Roseburg news-review. (Roseburg, Or.) 1920-1948, November 18, 1921, Page 8, Image 8

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HER NICE new husband.
STEPPED OUT of th housa,
WHICH ALARMED young wlfa.
SHE FOUND she'd picked
THE WRONG package.
AND IN9TTAD of oatmeaL
HAD GIVEN him birdseed.
BUT DON'T think from thU,
YOU HEAR whistling.
BEEN ROBBING the canary,
THE ALMOST human male.
TO BLOW through hla lips. .
AND MAKE shrill noises.
A RAISE, for example.
OR A day oJ when.
A DOUBLE .loader U on.
OR AN everyday thing.
LIKE A good drag.
ON ONE of those omokes.
THE REAL birdseed.
TRILL THEIR pipes for Joy,
80 LADIES, It hubby.
GOES AWAY whistling:
YOU NEEDN'T worry.
WHEN you say that Ches
terfields "satisfy," you'ra
whistling. You know the in
slant you light one that tho
tobaccos in it are of prime se
lection, both Turkish and Do
mestic. And the blend well,
you never tasted such smooth
ness and full-flavored body! No
wonder the "satisfy-blend" is
kept secret. It can't be copied.
nosEnran nisws-revtew. fiudav, kowmbek ia. imi.
Royal Air Pore of Great Britian will
probably coma closest of any of the
British visitors to looking like what
the average American thinks an Kiik-il-'h
aristocrat looks. He is tall,
neatly built, partially bald. wears a
small mustache and tops all this oft
with a monocle. He has bud a strik
ing military career, havln? been one
of the pioneers in lirltlbh military
aviation. He rose from the rank of
major In 1911 to that of major-nen-eral.
In the great war he command
ed one of the first atrial squadrons
sent to France and was wounded do
ing reconnaissance work for .theflrst
battle of Ypres.
Senator GeorKe Foster Pearce.
From carpenter to minister of de
fense of one of (Irfitt l.ritian's do
minions; from a red-hot labor union
ist to a moderate nationalist and red
hot preiwrodness advocate. That rep
resents, briefly, the career of Senator
Pearce, Australia's dclegato to the
disarmament conference. Pearce Is
t.1 years old; tall, serlous-looklns,
snd with a general appearance which
a friend described a.s "Well, ralhor a
roUKh diamond." After an education
In Australia, where he was born,
Pearce became a carpenter, lie for
sook his work-bench in 1 S'J I to hike
400 miles In the great Austlullan
gold rush. He became an active con
vert to labor organization, and be
ean his public career as a trades
unionist organizer. P.-arce was elect
ed to the labor council at Sublaco in
1899. Shortly afterward he was
elected as a labor member to the
first federal senate of Australia. He
has been a member continually since,
and has been minister of defense
his present post almost continuous
ly since 1908. Senator Pearco has
been In International politics since
1911. when he was a delegate to me
Inpcrlal Conference at London. He
given credit largely tor
Australia's pre-war preparedness
program. He believes in a "White
Australia." and encourages "White
Sir John W. Salmond. Judge of the
high court of Now Zealand; and dele
gate of the dominion to the disarma
ment conference, win ne one oi
few delegates who might clnim to
rank with Secretary of State Hughes
as a legal authority. Though he nas
born in public lire tor ten jema, o..
John Salmond Is known principally
as an authority on law. Sir John
Salmond was born In r.ngianu, '
18C2, the son of Professor . '-
mond. who subsequently weni iu
New Zealand as professor at the Uni
versity of Otago. In 1897 Salmond
became a law professor at the Uni
versity of Adelaide. Australia, where
he remained for nine years. He left
to an tn Victoria I niversuy i.m' s
at Wellington, New Zealand. In 1907
he became counsel of the law draft
ing office of the New zaianu -eminent,
and three years later was
made Solocitor CJenernl. He retained
this post until 19:. wnn ne w.-,.i
to the high court. He was Knlginea
In 1918.
Ljocett or Myesj Tobacco Co.
WASHINGTON. Nov. 111. -(United
Press. ) - 'I'll o repriMeiiial Ives ot
(ireat llrlllan and the Dominion In
general will perhaps have a ronlrol
llng Interest In ho Washington linns
conference. The personalities of ibeir
repiesentatlves are therefore of the
ke.-nest Interest to the people of
America, who have hih hopes of the
remit of the meeting.
lord Kiddle, who a"-onipp:ile'! the
llrltlsh delegation at the Wn-Mng-ton
conference ns a sort of expert
publicity roprcsenuitlve, Is a good
buffer. He came to I lie fore In IIiIh
capacity at the Paris Peace ('ond
icrved In the army. A vigorous man
I' .Ml, the earl Is n typical llrlllst
iliiardsinaii, elegant, strict disciplin
arian, but with a clririning personal
II V- lie fought In the Smith African
War with the lircnailicr (.nurds.
t'oniniKiicliig in I9H as n battalion
commander, he became sir-cesdvely
' ornmander of n tei-;atle of (luanls.
lie then commanded the Mth torus.
