Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, November 12, 1925, Page 6, Image 6

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, Taking 'tbe profit out of war-and
the eonacrlptlos of wealth and la
bor M veil men are the two
id oat positive waya of InaurtnK fu
ture peace. Hon. O. P. Coshow,
associate Justice of the Oregon Bu
preme Court, told an audience,
which filled the Antlera Theatre
to capacity yesterday morning.
Judge Coshow, In hla Armistice Day
' addreaa, atreaaed the fact that the
American Legion la working for
permanent peace, and to that end la
endeavoring to make profiteering,
on the part of both capital and la
bor, impossible In the event of fu-
t ture ware.
Tha apeaker paid a touching trib
ute to the men who gave their Uvea
during the last war, and from war
records and extracts told of many
deeda of valor which hare here
tofore passed unnoticed.
He. touched on the spread of
peace throughout the world and
the rapidly apreadlng aentlment on
the part of the people of the world
demanding continued peace. -The
addreaa was Instructive; In.
teresUng and Inspiring, - and the
huge crowd waa well pleased.
The program was opened by a
patriotic selection by the band, af-
wter which Mrs. Fred Strang sang
"America. he Beautiful." The au
dience Joined in the singing of
i America. The playing of "The
Star Spangled Banner" concluded
, the exercises., , , ... ,
A complete line of new,
up to date dresses, reasonably
. . . .,... .... a
LOST Between and 7
o'clock, Wednesday night, on
the road between Garden Val
ley and Roseburg, long
brushed wool scarf, red trim
med with tan. Return to
News-Hevlew office.
CowKare and
Wharton Bros. .. .
Bag-Balm at
Musically Inclined people of the
city will be Intended In the Or
thophony Vlrtrola concert, that
will be given in the Indian Room
of the Umpqua Hotel Friday af
ternoon, November 13, between
I o'clock and 11 o'clock. The
recital will Include popular and
classical selections, both instru
menttal and vocal, and It la ei
pected that the event will be
marked by a large attendance.
The demonstration will be un
der the supervision of Miaa A. M.
Rich, of the educational depart
ment of the Victor Talking Ma
chine Co. Miaa Rich Is an ac
complished musician, and her demonstration-recitals
have been
fflfa KIDS
She flrat told him about
this laundry. She told
htm that we did up her
. ahirtwalat and her other
Ilk things In a delightful
' manner. Then be sent ua a
trial order of a doien col-
. lara. He and she agree
that thla Is some laundry.
Roseburg Steam
'. ' Laundry
' PHONB 71
A shadow social will be held
at the Oreen school house
Friday, Nov. 18th, at 7:30 p. m.
The proceeds to be applied on
nlmnnmnh All friends Of
education urged to be present.
the Utiles with filled unuecora
ted boxen and gentlemen with
purses of the same description.
When the second act has come to an end and
the curtain is rung down amidst whirling applause when
you mingle outside with the excited throngs in the lobby
have a Camel!
The L. A. to B. of R. T.
w win noia ur bum
food Bale at McKean, Darby
and llaldwln'a, Saturday, No-
vember 14.
wonderfully appreciated wherever
she has appeared. Tbe public. It
la hoped, will auena aur
In Roseburg, and assurances are
given by the aponsora for the en
tertainment tnai II will pru. m
delightful program. There la no
charge to the concert.
Heat wlin gaa.
Orasa aeed and clover at Whar
toa Bros. y
' rk nrlrA nn a Ford used car
I.,., m.rH at 1162 for
a lute model, would be an attrac
tive bargain, but the fact of the
matter is that particular car la
.K wtttt mm tndava list from
the Hansen Chevrolet Co. shows.
Cook with gas.
Disorderly Conduct Charged
ifnhihMimn. Jr.. waa arrest
ed yesterday evening charged with
disorderly conduct and interfering
wi.K nttt Officers Rauach
and Vaughn were Investigating a
case. It Is claimed, when Konma
gen came by In hla car making a
great deal of noise and Interrupting
.... nrrlnr Ha entered a Ulea
of not guilty and demanded a bear
Heat with gas.
The Woman's Missionary socie
ty of the Preabyterlan church will
hAM i rovninr meeting oa Fri
day aflernoon, November 13, in
the church parios. mm ttonena
nmr nt fhe Nntlonal Board of Mis
sions will addreaa the women.
Miss Ilarr la a forceful ana inter
esting speaker with a timely
message and all are urged to be
present and near ner. 1(
Cook with gaa.
r A ouiMnh' nr.. Nov. 12.-
puitn nf Pendleton defeat
ed Oscar 8carberry, claimant of the
northwest mlddleweignt wrestling
championship last night. Bcarberry
failed to come naca arier iromi
down on an airplane apln. Pilling
lost the first fall to Bcarberry in
43 minutes, but threw Bcarberry In
23 minutes. Bcarberry wa out an
WHEN the thrilling second act of the best show
of the year lias just come to aa end. And the
stars have taken their curtain calls in answer to
round after round of applause. When you join
the crowds outside just as pleased and thrilled
as yourself have a Cantcll '
For no odier friend is so cheerful, so resting
between acts as Camel. Camel adds its own
romantic glamour to the brightness of mem
orable occasions. No other cigarette ever made
and kept so many friends. Camch never
tire your taste no matter how liberally or zest
fully you smoke them. Camels never leave a
cigaretty after-taste. All the desire to please, all
the skill to serve of the largest tobacco orgmi
zation in the world, goes into this one cigarette.
