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ild.tlon'ot Vxi NiWi and the Roseburg R.vlew. j( Q O UGL ,S.S C LJ N "T" "Y J3 An Independent N.wapsp.r.
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Published for the Best InUraat et th Psopl.
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K is"miBDEBlll61IFEl mPillLL NffiEfe ilNtlL III
fAnrtnld PresB leased Wire.)
Lier General Presides
Over weeuns -
D !
mutee in rot.
.jeral Dawes Stresses Value
3f Unity to Financiers or
Italy, Great Britain,
France, Belgium,
cn-lited Presa Leased Wire .
?.j 7n. 14. With Brigadier Charles G. Dawes presiding.
;uf bOJtneia men ana financiers
It I'ilted states, ureui 01 nam
rrurt, Belgium and Italy, slt
.! board of directors and cred
i brnn to examine the assets
L lubilitiea of Germany, their na-
1' dftoor. with a new to sarins
ttllti ot the most stupendous
truptej l 'he history of the
Strictly builness and no polities."
s it ato under which these
wan rf tllfl loflriltlV
iim uMmbled. .-
Tti lucteaa of this commission,"
i General Dswes, In opening the
f'ixt, "depends chiefly on wheth-
1 tie public mind and conscience
it allies and of the world there
u adequate conception of the
il disaster which faces each ally
: Europe unless common sense Is
ined king."
"Herat Dawes stressed the val-
Jl onily of command In war to
the bad effects of present con-
We bad come to know,' he said,
rotntnon wllh the citizens of all
tbat at last that lack of
f to agree upon a common attl
' and common action had brought
Europe to a most critical and
rou iltuatlon. This Is no time
since words."
e first meeting was absolutely
in in any of the military dls-
which marked the conference
Pa. or San Rerno and Genoa. Not
afle aoldier waa in evidence,
oils liarthou. president of the
irations commission, delivered
uarea or welcome.
e do not eiect from you, he
me unioniced for miracle of
Ol'JllOD Of the
but we hope with sincere confl
e that your comnetencv miwh.
' and authority will concentrate
" me result toward which
oenaing all our efforts."
General Dawes said, had
iuocs. as the world had
'ermany's pmnnmi. nr. k.
'"became," he added "rh -nrin
Ti,hV " the man people
"lr chanc-f
i " 1 . ucrmiDf
-,cn are so great an ele
.. v.. E'iriPean solvency. It us
2ral Daw-, .poke or the com-
M Practical men free from
,ucll Pressure u-
1 L IT 11 "" PPose to
fAnrlnted Press leased Wire.)
SEATTLE. Jan. 14. In recogni
tion of the succor given Chinese at 1
Yokohama after the earthquake of
September 1 by the I'nited States
Shipping Board liner President Jef
ferson, a silver service was pre
sented to her master. Captain Fran
cis R. i.lchols, the Admiral Oriental
Line of this city, operators of the ;
vessel announced today. The pres
entation was made In Kobe, Decem
ber 20, by H. L. Ko, consul of the
Chinese republic. The Jefferson ar
rived at Yokohama September
took 700 survivors of the disaster to
Kobe, returned with . food and
brought 14.0 refugees to this side of
the Pacific ocean.
Lawyer Breaks Down and
and Tells of Dismembering
' Body and Burning It
Pemocratic National Commit
tee Meeting to Be
Held Tomorrow.
(Annnrtnted Prom I.easert Wire.)
41 SCATL1.K, jau. l. TWO
deputies were under orders to
Warren Lincoln, of Aurora,
Tells Police Wife Killed
Brother and That He
Murdered Her.
appear today oerore Sheriir
Matt Starwich In this city con-
sequent upon assertions of
Mrs. Keva McConaunhy. Mrs.
McConaughy. who wus arrested
Friday as the leader of a moon-
shine group Including several
nationalities, told G. V. Hoard
assistant United States attorney
for this district, that two depu- j
ty sheriffs had assisted her In
operating a still. !
Mrs. McConaughy. who was
arrested in a downtown real es-
tate office, where ,she worked.
(Associated 1'reas Leased Wire.)
WALLA WALLA. Jan. 14. On the
OVO n f hist t r-i I nn nlmvoa r9 ttai-
Republican From New Mexico' ing swindled John Davln. well known
I sncep man or this city, out or ssoou,
I Charles ISartMeri, also wanted by
Santa Crui, Seattle and Haltiiuors
authorities, accompanied by C. L.
