Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, November 05, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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Inherits Thrifty
Ideasj Manages
Bank Department
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fciav ti(, ii uufuitfi uw iu
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ROCHESTER, N. Y., Not. 5.
The mystery surrounding tho Iden
tity of "Dutch" Anderson, slayer
and desperado, whose career was
ended by a bullot from bis own
gun In Muskegon, Mich., Saturday
was pierced today.
In a cowrlght story the Rochest
er Journal and the Post Express
prims the life history of the ban
dit, aa given by William J. Baker,
an attorney of this city. The rec
ords at Atlanta federal prison gave
the name of Mr. Baker aa the per
son to be notltud In case of death.
A widowed mother awaits pa
tiently In Denmark for another let
ter from the boy she thinks Is
prospering in business In this coun
try. Madame too Teller, representa
tive of a Noble Danish family, nev
er knew that her son, Ivan Dahl
von Teller and "Dutch" Anderson,
Internationally known bandit, safe
blower and desperado, were one
and the same.
Terminal beauty Whop, pnoss MS,
Meat with gas.
fAawvUtrd Pr LHri Wire.)
LONDON. Nov, 5. In deference
to the popular outcry the great ball
arranged for Armistice night In
Albert Hall has been postponed
and the hall will be used instead
for a religlouB Commemoration
VA controversy ha been fading
ir the last few days over the pro
paifty of celebrating the Armistice
anniversary with revelry.
cmisequently the ball has beeti
deferred until November 12 and
the Prince ot Wales has indicated
tts intention of attending, which
be declined to do if It were held
Armistice night.
,,mf4 .Nw f )
Mrs. Lena 8oltaer. manager
of the savings department of the
Mercantile Trsrt Ceu, Si Louis,
Mo b descendant of Rev.
Henry Duncan, of Dunfries
shirer Scotland, foander of the
modern saving bank. 'Mrs.
Sultxer it on of four women in
the U. 8. to bold Ueh position.
rlcultural departments that docu
ments in their possession relating
to aviation be turned ever to the
defense eounseL . ;
Heat wltu gat.
Here's the Way
to Heal Rupture
A Marvelous Self-Homc-Treaiment
That Anyone Can Uso On
Any Rupture, Large
or Small.
CosU Nothing to Try j
Kuittiirt'd people nil over tne
country uro aimiKMl at the almost
iiiirii-mloiit, r.xult of a simple
Metlioil fur ruptnro Unit Is l.elnit
rnt fr to nil who writ for it.
This remarkable Rupture System f
oni of the Kreutt-H blolnit ever
offrrort tit ruptured men, wnmfn
nnj chtWlren. It in li hip pronounced
th mnt nuccesisful Met hod ever dl
tuviTi'd, ami makt'S tht um of
tnirisoH r Vun our in min-fs?ary.
No matter iiotv IikiI the rupture, !
how lonw you hare had it, or how j
hard to hold; no matter how many
klnlt of truss"' you have worn, ltt ,
not hi m; revf nt vn'i from uretf inf?
till. KtKi; TKKATMKNT. Whether;
-you think you are pant help or have
h rupture Inrre aa your fiffs, thU
innrveiou System will to control It;
and k-p It up lnMe aa to surprise :
you v Itti it m Kit i!if lu-nt-e. It will
mi help you r'tore the parts where
the ruptnro coiuew through that soon
you will be aa free to work at any
HTtipittinn aa though you had never
twii ruptured.
You rnn have ft free trial of this
wonder ful wtfenK then inn prepara
tion hv merely Komiing your name
and eddrefa to M. A. H)l.1ASUt
In.. ...MC, tolltna Itu.Jf.lnr, Waier
ln. !. . 8-nd no money. The
trial la free. Write now today. It
may nave the wearing of a trust
the rest of your life.
The Rosebnrg woman's clnb
will held another rummage- sale
on Saturday. The committee com
posed of Mrs. William Bell, Mrs.
J. C. Ponsler, Mrs. eeo. Brad
barn, Mrs. H. D. - Hsrrts, Mrs.
Washington Haghes. Mrs. S. E.
Enger and F. R. Dunlap will con
duct the sale and will be glad to
call (or anything which the peo
ple of Rosebnrg will have to do
nate If one of the committee la
notified by phone. .
There will be coats, hats, dres
ses, shoes, books, pictures, band-
bags and numerous other articles
for sale. The proceeds will go
toward the building of the new
club house. The store will be
open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. In
the 8ykes Building next door to
the Terminal Hotel. :
The George Bolter home In this
city was entered last night and
two watches and a ring taken.
The thief entered the basement
and procured an axe. with which
he pried up a window and gained
entrance to the main part of tho
honse. He took two wrist watches
and a pearl ring, together with
an overcoat. The theft was re
ported to Chief ot Police Ketch
who Is making an Investigation.
(AanrUtH IT. LruH Wire.)
