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Initiation Thursday ermine,
Oct :6th, followed by Hard
Times party given by White
Side. Refreshments. All Arti-
4 aana requested to be there.
celve much help from the experi
ences In that city.
Heat with gas.
Committee to Organize and
Adopt Plans in Very
Near Future.
Islrnn nniiuiiiiiTV
J 1
Wednesday, October 14
We will offer any Coat in our enormous stock at
25 on " . .
We are showing the latest in Fur Trimmed and Sport Models, with many
new numbers.
Do not overlook this opportunity -to save.
139 North Jackson St
Proposed System for Handl
ing Charitable and Ben
. . evolent Work Used .
by Most Cities.
PYTHIAN LODGE STANDS Ulon committing the lodge to law
FOR LAW OBSERVANCE observance as a means of further-
ing the prlncipls of Pythianism and
rAMnctated fnm iird wit.) i patriotism was passed unanimous
EUGENE. Ore., Oct 15. Unre- ly.
tricted observance of the lews of r Grand lodge officers nl the
the atttte and nation was endorsed Knights of Fythias and of the Py
by the grand lodge session of the thian Sisters were Installed at the
Vnlirltt. nf Pv.hlaa riomntn nf frn- ' f Inaln o u.fllnn
gon. at the'cloalnif meeting heref ' o
yesterday afternoon. The rcsolu-1 Cook wltn gas
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Farmers Loggers Attention
We have In Rotteburjf at the Service Garage a new
35 H. P. with 100W surplus power. The latest, most up-to-date
tractor in the market. More speed more power more en
durance. Ideal for Farming, Road Building, Logging
Will reduce the price 11000 as Introductory offer.
267 'Pacific Street Portland, Oregon
m It J
WC'U 00 yOQR
And onr doing It will Insure Its
being done perfectly. Expert crat
ing and ship services are rendered
by this reliable transporting com
pany. Phone us today for rates.
"We Aim to Pleas''
Phons 220
i '
It's a real pleasure
to travel by stage
Phons Set
Speed with safety, combined with scenic
beauty, comfortable stages and frequency
of service, stage travel is enjoyable at
any sen of the year.
We take the work out of travel and rut
pleasure in. Ask your ticket office for a
list of the beautiful trips on, or in con
nection with, our lines.
Office at Terminal HoUl '
n,rm -
Plans for the Inauguration of the
community cheat campaign are
now being considered and it is
hoped to have the budget adopted
and the necessary sum raised by
the first of November. Toe com
mittee la headed by Senator B. L.
Eddy who haa had much experi
ence In work of this kind and un
der his direction the committee
is expected to aoon have its plans
fully developed.
The community chest plan of
charitable and benevolent work
has been adopted In practically
every city of importance. It haa
proven the most saUnfactory and
systemaUc method, resulting not
only in more help being ectended
to worthy causes but also in elimi
nating much wasteful giving and
resulting in a saving to those who
bear the brunt of a community's
ITnder the community cheat plan
UM various organizations and I
causes, to wtitcB money is given I
by the resident of a city, are
apared the expense of making their
usual drives and campaigns, which
it is esUmated cost them two-fifths
of the amount raised. An organ
ization which raises 1500 in a
community expends approximately
I20M of that amount In necessary
expenditures in conducting the
campaign. Residents therefore
can give their (300 to the organis
ation and retain the $200 and still
the wnrlf for which )h mnnotf I
intended ran Km pnrHml nn with '
the same efficiency as it f500had
been raised under the old system.
In fact, still greater efficiency re
sults for Instead of the time of of
ficials of the organization being
'required to direct the drive they
caa oe retained on meir original
duties. j -
The greatest value of the com
munity chest, however, Is the man
ner In which worthy charities are
taken care of to the exclusion of
the unworthy demands. Merchants
of any city are besieged dally with
countless hordes of professional
beggars. Some are crude in their
methods, while others have worked
their graft to a high point of ef
ficiency. Some have a woeful tale
of hard luck. Some are ravaged
by sickness and disease. Some are
trying to get home to relatives, bat
ail are working to the same end,
that of trying to make a living as
far removed from work aa possible.