So when you leave the theatre pleased and
inspired for greater things, when you s;e life's
problems and their solutions clearer lift the
flame and taste the mellowest smoke that ever
came from a cigarette.
Have a Camel!
sipi a?ii
Into the making of this one cigarette goes ell of the ability of the world" s largest
organization of expert tobacco men. Nothing is too good for Camels. The
choicest Turkish and domestic tobaccos. The most skilful blenders. The most
scientific package. No other cigarette made is like Camels. No finer cigarette can
be made. Camels are the overwhelming choice of experienced smokers.
" . : lewi-. V-'.C f f P"f3
-reseat"!. .- ; .-. ; rv-n K-, wri
- - -
Our highest wish, if you do not yet
know Camel quality, is that you try
them. We fnrite you to compare Camels '
with any cigarette made at any price
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.
4 . (Aanclalnl Ptwi Leaned Wire.)
HOOD RIVER. Ore.. Nov.
12. A peculiar coincidence
in the death of two brothers.
both ot whom had the same 4
initials, "C. A.." has Just
4 been learned by the fumlly
of the late C. A. I'udily. plo-
) neer local upper valley or- )
How to Quickly Limber Up
Sore, Stiff, Swollen Joints
: ; :i
"The Vogue."
priced dresses at
Men's suits cleaned and pressed,
$1.60. Roseburg Cleaners, phone
Heat with gaa.
chardlst, who died here No- 0 I M1rli
vember 4. The local family ' w..uit
has Just received a clipping : m'
from a Missouri Valley. .Mo.,
newspaper, telling of the ac-
cldental death or the brother
) of that place on 'the same 4
day. He waa engaged with
car repairers and fell, break-
lug his neck.
It was a hlgh-clai
who miw lir.'M.-rliitliin Rftr ln
p.-rlptlitn full to h.-lf. InindrpdH of
hln ciiMoini-rN ti Kt't riil of rh.-uinnt-li-
awi'llftiva iinrl Ktirf. Infl.tnitil,
ialn-tortur,-l Ji.lntn.
An.l It whh tiil lame mnn who
aanertil that a rm.tly f-miM Hint
l r.ititlM.linil,.
You are invited to at
tend a special
Lecture Recital
of Popular and Classi
cal Music at the
Umpqua Hotel
Friday Afternoon
and evening at 4 p. m.
and 8 p. m. at which
-. time
Miss A.M. Rich
of the Educational De
partment of the Victor
Talking Machine Co.
will present the new
Orthophonic Victrola
and demonstrate the
Oft's Music Store
Victrola 6c Victor
mnkt rrcnk y, KWtillt-n,
titintit wtirk with luft an
inintr)nf an thfy i-v.t :i.
Nw thl pri'mrlption. rifchtly
nam-l .I.tiit-1it', fi-r lin u-t-imI
muTfiHMfttlly ' on limny tii'ntitirt te
riiii. In offi'rul thriMiKh prteKrattv
jihurnuVlntsj to imlllonn of i-itt
who mtrri-r from allhig JointH tliai
ni't-ri llmbcrlnif up.
Swnllti, I witiuy, tnflnmrtl, Htlff,
pnln-torturfti Jo hits uif iinufllly
i-HUHt'il ly rhfumnttum. hut whHt
vtr the raitif, Joint-Bun otik
ntrnlKht In thronnh "til anrt fl-nh
rltrhl ihiwn In lfntUn Hlld likfA-
.,,.. of tht- 1.lnts- ruht v ri-rp
rhnrma-iit nil th trmibl starts find tlin j
Itt-mfititiHr, Jolnt-Kait In for all- !
iru'iitM of t)i Juints, whfthtT in an- j
I.I. . 1,1 ...1 - fin. I
Ker, and when you ru it on. yon
nmy expect npeetfy and Kratifylng
It in now nn nal at all dnrKglsta
cvi-rywhfrc for 6 centn a tube.
Al wii y rmm Dr,
i nt'd
when Jnlnt-
Kafle K't In Joint atcony K-t out lb
Biggest Selling Joint
Remedy in the World
Miss Marjorie Cable Irft yea
tprdny afternoon for Portland,
whero she was called on account
of the illness of her mother.
8ee the new dresses at "The
Mrs. R. Ochs, of Wilbur, spent
the tiny here visiting with frUnds
and slioppliiK returning home in
the afternoon. r ,
Can save you $150 on practically
new Ford sedan. See Taylor with
Catching Motor Co.
Mrs. En pen ft Bo tee and Infant
were dismissed from Mercy Hos
pital today and returned to their
home at Dlxonville. ,
Have a bargain in a good Dodge
sedan. See Taylor with Catching
Motor Co.
The South Circle of the Ladies
Aid of the Methodist Church, held
a successful food and fancy ar- .
tide sale today in the McKean, '
Durby and IlaiUwin show wndows.