I Potter, another prisoner, escaped
I from the county jail last evening by
O N F through two window bars.
Penitentiary bloodhounds- were
I used last ovenliur but the trail was
soon lost though the search contin-
Would Return Insurance
Money to Vets.
California City Will Present a
Certified Check for $200,
000 and Provide Con
vention Hall.
( Associated Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON'. Jan. 14. A pan
orama of presidential prospects has
been prepared for the democratic na
tional committee, which meets here
tomorrow to select a convention city
and transact other business.
Friends of William O. McAdoo.
Senator Underwood of Alabama, Gov
ernor Smith of New York; John W.
Davis of West Virginia, Dr. A. A.
Murphree of Gainesville, Fla., and
other potential contestants for the
nomination are vigorously present
ing the claims of their candidates.
Selection of the convention city Is
expected to be sharply contested
with the supporters of various candi
dates, jockeying for geographical
advantage, and with financial offers
from the contending cities admitted
ly an important item. In view of the
committee treasury's debit of about
118.000. Bids from six cities are
ready for consideration but the con
test is thought to center among
New York, hlcago and St. Louis. San
Francisco and Louisville, however,
are expected to present strong in
ducements. Isadora B. Dockweller, California
national committeeman. declared
San Francisco would present a cer
tified check for 1200,000 for the con
vention and In addition would pro
vide use of its municipal auditorium
where the 1920 meeting was held.
"With such an offer as this, we
fully expeot to be successful," said
Mr. Dockweller.
" m water tn n. 1, .... ..v ,. . . . -
0' mathematics in- LOCAL BANKS WILL
k7.r s,:n ,,e ,n " the
'1 that th. fee hand and
J . eommittee . . ..1..
Z,!" ,he W""" " the
wrapation or , ., ,
t. h. ..,rn"nU,(' "r the mo-
a form..-. " concerned
., i mi
Starting tomorrow the Ttoseburg
banks will strictly observe opening
and clclng times specified In the
state rules The doors will open at 9
1 o'clock- and close promptly at 3
o'clock, and after that lime there will
be no side doors open fur the accomo
dation of late patrons as has some
times been done in the pset This rule
v "ent eapaelty and i Is beln nut into strict observance In
tsmi.rf. nimittee to act." order tn mnr. full nrnlect the funds
"Hd.Be.v .,.,.. fomm,,t,, that! of denositora nd-io safeguard the se-
" rovo. ' 10r 'he Amor-: .,,.1.1- 1. .k. h.nk
wple. r for ,he Amerl-1 0 .
"'Jt a.
"oalliti, d.. ' ln Ame-rian '
I' iSnJ? ,Kur"P In order to '
I' tn " '"10 lome not,. . I
' ilari;.B""in helr "politic..
hen.-." not -now
vhether a
MT. CLEMEN'S, Mich., Jan. 14
t added- inception The Macomh county Jail today was
V shall "... 'filled after a drive against alleged
,ctlu(j ow- To this bootleggers, gamblers and keepers
- - - vsai.J
ot disorderly bouses yesterday, fol- i
(Assorleted Press leased Wire.)
AUHOKA, 111.. Jan. 14. Warren
3. Lincoln, lawyer, horticulturist and
distant kinsman of Abraham Lin
coln, confessed last night that he
killed his wife, Lina, dismembered
her body and burned it January 10,
1923, along with that of her brother,
Byron Shoup, whom, he maintained,
had been shot to death by Mrs. Lin
coln. Lincoln disappeared from his
home April 30 last and his wife and
Shoup were accused of his murder.
The horticulturist suddenly reap
peared on June 10, claiming to have
been kidnapped by Shoup and his
wife, but only to disappear again
four months -later when whispers of
suspicion that he possibly had sluin
his wife and brother-in-law reached
him. A fortnight ago the Aurora
police told the Associated Press thnt'
they were searching for Lincoln to
question him about the disappear
ance of his wife and Shoup, and when
he applied for a position in Chicago
last Thursday, learned of his address
through the firm with which he
sought employment Arrested Sat
urday and confronted with charges
that he had done away with the
brother and sister, Lincoln confessed,
concluding with "I'm glad to get that
load off my soul."
Lincoln collapsed as he uttered the
last words of his confession and the
police left a part of his story un
related. "I suspected my wife was being un
true to me," Lincoln said after the 1
detailed confession had been made,
and he was returned to his cell.
