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Our stock of fencing and barbed wire.
9-39 Fence, per rod J8c
Extra heavy 4-point Barbed Wire, per roll.. ...$4.50
Just received shipment of Colorado Alfalfa Seed
N i soc n ; :
Hard Wheat Flour ........ a.....'..".l..-,......$2L2Q-
fc Liberty Theatre
What Is said to be the most dar
ing plane change In midair waa
caught by the camera for "The Sky
Raider." the Encore Picture featur
ing Jacqueline Logan and Caputs
Charlea Nungesser, the world's
greatest living Ace, at the Liberty
theatre tonight
Daredevil Douglas Cheurront
waa especially engaged for this
hazardous feat. Flying at an alti
tude of thre thousand feet. Chev
ron! climbed to the top of his plane
and stood upon the upper wing
'with nothing to hold onto and the
plane traveling at the rate of one
hundred miles an hour. Then the
second plane approached and flew
directly over him. With a mighty
spring Cbevront leaped for the
other plane, while those on - the
ground gasped. Bat once more the
famous daredevil waa aaccessfal.
for be Just caught the outer corner
of the lower wing awl, ' after a
struggle, pulled himself up. With
his added weight, the plane lurched
dangerously and it wax a few sec
onds which seemed like boa:
before the pilot succeeded in right-
lng it But me Intrepid Douglas I , i ..... . ..
continued his climb through dwIriiinvTnnimi re '
slanting fusllage toward the cock
pit, for this Is what the action of
the story called for aad what the
camera must record. -
As marvelous as was the feat
It is only one of the many thrills
with which "The 8ky Raider"
abounds. After It was over. Captain
Kungeaeer, who brought down one
hundred and five planes during the
World War, went to young Cbeuv
ront, and, shaking his hand, satd,
' "My boy, I wish that I opuid have
had you wKh me in thenar. .Yea
would certainly have made a great
name for yourself, and probably
1 have gotten the Croix de Guerre."
Majeatio Theatre
Ocean storm scenes, shipwrecks
and rescues at sea are the most dif
ficult of all thrilling scenes to cap
ture successfully with a motion
picture camera. That Is why rr
vin Wlllat began preparations for
the filming of his newest Para
mount production "Hugged Water."
weeks before the camera crank
was given its first tarn.
This picture, which opened last
night at the Majestic waa adapted
from Joseph C. Lincoln's stirring
dramatic story of the New England
coast life saving service, and In
cludes two of the most spectacular
storm scenes ever attempted by
Wlllat, who rained his first fame
as a maker of thrilling sea stories.
Recall "Behind the Door?"
Skilled camerawork, in this In-
stance under the care of Al Oilka. ,
who mad. -The. Air Mall" and !
"North or ," for dom tne riRiH
thin at the right time are the re
quisite In this type of motion pic
ture work, according to WlliaL
Anttar Theatre
Two famous cnaractera of the
earlT dayt are forcibly portrayed
In the film version of the eonBtrwo'the begm to est w tbe rrett reli.
Uon of the pioneer tranontlnen- . S'ff iS2?Z
tal railroad, "The Iron Horse," pro- u wAl. happy and trong. snd ainVmeh
duced by William Fox and directed Vers yean of r e I, rniaw
i.k. lenoeati I look wftrr her hiweii hold dnl i
by John Ford. ... .nit m out Quite little, too. Thl b
These two old picturesque fight.
em are "Buffalo Bill" Cody and
"Wild BII1 Hlckok. The Important
bearing of these- two men on the
success of the original venture
made It Imperative that exact types
e tO FISSION A I, CAftOa -
DR. M. H PLTLBR ChlroaraetM
' physician. 1M W. Lana Bt
Suits to order and all tailor
ing work Guaranteed. 1
Rear Kidder's Shot Store-
$2.40 per Gallon
Dcnn-Gemtsei Co.
Hotel Umpqua
4 United Artisans dance In
Maccabee hall Thursday, - Oo 4
tober 1st. Everybody welcome.
Tickets 6v cents, ladies free. -
be procured. It waa "Wild Bill"
himself who presided over the forc
es of law and order la the rough
and ready town of Beaton, where
much of the important notion of
the picture takes place. The great
buffalo hunter figured Importantly
during the long period when the
road was trader construction.