Standard OH company announced
todny that selections will be made
within the next few days of the
towns in which company buildings
are to be marked for tho guidance
of airplane pilots in the scheme
worked out by the company and
the United States army for better
developed airways. Towns along
the present air routes from San
Itlego to Seattle and from San
Francisco to Reno In which the
company has .buildings suitable
for the guide sign purposes will be
The company Is working In co
operation with the army air serv
ice In marking the routes. The
guide sifnis will be the name of the
town painted on the roof of the
building. A large number of the
company's big warehouses are
available for that purpose.
If you have
An. Eye Tor
2itt thousands
your advertising
and the good old car is rearing to be on the tour vAim
everything's ready to go and you reach for the wheel
-have a Camel! : ' ' .'.v:-7:
Cmtli HMitI At try ehcicest tobtctot grown m til the world. Cmelt r ,
UtmJad by ikt wmUft most exptrt Menders. Nothing is too good for Camels.
In the MaWaMf wf this one brand we concentrate the tobacco knowledge and skill
tj tht Urftst mjtMltation of tobacco experts fn the world. No other cigarette
mad It lUH Ctmtltt They art the overwhelming choict of experienced smokers.
WHEN your car of cars is fresh primed, ready
to start the tour. And early morning light has
thrown its glow of enchantment over fields and
roads. When far ahead lies the way to adven
ture's own land, Oh, lucky man, as you reach
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For go as fast or as far as you will, you'll never
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makes every fine road finer adds the magic
romance of its own friendliness to the zestful
joys of travel.; Camels are made of such choice
tobaccos that they never tire your taste. Camels
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cigaretty after-taste. All of die joys of smoking
that's Camel contentment to millions of
experienced smokers. ? ('
So as life's road opens fair ahead, waiting to
be exploredat the start of the journey, or at
the tour's end, light n Camel and know the
mellowest fragrance, the most joyful taste ever
blended into 'a cigarette! ' ' ' ' ' ' ' , ,
( ) flare a Camelf .
.-.t i tit J l i I '
'mI -vS&S-'v?,
; it
1 1
V . 1
i i
Our highest wish. If yon da. not yet
know Camel quality, it that yon try
tnem. rr nrrwc 70a compart usmu -
with any cigarette made at any price.''.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. '
The Rose Room ot the Hotel
Rose was .the scene of a lively
gathering last night when the Ki
wanlana of Roseburg observed La-1
dies night with a special program, '
banquet and dance. About eighty
were present at the banquet.
' During the banquet hour a fine
program was presented. The first
number was a "bones solo" by Mr.
"Shorty" 8chnelder. one of the
endmen of the American Legion
Minstrel Revue. His ability as
bone-rattler won loud applause and
he waa forced to give an encore.
Bert 0. Hates gave a chalk talk
which Included many of the Kl-l
The Greatest
Newspaper Picture '
Ever Made
Last Edition"
UMLUI Kcnuiu u
i PORTLAND, Ore., Nor. B. Cat
tle steady; receipts 30.
Hogs nominally steady; no re
ceipts. Sheep nominally steady; receipts
300 on contract.
S9c. Raw milk (4 per cent) $2.60 unchanged.
NORLESVILLE. lnd.. Nov. 8. pulletB up. 2c. Current receipts
The coroner's Terdlct In the death 41c. TrP,n mwl,m 43ic; frPeh
of Madge Oberholtier waa barred ,.j,, .. i,ftiiP. f,,,h
Finch, . evidence today In the trial of ,tan(iard extras 47iffl48c. ,
chestra compesed of Rov- Finch, as evidence today In the trial of
Cor Ward and Oclsi White played C. Stephenson and two aides in
some fine music for the dance. connection wnn tne girl s aeatn
Mrs. Roy Hartley won first here.
. ! prlae last night In the nail-driving 1 The court sustained a state ob-
tllinnw ,in l. vi 1 1 rr 1 1 iiy 1 . n. 111 ,.,ib. - "
.. . , .iiirUs , .,u , 1 ww, fnMnil, nK. cream 55c net ahlppers track
;"T..r.r.. ". .:": t 7;. ; 1. freBm delivered ponmnd
!- l.k.lita. n,.a.a1l I Intntt i T ' " ' ' ...... - J
7J, .1. " pialse Of Mr. Oeorgo Smith s ef- lerea poison,
led the gathering In some peppy i m , . , or. A defense
songs and later gave a tine talk on
his trip to the Vancouver conven
tion. Ouy Cordon gave a humorous
talk on 'How my wife can make
me a better Hiwaman. - nr. onoe-
cwt. fob Portland.
Poultry firm. Heavy hen S&c;
light -18c; springs 23$25o; broil
ers 294; 30c; young white ducks 22
fl2uc: dressed turkeys 40941c;
live .0631c.
Onions firm tl.S0fiil.70.
Potatoes firm, 12 3.50.
Nuts steady. Walnuts No. 1, 28
(fi3tc; filberts nominal; chestnuts
Cascara bark nominal at 667c;
Oregon grape root nomlnaL
Hops firm, new crop cluster
2lic; fuggles 372lc. ..
