Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, October 02, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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"Never the Twaiii Shall Meet"
That's Right!-
The 20th. Century's
Economical method of Food distribution, reflected in their ex
brpmely low prices, cannot be ap proached by the ordinary Gro
cers. At the 20th Century Stores you more than pay yourself in
Havings, by carrying your groceries home, but at the Credit and
Service Stores you must pay some one else for the Service. It's the
living on every article in a 20th Century Store that counts.
Offerings Saturday and Monday
; October 3rd and 5th
Wi Q I Standard Peat, New Pack I Carnation Milk, Tall Qn
ilj Good Grade, OQn Can, Each 3b
Crisco, 9 lb.
2 cant ,
Figs 1925 Crop Just Arrived
5To nO "m I Ex,r" C00'" Black, CO- I Fancy White, nr.
g' 10 $ J3 1 " 3 lb, OOC 2 Pound..... .2ac
Weight Strong and Durable, Each 30U
Shrimp, Latest Pack, 4 f. p ShinoU, New Stock, 4t. Raisins, Seediest jn
No. I Sanitary Cant .... I wU Any color, 2 for I Ub Thomptont, 3 Ibt ........ZOU
12 Bart Cryttal White Soap '
6 Bars Crerae Oil Soap , QOn
X Pkge. Large Peets Washing ($1.39 worth of Soap for only 3 0 b
;; Machine Soap )
Floor Kerrs Best Patent a CO 1 Q
gaod flour at a low price, 49-lb Sack Oil I 3
Haraschino Cherries fl)n Pompeian Olive Oil, Q Libbys Crushed Pine- JQ
So. Bottle ZJb Full Pint Can 43b apple. Large cans, 2 fot 43U
Adirondack Cane and Maple Syrup New Pack York State's Finest Full Ci QQ
Pint, 33c Full Quart SSc Full j Gal. 99c; Full Gallon $ 1 1 J J
Sparry Pancake Flour, . cocoanut, Long Thread, Toilet Paper, 1000 Sheet
10 lb. tack IJu .ago Cw-ed, jgrj Soft Tissue,
20TH CENTURY COFFEE "Decidedly Pleasing", Direct from our Roaster f4 00
to you, Always Fresh, Pound 47c; 3 pounds $J0
Minced Clams, New Pack ; '
No. 1 Tall Cans MQn Del Monte Catsup r)Cn I Wesson Oil, in.
2 for HJb Large Bottle ZUb Quart Cn Hub
There really is no better place to trade than at a 20th
Century Grocery.
130 N. Jackson St Baker-Flanary Bldg.
SEATTLE. Oct. J. The 1m
preMloDs that Kamchatka. Sibe
ria, la a land ot dlaolation, io
hablted only by Kaklmos and
bears, la far from tbe truth, Cap
tain Albert Grove, commander of
a fishing schooner recently re
turned from the region, declared
"I was rery much surprised at
the condltlona existing In lvtro
pavlosk," Caplaln Grove aald, "for
1 bad an entirely different Idea
of the place before we arrived
there last May. They have fine
schools, splendid aanltary condl
tlona, well paved atresia, modern
machinery, radio, motion plcturea
and practically everything any
metropolis enjoya.
"Their schools are particularly
efficient. I was told that nine
years ago only 30 per cent of Uie
population could rend and vw,
whereas now over 90 per cent of
them, both adults and children,
are well advanced In the rudi
ments of schooling.
I "So efficient were the schools
(there that Kenneth l'rlce, a 8at
i lis hitch school boy In my crew,
I requested permission to remuln
In Pelropavlosk for a year to
laludy special branches, and I al
! lowed him to do It.
"The people of retropavlosk
are uronx for outdoor sports, and
persona of both aexen. younK and
old, take a keen ili'llaht In the
almost woekly conQts waited In
the city stadium. The flsherioa
! Season's oru-nln; dance
Tuesday, Octobvr lh, K. P.
Hall. 1'ancltm p. ni.
of Kamchatka are a Japanese
concession, but the agreement
seems to be administered moat
Men's suits eleanta aaa pressed
It. (0. Roaeburg Cleaners, pboos
Folks used til wait for their ship
to com In. Today y read the
News-Review classified ads.
:Ctt4 v. m.