'"'! whe-i t rd I'li'iner took a Itrlt
I h army to help the Italians. t'ann
biiame his rli'lit-hand man succeed
lug him as commander In chief of
'lie llvlii'h fores hi Italy. The Ital
ian commander In-cblef declared that
nice where he enjoyed the pimltinu 'ai.m's nrniy was Hi" dclsive factor
ot trying to get ns much nowi as
possible out of the officials and nl
the same time trying to make the
newspapermen satl-fied with as lit
tle news ns he could give them. That
he dlil this and still kept l lie confi
dence and respect of both sides shows
what a good buffer he is. lie will
have this same poslMon at the W ash
ington conference because he lias
done the same thing at each of the
Important Intern, itlenal conferences
eiuce Paris. Hi Is n pleasant man
to meet. Ho Is tall and slender, al
ways plainly dressed and Is cnttinlefc
ly unafTected. He Is first of ill a
newspaperman. Ills Sunday paper.
"The News of Hi World," Is pho
' l initial. Unattractive, p'aln. not
dynamic or rushing like American
papers. It seems to be a Journalist to
have nothing to commend " vet it
has a circulation of 3.000. lion
Nearly every policeman, servant girl
and chimney-swoop In tho I nlted
Kingdom depends on It for a pleas
ant week end. Anil Lord Riddle has
built the paper up with his sym
psth"le understanding of the little
thlnr that bring Joy or sorrow. Hint
nrovido the petty romance of the
eoniiimnnla"o life.
Cenernl The l-'.ir' nf Cnv?n who
beads the llrtllsh Military Mission
comes of a famous Irsh flghtlm
family which for over .100 years has
supplied the llrltlsh At my with gal
lant sons. Nearly every carl lie I
lk tenth holder ot the title na.
In the IMrp'o victory
Arthur Hamilton Lord First
l "rd of the Admiralty, one of the
ltr nichiti'-r-t of the Kngtlsh del -gallon
at the Washington conferenc1
l well acquainted with the United
States and has long been a etronr
'imeort.T cf Anglo-American friend
ship. His meriean wife, former'y
V"-' Unth Vonro daughter of John
(In.lfrev Moore of New York, has
t,. -.) p t ig aset In bis political life
I n-il I re v'T c pel friend of Prec.l
d ni llonsev 'I. their ncqunlntan 'r
rlnonlni: dttrlnv the Spanish- Vine' I-1 plonsant nurse handles the
' in war "-hen ne was a llrltlrh M' I
la r " I '
h- ntta '-.I to
of tll! U'Mlgh
Did yoa know aboui the
CheefrfieUI package of 10?
mance of diplomacy. He Is tall and
imposing, slightly bent, and still vlg
orous. Whenever work begins to be
i strain he leaves It. He is a bach
Admiral lleatty, who will be Rng
'aud's chief naval expert, has prov
ed himself a worthy successor to Nel
son, Drake and other famous llrltlsh
-inilors. and future hlstorhans will
doubtless rank him with those heroes
it only for the fact that he command
cd the greatest battle fleet the world
has ever seen In tho world's biggest
war. His fighting signal to Jellicne
fired the imagination of every sailor
'Follow me. We have got them
stone cold." He reached the highest
rank In the llrltlsh Navy at the tin
nrecedented early age of 4 8, aftt
having commnnded the world's great
"st war fleet In action for three
vear.s. lleatty Is nn Irishman, like
o many famous fighters, and he tin
in American wife. Kthel. daughter of
'he late Marshall Sr.. nf Chlra
to. He entered the llrltlsh navy at
the age of 'i and by sheer bulldog
pluck nnd flerv cnergv he forced his
av up, absolutely without Influence
Sir Maurice Hankey, the principal
tecretary to the llrltlsh delegation at
the Washington conference. Is to any
'irltitih dlnloinntic mission what gas
s to a balloon. With him they can
xpnnd. put on n bold, solid front;
without him they wilt. He Is thi
omplete secretary. He handles tin
ortant groups at conferences like a
nt a tea party. He knows nt what
IrsI pis
I FLAVOR is to coffee j lEilfgKl r
' what sunshine is to j ? ;t iRS!(JLf ' li IWf&Zi'-
! a winter's day. Like I m3mW9m' t '
) the sunshine it's the fWmS&m'
flavor you enjoy, f lfBlfK,i!S:.r f
i .Hills Bros. wjWW$$0&-
L' a "Red Can" Coffee stsfi & f
is flavory coffee, g
Soviet Control
Seems Absolute
(l-nil.-tt Prcus Staff l'orrespondint.)
