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Yes, We Have It !
Another car of flour at the same everyday price -
$7.00 $8.20 $8.60
We Guarantee it to Please
Don't Sell Your Turkeys
UntUYouSeeUs y i
We want your birds and will treat you right
See Us First, We Can Save You Money. '
ed In her mother' face.
No no" Mm, Russell Llntott, teacher
"You are!" Then Sandy treed ! of music. Studio, . 617
her hand., pulled the b lan ken up Cobb Pt. Phone 512R.
up to her forehead. After
long while she said: "Tell me:
(Continued from page J.l
nlte times. It yon should feel un
comfortably hungry before thry ar
rive, drink a glaas or two cl water
hot or cold and you may have
a little lemon juice In it to make
It more palatable. Drink the water
whether you are hungry or not.
You need It and it la not fattening.
Or you can make some broth of a
bouillon cube or from some of Ihe
vegetable extracts. They have
practically no C. value.
Begin to diet i today. It won't be
any easier tomorrow UNLESS
Tomorrow Cautions While Reduc
ing Weight.
Foley's Honey andTar
For Coughs and colds
end thl. d ..I ten cent. teelej a 0.,
8335 Shetneld At... Chief Hi., writing
....... - ..J .,Mt rU:irlv. Van will re
ceive . sample bottle of Foley'. Honey .nd
i r vompeunu isr wnm. w" " J, ,'
r.eti, nlu tempi, packages of Fel.y role. .
diuretic stimulaat for the .14 iieje, ead Foley,..!.. T.hl,a Im pnfutikatien end Oil
ettinee. Thrie depeeds.1. remedlM are free
(reel e.Wtee and aav. aeired. nulUoa. ef
pceple. Xrj then I
W. F. Chapman. :
Dorotiiy Ogle and Dorothy Mc
Donald. to local dance celebrities.
have signified their Intention to speak here tonight.
participate in the Charleston con-' Theodore Turner
teat Saturday.
of i Portland.
These two voune faced deportation today on appear-
ladles are now appearing with the ance before a board of Inquiry. He
Sandy McNeil, of Spanish line
age, marries Ben Murillo, a weal-
tailed family. She sacrifice nsr!Ood wants to take It
1. - - k i ;bow."
k...,L u... nr. t. .1 Sandy gave a faint, sobbing
You tell me
There ln't' anything to tell.'
"But you're crying! 1 saw you.
And I know! Is It dead?"
"You're waiting tor It to die!
Oh, God"
Sandy you must be brave. ir
you must
Dr. Paul Davis D. C, Chicago
Nerve Specialist, will conduct a six
day clinic for physical examina
tion In my office from Friday, Nov.
IS. to Nov. 20.
Dr. Davis In his work as diag
nostician and teacher, has covered
twenty-two states, Iowa to Mary-
free met '.
d every order of $.00 or over.
4) This offer cloaca Nov. so.
Clark Studio, Cass St
Roseburg Nat. Bank Bldg.
4 Phone 131.
One 810 photograph . with
a San Francisco stenogra
pher, for advice and possible as
sistance In her plight.
covery that a young life is hover
ing near, seems to cement her
bondage. Murillo prevents friends
of Sandy attending their house
warming. On one of her lonely
walks she encounters Timmy and
aeks him to give her a "lift In his
car. un reaching home sne en-
her she may go,
to do, alter their child is born.
A baby boy arrives and death j
hovers near him, while both San
dy and Murillo suffer agony.
knew. The soft, pleading wplc i ln hundreds of cllnlca with thous-
gotng on ana on: iJon i """''amis of patients may enable him
I you.
The examination fee la 15.00 and
as the time required covers at least
two days, make your appointment
early. - This Is a rare opportunity
for the people of Koseburg and
I vicinity and am sure may will avail
When she cried the j themselves of the opportunity to
series of humiliations by Murillo. 1 "" ?w ' .. ii iii- l40d- 'oat to "orWa' e" t0 "
She writes to her cousin. Judith lo tJk of bowing. It was all !',, nortn , ,daha H perirace
Then dls- !,h .Lord- .8a"d Xoa. th,T! ito find out what is the matter with
rniltiren. . uau, iu urer
gives and He takes away. He
will heal you If sorrow comes."
