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Consolidation of Tno Evtnlng Ntwt and
An Indopondonl Ntwtpaptr, fublltbd for
in HOMDurg Havi.w
fho pott tntorooU of tn fmii.
as L J
w.- i i im T-inh
Increase ii Circulation
by Bank Loan Voted by
French Deputies.
Eloquence of New Premier
in Plea for Nation's
Life Wins Support '
of Majority, j?
(AaocUtrd Tnm Laucd Win.)
PARIS. Dec 3 Premier Brian J's
new cabinet has won its first vic
tory. After an all night and all
forenoon fight in the Chamber of
Deputies for his financial meas
ures, the premier succeeded In forc
ing; the adoption of new advances
from the Bank of France to the
government of six billion francs
and a new paper money issue of
The final vote on the bill as a
whole was made a question of care
and was carried 257 to 229, a ma
jority of 28. It was the fifth vote
of confidence during the lengthy
M. Brland made it plain during
the debate that the government
was staking its existence on the
measure In Its entirety and that If
the financial program as outlined
by finance Minister Loucbeur was
rejected the ministry would step
down Immediately.
The bill now goes to the senate.
The finance committee, under Sen
" -ator Doumer, Is meeting this after
! noon to examine It.
Oration Moves Deputies.
The measure voted today in the
fourth measure of its kind to be
passed by the chamber. Brfore the
final this morning, the premier In
a speech In which he rose to height
of eloquence he has never surpass
ed, attacked those deputies who
were unwilling In a national crisis
to forget petty political considera
tions and think only of their coun
try. The veteran orator Impressed
and convinced some, as was evi
denced when on the first vote of
ronfidence, a motion to proceed to
the discussion of the bill, most of
the principal opposition groups 'ab
stained from voting and be was
' upheld 298 to 11. -
The temper of the house waa un
certain, the deputies seemingly be
ing torn between realization of the
gravity of the situation and fear
for the effect the heavy Increase In
taxes Involved In the bill would
have on their constituents.
Circulation Increased.
While admitting some minor
changes and additions, the govern
ment stuck to the bill about as
Article V. authorizing the emis
sion of 7.500.0(10 francs In new pa
per, bringing the total circulations
to 67.K0fl.0OA.A0O was voted by a
show of hands.
The climax of the session came .
when the provision for a furthnr
advance of six billion francs from
the bank of France to the govern-
I . - I .IE - ... '
After the first article of the bill
had been adopted with minor ad
justments. Teputy Mlssoffe, democratic-republican,
proposed an ad
ditional amendment establishing a
super tax of 20 per cent on all real
estate operations carried on behalf
of foreigners.
Finance Minister Lourheur asked
the senate to reflect on the conse
quence of such an article and min
ister of Justice Renoult remarked
that a bill dealing with the ques
tion was before the senate.' Never
theless the article was passed by
a vote of 420 to 65. tjiter. a 20 per
cent Increase In the general Income
lax, a 25 per cent Increase In the
tax on commercial properties, and
100 per cent Increase on mine ren
tals were voted.
Premier Brland waa loudly cheer
ed at adjournment.
Finance Minister Txiucheur's
hill for ftnsnrlal rehabilitation
abandoned the ranltsl levy plan
embodied In former Premier Psln
leve's proposals, but considerably
Increases taxation. It calls for a
20 ner cent Increase.
It calls for a 20 per cent In
crease In the Income tax. a 50 per
cent In tales on Industrial and
commercial profits and a SO per
cent Increase In taxes on real
estate, both improved and unim
proved. i o
Two divorce suits were filed In
the circuit court tortav. one hv
.lennle E. Love against George W.
Love, cruel and lnhumn treat,
ment being altered The other
l Carrie B. Cawfleld agsinst
James B Cawfleld. the charge be
ing cruel anil Inhuman reatmert.
Mrs. Cawf'eld asks for The return
of her maiden name. Carrie Kru.
Attorney John T. Long snp-r
for the plaintiffs In each actloa.
0 rAmiriklrd Fmi Leftied Wire.) O
GENEVA. Dec. 3. The
League of Nations commission
which Inquired into the recent
Greco-Bulgarian frontier incl-
dent, finds that Greece should
pay Bulgaria twenty million
leva ($146.0(10) damages.