4 $Ur2d&L Ouuefate'
a cup of milk " or he, choc
olate. You will feela
V. fjr freshed as if you hady topped
to take a rest. Try it today and every day.
". .Treat the kiddies at the same time."! They need
, the nourishment that comes in crisp, flaky
1 . Tru-Bake Crackers. ,Your. grocer tells .Tru-Bake..'
Baked by Ac TRU-BLU PlSCUIT CO., Spokane and Portland
Th .Horn of Tru-Blu jGrstiams. English Style Biscuits and the Famous Tru-Blu Fruit Cak
O- Iff.
yd fW' ,
: : i-'-'l
- ".-if.
Mne. Clara Guthrie D"Areis,
American born .woman who Is
president of the World Union ol
Women for International Con
cord, says America understands
peace better than any othefc na
tion. Her home i in Switxci
luid. ' "
Kaslly the most eagerly awaited
theatrical offering of the genera-1
Hon, "LlKhtnln' " will at lust come j
within easy reach of this city's
! playgoers v. hen It is presented at I
j the Antlers theatre, Saturday, Oc
tober 10.
An all-star caaf, headed by Mrs.
; Frank flacon, Thomas Jefferson,
i son of the late Joxeph Jefferson,
: and Hessle Ilacon, daughter of the
late Frank Ilacon. haa been assent
, bled by John Golden to Introduce
the record smasher to tbe principal
: cities on tour, and the fact that
j this city has been included In the
route is something to be genuinely
.thankful for. The production was
i staged by Winchell Smith.
Ligbtnln ' Is described as a
I play remarkably true In its tones
land fine In lta appeal, with so
I abundance of humor of the clean
! sort. Touching the heart with
i many a Shaft of tender feeling, this
famous comedy Is woven arou id a
character as gentle and lovable as
haa graced the American stage
since the days of Jefferson's "Rip
Van Winkle." In fact, so human
and Ingratiating Is l.lxlitnln' Hill,
tippling old soldier and hotel man
of the California Nevada border,
tbat It is aald that an hour of him
makes him the acquaintance of a
13111 Jones has been Ironically
nicknamed "Llghtnln' " becausu he
la so alow about everything he sets
out to do. A prevaricating and
shiftless old relic of the Civil War,
be has, early in lire, to hear him
tell it, crossed the plains In the
dead of winter, driving before him
s swarm of bees, without losing a
single bee. He has a small pension
which usually goes for liquor, and
he lives on the bounty of his
drudging wife. When necessary for
him to work, ho performs with
great deliberation and much post
ponement the small chores around :
the hotel, occupied chiefly withi
discontented wives awaiting such!
liberty as the Nevada divorce lawa
can bestow uion them.
Llghtnln' Is a winning old chap,
though soft of speech, gently boast
ful, professing knowledge of every
thing and as full or quaint lies as
it Is possible to be. He would be a
fast friend and never a dangerous
less old nulnunce. he watches life;?" '""f.""? rii'T"""?
iS?. oro S 8no Ss'-itTa.
ihis poor old man. but capable of f J,hbur'e '.V AfU"r .5"
,..VT, i.k,. ro..iii .: fathers death, she discovers that
of the county, and if tho fry are
left unmolested for a few years the
conditions for fishing will be great
ly improved.
That popular one cent sale at
the Itexall Drug Store will start
next Thursday, closing Saturday
night. Some big bargains for you.
Majestic Theatre
The crooked underworld of 8an
Francisro gateway to the Golden
West is portrayed In unforget
table style in the Warner photo
play coming tonieht and Saturday
to the Majestic theatre. This is
"On Thin Ice," and from the
praise showered upon It by critics
in the larger cities, it seems to be
something different In crook plays.
When Rose Loring Innocently
picks up a black satchel from tbe
sidewalks she beoejtes Involved In
provoking laughter as readily
he atarts the tears, and from aj
character of this type, there la no
escape In the theatre.
Business Man Sings
Old Song
"I suffered for years with stom
ach trouhlo and gas continually.
