Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, September 25, 1925, Page 4, Image 4

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xa.c. st GROCETERIA w " j
French Peas, regular 25c size, 3 cans for
Miked Nuts, while they last, 2 lbs. for
Bulk Macaroni, 6 lbs. for
BUDc Spaghetti, 6 lbs. for
KfcUr Wide Mouth Jars, half gallons, per doz.
IdeJfel Glass Top Jars, half gallons, per doz
Economy Jars, half gallons, per doz
Economy Jars, pints, per doz .
Cranberries, 2 lbs. for '.
Onion Sets, 2 lbs. for
Pickling Onions, per lb. ..........
Ioa.'Cioam Water Melons, each..
Best Cane Fruit Granulated Sugar, limited on 3
sack to a purchaser
To Stores and Retailers, $6.60 per sk., CC flf.
td consumers, per sack .... uOiUU
' ' Serve Yourself and Save at
' The Store that Brought 'em Down
P.) Atl Imposing array of foreign
parliamentarians will gather In
Washington for the deliberations
of tow Interparliamentary L'nkm
oobr 1. . ....
M. i lot. former premier of
True, amy advice to the head
quarters of the American group
here,' will probably attend. The
daughter of Premier Stanley Bald
win pf fjrrat Britain, Lady Hunt
Ing toalVhiteley, will accompany
her hap band, Sir Herbert Huntlng-ton-VThlteley.
The Right Hon. Sir
Robert Home, former ChanfJIIorj
of th. Exchequer and" prominent!
In parliamentary life, ! another
outstanding figure In the British
delegation. Brigadier General K. L.
Bpearr, of the British army, an au
thority on demllltarlted tones. Is
likewise prominent.
DrFernand Merlin, Senator
Beaumont and Pierre Renaudel are
emlnefjf. Id the group from France,
German. It tending five women
delegates with Mme. Clara Mende,
one of tht most prominent. Dr JoO
Karl Wlrth, former Chancellor, Dr.
Bernhard Dernburg, Professor
Richard Rchucklng are notable In
the German delegation.
Norway Is sending 0 Minister
I of Foreign Affairs, John Ludwig
I Mowlnckel. The Irish Free State
has as prominent members In Its
delegation Sir Thomas Grattan
Eemonde and General Richard 3dui-
cahy. Newfoundland will have the
Hoa. Cyril K. Foi, speaker of the
assembly, and Hon. Sir Patrick
T. McUrath, outstanding In Hi
deletion. Bulgaria's representa
tion u headed by Vladimir Mol-
loff. . ,
Better have that picture framed
before It gets ruined. And you
want It done right in the right
frame. That means go to Carr's.
A saving of $300 a day to a
manufacturer of a wooden part for
automobiles Is said to have result
ed from three days' attendance by
one of the company's technical rep
resentatives, upon the forest pro
ducts laboratory course In gluing
wood at the University of Wiacou-tin.--
- .
Real with gas.
Lift a cup . . .
and drink it down
Gaze into the scal-brown depths
".'of a cup of Hills Bros. Codec.
-r- Thrill your very being with its
friendly fragrance. Lift it to your
7j ... That's coffee! That's
X Hills Bros. Coffee, toast of mil
Z lions from the Pacific to the
J Mississippi.
Any wondQr this world-famed
z . western Ijrverag's know n as T$e
; Recognized Standard criterion
: of the critical? No finer coffee
; ever passed your lips. Ask for
Hills Bros, by name and look for
; the Arab on the can. Hills Bros.
-Coffee is economical uPiOe.O
(Aauclatrd Frca UuH Win.)
SAN ANTONIO. Tex.. Sept. 25.
The condition of Arthur W. Mey
ers, formerly of Salem. Oregon, re
mains unchanged, attaches at Rob
ert B. Green memorial hospital
said today, and without complica
tions he will likely survive injuries
received from a bullet which lodg
ed ia hit head Just over the right
Meyers was found about noon
Wednesday. 19 hours after neigh
bors reported '.w shots fired In
the house.