The commission decided to
recommend that Greece
should pay Bulgaria an addl
tional ten million leva ($73.-
000) for loss of lives, for the
wounded, for (he loss of work-
lng days and moral suffering
of the population and for the
cost of military measures by
( The leva, nominally worth1
19 cents, now is quoted at 2-
lOOths of a cent). ,
Sweeping Alterations
Membership of Leading
Committees Expected
Next Monday.
(AMnrUtfd Prw Lfftwd Wltr.)
WASHINGTON. Dee. 3 Sweep
ing changes In some of the more
powerful of the Housa of Senate
standing ommlttees will become
effective with the convening of
the new Conprean next Monday.
Roth of the committees dealing
with railroad legislation will have
new chairmen. Senator James E.
Watson of Indiana, micceeds Sena
tor Elllnon D. Smith. Democrat.
Sonth Carolina, as head of the
Senate Interstate Commerce Com
mittee, while .lames S. Parker of
New York, will replace Samuel E.
Wlnslow of Masachuaett, as
chairman of the, House Interstate
and Foreign Commerce Commit
tee. ,
Senator Stanfleld of Oregon,
succeeds the late Senator I.add of
North Dakota, as chairman or the
Public Lands Committee, the fam
ous Teapot Dome Investigating
body. With changes In the mem
bership, administration pepubll
cana will be aide to recapture con
trol of this body, which may he
asked to make other oil Investiga
tions at this session.
Other of the more Important
Senate committees which will have
new chairmen, are those on Po?t-
oftlces and on Pensions, witn
Senator Moses of New Hampshire,
replacing former Senator Sterling
of South Dakota, on the former.
and Senator Norbeck of Hontn na
kta. succeeding former Senator
Mursum of New Mexico, on tne
House committees which are to
have new chairmen Include those i
on Flood Control. Indian Affairs.
Insular Affairs. Merchant Marine
and Fisheries, and Military Af
fairs. These chairmen are yet to
be eelected. but In the order of i
seniority they would be In the
order named Thomas K. Curry.
California: Koval C. Johnson,
Sonth Dakota: Charles K. Fuller,
Illinois: Frank D. Scott. Michigan
and John M. Merln, Pennsylvania.
Change In the personnel of j
virtually all of the standing com-1
m it tees of both houses are mane , tax roll summary, tn winch the
nece-sary by the decision of theJKh school tuition fund had been
Republican organizations of flirtilnulit from the general tax
two houses to treat insurgents
within their party as nnn-Kepuh-llcans
and to asaign them extra
places at the foot of committees
without party designation.
(AotI.IM rmi lsmt Wirt.)
VEDPORD. Ore., rice. J. Edith
Antll'la. for the second time In l
months, Wednesday filed suit ' in
the circuit court for divorce against
Alexander O. Anillla, on grounds
of cruel and Inhuman treatment.
The complaint recites that a de
cree of divorce was granted tne
Antlllas May 10. 192. and that onj
May. 25. 1824, the couple were re
married at Yreka, Calif., Antllla
being successful In a re-wooing.
Before the second noneymoon
had faded the complaint says. An
tills resumed his alleged cruel and
Inhuman treatment, and Mrs. An
tllla cornea to court seeking anoth
er divorce.
f AnnrlatM trrm lrm4 Wtf,.)
SEATTLK. Dec. t. The ninth
annual red cedar shingle rongreea.
covering Washington and Oregon.
holding theinal session of a two-
. vnM
day to"y' J"1
to adopt atandard grades irrtB.,
mended by Secretary Hoover of,
th department of commerce. j tl Ilmlut)on wn)rh . yrnT
The standards provide for four ammin!fl to $t.2M 13.hlcb de
aradea only, listed as A. B. C. and ,lrt from th i,(KT .99 credit
D. Fach grade Includes ihree WMt oriT -2 9 The county did
lengths, t. IS and 1C Inches. The ;no( ncrn the road fund or mar
A grade to contain Tertical grade 1 k-t road fund, and coneiienty la
abinslea only. not taking advantage of the IV
Careful Check of Figures
. Shows Reason for Claim
Made By Tax League.