Wild Bill's original vest-pocket
derringer that featured in many 01
his notorious gun duela is used by
the picture play character.
A cast of unusual prominence Is
headed by Madge Bellamy, George
O'Brien.- Cyril Chadwick, , G)ady
Hulette. W1U Walling and Fred
Kohler. "The Iron Horse" will be
seen at tbe Antlers theatre start
ing next Sunday. Monday and Tues
4y. ...
Guide and packer has saddle and
pack horses for hire and will guide
to rood rame country. Address C
IR. McNeil. Leland, Oregon.
Contempt of court proceedings
brought this morning in the circuit
court against Lincoln Thrush were
dismissed by Judge Hamilton fol
lowing a hearing m which it devel
oped that Mr. ThruKh ia unable to
pay the amounts designated by the
court for tlie support of his minor
V TWa aitM? taetttllted
Ky- iflisa 'S.i Thruah."hb Swas re
cently granted a divorce and sup
port money in the sum of $25 per
month. From the evidence brought
out at the healing it waa shown
that only a small portion of the
monev ordered paid had ever been
given, Mrs.- Thrush clalmleg that
tbe man had contributed nothing
to the care of the children, one or
whom became 111 and died.
On the other hand Mr. Thrush
nroved through his own testimon:
and that of neighbors, that he was
physically unable to do heavy work
and that he had paid such money
aa he could out of the meagre
amount earned.
hi ll n II nflT, Of CX-
perleo J"r"J"I XEtEZS
to the ik
"Ttm and acuta I mommt.rd
TBaahaw mi alwati tlflfc nmrlaUrksT rVHUlLfl.
Some time mgo mr Mother row plained
of bailiff fCDcrmllr ran dtm-n and oo th
wr of a uerroa brankirown, Sbt had
oo appetite, her ittofnarh waa dlarmWrod.
dlmtlna waked tvftd bar bowel Wera
moat Irrojrolar.
Tanlau nni to bar aid at
brnacbt oa a rtamntat appetite ao thai
hr I pmlM TuiIm and cnooldrr It the
e tonKi ui aesna tmuan aver u
TLtat Tanlne hai dona for ottver It
fan film do for roe. Tanlne to for ate
or all food drwwUta. An-eot no aobstr
tnce. utv e ntiiiroa aottia aou.
Take Tea lie Vecvtahle Pllle ler cm
aatton. Made and rerommended by
aaaufactarcre of Tnnlae.
wee comiis that ote -ncerfwADi
joev mooce we wont cive t
veiTewsAY AScwT mv coosim
rrro.r.h. IvxrtM' WVTH US, AJOWl '
1 a jwvrr A GcalO
ein)U.VA)-nC. iMMt.
(Asnrlat,: rtn lease Wli.
NEW YORK. Sept. SO Major
league teama are closing the sea-
son uneveutfully.
Two games are on the schedule
today and there waa only one
same yesterday. The contest, how-
ever, restored the determined Bom- j
ton Brave to fifth place through
restored the determined Ho
the defeat of Brooklyn
delphla. 10-4.
Interest tomorrow will turn to
American. peg which Cobb's men
held at the close of last season. De
troit must sweep the series to dis
place Stsler'a men, who are now
two and one-half games ahead of
the fourth place Tigers.
The schedule also cans tor
Brooklyn aud Boston to terminate
the race In a tight for fifth place
In the national. After a game at
Philadelphia' tomorrow, the Robins
will return to Ebhetts field to meet
the Brves on Saturday and Sunday
In the final episode of their
scramble for the top rung of the
second division.
The champions of both leagues
are called from nome tor tntur
curtain series although after fin
ishing a four-game engagement at
Boston starling today. The Wash-
ington Senators will make their
farewell American league appear- heavily shelled by the rebel Mor
ance m a single contest with the oceans,- using 75 millimeter guns
Athletics at the capital on Sunday. Monday night, according to advices
The Pirates wind np In Cincinnati
with a three-game aeries against
the Reds starting on Friday, t
i ; o-i ' i ,
Boys' all-wool suits and over-'
coata made to measure $18 0 to i
t97 r.n Rerntera. the Tailor -. 2
iogrm north Liberty theatre.