MOSCOW. (lly Mall.) Lonine
and Trotzky, to all appearauces, head
one of the strongest governments in
This ia one of the cardinal facts
that stand out of a maze of chang
ing and debatable aspects of Russia.
The Soviet government controls
Moscow absolutely. According to re
ports of American and other travsd-
illUerate. indifferent to the political
form of tho government and alive
only to things that Interest them per
sonally principally, obtaining a
If the Soviet's new economic pol
icy the revival of capital Is suc
cessful, the Ilolsheviks will likely be
popular throughout Russia.
Undoubtedly the communistic
phase of the revolution Is over. The
chang'j from communism to tho
bourgeois monetary basis has been
completed. Russians pay for -their
tood, clothes, rent, theater admis
sions and other things the same ns
demnlficatlon of American
caDitallais . 'canuki
risked ;zrm!
While ecimiM A .
near ron 9.,tinn . . 'I
. ............ 1HJmica
has not been rtor i.'T"
Za,'!f; n' J"y ,al'"So,iS
......... i,i,medU( m
of such restoration, a, p
pewspapers and parties tnmZ
ered dangerous breedins Plua i
Do not cash county warrant inn
Americans do; though employers are jas sniiie warrant has been los. t
crs In the provinces. Soviet officials ' T 10 W lnelr workera' 'o uooert ijumsland.
enjoy varying degrees of autonomy, nouso rent.
petty trading Is most active In .i. utob,
Moscow. However, no big capitalists I
have resumed nnnrations Ownnm nf I
but the population takes orders from
the KiTmlin In Important matters.
The Red army has strength to con
trol food supplies a supreme test I ninety small plants, employing twon-
in days of famine. Trolzky is per
fecting a military machine that func
tions effectively not primarily for
war, because the army's principal
duty Is ordinary police work.
Moscow's garrison alone totals
tlOfinon men Other tmnorlnnt
ciiuo" " . points ai policed as strongly. Con-
L on dis
liuo of
Carr's store have Just pi'
play a wonderfully pretty
h.-indkierchlefs for - women,
or men. If you want handkerchiefs ':.quontly Russia is one of the most
to make up or the finest ready inane aw-abiding countries on the conti-
ones. see tne ueautuui nispmy ui nent.
ty men each, have restarted and a
Itiw government factories are oper
ating, but the city's Industrial lire Is
still very feeble.
Soviet officials insist that capital
ists will receive every protection, but
the;- avoid proc'-'on regarding In-
Many people do not knov tin
Carr's store carry a larpe M
men's, women's and children's s
pors. Finest felt with 10ft or jj
leather soles at Carr'j low prim
.-nop - w-ticre you save."
Arc you hungry? Fol!ot 4.
crowds. Oct In line nd nt it tit
"where you save.
lOVSI. ORnr.fl ft sjnoR PoeMir
Idre Niv Ht37 mets f tr and
thlnl Tneday evenliiKS of encl
month t 8 o'clock In tn Moose tisll
All visiting brothers srs Invited u
C. W. CLOAKR. Dlctstsr.
H. O. PAHCETEK. fu.-ctart
RAfil K nuBeours sera -.ieets l
Mooso hall on Jacwson nt. on 2nd an
4th Monday evenings of h moult
at I o'clock. VlsUmy brethren It
sood stanOlnsr always imi.
A. J. WUI.K. w. r. P
W. M. I.A MKItK. W. P
A. P. A. M, l.narel Mir No. IS.
Regular coinmunlcartona 2nd snd 41'
Wednuadays each month at Musonl
Templa, Kosaburs, Ore. Vlaltora wl
W s HARRIS. Secy
l-'-'.-i I c'l lee V -s edncaled as a
mid! r end serv d in Hong Kong,
t'-na-la and as M:l tarv Atlacho nt
-.. ., vhlle in Canadi he
n'-l ited an I dlrect.vl the mllitsr"
itrv.-v of 'ho C:in:i'tiart fruitier nnd
n'ire I the re'it t Hi' K'ondike
Arthur Jatnes Pnlfoitr. one of tre
three Kmll h d 'egi'cs tn the Wash
ington conf 'rence. Is one o the In :t
nf Kngland's entlenan-dlnloin,,i.
