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SUCH an array of beauti-
ful garments never has .
been shown by this Store.
Everything that's wanted is '
here in a display that is cer
tain to meet with a cheerful
reception. Among the most ' f
interesting are those Coats ,
with the new back fullness,
handsomely trimmed in rich
- fur collars and bands down -
, the side. Fox and squirret . ,
have been U3ed liberally.
The Ladies' Shoppe
139 North Jackson St
! To Fair . i '
8. M. Kelly will leave tomorrow
for Salem to annul the stole fair
aud v.s.l with friends.
! In On Business
j George Slicker of Days Creek. Is
! spending a day or so iu Rostburg
attending to business aituirs.
From Coasts
Mr. and Mrs. R. Panielson, Co
dulllo resident. m-nt yesterday
afternoon In this city visiting.
In Yesterday
Olger tlellend returned to his
home at Yoncallu yesterday even
ing after transacting business In
this city.
From Riddle '
Miss Ellen Tomsand, Riddle resi
dent, spent a few hours here yes
terday afternoon shopping and vis
iting friends.
Today's Markets
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 1. Un
der Ideal weather conditions Ore
gon growers are starting to har
vest their rword walnut cig)i. Con
. aervatlvo estimates place the ton
nage around 700.000 pounds with
close to 600.000 pounds in the Dun
dee section alone.... . j, "
Quality and size Is the nest ever
produced here with 15 per cent
running to turn boa. 50 pr cent to
large and 35 per cent In medium
sizes. The nuts pre well filled ond
heavy. The weather during the
past two weeks has been Just
rleht and all the blighted nuts are
off the trees.
While the crop this year Is a
record, is short of earlle esti
mates. Growers had expected a
much larger crop on account of the
increased acresgo but the light
yield around Eugene brousht the
total figures down.
The Dundee crop hns been sold
and nothing Is now offered. The
association ejrnccts to start deliv
ering In another week. Already
several tons are In the driers.
The advance continues In the. lo
cal eeg market with bids posted
one to two cents higher on the
dairy exchange today. Extras and
firsts are a cent hleher at 48 and
S cents respectively while millets
and current receipts advanced two
cents to 40 and 38 cents respective
ly. -
The Iocs butter market contin
ues steady with prices unchanged
on both cubes nd prints. Demand
Is good and production light.
The recent flurry In the hop
market la now practically over and
buvers who were offering 25 cents
a few days ago are now out of the
market or not interested at cur
rent levels. Reports are current
today that one sale was maTfe re
cently as low as 20 cents, although
growers are unwiling to accept (
anything under 23 cents. It Is un-'
derstood that several large lots
could bo purchased at that price.
Prices are off in the east. I
Country drossed meats and poul
try remain steady and unchanged
at former Kvels. Receipts con
tinue light.
PORTLAND, Orgon, Oc. 1.
! Wheat: II. B. U hard whte,
i $1.30; hard white, blue stem.
baart,; sort white, western
white, 11.28; hard winter, $1.26;
northern spring, J1.22; western
red, $1.21.
. Today's car receipts: Wheat
85; barley 4; flour 13; corn 3;
outs 1 ; hay 9.
rAuoctaM rrvm Wlr.)
national Woodrow Wilsor0Memor
ilal Association today started a
, drive to raise $5,500,000 to erect
( memorials or the late president
In Washington and at Princeton
university. The memorial in
j Washington would be an educa
tional Institution erected on the
outskirts of the national capital
; to be called tho Woodrow Wilson
i memorial university. The cam
paign is In charge of a committee
including Senator Ooneland. New
York: Secretary Wilbur: wover
nor Erlcson, Montana: Governor
'A. McMullen, Nebraska: Doctor
David Starr Jordan, president Le
lnnd Stanford university: William
Green, president American Fed
eration of Labor; Charles Hol
; brook, Oregon, and others.
PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 1.
Cnttlo steady; receipts cattle
25. calves 65.
Hogs nominally steady; re
ceipts 675 (contract.)