The body of Mrs. Elizabeth Cand
ler was found nearby with a bullet
through her left temple. Meyers
was charged with murder In a com
plaint filed with Justice of the
Peace lien F. Flake Wednesday.
Boys' all-wool suits and over
coats made to measure tlft.00 to
127.60 at Bernlers. the Tailor, 1
doors north Liberty theatre.
Amided by Taking Lydia L Pink
lam' i Vegetable Compound
Los Angeles, Col. -"I cannot give too
much praise to Lydia E-Piiik nam'sVcg-
eiaoio irnipounu
for what i t haadone
forme. Mymothc
fave ittomewhen
old, and since then
I have taken it
when I feel run
down or tired. I
took it for three
months before my
two babies were
bom for I suffered
with my bock and
had tnelUasif mv heart was allotted,
and it helped me a lot. The doctors
told me at one time that I would have
to have an operation. 1 thought I
would try 'Finkhom'a, 'as I call it, first
In two months I was all right and had
no operation. 1 firmly believe 'Pink
ham s' cured me. Every one who saw
(lmUI4 Prts Laurd Win.)
EUGENE, Ore.. Sept. 25 Compe-il
tltlou (or positions is featuring the .
rehcaraals of the University of
Oregon football squad with the '
first ten days of practice gone, and ;
it begins to look as though some :
of the veterans would have a hard I
time holding down their old jobs. ;
r.ven captain Mauiz, star end,
and Lynn Jones, last year's all-1
coast fullback, are having to work i
to bold their berths, as there are ;
more than half a uoitn candidates ;
out for each position,
The hardest place to fill at the I
preent time teems to be center.
Carl Johnson, lost year's center. Is !
back: and will undoubtedly get the i
call, hut he only weiahs ItiO nounds li
and there are no good substitutes I
in case he goes out.
The first stiff scrimmage was
held Tuesday, and another will be
me after that remarked that I looked
to welL I only have to take medicine
ocessionallv. not but I always keep a
couple of bottles by me. 1 recommend J belt! tomorrow.
it to women who speak to me scour .r16 first game will be on Octo- i
their health. 1 have also used your w 3 BKliint tbe Multnomah Ath-!
e .I W..k J lira It nvvmilnh ... .
OOiintivv , onii miu iiivc v. j ...
- Mrs. E. Golll.D. 4000 East Side
Boulevard, Los Angeles, Cal.
Many letters have been received
from women who have been restored
to health by Lydia E. fink ham 'a Veg
etable Compound after operations
have been advised.
BALEM, Ore., Sept. 25. Six days
of high grade racing is scheduled
for the state fair, which opens
Monday morning In Salem. Five
rates are slated (or the initial date,
with six arranged lor Tuesday. The
feature rsxo Mouday will be the
2:16 pace, three heats, with a purse
of 11,000. Tbe day following an
other $1,000 purse is certain to
provide sufficient incentive to make
the J: lb trotters ahow their class.
the leading Koreans were created
peers and geven property by the
apanese government. Most of
them run through this property
rapidly. Recently 31) of the im
poverished Korean nobles sent a
petition to the Japanese govern
ment asking for financial assistance.
Big new line of Jewelry Just In at
Carr's. Not solid gold but plated
heavy enough to wear well. As
good looking as any and when you
lose It you're not out several due
kars. Bar pins, brooches, beauty
These two leading purses with the i Pln. chaina. collar buttons.
ddltlonal ones offered for these l aiuoiea oraceieie ana wnsi
letlr club of l'ortland on tbe local
The Iron Horse
of yesterday is replaced by tha Cigaatie Locomotive of to
day And so, m A forward movement,
7 20th Century Stores
with their superior methods of Food Distribution Selling only
the best of Foodstuffs at increased Savings to the Consumers
are supplanting the obsolete methods of bygone days. It's the
Saving on every article in a 20th Century Store that counts.