Then Sandy began to cry. re
memberiug how still the baby
teemed and that she had only
kissed it once remembering the
bound of joy when Its eyes open-
counters Mnrillo s rage. He tells !',. ' j k.. t..,it,ia Imeet and be examined by Dr. Davis.
sne inre&ueue i ' , , , . -
and tne people moving iiwm uv
room were phantoms.-
-h u Kan IhrnA nf fhe-m HOW.
She burrowed her head in the pll-1 See the Charleston like It should
i... be done, Saturday night You'll
Her mother whispered:" "Here ; enjoy It Something new and novel
is Ben. dear. I'll go now " and 'In dancing.
her mother moved from that
chair and Murillo came over and
I took It. - ,
He touched Sandy's hand. She
drew In her breath. It was a
! knife, hot and sharp that went
stabbing down her throat
subbing till It stuck . in
Bhe didn't look at htm.
couldn't force hor eyes to
Don't delay ordering your w
4 Christinas announcements. We
are showing a nice line or w
4 both printed and engraved
. ui..H wn.. - Anlar Un. .
w htub. riew - - - ,
ao that the best attention can
be given your work. News-Re-
d view Exclusive Job Printing
Department, . Koseburg, ure- w
gon. "
ii.ii. f . ' ' ' ' '
: ,,8PEED WXsrz& 'S'
K,N0 KX ' ' ' ' 1 WBK '
It was wrapped In cotton. She
could only see Its Bmall, wrinkled
face, the mouth open with Its
faint, hurried breath. But when
Sandy looked at it she felt happy
and laUKhcd. It opened Its eyes,
big. dark, appealing.
"It's looking at 'me," she w his
pered ln astonished Joy.
The' nurse laughed.
"It doesn't see me. When will
it?" - I - , . '
4 1'Nbt foi qelte some time. '
Sandy put her fingers lightly
against its cheek, wishing that it
would Btlr, that it would cry. She
said. "It breathes so quickly."
"Al babies breathe that way." .
"Do they all lie so quiet?
one i
J Dr. Rupert A. Moon. Electro-Chlro-I
praetor, Perkins Bldg., Phone 654.
. and
A warrant Issued for the arrest
of an alleged game hog who It is
her i charged shot 15 China pheasants
, In one day's shoot, it became
She 'known today. He Is J. C. tiaiely
meet aud according to reporta Is now
hi. Ha aalrl- "Oh. Randv." I In KOSeburg.
She Beaded her lips.' She told j Whether or not the sheriff's ot
herself silently: Don't cry. Ob, flee will wire a warrant to Uose
God. keep me from cdying. Don't; burg or await the return of Mr.
let him see." iGaiely to Klamath Falls before
The wbIIb of the room were I serving the warrant was not
coming together. They wore j known.
smothering her. The ropm was Oasely, it is claimed, hunted
filled with flowers and Its walls through the Klamath basin coun-
but you must give this were closing on her. like that ! try one day and before the days
chance. I'll take It back night of her honeymoon and he 'hunting was through had IS birds
Icame toward her with arms ex-'in his possession, it is charged.
A minute more." Then Sandy
tonehed her lips to the little trou
bled forehead, brushed her cheek
aeainst the babj's speaking to It.
Legion MlnstrJ..
VANCOUVER, B. C, Nov. 12.
was alleged to be an employe of
the Klan, and in Canada without
permission of the government
Finds What She Was
Locking For
For ten long years I had suffer-
. I tried
"Little, darling, oh
thing.-" Her eyes
' She fancied the child
tended and half closed, languid
She could hardly breathe, sue o
was overpowered with the heat 'MUX AltltKSTKIt HKKK FOR
I Arundel, piano tuner. Phone 189 L.
"My I
wee snri the panic. She said:
with. head! It's so hot!" .
' I , The nurse brought Ice bags
! Sandy murmured: "I'm crowded
under- i there's not enough room."
J. Roseberry. who waa arrested
here last week upon a warrant
stood her. It had a wise look. u grew dark silent again ' 1 from Grans Pass, charging mm
Its-Hpirlt listened when she spoke. ! only the nurse now bringing herlwlth selling Insurance without a
knew how she longed to fold lt(Water. holding the glass. Sandy I license, was fined $100 after en
In her arms and, how wildly Bhe;8airi: "Where are they all?" torlng a plea of guilty ln the
loved It. "It'a very lale... They're gone I Justice Court at Grams Pass.