"Many times she tried to poison me. i
I saw the man with whom she had i
been associating leave my house. :
That stnrted the final quarrel. I
"I saw fire gleam from her eyes. !
She fired three times at Byron, who -had
upbraided her for being unfalth-l
ful to me and trying to kill me. Each 1
bullet struck him in the head. He
fell, and I grabbed a poker. First I :
knocked the gun from her hand. .
Then 1 swung for her head. She fell '
dead. I cut up their bodies and '
burned them the next night."
He admitted insertion of "person
al" advertisements In newspapers,!
sgnlng them "Lina," his wife's name :
and admitted authorship of letters j
to his wife's relatives, asking and re-1
ceivlng money from them In Mrs. j
Lincoln's name and confessed sign-1
Ing Shotip's name to a check on an
Aurora bank, where Shoup had a j
large account. 1
In each instance of advertising and
letter writing, Lincoln Is said to!
have used a typewriter with a green ;
ribbon and It was through this means!
that the police were aided in fasten
ing the slaying of Mrs. Lincoln on !
him. - j
Deputy Sheriffs of Kane and L0-1
gan counties now know why theyj
were unable to get service upon Mrs. I
Lina Lincoln and her brother. Byron j
Shoup. after Warren J. Lincoln had
filed suits against them. I
Last March he entered a divorce
bill at Geneva charging Mrs. Lin
coln with cruelty. Kane county dp-1
uty sheriffs, hearing notices of the ;
suits, searched In vain for her. When :
they appealed to Lincoln for assist
ance, he would say: "I have no.
Idea where she Is. She went away :
after we quarreled." I
Then last summer he filed a
11,000 damage suit against Shoup
at Lincoln, Illinois, 'the Logan!
county seat. His brother-in-law was :
charged with assault, but deputies
were unalile to g"t service on him.
Fowln. It Is said, a secret Invasion
of the county liv acents of the Ku
Klux Klan. While city and sta'e
police were taking prisoners to the
Jaii. l.COO members of the klan
gathered In the First Presbyterian;
church and held ceremonies, Inrlud-,
lni tin burning of the fiery cross.
told Mr. Hoard that her life had
been threatened by a prisoner in
the King county J nil. She and
four men arrested with her
were to he arraigned today be-
fore a United States commis-
Would Also Allow Ex-Service
Men $20 per Month for
Each Month in the
ued all night, 110 traces of the miss
ing men had been found this mur
Hill Military 1 Academy Is
Making Effort to Knock '
Out Compulsory Law.
(Associated Press Leased Wire.)
WASHINGTON. Jan. 14. Another
day in the senate. It is sponsored ,
by Senator Bursum republican of j
New Mexico, and calls for return toj
the veterans of A fanillv and insur-l
ance allotment deducted from their 1 Plan to Spend Large Sum of
pay ana a perceniatte 01 ineir uu
scrlpttons to liberty bonds while In
service, plus additional compensa
tion at the rate of 120 a month for
each month of service. I
Payments would be made In cashi (
over a period of four years, one I CDrvn fi-dtv mm 1 train
fourth of the veterans to be paid each ; SrtlNU fUKlI MiLLIUlN
year in full, or In the form of Insur-
Outsiders Aided Men in
Twisting Bars, Officers Be-
lieve 20-lb. Wrench
Is Found.
Money Between Rose-
burg and Marshfield.
ance. aB they might elect. The In
surance would he payable at death
on the basis of $400 for each $I"A
of cash due or the policy might be
surrendered at the end of 20 years
i at its cash value, based upon pre
: nil inns plus four per cent Interest.
a ctrrrv ' Stating that 75 per cent of the vet
ASKF.i) 1 erans would elect to tnke the Insur
ance, Senator liursuru calculated the
j cost to the treasury at 126.000.0(1''
I each year for the first four years and
Three Federal Judges Will annually for the sue-
Hear Case Tomorrow
When State Moves
to Dismiss Case.
New Line of Poles and Wires
Will Be Constructed
Will Slash Path 25
Feet Wide.
( Asrofintod Trris Tasett Wtre.)
PORTLAND, Jan. 14.
proceedings brought by the Hill mil
itary academy of Portland In an ef
fort to knock out Oregon's compul
sory public school law, which waa mended by
Cotiiinlttees Hard At Wort
I WASHINGTON. Jan. 14. With j
1 committees 01 notn ennmoers 01 con
I press considering or preparing to
j start work on several important
' measures, today laid aside the inter
! lor department appropriation bill to
becln the promised battle over
Injunction , amendment of the rules.