Offerings Saturday and Monday
September 26th and 28th
Post Toastiet,
Fresh, Pkg
Corn Meal, Kiln
Dried, 9 lb. Sk ...
Critco, New Stock
6 lb. Can
All parties knowing themselves
Indebted to 8. B. Crouch, are asked t gj
to cuuie in and make aettlement of
their accounts aa I close my books
on October 1st.
Adirondack Cane and Maple Syrup New Pack York State Finest, Full
Pint 33c; Full Quart 55c; Full I Gal. 99c; Full Gal .
$1.89 1
Calif. White Beans,
3 pounds ,
Strained Honey, Pure,
Pint Mason Jar
Swan Matches, Good
Sixed Boxes, 6 for ...
first two days bring the total to
more than four thousand dollars.
In the running events there will
be the two-year-old stake, four and
one-half furlongs on Monday,
purse S0. the opening stake, flvo
furlongs, purse 1100 and trial stake
of five furlongs, purse $1UU. The
first of tlieau is for Oregon and
Washington-bred colts and fillies,
foaled in 1D23, the remaining
slakes being for three-year-olds aud
watches, etc., all new goods Just ar
rived. Carr's.
IH'BLIN, Sept. 25. (A. P.)
In October the Free State counties
of t'nvan, Monof;hum, I-eilrim and
lionegal '!ll be transferred to the
Dublin area for passport purposes
to the I'nited States. Formerly per
sona in thoae counties were oblieed
Aside from the 2:15 trot on Tues- to eet their nmulinrt Ihrmmh llel.
day the harness events will Include ! fast.
a Q35 trot, purse 1500. The ellnl- When the change is made the
Olllty stake. live and one half fur- Belfast offico will deal only with
longs, with a purse of 1150, will be ! applicants from the six Lister
run. There will also be a handl-1 -.mmiu. t,. uir.i nrrt..u
cap, three-quarter mile, purse r,oo; t)re.,nt , ao average of 70 appll
claiming, alx furlongs, purse 1150: ...i,,. . ,i
claiming, seven furlongs, purse
. Luey Keeker and Ralph Xrohn
are representing the Cleveland
district In the Hoteburg High
School this year.
. School started last .Monday with
Patricia Hogun of Applegate at
the helm and Mrs. Tjomsiand at
the Coles Vailey school.
The Messrs. Ijecker, Stinner and
Remolds are picking apples In
Garden Valley.
Kred Uateman ta back on his 'V
ranch after spending the summer IS!
in tbe mountuins as a forest ran- llgi
ger. g
nil. iwuicr is a yruua uwuvr
Shum Shum Oil The Superior Vegetable Oil Excellent for
-Frying, Baking, Mayonaite, and Cooking, Quart Can
Asparagus, Lobby'
Short Tip, 1 lb.
Can, 2 for
Bulk Cocoa, Pure,
2 Ibt
.Crystal White Soap,
10 Bart
Sliced, Large
Cant, Each .
Sliced, No. 1 Flats
3 for
Libby'i Pineapple, New Pack, Best Quality, Low Price
Crushed, Large OCa I Crushed, No. 1 Flat
Tint, 3 for -
Carnation Milk,
Tall Cans, 3 for .
Men't suits cleaned? ana pressed.
$1 60. Koseburg Cleaners, phons
47 s.
COPENHAGEN. Sept. 25. Ever
since Mlstrens Nina Hunt hersme
REEDSPORT MILL 6TART3 the first woman iianlxh minister.
UP FOR LONG RUN :and as such also the bead of. the
i Itmi'd of education, she has done
UKEIlSPORT. Ore.. Sept. 24. Uhe unexpected and utartllne.