Some day it -would speak to her. ! homo, I Roseberry was selling "bad check"
She would tell it all this. She; "oh then It's still living? They 1 Insurance, and had failed to pro-
L.u, u . ... U I tlwl .ll.wl AttnA tnln STAPH miMn't.M If It vara A vl n if" " I MI r HPtMlFn tO OOeralS in niS
Admittance to Canada as a - tourist wlthout reli'f.;but after' -Her sleep was always filled with The nurse had her back turned, state. When arrested lu this city
pa,!!!rtneay nrini, n thai"" dose of Mayr"s Wonderful Rem-dreams. Now she was walking In she said: "Here now you must ;ho was accompanied by a young
Portland, and organixer of Jhl, , k , nad obtained vbxl , the hnu. carrying the baby. She'ret again." ! married woman from California.
Kanadian Knights of the Ku Klux ,;. , .-a i tirpd .nd net It down on a" samiv Mid accu.inclv: "It's and a white slave charge was
Klan, it was disclosed today. Im
migration officials stopped his co
worker, Luther I. Powell, of White
Rock on the border south of here.
If it can be proved he is engaged
ln organization work he is liable
to deportation, immigration offi
cials declared. They said he was
an "imperial lecturer" billed to
Dr. H. C. Church
Perklna Bldg. Rotsburo, Or
Pheee a
the full course of treatment. It Is
going on four years now and I have
never had any pains or bloating
since.? It is a simple, harmless
preparation that removes the ca-
taiTha. inraotiB1 from the 'IntestHsV
tract, and nllay3 the Inflammation
which causes practically all .stom
ach, liver and Intestinal ailments,
including appendcltls. One ddse
will convince or money refunded t
all druggists. .
tuft of leaves, put her arms across Head!
It and fell asleep.! In the dream-, -xo
v. .,n...l went tn lift the ', '"Th
iliivpsllcated by the government
!... ,.... nnt nraMnil airnlnHt him.
1 -: . ri
Lt 1 iCix) i
o f : '
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. 12. The
I forest service has advertised for
I sale about 67.000,000 feet of pine,
cedar, fir, lodgepole pine and other
I species on Sherman creek in the
Colvllle National f orest, wasning-
!ton. The timber covers about 8300
acres. The minimum prices Bet at
13 a thousand for pine and cedar
and SI a thousand for Douglas fir
ana otner Bptn-iv.. me iwniuS
date for receiving bids is Decem
ber 30.
ei A a H
Well Fed
Fruit Ola-Nut Bread.
Easy et;
No regret.
Oregon Bakery
231 N. Jackson St
" Phone C""
the!, "Then Hrlntr I, l ,! Int mn . P. It. UaV. WllO Was alfO BT
child. It was -gone. !soe It! Oh. if it's going to die, , rested here upon tne request, oi
She looked about distractedly, i jwant to hold It, I should how Grants pass otuciais, nu
anrne. tha rjLiivon she heard u;" ....... . ... i X70 and costs. He was accused
It cry and begarFrunning In the : she couldn't see the nurse face. , of stealing watches from the store
direction of the' sound quicker, sn. Ire(1 to fKlt ogalnst the at Carr s Corner, cat. warren,
nniokor. her 'feet) flying over the .hine- she was nutting in her i who was May's companion, paid
loose drift. .She called to it: mouth. She aald protesting:
"Walt wait I'm coining "("Bring it they've all gone and
'From hill to hill she went rac- , left it I want It here "
Ine. climbing them breathless.
in tne morning tney orougni u
to her. They brought It because
beating her hand against ner
thdoat because it got io dry. Now
she caught hold of a sapling, help- ho became wild demanding it.
the amount of the tine and both
, men were released.
1 Men's suits cleaned and pressed,
'$1.50. Roseburg Cleaners, phone
ing herself upward. The cries
grew faint farther distant. i
Tbey were down there by the
water. Easier to run down the
hills. She saw them. He wore
Hecaure she shouted that It was
hers. She had a right to it. And
the tried to spring from the bed.