'i. ",
mm traa-u " '"- i
MEDFOItD. Ore.. Sept. SO. 8ult
has been filed in the circuit court
in Jacksonville for sit.u.w tor nam-
ages, by the Medfora vtarenouse
company 'grocers, with headquar-
ters in rortiann as a result -th a
fire that gutted the warehouse hret
on the night of October 31. 192.
The complaint alleges that tue
Mason, Ehrnuw company "did neall-
feniy, . carelessly, rwnesmj uio
Oooji r 'oy Ul hub . i 'o
loavanf to be stored in fat-
warehouse two carloads of liiatcmii,
which caught fire causing a aam-.i
age to the warehouse of $20,000. J
which was covered by 6,500 Inanir-1
ance." The second cause or action
is based upon the alleged damage ,
d af vairhv for 'generaL stor
age purposes. In. the sum of $250.
and the third cause of action 'Is for
13110 atleeed In have been sustain- 1
a hv the uarehoiine when the Ma-'
son Ehrman company movea ana
removed a heating plant they had
Installed. : . -
All parties knowing themselves
Indebted to 8. B. -Crouch, are asked
to come In and make settlement of
their accounts, aa I close my books
on October 1st.
. 8. B. CROUCH.
. 1 0 ' l . .
AUAIPOl WUUUo.was missing for seven hours.
(jWrttl Pn lywd , Wiir.)
Ted Thye of Portland, world s h..vveiirht s-reelllniF rham -
nlon of the world, still holds his.
title today after a match last night
with Sailor Jack Woods hej-e after
Wooda apparently had his bell won.
A backward fall with Thye landing
on torof Woods, resulting In a rap-
tare for the challenge; after Thye i salmon in iiriusn miumoia wair.
waa made groggy by a flying wing- ,Jo)in P. Ilnbcotk, deputy tomnil
lock. ared the belt for the present sinner of fisheries in British Col-champion.-.
Twelve hundred people, jumbla declared. Babcock said val
the largest crowd ever attending a uable information about the move
sport event, here, witnessed the -ments of salmon is being obtained
match. Thye won the Urst fall with by the tagging of fish,
r wrhttloek, his faworin hold) In i
3S minutes. Wood, came.tuick and I)S AVGEI.ES Capital punUle
with his qnick flying winglock took ment wai condemned as a relic of
the second fall in 15 mluulca. Thye barbarism' at a meeting of soc ial
was Klekened by the fall and went welfare and religious workers held
into tht Ting the third time a little Ito form a committee to work lor
weak. Woods, confident of the the abolition of the hangman in
championship, ruhed Thye, who af-Californla.
ter a -tew tumbles grabbed the) . -o
ropes. Wowls Jerked rhlni loose Terminal Bounty Shop, phone r.
and in tbe fall backward Wood
wa Injured.
Charle Davit took two falle
from Prank Miller of Portland la
31 nilnule In ttaa semi-finals.
Beat Witt gee.
On Thursday night the Elks
and the'.r famillea will enjoy the
regular monthly dancing and card
party. The floor ot ine Dan room
fillhed this week and
... . ,nHit(nn rtmnc.
furnish the jail for the dccaalon
Cook with (as.
wut4 rrae UwM wink)
' TANGIER. Sept. 80. Tetuan,
capital of Spanish Morocco, was
reaching here today.
The- bombardment was directed
lagainst - the cUy irom the hills to
the southeast. The Spaniards ad-
mlt casualties of seven killed and
wounded. Some animals also were
hit and buildings were damagea.
me Bpanisn ariiuery repneu w
I 'the Rlfflan fire by shelling over
' the town from the hills to the
north of Tetuan. Eventually the
i Rebels guna were silenced. It la
not knowa what rasualtita were In
flicted on the Ritfians. .
j The real bombardment Is be
lieved to be a counter more to the
iSpanlKh advance from the Alhuce
nuii Bay region on Ajiiir, Ahd-EI-
Krlm s capital, which is wttnin
four miles of the Spanish lines.
The Rlffiana apparently have tak
en advantage of the reduced garri-
ison aeienuing email,
The civil population of Tetuan is
uneasy as a result of the Domnara-
mrn. However, the ImBortant
communications with Ceuta to the
north and Tangier to the north-
,, ngTe not heen affected and
trlf(((. on neM roads continues
,..,,.!, nf the ntw Rif-
'rt ihre.i in the Spanish capital
-,i th, snanlah trooDs on leave in
T.nelrr have been recalled to ac-
;jv8 duty.