Sheep nominally ster'ly; re
ceipts 230 (contract.)
POnTLAND,'Oro.. Oct. 1.
Fggs 1 to 2 cents higher. Cur
rent receipts 37c: pulletj 36JB
3 fir: firsts 38i39c; extras 42)
Butter steady. Extra cubes,
city 62c; standards 60c; prima
firsts 4c: firsts 47c: underg'a
des nominal; prints 53c; cartons
Milk steady, ellst churning
cream 62c net shippers track in
gone 1. Raw milk (4 per cent!
$2 65 c. w. t. f. o. b. Portland.
Poultry steady. Hoavy hens
!5c: light Ic; springs 26923c:
young white ducks 26c.
Onions steady tl.S5fill.2ft.
Potatoes steady, new $1.60fi
Nuta c id crop steady. al
nuts No. 1. SSfiSlr: filbert.i nom
inal: almnrds 2r.tf27c: Brazil
nuts IS 20c; Italian chestnuts
Carara Bark quiet. Nominal
at 7c; Oregon-grape root nom
inal. Hops easier. New crop elus
tcri 25c; fuggles 27c.
I (AwwtatMt Vrrm LniH Wlw)
j PORTLAND, Ore.. Oct. 1 Hulks
i of four wooden' ships built here
during tho war were being burned
today In Columbia slought by M.
(Barde and Son, who purchased
ithem more than a year aso from
the Untfd Stales Shipping Board.
Four others were burned last
, week. These eight ships cost the
government approximated $780,000
'each, or a total of $(1,240,000. They
iwere boueht by the Barde Interests
along with others In various Paci
fic const ports. The purchasers
stripped the brass and Iron and all
fixtures and hardwood of any value
from the vessels, and being unable
to dispose of the hulks, they are
being burned.
rAnrlaMPra loH Wire.)
HALEM. Ore., Oct. 1. Governor
Pierce today issued a proclamation
setting apart October 4 to 10 as
Ire prevention work In Oregon.
All civic organizations are urged
i to observe the week bv co-operating
In campaigns of fire preven
tion. j Two jumps ahead of tho other
I fellow Is the man who reads tho
'classified ads for short-cuts to
From Drain -
H. Hastings and R. Qulmton, of
Drain, were among those to motor
here yesterday and transact busi
ness for a few hours.
Visitors In Town
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Stenseth; of
Voncalla. speut a few hours here
yesterday shopping and looking
after business affairs.
In Yesterday
J. V. Boncbrake returned to his
home on the Curry estate last
evening after speeding several
hours here on business.
Returns From Portland ; '
Mrs. 8. M. Kelly, who. has been
enjoying a visit with frienda in
Portland, has returned to her
home at Kelly's Korner.
- I
From Oakland
Mrs. Sam Smith and daughter,
Leah, of Oakland, spent yesterday
afternoon here attending to busi
ness matters amattrhopping.
To Medford
Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Dimmer, of
this city, left this morning for
Medford, where they will visit
with friends for the week end.
Loavsa for San Francisco
.Mrs. C. V. Pfaff left this morn
ing lor San Francisco, where alio
will visit for two weeks.
From Wilbur 1
Mrs. L. A. Irving, of Wilbur, spent
yesterday afternoon here vlBltlng
with friends aud shopping.
Visitor In Town
Ralston Bridges, Oakland resi
dent, motored here yesterduy and
transacted business tor a few hours.
In Yesterday
Jack i'arrutt, Garden Valley
rancher, motored here yesterday
aud transacted busluess for several
hours. .
Visitors In Town ' . . I
Mr, and Mrs. H. J. Cocker am and
son, Donald, of Yoncalla, motored
htre yesterday and vusltcd with
frlenda. .
Business Visitor i
E. Lv Moxley returnnd to his
home at Oakland last evening after
attending to business affairs here
for u few hours.
Here Few Dnys h
1 Miss lna Farnsworth, who is
teaching school at Looking Glass,
is spending a few duya In Rose
burg receiving medical treatment.