Krpuhlicnn Insurgents and demo
crats we're more or less united in
their efforts to bring about sharper
revlHlon of the rules than recom-
the rules committee
adopted by referendum at the gen-1 which adopted Its report over me
eral election in 19:12. will bo before opposition of its one Insurgent and
three federal Judges. Gilbert, Wolver-J three democratic members. The coin
ton and bean here tomorrow, when 1 n.lttees recommendation thnt 150
the motion of Wallace McCammant. signatures be required 011 petitions
attorney for state law enforcement fr discharge of committees from
officials to dismiss the case will be ; consideration of Icgl-latlon drew the
argued. The case is expected to go , opposition of bot'i democrats and In
to the United States supreme court. ! siirgents. who regarded the figure as
whichever side wins the preliminary I nnu-h too high, and they also were
'klrmish I 'ln",I behind a proposal for repeal
. ',. . . , .lof the Underwood rule restricting
.fcT".m" "ry a''a,emy1 h8.l aK , ! amendments from the floor to tariff
mi iiij.iii. i...u .... ...... 1 , ,. 1.1 1, , 1 , h ihn seven
law will wreck Its grammar school
department, in a manner thnt
amounts to confiscation, and that It
therefore violates the "due pro
cess" clause of the fourteenth con
stitutional amendment, and is void.
The chief point which will he
brought to lsue now, attorneys pre-
o-gnnlzittion republicans on the com
mittee bad voted out of the report.
Iilsen-.s .Mellon I'rogrnm
WASHINGTON. Jan. 14. The
merits of the Mellon tax program
1 cntne under discussion today before
1 the house ways and menus commit
tee at public hearings.
diet, is whether the court can hear of wl,nsw naVfi akd fo
the case before he raw goes Into ef- ' ( , F,.nnl nuh.
feet two years hence. Jf (,t nf ,,., or ,, .rlriP ,PC-
If the judges should hold thnt a . ,(n, the measure submitted by
law which has not become operative ,), tr,.Hiiry secretary. Determined to
can not be considered as either con- j ronriidfl hearings by the end of the
stltutlonal or unconstitutional, they Wf,k, the committee had limited
are expected to dismiss the Injunc- (.arh witness to flften minutes.
,,on "uit- i Win First llomiil
In that event, the defense will win: WASHINGTON. Jan. 14.-Demo-
lis JUHll. an mere win lit- iititniii
for the academy to do except wait
ettner ror trie lew to go into eneci or won , ,.,, of
fnv atinrmviA i.nnrt nunlti nn nn an- .....
now, heraiifw thf law n alnad; nn (,.morratfi and JnurK nt rant
the tntut bookR anrl bfrauRp U I 20s votH BpainHt 177 mnl In mip
frt han already fallen upon tnp'or 0t n-uuhlUan ornanUatioii.
I pint (4 nnil ri nnhl frn n insiirKf-n tB.
I .. I. i. .(. !.. Fi.miKiifnn hninifi louri-
(Mlll'IMiiiK ill'- i' Mu "
SALEM. Jan. 14. C. E. Hickman
of Portland, Oregon, manager for the
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph
company, has announced here that
the company will expend at once
$40,000,000 In Improvements and
extensions on the Pacific coast, a
large portion of it In Oregon and
Washington. Tills information enme
from the public finance commission
today. How much will be expended
In thesu two states was not mndc
known. It was suld, however, that
the const met Ion of a new lino of
poles and wires from Itoseliurg lt
Marshfield to take the place of the
present Inadequate two wire system
across the mountains, will be a part j
nf the Improvement. To make this;
Improvement It will he necessary
for the company to slash a path 25
feel wide through the timber for a
long distance along the right of way
of the state highway between those
cities, and Mr. Hickman today con
ferred with the stale highway de
partment relative to requirements of
the stnto highway rommlslon. The
new line of poles will be equipped to
carry eight wires.
The $40,000,000 that the company
Is to spend on the Pacific Coast Is
said to be money the company has
succeeded In borrowing.