tie wis ediicnted tn l.c a sate--.'ii
engseel In affairs of state p 'be
of tlili I v. Is. still a s'Tc- new nt
aeeon- hr-ft 1 rue 1 -n n or
stonel'l' Pl'fi '" I' s ''.-' I e -t
hr Ini-tTl nt- 'n '.!- ij'i' h
(loverni'ien'. Maiv d-ai'T-e. with h r
nnlltlri. but he eiuh '.li. i th. rrac
fill courtliness, the eminetif d'Tii'ty
the heal : mo:-"n they nre likely to call for In, 1 heir diplomatic blocks: when they
will probnblv tire of the blocks and
crv for a ball; at what moment they
mil call for a rattle. And ho Is al
ways ready with the desired article
t tho Paris Peace Conference he
was so ant nl knowing what would
bo wanted and having It handy, that
persons of delegations other than the
Itritlsh rnnio to depend on him and
his at 1 ache case. Clemenceau used
m enjoy this especially. "Tome on,"
'in wonbl say when sonio document
was needed, "pull it nut of that bag
f vents." lie acquired such an ad
miration for Sir Maurice that when
he met l ady Hnnkey one day, he put
his hands on her shoulders and said:
"Madame, I think your husband Is
the best man In the world."
Major General John Krederlck
w. H. A. l. -. n. toisetiurg Review
Ne. II helii regular meetings en a-c-ond
Tliurndity at I p. m. and fourth
Thursday at 8 p. m. Visiting alaterl
Invited to attend reviews. Miiceaoe
Hall. 1'lne. hnd Cass streets.
J E.W1E HA PP. Col.
n. K. H ttnaeetira tupter He. K
Heldl their regular meeting on tht
1st and Srd ThuTadavs in each month
are reapei-r fiillv Invited to attend
t. It. ti. rl'h!lelWrial..tJar Vit,
meets In Odd Fellows' Temple ever
- Krlday evening at 7:10 o'clock. Vlell
Ids bro'.hren are ilwava welcome
A. It KD HA UN. N. O.
A. J. (lEDDKS, Rec. Bee
natt.tev tc, .M.
KM). Ills UK V I'll I ts Alpha l.odm
Ne. 17, in.-ets every U't ilm-sdMy even
ing In 1 o u g I a a Abvtrnct Hall, nirtit i
.lii.kson A WanhlnKton Sis. Vlsl-.-ora
alwnve welenme. R. HITZMAN, C. C
!! V ll Vlll'Nil, M. h
Mniinmn oie thm viiii,i carai"
No. lib. me'jta In tdd Fcllews" hall I,
Roaehurg every 1st and Sr. I Menda
evening!. Vlaltlnc neighbor, a.
wan welcome.
M. M Mlt.l.KR Clerk
p r- nivtlwiN "5.
The majority of the population are
Even new b.tttcrics need
expert care and attention.
Some minor adjustment -now
msy save the price
of a new battery later.
free. Repairs at lowest
Roseburg Battery
& Electric Station
on your
IKIIilllluK OK WlltllM II "' l.llli
I'lrcl.. ,v isi rrels on Isl and 3rd
Krldav evnlnga in Me'iae hall. Vail
IliS neighbors Invited to nitend.
pitimm hh'inuku, t. n
Ttl.t.tK I. JOtlNSllN. Ple-k
ll. n. twine RiiearaipBawf IS ,
Meets in odd felmwa T-m-1,
every Wednesday evenlnf. Vlslllns
bretitren always laiiuir-
c.Kii RAtAnt"nl c. p
Jambs kwart. r s.
II. P. It. RI.Kft, Rneetorara 1ee IHi. 1J
Holds regnlar communlcarlona a'
Ihe Kike' Templs on each Thurstlai
of every month All memhere re
quested tn attend reattlseiT aed ar
vtaltlng brothers are cordially In
vltes to attend
ROT RFt tows r R
J O PAT - ecv
that mean to older Kngland the ro- Andrews lltiiens. Vice-Marshal of
St M r: K Ha rtoaeptira; neneseh l,n.lg
No. 41. O O. r Meets Ir ld Kei
Iowa Temtle ever wek nn Tue'dro
evening. Vlalttng tnersibe'a In anor
standing are Invited tn attend
MAt'tnc rtcKtKNs n. o
Hr.l.l.tS STF.PH KNSON. flee.
ETuru DAiU:t. Ha. Itecy
at the
Deer Creek Feed Barn
Next Salurdiy
and -every Saturday thereafter.
Mr. Farmer, don't miss It.
Horses, cattle, sheep, goats,
farm mnchlnery and household
goods. Ilrlng anything that
you have to sell. This Is a
community sale.
You Can
Do It!
Wait on
See what you get and get what
you ant.
It makes a dllfcrcnce In dollar
J ml.
See our w indow dlsplaj o sje
The ;1S()CI:TI:IUA fur joor (Sli
ce tics.
Everybodys Exchange
Made in Oreson to fit Oregon conditions-
Burns coal rnnal tn anv furnace, and hi
-j , .
j wood better than any round fire box nndt
oee mat tire box; wood tits use u-
your range. Takes 24in.
wood, which means more
wood for the same money.
Proper combustion means
more heat from the same
2 wood a double savins?.
5 .
Sheet Metal Works
119 Oak St.
Phone 428