So they brought It In a little
dress of white. It was lying on
a little whlte'sallor suit and was B pniow with its hands that were form naturally
gathering peonies in a rea bo perfect, dear little hands, toifi
bucket. He was very Intent. Yet e(i one over the other, the small
he saw her and waved his hand.ip0intefj fingers spread.
He watted tor her. I And someone- had put a single
Nature's best lubricator Is Rus
sian Oil. Tasteless, odorless and
acts In a natural way. It corrects
the bowels and makes them per-
I.lqyd L. Crocker.
She caught up with him. She spraJr 0f ineg Df the valley In
was about to say: "Darling ilB hand.
wh- rlirl vnn eome so far?" when QnnHv Innkerl nt It. She .aid
he laughed and darted Into Ihe to the nurse: "Put It down here." lttinment If you don't attend.
water, one renLncu um.-, ,. ( one Kli'seu lis linrrs. one la'i
wave swept tne two oi mem, uinn(.r cheek against its race. Mie ai'Mwo!a.
The Swanee Serenaders, Rose
burg's society dance orchestra, will
furnish the music for the big
Charleston Contest to be held next
Saturday night You'll miss a big
town dance and some gooa enter-
No Confinement Ho Hospital Bills j onened her pye.
she held fast. The wave eDnea. ; whispered to It. "Oh. you re
flung her back on the shore. The ) eaU you don't hear me you're
;boy was gone, sne saw mm dead! '
i saw him roll on the crest, raise; t', face wail B0 cold against
up his little hand disappear. I hers. She wanted to warm it.
She screamed : She said wildly: "It's cold oh,
"What Is it? No, dear! Don't :lt-, cold.'
try to get up." They were hold- j And ,,, riung to it, folding it
ing her back. j In her arms, holding It a lung
She struggled. "Let's go! I wnile. smiling ever so sweetly at
It ennnk n. In it. the f-ll 111 OI
shaking It. B,all ilt KHv want thrmich I r nubllt'HIIon or ..Id .limilion. for
MV Ur.t.rl nnn.aiiro.i-al1 with weakness and exhaustion i her. gheputlt against her W'. "lir.Vv, rn tn .m,.'.r .ni
t . ."f Vi . 'She said faintly: "I dreamed. , breast and she said : "Ihli ot-:iin;wi mm cimrhiM n c Won
treatment for riles OOeS noli lIpr mother sat by the bed, In !d any ,t0d. oh, I know It jnnwi rti,. the iii.intiff win apply to
rrmnn. WW to vrnr bed or room. Yon'. jm furtlnff w Irht. Mie ' An anv nlrl llerailse vou're Hie curt f,,r ine rMir
In the Circuit I'ourt of the State of
Ort'Kon for IloiiKta. County.
Mvrtle Mir.iy. J'l.ln'ltf. vfc
W. J. Mft'ov. Tffpndant.
To W. J. Mt-Coy, the above named
lvfr-nit.nt: .
In the 'Name of the State nf Ore-
Igon. you are lierehy required to ap
pear and answer rue
Ihe plaintiff, filed .K.lnst you in
the above entitled c-uurl and eause.
on or b-f.,re Friday, the zeth day
of November, being the date
preeerlhed ly tne court in in oru,-
Notice of sal. ot tjoTernrnenl Um
ber, Uoueral Lud utflce, NVa.hlua
loii. U. C repu , i. Notice I.
hrebv stven that subject - lo thv
condition, aud limitation, ot ll.
cl. of June . m w Btat, ll.,
r'.bruary t. ll ( "'at, 1I7K).
and June 4. 1WO tl Stat., lot), and
uur.uaut to aeprlmuul regula
tion, ot April 14. Ii4 Jf." U U !),
the timber on the following land,
will be sold Nov. IS. at lu
o'clock, A. M. at public auction at
the U. b. laud oflice at Hepburn,
uregon, to the hlh.l biader el
not le. than the uppralecd value
a. ihown by thl. notice, sale to be
ailhleet to the MUDrUVftt' OI Ut ow-
relary oi tne inicnui.