Doctors thought I had stonf h ul
cers or cancer. Alter last uttack
they advised going to Rochester,
Minn., for an operation. A iriend mnt ol at e suuematural has hn
dvlsed trying Mayr's Wonderful rllKht aril sustained with fine
Henicdy. which I did, and I cannot (ii provides Fred Thnmio i with
sing it praises too highly, as 1 can his latest starring vehicle for F
now eat anything and ever) ihlng." j) o. entitled "The Wild Hull's
It Is a almple, harmless preparation, j,.., wh(rn w, mh , h
mm vD , c.,MUm ,..u. u ( i,ib,.rty theatre next Surday for ;
from the lnte.tinal tract auJaiUiysltwo..,.iy engagement. One of th
the bag contains only worthless
washers, but as a large sum of
money has been stolen from a
bank, she Is srrested and sent "up
the road." The rest of the picture
deals with her efforts to go
"straight" after coming back to the
world, and of the way a gangster
put temptations l:i ber path.
Liberty Theatre
An unuual and startling type of
western drama, in which an ele-
most spectacular scenes that was '
citis. One done will
money refunded.
the Inflammation which 0uhs
!.., ........i . " "-ever shot for a picture Is that In
testinul ailments, includlm, appcndi-, .... .,,,.. ,.n. in . h
convince or to-hfi i.l. or rather a hand-to-horn
struggle with the Wild Dull, to save
the life of the heroine and her I
j father. "Hulldogging" a bull Is no i
child's play, even for an athlete
I of Thomson's reputation; a"d the
iiu iuce piuimy proves ine owniRde
assertion that the mailer of Sil-
,9 it
lis doubtful whether Thomsu.-i couia
ai t a double to do the stunts thff
0 Is able lu do himself. "Silver,"
Fred's famous horse, has a fine nart
in the current production, which
bears all tbe earmarks of Thom
son's best picture to date. The pho
tography Is superb, and tj shots
D IUA Kit. k.,11 .llk..n., 1 i
vvr Kinn will nut permit a
'to ilo hl work frhim. Intle
Iliiliifiill fur th titnrith nt
ttTiib.T K roiiHitleratily over the O the bltr bull nHhoiiettfH) AiiriHt
a U lu...d,.,.l. t Ika aLu lino . V. , 1- -
William Dell, In lu monthly
ivort. The total amount retorded
lor the month was 2.5ti liuhvit.
while th'OuorniHl is l.rtl iiirli.?..
Thin U tho heaviest Septemlter
iHinf alt ftlnre 119, when the na
tion ret-onleil S.Jti inrheH. In 1 1 J
the r't,titatlo:i wutt 2.-7 Inch,
while for the pat Forn arri Oh
month hat biier than the
noinml ftmro. The average i
bsiiteU on the monthly records fur
uf' averane a.i wiUiln one tiecrtf
of th normal daily average. 'I'tif
d; mean ti ni,. ratuie lor tli
nm.iih wait 62 ilfKn'ea, an mnipai
eii with a noimal of H2 J d ere .
The loweM during the month v-s
H itefneii and the IiikIumI !-0
lencnirly on tO domain which he ar 0 'irwHinly Btnerd.
The raat a .id direction Is excellent
Antlra Theatre
Action, rapid and thrlllliOacilon.
pronitn-0 'd b- tUe keynote of "Thf j
Itidln iT-l fn;m Howder lltvrr." j
'tllvelaOiool libson prodtictlfA '
to be arret ned in the AntlO tl'
aire Siiturdny only. a'
Tutly Miir.hrtlt.' -itlya IIulettlTl
(Jertrude Ator anV Walter Long
havt prominent nnrt In the imp
portinit rat, and a bunch of the 1
t nlveal Ranch Kident contribute j
jwme Miieeiacular horttemnni-hlp. I
Othera in the cai are William A. i
Steele. Sydnev W,)r,iMn Howard I
Trucndi'11. FrnQ ru-e, .NeNon Mc-i
Unwell. Frwl Klaajie, liowditch '
fu Hou.. Ed-1
were eight upon ward Sedgwick, who has directed
Ko& burg'4 cUim Olb.on In some twenty pictures for 1
The report nhowa there wen 11
clear Uuya, lj partly clcutly, and 4 Turner and Newt
cloudy, inert
whU-h rain fell
for tho lowest wind velocity of ar.y
place In tho ruited States whe
there Is a tnverumenl weatle r
bureau Kttio:i was iuslalniHi b
the September huwli.i. The wiml
hud a'l averane hourly velocity fur
the month of 2 6 mile. The mni
tuum velocity reached wai 21 mil.
per bour.