Many merchants would rather
give the applicant a dollar than
take the time to listen to his tale
of woe. These parasites take ad
vantage of this fact and continue
to prey upon the community. The
community chest system offers a"
committee which carefully Investi
gates any claim for aid and If the
applicant Is found to be deserving
his wants are supplied. '
The greater number of cases
where help Is needed never come
to light voluntarily. By the pres
ent system the people really need
ing assistance are often neglected,
while money and provisions go to
the transients who are merely try
ing to "work" the community far
their support.
Under the community chest plan,
however, there Is a committee
wnich directs all expenditures. Any
report of need is immediately In
vestigated and lr there Is found a
place where help should be extend
ed the funds are made available.
1 he community chest plan was
thoroughly explained to Koseburg
men by Marshfleld workers recent
ly. Marshfleld has been working
the plan for several years and as
conditions there are the same as at
Koseburg the committee is careful
ly Investigating the methxin em
ployed there as that city has been
very auccessful.
At Marshfleld the plan haa sav
ed the merchants and reorient
senator. He was on the floor al- . """:.'..A...-?T
The big reduction In the pro
spective late potato crop of the
United States aa a whole thla
year, compared with last year,
doe not materially effect the
grower In the western states, for
all of the decrease occura in the
middle west and eastern states,
according to a United States De
partment of Agriculture -Bulletin
Issued by F. L. Kent, statistician.
In fact, all of the principal pro
ducing western statea promise a
larger crop this year than last.
October 1, condition of the crop
and estimated production in the
principal late statea ar as fol
lows: State Condition Production
of normal 1926
Maine . 85
Nev York 65
Pennsylvania ...83
Ohio 77
Michigan , 76
Wisconsin 80
Minnesota 72
North Dakota ..72
Nebraska 65
Colorado 85
Utah 88
Idaho .........85
Washington ....70
California 97
Other Statea ...
t. 427,000 i
t, 71 2.000 j
father served in the Continental
army and was wounded at the bat
tle of Brandywine. lie was of
Scotch-Irish ancestory, but in bla
own life the atrain of the Scotch
lineage was uppermoat; conse
; qu'ntiy he waa cautious and delib
j erate.
When the senator waa eight
I years old, bis father moved to In
diana and enjoyed the average
amount of prosperity of a farmer
' until the panic of 1873 when the
farm was lost. Young Ralston bea
came butcher boy. coal miner,
; sheep herder, farm laborer and
school teacher before be took up
, the atudy of law.
There being too many lawyers
I in his own home place, he set out
for less populated fields, settling
finally at Lebanon, Indiana. He
early entered Into political fights
and gained a reputation as a force
ful, vigorous speaker. After he had
served as president of the local
school board his friends put him
i forward as a candidate for secre-
. tary of state, but he was defeated
I twice for that office.
I Mr. Ralston'a ability to go out
among the people and gain friends
i through his sincerity was recognls-
I ed. and In 1912 he was nominated
1 for governor. During his service
Jin that office he wiped out Ihe
j state debt and got behind the
, formation of the public utilities
I commission, an inheritance tax law,
j a blue sky law and a wotlngman's
I compensation law.
I Speech Win Strikers
His first chance to Drove his
j metal came during the street car
sinae in Indianapolis in 1913, when
he called out the 'state militia to
' curb rioting. Angry strikers crowd.
ed around the slate hotae. Gover-1
nor Ralston decided to state the
situation to them and against the
advice of his friends faced the mob
from the state house eteps. So ef
ficiently did he speak that he aoon
had the strikers cheering him. anil
the strike was aettled a short time
. afterward.