......tirth nf one tter cent thereol. be
ing coninil.ton. allowed, niuel be
Oepo.ltrd at time ot sale, money to
he returned It Ml. I. not approved,
olherv-l. patout will l..uo lor the
timber, which Mil e ni.
wlttiin tea yn. Bids will be re
ceived from cltisens of the unlt.u
Male., aaeoclatlon. or .ucli clli.en.,
and corporation, organised undor
law. ot tne uniteu v.
any .tat., territory. . or ui.iric.
thereot ouiy. upon ej.HL.uuu -gualitled
purchaser, the timber oil
auy legal aubdivi.ion will be ottered
aeparately before being included In
any otter of a larger unit. T. lj 8.,
rt. 1 W, Beo, 11. bWfc fk4H (lr ueo
it. hemlock 4U at. M NW(4 Ilr
135 M., Hemlock 1U St.. aV tt k
nr Uue M, heiuloca: ti at. BtW
WW Ilr m M, hemlock .
Mi' fir at-. NV.'fc
t.r :il U farW BUS. fir luve
j., cedar HO -at, sW-t, a. Iir 1
at. kerulocK 40 U. Jf oV. 14 fir
Mi 14., BW14 Ilr i.7u at.,
ba; &WW ftr llilu aL. hemlock au
31., cedar ti it. SW 8V. fir !6
at., hemlock lxo at., ceuar Se at. none
.. , k. ti,iM.r on im. eecilon ta be
old tor le.a than per XI. fur
tne tlr, 1 per M. tor the cedar and
ia ceut. per at. lor ine ueiuioca.. .
. u U il IV Kun -tk l,L k. fir
490 iL. tot tir Jen al, T. 17 b., it
W, beo. .1, HV1 w it iir iu
M, '1'. a b., U. Ill W-, Bee. el, tot
lir X4U M., whit, cedar to al, tot k
nr Sio Al, white cedar au at., tot 4
tir 2tU al, while ceuar lui, tu, reo
cedar 1(1 at, bKtt SW Ilr 2U M,
wlnta cedar U, H n 8VV)t . "'
IV. at, white cedar lu. at., rtaai
balti fir ate at, wnlt. cedar le at.
oali bue Ilr itv at., wune wwi
tzu at.. bWK Sbvte Ilr U M, white
cedar fa M, none of the timber on
tneae aeution. to be .old for lee.
tban li pur M. for the fir and red
cedar and $7 per at lor the white
cedar. XII b. It 4 W, bee. lb.
Na. NW i4 red fir 4u0 M, '1'. 11 ..
K. 4 W., beo. IS, NK14 Un it yullow
tir, let! M-, red nr, li. at.
NYVtt. W4 yellow fir I2t M, red
Ilr. 176 U.. etilte fir- 1.
noue of . tne timber fdn these
aeultona to be Sold- lor, 5laa luuJl pur M. (or the red and yellow
lir and 11 per al. for the White tlr.
T. 1 8, K. il W, bee. XJ. HKli
dW4(, old growth fir 475 XI, oedar
u M, hemlock luw M., .pruc. lb at,
NWlt KWtt old growth (lr 4U0 M,
econd growth fir 4UU M, heniloek
lull M., btvtt tiW'k old growth nr
euu XI.. aucond irruwlh Xir SaU M-.
uemlockj uu -M.. " HW'A old
tfiuwth (lr 102& Al, cellar ftu at, hem
lock 100 M.'Nh-k tC old growth
lir uw A4, aecoiid .arowlh lir 7eu
at, cedar .26 Ai, iiorulock 16 Al.
WU t,fe:U old arowth Ilr 40U Al.
aecoiid Krowth tir 4uu M, cedar Ibu
M,. bWi HKi4 old growth in- l)o
M, aecoml tfrowth (ir 46u at, cedar
lit At, bH'A HK"i old growth fir 6uu
Al, accoud aruwth Ilr 716 al, c.dar
li At, hemlock 16 Al, Sec Je, NhW
iriA old growth tlr Itt.u M, cedur
60 M, hemlock 68U Al, NW44 Nat
old arowth fir 1140 At. hemlock
1170 Al.. WW 14 NUU old growth fir
1160 At, hemlock 6u0 At. Brt NK
aecoiid growth (Ir Jtuu At,' cedar 6u
M, hemiuck 76 Al, Nk DA'it ec
ond growth fir ilu At, hemlock
Ilu Al, NW14 NV.14 second growth
f;r 1410 M, bW14 NV( aecond
arowlh fir 1426 Al, titl'i NVta aec-
ai, neiniocH
. 'Have you an old pair of skates? . We will allow you
50c for them to apply on purchase ot new pair.