Tho Itexall Drug Store.!
sfullrrton, HI hold its or.e-r nt
ata next week. Ktarthig on Tinm
day. Oct. X. This U your opwr
tuniry to save on your drug and
mnUry purchases.
Vrherwil, directed from an adflpt
nJ ot Henry Herbert Knlbbs'
Hellevins thai au!u vtlc Incidents
of the lilMtory of a country In the
making: have dratmitic as well as
historic value I'niverMHl executives
seta Its research department at
work &ft'nihlint? data from various
sources thtit have to do with the
early days of the sovthwtst. This
data once a.embled it was turned
over to the ace Tin no department to
be matte Into the script for a mo
tion picture.
Inasmuch as some of (he data
came from record a and names of
persons who may bavp relatives
living, the real person ho had an
Two trU(MTl tf trout fry from active part in some of IV eventa
the Hock Creek hatchery passtd
through Hosebutg this mnrntnp
The fish will b released li Cow
Creek and Myrtle t'ret k-lo tmpiOM
tlie fishing In tiios streams. The
hatchery haa been r leaning thou
pictured in this production are
concealed, so far as Identity Is con
cerned, under fictitious names.
We seH Wfwiena r ths yard, t
n n n n nojyjifi n n r r
1 iMffFJ (OM
w 4 a s. w aaaaam waa lias is
I 111 M 1 111 I I I I II
saving &
o stores
Evsry purchass you maks In any stors passes ovtr a balancs far mors dslU
cate than any wslghlng machlns evsr dsvised by man. The wis snsrehant
has anticipated and mentally weighad every probable transaction con.
sidsred whether it will mean a profit or a loss Jong bsfors It actually
occurs, na careruuy caicuiiva nm emu w inm
properly adds thsm to the pries he must charge for his merchandise.
The carsful housewito also mentany woigns eacn necessary iinrvn.i.. in7
shop in person, compare values closely and rightly Inaist that svery penny
buy th utmost in both quality and quantity. Invariably Skagg's Stores ars
har most satisfacory sourcs of supply.
FANCY CRAB QQ ft i 1 iine- OP
meat No. i tinsjou Sntiirnnv Btte
in OUve Oil. OCp Chocolate, j lb stvV
2 tin Z3b DoVrfO.nO SKAGGS CANE & MA-
i lb. Rat tins 19c ' ' .'Vx" IT
SUGAR 10 lbs. CQP 2i 'b- Tms 49c
Asparagus. 1 lb. OQ Pound 33b SKAGGSPEABERRY
Ta" Tin Z3U O I Pound :...47c
EARLY JUNE PEAS GARINE -3 bs... I Jl nrgxtr
Golden Bantam Corn. S K.A G G IS ppMESTIC
Refugee Beans. CQo CALIF. SWEET PO- ftCp BRQ)M $1.00 PQ.
3 Tin. for :....03C TATOES 4 Ibs .ZJb Value for - OJal
NEW PACK PINEAPPLE This is Summer Pack Pineapple highly flavored, golden
fruit, the product of the best packers in the Hawaiian Islands.
EXTRA SLICED The best grade packe i perfect slices in rich syrup.
Large No. 21 Tina. 3 for 70c; Dozen Tins '
Per Case (24 Tins)
EXTRA CRUSHED The best grated pin eapple in rich syrup. No. 2 tins, 3 PA CI
for 59c; dozen tins $2.30; Per Case (24 tins) ytlUt
BROKEN SLICES The slices which break in packing are packed separate 70
S2c. 12 tins, $2.43; PS case 24 tina
in good syrup. Large No. 2 tins, 3 for 62
Skaggs United Stores .No.' 255.
I y So. Stephens PHONE 230 Roseburg, Oregon
and GENERAL Gasoline
Every GENERAL Dealer real
izes frat his merchandising success
depends upon customer satisfac
tion. He is an independent busi
ness m:n with an investment to
protect- .To protect 5 he must
bring you back again and again.
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t doors aorta '
GENERAL Prodactt Art Sold Only by Authorized
Independent Dealer at the Green-and-Vfhite Sign
'Till Up Your Tank and Let Your ENGINE Deride!"
"clean poKerf
C. D. FIES, Local Distributor, Roseburg, Oregon