The Dmpqua Mill and Timber First the singing of tho national
company started operations here -anthem was banned, which ehe
this morning and will continue to i claimed was too war-like to benefit
operate lis mill here for a long run. i the public good. And when de
offlclals state. Posters here yen- unite her nrohihltlnn tha mh..m
lemur announced me opening and was Inadvertently sung in a ihea-
of a new Chevrolet,
Mrs. Mabel Maxwell visited her lju
psreum, Mr. auu jirs. ueorge ney
nolds for a few days.
Mr. und John Krohn are
lenving on an extended trip to the
State Fair and eastern Oregon
not n I
The nrune neanon is over. The '2
crop was light, but
was good.
A,l1l,h rinapnop ! itlgnluviiiP
dried Petite crimen, whleh he !v
raised on his place that weigh 27
td the pound.
Wallace Murdoch Is at Myrtle
Point, assisting in the prune
J.'Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Trozelle
and children of Sutherlin visited
rrlends and relatives here lest
FIRST WOMAN MINISTER , ni! ,,. Mnrnh. returned
BANS SJNQING OF from Oklahoma last Saturday,
O I A I fc APITrlbM , where thev h:wl iMnt lha Mum
mer vl-itlug their parents.
Cocoon ut. Sugar Cured
g Long Thread, lb.
Flour Crown, 49-lb. Sack, $2.37; Fisher t Blend
" They satlxfy clean,
wholesome. Eat our
Lloyd Crocker.
pure and
Old Dutch Mustard,
16 ox. Jar,
Ripe Olives, Bulk
Quart ....
$2.47 1
K Seedless Raisins,
4 pound rkg. ...
Fisher's Hot Cake
Flour, Largo Pkg
the quality ig .. .
3 ZUlrl ttlNlUKY LUrrLL "hamous for rlavor"-
Roatter to you, Pound 47c; 3 pounds
Cream Roiled Oats,
Fresh 9-lb. Sack .....
-Direct from our own
130 IN. Jackson St
Baker-Flanary Bldg.
date of the freshman Initiation for
Friday' evening, September 25.
From what can be gathered of the
sophomores' plans, the Initiation Is
MILK AND ITS CARE . I many places In collecting milk, a
FOR BETTER HEALTH ' certain amount of infectious ma-
Milk may carry disease germ's
Yoncalla hlh sehool began Its
nine months' routine Monday j
ki f, ,., f, ih ..r.i. ..i . I,A"-:'' l " J . . . morning, septemoer n. witn 1 L " " "", "'""- ". enrollment of
With the starting of the big mill. ' mnrenver milleil hue r
which has been closed down for a ih enhinai ii ,kui.
long time, the business conditions ibv their rnn.iuiu '
of Iteedsport are b.'tter than ever i Mistress Hang nlans coinnlete
berore, it Is stated. All mills are reconstruction of the . Danish
oiieratlng here now with the ex- school system according to ller
ceptlon of the Iteedsport Lumber 'nlHn method.
nun, wincn is a small plant.
The fill at the city of Keedsport ' ?IIWII:rIIWI.r.I.I.I.M.M
iuiii uii-ukiiiki1 mi iiitttiv some tin
Terence In the appearance of
city already, although the big J'A
has only been started, City EngT, a
so far. Seniors,
f: Juniors, 10; Sophomores, 16;
l"reshnien, 10: Totnl. 41.
Though the enrollment Is not as
large as It has been, It looks as if
we will have a better hluh school
than formerly. Everything points
towards a year of study and harmony.
the i
neer I). L. llucklngham stated. The
fill will be the making of Heeds
port, he stated.