Have you looked at the Galloon Tire Skates . Gen
erally told at $4.50, we have them priced at $3.75. '
I . . . , , .-. . i i : i .... . r. : '.
, These skate have a new style of frame and, with
new wheeli are, we think, the, .best ikate on the market.
We would like to have you stop in arid look at them.
The Iron Mongers
1)1 1 Roseburg. Ore. ''- ' "
Classified Section
" 1 '' .
FOR SALr, Hay. Wood, (3.50 per
pur tier. Phone Z70-Y.
WALNUTS and Newton apples at
S. 1. Cooley ranch. Phone 8-F2.
FOR SALE-rOld Srowth fir .wood
1X60 per tter. Milton Bros!
I'hone.l4F16- , - c - J
FOR SALE Jersey milk, pet
MnHlh Jnlluul , , , . . 1 1 V
month delivered.
turn, 835 Templlu.
FOR SALE Ford, light delivery
oar, good shape, $'.00. Terms. Ar
thur H. Crowell. 225 N. Jackson.
Police' pappieii.' Iron
registered alack, wolf grey color!
$30 to 50. Also registered alb
ver foxes, no better in the state
at reasonable prices. ! Writ of
call and see for yourself; 'on
mile north of Creswell, Oregora,
Robt 1. dow. Bouta 1. Creawelk
WILL SELL or rent dwelling, 104 I Ore. , ; . . i
corner west 1st street, and lat THEV'RE OLD." but they're , good!
. venae. Apply 220 8. Kane St
FOR SALE Three or four tone
bay. close In, In barn. Phone O.
U. Helblg, or eall407 W. Caaa.
FOR ' SALE Two Poland" China
, boars. Or will exchange for
shoatav Ray liganing. Roseburg,
Phone 14F41. ' ,
foil SALE teani, 9 hM 112800
lbs-! harness, wagon, plow, cuHi-
; vator and, hay. Jersey plant
roosters to traue iot puiit LBi ivar
! Orae. Wljber, ()re.j j i j ;
fdji SALEo-roonij libujo f with
i bath and -aleVolna ridrclr. Al 1o-
l ration, ltnv of owner. Term..
I Address ll.Cari News Review.
FOR SALE Pups, 1-2 foxhound
and 1-2 Alrdalo;. males, $6,. Je-
i males, 12.60. Phone 27F42, Oak-
landi -Bnimett - Hall, 'Wllbarl Ore.'
FOR- SALE--One 'brown raajre,' ageM
Team, harness, wagoa and larga
wood rack, a good ontflt i fol
heavy hauling or road work, At
Interested come and see or writs
for particulars. Also one ' gooe
light saddle horse, $15. One fieU
disc, good as -new, 2Q. ; ?WfH
trade all or any part for sheen?
lrols Eggtetoh) Oakland, Ore
, TJvo lfarley Meoryjljs.'JiO anei
111 Oakland teurfcg 17
1SZ4' Ford foaflster 28
1924 Chevrolet tourlpg.. 321
19t8 Bulek 1 " tourinLLi I7S
-0 JT ilnlr, P2lrwi?.i'r-so,H
.1924 Ford Coupe .
1935 Ford Tudor Sedan .
ivis uoage eieaan . aup
4 tt (Buy. t'aUkUigiMUi Co, in
work animal. $
Myrtle Creek. Ore.
rtlt SALr, UUUKii BeiHii,
good condition, an goon yums,
battery practically new.-, Kor
quick Sal at $5Uy. Also SlHtx
. dog, fine watchdog, 8 yra. old,
well trained. Phone 70-J1 or call
' at 622 1st Ave. N. , t--'
the finish and'J Ts
ond growth (Ir 1.60
(lr 4460 Al, MWtt
mm Me and an about vour work as ' -1 ,.-l RhiuIv'h arm.
usual. Fromthefirtt treatment you will .omelhlng piercing in her quiet
i ui jnmiiiiuiuit!iiiii the wav her fingers moved
your case. I GUARANTEE IN WRIT, j so softly.
nir. . . e PH.FS or return vour , "Is It evening already?
a !...-. .ferlr,f wllh Pll F-S or I n'kt 'l
Ight. She ',.., no any noia. ijeeause you're the curt rr ik. ,,
Thr.rrl was j a , 'In hor complaint, a .-nr-inri si
mere was aeari immt of which i r.ii"w: I
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FREE BOOK OI rnlornutlon.