From t'liiiMii
Mr. and Mrs. John Bacon mo
tored from Umpqua. yesterday
afternoon and speut a few. hours
shopping and attending to busi
ness affairs.
Visitors. In Town-
Mrs. William Camp and two
daughters, Myra and Mary re- i
turned to Umpqua last evening
after spending the afternoon shop
ping aud visiting here.
Crews Called Off
Improvements ! crews In . the
Quarts mountain and North Ump
qua district have been called off
and are now on their way in to
Kost-burg. according to Forest Su-,
pervisor Carl B. Neal. j
To Salem
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Smith and Mr.
and Mrs. H. A. Wlmrton left this
morning for Salem by motor. They
will remuln there attending the
state fair until Saturday.
From Spokane
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ball, of Spo
kane, arrived here today, and were
mte here by Mr. and Mrs . J. M.
Burch, of Happy Camp, California.
The party will motor to California
Genevieve Ness Improving
Genevieve Ness, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. T. H. Ness, who "under
went an operation In Portland last
week, Is reported to be Improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Ness nre remaining
In Portland for a time.
Visitor In Town
Mrs. John Bruce, of Glide, was!
a visitor in this . city foi a few
hours today. Mrs. Bruce, who re-:
cently injured her right arm, when!
she caught It in a feed chopper, j
is getting along nicely. j
Mrs. Vinci! Improving i
Friends In this city of Mrs. F. j
H. Vincll, who recently underwent
n maior operation at St. Marys
Hospital, In Astoria, will be-pleased
to learn that she Is much Im
proved, and will soon be able to
return to her home in Astoria.
8a n Francisco
Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Phil Matscham In City' '
, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Metscham of
the Imperial Hotel of Portland,
spent last night in this city, atop
ping at the I'mpqua hotel. They
are on their way home after visit
ing In California for a short time.
WlTtflelU, Kansas, visited hero yes
terday. They have been visiting
Mr. Sldwell's brother at Bandon,
and left this Aiming for- San
' Francisco, after which they will re
turn home.
Miss Loul'e Demacon, ot Ore
gon City, arrived here Wednesday
Siriwoii of evening, to visit at tne home or
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Friday and Saturday
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ON ,
. Exclusive Of ferings
Our newest "Topcoata", one of "Fall Season" scored
successes. This asaemblnge of coata depict the vogue
correct. Fur Collar and Flared skirts, some with wide
Revieres. ' '
Make it an effort to come early. The prices will be very
unusuall $17.95 $26.95 $34.95
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Blankets" .
Leaves Tor Pittsburgh
S. K. Casplllio, who has been
employed an bell boy at the tiraml
hotel for the past few month., Irft
yesterday afternoon for PlttHburlt,
Pennsylvania, where he ex;iecU to
locate. ' -
Mr. and Mrs.. Kd Sutter. Miss
Demucon is a sistor of Mrs. Snt
ter, and will attend high school
here thlO winter.
Enroute to Coast
Mrs. Charlea IPolnte, of Marsh
field, who has been visiting with
friends in 8ri Francisco, stQ'iped
over hero Wednesday nlKlu and
was the guest ot Mrs. Stanford
Mr. Prewlnar Ilrttcr
Mrs. 11. W. Krewlng, whoce
cen0y underwent a major opera
tion at tne runiHuu ouibi
Ho-pltal, he's returned to her
home In Rlckreall, Oregon. Her
Leave For South
Miss June Hchlocman and Mrs.
Flo Webb, of this city, leave to-
nlffht .... .n,.lk.H H4 n
g,M... m .i.i !.. many friends here will be glad
of her sister In San Francisco this!10 '"V" nat,'he ' much ,m"
winter, and Mrs. Webb will spend
the w Inter at Long Beach.
j L.F. T. CLUB
! Season's opening dance
Tuesday. October 8th, K. P.
Hall. Dancing 9 p. m.