PORTLAND, Ore., Nov. S Fresh
Country dressed meats are aknr
and weak. Choice light carre cell
at a 15 cent top and choice light
hoes at IT cents.
Demand continues good tor all
lines of live poultry. Light tens
are bringing 17 and II cents with
heavy hens 22 to 25 cents. Springs
are holding around 25 cent with
the few good broilers coming now
selling at 30 cents for food auaUty.
blrds, two pounds and under. ,
PORTLAND," Ore., Not, " E r:
nrh..t h.Mi Kit. tinn ci fct.
hard white, btueatem, baart fl.f;
soft white $1 50; westesn white
11.494c: hard winter, nortbera
medihm eggs or pullets are 2 cents
Butter steady. Extra cubee, city ; hlKher in the local market today at '., M. w..tern red 11.4C.
55c; standarda 64c; prime firsts , cealt. All other grades neia - ,
BJc; firsts 4c; undeTgrades noin- 'ateady and unchanged. -
lnal; prints 67; cartons 68c. . Cuba butter continues to main- We have a complete line of peg
Milk stesdy. Rest churning ; tain a steady tone In the local harrows, disks and spring tooth
In i market with no change on the dairy nsrrows. uei our new prices.
board. Prints ar aluo steady and Wharton Bros. ,'
I forts to cater to the Kiwanis or- A defense motion asking Judge
! ganisatlon. The Rose Room was a hparks to Instruct the Jury to re
I delightful place for the gathering turn a verdict of not guilty was
and the eommltteo Is planning overruled by tho court today. The
many more similar meetlnga in tho motion was predicated on the
maker waa the presiding officer at
the banquet. Following the meal.
Rose Room was cleared and an or-
Ensllag forks at Wharton Bros.
A large carload of 30 milna of
American line Insulated fence has
Brrlved at Wharton Bros. Buy now
w hile the stock 3 complete.
(Antntl frnt Iruri Wlr-.)
th"r compromises In thd" matter of
witnesses ami documentary evi
dence were mad today between
the prosecution and drfen.e coun
sels of th court martial trial of
Colowl William Mitchell, accused
of conduct during the air controv
ersy prejudicial to good order and
military discipline.
Colonel Mltrh' ll agreed to with
draw requests for subpoenas for
Major General Robert C. Davis, ad
jutant general of the army. Rear
Admiral Hilary Jones, president of
the Shenandoah Inquiry court and
Major A. N. Krog.taff, ot Luke
Kield, Honolulu.
At the same time Lieutenant
Colonel Joseph I. McMullen, as
sistant trial Judge advocate, ob
tained the consent of the White
House and the War, Navy and Ag-
ground that the atate hail failed to
make a case.
In declining to hear argoments
on the motion. Judge Sparks de
clared he "had not come here to
hear arguments."
I The atate rested tts rase agalnt
the former Klu Klux Klan leader
and his two bodyguards late yes-
I , o .
A delicious hot breakfast ready for
the able in less than 3 minutes!
New Style H-O Quick Cooking
These toasted oats cook into gran- '
ular oatmeal. Actually a new
breakfast dish! One that gives
you vim for the whole day!
A wealth of energy-building car
bohydratcj tissue-building pro
teins and vitalizing minerals in
every disk
Twf "all-night cooked"
flavor in only two minutes
sortASt nartas
, OAUTY raoDucrs
s-e ndawevt ears
minutes only
. - . '. t - :
, tHAUt. fcrfWHH, t f.A,
Shape mAfdL"'
xv,c f.? r&&Y
v- ' .r I "...
VEDFORD, Ore., Not. 5. Hy
men Huntley, 68, a section crew
worker who will go on trial la tho
circuit court this afternoon on a
charge of first degree murder, will
plead self defense, and the "un
written law."
Huntley is accused of Inflicting
knife wounds during a fight that
resulted In the death on September
2. Inst, of Jesse James (ilbhs, 28.
Coos county, homesteader and I
mill worker as a climax to a bit- j
ter nuarrl over (JlbhV attentions ;
to Mrs. Huntley. Alter the fatal
affray, Huntley surrendered to the 1
.! LONOVIEW. Wah Nov. 6 Po
lice Chief (ieorge Jackson of this
city yesterday apprehended IVsl
i Katell, 14-yesr old girl, who recent
! ly ran' away from a Kalcm girls'
eehool to "see the world " Fslem
I authority wired they will send a ,
matron after her today.
-You eat more crackers now than at any other time of the year.
-For good taste demands that crackers be served
with all soups, salads and hot chocolate. And hungry
kiddies delight in cracker sandwiches with cheese,
peanut butter, jelly or jam.
Then why not be economical and buy Tru-Bakes
in the larger packages)
Baked by the TRU-BLU BISCUIT CO., Spokane and Portland
Tha Horn of Tru-Blu Grahams. English Style Biscuits and the Famous Tru-Blu Fruit CaW