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Ilcr brother
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asj a t , murmuring. "Sandy Sandy.
Cook wlin gaa.
Are You Losing
How many garments have
you discarded because they
were soiled ? Our cleaning de
partment can do wonders
with the thing you thought
you could never wear again.
We Call and Deliver.
Our Auto Will CalL
. Prion 277
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Dr Oeen BuilUlna SOg-SIZ
That frightened her. She "aid
in a hnshed. strained voice: "Mo
ther, utoorl down." And she look-
A full line of the newest place
cards, score cards, napkins, crepe
paiier and necessary ertlcles r
your party,
for prizes. Lloyd L. Crocker.
at Ilrand'B Road Stand. Will do.
llvered when lllletl.
growth fir 2900 At, an 14 nW aec
ond growth (ir IHHO At, DEti atvtt
i-.oiid growth fir 44 III Al, NKW
HK1 aniond growth fir 4)90 M,
HtiA a,-ond growth (lr 440
II.. ITeinlock luo AL, HW4 HK. aec
ond growth fir 4X0 Al, HEfc HK
.eeond growth fir 8176 At, eedar
126 At, none of th. llinb.r on these
auction, lo lie jld for lee. than
61.60 per At. for the apmce and eld
growth f,r, 92 per At. (or the cedar
and aecond growth (lr and 60 ceiila
per At. for the hemlock. T. If r).
It. 1 lv. H.-c. 1. HWA M--'4. pine 176
I At, (Ir 40 Al, Irfit I pine, 276 At, Ilr
I U l.,.a A In M ftr lln hi
ree dissolving the marriage . con BKU vivia nlhu 276 Al, (lr la Al"
tra..t now existing hetw.-,-ii our- timber on thl. .option
if and the plalhtlir. ana r we, )d . . ,n ....
per monin ""-'"J , ..a si m r,.r in
and for h.-r costs 1 " ; , , lr. j, H , . w Hoc 21, HKhk
mons Is piihlislK-d In the .Hose
silm of J0,00
hUrg!sw,.e yellow Ilr 450 M,
k.- t, I.v nrrl.-r of Hon. J. " . ,','-
W. Hamilton, judae of the above
entitled lourt. ma'le on the 2nd day
,.f li,-l,, her. lH'jr,. end the first piih-
AlftO a nice selection i llc.itlon of this summons Is ' 'lte
the 2n,l ,IHV OI iHIOO-r. -1,-.
the last wlh he on rrl-
n .Irtay. til" 13th dy "f Kevemner,
Fresh grape Juice at Overland . us, making a period o( six full
Orchards. Bring containers or leave ajid conaecutlve w.'aj.
Attorney for I'lalntlff. 219-2:" I'er
kliis lliill-lllig. lies.hiirK, nregon.
Late Cbev. sedan,
all like new for $550.
24 Spec, six Simla, roads, with
90 mile gear, for $1160.
v 23 Ulg six tour., good condition,
23 Ford roads, new pa:nt, $260.
Oeod Font tour, wtth-lotu of. ex
: Iras. $200.
Chrysler Dealers, 527 N. Jackson.
Ff5h 8AtE"Af A BARRAIN 40
acres of good land that will make
any one a beautiful home, three
miles from town and the Pacific
highway, In the very best of lo
cation; fine all year road; 12
mile lo school; all ot the tract
tillable; no Improvement , but
.fence. Will sell 1 anyresnon
slble party; for very small pay
ment and wait for the balance to
. suit purchaser. -Low Interest,
anil Immediate "possession. No
better plaeg for small fruits, broc
coli, espicrally for strawberries.
My price will be so small that I
will Only give It to party Inter
ested, as one would get the Im
pression that the properly la of
' little value. I will convince you
that I am offering you a home at
, one-fourth of Its value. Address
"Owruv," rare of News-Umlew.
' Proof of tne pudding la ln tast
ingwhether ouyer or seller read
the classified ad.