All Pythian sisters are roqueted
to mevt at the Pythian buililing
Friday aftfrnoon at 1:30 o'clcM-k
fr lh purpose of attending the
funeral of Sister Fisher. Bv order
of tiio Most Exce lleut Chief. - ,
PORTLAND. Nov. 12.
Police here received news to-
dav (hat caured them lo be- COUNTERSIGN LEFT
lleve the three convicts who BY WOMAN TOO MUCH
escaped Sunday from the
Walla Wnlla nrlnon. may bo
headed toward this cltv. The A-UM Trrm lm4 Wli.)
Sheriff's office at The Dalles NEW YOUK, Nov. 12.
telephoned that speclnl rail- Nearly 300 mediums who as-
road auents engaged In a aim aerted their belief that they
battle early today with three received spirit messages from
men In the railroad yards the late Mrs. J. Allen Gilbert
at The Dalles. of Portland, Ore, failed to
, 4 present the secret countersign
44t4t 4 agreed upon with her husband
before her death.
The Sclentlflo American,
IIUM1LS3 Oltip UUV miperlntended the opening to-
i day of the scores of messages
in TWmOPrl I.'IO presented In the effort to win
IU OlUllltlUl Udd ,-,. offered by Dr. Gilbert
litis pressure In the abdomen mim
es a restless, nervous feeling
, prevents sleep. Atlerlk remov
' ass In TKN minutes and brings out
furprtnlnK ameunta nf old waste
nmltt-r ynu never thought wua In
your system. This excellent Intesti
nal evsciisnt la wonderful for enn
stlpntlon or stomach trnuhle. Don't
wnste time with pills or tablets but
get ItKAl, Aillrrlka action. Nntlian
Tullerton. durgKlnt.
Bare yon an w to grind T There
are hundreds who want tbe job.
To learo their names read tbe
News-Review calsslfied ads.
'fl A
Invitation to
Miss A. M. Rich
mt Bn.l .nnniinced none nf them
'"" approached the agreed coun- B . . . , ,
na ' terslgn. M Of the Educational Depart-
a f Amh'UimI Prr 1Mt Wltv. 4
KISSIMKE. Fla., Not. 12.
Undismayed because local
OEFtNDANT FAILS TO J schools were overflowing
PROVE NON CUN CLAIM a, wl1n children of regular rel-
dents, "tin can tourists" here
MrMINNVII.I.K. Ore.. Nov. 12 a. have Instituted their own:
As the trial of J. F. Trent. McMli n-(a hool from rurlrulum to ram-
Mrs. George Short, of Wilbur,
arrived this morning and spent
the day visiting with friends and ,
A complete line of new, up to
date dresses at "The Vopne."
The Lady Mnskovltcs will hold ;
their regular meeting at the Odd '.
Fellows Hall on Friday evening,
at which time they will have the
annual election of officers.
American fence is zinc Insulated,' '. .
a process by which 50 to 100 per-! The caie of the CHy asainst Wm.'
rent more galvanized la put on the Hayes was heard before City Re
wire than waa possible under the corder Whipple this afternoon,
old process. '1'hia fence costs no Hayes is accused of drawing a gun .
more than any other good f-nco.'whiln engaged In an argument with
Sold by Whnrlon llros. Dre Green, concerning a doe.
ment of the Victor Talking
Machine Company, will dem
onstrate the new Orthophon
ic Vlrtnilu at the Indian
room at the
Umpqua Hotel
. 2 P.M. to . 1
vllle farmer, accused of second de- 4 pu,
gree miiruer lor tne snooting 01 Following a mass
George O. Ilamblln, was resumed attended bv tourist
this moming. the widow of the vie- . rannera decided to erect their
lim was a spectator in the court , wn building, elect their own
room. school board, employ their
Although Trent declared at the own teacher and prescribe
time of his arrest that he did not 4, tnf,r ovn course of aludy.
have a gun In his house, the prose-1 a
rutlon battered down this state-1 , ,4 t t
ment this morning and Trent ad-1
milled that he knew he had guni Heat wttn ana
prior to the shooting. I ' o
With the calling to the stand j Hundreds have put their O. K. ni
this aflernoon of Walter Lynch. It classified columns. They are tht
Is oei'ied that the atate will close j starting point of many people'!
Its case against Trent 'success and prosperity. 1
, meeting I Fday. November
a, the tin pj
You are requested to be proa
em at Uils entertalnmeut
Sherman Clay
you have no idea how GOOD crackers can be. Their
flavor and shape are distinctive. And their texture
is crisp, flaky honey-combed so that they fairly
melt in your mouth.
That's why Tru-Bakes are so delightful with soups.
salads, hot chocolate and for cracker sandwiches.
The name "TRU-BAKE" on every cracker is your guarantee that' it is
baked Tru-Blu. . Ask your Grocer for Tru-Bake Crackers.
Bahei hu lhe TRU-BLU BISCUIT CO.. St
s 1 I a viuuiiu
The Horn of Tru-Blu Crahamt, English Style Biscuit and the Famous Tru-Blu Fruit Gut;
. i