1 tlie yari.
W-tWM wnoinis" tir tlie ya
n.i-ntAf th. Tu Itnr 9 doors north
uny 'theatre,
t 0
bile hearae. used for transporting
smuggles nquur. cnp.uiu -
gelher with three men. a motor
boat and a large quantity of liquor
'by federal prohibition agents, ine
hearse waa loaded with all cases of
liquor when seized.
. SAN RAFAEL. Cal. After the
entire town of Novata, near San
Rafael, had declared a holiday to
Join in. the sesreh for Mary Bin
ford. 3, believed to have been kid-
I naned when she was found on a
(.hillside,- unharmed, playing with
LIU... Bn.l a nnnnr The child
VANCOUVER, B. C Six hund
dred men were attempting to stem
a forest fire burning on an eigni
.1 mile front over logged-off lands
(north of Fort Haney, in the Fraier
river valley.
VICTORIA. B. C Salmon from
i river In Oregon and California an
straying north to mingle with tne
Chocolate Bon-Bons Preferred.
An opportunity to witness
LiKhtnln'." the famous comedy
clasaio that shattered Broadway's
record with Its three years' run At
tlie Uaiety theater, will come Sat-
urday,October 10, Antlers theatre.
Koseburg. - -
John Golden haa assembled a
pecial "Melanin' " cast, headed bv
Ihomas Jeflerson, for' a tour of
Important citlea that might other
wise be compelled to wait two
years longer to meet Bill Jones,
the flirtatloua vaudeville actress.
the Rcuo Judge and the other char
acters who contribute to the min-
lwi laughs and thrills of the most
eagerly awaited play of th genera
tion. It la this organisation that
will introduce the play to this city
under the positive assurance of Mr.
wolden that it will lack none of the
amartness or charm that character-
zed the Broadway presentations.
Wlnchell Smith. , who wrote
LiKhtnln"' in collaboration with
ft-ank Bacon, has personally atag-
i tne production. t .
Mr. Jeiferson, who - local play
goers will see as Llghtnin' Bill
Jones, Is a son of the late Joseph
Jefferson. He bears a striking re
semblance to his father and it waa
not until Mr. Uolden succeeded In
placing him under contract that
tlie producer consented to organise
the touring company. -
Bessie uacou, daughter of Fiank
Bacon, will be seen in the role of
the vaudeville actress, and Miles
McCarthy will play the Reno Judge.
He snaper reviewers bare agreed
that "Lightnln'a" strongest Interest
les In the quaint originality of its
central character. BUI Jonea la a
(entle-mannered old mountain tru
ant and prevaricator not unlike
Kip Van Winkle, and tt is a happy
coincidence that the character will
be introduced here by a son of
Rip's beloved erestor.
Mall orders for "Lightnin'" will
be filled on October 3, U the or-
ler received.
arandet. nuo tuner, raooa in-L
tA.'Wvrietrd hie Lnanl Wife.)
Hanna Chaplin, the aged mother
of Charles Chaplin, the moving
picture comedian, was today
granted temporary permission to
remain in the United States un
til im. She Is an English sub.
Fears that Ernie Oleson, a young
prisoner in th county Jail, is suf
fering mental derangement from
the effects of his confinement are
entertalnrd by county officers who
are investigating the young man i
condition. Oleson refuses to submit
to an examination, and will not
speak to the officers or answer any
of Iheir questions. Other prisoners
however, complain of Oteson s
tions. saying that he Is subject to
Eel Ptld ol That Backache
Roseburg Peoplt Point th Way.
The com tint aching of a bad back
Tbe wearineas. the tired feeling
Headaches, dlszlness.nervousuoss,
Distressing urinary disorders-
Are often aigna of falling kidneys
And too aerioua to be neglected.
Get rid of these troubles I
Use Doan'r. Pills a stimulant diu
retic to th kidneys.
Hosts of peopl recommend
I loan s.
This Is a Roseburg esse.
You can verify it.
F. Kite, 813 Short St, rays
"My kidneys troubled me for
long time and I was almost down
with my back. I could hardly get
out of bed morning and when I
stooped, dizzy spells came over
me. My kidneys scted Irregularly,
too. IJoan's Pills rid me of th
aches and pains snd made my
back well and strong."