Return From Hunting Trip
Mr. and Mrs. V .D. Mathi ws, Mr.
and Mrs. Chester Kndrup. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Fred Jones. Mark Jones, of
this city ,and Mrs. Ilellman of
Petaluma, - California, who have
been enjoying a huml.n'g trip near
Wolf Creek, hava returned to Kose-burg.
On Way Horns
K. K. Ktibll nnd wife, and If. O.
Kfl'iam and wife, the latter of the
Kilham Stationery companQ '
Portland, spent btHt night at the
Umpqua hotel. They are on their
way home after visiting .0 Jackson
ville for a short time.
To Los Angeles
T. It. llRvta nf 7 jwIr fmintv
Washington, who has been visiting' bt'p" "pending a few days at
Back From Coos Bay
Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Drodl of Ore
gon C!t. spent last night In this
city at the L'mpqua. hotel. They
with his brother, C. U. I'avls, who
resides near Reston, left yester
day afternoon for 'Los Angeles to
visit. From there he will go to
New Mexico to look after proper
ty Interests before returning home.
Coos Bay and at the Curry county
benches. QTbey are now on their
way back home. Mr. Tlrodl was
former minister from this countrv
to S'am.
Exchange Jobs
A. H. Small, local R. P. conduc
tor, has exchanged positions with
Nell Hurham, of Arizona. Mr. Hur
ham and family have arrived in
noseourg and nave procured an i aner and Mrs. Weaver at the I'm-'
apartment In the Kohlhagen hnlld-qua hotel. They remained over I"
ing where they are now residing. I day while Mr. Price visited the
Mr. and Mrs. Small will leave fori country club grounds aud went
Arizona in a few flays. I around the course.
License Issued' '
A marriage license was Issued to
day to Iflivniond W. Klce and
Frances Wilson, both of Reedsport
Attending Fair
" Mr. and' Mrs. (fr D; Evans left
this morning for Salem where
they will attend the statesTulr.
Spend Day
Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Hosklna and
family, who reside near Klrby, are
spending thiwlay here vlsUng and
U ant acting business.
American fence has given good
service In this locality for over 20
years. It Is now made better than
ever. Sold at carload prices at
Wharton Hs.
Buy Chovrolets
The Hansen Chevrolet company
yesterday sold three new Chevro
lets to residents of the city. One
of them a coupe, being bought by
Here'g Occaiion Whm
y It Rtally Wat CM
A Connecticut correspondent
writes us: Ueudlns la the Compan
ion recently ot a Vermonter who In
vented a flying machine with which
he flew trow the top of a high moun
tain and landed on a rock with such
force that bo drove bis feet Into the
ledge clear up to his hips and again
a little luter of a Westerner who
sawed a sleeping gruy squirret In
two one winter's duy without wak
ing him reminds mo ot u story told
by my grandfather. He lived In
Snail' $ Pact?
'n moves tit a mull's pace," Is
a reiuurk frequently heard, espe
cially when the subject Is u young
ster going to schiHil or ntt 'office-hoy
who hus been sent on an errand.
Hut even of the slowest of the
younger gi-nerutlon the stutcment Is,
orf'iy the least, slightly exuggi'r
atcu. A recent exiieriuient proved
that a snail progresses nt the rats
of one mile lit fortnight.
If you place a sniill on a sheet of
lie underside, you
- r," . . - :, : , uisss iiiiu wuicu
very uieuK corner ot tmiecm-ui u ; ., gee er)l, ,,f alung
ttiw tuii unjm nuva ijrinv- otc, w
tho only means of lieutlng. (t
seemed Impossible for him to wnrm
the lioifte. At lost he became des
perate, and, going Into the cellar
where there was a Inrge ttrepluca,
ho packed It full with several cords
of good hard wood, set It all atlra
ann men went upstairs to bed.
SUSPECT lil Jill
Th next morning he got up eurly, c,,iM.-d ads.
