit tiiil-aai Ittr IwiltlV. HiaVM
utter wlilth lh council wiii adojti
urUUiaK'fft lovyintf the propuswU
tifiscBci ine ills.
Kurt hiin rtnTriiiri J Lriart ArM'n.
will mve camera and saving bank
Iree to evaiy PerSuo aurting sav-
lugs account witu us this week, of the Pacific HauK ol Couinieice,
Sea us at Story lies', L'mpqua llo- of l'oriiaud. lu the t'auaaiau riauk
lei building. ' '' i i of Commerce, a iocui uiauxb ur tue
. j ' " : Canadian Hank of Commerce of
Jl'STlt'p: Or' THtf lKl'K i Toronto, waa auuounced here to-
1 '1X MVb"Ti fnl'til.A4 iday by K. I Thompson, president
, , . . , HAT. IIA.NK ill ll.lI.V(l. of the l'ttclllo bank. The 1'ucilic
. ' ;v ' i ' I bank formerly was know n as the
'Justlra of the Teaee gedrgeiWaituiau and Thompson bank.
Jones Is pripnring to moVe his j o
orine from the Knights' of l'y- r Candy cauea made to older, any
Unas hail to the second floor of isixe. i'lace your orders early. 1'al
the new liouKias Natiolial Itauk !ace of Sweeta. Phone 7ti.
buildlnfr. Atlornny Jones lor-1 p
nierly had his office In tliat build-1 Cook wun gas
Rectangular and Cushion Shape
Wrist Watches
. $15.00 and up.
Many ilcfties lo rhin.-i' from trustworthy
niui'n-.,'titH- at lowit cash prlcre. Tractlcal
li'u urliil - Hiexynnlve lu raune It's Ihe
"flrSiTii. Vm'i .iiTT!
detihle Vicethle illh. or ore of
trirli iif Than tr hf ho - ;pttnMf
Jewelry Designing
This is a broad statement to make,
perhaps, but after you have once
purchased, some of our Delicious
Meats, the reason for it all will be ap
parent. For
Quality and.
the Meats we sell have no superior,
Prices Are Lower
Beef Pot Roast, lb 14c
Beet Rib Boiling, lb 12c
AH Steaks, lb 20c
Veal Steak, lb 20c
Veal Roast, lb - ..15c
Corn red Pork Shoulder. Roast....23c
Corn Fsd Pork Leg Roast.... 25c
Swift Hams, half or whole 33c
tancy eastern Bacon, lb. 37c
Picnic Hams, lb : 24c
Cottage Ham. lb. 1 -33c
Creamery Butter, lb. 52c
rresh Eggs, dozen .'. 5t)c
North Side Market
Boyer Bros! Phone 280
s The St. Ueorge s Guild
v "le " ntlu
1,....nus garage sJatuiuay,
tec. Tamaies, piuin-uuu- s
ilinfl anil nitiRr i-noWeil loous.
lu..aa u.OVeu to tne Kuikuis oi
. ,,U1UM uuliaini!. wnere ue baa
.,....,,, Luurt. 'rhe new oi-
m.eaon una tho Kuusius oi ry-
iJa Uunnuet room win sim ue
'uca tur tuut purpose.
1 u
rur rileumatiam or neuritis you
!.,., k,.,. .,.,., Tnomusou aimer-
. iirumess fieaitu
iZl cus St. 1'iione i'Jl.
tAtatl Itns LM.-d Wir,.)
POUTLAND, Ore., IX'C. 3. Sale
'."" "T ' S
Foatiir" Hip Orange Woaaom rings. The
solllalre ii;,inimi(l ring you, give her today
can he notched with a beautiful Orame
llloj cm v dillng ring In-fore lha marrlatrw
cen motiy. . - . - ,
I" Sin
Silver 1 lolloware for
the' mas Tabic, '.
A pair of fllvor caiwlli-stlcka. a
our silver platter- will B III Ilia
- of your table.
The annual class play of the
Junior class of the Kust'burg hlKh
school was. preaeutvd at tue Aat
K'ra theatru liut . night beforu .a
caiiliy buue. The couitiiy, "Mrs.