Claim That Budget Was
$11,000 Too High Based
on Total Taken From
1 924 Summary.-
That the 1926 budget of Douglas
county, now before the court for
final adoption is S712.2S below the
1 amount wnicn could nave Deen raia
ini"! under the six per cent limita
tion. Is the statement made tnis
morning by County Clerk I. B. Kid
dle, following a careful check of
all figures included in that impor
tant document. y
The county court la now con
sidering the budget in the light of
the several recommendations made
by the taxpayers league at the
meeting held last Saturday, and will
officially adopt the budget during
the present meeting.
- Claims that the 1926 county bnd
gtt was more than $H,0UU over the
six per cent limitation were pre
sented at the last meeting of the
Douglas County Taxpayers league.
The claim waa advanced by Col.
J. O. Day, and upon motion of Dr.
C. II. liailcy, a committee of the
tax league was apioiuted to in
vestigate. Colonel Day yesterday
conferred wlih County Clerk 1. B.
Riddle, and the error which re
sulted in the claim being made was
located and corrected.
The uuuget summary contains all
Hems for which money must be
raised by taxation. Certain items
such as state tax, the various mill
age taxes voted by the people, bond
sinking fund and bond interest, are
not affected' by the six per cent,
only the general county levies emu-
iug tinder the restrictive law.
. The high school tuition fund is
a fund levied on non-organizd
high school districts and not affect
ing the entire county. When As.
sessor Calkins made up his 19-1
tux roll summary he listed all fumU
alfecting the general county in the
item of general taxes. The high
school tuition fund was levied sep
arately in the Item of special taxes.
In making up the budget for this
year the Item of high school tui
tion fund was included in the total
amount of the budget, but. was not
figured in the amount subject to 6
per cent limitation.
In the comparison of figures the
1924 tax roll general lax summary
was compared with the 1926 bud
get, showing a difference of more
than 12 owl. and when the two
men got together it took consider
able time and figuring before the
difference was finally locaUMi.
'The error developed, according
, county Clerk liidole, because
Colonel Iay tiok the as wor'a
Items, and compared it with the
J2i budget in which the hih
school tuition fund apiared in the
total, although not figured in the
sum coming under the limitation.
The V.2r budget, from which the
tax summary was prepared,
carried a total of CfiTO.130.fil in
general taxes, to which should
have l-en'd Ihe sum of S2l,:i'itl
niKn scnooi iiiiuon iuihi, mi piu 11
on the same basis as Ihe l'.i26 hud
get. The stale tax, common school
fund, maturing bonds, and Interest
on bonds, all outside the six per
cent limitation, amounted In the
1K25 budget to ltllT.4Bl.37. which
deducted 'rom the total levy left
J262.66S.24 subject lo the six per
cent limitation. An Increase of six
-, . . . . '
levied In the 1026 budget.
The 1926 budget provided a total
general tax of $744.02 85. this to
rta containing the hlgi school tul-
tlon fund, which w as "not carried
on (he tax summary of l!21. made
up from the lfl25 budget. Deduct
ing the state tax. common school
fund, high school tuition fund, ma
turing bonds anil Interest, fthich
total $474 6M.51 outside the limi
tation, the total amount k-Tled for
comity purposes on the present
htidwt Is J;9.4 19 3 which Is $!.
Ix'low the amount which
might have been raised technically.
Actually the budget Is only
I7I2IMI low. however. The general
nad and market road funds are
provided for by law. and are rained
tfat 1ao
I be gene
llnMat-ir thev A tun rt anhtert tn
Failure of Epileptic Impostor
to Graft Government Insurance
Wins Praise cf Veterans' Bureau
(AMoeUtn. Vrm Itsn) Wire.)
. WASHINGTON, Iec 3. Com
menting on a decision of Federal
Judge Wolvertou of Oregon, in de
ciding in favor of the government
in the case of Charles Clarence 11
kins, who sued the veterans' bur
eau to compel au award of insur
ance for alleged service disability,
the bureau today said:
"The. victoiy for the govern
ment Is considered of the utmost
importance in it bearing ou any
similar cases which uity arise in
the future."
"Had the veteran won the deci
sion," the bureau staled, 'his suc
cess undoubtedly would have pav
ed sine way for numerous such im
positions on the part of unscrupul
ous persons and opr.ted to the
! Resentment at Accusation
of Having Lied About
Burning Beans Is
Cause of Deed.