60c. at all dealers. Foster-Mil-burn
Co., Mfrn., riu"alo, N. Y.
-rvtATS TRtCrtV,
rv-i vnt) SUPPOSE
UK riuwtKioii'
I' "V.Bg.
- -;'-!
s . .' V
(taxUtM Free, Vmmt Wire.)
CHICAGO, Sept.- S.
Suipenders will replace belts,
trousers will ba plaited at tbe
top, walstcoata will b aou- w
bl breasted with lapels and
coats wilt be eiugle-breaeted
next spring. ! if
Such Is Indicated at a vasn-
4 Ion ahow here under the
auspices of clothing manufac-
turera. Besides, tney say, w
4) men will asurp some femin-
Ins prerogstlves.
"Women bar long used
their clothes as a means of
attraction." says on manu-
facturer,' "while men's do-
thes have only been used aa
4 a background."
8o, in tne spring, men s w
4 clothing will be emphasised
by brighter colors, with tne
Scotch plaids entering ine w
general color scheme. :
The Roseburg Business ana
. .
Professional Women's Club
will hold their regular lunch-
eon at the I'mpqua hotel 4)
a nromutly at 1$: 10 Friday, uc-
tober 1. There will be special
4 guests, talks and music. It is 4)
4 requested thst unsold tickets 4)
and money ba. turned la at
4 this time.
hallucinations and acta aueerly.
Oleson waa arrested In company
with William Wade at Oakland
The two young men were appre
hended. It ia claimed. In an attempt
to rob the Brldgea general mercn
anritae store. They were placed 1'
tall following Inability to furnish
ball in the sum of ii.uuu, ana were
being held for the grand Jury. Wade
recently escaped ana nas not yra
been located.
Men's suits cleaned ana
$160. Roseburg Cleaners, pbon
NEW YORK Excellent meals
for four rents goulash, spaghetti.
n runes and water were served on
tin platea .made of milk cans to
1.000 persons. The near East re
lief gave the meal. It la the same
it serves to destitute cmiaren
in distant lands.
COLUMBUS More than forty
wet organizations are mobilizing to
get Z.7S beer and to anread poison
nronaganda again that the Vol
stead Act cannot be enforced, but
the drya will out-mobilize them,
aays Wayne B. Wheeler. '
WASHINGTON It costs the L.
sad N. railroad more to guard li
quor shipments than the revenue
therefrom, but It must continue tne
business, the Interstate Commerce
commission ruled.
:PES MOINES The state la pub
lishing the names of 100.000 in
eliglblea for matrimony. They are
asylum Inmatea.
HAMMONTON. N. J A family
has left home In fear of a tarantula
which vanished after dropping
from a bunch of bananas.
NEW YORK In Claire Is back
from Paris with a new beauty re-j
clpe. Sit before a mirror ten min
utes every morning and make faces
at yourself. It exercises the facial
muacles. , ; . .
NEW YORK Mrs. Frank Tln
ney haa had a receiver appointed
for her husband'a property because
he la behind In his alimony, . . .
Men' suits cleaned ana pressed.
$1.60. Roseburg Cleaners, phon
U. 8. Weather Bureau, local of
flee, Roaeburg, Oregon, 24 boun
ending o a. m.
Precipitation tn Inches and hun
Highest temperature yesterday $2
Lowest temiiersture last night 42
Precipitation last 24 hours .22
Total preclp. since 1st month.. 2 6
Normal preclp. for this month 1.04
Total preclp. from' SopL 1,
11I26, to dato 2.66
Average preclp. from tJept 1,
1S77 . i. 104
Total excess from Sept 1,
1826 - 1.52
Average precipitation for 46
wet aeasons, (September to
May, Inclusive) 11.48
Generally fair tonight and Thurs
day, warmer Thursday.
WM. BELL, Meteorologist.
wfxe. YovTX s -T
ffl posnwe?
ftflPP. rerweK br Vm4 Fi me, 4n4 fee.
- - .1- ' 'f 11 . '"-s-s f
Classified Sscili
FOR SALE Wax Terrier puppies.
. 1.4 Mill St.
FOR SALE Snaaea. A. E. Stan
ley, Melrose, Or.'
baby buggy. 45 S.
hand Lloyd
COOD LOTS For sare, reasonablo.
by owner. Call 132 First Ave.. N.