Duuipituail UIkIi." was eilreim ly
hfavy fur blKh icboul otuckul but
because of liie ficcllott dramatic
ability posswised by several mem
bers of lb cUu lha play K as i
handled with great success ami'
was made very eutertalhlutf. I
The plot was uuique anil alforued
many humorous ailuailocs and dia
logues wbicb kept the lar au
dleoca lu almost coaiuiuoua laugb
ter. Eacb of tbe actors took bis
or her part lu a very creditable
manner, speakiut; well, Dot only
lor Uio uutural drauilic ability of
each but also for the excellent
coaehlug received.
Candy caues made to, any
size. Flace your orders early. Pal
ace of,weets. I'hone 76.
As the Christmas season ap
proaches the uiuuy cluinlable insil
tutlons ot tbe state are brought to
tbe attention of the populace
worthy of remenibraucc. Among
these institutiona is the V.'. C. T. U.
children's farm home, where there
are grouped many chuuren who are
dependent upon the state at large
for their Christmas Joy. Tue local
union is making an appeal, through
the News-Hevlew, lo the resident
of i)ougtas county. The farm home,
near Corvallis. now has five col
lages tilled with children who are
growing up to be useiul ciljzens ol
the stale. People are asked U
help make a bright and happi
Christmas for the children by pre
vidiog gilts for them. All Kill
should be labeled plainly for "111'
Children's Farm f lume'' and slioui
be leit at AicKeau, Darby an
Baldwin's Furniture store.
A few practical suggestions fe
the gitU to the borne are, as to
Iowa: -
For gtrls, cottaGes, 3: good
books, girls niagaaues. play furni
ture, doll buggies, table games,
game boards, paint book; Crayola
aud water colors, strong light
wheelbarrow, pin cushions, scis
sors and ' thimbles, embroidery
floes and crochet cotton, andirons,
2 buildings; library tauie covers,
targe dictionary and stand, dresser
covers to embroider, sewing bas
kets, beads, pencil boxes, peucil
sharpeners, Bibles for girls, 20.
For boys, cottages 2: flood
books, good rr.agH2lnes, express
waous, tiurge und strung), tools.
Erector sets, building biocas, table
games, paint books, Crayolas and
waler colors, strong ligut wheel
barrow, andirons, 1 setsv tricycles
large and -small, pocket knives,
pencil sharpeners, pencil boxes,
large dictionary aud stand, roller
skates, llibles, i0.
Uifts lor the home as a whole
are suggested as follows:
Hooka ou child training and boy
and girl problems for supt. and
matrons library. A boat lor - the
luke. liicycles that could bn loaueu
lo boys and girls who might morit
the use of them. Dried fruit and
canned fruit, canued vegetables,
canned fish and apples. Siocaings.
plum and strong, biacK or brown,
lor boys and girls, lloys shirts,
ages 1. 1 5 yearn. Volley ball and
net. Indoor baseball and bats, flas
ket ball, puncuing bag aud bund
ball, liood strong combs. Sets of
wadhras, toothbrush and paste,
lilacs, bioomirs lor girls 8 lo la
years. Oood records tur Victrola.
Christmas decorations for tree and
cottages. House biippers tor buts
and girls (rati be home made).
L'hrisiiuaa candy and slut-kin: lor
Ihe trees. Christinas cookies.
Nuts. Small second hand Ford de
livery (tor delivering milk and
supplies to dilleivnt collars).
Uubuer boots and rubber", flood
pictures for Ihe walls, lied aprcaiis.
There are plenty of dolls promised
ao do not plan to send any.
Candy canes made to order, any
9ix. lNaow your oi-durs early. Pal
ace ot Swwtn. i'hone 7t.
(AcUtil Fnm Lrd Wif.)
SALEM, Ore., Dec. 4. About
JljO iu cash and checks amounting
lo several hundred dollars were
stolen from the Willamette Univer
sity vault In the secretary's office
but night. Tbe door of the vault
was forced with a crowbar lhat
waa found in the building this
Of the money taken 38 belonged
to a student. Alter opening tne
sale the strong box was smashed
open, apparently with a heavy In
strument. Officers belleTO expert commit
ted the burglary.
Plan to do your Christmas shop
ping earl aiore advisable this
veer than ever before belter op
portunities for Chrii"tms are now
on display In Crocker's Drug Store.
See our windows.
Eeat with gma.
You are. I bope, all rtady for ,
winter days. 1 do not mean wlm
arm, smart domes, out wim
Eeauty preparations if yod call
tiem SO lO yte.euv ,u
iiii does to th akin.
x' .i.t hsvd a aream. far the
,ce will cfap sua noiuug iireytui.
iila i.iii (Tennis, rubbed on be
,.e or alter being out in tne eoi.i.-
tU M'.u ...