Spent Fortune in Search
"l spent ll.KOO in 7 years treat
ing with physicians, some spe-
claims costing me 110 a visit, only
to at last say that nothing couliWM not
be done for me, that 1 had canoerT it
or ulcers of the stomach. 1 suf-
fured awful pains in my stomach
but after taking a few doses of
the city. Now thnt mnn ia Jj
mistaken. He only took A
k;. ... . &
Mayr's WondiTtul Kemedy these & plnce
sll il'isappeared and for 3 years V
We have several new pupils to
V begin the year with. They are:
(S, tieorgla May Wallace, junior,
Jj Spray, Oregon; Hoy Jones, fresh-
man, Oakland, Otegon; George
& Watson, Freshman, Pleasant Val-
ley; Anna McKlrdy, junior. Hay
5 hurst Valley; Grace Ohlnen, fresh
A man. Hnyhurst Valley; Lucy
V Smith, senior. Rice Hill: Rapheal
I heard a business mnn of A Wise, freshman, Scott's Valley;
the town say there was Zu'm Tlbbltts. frenhman. Hose-
i i i vine, am.; JHi'Krion, iresn-
Victor school tltatrtcl.
We are gluil to have these new
pupils and vOieet sure with their
help we'll make our school one of
the best
reellnir fine." It is a simple.
harmleiiQ cparatlon that removes
the catan iial mucus froru the In
testinal tract and allays the liiflain-1
mation which causes practically all
stomach, liver and Intestinal an- j
nients. Including appendicitis. On
dose will convince or money re-;
funded. At all druggists. 1
1 have a nan working for
me whose name is Fish.
V The H. S.
K year are:
going to be a good one. They are and , Mb way lnfect w.
expecting to feed and entertain 80 . . . ' . ."7 , .
students, teachers and guests. ln n,llk- To prevent " ml1 ta
often pasteurized. In preventing
We have found that three of the the transmission of disease germs.
Class i of '25 graduates are going on: greater empnasls should be placed
to schools of higher learning. I ih. ... , . . . , ,
Donald Christlo ar.d Wayne Dra-. " .i1 T n0"'" Kthe
goo will enter the L'nlveJslty of "" , J?. ?i7T.
Oregon and Tracy Applegate will f" , "
go to O .A. C. this month. Alpha te.nUi''' "iK;"1,.
Newhe n,i Mihto iinntin. nf ,h. !cln before milking. The farm-
Class of '24 have been atlen.lln. O 1 er Wn Uk'"" m,i P"1' from
iiasjs 01 i nae neen atiemiing o. ,.h , H .,,h. ..h,- hi.
A. .. since graduating from this
high school.
The Yoncalla grade school has
an enrollment of 72 pupils and two
new teachers. Miss Delia Ohlnen,
who takes the 5th and 6th grades
and Miss Marion Ladd who teaches
the Primary Grades.
Yoncalla K. 8. Is going to edit a
school paper! Berniece Huntington
ia editor-in-chief and Kenneth
Crowe is business manager. We
are going to make this paier the
best In the state. When the details
are all finished we'll tell you more.
When you Want Just a little
paint, varnish, enamel, stain, etc.,
go to Carr's and get a 15c can.
Quality goods. Also gold and alum
inum paint and shellac at 15c.
Paints come in 3 size also. Carr's.
the fence and, without washing his
hands, milks the cow which has
been standing ln a.dlrty stable Is
not getting clean milk. Further-
more. he Is neglecting a duty and
responsibility he owes hla family
and his neighbors. The poisons
and dirt In milk are real sources of
danger to the body, but they can
be eliminated by the careful col
lection and distribution of the
milk supply. The cowa should be
cared for in a sanitary stable and
every means used to keep them
clean and healthy. Cowa should be
cleaned preparatory to milking.
Covered palls should be used to
keep the milk free from dlrL
It Is very Important to keep the
milk clean after It is collected. All
bottles should be sterilised and
the hands should not be allowed to
come in contact with the milk or
Inside of the bottles. Flies and dirt
should not gain access to the milk
at any time.
In spile of the care exercised In
terlal gains entrance (o milk after
it Is collected. To prevent these or
ganisms getting into the body and
so causing diseases, pasteurization
is widely practiced. Cities after
pasteurizing milk have noticed a
drop In the amount of sickness and
in the number of deaths.