1. Four robbers yesterday after,
noon entered tho home of E.'W.
the auliuul's foofl This foot Is u net- i Ilelnklng, on the main street ol
work of muscles, unit the rippling I Chlloqtiln. on tho Klamath In
la produced by - these muscles dlan reservation, and set flr to
lengthening the foot In front ttndjthe house after stealing $115 m
shortening It behind, which is liislca'h and 17.1 in checks.''
snail's uiude of progression. The interior of the hoilne was
O . badly damaged by flames bofora
Resttlls am what count and ! neighbors aided In putting' the
i you'll get "em with News-Review
Mr. Clyde Rhea, local manager for. tne rooms were us cold as ever; so
Ihe Sherman Clay Co. A roadster
was sold to Louis Heldenrelch, and
the third car. a touring mojlel, wi nt
to John Maddox.
To Mak Radio Talk
The first boys and girls Indus
trial radio talk will be made from
the O. A. C. station on Monday
evenim, October S, at 8:30 p. m.,
according to announcement from
the station, HFDJ. The address
will be made by H. C. Seymour,
state club iRider who will announce
the results and the winners of
prizes at the state fair.
Playing Golf Here
R. W. (Dick) Price, manager of
the Llthlan Springs hotel at A "It
land, and alr.o of Crater Lake lodKe,
was In Hose burg toil ay. He and
" .. .., ., i',.,r. , ,K rt'tntesnien, elder corporation presl-
tji-iiin, ioer proicssors. Aiiervr
Span of Worth while O
Life Hat Increased
In the time of Caesar the aver
age Human lived only eighteen
years. Must of the great heroes
and villains of the French revolu
tion hud made their mnrk and gone
to the guillotine before I bey were
thirty-five. In medieval times the
a vera kb age of the best known pub
lic figures was sixty-two years. To
day the average age of our no
tables is seventy-one years.
Apparently this Is not, as soma
say, the era of the young man. W
lire led for the most part by elder
ho went out of doors to see If smoke
were coming out of the chimney.
To his smuzement lie saw the flames i
standing up out of the chimney I
four or five feet high, frozen solid I
Youth's Companion.
Surgeons on Outing (Irs. Strang Makes HI
William M. Campbell, districts' Mrs. Fred Strang, soloist with
surgeon for the Standard Oil com- the Douglas County Concert Hand
pany In Oreron, and Dr. L. P. Howe,
district surgeon for the Standard
at the Oregon State Fair Is making
a big hit and yestenlay when she
Oil company In California, spent ,,, (,je M- ln rronl tne
tne iiay In Itoseliurg. They are
outfitting theuisclves for a one
week hunting and flyhlrig trip ln
Coos and Curry counties.
griiid'tnnd at the race track she
whs accorded tho biggest applause
of the day. She sines daily with
the band and Is regardrd as one of
th'i featurea of the nroarams.
hock rartici inqures t.yo
o. w. James, who Is employed , R.-njer's Family Here
bj tho city on the work being donet II. v. Irving, forest ranger In
on the street on the corner of Rose charge of recreational dvi-!opment
and Cass streets, received a veryjat Diamond Lake, spent the first
painful Injury of the right eye yes- part of the week in the city, itis
terday afternoon. Mr. James was! family has been staying at the lake
breaking up the asphalt with a pick, during the summer and he brought
when a particle of the asphalt t them ba"k to Roseburg so that the
flew np and struck his eye, He was , ch.'ldre i might enter school. Tli-re
taken to tho offices of Dr. A. C.'are still a few tourists at Diamond
Seely, where an examination of th .s Lake, he reported, and It Is ex
eye was made. A kemorrhage In parted '.'.M with the opening of
the enteritis, chamber was found the duck season there will be oth
and a slight laceration of tho Iris. I era come In. The season Is getting
It Is thn ight that he will suffer late, however, and the resort will
from no ill of recta. not be open much longer.
comfort In that, trio, fur those of us
who are not infant prodigies can
cherish the hope tliut there Is plenty
of time ahead In which to make
The spun of life, Increasing cen
tury bjr century, gives splendid
proof tliut science is worth while.
hat the rare has taken thought
for the morrow, thst futalism Is s
barren philosophy and that man
can Indeed lift himself by his men
tal bootstraps.