Vk, and carry it in your nan
bas, and yod uiuM use it frequently
when outdoors to keep your liys
cole. 'Ihen you need nerxr have
that btauty destroymg aifllction, a
cracked lip-
Vou uiut have a Un, preferably
with a siller top. of powdered oat
meal. You need not have it sceut
'cd, though it often comes that way,
but you must have it fine. Alter
washing the bands, sprinkle a lit
tle oatmeal over them and rub. it
in to drv Ihem. This makes the
skin wonderfully soft and white
and also prevents the dreaded
bald water is especially bad for
the Bkin in winter. I'ut a little out
meal powder in the water, or fake
oatnual bara, as described in pre
vious Chats to soften it. it might
be as well, also, to make up a lo
ll un of equal parts glycerine, rose
water and either lemon or honey,
as a bleach and to keep the skin
of the bands soft. Use It on the
Jot Laura A-rUpKrnart f9
Left Over Pineapple
Fried Eggs and Bacon
. Luncheon
liaked tirap-muts I'Uh
. Wholewheat Bread
Maimalaoe Cocoa
,il Cutlet
Potatoes Squash
uetiuce nvnen Dressing
Skuiued Fruit Pudding with
Hard Bauce
Many housekivpri-s have already
made tbeir Plum Pudding for the
Chrtstnmn dinner and have tucked
it away to "rlpeu" for the festive
meal. H'U tho who have not ac
copiellseed this task, had best lose
no time In Betting about iu Here
are two good recipes: .
Plum Pudding to Serve Twelve:
Mix together lliree aud oue-half
cups of ordinary bread flour, one
teaspoon of giuad cloves, one tea
teaspoon of ground cloves, one tea
third teaspoon of salt, one aud one
half cups chopped raisins, three
cups of chopped dried currants,
one-half cup of chopped figs, cne
third cuu of chopped candled
orange eel (this may be omiltcd if
desired) and oue-balf cup of citron
peel cut small. Now in another
bowl dissolve one and one-half tea
spoons of baking soda in one-half
cup of sour milk; add one-half cup.
ot Barbados molasses, one unbent-
By Lulu
First course: small servings ot
celery, olives and salted nuts,
Freuch rolls and butter on side;
t.econd course: oysters on half
sued, cocatan sauce; Uilrd course:
soup wun ciackers; fuurih course:
sweetbreads wiu musbiooms ea
casserole; tilth course:, capou Willi
run dreeing, cranuerty sauce,
caudied sweet potatoes, creauieti
onions; sixth couise: email puriloti
of i.u:iai.o and lettuce suiau; sev
enth course: ice cieaui aud cake;
eighth course: dcmi-iuse.
A lyptcal lable d'hotu dinnnr.
Too hiKb in proielu, tat and carbo
hydiates. 'loo low in vlluudns ai.d
miiteral elements. Too great a
vnilety and so much that one in
variably oveieats. Very high iu
cost In health and money. V j
nave lilts ty;ie of dinner ofleu,
don't we seine of us, anyway?
Next Sunday, December 6. is Gol
den Hule Suuuay. On this day, we
are aiked to give a Utile taouht
to the mutheriess and fatherless
children in the orphanages ot the
Near Kast. We are asked to have
a simple dinner of vegetables, corn
grits, or other cereal, with milk,
and some slewed apricots and do
nate the money we save by so do
ing, und as much more as we can
sonr. to help the Near Kast lie
Uet to continue to support th--se
children. This meal Is lue type of
meal that Is a banquet to them.
Let's all do this. It will not only
rut us In sympathv with the work
of the Near Last Itclief. but will
benefit us In health. Well send
i the money we save and a much
n-ore as we can spare lo the Near
Kast Keller agency in our respect
ive cltlee, or to the headquarter at
151 Fifth Avenue, New York City.
Answers lo Correspondents.
S. There Is no hom rem
edy that I know of for Ihe cm o'
drinking. If your husband oan';
moral stamina enough to stop hlm-
elbows too. '
Keep powdured borax about too.
A strong suiuuuu ruoiKd oa a red
nose does wonuer. Auu duu I au
the face or haiius wun not water,
then dry meni and go outuoura un
less you want a lei nolo, eouipiex
iou. lake a cold rinse, oa umi an
astringent of some sort, or rub uu
cold cream and wipu o:t with a dty
cloth before you use powder.