Just as he had applied himself
, assiuiously to his duties as gover
nor, so Ue labored faithfully as
U. 8. Total 68 344.227,000
The big decrease for 1926 la
due in part to a smaller acreage
than waa planted last year. The
total U. S. acreage for 1925 is
placed at 3,453,000 acre com
pared with 3,662,000 acres plant
ed in 1924. and 3,816,000 acres
In 1923. California la the only
one of the western states to ahow
any marked decrease in acreage,
where the area dropped from 60,-
000 acre In 1924 to 48,000 acre
In 1925.
Car lot movement of the 1926
crop In the states of Oregon,
Washington and Idaho to October
3 Is reported at 3967 care, com
pared with 391 cars to. October
4 th, last year. The Oregon move
ment of the 1926 crop to Octo
ber 8. 1 reported aa 184 cars
compared with 371 cars last yar
to October 4. Thla Oregon de
crease is due to the reduction In
act-cage In the early producing
sections or the state. Th Mal
heur county acreage waa Just
about cut In half this year, com
pared with las year, but in the
later countica, particularly in Kla
math, there waa considerable in
crease In acreage. The total Ore
gon acreage appears to be alout
the same this year as last. The
Oregon car lot potato movement
Is alwaya small during the late
sum met and fall.
m.rkeH .ii7i-' T lii j L . , n, table work. The chest plan baa
trnr , , ' . :now developed
r.l ...HnJ I' T""'J""""lthe. 0UUet
- - -" - M auu Lk. Ill i
to a point here
reached with practi
cally no effort, it haa been found
of such great value and sued a
systematic method that peopl- wil
lingly respond and the budget is
raised within an incredibly hort
Marshfleld Is building up a sur
plus fund. This fund Is being in
creased each year and will be de
veloped until It reaches a prescrib
ed maximum. It will then be held
In reserve to meet any community
emergency which may come In the
nature of a calamity of some kind.
The Marshfield budget Include
every city organisation of a iharl-
ebamplon. has Kilned the Montcrer n """" provides
aa Peninsula fnnntrv flnh her. .rf "T . causea, such
. . . . . fcast Ke.Tef. w r
prooaDiy win spend consiacraDie u "
Officials of the club. In making .Rn!"hur " bu,l" ' probably
the announcement, said that Egan ' ??!,t,J ,h" wnr " "'' '
bad selected a home site and wa i """"'M all conditions ar
expecting to build oa club property I?0"" ,n"ime. and consequently
In th near future. I th con'nil'e H1 b able to re-
t Mr. Ralston wa a Presbyterian
and a Mason. He married twice,
hi first wife djlag within a year
after marriage. Ha second wife
, was Miss Jennie Craven, of Center
Valley. Ind. By thla union, two
' sons and a daughter were born.
! o
' WietotH rnm Wli.l
: DEI. MONTE, Cat.. Oct. 15. It.
Chandler Egan of Med ford. Ore.,
former national amateur golf
. T. f.
, Children's
Hunters must keep off my pre
mises. No ahootlng allowed.
O. f. CASTLE, Owner.
WASHINGTON. Oct, 15. The
treasury is prepared to suggest to
congress that a maximum surtax
A 20 per cent be written into the
next tax law, but Secretary Mel
lon haa been unable thua far to
arrive at a figure which may be
proposed as tha maximum amount
by which the nationa tax bill may
be reduced.
The Secretary and Under-Secretary
Winston are figuring on how
much the total tax receipts may
lie cut and are expected to have
started ready when the house
ways and means comatlttee on
Mondsy begins consideration of a
new bill.
Both off li lain will appear be
fore the committee at that time.
There has been no change in the
treasury's views with respect to
elimination of a number of the
mleceUaneous taxes and repeal of
the publicity provision of th
present law.
The treasury aeeretary Is not
prepared at this time lo give de
tails nf his Ideas. He said today
the treasury would mnke no for
mal recommendation, hut would
confine Itself to pointing out to
the committee the ponslliilltirs of
revision, insofar aa they affected
th volume of receipts by the gov
ernment. o
Heat with gas.