FOR SA LB Baby buggy, cheap.
Call at Apartment 4, Zl 14.
Mala BU
OR SALE New, modern homo,
will take car aa part payment
..11 . . .1 1 U.nlllnn Bt 1
FOR BALK Three buudred ewus
and one hundred lambs. w. o.
Bridges, Oakland, Oregon.
fOR" SALE Good Jersey milk
cow cheap, rnone itm. u. w.
Bradford. Roseburg. Box 3h6.
WAGON 31 John Ueeru, nearly
new, extta heavy built. For aaie
or exchange for wood. Call 460.
FORDSON tractor for sale; good
working condition. See at Kleck-er-Amort
0. North Jackson St.
FOR SALE A good milch cow;
four registered Hampshlr bucks.
Large French Petit prunes. Call
FOR SALE Chester White aow;
also 11 shoals, weight about 80
lbs. ea. A. H. Church, Camas Val
ley. FOR SALE Late model Dodge ae-
dan: balloon tires. Call after
noons. J. W. Humphreys, Wilbur,
Aih' &ALE Oak block wood at
13.60: old growth fir $3.25. de
livered. Phone Melrose store, or
write Carl Becker, Melrose.
FOR 8ALE House and five acres
In Suiherlln. Oregon, will sacri-1
flee for cash sale. . Mrs. Sarah
Smith. 407 26th St, Sioux City.
mechanical condition, lour gooa
tire, (tarter, demountable rims,
new battery, new state lights,
paint In good condition. Price
$175. Charle V. Stanton, 427
Mill 8L or phone 44$-R.
FOR SALE Holsteln cows, heif
er and yearling bull; Ford son
' tractor, plow, disc and other
farm machinery; also hay. 200-
aorft tarm ior lease, v. a. wjwb,
OH 1 1 1 S " W WW WUB UWf.M V,
FOR SALE Chi ap or exchange
for rough lumber. Ford son don
key, complete with line and
blocks. Ford son tractor, one 8)
John Deere wagon, one 3i ton
Packard truck and trailer, one
heavy logging wagon, one steel
wagon. Call 460.
The Ladles Aid of the- ChnMlan
church will meet at the homo of
Mrs. Chae. E. Rusho Thursday, Oct.
1. 352 8. Main St Alt members be
Notice of sale ll government lim
ber, Oeneral Land Office, Washing
ton, D. I'.. Aug. It, mil. Notice is
berehy given that siiliject tu the
conditions and limitations of the
acts of June . lvlt (3D Xlat, :m.
reoruary , ii
and June 4, 1920 (41 mat., 75S), and
pursuant to departmental regula
tions or aprii i. ie. iv ia i.
the timber n the following .lands
will sold October . Itti, at 1
o'clock a. m. at public auction at
the unite Biaies lana vuu-e m
Hneeburs. Oregon, to the highest
bidder at not less than the apprais
ed value as shown by thla notice,
sal to be subject to tha approval
of the Secretary of th Interlnr. Tha
purchase price, with an additional
um of one-fifth of one per cent
thereof, belns commissions allowed,
must be deposited at time of sale,
money to be returned If sale Is not
approved, otherwlee patent-will le-
me for the timber, which mint yl
removed within ten yenre. Bide will 1
be received from cltuuns of the
United Htatea, aneociaiiane 01 Burn
oltlsens and corporations organised
under the lawa of the United Ktatea,
or any state, terrltury, or district
thereof only. Upon application of a
luallfled purchaser, tne timber on
any legal subdivision will be of
fered separately belor being In
cluded In any offer of a larger
unit. T. 1 P. R. I W., Sec. IS, NE
NE)4, fir llli M., T. II S.. It W.,
Seo. k, XB NKU, fir 650 f., cedar
! M., none of the timber on these
sections to be sold for Iffts than $2
..... m t ; a., it. 11 w.. Her. 11.
lot I. fir loo M.. lot 7, fir SO at, none
of the timber on this section to be
snld for leee limn 2.t0 par M. T.
31 It., It. t W.. IW-. l, r I'.' e."e.
fir 450 M, NW14 NB(i
mvu KKU. fir lit M. PKU HKli.
fir $r,0 C none of th timber on
this section to he sold for ln than
11 11 n.r M T. IS H.. it. 1 W.. Hee.