Red Head Sue- Vou probably
have lost most of your freckles by
ibis time, as your letter was iaiu
in arriving and such freckles bleach
off at Una season of the year. K
you epiuy cucumber Juice to lbjht
freckles It will bleach most of tne
color from Uiom so they will hard
ly be seen at oil. Obstinate freck
les wilt need speciul bleaching, but
,hlo tnaana - ri.Lh... .nin.-v ... ,1...
akin, since any thing powerful
enough to destroy tho color wid
also be too lriiatlng to the sklu.
Massaging the skin and using a
good cream constitute a good treat
ment for frecklea as 11 Improves
the circulation and bulps to scatter
the freckles.
Mrs. bV If. J. The sediment at
the bottom of tbe pilocarpine tonic
bottle is the sulphur in the formu
la; and it is all right in that form
as each time you use the tonic
some of tbe sulphur is left on lha
en ege, one-half cup of granulated
sugar and one cup of chopped btcf
suet. Combine tuis wet mixture
with the ury mixlure and turn all
into a well-oiled ai.d well-floured
mold, steam in a regular steamer
fur four hours, or use lire following
method if you have no sieuiuer:
Fill empty baking powder can or
conee cans wicn me puuuuig ouiy
three-fourths full, however), put on
tight-fitting covers, and weight
down the cans in a large saucepan
containing enough boiling water to
;ise almost to the cau covers. Let
he water continue to boll around tans for four hours. When
old, wrap in oiled paper and store
n a dry, cool place. Here is a
icher recipe:
Plum Pudding for Ten: Soak one
half pound of stale bread crumbs
in one cup of scalded ntllk; when
the milk has cooled, add one cup
of granulated auger, tho beaton
yolks of four eggs, one-half pound
of seeded and chopped raisins
(flour these raisins thickly) one
fourth pound of dried currants, one
fourth pound of chopped fiiis, one
Uilrd cup of finely cut citren peel
and one-half pound of beef suet put
through the food chopper. When
those ingredients are well mixed
together, add the following spices:
One teaspoon ot ground cinnamon,
one-fourth , teaspoon of ground
clove3, one-fourth teaaiwoa of
ground mace .and one-half tea
spoon of ground nutmeg. Also add
one teaspoon of salt and Uie four
egs-whites stiffly whipped. Turn
all into molds or canj (as above
described) but steam six hours lu
st ead of four.
Tomorrow Necessary Household
Hunt Peter MJQ
.Dirt m&oH"am)Mfie Ck-JJren"
self I am afraid no material rcnie-
:' dies will help him.
Your work is to furuLsh hint well
j balanced, nutiiiiuua meals au-1
pkasaul surroundings. See it yi'-i
i cannot get him luierested in tak
lug a good course of physical ex
ercises lu a gymnasium, aud lu
ery way have htin try to build
up a Blioug, healthy physical con
stitution. We will hope tiie mural
constitution will develop wila lu
( Itchy Jest
, J. intense itching between Ihe
toes and fingers, without any lull
ing elsewhere on the body, is us
, unity due to a tungoid, or a germ
growth. lloth of thess are tne
lowest type of vegetable llto. The
giowth of these agents is favored
by moisture and warmth.
I The treatment consists of Iho
inpplicatton of some germicide that
will kill oft the Infection; .md af
ter bathing the bands and feet, to
be euro of always wiping ihem
, thoroughly dry. A good germicide
t which is also a deodorant), lor
this purpose, is a solution road-; of
one ounce ot formalin to the quart
cf water. Apply this by rubbin? a
little on the parts, after tn'.-y have
been thorouphly washed and dried.
Hepeat this dally for a wee:t, then
twice a w eek, and then less often.
! "
! K. Enclose a ttaruped, eolf-ad-Pressed
envelope with your request
for our article on Diet in Chronic
, uou Acute iirigbt's dUerwe.
Tomorrow Answers' te Mothers.
Sna.ipy line ot both engraved ard
printed announcements at reason
able prices at Kews-KeVlew oliice.
! Don't put off ordering your
Christmas announcements until the
last minute. Place your ordvr now
! SO that Tour Vnik kj, tfiveB
proper attention. Call and see our
lltie ot both engraved and printed
announcements. NenReview Ex
clusive Job Prlntina