(AviIM tin Uwt4 Win.)
PORTLAND, Ore.. Dec. 3. A
nine-year-old boy killed his foster
momer last nignt Decjtuse some
; beans happened to burn, he cou-
Ifcssed to deputy sher.tfs today.
line Doy is f rank t nomas negro.
out?kiV?rof Portland
I The body of the slain woman,
I Mrs. Louise Thomas, ntgress, was
(found by her husband Inst nicht. A
jlouded .38 calibre revolver with one
I..- !,...,! l.,v .....-... , a
bed. cording lo a message received here The city has refused to accept re-
The boy, who was missing tast'lM morning. xponalbillty for the brldgn and all
night... waa found early today In i l.gnn was reared In Roxeburg. repuirs have been mails by the
sleeping tent nnr Hie lion.-,'. lH.'-,'h,iK th. Ktepxen of Fred I'llkitig- i county, which lias been endeavor
puty Sheriff chrtstiilfei'Hnn, who , lo(l blacksmith The family!1"" 10 "ectire, by force tr neces
questioned the lad, said lie confess- mi)Vr(( fron. . .,vt.ra, , ,,. i sary, city cooperation. The con-
eu ine k iiiuk. . .
According to the hoy s slory Mrs.
mi li.. . i.
Then lo we if hfuns. which wm iniu..i -r .11 iii-hi The
hov renlled that thev were. Later
I Mrs. Thomas snipllfd the fcfpns .
burn In tr and r'prfmhpri hlra bhv-
jinx: "What did ynu He to me for?' ,
j The boy replied that he did not li'
to her and declared he tlioujcht Hit i
'bearm were all right.
An icered bTauwe he had b' n
j culled a liar, the boy naid in his
reported ronfenslon, he obtained
I the revolver, concealed it beneath
!a no wh pa per in his band, and wait
ed until ho got an opportunity to
'fire at the woman. lie fled from
the housp. Airs. Thoma, mortally
wounded, reached th telephone,
I hut collapsed before sho could ghe
ian alarm.
( AawvUt"! frrt t.raf! Win-.)
j SALKM. Ore., Tec. 3. fllfles. i.
vol vers and shotguns which ew-r
(since the construction of the state
i penitentiary In 1S71 have been
kept in on arsenal In the center "f
ithe main prison building, now
'known as the turnkey's office
today be moved to a new bii'k
itower that stands half inside and
, half outside the front spiked f"rn-.
.on the prison premises.
This In according to one of (lie
I recommendations made hy a spec
llal Investigating committee follow
ling the break of Tom Murray, Ore
iffon Jon s. James Wlllos and Kll -i
worth Kelley on August 12, la.-t.
i in which two guards, Jobn Swt "n
iey and J. M. Ilolman, and the con
Ivid Joneii tmt their live.
I The new tower occupies a com-
jmanding position where gunn rif
I the guards cover the entire front
i grounds of the prison.
2M.1: which miKht have bin-n ra!'
j hut as the general county fund can ment In tfll l.
! hot be Increased more than six p. r : lie said thnt any formsl an
I cent over Inst year the county run- 'lOitnceptent of the resU-mttlon
'not Include the fX.U-l 11 In tlutt would have to come from V.'ash
jltem. 'Ington.
j Prohibition Forces Capture 20
! Leaders of Alleged Ring Said to
i Control 18 Rum Running Vessels
NEW VOHK, Dee. 3. Twenty
I turn were arretted today as it." Island race trak In Cincinnati.
! leaders of an alleged liquor rm: Iwyr U alteeed by the govern-
which l'nltv State Tintrit At- mnt agents to le the head of the
i tortiey 'Ruck ner said controlled alleged ring.
eighteen ocean steamers eneaiV'I Makr Walter A. (Jreen, repr
, In bringing liquor from foreign renting Oneral Lincoln C. An-
ports to Rum Row. dt-ews of the trc&Kijry dcpHrlment,
j The roundup mas d jg rlbed hy figured In the roundup.
federal authorities as tie grrat t One of the famer owned by
i raid nn mm Irrjftorting and dl--the ring wa the Angus's, which
trlbuting fotces thai has yef ben
; made in the In I ted States.