A eponsor rommltlee consisting of
people, who In addition to the exe
cutive committee, have endorsed the
drive for Iho relief of German child
ren, has been appointed. The directors
of the drive are now hard at work
completing the final plans for the
r a supreme court decision on .P- j r(y . ",' '
The academy's b,g point in the . .""a ,e d'mZt. ! "'. are receiving a great d, of sup
esent argument is that the case r r; nlT w!)n anrt j Prt . and encouragement The exact
e should come up on it, merit J,,,,, , a und-r consideration. " r, ""Vh.'T
(Associated Press ltscri Wtre.l
PORTLAND. Jan. 14. Abe Meier,
president of a Portland mercantile
establishment, x reported to be ser
iously III In San Francisco. Meier
became III Friday after he had gone
to San Francisco for a combined
outing and business trip.
as the shadow of a coming
Oilier DlMlm-luillcr
WASHINGTON, Jan. 14. In the
very midst of Its efforts to quiet
these Irrepressible twins, taxation
and bonus, congress had to give at
t. but will be thw week. The mem
hers of the sponsor committee, who
are behind the drive with the direc
tors, are Dr. A. F. Sether, Supt. M. S.
Ilamni. Mrs. Win Hell. Frank Clem
ents. Mies Agnes Pltchford, Rev. Jos.
Knotte, Rev. II. Quick, Rev. Ste
wart O'Deil, Iter. 11. L. Caldwell, Rev.
c. II Hilton. W. F. Chapman, M. F.
. 0. P. c
I tention today to various disturbances: RrB M y Rltter. Mrs A. C. Mar-
In other parts of the legislative ,trg t jj rj .Hudson .Glenn Wlmberly.
' household. i . n
Mnctd pre.. leased Wire.)
PKN'nt.KTOV Ore.. Jan. 14
Rev. David E'lrar George, a pioneer In the senate tongues were a little ! Confined to H Home I
preacher of Umatilla county. 2 i quieter, although all sorts of pollt-j j r pooth of the Douglas Natlonsl
years of are. died this morning in ! icsl dynamite was lugged Into the ,nf,,rt m hi. home
Milton a. the culmination of a long . chamber in the course of th. day s " has been confined to hi. home(
illness. ' (Continued on Page 3.) for the past few divs with Wues.
4) (.-sn,-ltted Tress Lensed Wire.) 4
PAL KM. Jan. 14. Hon. O.
P. Coshow of Rosehurg took the
oath of office as justice of the
supreme court at 11 o'clock
this morning to succeed Jus-
tlce Lawrence T. Harris of Eu-
gene who Is retiring to law
practice In that city. 4k
Clackamas Prisoners Still at
Large After Sunday Night
Jail Breaking.
(Associated Press Leased Wire.)
OREGON CITY, Jan. 14. Clack
mas county deputy sheriffs returned
empty handed this morning from an
all-night hunt for seven prisoners
wno escaped from the county Jail
Sunday evening. Not even a foot
print of the fugitives was found.
The seven men who got away
Ed Michels, arrested 24 hours
previously charged with shooting
stock and stealing a walnut tree.
Al Klause, serving a year's term
for liquor law violation.
Ernest Small, alleged bagage thief,
recently returned from San Fran
cisco tor arralgumeent and trial,
Robert Spooner, serving out a year
and $3,000 fine tor liquor law viola
tion. ' .
John Rohner, awaiting trial for
alleged violation of the liquor laws,
E. Kridbaum, awaiting trial on a
similar charge.
Albert J. Howe, held for grand
Jury Investigation on a charge ot
Nino other prisoners were In Jail
at the time of the escape. Of these
eight refused to join the fugitives. '
The ninth, a woman, moiher-ln-law
of Ed Michels. was locked up 111
the women's quarters and couldn't
get away.
The break occurred at 8:30 Sun
day evening when the court house,
In the basement of which the Jail Is
situated, was fully vacated, and
while scores of persons were pass
ing the front of tho building.
.In n I tor 1 1 it in 1 1 1 on was oif an upper
floor of the building at the time, do
ing janitor work.
Hamilton had made his hourly
rounds of the Jail In tho basement
at X o'clock and reported nothing
wrong. The prisoners had not been
locked up for the night but were in
the Cxerclse corridor. An hour later
when deputies rnme to lock them
up for the night, the escape ha
bet n completed.
I'osaibllliy of outside aid Is seen
in the fact that the men used a 20
pound steel wrench, of the kind used
In bridge work, to effect their re
lease. With this wrench they pried
up one of the steel frame windows
on the south side of the building,
snd Ihen, with the other end of the
device, twisted In two one of the
steel bars of the window. This
gave them a chance to crawl from
tho corridor.
i! V
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