The chemist pottering with test
tulies, the biologist losing himself
In the Jungle, the engineer digging,
the surgeon poising the knife, the
physicist neighing dust and mois
ture, these are tho life brlngers,
building t3Tard Immortality.
Research goes on In tho nobis
faith that there Is more lo know
and much to do. And thereby
babies Hint would have died nre
made to live, and minds and bodies
that would hava worn out at forty
are bale and strong, doing tlielr
work and getting their fun In s
world worth having. Collier's Magazine.
Twain Hud Weakness
for Southern Cooking
Hark Twain, In bis Autobiog
raphy, pays (tribute to Southern
dishes, .such its, for Instance, corn
bread and fried chicken.
"These things," he says, "have
never been properly cooked In the
North in fuct, no one there Is able
to leam the art, so for as my ex
perience goes. The North thinks It
knows how to uuiko com bread,
but tills la mors superstition. M'er
bups no bread In the world Is quits
so good us Southern corn bread
md perhaps no bread In the world '
Is quite so lnd as Northern Imlta-1
lion of It. The North seldom tries 1
lo fry chicken, and this Is well ; the
srt cannot be learned north of tho
line of Mason and Dixon, nor any- .
where In Kurope. Tills is not heur-:
say, It Is experience that la sieuk.
lug. In Europe It Is Imagined that 1
tho custom of serving various kinds
of bread bluzlng hot is 'American,' '
but Unit Is loo bread a spread; 11
Is custom in the South, but Is luueli
less than that ln the North."
A Business Man
Goes to Ded Happ
and wakes up happj)
if hii business.
is advertised
V a J
fire under control.
Wnlter Jacobson. Chlloqnln re
sident, was brought here today
nnd placed In Ihe county Jail as a
nspect. According to 4eputy.
District Attorney Welst, Jacobson
was recognized tiy the Chlloqnln
girl as one ot the four men seen
leaving the house. The authorl
Una alo say Jacobson has been
Identified as s man who passed
one of the stolen checks at tho
Klamath supply house,
Tho glrlwho Is reported to
have Identified Jacobson also
gave the authorities tho name of
another mnn she claims to have
seen, and ho Is now being
sought. " "
No description could be. given
of tho other Awo men, according
to the sheriff's office.
Rear) trie Oansified ad,
In The Nfiwg-Review. Thej
menn rlollnvo to vrvi
Wet Shoes
it yon are caught In a rnln and
get your shoes wet do something lo
counteract tho possible effects If
you cannot get homo to change
your footwear. Huslness people
who are caught this way know how
uncomfortable It Is to go around
In dump shoes and many of them
know something about tho svll ef
fects Ihut of i en result.
It Is a simple mutter to lay s
few blotters on top of each other
and stand on them s few mlnules.
Von will he surprised how murh
dampness tho blotters will uhsorh.
Even If you sre on a shopping lour
yon can purchase blotters and tuks
this precaution.
If the shoos have become very
wet or thoroughly soaked, place a
blotter betwren the slocking and
shoe for a few minutes. This Is a
safety-first suggestion that may
avert a cold or mors serious Ill
ness. -
OH DOT, bought a bargain and
there aro many more cars sdver
Brans. Read 'em yourself.
Vital Topics
o Is Health in Bottles?
HEALTH is something that develops from within,
from the correct and orderly operation of the body
parts. CHIROPRACTIC is noted for regulating
the nerve supply by scientific spinal adjustments.
ELECTRO-THERAPY aids nature in many ways.
Proper diet supplies the body with food to build
good HEALTH.
Asthma, Headaches, Stomach Troubles, Liver and
Gall Bladder Trouble, Kidney and Bladder trouble,
diseases of men and women and all complaints of
children nre yielding to our combined treatments.
The success and growth of ELECTRO-CHIROPRACTIC
merit your investigation. It costs you
nothing to investigate. .
324 Perkins Rldg.
Phono 554