One of the nrlnoner was "Rill
H-wyer. who Mr. Ruckner said tie re re maintained on the east riverifrom Ihe Portland Medical Col-pnv eonncRs if IheT stinport re
had ben informed was half own-hunk, with headquarters in Lex In- lege, is expected here for a con- rhl(ran candidates for house of
er of the Mount Koal race track ion Avenue. pie of das with friends. fj, .
detriment of the cause of the ac
tually disabled."
l.iUus alleged he received a frac
tured rikull. a broken- leg. a dtslo
caud shoulder and was gassed In
au nKagvment in the Argonne for
e: t Nuvrmbt-r t to 8, (1918. aiid that
his disability, elpleptic In nature,
permanent and a tolal one, at
tiihuinhh? to these Injuries.
The bureau said the government
wmk able to (thow no tank action
at ilio time specified by l.ikins and
proved beyond a doubt that "the
suit was fraudulent on the part of
tht veteran."
It also said it was shown that Li
lt in' skull fracture resulted from a
f;ill in an elf wit or shaft and that
It was in no way connected with
military service.
World Boxing Title An
nexed by Tod Morgan
at Opening Card in
Los Angeles.
Todd Morean. a former Rose-
' burg boy. who in late years luw
ibeen making an enviable record as
, bov,.r ,n cumrnia, won the
j(ninr Uihtwel::ht championship of
,, ,.,,, b y ,,,.feHljn . jnk ..
,.; ., h .. . rmm.l
' l,all'lr "'tic auditorium In Los j hridge and that if anything more
I -' 'es lest nii,t. Morgan, w ho Is to be done it Is up to the city of
t" m" "uttered a defeat in the i Hoseburg.
Khrce years that' he has been In j The matter of repairs on this
I "'e ri ig knocked out his opponent jhridge has been long In dispute
I in th liiftf rmmd lit their hmit :in.lhtwcen thf. rniuitv and titn cltv.
,1IO 1r,,( h b loratd n f.R.tcmplntcd arllnn of the
... . ,.,. ' eonri in h..l,ll,,c ,,,, r.,i
mimn iii "in ii'.liB. .ill. f'llHIIlE-
on Is his st.'pson'a manager rnd
a ...... .. .... ....i it..
" """ ui uer ine name
. r"'l Morgan
Palterino the former holder of
the junior llKhtwiKht title won his
crown by defeatine "Kid" Sullivan,
fnt- nf till) hi. wi kitvii In 1, .. 1 .1 '
i-ln r thA Vi
a irr'-at favorite in California was! ThM r,y ""'""I" hat pays
a bit? rirawlns enrd for the ojn n-1 "T. " h lh,t mm"'y m,MWl fr
in of the mammoth auditorium ?rI,Un f l'nw wl,nl" th county.,
which the Olympic club U butldinc ' ,K .I"1""1'0" ; PWtlrally one
It was the flrsl world championship ! tPn'h of t,mt "f the (n,,,rw mty.
hout to be held in California In thel""'1 ''"""ntly It Is claimed that
modern history of the boxn ! 'X has a 'HkM to the exiHn
"arrie jdlturo of some funds within the
' 0 ' city llmltrf. The Oak street brldu
nPAn MINIIQTro ,m r,,y r,,ms. I nllrely county
IVIUXDILK nrotiertv. both en.U rentli. nn
IN BIG BUSINESS'1'""1 owp' X rounty. and It
Ml if twi wtr ,
CtMTTI L' t ..... 1 n - .
! H. !liikelnd. retired Lutheran mln -
Mcr an'd author, whose bolv v.
found in an unm cunied anartinent
in MfnneaptilU Tueilay, made
Fortune here in
mime fii diim-
...i.i..t. t n
v- r.-.iiKHin-u. i-. n..
Krlcken, iw.ntor of Hethany l.uth -
Yu nmnii .i .ui-, uermrea io- rally sprinkling pedestrians pas
.V. , . , , , . . sing along the walk. The cars are
l'-n HHldr "I Jirvij ' lrn COVt.rf.( Ith mtM . grf.ttt
that on NovembiT 2 1, l!lrke)nd I ,, . ,i t.
wan tn Aiitienr In trliil In Mfnnn-
poll! in big litigation Whether he
as defendant or plaintiff I do not.
r tiow. but the fnet that he disan-
tieareo ovmher L't lniiure ne to
believe his financial enemies got
l' H:it l ItrsrlCVK ltK not be provided. The court, how
KVW'l 1 1 K l,IKi:i,V OCT. ever, failed to give the committee
wt-tl prt-M i-jv wir.) 'any flntinfftion and It Is dntihiful
! tr nnv liitnioflluti. t-H..n !..
f AtWirUt'ii prrtw Onw'l Wir.)