J. NK'i HWU. fir 1200 M., cedar 40
if Hw'i, fir till M., ccdur 20
M., HW(4 HK14, fir n M .. eeoar zo
M.. none nf the timber on this sec.
tlon to he sold for less than II.7&
in-r M. for, the fir and II por M. for
the e.dHr. T. II S.. It. 7 W Hee. 1,
NW4 HV, fir 1710 M., none of the
timber on this section to be sold for
loes than ll per M. Thus. O. Ilavell,
A'-llnsj Commlesloni'r.'
WANTED ' Experienced gad
for apples. Phone 4SFJ, L' e
bewer warehouse. " "
WANTED TO BUY 1$ or 10 f I
ewes, old or young. Addraar J.
A. W care Nsws-Revlew. Zj
WANTED Position a house,.
er or cook. Also experienced a
nursing. Jdrm., Bahlmann.
430-L. ' '
WANTED A boy or young
of good habits to board 1 i
room. Call at 634 North P1bm4.
In eve. -
YOUNU MAN wants perm
position, experienced in
and office work. Can give Tt r
encea. Addrew, W. C. H., (W
News-Review. m..
WANTED Woman or girl
eral housework. Permanent' peal
tion for right parry. Can or
write Mrs. N. 8. Carnntt,
114, Riddle, Oregon.
in ii
FOR RENT Plan. . Pbon J JpfE.
Mrs. Cha Brand.. ,
FOR RENT New t-room 'bunga
low, modern. $S5. Call 4tfl.
FOR RENT:;Two 1-roont "apart
menu at 24$ a. Parrott BX
CO. 225 N. Jackson St Phone 60$.
FOR RENT Bleeping room. CloM
In. For gentleman, lit Sj 84epu- .
FOR RENT Three offic rooxaa.
Beit location In tha city. Pboaa
8. ".'".
FOR RENT Two front rooms, far-
nished for housekeeping, bath,
844 8. Jackson. '. . .
rw ANT TORENT Sheep ranch.
1 Anwthln. tmm AA i.i. nn tlnm
3J, News Review.
Fob RFNT fi-room unrtirnniheel
RENT 5-room
apt. Just vacated. Inquire at-11
S.FUnt Bt. Close) in.
FOR RENT Desrrabl crew-roo-a
bouse with garage, doe ta
Pboac 417-J. . --
iTENT t-room
downs talri
apartment Private bath.' CkaM
In. Reasonabl. Phon 127-T. "
I FOR RENT New and raodert
furnished apartment. Call -t
the Economy Market, or phon
FOR RENT Furnished t-roota
apartment, beat, electric range, .
Adulta only. 420 N. Jacksoa. Apt
4, after 1 o'clock. ,
desirable - t-room an furnished
house with garage. Near schooL
Very reasonable. Phon 10-1; W
caU 522 1st AT. N. - , "
T ' I
LOST $5 greenback
streets Of city. Reward. Itctutu
to News-Review. , . -
EOST8AT. P. M. Largs
pin. With safety catch. Valued s
keepsake from one dead. $2.10
reward. Pleas leave at New of
fice. '
LOStA diamond R setting,
cam off Elk charm. Finder re
turn to owner and get reward. 0.
W. Young, 1I Caaa St, Ros
burg. Ore.
CAR OWNER Don't forget It
all 661 when In need of ant
parte. Sarff'i Auto Wreck!!
' House. . t
fna' rvFtnlunp i rmm
building, lot; 17 furnishsd
rooms; 6 room apartment; also
store building, rented. Want
equipped ranch. Address, Box 43,
Hsrrlsburg, Oregon.
FOR EXCITANGE Portland hoase,
I rooms, bath; two toilets; fall
cement basement;.' fin condi
tion; good district $4000 equity,
balsnce mortgager $2500. tl
terest Will exchange for bruih
or atnmp land - suitable fi
goats and turkeys. Must be .an
or near good road and hat
creek. Give detail. Writ li'E.
71st 8t Portland. ..
Chas. S. McElhinn)
"Th Widow' Fritnd" J
Oregon Life;;
' 248 North Jackson '
A Bath
a month
Certainly not too often for
those "everyday" clothes1
that must give such depend
able and steady service. .
Let Us -Bath" Thsm. .
Our Aut Will Call
Phon 177