3intj!i Phbfta '4H-J. f 1
FOR RENT Auto , paint shop. I
quire 8outhEnd Service StatloJ
Foi'tThENTa' modern Tourroor
bungalow, garage and wnndshejt
I'mulre H24 Ramona Court.
FllK RKNT tiood sixnToiirbousv
rreTrr round-Uouse, 1 1 Intjulr 87
Hoover St. 'J
-4wui; light and water, -4e94 TCJ
..... V. din Vr T..L... a.Ma
III,,,,,,,. O I .ni.n OWl, KI.l-CTl,
e A chicken dinner will bo 4
e served by the ladies of the
Roseburg Rr-bekah l-odgc be-
e tween the hours of 11 and 1.
e Wednesday. Nov. Is. In Ihe
Al. (or Ihe red and yellow (Ir. l.6ul salesroom OI ni'wianii a iiar- -w
per At. (or the red re.ler and so aee, et 6c per plate. They )
4 will also hold a baiaar.
d (lr lauu AL. white (lr too 61, red
cdar 76 M, BV.'A KV.'A yellow (lr
l:6u M, red fir 7-V0 Al, hemlock 26
M, reil cedar .0 Al., 1 I. H, It. 12
W. hV. . l..,t 6, red (lr 4H0 At,
none o( the tlinner on these sections
he .old for les. tmm .z on
oil RENT Ground floor apart
ment, furnished. Close t school.
Uood place for children. " Also
sleeping room. 522 1st Aye. H.
rnone iv-j. i v
, 1
1 iei
: i
TA1L0R1NC and dresstnaktng. 621 ,
a. Main HI .Mrs, outiu-ldfo.)
WAT5te'I) To rent : ; rilshfil
"room. . Must hae wooj J cook
- rrtove. 844 s. Jackaoh. i ,
WX(i?lVportonl ty '. to1 goto
southern California , soon. WtH
,"dTir car, or icctnnuanv i , som
-iUiK, ahar'ag expenaea. ' Phom
298-R. '
. , . -
L')ST Id Roaeburgi Armlstievi
liy,! Wrist watcU with name
"JLolma" engraved on back, rib
bon attacheil. Reward for return
to Thelma Pearce, Central Gar
age, opiHislte public library. -..
, , , f
cent, per Al.
hemlock. Thi
for the
.. lUv.ll,
hit. (Ir and
Acting Corn-
Hank Saves the Game.
7 about op AAjiF we ui eti rr vjif ' .-- sigk)M.S- i grab this vKX v'Z V v' ' Ae)ocoowo.VSj
(Jl OVEB F0O.AT0UCH0C.aJW tthE n TOME k''--"7. 1 6T.W-IJ k- r-X D - ct--.;80V, Y'C WlM. TaToPtM I
OATrtlMCTT Tevj LA ,LL w-rtC, ri-T J FOR. HOME y--. A nAWK hTrrr
; lt., CVwri.S. hj Lr.-. I Sr-e. . t- , ; I J ' - - j l jf ! . t I .. ,m - .-.-.Ti "-
FOR A GOOD course in lllustrat
hig and cartooning write to "TV
cari News-Rerlew.
OAR-OWNER Don't torget 4
sail (61 when la need ot auti
parU. Sarff'a Auto Wreckiru
House. " j
-VOl'UAIfPnSaiT Mtlik well im
proved business property. god4
Income proiosition. for'stoak
ranch near Hoar-burg. Box,
I'banon. Oregon.
TOr:XCIIANtIr!r Incoiuo and real
dent property, value $12,000, all
clear, In Medford, ' Orenop, for
stork ranch. Owner 8u3 Clark
rtrH't, Medford, Oregon. ' ,'
T't5EXt'i I A NOER n modetn
eight-room bouse with halt block
ground ' m Lebanon, for 4loe,
equipment and les so on (lock
' ranch near Koseburg. ' tool- 3,
Ibanon, Oregon.
AM TLiAVTNlpJ'iWN' aieATniuat
'ti rerooiii.iirtitirialshri houip,
4nlL eement 'haaeraent, trl'A "f
era I cords of wood; on !avd
street; near scJkhiI; , Wckn
house and gnoil ganlim spot;
tgakragik virry -reaoiibl l'blo
70 J or call at lit 1st Ave. N.