SAN" lit ANC1SCO. Iec. IX.
The Fiin Kr.'tnri'xro Phronicle nys
todnv ttwit John I'errln. chRlrman
of the hrmid of t he Federal Ite-
ferve Hunk f'r the twelfth din-
trie! hart resigned. Mr. I'errin
refuted to iif'irin or deny the
Mr. Perrln It a been nn pt""I-
live of Ihe hnnk since I
establish -
tn Montreal and also of the roney
was csp'tit-ed nt July with 43S i
rr.e nf liquoi- aboard. Federal i
authorities saM a suite of offices
Chamber of Commerce
Committee Told Matter
Is City Problem.
New Decking on Bridge Not
Properly Drained Caus
ing Annoyance to
No stepa to remedy the deplor
able condition of the Oak street
bridge will be made by the county
court, a delegation of the Chamber
of Commerce waa Informed this
morning following a conference
with the court. At the present
time the bridge floor la covered
with water which splashes over
pedestrians every time a car passea
and covers autos with mud and'tion of a bureau of civil aeronav-
dlrt as they pass over the struc
ture. -
The Chamber of Commerce dele
gation asked that steps be taken
to drain the decking but was
formed thit the countv has already
I ' '" "Ur and using a portion of
lit fdp H'nrb nn Ilia Hrffl mt nnat-lv
, " I " il T i Vu
resulted In a law vtult durinir the
past summer, the city attorney
having been Instmrted lo bring
suit If necessary lo compel pHy
nn'Tl before the court finally turn-
la;p(, over the money claimed.
has positively reruped lo help
the repair of the structure.
nnnmillv ika fl..l.,
1 "ch that the brl.lce was dangerous
'fnr Iraffle nd the county after
much hlrhnrln In . nfMl,n
floor. This was riot drained and the
waier flTHMim neverni liielieH iIkpii aln
' '
it aces, as riM ihss thev throw nn:i... . .k v-v.i .
jKreat streams of muddy water, lib-
' 1
rf"4f'l"n"' h" re trying to keep'
new cars clean.
1 ' nHmr or ommerce n -
. - m
tard of directors and a committee
j was appointed to meet with the:
rou-i 10 see ir some remeiiy could
fAa-i-tl rri tw.l Wlr.)
I WAHIIINOTON, liec. 3. The
nlnte department has not been fold
the reason 'for st-mllng eight Aruerl-
can naval Teasels to Shanghai.
1 Advlcen from Minister John Van
A. Mac Murray at Peking have not
Indicated any particular threats
afrirint Atnerlcanti or other foreign
nationals In Shanghai or elsewhere
In China although it Is well known
that present international condi
tions there are disturbed.
It has been suggeMrd that, addb
tional naval venae la have been or
dered Into rhlneae waters merely
an a routine
precautionary meaa-
The only real disturbance In
rhln1 whrh h"" resulted from Ihe
jk) III teal upheaval which over-
threw the Matichurlan war lord.
Chang Tsn-t4tn. was the riot a few
days ago In Peking. The dlstue- .,, rlftied no far lo Indh atn Ms
hance as dlrerted against Chinese 'inteptlnnu
sovernmetii ofrtctals, however, and On the hnti-e side while pepre
not aralnsl foreigners- The P-.r.nitlr Kelsnn nf Wlscon.ln.
king disturbances caused flnms.tU),Mni(.n for lbs Insnrrents
quartern thst they bad been Insptr-
jed and probably financed by Rus
j slan Soviet agents.
nr. teoion 4'omi
fr. h. 1- Renson. Pathologist
. (Aao-Utnl PrMl l.uanl Wire.)
NASHVILLE. Tenn., Dec. 3.