U. 8. Weather Bureau, local of
fice, Roseburg, Oregon, 24 hours
ending 6 a. m.
Precipitation In Inchoi and bun-
Highest temperature yesterday 72
lowest teruficrature last night 36
Precipitation last 24 hours 0
Total preclp. since first month .00
Normal preclp. for tills month 2 61
Total preclp. from Sepl 1,
1925. to dale 2.61
Average preclp. from SepL 1,
W7 2.30
Total excesa from Supt 1,
1925 .31
Average precipitation for 46
wet season. (September to
May. Inclusive) 21 41
Fair tonight and Friday; Increas
ing clrmd1nes.
Wll. BELL, Meteorologist.
pieces of all makes and colors are now being displayed
at Sample Room No. 1 "
1 : ; -n
. s And are being offered at a big reduction sale
. Oriental rug lovers are cordially invited,
In order to convince yourself of the opportunity of buying
a rug at a small price and in order to select the best, try
to be the first an dremember the sale is only for two days.
Open Evenings
Of Portland
AiKtatl Praa Lm4 Wire.)
NEW YollK, Oct. 16. in order
to make the United Statea Inde
pendent of foreign rubber produc
ers, Harvey 8. Firestone, president
of the Firestone Tire and Rubber
company, la preparing to spend
$100,000,000 In remodeling a whole
The newly organized Firestone
Plantations company, Mr. Fire
atone announced has obtained con
cessions for 1.OOU.0O0 acre of rub
ber plantation In Liberia, West
Africa. Plana call for the build
ing of harbors, roads, towns, hos
pitals ani possibly the organiza
tion of steamship line.
A two-thousand acre British rub
ber plantation baa already been
purchased to serve mainly aa a nur
sery for Ihe larger plantation to
be located on the most1 suitable
land. A harbor will be built at
Monrovia, capital of the negro re
public. '
Employment of 31P.O00 men la
contemplated when the oraganlxa
tion has reached Its full stride.
The United Statea now controls
only three per cent of the world'a
rubber supply, but Mr, Firestone
believes the LIbeiian plantatlona
can produce enough to give thia
country control of tifty per cent
. W1.M Alt THK gOl'KX'K
AMES, la., Oct. 14. Th pos
sibility of using wind aa a source
of 'arm power Is being experi
mented with by the agricultural
engineering faculty at Iowa State
A windmill on the top of a
100-foot steel tower with the gen
erator attached, generated 200
kllowat houra In thirty days. The
average farm home doea .not use
more than 2f kilowatt hour a
The velocity and distribution of
the wind will be the determining
factor, said Fred C. Fenton. Th
power generated by thai windmill
ran be ued for almost any activ
ity on the farm.
MARSHFIELD, Ore.. Oct. 15.
Fred E. Wilson, undertaker and
coroner of Coo county for several
years, dropped dead this evening
while waiting for hie aatomoblla
to cross the ferry. ,,,
TVUaon I a pioneer of . Coos
county and for years, before com
ing to Marshfleld. lived at Sum
ner, Wash. He organised the com
pany which now owns the South
western Oregon Dally News and
Th American bank In thla city.
Mr. Wilson was about 48 year ol
Mr. Wilson la well known In
Roseburg, although he was never a
resident of thla city. For a. abort
time he drove atage between Rose
burg and Coo Bay, long , before
the days of the automobile. He has
a number of friends In this city
who greatly regret to learn of hi
death. ..i
No need harping about taw cost
of a classified ad because H cannot
be compared with th reeult It
bring. 4
A delicious hot breakfast ready for
the table in less than 3 minutest
New Style H-O Quick Cooking
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breakfast dish! One that gives
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A wealth of energy-building car
bohydrates tissue-building pro
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every dish.
Thai "all-night cooked"
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' .t'vn ti o mrt .. . .'