The history of city and state
health departments is full of epi
demics of typhoid fever, scarlet fe
ver, diptheria and septic sore
throat, caused by milk infected by
a sick person or by a carrier on a
dairy farm.
In order that uncooked milk shall
be sate It must come from cowa
who are free from tuberculosis or
other diseases; the barn and dairy
building must be scrupusously
clean, people who have sore
throats or any other signs of di
sease must not milk the cows or
handle the milk In any way, and
the milk must ho cooled at once
and kept cool.
High standards Increase the re
spect of the milk Industry for milk
sanitation. High standards Q in
crease the confidence of the con
sumer and consequently Increase
milk consurlfiHIon.
The new paving will soon be
completed, and with the high
schiQl erected, lota are sure to ad
vancT In value. For a short time
lots will sell at 30 for forty feet.
Some of the choice lots are still
available. ft
subjects taught this
bookkeeping" typing.
iliKir I'renrh II n;iirllh 1 and
He iust likes r, ; S l; junior science, American history.
the water and wash and S ;P"l''nf. geometry and stenography
doll up enrs. We guaian- j&
tee a perfect job.
And when it contcs to
TOYKO. Sept. :0 ReJ nts of
Asakuna ward iMrly fir
let n buahcls of files on a fly ex
termination day. tine hundred and
eleien streets each had Its Ingeni
ous device of capture and offered
prices of one sen per 0 riles, glass
fl)'H'atchiQ silver watch, cotton
piece fopd!.iid a papQ.imbrclla.
builds no yearly i
In tht crifinal Fituun ftck
iAir titft tkt tegf iruk.
C 'Ml. I'k sns.
IMI1 Kolil'.tV . I
I'l l.ll.s Mv l-MI'loil ll I
' Ah t Alt r I I I I, t ILS. !
SKOn., Korea, Wept. 25. The
Korean nobility, with the excep
tion of a rew propertied peem.
Is reported to be suffering from
extreme poverty. Heveral of
nnldes. who were noco wea
are now working as cart pullers
and perfornilnit other menial
tanks aa the only means of escap
ing starvation.
At the time of the annexation
of Korea ly Japan, about 00 of
f the J
althy, f
I Punctures, or
ji Retreading jjj
5j We nre the champions of J
j the United States. Thnt is S
whnt a tourist told us. We g
jj believe whnt he said, and
think he knows what he 5
I is tulkinz nbout. Vc ask S
jk and will thank you to give
3 us a trinl, and then you
S will know whether
a i ...
nave storied to you
The teaching staff this year Is a
V very competent one and the tcach
era an well liked by all the stu-
J .lents. I,. P. Miller is prlnHparwith
Alice Baker and Ixiuine Nex as as
iS, Mstants. All three were with us
last year and we are glad to have
V l hem again.
The first student body meeting1
wan held laul week and the new of-j
i leers elected. Kenneth Crowe Is1
Hie news president, Heulah Apple
irate, vire-prvsldent. and Merniece
Huntington, secretary and treas
urer, j
There are 4 seniors this year.
They are: l.ucy Smith. Mil.ln-d
t oons. Viola Ncwby and Berniece
The sophomores held a meeting '
this wek and elected the follow-!
I ik officers: president. Wllleta i
Miller; vice-president, Gladys Ohp i
sen: sec. and treasurer. Thebe
Newby: class advlier, Alice Maker.
The freshmen efftcers are: prel
dsnt. Vaulta Richards: vlee-presl-!
dent. Rapheal Wise; secretary and
treasurer, Stanley Hupprechi. j
The sophomores havs set the
In Bandon By the Sea
Will Make Your Trip to the
Beach Complete c
One of the finest natatoriums on the coast at jour dis
posal. Equipment all new. You'll find it delightful
there. An invigorating swin in clean salt water will clo
you good.
Plan to Visit Us Next Saturday and Sunday
I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I !