Proposed unification of the
Methodist Episcopal Church,
south, with the Methodist
Kpisconal Church waa defeat-
ed by 1949 votes of the re.
quired three fourths majority 4
in the southern church. Coin-
plete unofficial figures an-
notinced today by the secular
press bureau of the southern
church give a total vote of
sr,4:t with 4458 for and 4(is
against. The proposal re-
ceived a majority of 873 votea,
Congressional Committee
Favors Special Bureau
But Turns Down Plan
of Col. Mitchell.
( Vam-btM trrm Manl WHO
WASHINGTON, Pec. S. Legisla
tion already la In preparation to
rive effect to the proposal of the
President's air board for the crea-
tics In the department of commerce
to promote commercial aviation,
along with lis recommended expan
sion of military and naval aviation
Senator Bingham, republican, of
Connecticut, a member of the
board, who joined In the unanimous
report of Its nine members, said
toilav lie would introduce a bill
giving the government wider lati
tude In alillng civil aviation than
any legislation yet proposed.
A companion bill will he Intro
duced in the house by Chairman
Parker of the commerce commit
tee. At this time, however. It Is nnt
contemplated to Include In the av
iation provision for an additional
assistant secretary In the depart
ment to head the bureau, as rec
ommended by the board aleng wllh
,, , 'fnr noth,r RHHHtnrit
1 1 .
s,pr''iry R'RI. "Of h In Inn war ana
navy department a to devote them
selves primarily to aviation.
MitchesVt Plan Relect.d.
' Creation of Ihfse new offlea In
the three departments- formed the
central recommendation of (he
board In Its program for propria
Ive development of both military
and civil aviation In the Hulled
States. In addition lo functioning
tn their own departments. It would
be the duty of the assistant secre
taries 'Molntly to coordinate so far
as mnr Ire practicable" the aviation
activities of the three departments,
Seeinr no need for drastic,
chani-e In Ihe present organisation
of -n.y and nnvr aviation, the.
inlbnjiPd emphatically onnosert es
tablishment of a department of na-
llonl defense or unified sir
'M'v,r, ,1,otnl Tf .P-mu
iZ'JVll 'VTi ImS ShiiSJ 3
M,rMI ,n .nU WID,.,P rr MrUm .f
the war and navT department ad
ministration of avis lion which was
. . a i
in forerunner m rrfnifiu t "
nmVe nn eThstistlve study of Ihe
needs of American aviation.
I. Folletttf 8tatua Unsartled.
Vnllitre po fr of a number of
their rri- colleagues lo fall
,1H wtn f(( pIn f p(,nAtl
Mean Iob.Ii.M In roonvtllva with nut
;I - sl0 th rnthllcanlf.f of Senator
. icri rotten, or uvrtronstR. is
I threatening to produce some Iroti-
hied vntrrn for the parly confer-
en'c next Satnrdar.
Senator Ttutler of Mnssaclmsetls,
chwlrman nf the penuhllcan Nation
al f'otimlt'"e. Is one nf those an
parentlv still on the fence on Ihe
rmoMtifiu of treating the Wisconsin
acp'ttor as a party regular In rom
Ittee assignment and other mai
lt' has declined to commit
himself, bowever. further than to
sav thnt the niAtler Is still one for
Traders who are PtirtevoWnr lo
fubr(.fige the Issue Include Senator
fijitU of Ksnsas. the mt'HtV
floor np(r. Sen nor Miwes of New
Hampshire, president pro tempore
nf th yenste. and Senator Jonei of
Washington, the remtMlcan "whip."
RepubllcanUm Probed.
With some senatont lnlstlnr,
however, thn Mr. I. Kollette'K
fpoeches In hit reeent camnalarn
eonstlliiled attacks on the. Presl-d'-nf
snd the republican party. Sen
ator Wafwn of Indiana vlc rl",''
m((n ftf thA conference. Ik stilt
Jtmtvlnif )ila mmnnlvn nttranceii.
Apntli r nncertnlntr In Ihe ttita
t.n p whether Senator fi Follette
will nccrnl the formal Invitation-lo
(tlterM the renferene xrn h'm
rntr,Uv hv Chetrmnn fftl
Ih"re. savs Iber will not perfect a
format organisation as they did
wo wrnrn o. Irsder nf the eronp
h"ve pot Indicated their attitude on
thm ttnrt nf SnsVer-destfns Ifin.
.it. .. ih k
President Moralizing on
Law Enforcementt But;
Doesn't Enforce.
Secretary Mellon Comet td
Rescue With Assertion t
Conditions Better I
Than Alleged. i
fAMnrfatod Prtrn LMwd Win.) .,.
though be conceded that ''condi
tions are bad." Secretary Melted
today characterized as "unfounded
and unjustified' tne la teat attacks
by the drys on the administratis, a
prohlbltloQ policies.
The secretary's obserVfctlsm f
were directed particularly at. ft
ter sent to the White Hons) ST
group of reform organisations
scribing present enforcement coSO"
lions "as a national acandar -aud
declaring the president neTer msl
"unreservedly" committed hlmselft
to enforce the lath amendment, a
required by his oath of office.
Heretofore high administration"
officials bad taken no public notice)
of the manliest disposition of th9
dnr forces to fasten blame for non
enforcement upon the president
The letter sent to the vTtlf
TTousff. Secretary Mellon said, lack
ed deffnlteneas and Apparently was!
not entitled to nerlms nonsldera
tton. t- represented a- class of...
maneuvers, he declared, which
would afford treasury officials HU'
lie assistance tn enforcing the law 1
Mr. Mellon added that It was that,
htialness of the treasitrr tn attempt'
to curb lawlessness under the pro
hlblllon lav, and he beHews4 It
was making progress In that dlree.
Hon. a'thoMprh of course condl
llonp ure bad,f '
Law Becomsa Joks. '
The letter of the reform 6ran
Ixatlons as drawn up hers at sV
meeting nndee the auspices of thai
united committee for prohrbitfonf t
enforceo'enl. quoted the oath faltet'
bv Mr. Coolldge when he becamej
President and remarked that-l Is!
ld that Ibis man of deen convic
tion and unassuming piety added '
'so help me, .f)od. " ,
'Our appeal must be to him.
continued the letter. "It mns$ bs
made so loud II will be beard.
OnlT the annotating and nardonine
poer Is snfrlrfent In this hwir
The reMilts obtained In prhfbU
lion enfo-eiimnt bv the preiient ad
ministration were declared to hare
mad the - 18th amendmeitt" a
"loke and a "hUslnr bTNrord
among otherwise well dispose) .clt -
Iseps in an ewnresslon of wiewa ,
mailed to the White TTouse today
hv the rlt'd Committee forf7fos
hlhltlon Knforcement now la es ,
sion here. . . 1
CooKrfqa "Not Deflnlts. -
CHnton N. Howard, of porhester.
N". Y., rhnlnnan of the committee)
which Is composed of 2ft national
reform organizations, expressed .
the sentiments of the gathering;
and his sneer h was made pabtl
as containing Ihe view of the com
Kvery effort of dry orwanlitatlont
to respond lo Ihe appeal of Presi
dent Coolldge and prohibition of -
flctals for aid In enforcement- hi
said, bad been defeated bv 'unfit
and unfavorable appointments by
those making Ihe apnenls."
"There sits a man In the Whit .
ifmiKo of ulleiil determination, ha 1
said. '
'The President ha done soma)
fine moralizing nn the general en
forcement of the law, hnt he neTer
yet has definitely committed hl
administration In the enforcement
of the ISth amendment, as Provid
ed bv bis oath of office lo aupporl
th constitution, . ,
Visions Civil War. ' . V ,
'tie' knows bow to spesg on thn
woHd court. He has snoken bold
and ringlnr wonls on the onestfon
of the world negee and In hla ad
dress at Omaha to Ihe Ameren
f,eion be said. Mhs counlnr hssl
had all Ihe war. all the taxation
nd all the militarism II wants."
but a nntlopwl scandal unequalled
In Its flnsnclal and political rami
tlon In the history of thai
t'nlted fltaten has bmnrht Ihlt
rounlrT nearer to the brink of de
ttietlnr that It bs been at any
period since; Ihe civil war. '
Mr Howard 'barred the law had
not been enforced bevond lh
point where. In Ibe opinion of Ibe
enforcers, It would hurt the nsrttr
In power.' As an etample of Ibe
free flow of liquor, he said. Srt'flotl
arrests hsd been mad In "U'ssh
lesion for drunkenness since pro
hibition bees me a law.
lt riectsed he wf leaders Were
tt f capture both the major o
UtlcaV convr ntlons.